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Muehle T-shavers: German quality

The premium MUEHLE German T-bar is an excellent choice for fans of classic wet shaving. This section of the catalog presents models with the legendary R89 heads of closed type and R41 of open type, which easily shave stubble under the root, leaving smooth skin without irritation. Luxurious materials, stylish design and traditional German quality will not leave indifferent any man!

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chrome closed comb

with extended handle, chrome, closed comb

turtle resin closed comb

black resin, closed comb

resin, horn color

rose gold, closed comb

mint resin

T-shaving machines provide a clean, quick and safe shave every day. The classic shape of the closed comb head is perfect for the novice wet shave lover - due to the closed comb, such a machine shaves softly and smoothly without leaving cuts and irritations. And in open comb models, the blade protrudes more strongly over the comb - which means that it removes hairs of any length cleaner. Interchangeable double-sided blades of any manufacturer can be selected for the razor, additionally adjusting the aggressiveness for the personal type of skin and hair.

Premium German manufacturer MUEHLE produces truly luxurious designs. The handles of T-shaped machines are made of high quality materials - resin, wood, Chinese varnish, porcelain. Due to well-defined ergonomics, they comfortably lie in your hands and make the shaving process easy and enjoyable. The models are complemented by sparkling chrome details with a smooth and embossed texture.

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Delivery throughout Russia and countries
Customs Union.

Showroom in St. Petersburg.

Muehle Assortment

Initially, the company was created back in 1945 in Germany, and to date, all products from this brand are produced exclusively in Germany. For every German, shaving accessories with the Muehle brand became an attribute of everyday shaving. The company's production is constantly expanding, today the assortment consists of products such as T-shaped machines, machines from the elite series of the highest quality, additional shaving accessories and cosmetics.

T shaped machine

In general, Muehle is engaged in the production of T-shaped machines and those that involve interchangeable blades. The T-shaped razor is primarily a safety razor that has a different handle and head design. Such razors have a lot of weight, respectively, they cut the hairs under the root better and faster. Today, Muehle offers several types of T-shaped machines, for example:

  1. Muehle r89 - Classic Muehle T-shaving razor with interchangeable blades. The manufacturing materials of such a machine imply its long service life, silver-white chrome as a metal coating, and brass handles. The razor is resistant to corrosion, and shaving with such a tool requires practice and experience from a man.
  2. Muehle r41rg - chrome T-shaped machine, causing delight from the first touch and look. The machine involves an open comb, respectively, the quality of shaving will be at its best, but the risks of injury are also high. The slightest touch with a razor will be accompanied by instant cutting of hairs. The chrome-plated handle is complemented by an original mesh-like texture, excellent razor balancing and the highest degree of sharpness are the advantages of this model.

In addition, T-shaped machines can be conditionally divided into two categories - with an open and a closed ridge. Classic and chrome razors are complemented by goods in which the head is made of metal, and the handle is made of resin, wood, ivory, natural horn or porcelain, as well as a razor with an elongated handle. All options of T-shaped machines are in great demand and trust from men around the world.

Elite Series

Muehle separately offers connoisseurs of high quality and all-natural elite series of shaving accessories. Namely:

  1. MUEHLE CLASSIC Series - A series of elite razors and accessories for connoisseurs of classics. Inside the series, kits are available that contain a T-shaped machine. It can be a SOPHIST razor - a sophisticated and flawless razor model for men with a mature personality. The manufacturer also offers a razor from the PURIST collection with smooth lines and completed shapes, and the expensive briar material was involved in the creation of the goods.
  2. MUEHLE MODERN Series - An ideal series of products for connoisseurs of premium quality and fashionable design. All products from this series were created from expensive and affordable materials for all segments of consumers. Inside the series you can find the STYLO collection with a T-shaped machine of a classic look with a handle made of thuja, as well as the KOSMO collection with a classic T-shaped razor made of olive, resin and millennial bog oak.
  3. MUEHLE INTRO Series - An ideal series for beginners in the process of shaving with T-shaped razors. Inside the series are three collections with advanced design and a wide variety of choices. For example, the LISCIO collection offers a T-shaped razor with laconic lines and an ergonomic shape, the RYTMO collection with a conical shape razor in black, blue and mint and a chrome base, as well as the VIVO collection with a T shaped machine with an onion-shaped plum wood handle and chrome details.
  4. MUEHLE TRADITIONAL Series - here the manufacturer introduced only one type of T-shaped razor, the best example of classic safety machines. In terms of the quality of shaving the bristles, this razor can only be compared with a dangerous razor, but the T-shaped machine has a comfortable handle, balanced weight, double-edged blades. But the main plus of these machines is their compactness.

