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Dreadlocks on men's hair: photos and features

Now there are so many diverse hairstyles that every person has the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. One of the easiest ways to achieve this effect is to make dreadlocks. This is a rather specific hairstyle that must be worn correctly. Only then will it add to your image of attractiveness and originality.

What are dreadlocks and hairstyle features

The real name of dreadlocks sounds differently - dreadlocks, if translated literally, it means “terrifying curls”. That is just as in the last century in the 50s, intelligent citizens began to call hair among Rastafarians. Then such a hairstyle was popular not only in Africa or the Caribbean, but also among the Indians, who, because of the hermit lifestyle, did not comb and cut their hair.

Today, within Russia, dreadlocks are not a frightening or shocking hairstyle, many young youths and a generation of subcultural movements prefer to wear such warlocks. Specialists call this hairstyle ideal for lazy or overly busy men, since it does not require special care. Most often, men are interested in how to make men's dreadlocks for short hair, since wearing a long hairstyle is not a practical solution.

In terms of functionality and method of attachment, male dreadlocks are slightly different from female ones, but their style and design will be different. Men's tassels are usually made thicker and coarser from wool or felt, while women experts weave thin graceful pigtails. Men's pigtails are made of dark shades, women can make multi-colored dreadlocks. To make dreadlocks from your own hair, their length must be at least 10 cm, and to attach artificial ones at least 5-6 cm.

The advantages of dreadlocks, pluses:

  • This is a creative way to stand out. Dreadlocks really make their owner extraordinary.
  • To wash curls twisted into dreadlocks, you need much less than ordinary hair. This reason attracts so many.
  • Dreadlocks do not need to be combed or stacked - this hairstyle looks good even in the early morning.
  • If during the weaving the master used kanekalon blanks, they will be able to lengthen the hair.
  • Even as regrowth, dreadlocks will look stylish.

Who is it for?

Experts note that men's hairstyles with dreadlocks are not suitable for owners of thin and brittle hair, prone to loss and injury. Also, care for such afro-pigs will become problematic for those men who have a tendency to excessive secretion of sebum or with severe dandruff. Nevertheless, weaving such tassels is a mechanical aggressive effect on the hair.

Ideally, dreadlocks will look on a man with an oval and round face and normal hair type without any pronounced problems. It is worth noting the fact that on men with small stature, pigtails will look somewhat comical. Due to the fact that dreadlocks began to be worn by men in Africa, respectively, such a hairstyle is best suited for men with curly hair.


Most often, dreadlocks for guys are made of artificial materials, since not everyone is able to grow a sufficient length of hair to form even a minimum size of tangles.

In this regard, dreadlocks can be classified into several types, namely:

  1. Natural. In this case, a man must have a hair length of 20 cm or more. More rarely, Kanekalon is used - artificial materials to create braids. The main advantage of such dreadlocks is crocheting, as well as the fact that a man can wear a finished hairstyle for up to several years.
  2. Ja dreadlocks. We are talking about a thin version of the tundra, which are made by craftsmen from artificial materials. This type of dreadlocks is advised to guys with short hair, and the man can freely choose the length and color of the dreadlocks based on his own preferences. The advantage of such braids is that they do not spoil the native hair of a man.
  3. De dreadlocks safe artificial. In this case, we are talking about Kanekalon nozzles, which just need to be woven into native hair. This type of hairstyle with dreadlocks is easy to correct, pigtails can be removed without problems, after which the native hair remains the same without damage and any risks.

In order to give thin hair volume, it is possible to weave artificial materials into pigtails from native hair, but only if we are talking about long-term wearing of dreadlocks. Removing and separating artificial materials from native hair will be quite difficult, it will be easier just to cut the braids as the hair grows. When creating such warlocks, the specialist must compare their length and thickness.

How to make dreadlocks on short hair to a man?

When creating dreadlocks, you need to understand that the total length of hair during work will be reduced by half. The most popular methods for weaving such afro-braids are hair curling, mechanical impact by rubbing, and combing with special tools. To do this, use a special comb that quickly knocks the hair to the most dense state.

