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What men's haircuts are combined with a beard: the opinion of a stylist

Growing a good beard and giving it a neat appearance is not always enough for the image to be complete and individual.

Everyone wants to have their own highlight in the style, which can be easily emphasized by choosing the right shape and hairstyle for your beard. Exclusivity and beauty are guaranteed to those who approach this issue scrupulously.

What are men's hairstyles with a beard? How to choose the one that suits you? Let's try to find answers to these pressing questions.

Determine the type of face and choose a style

Men's haircuts with a beard are multivariate, in order to perfectly determine the suitable look, you need to build on several factors that will help to do this:

An important role in the choice is played by the oval of the face. Under the shape of the face, an appropriate hairstyle with a beard for men is selected, which can emphasize the advantages and remove the imperfections.

It is also necessary to proceed from the selection of opportunities and time costs that will be spent on caring for hair and styling it correctly.

Naturally, the style and combination with the beard will be an essential indicator when choosing.

For, in order to do everything right, follow these steps and based on them, view all sorts of variations.

Determine the type of beard that exists with the owner. It is necessary to do this, because the male beard plays a significant role in the appearance of any man and the hair, which could look good without bristles, with bristles will not be so attractive.

With the already defined version of the haircut, preferably with its image, and preferably several, contact the hairdresser. Having variations of the haircuts you like, the master will be able to recommend the best based on the intricacies of his profession.

A specific haircut looks good under a certain oval of the face:

  • if the face is oval, then you can safely choose any haircut and be sure that it will look great,
  • a round face does not like volume on the head, round hair. The best option would be a haircut with short temples and medium length,
  • to a triangular face, it is preferable to choose hairstyles on the side, multilayer and step,
  • a square face will look good with a large volume of hair, it will help smooth the oval of the face. Otherwise, it is better to opt for haircuts with small temples and sides, behind which remains density and volume.

You need to pay attention to the structure of the hair. Thin ones like quads or asymmetrical haircuts. From thick hair you can do any hairstyle, the main thing is not to go too far with the volume. When creating and choosing a hairstyle for curly hair, you should take into account the direction in which the hair grows.

Short men's hairstyles with a beard

Each has his own style and you can choose a lot of hairstyle variations in combination with a beard. In general, a harmonious choice of a combination of “male beards - haircuts” requires an individual approach.

But given that style is an art, and any art has its own canons, here you can highlight some of them so that there is something to rely on when choosing.

For owners of short lengths, the easiest way to decide is, because cutting a short length if it cannot give chic, it will not spoil in any case, no matter what type of beard your face is. A short haircut and a beard is a classic of the genre, there is a whole set of them.

Boxing. The simplest, but convenient and relevant haircut at all times. It will be combined with the type of beards as: Hollywood, goatee and simple bristles.

Half box. It differs from the previous haircut in that it has longer hair on the crown than in the rest of the head and has the ability to blend with a bang. Suitable for such types of beards as Russian, Hollywood and just stubble.

Hedgehog. It is quite popular among young people, differs from boxing in a slightly larger long hair and shape. Combine it best with regular bristles.

Military. Suitable for men with a brutal type, who have very clear facial features, on guys with a different appearance, such a haircut will not cause anything other than laughter. The difference from its half-box is that the length on the parietal part is much shorter, the sides are cut very short. Suitable for such a beard haircut type goatee, ordinary bristles and just a mustache with light bristles on the chin.

These hairstyles are also very convenient because they can be made independently and periodically brought to the desired form, after regrowth. In order to make a haircut on short hair yourself, you just need to know the basic principle, and the rest vary by haircuts:

  • in order to do the hairstyle yourself, you need a hair clipper,
  • nozzles, which are usually attached to such devices, allow you to choose the required length by which the hair will be cut. It’s worth picking up depending on individual choice,
  • for haircuts like boxing, a half box is suitable nozzle number 1 or number 2. For the military, you need to use two nozzles in different parts of the head, i.e. smaller on the sides, larger on the parietal part. To make a hedgehog haircut, the nozzle can be any, but you must follow the correct form, which this haircut suggests,
  • in order to accurately do everything necessary and get the desired result, you can help print your favorite haircut and put as a visual aid during the design of the haircut in front of you.