The company also offers the HEXAGON series with T-shaped razors with extravagant geometric design, the ROCCA series with simple lines, authentic design and bright masculine features. These two series can also be loved by those men who prefer to use elite T-shaped machines.


Muehle also offers men the right accessories for the use of T-shaving razors. These may be the following categories of goods:

  • interchangeable razor blades,
  • wafer towels for hygiene procedures,
  • alunite and hemostatic stones in case of cuts,
  • interchangeable heads for machine tools,
  • shaving brushes for foaming shaving cosmetics,
  • interchangeable heads with bristles for brushes,
  • drives for used blades,
  • nozzles for a T-shaped razor,
  • cases, holders and covers for the T-shaped machine,
  • blade covers and more.

All these accessories facilitate the life of men in matters of shaving and the use of T-shaped machines. Accessories are a harmonious addition to shaving collections.

Company cosmetics

Another segment of the products from the German brand is MUEHLE cosmetics, which facilitates the process of shaving and skin care after such procedures. The line of MUEHLE SKIN CARE products means the availability of shaving products, which will be soaps, oils, gels, creams and balms with a natural herbal composition. Inside the line, the manufacturer offers three series of products - Aloe Vera for sensitive skin, Sea buckthorn for any skin type and Sandalwood for dry skin.

The manufacturer also released another line of products - premium cosmetics MUEHLE ORGANIC. Here you can find hygiene products not only for shaving, but also for the whole body. Based on the latest research, cosmetics are based on hand-pressed Moroccan argan oil. All cosmetics products of this line are certified by BDIH as natural and organic cosmetic products.

How to choose a razor?

Any Muehle razor has its own characteristics, functionality and materials of manufacture. In general, the manufacturer offers 4 types of T-shaped machine tools:

  • Closecomb with a direct cut - a soft non-aggressive machine for beginners in this business,
  • Opencomb with an open cut is an aggressive machine that men can use with at least minimal skills,
  • Slantbar with a slanting cut - the most aggressive type of T-shaped razor, which is suitable for use by experienced mature men,
  • with angle adjustment - the machine is universal for any man who will independently adjust the degree of aggressiveness of the machine.

It is on this principle that the manufacturer of T-shaped machine tools Muehle recommends choosing the right tool option for yourself, based only on your own skills and practice.

What is the specialty of Muehle razors?

The T-shaped razor from the German brand is presented with only one blade, which actually shaves no worse than three or five blades in other types of machines. In this case, the contact of the skin with the blade is minimal, respectively, and the degree of irritation and negative reaction of the skin after shaving will also be insignificant. This razor is much easier to clean and disinfect.

How to store and disinfect?

After each shaving procedure, a T-shaped machine should be placed in a disinfectant solution for a couple of minutes to clean the blade of pathogenic flora and blockages. After that, the machine should be shaken off, wiped with a paper towel and left to dry on a special holder. It is forbidden to place the machine immediately after shaving in a case or bottle, since residual moisture can adversely affect production materials.

As soon as the blade begins to cling to the hairs and pull them, you need to change it to a new blade. It is necessary to store the machine in the open space of the room, which is ventilated and does not imply moist air.

Which series to choose?

For men who have shaved with a T-shaped shaving machine relatively recently, Muehle recommends choosing the series of machines that have tools with a closed or adjustable comb, for example from the TRADITIONAL or RYTMO series. But for experienced men, aggressive razors with high quality hair shaving from the MODERN and INTRO series are suitable.


T-shavers from the German famous brand Muehle can be safe and aggressive, as each species has its own strengths. Every man should choose a razor based on his own preferences and skills. The manufacturer, in turn, guarantees the high quality of the tool itself and shaving with it.


A pack of blades as a gift! ! !

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According to reviews on forums and social networks, this razor has the highest rating. Price - Quality
Safety T-Shaver with Replaceable Blade R89
Dimensions: 94mm x 41mm x 12mm, weight 66g.

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R89 Muehle razor reviews:

My first razor with replaceable blades, received as a gift on February 23 in a company box, manufacturer Germany. It looks expensive, it’s just not fake - it’s beautifully and efficiently made, it fits very well in your hand - it’s not heavy and light, it’s optimal in weight and doesn’t slip out (the handle of the machine has a relief surface), the standard shape and angle of shaving are standard (it doesn’t vary). I got used to shaving ideally for 3 approaches, but I'm still a beginner. Irritation and ingrown hair after shaving is not observed. Suitable for all interchangeable blades, not whimsical to care for - perfectly rinsed with water. Great gift.
Valery, 35 years old, Stavropol