You also need to rub the curls with the help of a certain tool made of wool. A piece of wool is rubbed on the hair on the head until it is completely stalled, if improperly rubbed, free locks of hair can remain. Next, the hair is scrolled clockwise with its own hand, at the same time knocking the pigtail with a comb. It will be practically impossible to independently cope with such a task; it is better for a man to contact the salon.

How to care?

Most often, dreadlocks for men, experts advise those who do not have time for hair care, but have a desire to have a stylish and original hairstyle. The advantage of warlocks is that they can be worn for up to several years, periodically visiting the salon for correction. In addition, they are completely unpretentious in care. Experts advise using aloe juice as a shampoo and conditioner for dreadlocks.

Juice will gently cleanse the hair, saturate it with oxygen and improve its structure. For the procedure, it is necessary to grind aloe leaves in a blender, then rub the mass into the scalp and hair, rinse them with running water. The agent is applied repeatedly, but rinsing with water is not required. Once a week, dreadlocks need to be washed with hot, then cool water. Manufacturers of cosmetics offer special products for the care of dreadlocks, regular shampoos will not work.

Men's hairstyles with dreadlocks for short hair: photos

Dreadlocks are a type of afro-braid, which in the dissolved form looks very impressive. In addition, dreadlocks can be stacked in different forms of hairstyles, experimenting with images. The most popular hairstyle ideas today are male dreadlocks with shaved temples, quilted dreadlocks, stacked dreadlocks and much more. You can see the most attractive hairstyles for young men with dreadlocks in the photo.


Hairstyles with dreadlocks can be shocking and original (styling in the form of an Iroquois), classic and restrained (braids are braided on top of the head), in a sporty style (with a bandage on the head) or stylish with shaved temples and patterns on them. All options for dreadlocks and hairstyles with them can be done in any beauty salon or barbershop, but you need to be prepared that the service will not be cheap, from 5000 rubles and above. The client must have healthy scalp and hair.

Dreadlocks and their features

The name comes from the English word "dreadlocks", which translated means "scary curls". A fairly popular hairstyle is tangled strands of hair. The peculiarity is that it requires absolutely no care (even washing).

Her appearance credited with a lot of stories and legends. So, it is believed that a similar condition of hair was in the first people who did not pay attention to personal hygiene and did not use combs.

But be that as it may, the first dreadlocks were African men. And only much later did they migrate to Europe. Today, such hairstyles in most cases Supporters of various subcultures. Although it is often possible to meet a young man who just wants to stand out among his peers.

The value of dreadlocks for men

Many legends go about “terrifying curls” (literal translation of dreadlocks). Many believe that they develop psychic abilities and increase strength, and this is not in vain, because in some religions the use of scissors is prohibited. Everyone knows that the most famous owner of dreadlocks was Bob Marley, and after him the Russian rap singer Decl. Naturally, looking at such popularity, many began to imitate and copy the idol. This hairstyle symbolizes freedom and world peace. Especially dreadlocks became popular in the 50s of the last century. In Russia, male dreadlocks are considered a strange or shocking hairstyle, but many guys and youths still prefer such an original styling.

Types of dreadlocks for men

Exist several types of similar hairstyles. In order for the curls to bring the expected effect, it is necessary to choose the right type of strands.

  1. Natural. Formed from your own hair. Wear will be about a year with regular corrections. You can only braid if they were not worn for long. But most often, the hair is simply cut off.
  2. Industrial (Industrial) - They are also formed from their own hair, but the frame is made of thin wire. Externally look pretty unusual and interesting, but wearing, let alone sleeping, is extremely uncomfortable. How to make dreadlocks at home?

Exist several options for weaving dreadlocks. Of course, now it is unlikely that anyone will resort to the methods of the Jamaican Rastafai, in which such ringlets formed naturally. Simply put, they did not wash or comb their heads. Today the dreadlocks guys are quite civilized and fashionable men.

The easiest way get such a hairstyle - do a pile. It is created mainly in salons. Hair is divided into strands, each of which is combed from the bottom up. The remaining ends are woven with a hook.

This video shows the easiest way to make dreadlocks.

At home, you can weave them with your hands.

