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Why is there no sperm during ejaculation?

Aspertism is a situation in which a man does not have an ejaculation during coitus. But with all this, there are no problems with erection and disorders of spermatogenesis.

Aspermatism is a form of infertility in men. The inability to conceive a child is associated with defects in the adnexal glands, the urination channel and problems with patency of the male seed.

Aneyakulyatsiya and its varieties

Aneyakulyatsiya - a pathological condition, accompanied by a lack of ejaculation and orgasm during intercourse. At the same time, anejaculation can take place both without violating the synthesis and qualitative composition of the seminal fluid, and with their violations. In urological practice, isolated three clinical forms of anejaculation:

  1. Aspermatism.
  2. Retrograde ejaculation.
  3. Obstruction of the vas deferens.

Quick reference

Aspermatism can manifest itself in disorders of balance and coordination of muscle tone, which is responsible for ejaculation. These violations lead to the fact that the ejaculation process is blocked. Moreover, a man with aspermatism has a decreased sensation of orgasm.

Male infertility has prerequisites in the form of inflammatory processes of the urination channel. These changes provoke sperm abnormalities, it changes the level of proteins.


Aspermatism - a complete lack of orgasm and ejaculation during intercourse. The formation of sperm and seminal fluid with this pathology is not impaired, but ejaculation does not occur. At the same time, the causes of aspermatism are very variable, among them we can distinguish:

  • Neurological disorders, such as injuries of the nervous system, cancer, diseases of the spinal cord and brain. For any damage to the nervous system, the pathogenesis of aspermatism is a violation of the innervation of the genital organs.
  • The psychological factor. With various forms of psychological disorders, the process of ejaculation is inhibited due to the formation of pathological neural connections in the cerebral cortex. The most common psychic cause leading to persistent aspermatism is neurosis.
  • Mechanical obstruction. Often the cause is the inflammatory process in the urethral canal or the vas deferens. Such a process, in turn, leads to the formation of microscopic adhesions in the lumen of the channel, thereby blocking the lumen of the urethra or vas deferens or leading to its stenosis. In addition to infectious processes in the genital organs of men, surgical interventions of the urological profile, or their complications, lead to mechanical aspermatism. In this case, cicatricial changes occur in the lumen of the ducts or urethra, which significantly narrow their lumen.
  • Iatrogenic factor associated with taking medications whose side effect is a violation of ejaculation. Antihypertensive drugs used for hypertension, in particular, beta blockers, cause a significant decrease in potency, with systematic use.

Forms of anejaculation and factors provoking it

Anejaculation - the absence of natural ejaculation in various forms of sexual stimulation. Pathology can be caused by a violation of the sperm ejection process, the presence of an obstacle in its path or the wrong flow direction. There are several forms of anejaculation, differing in the mechanism of development and the nature of the course.

Retrograde ejaculation

Retrograde ejaculation is a pathological process in which ejaculation is absent due to reflux of seminal fluid in the opposite direction through the urethral canal. In this case sperm does not enter the outside, but into the bladder. In this case, the man experiences an orgasm, but ejaculation does not occur. Subsequently, a man may notice that during urination the urine acquires a light yellow hue, and its transparency is significantly reduced - the urine is cloudy.

With retrograde ejaculation, psychological disorders are not observed, and orgasm and sexual desire are not disturbed. The reasons leading to this form of anejaculation can be as follows:

  • Anomalies of development. During the formation of the reproductive system in the prenatal period, failure may occur in the formation of the holes of the vas deferens, not in the urethral tract, but directly in the bladder.
  • Diseases of the nervous system of metabolic origin, such as multiple sclerosis, diabetic polyneuropathy, as well as injuries of the spinal column and spinal cord.
  • Venous-pelvic cognitions.
  • The use of pharmaceuticals: antipsychotic, antihypertensive series.
  • Prostatitis and other inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system of men.
  • Anatomical disorders: surgical interventions on the prostate gland and bladder, as well as pelvic lymphatic vessels. All operations, to one degree or another, violate the innervation of the neck of the bladder, followed by a breakdown of muscle motility during orgasm.

Fig. 1 - The mechanism of sperm in the bladder (retrograde ejaculation).


The first type of aspermatism is usually attributed to the case when a man does not experience an orgasm or ejaculation. The reasons are attributed to dysfunction of the nervous systems: central and peripheral.

Also, various drugs can greatly affect the lack of ejaculation. Congenital and acquired diseases of the psyche and physiological pathologies also negatively affect the male ability to ejaculate.

True anejaculation

True anejaculation (anejaculatory syndrome, aspermatism, aspermia) means that regardless of the duration and intensity of sexual intercourse, ejaculation does not occur. At the same time, spermatogenesis is preserved, there is an erection, but there is usually no orgasm (more about the absence of orgasm in men).

True anejaculation may occur. in two forms:

  1. Absolute - ejaculation does not occur under any circumstances.
  2. Relative, characterized by the absence of ejaculation only during sexual intercourse, but the possibility of ejaculation during masturbation or pollutions.

One of the forms of relative anejaculation is selective - during sex with a specific sexual partner.

Vas deferens obstruction

The obstruction of the vas deferens leads to impaired emission, i.e., sperm output. In this case, the orgasm persists. Causes of obstruction may be factors similar to retrograde ejaculation and aspermatism. One of the most common causes of obstruction is inflammation of the seminal vesicles or epididymitis.


Symptoms of the second type include the absence of ejaculation, while the man experiences an orgasm during intercourse and ejaculation occurs. Sometimes ejaculation does occur, but the fertilizing fluid is in the lumen of the bladder.

Aspermatism is also divided into congenital and secondary forms.. The first type of disease is characterized by the complete absence of involuntary ejaculation at night. The second type of aspermatism is deviation due to psychological abnormalities, as well as various infections.

False anejaculation

False anejaculation - urological pathology, in which sperm during orgasm does not appear from the urethra or is excreted in part due to obstruction of the vas deferens or damage to the urogenital neuromuscular system.