I ordered a gift from my father in the MUEHLE online store - he is a proponent of classic shaving with machine tools with replaceable blades, the whole set at once: the MUEHLE R89 T-razor, brush and replaceable blades. The result was a chic quality factory gift. The design is excellent, the razor is chrome plated with an expensive branded handle. It shaves very qualitatively and this is one blade, with disposable machines with three blades and can not be compared - when shaving with a classic machine, there are no cuts on the skin or irritation, in addition, it is very easy to rinse the razor and blade - and if necessary, disinfect and completely disinfect.
Kristina, 23 years old, Rostov-on-Don

I saw from a friend - I bought myself. Not a supporter of ordering a “cat in a poke,” but this time bought on the recommendation and examined a similar shaving machine from a friend in advance. It's hard to surprise me with the factory quality, I did not expect to get an original German classic shaving machine at a modest price. Muehle R89 made solidly, stylishly, looks very decent. It shaves very clean with the original blades, smoothly, without cuts, without irritation on the skin. The metal is chrome-plated, the expiration date is unlimited, there is a guarantee from the factory for factory defects. A worthy item in the collection of connoisseurs of classic shaving.
Stanislav, 40 years old, Ufa

For more than ten years now, I have been searching for perfect shaving products. I have an electric razor, disposable machines of all kinds of well-known and little-known companies, I used to use Russian, Belarusian, Polish shaving machines for a long time. After another disappointment in the blades - he began to monitor information on the Internet, trying to find what was invented for a perfect shave - and realized that it was time to return to the good old classics. That's just the choice of manufacturers is huge, but I do not advise even beginners to buy cheap - it is economically unprofitable - it will quickly break and the result will certainly be far from high-quality. I decided to buy Muehle - because German razors were previously distinguished by quality, the model chose a simple one - namely R89, this is a standard classic, similar in quality to shaving with dangerous razors, of course with high-quality blades. The model is completely disassembled, just washed, the blades may not be original. I admit, at first I bought only a machine. I bought the original blades three months later, after I got used to using the machine
For me, such a model is ideal at the moment, - two approaches and smooth skin without scratches and cuts, hair does not grow in, so that subsequent shaving does the same without damage to the skin.
The machine is made in silver (chrome), for six months of use - the condition of the machine is like new - there is no rust, I also take it apart after each shave.
On a shelf in the bathroom, the machine looks great - you can immediately see the quality and seriousness of execution. Do not be ashamed to take with you on the road - a solid thing.
I read that there are many fakes of this company - the original is perfect in the accuracy of small drawings on the handle up to millimeters, the machine is not light, but not bulky. In the box from the machine there is a certificate and a guarantee from factory defects.
Alexander Vladimirovich, 45 years old, Moscow.

I bought the same machine as my father. Accordingly, I know how to use it for a long time, for me it is both convenient and fast. The machine is durable, simple and safe. There is no tilt at the blade - the structure is clearly fixed in one position, but there is no need for a turntable - you quickly adapt to the shaving style.I use checked blades (not original), - together with the machine everything works clearly - the skin without scratches and inflammations. Shaving is not dangerous. I shave once a week - I have enough. I do not plan to exchange for others - everything suits me, I hope that it will last more than one couple of years.

Igor, 20 years old, Novosibirsk.

I bought it about a year ago, deciding to start saving on razors. It turned out to be profitable, although the machine itself is not cheap, but not China, it can be seen without an armed eye. Mülle 89 was selected according to reviews, the company has an official website in Russian - and ordered it there. It came quickly, all in the original packaging. Instruction, warranty, all as expected. Of course I was surprised by the perfect turning of the machine, perfect straight lines, there are no flaws - that’s what German workmanship is. On the rim of the handle - the company logo is engraved. the blades to it - cost a penny - so that the savings in shaving are significant, in addition, due to constant washing - the blades last longer. I am pleased with the purchase.
Andrey, 27 years old, Kazan.

The wife ordered the machine, deciding to surprise me with a branded thing. The first time I saw, I thought that shaving would be uncomfortable since the head does not have tilt angles, and it is not easy to achieve a perfect shave with such a usual design, I even wanted to give it to a relative. But taking this classic in your hand you understand - that everything is the most convenient - just in appearance and in concept. Great shape and performance - a minimum of detail. You unwind - insert the blade - twist - just after shaving to clean. All. Nothing extra. It shaves smoothly. Now there are no complaints about the machine at all. For global weekly shaving, I use only it.
Leonid, 37 years old, Biysk

I bought it as the second machine in the family for my fifteen-year-old teenage son, let him get used to quality things right away. Factory machine, German manufacturer, solid (chrome-plated metal), simple, safe, not expensive, interchangeable blades fit the simplest - change them more often and shave perfectly. Once showed how to assemble - disassemble the machine, showed the direction of movement on the skin, how to hold the handle - that's it, the boy himself shaves. I can recommend it as an uncomplicated safe machine - at a reasonable age of 14 years. Indeed, cutting yourself is very difficult.

