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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Male umbrella cane: a complete review of the accessory

An umbrella from the Dutch language translates as a canopy from the sun. It is believed that a useful fixture appeared in the 11th century BC. They are made for men, women and children. Umbrella canes differ in the device, materials, configuration of the dome. They can be used both as shelter from the rain, and as a stylish accessory. Based on expert opinions and real reviews, the best cane umbrellas presented in the review were selected.

Umbrella cane which company is better to choose

To figure out which umbrella is better, find out information about the companies. The ranking contains representatives from different countries. The following manufacturers were the most popular:

  • Three elephants - A company that began production 120 years ago. Initially, the products were focused only on the domestic market. Today it is a major manufacturer. The assortment of the company consists of children's, women's, men's products.
  • Bradex - has high ratings from users all over the world. The manufacturer's office is located in Israel. Product catalogs are constantly updated.
  • Flioraj - produces fashion accessories. The company was created by Russian and Italian designers in 2008. The brand offers goods that are of high quality, are a status thing. They are made of high quality steel with anodized coating.
  • Unit - Offers a wide selection of goods that are valued due to their superior quality, folding mechanisms. The catalog has items of red, blue, green, black. The company also offers kits.
  • Ame yoke - The famous brand of Japanese umbrellas. The brand offers high quality products with excellent mechanical and coloristic indicators. Suitable for mid-range buyers. In production, the technology of combining a steel frame with carbon fiber is used.
  • Rechar - The brand is Chinese. The company offers economy class goods, but of decent quality.
  • Bugatti Is a company from Austria, established in 1947. The brand specializes in men's clothing. Also produces good cane umbrellas. Products of this brand are distinguished by harmonious and restrained shades. For the manufacture of high quality leather.
  • Artrain - The brand produces accessories with a large selection of different colors. They are made of fabrics with beautiful paintings, unusual ornaments.
  • Zest - A company offering umbrellas in Russia for more than 20 years. In the catalogs there are products of famous brands in the UK. In the sections of the official website you can read about the technical characteristics of each model.
  • Silver - The brand is known for a large selection of interesting umbrellas.

Reed Umbrella Rating

The TOP-10 selected the best cane umbrellas, which are distinguished by their robust construction and high quality. When choosing positions, various consumer reviews were studied. An analysis of expert assessments was also conducted, on the basis of which conclusions were drawn. When choosing models for review, the following parameters were taken into account:

  • Specifications - materials, knitting needles, size and weight. Information can be found on the tag,
  • The handle should be comfortable and sturdy,
  • The material can be varied - pongee, nylon or polyester,
  • Water repellent effect. The dome is covered with a thin layer of Teflon,
  • The dome must be of high quality and firmly attached to the frame,
  • Additional functionality. The anti-wind system makes the accessory more durable
  • Availability of warranties and certificates.

An important selection criterion is the accessory mechanism. The machine allows you to close and open the umbrella. Semi-automatic - opening occurs from the button, and closing manually. The mechanical device is characterized by manual opening and closing.

From the history of the umbrella

Disputes about the exact location of the invention of this subject between pundits have not calmed down to this day. Some people say with confidence that the umbrella appeared in China, others call the Middle East its homeland, while others point to India. All theories are solid and smart, but we will solve it easier: according to the time frame, the idea of ​​picking up a portable roof appeared in different parts of the world almost simultaneously.

Models of ancient umbrellas are no less interesting than the history of their appearance. For example, in China, emperors preferred multi-tiered structures, in their form resembling a pagoda. Extensive dimensions and rich finishes distinguished sun umbrellas in ancient India.

In Europe, the umbrella cane was most popular among men

In Europe, "portable canopies" came only in the XVIII century. It is believed that the first European to build a 4.5-pound umbrella-shaped structure was Jones Hanway. This mass is due to the fact that his knitting needles were made of durable whale bones. In Russia, umbrellas gained popularity only in the 19th century. Prior to this, they hid from the rain under thick outer clothing: burkas, epanches and caftans with hoods.

Nowadays, cane umbrellas have more compact dimensions. The classic version for men is the "dome" model, consisting of 8-10 black wedges. The total length of the structure from the tip to the extreme point of the handle can reach 90 centimeters. A variety of styles is present, but men who adhere to the classic style in clothing prefer the most ascetic models.

Cane Umbrella Models

Umbrellas in the form of a cane are most popular among men. They are durable, high-quality models do not turn inside out even with strong winds. Anti-wind styles with an elongated dome are particularly reliable. Unlike folding models, umbrellas in the form of a cane consist of only three main parts: a frame with knitting needles, a rod and a handle.

Most modern reed umbrella models have automatic opening mechanisms. Although the classics are umbrellas with a mechanical opening system, in which the user opens the dome independently, he is the leader in sales in the “super premium” price category. The rich have their own quirks.