The process of creating dreadlocks:

  1. Wash and dry hair. It is advisable not to use air conditioning and masks. For weaving, curls are required must be completely dry.
  2. Separate hair into strands. Each of them will become a dreadlock, so you need to decide on the thickness in advance. You should also make strands of the same volume. To make dreadlocks look better and more natural you can try to make different partings.
  3. When combing, the strand must be kept parallel to the floor. You need to start combing your hair against their growth (that is, from the ends to the head). This must be done until the strand becomes dense and solid, at the same time as combing, curl with the other hand. For this process, you need to choose a comb with frequent teeth.
  4. Do the same with the rest of the hair. The main thing is not to rushotherwise the dreadlocks will turn out to be messy and look messy.
  5. When the warlocks are formed, they need to be fixed. It is better to do this with two rubber bands. The first should be tied at the end, and the second at the base. So the dreadlocks will keep in shape.
  6. If desired full wax can be applied. It will help to style your hair.

How to care for dreadlocks?

Most often, such a hairstyle is done by those who want to look stylish, but at the same time minimize hair care. It is believed that such curls need only be periodically adjusted.

But those who nevertheless consider hygiene procedures an indispensable daily attribute, it is necessary to adhere to some rules.

Dreadlock Care Tips:

  1. You need to wash your hair only natural shampoos.
  2. It is imperative to rinse the scalp well and does not go to bed until the curls dry.
  3. Make moisturizing masks based on oils. So the hair will not become weak and brittle and will not fall out.
  4. Regularly adjust curls. Highly often individual hairs will break out and have to refuel them back. You can use tweezers or a hook.
  5. It will be necessary to twist grandfathers with their hands so that they look neat.
  6. Remove the elastic when the hairstyle is already fixed (after about 3 months).

How to remove dreadlocks?

You can get rid of such curls in two ways: cut or unwind. With the first option, everything is simple and clear. So let's find out how to weave them.

This process is quite lengthy.

Starting from the tip, carefully start combing the dreadlock. An ordinary knitting hook (at worst - a fork) is ideal for this. If the warlocks too dense, you can wet them with hot water, and after already untangle. Some masters use various oils, conditioners and masks to make hair softer and simplify the process.

This video tells you what to consider before you make dreadlocks, while wearing dreadlocks, and when you take them off.

The origins

The most famous carrier of dreadlocks is Jamaican Bob Marley, a follower of Rastafari. People professing this religion believe that for dreadlocks, the god Jah is able to pull them into his kingdom. Also male dreadlocks are plaited by some Indians who are protesting against established worldly dogmas.

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At different times, dreadlocks were worn by the tribes of Normans, Germans and Slavs, there is a mention of such a hairstyle among the ancient Egyptians. In the old days, they did not carry any ideological or religious burden, because the hair naturally fell into tangles due to the lack of proper care available to modern man.

In post-Soviet countries, dreadlocks first appeared among reggae fans and admirers of Bob Marley's work. Then, with such a haircut, wanting to stand out from the crowd, informal youth began to walk. Gradually, "cultured Koltuns" migrated to rap culture. Now they are not unusual, dreadlocks can be braided in almost any city.

Who will fit the dreadlocks

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If you are going to decorate yourself with such a hairstyle, you need to evaluate the condition of your hair. Weak and thin hair after such a long-term hairstyle can be significantly reduced in volume. Also, dreadlocks are not recommended for men with scalp problems. The hygiene of the hair braided in dreadlocks is specific, dandruff, for example, can only worsen.

Dreadlocks are able to completely change the appearance and harmoniously complement the image, as well as make the hair more voluminous. The main thing is to choose their type and weaving technique correctly.

Short hair dreadlocks

Modern technologies make it possible to wear “primitive tassels” for owners of short hair. Safe, ja and de dreadlocks require a length of their own hair of 5-6 cm. For dangerous dreadlocks, you need to grow a minimum of 15-20 centimeters of hair. It is worth noting that the most expensive dreadlocks for short male hair are safe.

Weaving preparation

One day before braiding, you need to wash your hair with shampoo or soap, while no longer use any cosmetics. The hair should be smooth. It is also necessary to immediately determine the number of dreadlocks, optimally 25 - 50 pieces. If there are more, it is difficult to care for them, and a smaller number does not look particularly aesthetically pleasing.

Immediately you need to think about the appearance of the tip of the weave. They are left loose (“live tip” effect) or woven into a dreadlock. Male short dreadlocks look more attractive with woven ends.