Mikhail, 48 years old, Voronezh.

About German machines heard from friends. Many praise that if T-ku is old-fashioned, then the Germans. Seeing live with a colleague - bought without hesitation. Stylish, powerful, durable. The truth didn’t immediately adapt to shaving with such a static machine - you need skill and experience. The main thing is that it’s impossible to get hurt. I was surprised that the packaging and instructions in German - translated as I could. I shave every day, I'm used to it. It is built according to the principle - the simpler the better. Beautiful. It does not slip in the hand, not small, the metal is easy to care for - not rusted. The shaving procedure is more pleasant than multi-blade devices.

Dmitry, 26 years old, Sochi.

I used the last t-shaped machine for more than ten years, but the parts were already a little rusty and the blade went after assembly, - I decided to replace it with Mülle, I saw it more than once, and the price was attractive. For little money (for a factory European thing) I got almost a masterpiece of engraving work - the base and production are clear, all the parts are chrome-plated, assembled easily, rinsed and dried - quickly. Only one blade - but the result is high-quality, as in the best traditions of royal shaving. I recommend that for connoisseurs of dangerous shaving techniques, the lines are the same, only absolutely safe.

Nikolay, 36 years old, Syktyvkar

This is the second Muehle razor in my collection of classic razors. The first one he brought from Germany about 20 years ago - with a round handle made of porcelain. Now the technology is much more modern, but the quality is still German, and the price is much lower, apparently due to the transition from manual labor to partial automation. Muehle machine tools and razors are fans around the world.
He was pleased with the second machine as well as the first, it became even more convenient to shave due to the small weight of the handle and the smaller size of the entire machine - it fits the arm of any size. The universal position of the machine head is a distinctive feature of Muehle, for me it is a big plus, since it is impossible to change the shaving angles developed over the years.

Grigory Yuryevich, 64 years old, Krasnodar.

I own Muehle R89 a little over a month. At first I did not understand rave reviews - now I'm a bastard from the assembly process itself - shaving - disassembling.
Yes, the first couple of days it was not possible to shave smoothly, but then I changed the foam, began to steal the chin and cheeks, there is no need to press hard when shaving - it does not affect the quality of the result. The machine is static - it does not vary and does not walk. When I decided on the technique, it turned out that a German shaves many times better from the first correct approach than analogues with three to five blades. Not expected. I am glad that I managed to find my point of tilt of the shave, and that I did not throw it out after the first unsuccessful half-shave. The machine really has nothing to do with it, guys, look at the classic shaving techniques on the Internet - it helped me in learning.
Pavel, 24 years old, Pskov.

Beautiful machine. Impeccable classics. The geometry is perfect, at least measure with a millimeter. German quality at a reasonable price - can be found on Avito at almost half the price of a figure on the official website. The original can be seen right away - the case is perfect, verified, accurate, box and instructions in the manufacturer's language. The assembly does not wag, everything is clearly attached. Understands - assembled simply and without gaps and micro cracks. It shaves smoothly. You need to get used to the technique, difficult places pass at an individual angle. According to the shaving classics, first the skin is prepared - steamed with a hot towel - I'm not whimsical - I just get a good shave with the foam. All individually. I like the machine.

Vadim, 22 years old, Khanty-Mansiysk.

This is my first T-shaped machine, similar to the Soviet Youth and the Union - beautiful eternal good-quality things that still serve my father faithfully.
I myself probably would never have bought myself a Muehle R89, although now I understand that such a shave pays off after a couple of months.
They gave me the Muehle R89 for the New Year, to say that I was happy - to say nothing - you would think that they gave me a foreign car.
The simplest design, but made really with the German approach - there is no backlash in the design, the handle is ideal in weight and shape, it is not fastidious to the blades - there are no gaps, anyway - at least measure with a millimeter.
Suitable for lovers of wet flawless shaving with heavy machines.
Azat, 26 years old, Almetyevsk.

Definitely worth the price. High-quality chrome-plated machine, in the design of the embossed handle and flawless blade fastening with a simple design of the razor head. The design is simple, familiar and flawless. By the way, at the end of the handle there is a symbol of the company Muehle. The machine itself, despite its small size and some heaviness, lies perfectly in the hand and does not slip. There were no cases when I dropped it.
I approach the choice of blades scrupulously, but so far there have been no problems with any brand. The mount is clear, not complicated, disassembled / assembled quickly. It is not difficult to rinse - the blades are less dull. Shaving with such a razor is a pleasure - the machine is heavy, the stroke of the razor is smooth, although the head of the machine does not bend. In hard-to-reach places, of course, maneuverability is not up to par, but if you adapt, then the result is perfect. It shaves gently, without irritation and after without ingrown hair. Importantly, it is practically safe, for beginners in classic shaving, the very thing is that the probability of a cut is minimized. The main thing is to get used to and choose your technique for preparing the skin before shaving and the corners of the passage of difficult places.
Chrome finish (looks expensive, rich) is a guarantee that a quality tool will last forever.