The umbrella cane consists of three parts - a frame with knitting needles, a rod and a handle

The color diversity of the models is great, however, given the noble references to the times of chivalry, balls and Victorian officialdom, it will be appropriate for adults, held and balanced men to opt for black, gray and brown colors, as well as their shades. At the same time, a light ornament (strip and cage) to the tone of the dome is acceptable even for strict models. But the red, camouflage and similar flashy colors of umbrellas for men are too extravagant options. They create an emphasis on the umbrella, not as an accessory that combines with the image, but as an element of the image that will attract attention, create stereotypes about its owner.

If we talk about the handles of cane umbrellas, the designers offer the gentlemen the classic shape of a hook or hilt, reminiscent of the knobs of traditional canes. You can choose umbrellas with handles in the form of cars, with stylization on the theme of samurai and knightly swords, in the form of a female body and many other designs, but this format should be classified as experimental - it can be bold, flashy, and can mislead others.

The best material for the dome is pongee

Transparent cane umbrellas are also a public challenge, as are colorful styles. However, in order to slightly agitate the gray Russian autumn or to impress the girl, a transparent invisible dome is ideal.

Dome material

It can be the most diverse, from pongee to nylon. The most common option is polyester, a durable material that resembles a satin fabric in appearance. Cotton thread is often added to color models of such umbrellas. To improve the water-repellent effect, the dome can be covered with a thin layer of Teflon, which slightly changes its shade depending on the lighting.

The shape and strength of the dome depend on the number of spokes

Pongee is considered the best option - a thick fabric resembling a raincoat fabric. An umbrella cane made of such material easily repels raindrops, and if you shake them off, the dome will remain almost dry. Nylon is the worst option; if wet, this fabric can stretch a lot. Paint on nylon does not hold well, in the rain there is a threat of molting of the dome. Information about the dome material can be found on the “tongue” of the clasp.

Knitting needles

Knitting needles - "ribs" of any umbrella. Most often made of metals, such as steel and aluminum. For cane umbrellas, fiberglass is often used, which is characterized by good flexibility, strength and durability. A combination of plastic and metal knitting needles is also acceptable.

Before buying, check the umbrella for any play.

The number of "ribs" can be different, but at least 8 pieces, this wags on the shape and strength of the dome. It is important that the knitting needles be fixed with the curved side up, otherwise the umbrella will turn out at the slightest gust of wind. But the spring (which is in any umbrella) only helps to open the dome.


The core of the umbrella cane is its most reliable part. The material of manufacture does not play a fundamental role. When checking, shake the umbrella slightly. If there is play, then the rod is poorly fixed. Such a product will quickly become unusable.

The handles are different, but the shapes are “hook” and “knob”

The shape of the handle can be anything from a hook to the handle of a sword. It is important that this part of the umbrella is comfortable and anatomically fit the grip of the palm. The material for most pens is plastic, which is easy to give any shape and color.

What does an umbrella cane go with?

An umbrella in the form of a cane cannot be hidden in a briefcase or backpack. This accessory is always in sight, so you need to know what to wear with it. Since the umbrella cane is a classic item, traditional costumes (pants, shirt, jacket, shoes) are suitable for it. In cool weather, a double-breasted cloak can be thrown on top without droppers or coats in the style of Chesterfield, Crombi, Raglan or similar English models.

The color of the umbrella should be in harmony with the suit. If you are waiting for a meeting with strict rules of etiquette, then take with you an exclusively black umbrella-cane. Otherwise, you will be recognized as a person who is completely ignorant of secular ethics.

The umbrella-cane goes well with classic clothing of strict styles

A cane umbrella is an element of the classic style in clothes, it should not be combined with jeans, bomber jackets and other things from a modern wardrobe. It is forbidden, but it will look at the level of an impeccable katana in the hands of a knight in full armor: it seems to be possible to use, but swords are more functional for full armor, and it looks ridiculous. Everything has its place. For bombers and other things, you can easily pick up other models.

How to dry, store and care

In order for the product to serve for years, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • Dry the umbrella cane half-open. To do this, you can use a special stand or simply hang the umbrella “upside down” by the handle so that water can escape well from the dome.
  • Fold and remove the umbrella cane in the case only after it dries well. Otherwise, the remaining water in the folds will provide an unpleasant odor, and the spokes will begin to rust.
  • If dirt gets on the umbrella, it must be removed with a sponge dipped in warm soapy water.
  • You need to store the umbrella in a dry, ventilated room as far as possible from hot pipes, stoves and other household appliances.

These simple rules will extend the life of the umbrella for years, as well as preserve its water-repellent qualities.

Model history

The first mention of umbrellas by the type of cane appeared at about the same time in China and in Egypt in the eleventh century. Initially, they were invented as a shelter from the sun and wind for people of royal blood and noble nobles. The first samples were very heavy and weighed more than 2 kilograms. The handle to which the dome was attached was also about 1.5 meters too long.

In the Far East, this accessory was considered a sign of a person having power, so only members of the royal family used it. In ancient Greece, namely in Rome, umbrellas were part of the ladies' wardrobe, as protection from the sun and were not used by men. He got into Europuson only in the XVII century. In France it was called "parasol" and was also used along with a mask as a means to protect against aggressive solar radiation. Only in the 17th century did they begin to use the umbrella during rain to protect hair and clothing from water.