There are 2 types of false anejaculation: retrograde and obstructive. In the first case, sperm is not secreted from the urethra due to redirection of flow into the bladder. This phenomenon is due to the characteristics of male anatomy. From the appendages of the testicles, the vas deferens rise into the small pelvis, bend around the bladder on both sides, then go into the prostate, where they flow into the ureter (the prostatic part of the urethra). The mouth of the bladder is located next to the prostate. Normally, when sperm moves along the vas deferens, the sphincter of the bladder contracts, completely blocking the message from the ureter, and the seminal tubercle increases, directing the flow of the seed down. If the connecting muscles are weakened or their innervation is impaired, the seminal fluid is thrown into the bladder.

Retrograde ejaculation can be complete when ejaculation does not occur at all, and partial when a certain amount of sperm is nevertheless ejected from the urethra to the outside. The main symptom is clouded urine after intercourse with clots.

Typical reasons:

  • Surgery on the neck of the bladder, prostate gland,
  • Pathology of the nervous system,
  • Venous congestion in the pelvic area, hemorrhoids,
  • Admission of antidepressants, antipsychotics, drugs to reduce blood pressure and treat cardiac pathologies, alpha-blockers (Tamsulosin, Duodart, Omnik),
  • The effects of prostatitis
  • Congenital anatomical abnormalities in the structure of the genitourinary system (vas deferens can be directed to the ureter or bladder).

In some cases, retrograde ejaculation occurs after prolonged intentional containment of an orgasm.

The mechanism of retrograde ejaculation, when semen is thrown into the bladder, and does not move along the urethra to the penis

Obstructive anejaculation is not as harmless as retrograde. Sperm moves in the right direction, but is not thrown out due to an obstacle and accumulates, which causes inflammation.

Possible causes of seminal fluid retention:

  1. Narrowing of the urethra or vas deferens. Most often it occurs due to their damage during surgical or diagnostic interventions, but probably with urethritis.
  2. The movement of calculi with urolithiasis. After removing the stone from the ureter, ejaculation returns.
  3. Inflammation of the epididymis or seminal vesicles.
  4. Cyst of the prostate.
  5. Genitourinary tuberculosis.

Orgasm with obstructive anejaculation becomes less pronounced. Often there are additional symptoms in the form of pain in the groin or testicles, blood impurities in the urine.

The manifestation of the above forms of anejaculation is likely at a youthful (puberty) age or already during regular sexual activity.

The reasons for the lack of ejaculation

If a man does not have an ejaculation, the cause of such a problem is most likely not one. In most cases, such a violation is provoked by a whole range of factors. To more accurately determine the causes of the lack of ejaculation, it is necessary to separately consider the existing types of disease.

Speaking of true aspermatism, the main factor in the appearance of the disease is determined by disturbances in the functioning of the central and peripheral nervous system. In this case, during intercourse, the man does not have ejaculation, he does not experience orgasm.

Also, a negative impact can have:

  • Some types of drugs.
  • The presence of mental illness, acquired or congenital.
  • Pathology of the physiological type.

False aspermatism is also distinguished.. This type is characterized by the fact that a man experiences an orgasm during coitus, he has ejaculation, however, there is no ejaculation, there is more than one reason for this condition. These include:

  • Urethral inflammation.
  • Complications after surgery.
  • Disorders of the nervous system.
  • Inflammatory lesions of the prostate gland.
  • Tuberculosis.

All these reasons for the lack of ejaculation in one set or another can lead to the development of various types of aspermatism, each of which requires an individual approach to treatment.

What is anejaculation

Male ejaculation or ejaculation - the release of seminal fluid from the urethra. Normally, ejaculation should end every sexual intercourse or other similar action.

It is ejaculation that is a reflex act, that is, a man cannot control the time of ejaculation. It controls the brain and spinal cord (paracentral lobules and lumbar).

Penile stimulation, which occurs with frictions, leads to ejaculation and orgasm. But this action can also occur with pollutions (involuntary ejaculation during sleep).

Ejaculation and orgasm are very closely related. As a rule, the second precedes the first. But these 2 concepts are not synonymous. Usually, 1 male orgasm and ejaculation are necessary for 1 sexual intercourse. It is quite possible that the orgasm occurs without ejaculation or ejaculation occurs without orgasm. Neither orgasm nor ejaculation has anything to do with an erection.

Modern doctors share 2 types of such a violation.

The first type includes the so-called primary anejaculation. It is expressed in the fact that ejaculation occurs only with pollutions, and during intercourse it is absent. In this case, the patient's erection is fully preserved and the libido remains at the same level. Usually a person discovers the presence of this pathology during the onset of sexual activity.

As a rule, the causes of such a violation lie in congenital anomalies or acquired malformations of the genitourinary system. But sometimes stress or psychological trauma can be the cause of anejaculation. Subsequently, a man develops a stereotype of behavior, and, despite the fact that he is physically capable of ejaculation, ejaculation does not occur.

With secondary anejaculation, ejaculation does not occur during sexual intercourse. This form of the disorder affects men who have never encountered such a problem before. With this type of anejaculation, the patient can achieve full ejaculation during stimulation of the genital organ (masturbation).

There are many reasons that can lead to such a disorder of sexual function. But among the main factors that lead to the lack of ejaculation are the following:

  • Functional changes in the vas deferens. Most often, injuries, operations on the spine or spinal cord lead to this, as a result of which the human nervous system is affected.
  • Endocrine pathologies caused by the patient having diseases and disorders such as diabetes mellitus, obesity, androgen deficiency (usually accompanied by insufficient erection).
  • The presence of inflammatory diseases, including infectious and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Tumors and formations of various types, compresses the vas deferens.

The absence of ejaculation may be due to the abnormal structure of the ducts (congenital defect) or their complete absence. There is another pathology in which sperm blows the traditional way out and enters the bladder. This abnormality may be congenital or acquired.

Most often, this pathology occurs in people who have been injured before the age of 5-7 years. Subsequently, their spine and genitourinary system begin to develop incorrectly, resulting in complete anejaculation. Some surgical operations may have the same consequences.

But not only diseases or developmental abnormalities can be to blame for ejaculation disorders. A temporary disorder of sexual function, in which there is an erection, but ejaculation does not occur, can be caused by purely psychological factors, which include:

  • chronic fatigue
  • stress and psychological problems
  • unfavorable environment for sexual intercourse,
  • antipathy to the partner.

That is, ejaculation does not occur due to insufficient excitement of a man. But such a phenomenon can only be a one-time character. If there is no ejaculation for a sufficiently long time, then it is worth taking the problem more seriously.