Vladimir, 55 years old, St. Petersburg

For many men, shaving is not just a daily personal care, but a ritual sanctified for centuries. Despite the fact that a man started shaving his head and face several thousand years ago, simple knives made of sharpened metal or animal bones were tools for this procedure for a long time. Classic dangerous razors appeared in the Renaissance, and safe shaving machines familiar to the modern consumer in the form of the letter T became available only a hundred years ago. Their mechanism is so perfect that when there are razors with interchangeable cartridges on the shelves, many men around the world prefer convenient razors with an inserted disposable blade.

This tool is most often preferred not by young men who are always in a hurry, but experienced confident men who value quality rather than speed. Often they don’t stop buying just a classic razor, but get a whole set with a stand and brush. Such a set looks favorably on a shelf, but most importantly, it provides high-quality shaving of hair without wounds and irritation.

A wide range of T-razors. More than 50 species are available every day. Sharp Very Very shop - opposite the Chertanovskaya metro station (30 meters) More than 1,500 items of shaving products.

Convenient to come - easy to buy.

This device appeared more than a hundred years ago, but it did not immediately gain popularity. The first patent application for a safety razor was filed back in 1847 by the English inventor William S. Hanson, who later made a valuable contribution to the development of aviation. He drew a diagram of a metal handle to which 2 steel sheets are screwed perpendicularly, between which a two-sided sharp blade is inserted. The razor was called “safe” because, unlike the usual dangers, in this device only the edge of the blade was exposed, which could not cause serious injury. After 30 years, the initial design of the razor blade, screwed perpendicular to the handle, was finalized by the brothers Otto and Frederick Kampf from New York. They improved the initial drawings of the razor, improved the cutting blade and the attachment mechanism, and bought a patent from Hanson in 1880. The Kampf brothers sold their invention under the “Star Safety Razor” brand, but classic hazard razors were still more popular.

A real breakthrough in the sale of T-razors occurred a little later, in 1904, when the founder of the well-known brand “The Gillette Company” filed a patent for the sale of new generation disposable razors. American inventor K.K. Gillett. Born in 1855, an entrepreneur always dreamed of inventing something fundamentally new for consumers, something that would benefit humanity and, naturally, help him make a lot of money. While working as a salesman in the 1890s, one day he had to throw out several bottles with unscrewed caps and a torn seal. It was then that he thought that he needed to come up with something that a person could use several times and then throw out without regret. The first safety razors were made of wrought iron, they had to be sharpened almost every day with a leather belt, it took too much time, moreover, they quickly rusted from contact with water. The American inventor, along with partner Stephen Porter, decided to finalize the initial projects, focusing on disposable steel blades. The first models were sold retail at a price of $ 5 (nowadays it is about $ 140), which was comparable in cost to a week of going to the barber shop.

The implementation of the project took some time, and the idea, born back in 1901, appeared on the shelves only in 1904, when Gillette was able to open his own company, get a trademark registration and create a unique package with a personal portrait and brand name. In the first year, only 50 razors and less than 200 blades were sold. In the second year, things went much better thanks to good advertising and low prices, as well as good reviews. With the outbreak of World War I, the company received a contract with the US government for the supply of 3.5 million razors and 32 million interchangeable blades.

Soon the patent expired, and only then could the inhabitants of the rest of the world use revolutionary razors, and Gillette earned millions of dollars annually. The century of dangerous razors fell into oblivion, men were delighted with the new invention. Surprisingly, the basic principle of operation of these razors does not change to this day. The appearance remains the same, only decorative elements change

Aristocrats of that time made the T-shaped razors not only a functional toilet item, but also a precious piece of jewelry. For unique people, machines for such people were made from expensive materials, decorated with precious stones, and the owner's initials were ground. Such models have been handed down from generation to generation, and many of them can now be found in historical museums.

Over more than a hundred years of existence, the appearance and principle of operation of these devices have not changed much. As before, the T-shaped razor is a convenient handle 10 - 15 cm long, and the head part into which the blade is inserted. Steel continues to be the most common basis for production, as it resists corrosion well, sharpenes well and sits securely in the hand, and also does not lend itself to external mechanical damage. With proper care and careful operation, steel models can last for decades. Pens are made of many materials, their variety depends only on the imagination of the manufacturer. The tree of olive, oak, birch, pine, ash, noble animal horns, resin of various colors, plastic - this is just a small list of materials used to make pens.