Before weaving, the master marks the head, the tufts of hair are collected in segments resembling a triangle, square or pentagon in shape - it depends on the client’s wishes. Parts should be the same, strands from one segment should not fall into adjacent ones, otherwise hair splice at the roots cannot be avoided.

Methods of weaving male dreadlocks

Each of the weaving methods requires a certain experience, especially if you have to braid dreadlocks on short hair. Before weaving, the hair at the roots is combed until a tangle forms. Dreadlocks can be woven in the following ways:

  • Hands, one way or another, any weaving is performed. Most often, the “method” is called the following method: the master puts on gloves or gloves made of wool and confuses the strand with them to the desired state.
  • Crochet or string. The dreadlock is formed by hands, after which the previously left free tip is pulled by a hook into the already formed part of the dreadlock. They are obtained tight and in the first few days after the procedure can stick out in different directions.
  • Combing your hair. Koltun is formed with a narrow scallop. Previously, the strand is lubricated with wax.
  • Rolling and twisting clockwise locks on which hair wax is applied. You can wash your hair with this method only a few weeks after the procedure.

Hairstyles with dreadlocks

Even short hair in men is not a reason to abandon the idea of ​​braiding dreadlocks. They can be braided if, for example, a man had shaved whiskey, and he collected the rest of his hair in a ponytail.

If the length of the dreadlocks is not lower than the chin, they can be laid on one side. Also, braided strands can be fixed and removed from the forehead with a wide bandage or bandana. A great option for those whose dreadlocks are not going to tail.

Another version of the hairstyle is to remove several dreadlocks from the face, fixing them with an elastic band or tying a knot in the back of the crown, leaving the rest of the hair loose.

Also, in the process of weaving on dreadlocks, you can string beads, small rings or colored threads.

Is it possible to make dreadlocks on short female hair?

Choosing a master for weaving dreadlocks, find out how skilled he is. After all, properly made dreadlocks will facilitate, and retain their appearance for a long time. Features of braiding dreadlocks on short hair:

  1. The hair itself must be strong and healthy. Exposing the weakened hair to long-term styling is harmful to them. There is a chance to say goodbye to some volume of hair.
  2. It is worth remembering that after braiding, the length of the hair is reduced by about a third, therefore, having short hair, first calculate how long their hair becomes in dreadlocks. Stylists recommend doing such a hairstyle on hair with a length of 15 cm.
  3. If your own hair length is not enough, you can use ready-made dreadlocks that simply attach to your hair. Their convenience lies in the fact that their own hair does not suffer in any way, and they can be removed at any time. Therefore, they are called "safe."
  4. There is also a way to weave dreadlocks on short hair with the addition of synthetic fibers - De-dreadlocks. It is very similar to the classical technique, but instead of your natural hair, artificial hair is braided. At the same time, the hairstyle can reach any length, and it is possible to dye them in any color.

Definitely, beautifully and correctly made dreadlocks look stylish and interesting. Girls with such a haircut look like strange alien creatures in which there is some secret. However, dreadlocks are a weaving method that damages the condition of hair and bulbs. Due to the volume and the addition of wax during weaving, the mass of hair becomes heavy and many bulbs can not cope, so after such a hairstyle the hair can become thinner. At the same time, the very process of rolling dreadlocks consists in breaking the hairs, their tangling and deformation. What noticeably affects the condition of the hair after untangling dreadlocks.

April 2017 pleased us with the release of Fast and Furious 8 with the charming Charlize Theron as an antagonist. Laying her heroine aroused great interest among the general public. A hairstyle similar to dreadlocks, removed from the face, looks great on this chic blonde, making her look both aggressive and feminine-airy.


The full name of the dreadlocks sounds like dreadlock, which literally means “terrifying curls”. This definition in the 50s, the intelligentsia awarded the hairstyle of African-American settlers. Dreadlocks were popular not only in Africa, the Caribbean, but also among the Indians. Due to the hermitian way of life, they did not comb, did not care for their hair, so the wolves are firmly rooted among them.

In the modern world, such a hairstyle is not something intimidating and is perceived as self-expression of young people and followers of the subculture. Professional stylists say that men's artificial dreadlocks are suitable for lazy men who do not want to care for their hair. Since long dreadlocks are not the most practical solution, men often make them on short hair or medium length.