The reason for the lack of ejaculation may also lie in bad habits. It's no secret that alcohol, drugs and nicotine adversely affect the entire male reproductive system. The same effect can also cause the intake (especially uncontrolled) of certain drugs, for example, antidepressants.

To treat a disorder of the ejaculation mechanism, you need to contact many specialists. First of all, you need to visit a sexologist and a urologist, take blood tests to identify pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms.

The presence of abnormalities and pathologies in the structure of the genitourinary system will help to identify ultrasound and magnetic tomography. If no diseases are found in the husband, then he should contact a psychotherapist or sex therapist.

But first of all, it is necessary to conduct a full and comprehensive examination, since anejaculation can be a symptom of a much more formidable disease, which over time will develop into a serious pathology.

It is important not only to identify the causes of deviations, but also to determine their turnover. For example, for patients who are at an advanced age, an unstable erection, a partial or complete absence of ejaculation are signs of age-related changes, and therapy is practically impossible.

If a person suffers from infectious diseases, then their treatment must begin immediately. Otherwise, you can miss the time when the process goes into a chronic form.

Modern experts note that the cause of not only disorders of the ejaculation mechanism, but also erectile dysfunction, are increasingly becoming sexually transmitted diseases.

Moreover, if only 10 years ago the average age of men who had similar problems was 38-45 years old, now patients who are under the age of 35 are more and more often found.

If you suspect that the cause of the disorder is an STD, then contact your urologist or venereologist immediately. At the current level of pharmacology, such diseases are treated quickly and very effectively. But their complications lend themselves to therapy much more difficult. And in no case do not self-medicate! This can only exacerbate the problem.

Do not despair if ejaculation does not occur due to congenital abnormalities of the body. Modern medicine quite successfully corrects such problems. Sometimes you can do without even serious surgical intervention. The main thing is not to waste time and consult a specialist as soon as you notice the symptoms of the disorder.

If the reasons for the lack of ejaculation lie in the psychological problems of the patient, then only a specialist should work with him.

There are long and successfully applied training programs and auto-training, which are well established throughout the world. Subsequently, self-confidence will definitely return to the patient, and the problem of the absence of ejaculation will disappear.

But psychocorrection must be handled by a certified doctor. Therefore, it is more reasonable to contact centers that value their reputation.

In any case, the treatment of aneyaculation is a long process that requires the expenditure of a large amount of effort and time. You may need to undergo therapy with several specialists.

And do not count on an immediate result. A magic pill for this problem has not yet been invented.

But a man needs to remember that such a disorder is now quite successfully treated in the vast majority of cases, if you consult a doctor on time.

Most often, men are worried about how such a disorder can affect reproductive function. As a rule, the lack of ejaculation does not affect the ability to bear children.

If a man’s body produces full sperm, then there are no obstacles to the conception of a child. Most often, in such cases, resort to artificial insemination.

But still it’s worth making a complete spermogram to make sure the quality of your sperm.

The fact that in the absence of ejaculation a man’s body is capable of producing sperm, it is worth remembering if you prefer unprotected sexual intercourse. The fact is that a small amount of fluid, and hence viable sperm, is released during any intercourse. Therefore, anejaculation is not a complete protection against unwanted pregnancy.

Subsequently, the problem of the absence of ejaculation can be resolved by itself if the causes of the disorder are psychological in nature. But you should not count on it. Stress can be very detrimental and must be dealt with.

If you notice that recently you have become very irritable or depressed, the mood changes dramatically for no apparent reason, then you should consult a specialist. The body needs help to cope with the violation.

Otherwise, stressful or depressive conditions can lead not only to aneaculation, but also to other disorders.

But if you didn’t have ejaculation only once and you can confidently name the cause of this phenomenon (fatigue, lack of excitement, intoxication), then you should not panic. Most likely, this will not happen again with you if you carefully monitor your health. It is enough to eliminate the cause of such a violation.

And remember that the cause of the disorder can be infectious diseases. Therefore, make sure that sex, especially with a casual partner, is protected.


If the above symptoms occur, do not delay with contacting a specialist - urologist. Only a comprehensive and competent diagnostic study is able to identify the cause of the absence of ejaculate. The attending physician will examine and palpate the scrotum, testicles, spermatic cord and determine the consistency, density and size. When anejaculation occurs, either an increase in size (hypertrophy) or a decrease in size (atrophy) of the testis and epididymis on the affected side or both (see "What is the normal size of the male testicles?").

Ultrasound diagnostics of the scrotum helps confirm the data of palpation studies, as well as determine the contents, visualize it. In addition to the diagnosis of the scrotum, transrectal ultrasound imaging is performed, which reveals pathological changes in the prostate gland and cystic-inflammatory changes in the seminal vesicles.

In addition to instrumental studies, marker substances are identified: alpha-glucosidase, an enzyme located in the epididymis, fructose, a substance located in the seminal vesicles, and zinc, which is characteristic of the prostate gland.

With obstructive changes, you can accurately determine their level by the indicated markers. In this case, the secretion of markers above the site of obstruction is not impaired. In some cases, a testicular biopsy is performed if the diagnosis is difficult. A biopsy allows you to determine if there is a violation of spermatogenesis and its degree.

The main causes of anejaculation

Most often, complaints of anejaculation come from men who have had surgery on the prostate or neck of the bladder. As a result, nerves are often damaged, which negatively affects the contractility of muscles. After surgery, the likelihood of scar tissue changes is also high.

Erectile Dysfunction and Lack of Ejaculation typical for men with diabetes. Ejaculation is provided by the activation of muscle fibers of the seminal vesicles, prostate, urethra, as well as sphincters of the bladder. This whole complex process is strictly coordinated by the nervous system. A high blood sugar and lipid content leads to damage to nerve and muscle fibers - neuropathy and myopathy. As a result, the contractile function of the sphincter of the bladder is disturbed, as well as the nerve conduction of the genital organs.

With prostatitis or epididymitis, the neuromuscular structure of the vas deferens is negatively affected by inflammatory mediators secreted by toxin microbes. The inflammatory process usually occurs in waves, therefore for such patients a periodic resumption of normal ejaculation is characteristic.

Neurogenic causes of lack of ejaculation also include:

  • Removal of the rectum,
  • Excision of the abdominal aorta,
  • Removal of the bladder (full or partial).