How to choose an umbrella

By type, the most popular is telescopic, which folds up to 5 times. The more additions, the smaller the folded umbrella, which affects the strength of the mechanism.

The most durable are umbrellas - a cane. They are reliable in gusts, the dome covers a large area. However, the canes are dimensional and heavy. The number of knitting needles ranges from 6 to 16, but the average is 8 knitting needles.

When choosing an important mechanism:

  • automatic - opens and closes the umbrella,
  • semiautomatic device - opens from the button, closes manually,
  • mechanical - manual opening and closing.

When choosing an umbrella, you need to consider:

  • specifications: manufacturing materials, opening mechanism, the number of spokes and additions, weight and size when folded. This information is indicated on the tag from the umbrella,
  • open an umbrella upon purchase. Make sure the model is working: there are no spots, holes, knitting needles should be in close contact with the coating fabric, without hanging out, there should be no extraneous sounds when shaking.

  • explore the dome. It should be well and qualitatively fastened to the frame, without sagging. If you turn the opened umbrella into the light, you can see all the defects of the instance.

The quality of the color can be checked by rubbing it strongly with a napkin. If it remains clean, then the material used is of high quality,

  • just do not forget about the anti-wind system. Its presence makes the accessory strong for decades,
  • when buying a branded accessory, you need to request the appropriate document in the store, the product must have a logo or brand logo,

  • you need to decide how the umbrella will be transported: in your hand - you need a strap, for a bag or glove compartment - a folding umbrella is the best option,
  • with a fully automatic or semiautomatic device, make sure that the button is fully functional and does not fuse,
  • you need to clarify the availability of the guarantee and its conditions,
  • ask the seller about the rules of operation, storage and care of the umbrella.

Also, when buying, you need to know that most of the cheap models are made of crude steel. But sellers can sell them as high-quality and durable.

Mechanical opening system

This system is based on the fact that the knitting needles must be lifted and stretched by the domes most by the user, therefore, requires careful handling. Despite this, this opening system is considered the most reliable. To open such an umbrella, you will need to use both hands, which is not convenient in every situation.

Mechanical models may seem uncomfortable, but despite this they are durable and rarely turn out with strong gusts of wind. Knitting needles break very rarely, since high-quality metal is used for mechanics.

Automatic opening system

An umbrella with an automatic system is primarily very convenient. If you have documents in one hand and it started to rain abruptly, then the automatic umbrella can be quickly opened with one hand by pressing the button. The dome will open in just seconds. The umbrella closes automatically too.

The advantages of an automatic system include compactness and high speed. The main thing is to keep the umbrella dry so that moisture drops do not get into the automatic mechanism. Constant dampness can lead to rapid breakdown. An umbrella cane machine will cost more in comparison with the mechanics.

By color

The color of the male cane umbrella plays an important role.If female models have a wide range of colors, then cane umbrellas for men are only available in restrained colors. The ultimate luxury is a contrasting cage or stripes.


If the fabric is of poor quality and has insufficient waterproof properties, then the umbrella simply will not adequately fulfill its intended purpose. Poor quality material will quickly change color, which will lead to the loss of the normal appearance of the accessory. A dome burnt with spots of rust will be ashamed to open even in the rain.


When choosing an umbrella, it is worth redistributing the main attention to the frame of the umbrella, namely its spokes. They should not be too thin and dangle in different directions. Hard knitting needles made of good metal will not rust and will make the umbrella dome round and neat. Also, the durability of the model and its relationship with the wind depends on quality.

Often you can see how in a shower with strong gusts of wind people run after their parasols turned outwards like parachutes. To prevent this from happening, you need to choose a large umbrella with powerful knitting needles that must be flexible, but do not lose shape and hold the product.

To the core

This is the basis of the frame of any umbrella. The rod must be powerful uniquely and made of good metal. It is on it that the whole system will constantly rise and fall, so it is important that it can withstand such loads and the weight of the entire structure.

Secrets for choosing an umbrella

When choosing an umbrella, look primarily at the quality of the product, and then at its color scheme and stylish appearance. A good umbrella should have a good big dome, covered with high-quality fabric and a powerful rod with a wooden handle. Do not pay attention to the cheapest options.

It’s better to pay for a quality accessory than to catch plastic knitting needles all over the road from your umbrella along the entire road. England, Italy and Japan have been leaders in the manufacture of luxury umbrellas for decades. Such models are pleasant to wear and use daily for their intended purpose. Although they are much more expensive, when comparing you will understand why.


Choosing a quality umbrella cane for a man is not difficult. The main thing is to go over several stores and compare the quality of the proposed models. If they can be similar in color, then the base of the umbrella, its mechanism, is often significantly different. A cane umbrella complements the classic style and business suit. When buying such a model, you should understand that not every man is given to wear it beautifully.

Doppler 740865 R-2 semiautomatic device

Stylish and bright. Ideal for any style of clothing, emphasize the taste, and most importantly hide from bad weather. The brand has established itself in the market of the whole world. The design and mechanism are thought out to the smallest detail. It has an anti-wind system.

