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8 men's haircuts that girls like

Do you think only women are worried about their hair? Not at all! Men's hairstyles are also important for the stronger sex, and evaluate their attractiveness by the female reaction. An ideal men's hairstyle is one that makes you want to run your fingers over it! Let's look at the rating compiled by women and find out the best men's haircuts according to the opinion of the beautiful half of humanity. So, let's go!


This haircut looks stylish in all circumstances. And at the same time there are a lot of variations of this hairstyle, which gives men room for experiment. The hair on the back of the head and temples is shaved, and on the top of the head, it remains long. With styling, you can not bother, even the lack of styling looks courageous.

Why is this popular?

This haircut, by the way, was fashionable at the beginning of the last century among the working class. Of course, this social stratum could not greatly affect world recognition. His undercoat was received recently when he began to adorn the heads of celebrities.

The popularity of this hairstyle was also affected by its versatility, because it can be worn by owners of any type of hair, face shape and creed.

Classic lipstick

The haircut owes its name to the favorite of Louis XV, and its popularity to Elvis Presley and James Dean. In the 50s, lush hairstyles became a symbol of the era.

The haircut is quite simple: the whiskey is cut short, the hair on the back of the head remains long and is laid in the shape of a crest. The advantage of this hairstyle is that the styling can be adapted to the circumstances, face shape and mood.

Why do women like it?

With the help of underker, you can emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws. An open neck and ears attract girls, why - we don’t know, just a curious fact!

Classic lipstick

The haircut owes its name to the favorite of Louis XV, and its popularity to Elvis Presley and James Dean. In the 50s, lush hairstyles became a symbol of the era.

The haircut is quite simple: the whiskey is cut short, the hair on the back of the head remains long and is laid in the shape of a crest. The advantage of this hairstyle is that the styling can be adapted to the circumstances, face shape and mood.

Why is this popular?

Because it is beautiful, stylish and beautiful again!

Why do women like it?

This hairstyle is quite courageous, but at the same time with a certain share of gloss. And modern haircut variations in combination with a beard can add a few points forward to their owner.

Classic short haircut

It's about the usual hairstyle, which is most often seen on the streets of your city. And this is right, because it is really universal and goes to everyone without exception! And she is unpretentious in leaving and does not demand time for laying.

When cutting, a slight increase in the length of the hair from above is preserved, which creates the illusion of density. A good outlet for those who have begun to thin out the hair on the top of their heads.

Good boy

Who usually wears such a haircut? Any guy who has evolved further than a haircut for a typewriter for 200 rubles and wants to look moderately serious and well-groomed.

Why do we like it? This haircut goes to absolutely everyone, does not need any special skills from the hairdresser and carries a relaxed intellectual charm of masculinity.

What could be the problem? Regular use of a comb with rare cloves is required, otherwise the sebaceous tips on the forehead will ruin the whole impression.

Curly hair

Who usually wears such a haircut? Romantics, hidden and open.

Why do we like it? Putting a hand in his hair is an incomparable aesthetic pleasure with a clear erotic connotation from the same pleasant fetishes as in the story with Amelie and her favorite beans.

TOWhat could be the problem? If he also has a look with a hint of dog devotion and complaisant character, you can fall in love so that he wants to look at other men's haircuts.

Shaved head

Who usually wears such a haircut? The guys are clear, athletic and busy, who do not have free time to care for the curls.

Why do we like it? The most humane way for men who are too lazy to care for their hair or have suspected a nascent bald spot.

What could be the problem? It is pricked in the same way as growing stubble, and if you do not cut it regularly, it will turn into an asexual prison “hedgehog”.


Who usually wears such a haircut? Young students of acting courses and emigrating behind the sun and the waves in Bali are the owners of odnushki within the Third Ring.

Why do we like it? This model male type loves to exploit women's magazines, encrypting in him a kind of dream man: he is handsome like Apollo, travels a lot, is sexually friendly and glows with a golden tan, like a pie from an oven.

What could be the problem? Solid competition in view of the fact that this is a type that is disappearing in our latitudes, for which mass hunting is secretly opened by girls.

Bald head

Who usually wears such a haircut? Oh, many, many, many men. What can we do about it: we have been getting rid of hair for all possible means for decades and are still unhappy, and nature itself relieves the vegetation of men. However, most of them are also not too happy with this fact, but in vain! Girls like it.

Why do we like it? Because after 35 years, finding a “normal”, unmarried, non-drinker, adequate, and also without a bald head is a big problem. But without jokes, then the bald head is the most practical men's hairstyle: no hair in the bathroom or on the pillow.

What could be the problem? After stroking your hands, an oil mark remains, as if you decided to caress the fried eggs with bacon in a frying pan. So the joke about the fact that you can’t wash your hair with a bald head has nothing to do with reality.

African hedgehog

Who usually wears such a haircut? RUDN students and rare tourists from warm countries.

Why do we like? Because it is so exotic that I want to touch and touch, and also ask stupid questions (and keep obscene questions in mind).

What could be the problem? As they say, once you go black, you never go back. So touch carefully!

Long hair bun

Who usually wears such a haircut? Extremely brave and European liberal fashionistas and ... students of the physics department, who have no time to wash their hair between the control ones.