Deterioration of nerve conduction may be caused injuries of the lumbosacral spine, alcohol, drug or other intoxication.

Psychosexual disorders can also slow down the ejaculation process, but much less often than organic. Psychological factors include:

  1. Severe stress.
  2. Nervous exhaustion.
  3. Depression
  4. Latent aggression towards a partner.
  5. Religious fanaticism (concern about "useless seed loss").
  6. Subconscious blocks formed by frequent interruptions of sexual intercourse in order to protect the partner from pregnancy.

An example of anejaculation caused by psychogenic causes is hypertonicity of the sphincter of the bladder.

Classification of Aspermatism

To date, there are three main types of lack of ejaculation in men:

  • Cortical or psychogenic.

The main sign of this type is the presence of a nervous system disorder in a man. Which inevitably leads to disturbances in the process of erection, resulting in delays or lack of ejaculation. This type of aspermatism appears on the background of depression or with the presence of phobias and other mental disorders. Among the symptoms, in addition to the lack of ejaculation, men have increased sweating, frequent headaches, weakness and fatigue.

The onset of the disease is often preceded by damage to the back. In this case, the spinal center is injured, with the help of which ejaculation is regulated. Which further leads to disorders in sexual life. There is also a physical and emotional decline, or, conversely, hyperactivity of a man.

  • Neuroreceptor.

This form is considered the most dangerous, subsequently can lead to the appearance of prostatitis. The cause of the formation of the disease is often surgical intervention aimed at removing an inguinal hernia. This type of aspermatism develops if there has been spinal cord injury or nerve injury.

Ejaculation does not come for long - what to do?

With chronic prostatitis, erectile dysfunction develops. In this case, ejaculation may occur too quickly or completely absent. If ejaculation does not occur for a long time with prostatitis, the cause often becomes stagnation in the organs, which requires complex treatment.

Lack of ejaculation can also be caused by taking a number of medications. In this case, the problem does not require complex treatment, the restoration of ejaculation occurs after drug withdrawal.

Therapeutic tactics in the absence of ejaculation

To treat anejaculation, they resort to conservative methods - drug therapy.

The treatment regimen depends on the causes of this pathological condition. The most common causes leading to anejaculation include metabolic and hormonal disorders associated with diabetes. As well as taking drugs whose side effect causes a decrease in the tone of the bladder neck.

For treatment using physiotherapeutic methods of stimulation of the prostate gland, as well as reflexology. The following drugs are used for drug therapy:

  • Midodrin.
  • Efidrina sulfate.
  • Imipramine and others.

These substances increase the activity of the adrenergic system and increase the muscle tone of the urogenital tract, which contributes to adequate ejaculation.

Surgical treatment is used in cases of congenital aplasia or hypoplasia of the vas deferens. Reconstructive surgery leads to the restoration of normal passage of seminal fluid and prevents its reflux into the bladder.

Cortical aspermatism

It is also sometimes called psychogenic. At the heart of this type is a disorder of the functions of the central system. The consequences of such aspermatism include erectile dysfunction, in which ejaculation occurs with a delay.

Men with such a disease have quite normal sexual drives and an erection, but sexual intercourse takes place without the desired orgasm with a delay in ejaculation.

Also, doctors describe cortical aspermatism as an ailment accompanied by impaired erection function. In a man with such a diagnosis, it is not rare to observe a headache with a piercing tinnitus, an abnormal amount of sweating. Well, and, of course, such men rarely possess iron endurance, on the contrary, they are tired and weak.

No ejaculation, what to do and how to treat

Each man who has encountered this problem, the question arises, if there is no ejaculation, what to do, and whether it is possible to successfully overcome the disease. Fortunately, such a pathology is subject to effective treatment, and you can cope with it if you put effort and time into it.

If there is no ejaculation, treatment and diagnosis should be followed by the following specialists:

After consulting each of these doctors, you can get a more complete picture of your health status and find the true cause of the ailment. When there is no ejaculation, treatment should be comprehensive, aimed at eliminating the negative impact of all factors that provoke the disease. Seriously taking the problem and observing all the doctor's instructions, in a fairly quick time you can forget about how, when there is no ejaculation, treatment will allow you to overcome the disease, become completely healthy again and continue the birth. And adhere only to preventive measures to maintain the result. Which definitely favorably affects your life as a whole.

The possibility of IVF during anejaculation

IVF is an in vitro fertilization procedure, when the sperm is introduced into the egg outside the human body, and then the fertilized egg is placed in the uterine cavity to the woman who will bear the baby.

Various sperm extraction techniques are used for the procedure in the absence of ejaculation during ejaculation. One kind is sperm extraction from the bladder with retrograde ejaculation. For this, the bladder cavity is filled with a special solution that protects the sperm from the aggressive environment of the bladder, after which the patient causes ejaculation. Using a special catheter, sperm is removed and an IVF procedure is performed.

Causes of Delayed Ejaculation

As a rule, erectile dysfunction with prostatitis occurs in three stages.

  1. Rapid excitability and rapid (premature) ejaculation. A man often faces an erection, sometimes out of place. In this case, ejaculation can also occur regardless of sexual intercourse.
  2. At the second stage, a delay in ejaculation develops. Sexual intercourse can last a very long time, since orgasm does not occur.As a rule, after such sexual intercourse, when ejaculation does occur, men note an increase in pain, severe fatigue and a feeling of depression.
  3. The third stage is the absence of libido, a weak erection or its complete absence, the inability to achieve orgasm.

All this is due to the depletion of the prostate gland and seminal tubercle.

A prolonged course of chronic prostatitis leads to disruption of the receptors responsible for the sensitivity of the penis.

Over time, every man who encounters prostatitis, notes a weakening of sensations during ejaculation - the orgasm becomes faded, intimacy does not deliver the same pleasure.

Adding to this pain during intercourse, before and after the release of seminal fluid, it becomes clear why ejaculation does not occur for a long time.

Spinal aspermatism

It includes damage to the spinal center, responsible for ejaculation. As a consequence of this disorder, congenital pathologies are called - agenesis and dysgenesis, spinal cord.

The causes include injuries of the spinal cord, depletion of the spinal center. The latter is often associated with frequent and prolonged masturbation of men.