The handle is made in accordance with all the rules of ergonomics. And the design and stylish solution will only emphasize the taste.


  • from the category of women,
  • black polka dot with a pattern on a green background,
  • the mechanism is a semiautomatic device (it opens by pressing a button, but you need to close it manually),
  • has 8 spokes
  • consists of a plastic handle, steel knitting needles and a polyester dome,
  • the diameter in the open state is about 1.06 m, where the length of the cane is 0.90 m,
  • weighing 0.25 kg in the aisles.

Pros and cons

The advantage is: the average number of needles, a small diameter of the shelter and a relatively low weight.

Customer reviews do not indicate flaws or dissatisfaction with the model. And the weight pleases each owner of the accessory.

Zest Z51570-3 mechanical

The external fragility of the model is deceptive. The femininity of the accessory attracts attention.

Despite the fragility on the outside, the inside is a strong frame and reliability. The Queen of England herself chose this model. Inside, the accessory is covered with talcum powder so that it does not stick together. The coating does not interfere with the review and does not need to be washed off.

The anti-wind system will not allow to fail even when inverted in the opposite direction. And all thanks to specially arranged elements. If suddenly the knitting needles twist, do not pull them or set them enough to close the umbrella in the usual way.


  • the opening and closing process is thought out,
  • the frame is resistant to wind,
  • vinyl cloth covers the dome
  • reliable mechanism of opening - closing,
  • weight 0.48 kg
  • the handle is made of plastic,
  • knitting needles are made of fiberglass and carbon fiber,
  • when opened, the diameter of the umbrella is 0.87 m, the length when closed is 0.88,
  • 8 spokes
  • there is a cover for storage.

Pros and cons

A plus is: a mechanical way of opening - closing the umbrella. This ensures the quality of work and prevents breakage, which often happens with the buttons responsible for this. Wind resistance.

Minus: heavy model.

Owners of the model are very satisfied. Thanks to the type of dome, you can keep your makeup and hairstyle in perfect condition, and your shoulders will also be dry.

BluntClassic mechanical

The radial tension system provides uniform tension. The patented technology of not dangerous tips is used.


  • radial tension
  • double struts
  • the needles float under the dome, which prevents the umbrella from turning out from a strong wind,
  • round tips - align tension
  • retractable knitting needles.

  • unisex category,
  • mechanical system of opening - closing,
  • 6 spokes
  • the knitting needles are made of fiberglass and the dome is made of polyester,
  • It has such features as: anti-storm system, the handle does not slip, the dome is pulled radially,
  • 1.20 m diameter with a length of 0.84 m,
  • Weight 0.65 kg.

Pros and cons

Plus: suitable for everyone, strong during a storm, the handle does not slip. The shelter area is large enough, which will be enough for 2 or even 3 people.

Minus: heavy, high price.

Customers value this model for its versatility and reliability.

Doppler 740865 R-2Zest Z51570-3Bluntclassic
semiautomatic devicemechanicalmechanical
Weight g
The diameter of the dome, cm
there isthere isnot
Number of needles

It is better to give preference to the Doppler 740865 R-2 since: it has 8 spokes, a semiautomatic mechanism and at the same time the dome is 106 cm. Strong, universal model.

When choosing an umbrella - a cane, it is better to give preference to such characteristics as: resistance to the storm, with 8 or more knitting needles, mechanical opening and closing.

Also, when buying, you need to take into account the fact that you can not put this umbrella in a bag. But it will hide even with strong gusts of wind and rain.

Give preference to a dome made of polyester, which carries strength and practicality. Teflon-impregnated polyester that repels water is especially good.

Another good pongee (similar to raincoat fabric). But the rubberized satin has the highest quality, but the cost of the accessory because of it is growing significantly. Tension of the fabric also plays a role, it should not sag.

Doppler 7440265PU-3 full automatic

One of the most reliable umbrellas during snow and rain, as well as from sunlight. Harmoniously complement any image. Details - from quality material. The accessory is protected from various types of damage, gusts of wind and corrosion.

Very comfortable handle, designed according to the rules of ergonomics. The material of the dome is painted with high-quality paint that does not fade in the sun and is not washed off by rain.

8 spokes The material used for the handle is plastic, the needles are steel, aluminum, fiberglass.

In open form - almost a meter long, folded 270 mm, which is enough to fit in a woman's bag. Weight is only 0.3 kg. The fabric for the dome is polyester.

Pros and cons

Pros: compact, lightweight, with high-quality and strong knitting needles that withstand wind. A full automatic machine makes it easy to use.

Minus: the price is a little overpriced, the color does not suit everyone.

The reviews showed that the model is pretty good and of high quality. And many more like the fact that it fits easily in a bag.

ZestZ255155-52 mechanical

Thanks to a specially designed handle, the accessory is invisible in a handbag. A peculiar system eliminates malfunctioning of the spokes even during a severe storm.

The whole structure is made of a special material that is resistant to gusts of wind. The dome material remains bright and expressive for a long time. Teflon coating makes the model resistant to any precipitation.

When turning out, you just need to fold the dome in the usual way and open it again.