Despite the good quality of most T-razors, the procedure should always be carried out with the help of assistive devices. Before starting, you need to moisten your face with warm water, and it is better to take a warm shower to soften the hairs. Then dry the skin slightly with a towel and apply foam or shaving gel. After these simple manipulations, the main player, the razor, comes into play. The hand moves along the growing hair to prevent the growth of bristles, the skin can be slightly pulled for the same purpose. When shaving, it is necessary to take into account all the features of operation of razors of a certain shape. After the procedure, the face should be rinsed well with cool water, removing the remaining foam and hair. The last step is to apply special lotions or aftershave to the skin with patting movements, which helps to avoid irritation. All shaving tools must also be washed well after each use and stored in a dry, ventilated place.

Razors differ in the shape of the head. They come in three types: with a closed, open or oblique cut. The first type is the most popular, as it is best suited for daily shaving, ideal for beginners, minimizing the appearance of cuts on the face. For those who do not like to shave often, a razor with a toothed head is suitable, thanks to the cloves it is easier to disengage the hard hairs on the face and provides a painless shaving without unwanted pulling out long hairs. And “oblique" razors benefit due to the fact that their blade passes as close as possible to the skin, however, to work with them you need some skill.

The determining factor for the purchase of "T-shki" is its ability to cut off hairs that have grown on the face, and as a result, leave cuts and irritation on the skin if used improperly. Professionals call this quality “aggressiveness”. The more aggressive the machine, the smoother the skin you can achieve when working with it, but the risk of ingrown hair, redness and cuts also increases.

Different manufacturers give this quality to machine tools of various shapes, so it’s very difficult to say which razor is more dangerous - open, oblique or closed.For example, the popular German manufacturer Muehle makes fairly soft razors with a closed cut, which is appreciated by beginners, and extremely aggressive open razors that only professionals like. Another German company, Merkur Solingen, in contrast, is known for its extremely sharp closed blades and supple open. The same situation is repeated with the instruments of the American brand Parker.

Manufacturers should pay special attention. For a hundred years now, the American company Gillette has been a cult in this direction. They continue to come up with interesting innovative accessories and shaving cosmetics, following the latest trends. It was they who managed to first install 5 blades in the head of a razor, make a floating head and put into fashion machines for ladies.

The first in Europe to be loved by men machines began to produce the company "Merkur Solingen". Even today, some of them remain one of the most popular, as their range includes both budget models and expensive collection ones. Both of them meet all the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

Muehle has been one of their main competitors in Germany for many years. They give preference to classic models from top quality materials that conservative men appreciate.

A worthy competition for them is the company from another continent - Japan “Feather”. Not so long ago, they began to gain popularity outside their country due to their excellent quality and interesting design. In the vastness of our country, you can also find this brand.

The UK-based producer Edwin Jagger is a Sheffield-based family business and has always been especially passionate about its products, which has allowed them to win many fans around the world over the thirty years of their existence.

Parker is known worldwide as a manufacturer of writing instruments. Having appeared in Wisconsin in 1892, the company produces not only excellent pens, but also razors of not the worst quality. They are distinguished by their love for non-standard materials, such as buffalo horn, stones and valuable types of metal.
I have been using the T-shaped razor for a year now. He switched to it after being tortured to change cartridges. Shaves even better than a regular razor. No irritation, all hair shaved clean. Blades have a small price, change from occurring every other day. It turns out cheaper than with cartridges. I advise everyone to the T-shaped razors!

Alexey, 26 years old, Tver

I was tired of the constant irritation from razors like a waistcoat, and I decided to find myself a more convenient option. After reading the forums, my choice fell on a T-shaped razor. These are the razors our grandfathers shaved. And today, it turns out, they still exist. After the purchase, I shaved, and there was no irritation! It turns out that we in vain paid a lot of money for the manufacturer of cartridge blades. Now all the time I will shave with a T-shaped razor.

Pavel, 35 years old, Samara

I decided somehow to calculate how much I spend per year on shaving. It turned out pretty impressive amount, because the cartridges are fabulously expensive, besides they are enough for 2-3 shaves. A friend advised me to use a T-shaped razor, they say, it shaves without irritation and the penny blades are standing. After acquiring such a razor, I realized that this is indeed so. It clogs less, shaves cleaner and less irritates the skin. A pack of blades, in which there are 5 pieces, costs about 150 rubles. One blade is enough for 4-5 times. Saving on the face. In addition, you can break such fig razors, they are all made of metal and are firmly made. In general, the T-razor is much better than conventional cartridge razors.