The method of fastening male dreadlocks is no different from female, which can not be said about style and design. Here they are carried out in a completely different direction. Koltunov for men, as a rule, are made of felt or wool, make them deliberately thick and rough. Male dreadlocks are woven from dark shades, female dreadlocks can be light, colored and dark. For fastening artificial warlocks, the minimum hair length should be 5 cm, for natural ones - not less than 10 cm.

In most cases, men wear artificial dreadlocks, because it is not always possible to grow their hair. The cost of short male dreadlocks varies between 100-200 rubles. apiece, depending on the complexity of weaving.

There are several types of dreadlocks that can be classified:

  1. Natural. The most optimal length for the manufacture of natural warlocks is 20 cm. Sometimes Kanekalon is woven into pigtails to create thickness and volume. The main advantage of natural dreadlocks is the possibility of crocheting, this technique allows you to wear a hairstyle for several years.
  2. Ja dreadlocks. This option involves thin dreadlocks made of artificial materials. This kind of tangle is recommended for young people with short hair. The length and color of the dreadlocks in this case depends on the desire of the client. The main advantage of ja-dreadlocks is that they do not impair the quality of native hair.
  3. De dreadlocks. Completely made of artificial material, most often kanekalon. The color of the braids is selected, as close as possible to the native one, and is woven into the hair. The hairstyle is easily corrected, dreadlocks are removed and woven again to the overgrown roots. De-dreadlocks do not harm hair and are absolutely safe.

What do men prefer

This is not to say that men give preference to one or another version of the hairstyle. This can be an original weaving in the form of a mohawk or a special pattern, a classic version with a bundle assembled on the top, short male dreadlocks (the price for which was discussed above), a sporty style with a bandage on the head, stylish with a shaved pattern on the temples and nape. It all depends on the professionalism of the master and the personal preferences of the man.

The main varieties of dreadlocks, their advantages and disadvantages

"Put on" the curls on the principle of stocking. Dreadlocks are woven from kanekolon, a material that does not tolerate drying with a hairdryer and quickly turns into a washcloth. It’s convenient that you can take off your hair without risking your hair, but you won’t definitely appreciate the “labor” of Rastafarian safe dreadlocks.

Dangerous - a classic, which is dreadlocks from your own hair, the minimum length is 10 cm. You can do anything with them, but you will occasionally have to braid and braid it without harm to the hair, it rarely works out, it's easier to shave. Rastafari will appreciate Tru, but get ready for incredibly unpleasant sensations in the process of weaving.

Felt dreadlocks are worn in the same way as from canecolon, like hair covers. They look unnatural, but interesting, and easily removed when tired of being different from others.

Double you can often see in harmony with the steampunk style, they are woven according to the classical pattern, one part of your hair, the second from canecolon, after which they are woven together in a spiral. Girls like it, only harder to care for them than for the classic "Jah antennas."

Industrial dreadlocks “Live” on a wire frame. Most often stick out in different directions and are supported until the hair regrowth below the shoulders. They look interesting, this is a plus, but sleeping with them is hard enough, wire-frame wire presses in the head.

Necessary tools and weaving technique

Men's dreadlocks are short (the price in Moscow for them is 100-200 rubles per piece) can be braided in the cabin. In this case, the master will take 2-3 thousand rubles for the work.

If for any reason it’s not possible to perform the procedure in the salon, and you really want to get dreadlocks, you can try to make them at home from your hair.

To do this, you will need:

  • wax,
  • straight comb
  • Crochet hook,
  • gum.

  • Hair is divided into the same strands of arbitrary thickness. Their size will determine the width of future dreadlocks. Most often they have a thickness of 1-2 cm.
  • The base of each strand is fixed with an elastic band. The resulting tail is combed towards the back of the head.
  • Each strand is combed and twisted, repeating the manipulation again and again, moving the mass of hair closer to the roots. This process is quite long and laborious.
  • The formed dreadlock is fastened with an elastic band, and the hair that has fallen out with a hook is carefully tucked inside, so it becomes tidier and denser.
  • The final stage is the fixation of the cones with special wax.

Waxless Weaving Technique

Equally popular is the technique of weaving short male dreadlocks (the price is up to 8 thousand rubles) without using wax. Any woolen thing is needed here.