  • closing opening mechanism - manually,
  • add up to 5 additions,
  • weighing about 0.21 kg
  • dome material - Teflon coated polyester, steel, aluminum and plus fiberglass needles,
  • when closed, length is 16 cm; when opened, the diameter of the dome is 93 cm,
  • 6 spokes
  • for convenience in wearing, the handle is rubberized and has a strap,
  • Included is a convenient storage case.

Pros and cons

Advantages: small in size and light in weight.

Disadvantages: small dome.

Based on the reviews, it can be said that the accessory is quite satisfying to the owners, but at the same time they are unhappy with the fact that it is a little small and weakly protects during heavy rain.

Three elephants RE-E-113-4 full automatic

This model belongs to the luxury class.

It develops into three additions. Has a weight of 0.35 kg. A full automatic machine makes it possible to open and close just by pressing a button on the handle. The dome is made of photosatin. Knitting needles made of steel and fiberglass.

Includes zipper pouch.

Pros and cons

Pros: not heavy, the diameter of the dome is enough to shelter one person.

Minus: high price and a bit long when folded, which brings inconvenience when carrying in a bag.

According to reviews, we can say that some do not really like the color and high cost.

Doppler 7440265PU-3Zest Z255155-52Three elephants RE-E-113-4
full automaticmechanicalfull automatic
Weight g
The diameter of the dome, cm
notthere isnot
Number of needles

The best choice is to stop at Zest Z255155-52. Yes, the opening and closing is mechanical (manual), but the light weight, a little more than 200 g, the presence of an anti-wind system, puts the umbrella slightly higher than others.

When choosing, you need to inspect the umbrella from all sides and open it several times to check the mechanism and the parts involved in it. Check that the fabric of the stretched dome sags nowhere.

Knitting needles should be the same in length. Steel knitting needles are the most reliable, but because of this, the weight of the product may increase. The handle must be securely fastened.

Doppler 7441465PR-2 automatic

It is a reliable protection in rainy weather and not only. The model will complement the image and protect from the weather. And thanks to the anti-wind system, the umbrella will serve faithfully for a long time.

A dome made of 100% polyester, which indicates high-quality protection against getting wet. The handle is flat, but very comfortable and practical.


  • Folding, in three additions.
  • It has 8 knitting needles.
  • Material used: handle - plastic, knitting needles - aluminum, fiberglass, steel and dome fabric - polyester (high-quality fabric, water does not leak, dries quickly).
  • Full automatic.
  • The diameter of the opened umbrella is 0.97 m.
  • Closed - 27 cm.
  • There is an anti-wind system. During gusts of wind, the accessory will be in good condition.
  • Light in weight - only 320 grams.

Pros and cons

In this model, only positive aspects can be distinguished: low weight, anti-wind system, design solution.

Positive feedback from customers. Everyone advises the model. The main thing is a suitable weight for women's handbags and high quality.

Doppler 714765 I-3

Accessory in the form of a cane, ideal for a strict classic style of clothing. He, like another accessory, will complement the image and protect from the weather.

Good for regular (everyday) use.


  • automatic cane mechanism,
  • 8 spokes
  • diameter of an open umbrella - 1.06 m,
  • closed length 0.9 m,
  • the material of the handle is plastic, the needles are made of steel, the fabric of the dome is carbon steel,
  • anti-wind system
  • weight is about 500 grams.

Pros and cons

Plus: small dome diameter, reliable dome coating material

Minus: high price, great weight for a female hand.

According to reviews, the model is quite noticeable in weight, but it protects in bad weather.

Airton Z3911-5173

The huge diameter of the dome easily hides a person from the rain. The system against the wind is stable and keeps the umbrella intact.

The frame is made of quality materials, a special system gives a guarantee against breakdowns. The handle is ergonomic. The materials used have passed the most stringent controls.


  • opens and closes automatically by pressing a button, folds by hand,
  • 3 additions
  • the weight of the umbrella is 0.4 kg, which is not enough, especially if it is carried in a purse,
  • the dome is pulled up with poetry
  • the rod is made of steel,
  • the needles are made of steel and fiberglass (in principle, like all high-quality umbrellas),
  • folded umbrella 28 cm,
  • a dome with a diameter of 1.01 m,
  • there are 8 knitting needles 0.53 m long,
  • the handle is made of high quality plastic and plus a wrist strap,
  • comes with a fabric cover.

Pros and cons

Pros: design, materials used, dome diameter.

Cons: heavy weight, long folded, which is not convenient for carrying in a bag.

All reviews are positive. Buyers positively hail about the umbrella. All are satisfied with the quality and characteristics. But the weight is a little confusing.

Doppler 7441465PR-2Doppler 714765 I-3Airton Z3911-5173
full automaticfull automaticfull automatic
Weight g
The diameter of the dome, cm
there isthere isnot
Number of needles

The size of the dome Doppler 714765 I-3 attracts with its scope, and the anti-wind system makes the umbrella more stable.

When choosing an umbrella with an automatic mechanism, the main thing to pay attention to is the material from which the spokes are made. Take into account the fact that umbrellas with a full automatic machine are more expensive than other models.