As prerequisites for spinal aspermatism include nicotine intoxication and alcohol poisoning.

And sometimes a man is in an emotional and physical decline that only words remain from sexual activity.

The presence of ejaculation in the absence of ejaculation during intercourse is also explainable: the center of ejaculation is aroused for a long time, it is more resistant to irritation. And the center of erection during this time manages to completely deplete.

The neuroreceptor type of aspermatism is the stage of development of a disease in which disorders of the prostate disease develop. The disease occurs due to damage to the spinal cord or nerve as a result of an unsuccessful surgical operation to eliminate an inguinal hernia or prostate.


Treatment tactics are determined by the results of diagnostic measures. The main goal is to eliminate infertility, the secondary is to rid a man of psychological discomfort.

If the diagnosis revealed obstructive anejaculation, then restoration of patency of the vas deferens. Minimally invasive endoscopic techniques are mainly used.

When identifying the psychosexual nature of aneyakulyatsii apply methods of psychotherapy, consultations with a sexologist, vibro massagers. Drugs are prescribed to normalize the functioning of the nervous system.

In order to restore peripheral innervation processes, the following tools are used:

  1. Cholinesterase Inhibitors
  2. Thioctic acid.
The price of the drug is from 200 rubles.
  1. B vitamins, magnesium.
  2. Selective adrenomimetics.

Of the physiotherapeutic techniques, the most effective areVarious types of electrical stimulation to improve the contractile function of the sphincter of the bladder.

In the presence of anatomical pathologies, surgical intervention is performed (sphincteroplasty, urethral reconstruction).

Delayed ejaculation while taking drugs

For the treatment of prostatitis, drugs of the alpha adrenoblocker group are used.

They act on the receptors of the bladder, urethra and prostate gland, providing a muscle relaxant effect, thereby improving the outflow of urine and prostate secretion.

One of the most popular drugs is tamsulosin hydrochloride (Omnic, Tamsulosin). Against the background of taking these medicines, retrograde ejaculation may develop, which men mistakenly take for the absence of ejaculation.

This phenomenon is characterized by the release of sperm into the urethra, and then into the bladder. The symptom of this disorder is cloudy urine after intercourse.

Retrograde ejaculation is not accompanied by pain and discomfort, and is not dangerous to health.

Violation can also occur in people with diabetes and after undergoing operations on the genitals (including after prostatectomy).


For many men, lack of ejaculation is akin to erectile dysfunction. Even if the problem of infertility is not relevant, the fact of an abnormally ending sexual intercourse depresses. In order to avoid the development of irreversible complications, you should seek medical diagnosis without losing time for self-medication.

Erection problems

Erectile dysfunction on the background of prostatitis is a secondary pathology that develops due to stagnation of the secretion in the inflamed gland. It is useless to treat erectile dysfunction until the inflammation is stopped.

Among the causes of erectile dysfunction are not only physiological, but also psychological factors. If ejaculation does not occur for a long time with prostatitis, this is primarily due to pain during intercourse and a decrease in the sensitivity of the penis.

A long course of the disease leads to irreversible changes in the tissues of the prostate gland. Over time, the onset of adhesions in the cavernous vessels is noted and erectile dysfunction develops.

A man is faced with a lack of sexual desire, a weakening erection is noted, and ejaculation is completely absent.

Such changes are irreversible, therefore, it is necessary to treat the disease upon detection of the first alarming symptoms and not delay the visit to the urologist.

How to restore ejaculation?

There is no specific therapy for delayed ejaculation. Treatment is selected depending on the changes that have occurred in the organs against the background of inflammation of the prostate gland.

If the absence of ejaculation is due to the use of drugs and retrograde ejaculation is diagnosed, recovery occurs at the end of the course of taking the tablets or after they are canceled. In this case, there is no reason for concern, the ejaculation process is fully restored after a few weeks, and the problems do not require specific therapy.

In the case when the delay in ejaculation is due to developing organ dysfunction, recovery is possible only with the complex treatment of prostatitis. The treatment regimen is selected by the doctor and adjusted if necessary. It is strictly forbidden to take any drugs on your own.

The physiology of male orgasm

The word orgasm in Greek means “anger”, “release of energy”. The main orgasmic reactions are formed in the cerebral cortex.

Sensitive nerve fibers receive impulses from the erogenous zones of the body. The spinal cord also plays an important role: it is a carrier in the pelvic region of chemicals that stimulate the contractile activity of the genitals.

In men, an ejaculation orgasm is of four phases:

  1. Excitation. Excitation occurs in response to the action of a visual, auditory or tactile stimulus. An erection of the penis develops, the testicles are pulled in the scrotum. A pleasant pulling sensation develops in the lower abdomen. Too swiftly this phase proceeds in those who know firsthand such a diagnosis as rapid ejaculation.
  2. Stability phase. The level of excitement is on a certain level, above and below which it cannot fall. A lubricant in the form of small droplets begins to form on the glans penis. The lower abdomen tenses. If a man suffers from rapid ejaculation, this phase proceeds almost imperceptibly.
  3. Orgasmic phase. Its duration is only a few seconds. In males, this phase is divided into two parts, which is associated with the presence of ejaculation. The first part of the orgasmic phase is otherwise called the "pre-orgasmic", as it is felt as the inability to restrain the upcoming ejaculation. The second part is called directly “ejaculatory” and is accompanied by the release of sperm.
  4. Excitation Decay Phase. It is characterized by a gradual extinction of erection, which is associated with the return of blood from the cavernous bodies of the penis to the veins of the pelvis. Early ejaculation shortens this phase to a few minutes.

Biochemical changes in the body of a man after orgasm

After a tested pleasure in the body, a man undergoes some changes at the level of chemical processes, which are explained by physiological characteristics. At the time of orgasm, the level of the main hormones of “happiness” increases significantly: serotonin, adrenaline, oxytocin and vasopressin increase almost twice, and norepinephrine and prolactin increase by three.

In addition, there is a decrease in glycogen in the muscles. Glycogen is one of the most important sources of energy for the muscle frame of the human body. With the depletion of its reserves, increased muscle fatigue is formed, accompanying the disappearance of an erection.

Also, during an orgasm, spasmodic vessels relax, due to which muscle and headaches decrease and blood supply to the pelvic organs improves.