Do not forget about such an option as a haircut. Bald men with a beard do not lose their popularity.

Medium length haircuts

To haircuts that can be done on an average hair length include:

    • classic long hairstyles,

  • gavrosh - a youth version that looks torn, the hair length is about average size throughout the head,
  • square,
  • under the "pot" - the lower part of the hair is cut short, and the upper remains long,
  • Hitler Youth - strands of medium length are left on the crown, and the occipital part and sides are shaved or remain with the shortest possible length,
  • mr cool - very similar to the previous one, but differs in length on the sides,
  • Canadian - smoothly passing locks of medium length on the top and back of the head to short on the sides.

Basically, not very large men's beards and mustaches are suitable for haircuts for medium hair length. Do not clutter your face, choosing to a medium length on your head and a lush beard. Types of beards like goatee, ordinary stubble, Hollywood perfect for a medium hairstyle.

When choosing a haircut with an average length, you need to remember that in any case, it needs proper care and styling. The advantage will be that there is the possibility of variations of the image at will. In order to do a hairstyle you need to adhere to some recommendations:

  • First, you should choose a special hair care product that will suit your hair type,
  • after applying a small amount of gel or mousse, you need to simulate the necessary hairstyle,
  • after which you can fix the result with a hairdryer, combing the hair in the right direction, or let it dry on its own.

Do not forget that care is also required for the beard itself. To do this, you can use special tools: wax, oil, balm and soap.

And if the hair is long?

Hairstyles on long hair are not so many, usually it is either a tail or a bun. Long hair can be solid, i.e. over the entire head there is a length greater than 25 cm and combined with short ones. The last option looks like a Hitler Youth, only the difference in length.

The combination with the types of beards is different, they can be with a Russian, a goat, a mustache, a beard-curtain and ordinary bristles.

To do a hairstyle on long hair, you don’t need to put a lot of effort. You need gum and comb, with the help of which the hair is combed up and fixed. The height of the beam can be selected individually at will, you can experiment. Fashion dictates that men's bunches should be, the higher, the better.

See below: men's beard and different haircuts photo

Determine the shape of the face

To begin the formation of the image follows with the definition of the oval of the face. Half the success of the entire male image depends on this. To do this, follow these guidelines.

  • Hairstyles with side parting and combined length are suitable for a triangular shape of the face.
  • Male chubby men are recommended short or medium length male haircuts to avoid additional volume.
  • Holders of a square face will suit voluminous hair or a men's haircut with short-cut temples.
  • The oval shape is universal for any hairstyle and beard shape for men.

We determine the structure of hair

An important factor for choosing a male haircut is the hair structure. When choosing a hairstyle, consider the following tips and recommendations of stylists.

  • Owners of curly hair should consider the direction of growth and curling of vegetation.
  • Thick, lush, straight or slightly curly male hair will suit any hairstyle.
  • Men with thin hair should give preference to a bob haircut or haircuts, implying asymmetry.

Options for different lengths

Each man has his own individual style, his own taste. Therefore, you should determine your type of beard and harmoniously combine it with a hairstyle. Fashionable men's haircuts mainly welcome the presence of facial hair. Having determined your hair type and face shape, you can begin experiments with appearance. Men's hairstyles with a beard have many variations, but there are classic combinations that are always relevant.


The choice of men's haircuts in this case is small. Often hair is the same length, but sometimes there are multilevel haircuts. Such a hairstyle looks like a Hitler Youth with cut sides. Mostly men prefer a tail or a bun. According to the latest fashion trends, the beam should be high, almost on the top of the head. For styling, it is necessary to carefully comb the hair, collect it up and fix it with an elastic band. This men's hairstyle is combined with a goat and a Russian beard. Mustache or small stubble is also welcome.