Design is the choice of taste, and it’s even better to decide for what purpose an umbrella is bought, and from this choose the type of umbrella: folding or a cane.

Doppler 74665GFGE-1

It is equipped with an anti-wind system, which makes umbrellas even more stable and less brittle.


  • full automatic mechanism (opens and closes with keys on the handle),
  • view of the folding umbrella (in three additions, allows you to place the car in your purse or glove compartment),
  • 8 spokes, this is the optimal amount,
  • the handle is made of plastic,
  • knitting needles made of steel, carbon fiber and fiberglass,
  • dome material - satin,
  • a dome with a diameter of 1.03 m,
  • folded 30 cm
  • equipped with an anti-wind system (but manufacturers do not guarantee that it will withstand strong winds or hurricanes),
  • It has a weight of 0.37 kg.

Pros and cons

Pros - long service life, convenience and versatility of the model.

Cons - in a stormy situation can fail.

Reviews leave only positive. The model is very successful and to the taste of almost all customers. Especially women wearing an umbrella in their bag.

Wenger Mechanical Black (W1103)

The model is flat and fashionable, easy to fold and fits in your pocket, bag, etc. It will give many years of faithful service due to the high quality of materials.


  • the umbrella belongs to the unisex model,
  • opens and closes manually in three additions,
  • the number of knitting needles is 8,
  • the handle is made of plastic, rubberized,
  • the dome is made of two layers of polyester pongee coated with Teflon,
  • when folded, only 5 by 24 cm,
  • open diameter - 1 m,
  • telescopic handle
  • weight 0.31kg.

Pros and cons:

Pluses - reliability, compactness,

Cons are rather cumbersome.

According to reviews, we can conclude that the model is quite light and durable. All buyers are particularly pleased with the female gender, since it is weightless in the bag and does not take up much space.

HappyRain U21309

The material is durable, plus an anti-wind system is installed. Ergonomic handle. For the dome, special dyes are used that are not washed out by water and do not fade in the sun for a long time.


  • semiautomatic mechanism (opens with a button, but you need to close it manually),
  • folding in three additions,
  • weight - 0.35 kg
  • polyester - the material from which the accessory dome is made,
  • the rod and knitting needles (I have additional support) are made of steel,
  • folded - 28 cm
  • open diameter - 0.98 m,
  • 8 spokes
  • straight handle with a special strap for more convenient transfer of the umbrella,
  • has a fabric cover.

Pros and cons

Pros - quality materials, light weight

Cons - not found.

After going through the reviews, we can safely say that the model is worthy of its money. Customers love the convenience, lightness and vibrant design.

Doppler 74665 GFGE-1Wenger (W1103)HappyRain U21309
full automaticmechanicalsemiautomatic device
Weight g
The diameter of the dome, cm
there isnotnot
Number of needles

The best one is: Doppler 74665 GFGE-1. Weight a little over 300 g, full automatic, and the dome is pleased with the size. And the presence of an anti-wind system makes the mechanism even stronger and more stable.

When choosing, it is necessary to take into account such nuances as the quality of the material used for the dome, rod with knitting needles. The fewer additions, the stronger the umbrella.

With a possibility of 4, or even 5 additions, the umbrella is very short and takes up little space. This criterion is important with frequent use of the umbrella.

Doppler 740 865 H semiautomatic device

The model suits strict, classic and romantic styles. Provides high quality protection against moisture (rain or wet snow). Waterproof, water-repellent materials guarantee a long service life.


  • female model
  • color - black with elements of red,
  • mechanism - semi-automatic,
  • the accessory has 8 spokes,
  • handle materials - plastic, knitting needles - steel, fabric for the dome - polyester,
  • open dome 1.06 m,
  • when closed, 0.9 m,
  • weight 0.26 kg

Pros and cons

Pros - lightness, beautiful design

Cons - less resistant to gusts of wind unlike heavier models

The reviews are positive. Buyers are pleased with its low weight, stability and interesting design decision.

Airton Z3615-104 semiautomatic device

The materials of the highest durability are used. A wind protection system is provided. Ergonomic handle. The dyes used for the dome are not susceptible to rainwater and the sun. Before use, the materials passed quality control.


  • mechanism - semi-automatic (opening with a button, and closing manually),
  • folding in three additions,
  • the weight of such an accessory is 0.37 kg,
  • for the dome used material - polyester,
  • the core material is steel,
  • spokes are made of steel, aluminum and fiberglass,
  • folded - 28 cm
  • in the open dome - 1 m,
  • 8 spokes
  • Handle - straight, drawstring for comfortable wearing on your wrist,
  • A fabric storage case is included.

Pros and cons

The advantages of the accessory are convenient, lightweight, reliable.

Minus - the handle is not convenient for everyone.

Reviews indicate positive feedback about the model, only a few buyers are unhappy with the pen. It is not practical when using an umbrella during rainy weather.

Doppler 74367 N-4 full automatic

A strict and fashionable accessory designed for males. A full-automatic mechanism will become indispensable during rainy weather ..


