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How to tie a men's scarf, given the length and type of clothing

A scarf is a great accessory with which you can not only protect yourself from the weather, but also decorate your bow and appearance in an original way. Stylists advise men to choose the right model and color for a scarf, combining it with other wardrobe items. In addition, it is important to know how to tie a man’s scarf around his neck in order to look fashionable and modern.

The warming function of scarves has long faded into the background, many men of different ages prefer to wear an accessory in order to decorate their image. Women note that the scarf looks especially sophisticated and elegant on men, and stylists advise paying attention to the fashionable and relevant ways of knitting a scarf for men today, given the different criteria and model of the scarf.

Ways to tie men's scarves

First of all, you need to choose the types of knitting scarves according to the model of the scarf itself, as well as its length. There are many ways to knit knots comparable to wearing ties, some of them are specially designed for short scarf models, others look perfect with long options. Therefore, when choosing a scarf and how to wear it, a man must take into account its size and length.

Short scarf

Ideally, such scarves are suitable for everyday wear, there can be no tricks in terms of tying it. But at the same time, anyone can learn the proper use of such an accessory, it will only take a couple of minutes. The optimal length of a short scarf is 100-120 cm, you can wear them in a loose condition under the coat, or you can wrap around the neck in one circle, combining with jackets. If the scarf is wide enough, it can be folded lengthwise.

Medium Scarf

In this case, we are talking about scarves of dense texture with a length of about half a meter, created mainly for the spring-autumn season. Warm scarves do not accept complex knitting manipulations, they are usually wrapped around the neck or looped. The loop can be worn hidden under outer clothing, or it can be decorated over a jacket or coat, it all depends on the general style and design of the scarf.

Long scarf

Long models of scarves with a length of two meters and a little more are usually preferred by creative personalities and men with a special taste. Due to this length, scarves can be braided in various ways, for example, a noose, a French knot or a loop, in addition, they are made of flexible and elastic fabrics.

The width of such scarves is provided much narrower than in the case of short models, and they can be worn in autumn and winter.

Convenience and beauty

Today, several techniques are actively used, how to put a scarf on a man in order to enjoy not only comfort, but also its external attractiveness. The main rule is not to go too far in order not to look too extravagant, this is more a woman’s prerogative. So, the most popular ways to tie a scarf in autumn or winter are as follows:

  1. Paris lights - Suitable for a leather jacket, coat and jacket. The scarf is folded in half, thrown over the neck and into the ring, which has turned out thanks to this, thread the end of the scarf.
  2. Fake - put on a scarf so that one end is lower, a knot is formed from it. Further, the short end of the product is inserted into this unit, tightening the resulting version of the unit. This option is ideally combined with shirts, jackets and sweaters if you are using a thin scarf.
  3. Double punch - A scarf is wrapped around the neck with a double ring, after which a weak knot is tied from the remaining ends of the scarf, hiding it under clothes.
  4. Drape - put a scarf on the neck, stretching both ends along the chest. The notes of negligence are harmoniously combined with a coat and sheepskin coats, the scarf can be worn both from the inside and over the clothes.
  5. Ostap Bender - knot for adventurers, the scarf is wrapped twice around the neck, leaving one edge much lower than the second. Wearing this version of the knot is better with shirts and jackets.

The listed options for weaving are more suitable for everyday wear, harmoniously combining with one or another piece of clothing. A man only needs to choose the optimal scarf model, as well as the perfect color scheme to match the overall style.

Scarf tie

You can tie a scarf to cover your face from the wind and bad weather using a certain technique. To do this, you just need to pick up the voluminous, long and wide version of the scarf, and then wrap it several times around the neck with free weaving.

Thanks to several layers, the scarf can be spread out in width, thereby covering the lower part of the face. This option for wearing a scarf is relevant in the cold season, especially when it comes to windy weather with precipitation.

Scarf and clothes

There are only two ways to tie a short man’s scarf - a loop or in free fall, middle models mean a little more ways, but a long scarf is the most diverse in how to put a scarf on a man. In addition to the criterion for the width and length of the scarf, a man needs to take into account the fact with which outerwear he will wear in the future.

Leather jacket

Light scarves made of cashmere, silk, cotton or chiffon are perfect for a leather jacket. If we consider options for weaving scarves, under a leather jacket, designers and stylists advise trying on the Lights of Paris to look fashionable and modern. The shades of the scarf should overlap with the color of the jacket, be in the same palette, but vary in saturation.


The coat most often implies a classic style, so combining a scarf with it is better than a restrained simple model and colors. A short scarf can simply be loosened from the inside or over the coat, a medium-length scarf is wrapped in a loop, putting it in a strict dress code inside under the coat, in everyday life - on top of it. The lights of Paris knot will fit perfectly with the coat, exactly like the Double Strike or Drape knot.

Down jacket

Down jackets are more often referred to as a sports style, this is important to consider when choosing a scarf. This can be a medium or long version of the product with a fringe at the edges of the optimal width. They put it on so that it wraps itself around the neck, but is freely located at both ends down. A simple and concise version of wearing a scarf is suitable for everyday life. You can also wrap the scarf several times around the neck, after which both edges are tucked up, hidden under a scarf.


Most often today, under a windbreaker, a scarf is worn in the form of a tail, when they wrap their neck in front, and both ends are loose on the back, hiding them with a jacket. Also, a Drape scarf knot or a False knot will look casually and youthfully with a windbreaker. It is only important to choose a product from light fabrics that matches its stylistic load with the style of the jacket.


In fact, the knots for a man’s scarf are presented in several dozen techniques, it is important to consider the style of clothing, the man’s age, the design and composition of the scarf, its seasonality, color schemes and many other factors. Today, stylists offer men a wide selection of ways to wear scarves without restrictions and prohibitions. It is only important that the product has a concise and restrained design, and the unit looks stylish and simple.

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