  • You must take a woolen scarf, sweater or piece of cloth.
  • In a circular motion throughout the head, hair is rubbed with hair.
  • After some time, the strands begin to stray, forming an erratic mass.
  • Now they need to be carefully divided into dreadlocks.
  • Each resulting strand is continued to be rubbed with wool, forming an even tangle. On average, each dreadlock takes about 15 minutes. time.
  • The manipulation is repeated with all remaining hair.
  • Unwoven hairs are tucked into adjacent dreadlocks with a hook.

Short dreadlocks limit possible hairstyle variations due to their length. The most popular are:

  • dreadlocks braided on the crown or above ear level,
  • the warlocks raised to the top of the head and tied around in a circle with a scarf folded with a wide ribbon.

Disadvantages of dreadlocks, cons:

  • To wash and dry dreadlocks, it will take much more effort.
  • Unpleasant sensations can occur in the first days after creating a hairstyle. This is due to strong tension, especially in the area of ​​the scalp. It may cause irritation and itching.
  • Weaving dreadlocks is an essential test for your hair. Hair rods and follicles are severely damaged, therefore, after the "removal" of dreadlocks, a long rehabilitation of curls will be required.
  • When using kanekolon, hair can become very stiff, and this will interfere with comfortable sleep and wearing a hat.
  • Caring for hair will not go anywhere - dreadlocks will require no less careful care.
  • Many people perceive dreadlocks with disgust, therefore there are those who will look at you not with admiration, but with hostility.
  • The woven canecolon makes the hair heavier, which puts extra strain on the bulbs. After this, the hair may begin to fall abundantly.
  • Weaving quality dreadlocks costs a lot of money.

How to weave dreadlocks - video tutorial

It is best to make dreadlocks in the salon of a professional - only then you will be sure of the quality of the procedure. There are several ways to weave dreadlocks: combing, rubbing with wool, carefully weaving with your hands, weaving with a hook or string, twisting, weaving with a brush and other methods. The essence of each such method is to confuse the curls as much as possible, turning each of them into a curl. Only then, from the resulting tinder, by means of felting, does the master give the dreadlock the necessary shape.

The cost of dreadlocks

The price of dreadlocks now varies depending on the experience of the master, the specific variety of dreadlocks and the condition / length of the client’s hair. In the capital of Russia (in Moscow), the procedure for weaving dreadlocks will cost you from 2500 to 10000 rubles (approximately the same in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and other big cities). In Minsk, from 200 to 300 thousand Belarusian rubles will be taken from you for weaving dreadlocks. The capital of Ukraine - Kiev, offers similar services at a cost of 800 to 1000 hryvnia.

Method one

In this case, the dreadlocks are woven with a comb, for which you will need a lot of thin elastic bands, an iron comb with frequent cloves and hair wax.

  1. Hair is thoroughly washed.
  2. Then they are dried and divided into a large number of strands of the same size (at least 40 of them should come out). Each strand should be secured with an elastic band.
  3. Start the formation of the first dreadlock (you can not remove the elastic band) - you should comb the strand from the root to the very ends. The fleece should be the same along the entire length.
  4. When the strand is combed, it should be actively twisted, clamping between the palms.
  5. Then on the palm should be applied wax, and then again twist the strand, fixing it.
  6. The same procedure is carried out with other strands.

Second way

  1. You need to wash your hair, and in the process of washing try to confuse the curls as much as possible, massaging them either clockwise or against it.
  2. When the hair is dry (you do not need to comb it), they should be divided into strands.
  3. Each strand is actively twisted between the palms.
  4. The procedure must be repeated the next day. It will be repeated until dreadlocks are formed. Only then they are fixed with wax.

Dreadlocks Care

  • How to wash dreadlocks? In the first month, washing hair is not recommended. Then one wash of the head once every 7-14 days will be enough.
  • Those hairs that have been knocked out should be woven back into dreadlocks using a hook.
  • Growing dreadlocks need to be formed both from the side of the roots, and from the ends.
  • Hair must be thoroughly cleaned of debris.