  • color - black, with a red - gray strip,
  • the mechanism is fully automated,
  • folding accessory in three additions,
  • 8 spokes
  • material: plastic, steel (used for the frame, coated with a special anti-corrosion paint), carbon, fiberglass and polyester,
  • folded - 37 cm
  • when opened, a dome with a diameter of 1.22 m,
  • equipped with an anti-wind system, which does not allow the needles to break. They just bend. However, the model will not survive the storm,
  • weight 0.54 kg.

Pros and cons

Pros: size, material used, design, rigidity.

Minus: weight (but for a man’s hand it’s quite normal), for this size there aren’t enough knitting needles.

Men are pleased with the model, but only during the wind the knitting needles bend rather strongly.

Doppler 740 865 HAirton Z3615-104Doppler 74367 N-4
semiautomatic devicesemiautomatic devicefull automatic
Weight g
The diameter of the dome, cm
notthere isthere is
Number of needles

Doppler 74367 N-4 is the best choice among those proposed. A huge dome of more than 1m 20cm and a full automatic system attract attention.

When choosing an umbrella with a dome of about one meter, pay attention to the number of needles: the more, the better the umbrella. The material and the presence of the anti-wind system are important.

Metr + (fire truck)

In the manufacture of the umbrella, all materials passed strict quality control. Bright and fun accessory will provide protection from heavy rains and bad weather, so that the child will feel protected.


  • use is allowed from 5 years,
  • the diameter of the opened dome is 81 cm,
  • In picking only one umbrella.

Pros and cons

Pros: low price

Cons: there is no accurate information about the material used.

After reading the reviews - do not chase the cheapness. Some broke the day after purchase. Every third complains about the color, not bright as in the photo. But overall, buyers are satisfied.

Spiegelburg (friends of horses)

Bright and fun model for a child. This model is decorated with images of horses. The size will allow one or two or three children to hide under it, without creating discomfort.


  • use is permitted from 3 years,
  • material used - metal, plastic, polyethylene,
  • the size of the open dome - 0.8 m,
  • complete set - an umbrella, a cover.

Pros and cons

Plus - reliable in bad weather, has a beautiful design.

No cons found.

From the comments it is noticeable that the umbrella corresponds to the brand, the described quality, etc. Children are satisfied.

Kidorable (fairy)

It is convenient to assemble and disassemble, and the ergonomic handle will lie well in the hand. It can protect from rain at any time, as it fits in a handbag or backpack, without taking up much space.

An umbrella will not only protect, but also give individuality to a little fashionista. The materials used in the model passed quality control and the best were selected.


  • dome material - nylon,
  • designed more for girls,
  • diameter of an open umbrella is 65 cm,
  • in picking only an umbrella and all.

Pros and cons

Pros: bright colors, durability.

Minus: high price, no storage case, heavy compared to others.

The reviews are positive, one negative response towards weight. But in total, the model is very good, well-made, the opening and closing mechanism is safe.

Metr + (fire truck)Spiegelburg (friends of horses)Kidorable (fairy)
The diameter of the dome, cm

About children's umbrellas, the table shows almost the same information. But when choosing, you need to consider all the materials used.

When choosing an umbrella for a girl, it is best to stay at Kidorable (fairy). The design is one of the best and the solution with ears is more and more popular in the market. Choosing a children's umbrella, you must first of all take into account safety and waterproofness.

Zest 13980 (automotive)

A special mount for the car interior has been developed. Knitting needles made of strong steel, a dimensional man will hide under the dome.


  • the mechanism is automated (opening and closing is done by pressing the button located on the handle,
  • folding type in three additions,
  • Folded - 29 cm
  • In the open - 0.97 m,
  • Material used: steel, fiberglass, polyester and plastic,
  • 8 spokes
  • weight - 0.38 kg.

Pros and cons

Pros: car mount, lightweight, high quality, suitable for everyone. Robust frame, very comfortable plastic handle, featuring a stylish design.

Reviews are only positive. People’s responses set up to buy just such a model, as it is very convenient, practical and always at hand.

Zest 13830

From the inexpensive class, but a wood-like handle and a leatherette strap give the model a status. The mechanism of opening and closing is automated. The spokes are reliable. And despite all this, the weight remains invariably small.

Due to the coating of the dome fabric with Teflon, the material remains in its original form for a long time and retains its properties.


  • straight handle
  • the mechanism is automated (all actions are carried out using the keys on the handle, in addition to folding),
  • folding type (in three additions),
  • Materials: steel, fiberglass, polyester (water-repellent), wood,
  • 9 spokes
  • Comes with a case,
  • weight - 0.46 kg.

Pros and cons

Advantages of this umbrella: low cost, high-quality mechanism, as for an automatic machine, compact.

Cons: heavy weight.

In total, people who bought this accessory were satisfied. It looks beautiful when opened, has a cover for storage, and if necessary easily fits in a bag.

Zest 41540

This model of a cane is reliable. Durable materials were used for the manufacture, and this influenced the fact that the accessory is unpretentious in the matter of repair and updating, it is robust in operation.

