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Editor'S Choice - 2020

100 best haircuts for men this year

Haircut makes us individual, emphasizes our style and lifestyle, it is a kind of self-expression. Do not be afraid to experiment with your hair, because changing ourselves, we are able to change our lives.

Young guys can afford any hairstyle and it will look appropriate. To create the most stylish look, it is best to contact a good master who will select the most suitable haircut for you, based on the structure of your hair and face shape.

Shaved haircuts

For several years in a row, the most popular haircut for guys and for men (even aged) is haircuts with shaved parting in their different variations.

Such haircuts are done on medium hair, on elongated (crown) and on short, but shaving parting on one side should be an obligatory attribute of this haircut. Some options are shaved with a shaved nape.

Parting haircuts require regular correction and styling.

Short haircuts

If you do not have the opportunity to visit the hairdresser often, then you should, first of all, pay attention to short haircuts.

Today, many barbershops (hairdressers) offer stylish modern hairstyles for short hair. Fashionable short men's haircuts look appropriate both in everyday life and at solemn events.

Short haircuts not only save time in the morning for training, but often do not require any care at all, except for washing your hair. Short haircuts are enough to update every 3-4 weeks so that they do not lose their appearance.

Half Box Haircut

Haircuts semi-boxing and boxing are easy to care for, practical, emphasize the masculinity of the face. Such haircuts are suitable for all types of face and hair structure, even curly.

A half-box haircut is characterized by a smooth transition from long to short hair, at the top the length is average, from below it is getting shorter.

Haircut boxing

The boxing haircut does not lose its shape for a long time and does not require styling, the hair looks neat and well-groomed just wash your hair.

And yet, a boxing haircut can be done without problems at home, you only need a clipper:

  • On the sides and back, the length is from 0.5 to 2-3 cm
  • In the crown - 1-2 cm longer
  • In the area of ​​the crown and bangs - 2-4 cm

Bob haircut for guys

A bob haircut made in graduated technique is very popular among guys all over the world. Many people like this haircut because it does not have certain patterns, the bangs can be straight, oblique, graded, but you need to take into account the shape of the face. For a bob haircut to be successful, you need to have an average hair length. And such a haircut requires care, it looks good only on clean fresh hair and in order to create volume, it is advisable to blow dry your hair.

Among celebrities, such a haircut is chosen by Ashton Kutcher, Johnny Depp and others.

Stylish british haircut for young guys

The British haircut looks very stylish on young guys, it gives brutality and charm. With such a haircut, Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham and many other stars often go. For such a haircut you will need the average hair length and density also plays an important role. In the British, the nape of the head is cut as short as possible, and the hair remains closer to the face long, the bangs are also long and combed to one side or back.

The British is the haircut that requires styling, for this you need to get a gel or wax for hair, you can buy them in stores where they sell hair cosmetics. The gel or wax is applied to slightly damp hair and with the help of a comb, the desired shape is given.

British haircut does not go to guys with a thin face, because shaved whiskey visually stretch their face even more. If you have large protruding ears, then it is better to refuse such a haircut.

Men's haircut canadian

A Canadian haircut is a bit like a British haircut, this haircut is also done with variations in the length of the hair on the top of the head, and the nape and temples are cut short. To cut a canadian you need to have thick hair or medium density, on thin thin hair, such a haircut will not look beautiful. But, there are differences between haircuts: the Canadian haircut technique involves shaving long hair in the neck and temples, and in the parietal part the length has a smooth transition and bangs are left somewhere up to 4 cm.

Fashionable haircuts with asymmetry

Fashionable creative haircuts can be obtained with the help of asymmetry - this is unevenly cut hair, that is, one side is longer than the other. Asymmetry should not completely cover the whole head, it is enough that on the one hand there will be irregularities and diagonal cut lines on the bang. You can make a flat or torn bang, and cut the rest of the head area briefly.

Asymmetrical haircuts will help emphasize courageous cheekbones and other facial features.

Haircuts for guys: photos

We offer you a selection of popular and most diverse haircuts for guys.

We hope that in our selection, you have found something interesting for yourself. And do not forget to save your favorite options.

Best men's haircuts and hairstyles

We constantly study the latest global trends in the world of men's haircuts.

Shaving haircuts, erratic haircuts, as well as short haircuts with clear surgical lines on the back of the head and on the sides of the head are now at the peak of popularity.

See our selection, in which we have collected 100 of the best haircut options and more than 300 photos of the most relevant men's haircuts and hairstyles this year.

Shaving + volumetric combed back bangs

Very cool men's haircuts with volume and movement. The sides are cut very short, and long hair is left on top. Wash your hair and comb it back. Then apply medium-sized hair spray so that the hairstyle can last throughout the day.

Short textured haircut

A light hairstyle to create that does not require maintenance. This haircut will be well complemented by a beard.