Short dreadlocks for stylish men

Men, like women, tend to change their image. For example, men weave dreadlocks on their short hair when length does not allow them, and sometimes they even grow strands on ultra-short hair to create a stylish look. Today, the shocking image with dreadlocks is fashionable in that it does not require special care. Such a hairstyle helps a man look unusual and even spectacular. To some extent, short male dreadlocks promote freedom of choice.

Long dreadlocks: what information do you need to know?

Dreadlocks are best washed at least once a week, but in the first month it is better not to wet your hair. It is very important that the scalp is healthy, otherwise dandruff, itching, rashes may appear that can develop into growths. Initially, men should decide on the thickness and number of dreadlocks on their heads, because the less, the easier the care. Experts advise braiding at least thirty elongated strands, otherwise the appearance will deteriorate. The minimum length of your own hair should be at least 45-50 centimeters.Since the hairstyle is reduced by about three times, therefore, creating dreadlocks to the waist is unlikely to succeed without additional material. Weaving special threads such as kanekalon, wool or felt will add length and volume to long male dreadlocks. The price of dreadlocks is quite high and they are not suitable for everyone, with thin and brittle hair, you better choose light African hairstyles. Weak hair simply can not withstand such a mechanical impact.

Male dreadlocks: photos of the original varieties

In order for the curls of a man to look harmonious and effective, it is worth taking the choice of a certain type of dreadlocks seriously enough. There are several types of them:

  1. Safe dreadlocks. Typically, blanks for this type are made of felt manually, so the price is the highest. This design is attached to hooks or hairpins, and grooming does not require effort.
  2. Ja dreadlocks. The material for men's braids is made of Kanekalon with a variety of colors. They do not affect the condition of the hair and are easily removed at home.
  3. De dreadlocks. They are woven into hair with a spiral and made of kanekalon.
  4. Dangerous dreadlocks. They are braided from their own hair by twisting, combing, rubbing or using a felting hook. Weave such a man's hairstyle exclusively in salons.

Modern men's hairstyles with dreadlocks

Hairstyles with dreadlocks can be various: classic (ponytails on the crown of the head), shocking (in the form of an Iroquois), restrained (a pigtail is bundled), athletic (with a bandage on the head) or stylish (with shaved temples). Any options for dreadlocks can be made in the salon or barbershop, but this service is not cheap. Get ready for the fact that the procedure will cost at least 5000 rubles, or even higher.

Unusual male dreadlocks in combination with shaved zones

We already mentioned that hairstyles with dreadlocks for men can be different, for example, bunches, ponytails, twisting with the help of rubber bands or hairpins. The male half prefers dangerous dreadlocks, especially if the hairstyle is done in combination with shaved areas on the head. Then they do not mind parting with hair. The advantage of hairstyles with dreadlocks is that they can be worn for several years, periodically visiting salons for hair correction, as they grow back and need to be twisted, as well as to trim certain areas. For a couple of years, rather large curls can grow from unusual plexuses.

Male dreadlocks in black

Of course, dreadlocks made by professionals in the salon have a number of advantages: voluminous appearance of hair, reduced time for leaving, a very stylish and fashionable hairstyle. A little creativity and your dreadlocks will sparkle in color: blue, red or green. But if a man is not a fan of a bright palette, then black dreadlocks are also a very impressive option.

DIY dreadlocks

If you do not have the desire or financial means to visit the beauty salon, you can make dreadlocks at home, and with patience and a couple of free hands, everything will work out. To make a dreadlock at home you will need: a comb (comb), wax, rubber bands and a crochet hook. First you need to divide the hair into equal parts. This is best done in strands 1-2 cm thick. After tying the same segments with elastic bands, comb them down with a comb. Next, take a strand and roll it to a dense state, while combing and moving the hair mass up to the roots. Fix the resulting collar with an elastic band and adjust it with a hook for density. The final touch is to fix the result with a special wax. There is another unusual technique, only without the use of wax. To do this, you need a woolen thing, a scarf or an unnecessary sweater. Start rubbing your hair with hair in a circle for 15 minutes until it begins to stray. Try to divide the lost mass into dreadlocks and then rub another 15 minutes, but already separate strands-tundles. Repeat this process until you come to the final stage (the hair should curl and become elastic). The remaining strands should be crocheted into adjacent strands.