Yaroslav, 47 years old, Odessa

I have stiff hair on my face, and an ordinary razor does not take it. Oh, how much money I spent looking for a razor that could shave me clean. After my father found out about my problem, he advised me on a T-shaped razor. He said that there are sharper blades, and she shaves better. Well then, I bought such a razor and blades. Because of his hair, he took hard ones, although soft blades are advised to beginners. After shaving, my face became soft and clean, like a certain part of a baby. I have enough blades for 3 shaves, after which I have to change. But I had to change ordinary cartridges after every shave. Also, with a razor, I took a shaving brush. Now I do not need to buy gels, and soap softens my hair even better.

Vladislav, 30 years old, Kemerovo

I decided to try something new in shaving, tired of ordinary razors and electric shavers. I ordered a T-shaped razor. She looks, of course, cool. If you use it together with a brush and soap, you feel like a gentleman of the beginning of the XX century. After shaving, my skin became as smooth as I had never imagined. It is amazing how the “relic of the past” shaves better than modern razors with cartridges and electric razors. He advised all his friends that they were also satisfied. Use a T-shaped razor, you will not regret it.

Roman, 35 years old, St. Petersburg

I decided to give my boyfriend something special for his birthday. I searched for it on the Internet for a long time, chose all kinds of computer toys, helicopters, etc. Stumbled upon a site with T-razors. I immediately liked their appearance, they had something classic. A razor would ideally complement the image of a gentleman. Gave it. At first, the guy was skeptical of her, they say, the technology is outdated, nobody uses it, etc. But after the first shave, he immediately changed his mind. His skin became so smooth that I stroked it for about 5 minutes, could not come off. Now he only shaves with such a razor.

Veronika, 21 years old, Moscow

I have been using the T-shaped razor for more than 10 years. All this time I do not feel irritation, the skin is soft and smooth. I don’t understand how to use expensive razors if they shave worse and irritate their skin. All of these multi-blade cartridges are just a marketing move that is not of real value. Conventional blades used in a T-razor shave better and cost 20 times less. Use normal razors with blades, and you will be happy.

Ignatius, 41 years old, Tambov

Dad and grandfather used T-shaped machines all the time. I did not understand them, because today there are a bunch of new razor models with lots of blades, “shaving smoothly without irritation”. In general, he became addicted to an advertising company. After six months of use, I realized that something was not right. He turned to his father, he gave me his razor, of course, changing the blade. I shaved, and realized that all these years I was wrong. The skin is smooth, no irritation. I immediately ran to the store to buy myself the same. I have been using T-shaped machines for the third year, I saved a lot of money on cartridges. I advise everyone.

Arthur, 27 years old, Krasnodar

He became interested in acquiring a T-shaped razor after climbing on shaving forums. And now, a year later, I decided to order it for myself. A beautiful box came with a razor inside and a pair of blades to it. The first thing that pleased me was beauty. She really looks good. Shaving is a pleasure for her. The second is build quality and materials. I am a very sloppy person. For me, an important buying criterion is reliability. My razor fell 20 times. Nothing happened to her. Neither the part fell off nor the handle cracked - everything was completely safe and sound. I don’t know what needs to be done to break it. Third is the ease of shaving. A razor shaves its hair under its own weight, I just rub it lightly across my face and that’s it. Shaves clean. I don’t know about irritation, everything was fine with ordinary razors. But it is much more reliable than all the new popular razors and electric razors, which is much more important to me.

Semyon, 26 years old, Sevastopol

I am a very economical person by nature. I was very confused by the price of cassettes with blades for ordinary razors. After searching for alternatives, I found the following two options for rejecting such razors: a dangerous razor and a T-shaped razor. I decided to buy a T-shaped, it seems to be easier to shave. The price of five blades for such a razor is around 100 rubles, and the price of 5 cassettes is 1,500 rubles. I decided if the T-shaver shaves even a little worse, then I will use it. After the first shave, I immediately threw out my regular razor. This is a miracle that shaver manufacturers are hiding from us, shaving better than vaunted cassette razors! No irritation, no facial hair in my life. And the price for the service is much less. I am very glad that I got such a razor.

Anatoly, 28 years old, Rostov-on-Don

Have you heard that everything classic is eternal? Like men's tailcoats, T-razors are also popular today. Fathers and grandfathers shaved them. I also decided to try after many years of using razors with removable cartridges. The result exceeded all my expectations. The razor shaves without irritation. No irritation at all. I do not feel any discomfort after shaving. When I shaved with regular razors, my face simply burned for several hours after shaving. It was wild discomfort. Thank God, I found a solution to this problem - the use of a T-shaped razor. If you think that she does not leave irritation, because she shaves badly, then no. My face is always smooth, even more than from the vaunted cassettes with several blades. I advise everyone to use a T-shaped razor.