Recovery rate depends from many factors:

  • age,
  • chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system,
  • the presence or absence of sexually transmitted diseases,
  • diseases of the urinary system,
  • the use of lubricants or condoms aimed at reducing sensitivity,
  • the state of the body's immune system,
  • overweight or underweight in a young person.

Undesirable consequences of sex after ejaculation

If a person does not take a break after the first sexual intercourse, the reserve reserves of glycogen in the muscles are gradually depleted, hypoxia is formed. Pelvic organs do not receive enough blood, which can provoke an early ejaculation in a subsequent act.

Why is this situation happening? The trouble of premature ejaculation in young and middle-aged people is a direct result of insufficient rest, with which most patients go to the doctor.

The main signs that the body is not yet ready for reunion:

  • drowsiness, lethargy, lethargy,
  • lack of stable erection,
  • feeling that the groin hurts,
  • instant ejaculation or prolonged absence of ejaculation.

Overspending of the body's functional capabilities can lead to sad consequences.

The main causes of premature ejaculation - rapid repeated sexual intercourse and the absence of a recovery period.

This problem is quite relevant at the present time, because psychogenic pain syndrome after ejaculation is formed exclusively on this soil.

It is also worth noting that people with early ejaculation are more likely to suffer from inflammatory diseases of the prostate, which require a large amount of time to diagnose and treat. A urologist will help to understand why this phenomenon occurs.

Surgical treatment of rapid ejaculation

If conservative methods of treatment do not bring tangible results, and the problem still violates the usual life activities, you should consult a specialist. How to deal with this phenomenon will tell the surgeon-urologist.

Is the operation really necessary, as it seems at first glance? In the case where the fastest and most effective way to solve the problem is required, surgical intervention should not be avoided. After the operation, the patient’s life will return to normal, and the duration of sexual intercourse will increase significantly.

Penile head denervation surgery - A radical method of solving the problem of rapid ejaculation. During the surgical procedure, nerve trunks matching the head are excised.

A large number of nerve endings causes excessive sensitivity, which leads to immediate orgasm. At the final stage of the operation, the foreskin is excised and the frenum is plastered, which also reduces sensitivity to arousal.

The recovery period after surgery lasts up to three to four weeks. At this time, you need to go to dressings, carefully observe hygiene and completely abandon sexual activity. If all the necessary conditions are met, the result will not be long in coming, and after a while you will again be able to feel all the delights of a sexual life.

Is pregnancy possible?

The probability of pregnancy with early ejaculation after intercourse high enough. The lubricant that the penis secretes before and after sex contains a certain amount of active sperm.

Men and women, most of whom do not use personal protective equipment during their second sexual intercourse after rapid ejaculation, have a high risk of developing an unwanted pregnancy. In cases of high fertility, even a small amount of lubricant is sufficient for conception to occur.

To avoid this outcome, is necessary observe the rules of simple hygiene: shower before and after sex. In extreme cases, you can use special sanitary napkins with an antibacterial effect or flush the vas deferens with Miramistin.

Why does erection continue after ejaculation?

Many young people very often wonder: does an erection persist after ejaculation? And what is considered a normal recovery process? With the onset of sexual activity, in the testosterone period, young men often observe a persistent erection even after ejaculation. But, over time, it takes longer to restore an erection after ejaculation.

And not all young people know that such a phenomenon is absolutely normal. On the contrary, they begin to pay much attention to the alleged problem, mental disorders begin. Very often, psychological causes lead to erectile dysfunction. To understand the issue of maintaining an erection after ejaculation, you need to inquire into the processes themselves.

What is ejaculation?

What is ejaculation, or rather, which systems and organs are involved in this, will have to figure it out. Everyone knows that ejaculation is a process of ejaculation. This process has two stages: the emission stage, and the eruption stage. Each of these processes involves different organs. The first stage of ejaculation is the following organs:

  • Testicles
  • Syamyavyyuschaya ducts
  • Seminal vesicles,
  • Prostate,
  • Cooper glands,
  • Urethra.

It is in the testes that sperm production occurs. It is important to note that sperm are not all sperm. They make up only 3% of the total fluid volume.

Everything else is the secret of the prostate gland. So, we can say that the initial process of ejaculation is formed precisely in the testicles.

Mature sperm enter the vas deferens, and then into the prostate gland and seminal vesicles.

In the seminal vesicles, spermatozoa are enriched with a secret that is rich in fructose and other nutritional components necessary to maintain sperm motility and activity. This allows sperm to extend life already outside the body of a man. After this, the secret with sperm enters the prostate.

The prostate gland saturates sperm with its juice. Juice liquefies sperm a little, makes sperm cells even more mobile. In addition, this juice performs protective functions.

Protects sperm from the acidic environment of a woman’s vagina. Next, the seminal fluid enters the Cooper glands, which are located at the base of the penis.

These glands also secrete a secret that lubricates the urethra before ejaculation.

And, already through the urethra, sperm comes out, which is called ejaculation. Ejaculation is usually accompanied by contractions of the muscles located around the urethra.

After a few bursts, muscle contractions weaken and disappear. This characterizes the full completion of ejaculation. These two stages of ejaculation are inseparable. All these formation processes last only a few seconds.

But, men can learn to control the time of ejaculation.

Why does erection disappear after ejaculation?

Many young people think that losing an erection immediately after ejaculation is a pathological process. It is immediately worth noting that this is not so. Loss of erection after the onset of orgasm and ejaculation is a normal condition.

At this time, the so-called refractory stage begins. In other words, this is the recovery period of the male body. After sexual intercourse, recharging, restoration of strength is required.

And the body makes this clear in the form of loss of erection.

Immediately after ejaculation, the veins of the penis expand and the arteries narrow. Accordingly, the blood flow decreases, but the outflow of blood through the veins of the penis increases.

All genitals (penis and testicles) take their usual position and shape. Due to the high sensitivity of the head, after an orgasm, a man can still experience an erection for a while.

Especially if the penis after intercourse still remains in the vagina.

When can an erection reappear after ejaculation? This process is completely individual, and depends on the age of the man, his state of health.

The recovery period, and the passage of all stages of the formation of ejaculate, on average takes several minutes. And with repeated stimulation of an erection, intercourse is possible. But, in this case, the amount of sperm during ejaculation will be significantly less.