How to stab long hair

You can wear dreadlocks as you like, they are often worn loose until they grow below the shoulders. After that, hairpins of all types and knots are used. The knot is the easiest, woven strands are easily tied at the back of the head. "Crabs" and "clothespins" should be used with the utmost accuracy so as not to stop the strands in the "bast". As an option - sticks, but you need to adapt to pin hair without piercing the strands.

Ways of weaving dreadlocks

Crochet professionals weave, sometimes instead of a hook they use a string. The technology is as follows, the dreadlock is “dumped" with your hands, leaving a free tip. It is this tip that stretches the hook through the “piled up” part of the “Ja antenna”. Dreadlocks turn out to be quite tight, and last much longer than those woven using other technologies.

Hands , in principle, weaving is done in any case, but the “woolen” method is often called manual. In this case, the master puts on woolen mittens, confuses the strand with them to the dreadlock state, then impregnates the finished work with wax of strong fixation.

Combing dreadlocks are woven according to the principle of creating hair coils from a narrow comb. Each future dreadlock is smeared with wax, after which it deliberately mixes up to the state of the antenna from the hair.

Twisting - The method is simple and affordable. Only wax and hardy palms are needed. Hair is divided into strands of the same volume. After that, each strand is twisted clockwise and is well saturated with wax. You can wash your hair no sooner than after a few weeks, but the hairstyle lasts long enough.

Ways to care for dreadlocks

Dreadlocks need daily “rolling up”. To do this, the dreadlock is clamped between the palms and "rolls" from the roots to the tips. This preserves the structure of the “Ja antenna. Once a month, at least the hair is braided at the roots and along the entire length.

As for washing your hair, you will have to rest more often from this than usual. The first month to wash your hair at all is not recommended, soak in the sea and in the pool is also not worth it. Further, washing is performed no more often than every 10-12 days without conditioners and “soft” shampoos, they spoil the shape of the hairstyle.

You can wear dangerous dreadlocks all your life, but be prepared to learn how to care for them and regularly weave them. Safe “covers” on the strands need to be removed 2-3 months after weaving, it is necessary to heal your hair and replace the “covers” from canecolon or felt with new ones.

The fact that male dreadlocks are a fashionable and unpretentious hairdo is known to everyone. But most men prefer to do them on long curls.

Unusually coming boy
soccer player guy

Meanwhile, short flagella on the head look fervently and allow you not to burden the hair with excess material.

A bit of history

Dreadlocks are not a hairstyle, but a natural condition of hair that is not spoiled by leaving. In ancient times, when mankind was deprived of scissors, shampoos and combs, the curls grew, tangled up, forming tangles. Modern warlocks differ from their predecessors:

  • they are created artificially,
  • the person wearing them does not forget to wash his hair regularly,
  • modern harnesses are diverse.

We will not delve into the history of the appearance of hairstyles. Note that not only the African peoples knew about it, but the inhabitants of India, Asia, Pakistan, and even dervishes and Spartan warriors.

Short dreadlocks gained popularity among men in the 50s of the last century with the Rastafari movement in Jamaica. The hairstyle was symbolic and sacred. Now this is a fashion trend, allowing the personality to stand out from the crowd and show originality.

Execution technique

  1. Divide the hair into equal segments. Choose the size yourself, depending on the thickness of the brackets. Strands 1-2 cm wide are popular.
  2. Put the rubber bands on the strands. Comb the ponytails back.
  3. Take a strand, roll it to a downed state, comb it with a comb. You will have to comb for a long time, pushing the stray mass to the roots.
  4. Fasten the combed collar with an elastic band, tuck the strands that have broken out with a crochet hook so that it becomes denser.
  5. Apply a special fixing wax.

And here is another technique - without wax. For its implementation you will need any woolen thing.

  1. Take a woolen sweater or scarf.
  2. Start rubbing the hair in a circular motion.
  3. Hair will begin to lose in 15 minutes.
  4. Try to divide the broken strands into dreadlocks.
  5. Rub the strands already divided into tangles with a woolen thing (about 15 minutes).
  6. Repeat the process until the hair curls.
  7. Crochet the remaining loose strands into adjacent strands.

Hairstyles with male short dreadlocks can be done a bit due to the small length of the harnesses. The simplest options are:

  • to collect the tussles above the forehead and ears,
  • fix in a knot by tying with a wide tape.

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