Rostislav, 34 years old, Khabarovsk

For me, the shaving process is important. Any new electric razors and razors with cartridges do not give any pleasure. I used to use a dangerous razor, but this requires special attention and control, and I have children. Here you can’t play with her. I decided to look for a replacement. He sat on the forums, saw a T-shaped razor. I was immediately attracted by her appearance. As if in the twentieth century you find yourself. And I always loved antiques. Bought, shaved. The face is clean and without irritation. But the main thing that I liked was the feeling of a razor in my hand. Steel pleasantly cools the hand, the applied corrugated surface does not allow the razor to slide, provides reliable and accurate shaving. The probability of cutting is extremely small, you just need to shave properly. In no case do not have to put pressure on the razor, she shaves everything herself under her own weight. Also pleased with the shaving brush that came in the kit. The process of soaping the face has now turned into a ritual that I really like.

Maxim, 36 years old, Norilsk

My father had an anniversary - 60 years. I decided to give him a beautiful gift. Looked at sites, saw T-shaped razors. I really liked them, they look very beautiful. I decided to take the most beautiful. I chose with a handle from a deer horn. Father really liked the gift. He says shaving is now a pleasure for him. No irritation and very smooth face. Mom also appreciated the gift. She, like me, liked the beautiful appearance. In general, we were all satisfied. Such a razor is a good gift for any occasion.

Natalya, 29 years old, St. Petersburg

Shaved 2 years with an electric razor. I didn’t feel much irritation, just a little, but everything suited me. Thought it should be so. Once, a birthday friend gave me a T-shaped razor. He said that he himself was shaving and terribly pleased. Well, I decided to try it. After shaving I did not feel any irritation. Everything was cleaned clean, without the slightest stubble. The blades are worth a penny, they need to be changed every 2-3 shaving. I refused the electric shaver, now it is gathering dust in my closet somewhere. And I advise you to switch to a T-shaped razor. I even began to enjoy shaving.

Dmitry, 30 years old, Vladivostok

On my eighteen-year-old father gave me an expensive T-shaped razor. Then the beard was not growing too much, and I hid it in a drawer for 2 years and safely forgot. I used an ordinary razor, and this one was gathering dust in a closet. All the time I was irritated by shaving. Shaving took three thousand a month. Once he did a spring cleaning, found a razor in the closet. I decided to try it. I was in shock. No irritation, no hair. He began to shave constantly. The blades are very cheap, enough for 4 shaving. Now it costs me 500 rubles a month, since I also buy gel. In the future I want to buy a shaving brush too, in order to completely abandon expensive and ineffective means. If you are tired of irritation, use a T-shaped razor.

Anton, 21 years old, Moscow

I’ve been shaving with one T-shaped razor for 10 years. No irritation, the whole face is clean and smooth. I spend very little on blades. The razor is very good. And she seems to be eternal. For so much time of use, only the paint peeled off a little on the handle. Buy and enjoy.

Eugene, 34 years old, Yekaterinburg

I saw a friend with a T-shaped razor, I liked the look. Asked what a shave is with her. He replied that it was very good. No annoyance. I bought myself the same half a year later, check my friend’s statement. He was right. It cost a little, in the region of two thousand. And about 200 rubles a month go on the blades. If you compare with ordinary razors, in which one cartridge costs one and a half thousand rubles, then the benefits are obvious. Pleased as an elephant with a T-shaped razor.

Valery, 32 years old, Dalnerechensk

After buying a razor, I tried it, and I was struck not so much by the smoothness of shaving, but by the way the T-shaped razor lies in my hand. This is really cool. It does not slip, pleasant to the touch. Previously, I did not like the shaving process, but now I even began to have fun. Well, I repeat what a million people say on the forums: no irritation. I don’t know what it is from. Maybe because there is one blade, and it does not shave the same place several times, like cassette razors. I’m more than happy with the purchase, and I advise you to purchase it.

Roman, 42 years old, Murmansk

So, now I’ll tell you why I refused the usual razors that I have shaved for decades. I had both cassette and electric shavers. But there was always some kind of annoyance, which disturbed me greatly. Wife's gift fixed all this. She gave me a classic shaving kit, consisting of a T-shaped razor, coasters for her, a brush and a cup for soap. After the first week of shaving, I threw away all previous razors. The annoyance was gone completely, and, it seems, forever. Cassettes with blades, which simply ruined me before, simply became unnecessary. The usual blade lasts 5 times. The razor lies comfortably in the hand, shaves smoothly. What else is needed? In general, buy yourself a T-shaped razor, and be happy.

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