Why do we like it? Because there is something brutally attractive and nostalgic in it - the owner of the bundle seemed to come out of Greek mythology and the series about Heracles and Xena, from whom we are fans in childhood.

What could be the problem? Public opinion, cruel and merciless. We have bunches and, in principle, long hair on men, it is customary to hate openly and angrily. Like, what a normal man will grow his hair to shoulder blades ?!

Artistic mess on the head

Who usually wears such a haircut? An artistic, freedom-loving person with a chaotic work schedule "on freelance". A little bit fashionable, a little lazy, a little party-goer.

Why do we like it? Because it is so fresh and new for us - a man whose hairdo looks better in the morning than we do in the evening. And the sexual attractiveness of slight negligence has not been canceled ...

What could be the problem? Such a hairstyle rarely looks well-groomed, because you really need to spend time and money on it: first, find a good hairdresser who will make a stylish haircut, and then learn to whip up her shape without having to occupy the bathroom like a woman for an hour.

Does the hairstyle reflect a state of mind?

You can directly say that it is not difficult to determine the character of a man by the hairstyle that he prefers. Such an ordinary moment will help to reveal the inner world of any macho.

Confident and purposeful guys most often choose their favorite haircut in their youth and never cheat on her. But those people who are constantly changing shape and can not find themselves, most often are insecure and windy personalities. Creative hairstyles with an avant-garde color scheme choose bright extraordinary personalities, charismatic and versatile individualists with an open soul.

When girls see guys with long hair, they see courageous natures and mistakenly assume that they are tender and romantic. This opinion is erroneous! In fact, when a man prefers long hair, this indicates his insecurity, moodiness and even infantilism. With long curls they try to protect themselves from the outside world and problems. Lovers of beard, mustache and long whiskers have the same features.

Fans of short hair or generally “zero” hairstyles are characterized as hardy and decisive personalities. These are tough leaders who do not tolerate competition.

A classic haircut with bangs laid to one side speaks of fine mental organization and a calm character. Most often, guys who prefer medium-length hair turn out to be calm and romantic natures who are able to truly love.

How often do girls fall in love with a man’s hairstyle?

For any girl, the main thing is that the overall image of the chosen one should be holistic and harmonious. The bulk of the fairer sex prefer the images of "share-boys" or "hooligans." Therefore, men's hairstyles that girls like do not have a specific shape. The main point is that she was out of place.

Choosing a dream hairstyle

In the modern world there are many options for stylish haircuts, among which any representative of the stronger sex will find its ideal option. It is important to consider the shape of the face, individual characteristics, style of clothing and adhere to your preferences. Even if the hairstyle is perfect, but wearing it is not very comfortable it is better to consider other options.

Short hair

Men who are not used to caring for their hair and believe that long locks are the lot of girls prefer to cut their hair short. This hairstyle does not require styling and special care. It is important to just visit the hairdresser in time and update the form, cutting off the regrown hairs.

Many women consider this option sexual, because this decision is associated with the courageous, brutal image of a real man.

Medium length hair

When the hair reached a length of 10 cm, we can already talk about hairstyles of medium length. Young men prefer sloppy natural styling, while older men are advised to pay attention to the restrained classic options.

The average hair length must be looked after. You will have to monitor their cleanliness and regularly lay, for which at least you have to purchase a gel or hair wax. This length opens up many options for new looks. You can do styling with a parting, comb your hair back or collect it in a ponytail on the crown.

Long hair

When the hair of a young man reaches his shoulders, then they can already be called long. If short haircuts need to be maintained at least once a month, then long hair does not require frequent visits to the hairdresser.

The most fashionable hairstyle for long hair can be called "Dutt." The essence of this decision is that the hair is collected in a free bundle on the occipital area, which is very convenient and practical for urban active men.

Very short hair

Most women believe that the sexiest men's haircuts are short. The reason for such love lies in the fact that such a solution is the most natural and looks neat. It’s nice when your man is tidy and looks brutal without spending a lot of time maintaining his image.

Slight negligence

Careless styling is preferred by young people who are not burdened with the scope of work. Girls are attracted by light careless styling in men, which is associated with a freedom-loving personality, a "bad guy", a lazy fashionista and a bright party-goer. Each young lady is attracted to her item from this list. Mild negligence always looked sexy, and this attracts the views of the opposite sex.

To careless styling looked well-groomed, you must initially find a good master who will make a stylish haircut. Otherwise, the hairstyle will look as if the man woke up and ran about his business, forgetting to comb his hair.

Combed back hair

Such styling looks impressive and expensive. Any haircut with a volume on the crown can be styled in this way. In women's eyes, smoothly combed back hair gives an image of predation and danger, which they cannot but like. This styling looks best on medium-long hair, which is fixed with a gel. For shine at the end, you can apply lipstick to the hair, which will also help to maintain the desired shape.

Hair care

In addition to the right choice of hairstyle, there are a number of rules for caring for her. To make the haircut look stylish (even with careless styling) it is necessary to maintain the health of the hair and regularly visit your hairdresser to update the form. If you do not adhere to these rules, then any of the most stylish form will look inappropriate, messy and even stupid.

A successful haircut is an important component of a successful masculine image, it complements with masculinity, sexuality or romance. We examined in detail the best men's hairstyles, according to the girls, so guys can now arm themselves with useful knowledge and storm beauties!

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