Nevertheless, experts do not recommend depleting your body with repeated sexual acts.

What to do if you quickly cum, what are the causes of early ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a fairly common problem today. Question: "What to do if you finish quickly?" - it is asked very often. And not only boys but also girls suffer from this problem.

Early ejaculation is a rather complex reflex act, which is accompanied by the release of seminal fluid from the urethra. Sometimes ejaculate is produced in a dream. But still, more often this phenomenon is provoked by prostate pathology.

The nerve center, which is responsible for this process, is localized in the spinal cord of a person, and more precisely in the lumbar region. By premature ejaculation is meant a condition characterized by the release of sperm before sexual intercourse, or at the very beginning.

Modern medicine attributes early ejaculation to diseases that have various causes. The appearance of this condition can be due to both psychological reasons and physiological - that is, various pathologies.

The treatment of this ailment is rather laborious and lengthy.

Experts believe that sexual intercourse, which lasts from the moment of the initial introduction of the penis to the minute, and if a representative of a strong half of society at the same time quickly ends, is a pathology.

It is logical that this situation, especially if it arises often, will lead to dissatisfaction of the woman, which is often the cause of disharmony in marriage.

Often, early ejaculation is subject to adolescents who are just starting to live sexually.

And the blame for everything in this case: overexcitation, increased sensitivity of the head of the penis. Often in young men this goes with experience and over time.

But if the ailment developed against the background of a stressful situation or failure in sex, it can persist for a long time. If you want to know what to do, if you finish quickly, you should find out what are the causes of this pathology.

After all, to eliminate a particular disease without specifying its causes is unrealistic.

Early ejaculation is usually caused by the following psychological reasons:

  • fear that this might happen
  • frequent masturbation
  • the wrong psychological attitude
  • a long break (absence) in sexual activity,
  • overwork
  • hormonal failure
  • psychological restriction (lack of trust between sexual partners),
  • maintaining an unhealthy and inactive lifestyle,
  • the presence of addictions,
  • psycho-emotional instability,
  • fear of disgrace
  • fear of being ridiculed.

If early ejaculation is provoked by psychological reasons, this means only one thing - the treatment of such a disease will be longer and more laborious.

Complexes, fears - sometimes it’s more difficult to deal with them than with diseases. A man understands that sex with him does not bring pleasure to a partner, he closes himself.

Such people need the support of loved ones, in this case a wife or girlfriend.

It is possible that men with such a problem will refuse to help in every possible way, because their pride is hurt. The worst thing is that men with such an ailment provoked by psychological components can degrade (alcohol abuse, drug addiction) and even end up living suicide. Therapy for people with this problem should be special.

Why do you end quickly, and is this evidence of illness

Premature ejaculation, as already mentioned, can be triggered by both psychological and physiological causes. If the psychologist and the help of relatives help in the fight against the first, then in the fight against the second you can not do without the help of a doctor.

If you want to know why you finish quickly, then the ailment can be triggered:

  • high sensitivity of the penis head,
  • the presence of such a pathology as vesiculitis (in a chronic form) - an inflammatory disease, characterized by the accumulation of sperm and other sperm components in the testes,
  • balanoposthitis,
  • phimosis
  • spinal injuries
  • spinal cord injuries
  • inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary organs,
  • paracentral lobule syndrome (develops in early childhood, and may also be due to birth injury).

Often, early ejaculation occurs in guys suffering from diseases such as kidney failure, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, lumbosacral osteochondrosis, ankylosing spondylitis, intervertebral hernia.

The solution of psychological problems, as well as the elimination of a disease that caused the disease, will help normalize the functioning of the male reproductive system and the question of why you quickly end up will no longer arise. Ignoring the problem is fraught with dire consequences. There is a classification that divides this ailment into several types. Manifestations for each type of early ejaculation will vary.

Early ejaculation of the primary type. This is a type of congenital ailment characterized by a malfunction in the functioning of certain nerve centers located in the brain and responsible for regulating the process of direct release of sperm. The problem of early ejaculation often manifests itself with the first youthful sexual experience.

Early ejaculation of the secondary type. This type of pathology develops, as already mentioned against the background of the influence of various factors on the male body. Premature ejaculation in this case can occur against the background of previous injuries, various infections and even abuse of certain medications.

And since in most cases, men who faced this problem had experience of normal sex life, the ejaculatory reflex was initially formed correctly.

And this indicates that the functioning of the male reproductive system with proper and appropriate treatment will be normalized.

Quite often, the problem, when you quickly finish, occurs against the background of increased sensitivity of the head of the penis.

Many experts believe that this is the most common reason. In addition, early ejaculation can be triggered by chronic vesiculitis.

In this case, the development of the inflammatory process in the seminal vesicles is noted, where ideally sperm and other sperm components accumulate.

Inflammation also causes an increase in the sensitivity of the walls of the vesicles.

The least excitement provokes their contraction and premature ejaculation. This delicate problem needs timely and appropriate treatment. Few of the representatives of a strong half of society turn to a specialist on this subject. Someone is shy, someone is ashamed, and someone believes that it is low.

Do not hesitate to visit a specialist. Understand that there is nothing shameful in this. The sooner you contact a specialist, the sooner you will heal the ailment.

Moreover, timely treatment is the only way to prevent the development of complications. And they can be very different.

These are either problems of a psychological nature or complications of a disease that has become the root cause of early ejaculation.

The doctor, in order to identify the cause of the disease, will prescribe:

  • ultrasound examination,
  • urethroscopy
  • various microscopic and bacteriological studies,
  • PCR diagnostics.

How not to finish quickly and how to prolong sexual intercourse - tips and tricks

You can solve the problem of quick intercourse. You can learn about what to do and how not to finish quickly from this article. Sexual experience and age are the main helpers in solving the problem. But it is also important to understand that with age (if ignored), the problem can only increase.

A separate and significant role in this case is played by relations with a woman. If there is understanding on the part of the partner, this problem can be solved independently, without going to the doctor. But it is worthwhile to understand that exceptional female support will only help if early ejaculation is due to psychological problems.