Thanks to the use of double knitting needles, withstands strong gusts of wind. A pen made from substitute leather holds well in wet weather.


  • men's umbrella
  • manual mechanics type,
  • the color of the dome is black,
  • in length - 89 cm
  • the diameter of the open dome is 1.1 m,
  • material used for the umbrella: steel, polyester, leather,
  • 8 spokes
  • weight - 0.62 kg
  • the handle is made in the form of a hook.

Pros and cons

Pluses of the model: inexpensive, the dome is large, the manufacturer is England, strong, impermeable, materials, reliable knitting needles.

Cons: heavy, leather handle can come off.

The responses provided information that the umbrella is worthy of its money, and maybe more expensive. That's just unhappy with the weight, as it is very difficult to carry it during a strong wind.

Zest 13980Zest 13830Zest 41540
full automaticfull automaticmechanical
Weight g
The diameter of the dome, cm
there isnotnot
Number of needles

The choice of a male umbrella is difficult and reverent. First of all, it must correspond to the status.

But the characteristics are different, and the most attractive in the Zest 13830: the mechanism is fully automatic, the dome is one of the largest over a meter, one minus there is no anti-wind system, but this is not critical since it is a cane, and by default they are stronger than other types.

Zest 02-Z51570-12

A deep transparent dome will give a good overview. He will cover his head and shoulders from rain. Quality system against wind gusts, sturdy shaft and ergonomic handle.

The accessory has a sturdy construction, parts of which are made of fiberglass, which gives stability. Inside the accessory is covered with talcum powder so that it does not stick together. The coating does not interfere with the review and does not need to be washed off.


  • the mechanism is manual
  • one addition
  • weighing an umbrella - 0.48 kg
  • material used: polyvinyl chloride, fiberglass, steel, transparent plastic,
  • folded length - 0.88 m,
  • the diameter of the opened dome is 0.87 m,
  • 8 spokes
  • hook handle.

Pros and cons

Pros: protection up to the shoulders, anti-wind system, relatively low weight.

No cons revealed.

Customers like the model because it protects better than classic models. It’s even warmer with him, because he envelops his shoulders.

Zest 02-Z51570-3293

The dome is decorated with images of colored butterflies. Protects from rain and hail (snow). It is covered with talcum powder inside - it does not stick together. reliable system of protection against wind gusts.


  • the mechanism is manual
  • one addition
  • weight - 0.48 kg
  • material: polyvinyl chloride, fiberglass, steel, transparent plastic,
  • folded length - 0.88 m,
  • the diameter of the opened dome is 0.87 m,
  • 8 spokes
  • hook handle.

Pros and cons

Pros: protects clothing from moisture, up to the shoulders, anti-wind system, low weight.

No cons revealed.

Customers love the design and reliability of the model.

Airton 02-Z3615-50

The dome of the umbrella is very large, and allows two people to hide. The accessory handle is ergonomically streamlined and has an eyelet for comfortable wearing on your wrist.

Parts used for high-quality products, the anti-wind system protects against damage. The dyes used for the dome are not susceptible to rainwater and the sun. Before use, all materials passed quality control.


  • semiautomatic mechanism (opening from the button, and closing manually),
  • folding (in three additions),
  • product weight 0.37 kg
  • material: polyester, aluminum, steel, fiberglass, glossy plastic,
  • folded - 28 si,
  • in the open - 1 m,
  • 8 spokes
  • equipped with a fabric cover.

Pros and cons

Plus - the cheapness and reliability of the model.

Minus - few color options.

Buyers choose an umbrella due to the good price-quality ratio. But the choice of design is not enough.

Zest (Z51570-12)Zest 02-Z51570-3293Airton 02-Z3615-50
mechanicalmechanicalsemiautomatic device
Weight g
The diameter of the dome, cm
there isthere isthere is
Number of needles

Airton 02-Z3615-50 has the best performance. The diameter of the dome is larger and the weight of the model is less. Convenient semi-automatic system.

Umbrella Care Tips

Stick to a few tips:

  • to dry, you need to open the umbrella halfway (so that the fabric of the dome does not begin to sag), if the umbrella is made of silk - dry strictly unopened,
  • Store in a dry place at a temperature of from -10 to +35 degrees,
  • do not put it in the purse at the very bottom: it is better to refrain from heavy things on the umbrella,
  • for cleaning, it is best to use a solution: half a glass of ammonia per liter of water, 50 to 50 vinegar and water, moisten a soft brush in vinegar,
  • spots on a black umbrella are best cleaned with a solution of strong black tea,

  • when the fabric sags, rinse the umbrella under a hot shower (this will allow the fabric to stretch over the knitting needles), after drying,
  • from dust and dirt a soft brush is sufficient, previously moistened with a neutral detergent for silk and wool at a temperature of + 35 ... + 40 degrees,
  • do not use solutions with impurities for cleaning: gasoline, kerosene, acetone or other solvents.

You need to wash the accessory as necessary, but not after every trip in the rain.

Watch the video: Umbrellas, the Necessary Accessory - Jackets Required, Tailor Tip (February 2020).

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