Long hair + Designer drawing

This is one of the coolest haircuts we have ever seen. Shaving is one of those hairstyles that will remain one of the most popular in the world for many more years. This super cool looks with long hair on top and a long bang, combined with a large beard and amazing graphic hair design.

Short haircut + high shave

One of the best haircuts this year. It will be suitable for office workers, as it does not require a lot of time for care.

Short wavy hair + high shaving

Shortly cut wavy hair for a nice short haircut.

Messy haircut for men

This is a stylish short haircut for men, which has shaved sides and messy hair on top.

High shaving + long hair on top

Here we have a great style that seems to have been inspired by a haircut from the 80s.

Medium Lipstick

There are so many lipstick options, depending on the type and length of your hair. This lipstick is medium long, with very short sides.

High shaving + medium sculpted hair

High shaving in conjunction with thick hair on top, which are laid in the shape of a fire thereby giving the hairstyle a special movement.

High wavy hair + shaving

A good option for wavy hair with interesting lateral solutions.

Short sides + long hair

Cool side cutting with shaving

Shaving + waves

Highly bald shaving is combined with wavy hair styling on top of the head.

Side cutting + clean shaving

This is a very cool style for men. The sides are shaved, and on the top the hair is gathered in such a way that adds movement to the style.

Shaving + short spiky hair

Classic men's haircut with special hair styling in front.

Bald Shaving + Curly Hair

Some guys think their curly hair is a problem. But not in the case when you go to the right hairdresser. This style is just awesome. Medium shaving gives a good contrast to the longer hair on top that can be styled naturally.

Short sides + long bangs

This is a super cool hairstyle. Big hair on top, long bangs in front, and sides shaved.

Double lipstick

This is one of the most creative haircuts at the moment. Thick hair on top is stylized back into cool lipstick.

Medium length haircut

The classic medium hairstyle is medium long for men who want to look traditional, but at the same time modern and fashionable.

Short hair in combination with medium

A popular men's hairstyle of recent years. Short hairs on the sides, smoothly turn into longer ones on the top of the head, which in turn are combed back to emphasize the features of your face.

Short smooth lipstick

Keep a simple short haircut. To create this haircut, apply a little hair gel and comb it to the side, then fix them with varnish.

Short Quiff + medium shave

A cool middle haircut for men, with sharp textures on top and a sharp transition to create more contrast. Textures on top give the hair an unusual style.

High Shaving + Curly Hair

Here's a hairstyle that makes curly hair cool. High shaving is combined with anderkat.

Smoothly combed back hair

The modern version of the classic haircut. Use strong hair gel to create it to keep your hair in place. This is a real haircut for alpha men.

Medium Shaving + Textured Pompadour

This is probably one of the most popular hairstyles this year. High shaving combined with textured lipstick.

Hairstyle for curly hair

Here we have curly hair on top of the head, which is very naturally combined with ultra-short sides.

Thick medium hair

Another example of a cool hairstyle, but with longer thick hair at the top and bald sides.

Short-cut Underderkat

One of the most notable men's haircuts this year. The shaved sides contrast sharply with the long hair on top of the head.

High shaving + long wavy hair

If you have long wavy hair, then this hairstyle is perfect for you.

Cone haircut

One of the most beloved hairstyles for black men. The smooth transition retains a fresh and neat appearance, the natural curly hair on top is curled into curls.

Long curly haircut + short sides

Another awesome hairstyle for guys who have curly hair and think they can't create a cool hairstyle. This is one of the best hairstyles for curly hair this year.

Short sides + natural curls

Neat and clear curls on the sides and longer on top create a beautiful appearance for its owner.

Haircut for thick messy hair

The sides are very short and high, while on top the long hair is laid almost in Iroquois. One of the best options.

Smoothly combed back haircut

Another alpha style is male. Hairstyle has moved to a more masculine style.

Cool low shaving + Side

Innovative unique men's haircut. We have a cool combination created in free pompadour.

High combination shaving

A classic pompadour that is perfected. A large beard perfectly complements this haircut.

Pompadour with a surgical line

Another option for pompadour. A surgical line separates the low shaving from the high upper.

Bursting mohawk

An amazingly shaped hairstyle, including a cool side effect.

Low shaving + smooth hair

This is an amazing style. It is perfect for business men who love classics. A thick beard also complements this haircut.

Natural curls + double line

Curly hair is medium long. Good neat sides and double short sides to complement the style.

Short textured hair + medium shave

Here we have one of the first styles to be found this year with a beard, bald shaving and a long upper. One of the best hairstyles for men who want to stand out in the crowd.

Cool hair design

This year's cool shaving haircut design.

Surgical line + Anderkat

High shaving is combined with a strict surgical line. Upstairs we have a long lipstick.

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