Here are some suggestions to help you not finish fast:

  1. Try not to think about the problem during intercourse.
  2. Use condoms with anesthetic.
  3. Adjust your diet and diet. Stop eating spicy foods and try not to overeat.
  4. Go in for sports.
  5. Have sex more often.
  6. Just before intimacy, do masturbation.
  7. Do exercises that strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

You should not pinch the urethra completely to delay sperm eruption. This is fraught with the development of chronic prostatitis. In order not to finish quickly, it is recommended to use local means with anesthetic effect. They contribute to the blockade of nerve endings in the penis and head.

It is advised to use not only condoms with anesthetics, but also ointments and gels that have the same effect.

As for sex therapy, the essence of this technique is the implementation of certain techniques that help to control the time of onset of sperm eruption.

This technique is quite effective. The duration of intimacy with the following techniques increases by an average of seven minutes. The most common treatment methods include “start-stop” and compression of the glans penis. Compression of the head is performed by a woman before ejaculation.

At the same time, inhibition of ejaculation is noted, which ensures the likelihood of continuation due to oral or manual stimulation of the penis. The start-stop technique is also effective. The achievement of the distance of ejaculation is achieved by stopping the frictional movements of the man at the time of the appearance of the first urges, indicating the approach of ejaculation.

After a pause, intercourse continues until the sensation of ejaculation is approaching again. There are drugs that help delay ejaculation. The most effective are antidepressants. Such funds are highly effective. They help prolong the duration of sexual intercourse by five times. Often prescribed the use of Dapoxetine.

Often appointed to receive other means:

  • selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors: Paxil, Deprivox, Fluoxetine,
  • erection pills: Levitra, Viagra, Cialis,
  • 5-hydroxytryptophan dietary supplement.

The most effective way to treat an ailment is considered an operation consisting in circumcision of the foreskin. After surgical intervention, coarsening of the head and a decrease in its sensitivity are noted.

Surgical intervention helps to prolong sexual intercourse several times. There is another way a method of treating an ailment in a surgical way. It consists in the microsurgical denervation of the head of the penis.

In this case, the duration of intimacy increases on average five times.

How not to finish quickly: treatment at home

Home treatment is also effective and efficient. It is aimed at strengthening the immune system, healing the whole body and normalizing the functioning of the male reproductive system.

  1. Adjust your diet and diet. Food should be healthy and balanced. Eat more protein-rich foods. Eliminate the use of harmful products, fast food, fried and fatty foods.
  2. Normalize your daily routine and sleep. Try to avoid overwork and stressful situations. Set priorities, make a daily routine and stick to it.
  3. Get your nervous system in order. For this purpose, it is recommended to use alternative medicine, in particular decoctions, infusions and tinctures from natural plants. Herbs, fees and teas can be purchased at a pharmacy or online store.
  4. Therapy of premature ejaculation is also possible with the help of special exercises, yoga, massage and physical education, as well as hardening.
  5. Tidy the digestive tract. Drink herbal teas.

In the piggy bank of traditional medicine, there are a large number of recipes for effective and effective drugs that will help in solving this delicate problem.

Herbs and other natural components will contribute to the normalization of the male reproductive system, in particular the postponement of ejaculation. Applying medication regularly, you will achieve positive results. As a result, you will receive pleasure from sex and you are your partner.

  1. Mix in equal proportions motherwort with hop cones. Twenty grams of the crushed components should be boiled in boiling water - two hundred milliliters. Leave the composition to infuse. Recommended to take ½ cup strained drug three times a day. The duration of the therapeutic course is thirty days.
  2. Brew 15 grams of periwinkle herb in a glass of boiling water. Place the container on the oven, boil for about five minutes. After half an hour, filter. Take ten drops of the drug twice a day. The course of therapy is five days, followed by a three-day break and a repetition of the course. Do not exceed the dosage and proportions, as the plant contains toxic substances.
  3. Take the dried rhizome lovage, chop. Steam 20 grams of raw material in two hundred milliliters of boiled water. Let the composition brew. Drink 1/3 cup filtered drug three times a day.
  4. Combine in equal proportions calendula with oregano. Finely chop the ingredients and mix thoroughly. Steam fifteen grams of raw materials with boiling water - 200 ml. Leave the composition to infuse warm for five hours. Drink 100 ml of the medicine after each meal.
  5. Mix 10 grams of angelica with the same amount of wild rose, colza and rhizomes of the bifolia. Grind the dried ingredients to a powdery consistency. Pour boiling water over the raw materials and leave to infuse overnight. Drink a quarter cup of the drink three times a day. The duration of the therapeutic course is three months.
  6. Combine in equal proportions yarrow with peppermint, motherwort and oregano. Finely chop the ingredients and brew thirty grams of the mixture in a glass of boiled water. Boil the composition over low heat for a quarter of an hour. Let the composition stand a little. Strain and drink 50 ml of the medicine twice a day.
  7. Mix rose hips with a watch, calendula and motherwort. Brew fifteen grams of raw material in freshly boiled water - 300 ml. Put the product in heat for an hour. It is recommended to use ¼ cup of medicine twice a day.

Men who are overtaken by this scourge are advised to introduce products rich in zinc, magnesium and vitamin E. Zinc helps increase potency. Introduce oysters, rye, wheat, peas, lentils and liver into your diet.

Male strength depends on blood supply, which is impossible without enough oxygen.

It also helps deliver vitamin E. Eat more spinach, salmon, brown rice, carrots, bananas, and nuts. Magnesium is a trace element that contributes to a significant prolongation of sexual intercourse. Sources of this substance are bran, oatmeal, beans, prunes.

Carrying out the exercises below will contribute to a better understanding of your body and, therefore, to control your muscles during intercourse:

  1. Stand straight, arms should be lowered along the body. Walk, with the knees need to be lifted high and pressed them to the stomach.
  2. Standing straight and putting your hands on your belt. Bend your knees slightly. Tighten and relax your gluteal muscles.
  3. Stand straight, the knees should be slightly bent. Start running on the spot. Socks should not be torn off the floor.
  4. Lie down on the floor, on your back. Bend the legs at the knee joints. Tear your back off the floor and then lower it. Do this twenty times.
  5. Stand up straight. Put your feet shoulder width apart. Inhale. Exhale slowly and bend down with the exhalation. Put your palms on your hips. Hold your breath and draw in your lower abdomen.

The use of funds from the people along with exercises and medications, as well as the adjustment of lifestyle and nutrition - all this will help in prolonging sexual intercourse and delaying ejaculation.

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