20 best men's haircuts with a beard

The most popular men's haircuts should successfully fit under the beard. Variability of hairstyles allows you to choose the best option for the shape of the face, lifestyle and mood. Fashion haircuts in combination with the current beard model is a fashion trend that is supported by famous actors, athletes, and artists. Business style involves a clean-shaven chin, but today on television in some talk shows you can watch journalists and TV presenters with neat beards.

The most fashionable trends

The actual image of the season is the longer the beard, the shorter the hair on the head and vice versa. The desire of men to become attractive to the opposite sex has become a competition. Not all guys manage to correctly select the forms of beards and hairstyles, so there is a huge variety of combinations. Given that men up to 40-50 who want to be fashionable, who work, hairstyles with short hair predominate, so as not to violate the business office style.

For short hair

The most versatile version of the men's haircut, which will look beautiful with a beard, is short hair, evenly shot by the machine throughout the head.

  1. "Boxing"
    A simple haircut that men like because of the ease of care, especially in the summer-spring period. This model is a perfectly shaved head. A bald man looks dominant, like a certain type of women, so boxing haircut, relevant at all times, is out of fashion. With short hair, the model will look interesting - “Fu Manchu”, “Suvorovskaya”, “Rapper Standard” or “Van Dyck”.
  2. "Half Box"
    It combines perfectly with a short beard - it creates a stylish business image. The haircut implies, in comparison with the first option, longer hair on the parietal part of the head. Sometimes, at the request of the client, the hairdresser leaves a thinned bang. This haircut is perfectly combined with the model “Box”, “Hollywood”, “Goatee” and other options.
  3. "Military"
    A kind of short haircut for hair, which will suit different forms of beard and a little overgrown bristles. Strict army style is preferred by self-confident youth. Coal features, strict lines of the cheekbones and chin will harmoniously look with a military hairstyle.
  4. "Hedgehog"
    Like young guys under 25 years old. Students and high school students stack the left length with the help of varnish, gel. Men combine this hairstyle with a certain type of beard or three-day stubble.
  5. "Tennis"
    A haircut that has come into fashion after the Olympics. Short hair length will adorn the heads of young people up to 30 years. The hairstyle is perfectly compatible with some models - “Duck Tail”, “Balbo”, “Screen”.
  6. Cezar
    Short haircuts are relevant for owners of soft or sparse hair in combination with bristles or beards. The Cezar model version with a slight straight bang looks beautiful and fashionable with “Fu Manchu”, “Van Dyke”, “Box”.
  7. Buzz cut
    A short-haired example that fits well with a beard. The universal option can be combined with “Fu Manchu”, “Hollywood”, “Van Dyck”, “Goatee”, “Box”.

Medium length

Haircuts with a beard look nice if they are combined with an average length of hair. Variability of hairstyles is quite large due to the variety of lengths, areas of short cutting and all kinds of combinations.

  1. Pompadour
    A spectacular haircut, reminiscent of the style of Elvis Presley. The difference is that the modern version is sheared using the “ladder” technique, which allows the hairstyle to keep in shape. In general, the styling of the curls is done after a hard pile, then fixed with wax, highlighting the strands to achieve the effect of slight negligence. The hairstyle is ideally combined with "Fu Manchu", "Hollywood", "Van Dyck", "Goatee" and "Box".
    A haircut to which a short beard will fit, bordering the line of the cheekbones and chin or stubble. On the parietal part, medium-length hair is left that requires care, even styling. For the brutality of the image, the guys wear “French Fork”, “Sparrow”, “Bicycle Handlebar and Goatee”, “Winfield”, “Screen”.
  3. "Tomboy"
    A modified bean - a stylish option for every day goes well with different types of beards. The hairstyle suits different age categories, decorates any oval of the face - will make it more courageous and charismatic. “French Fork”, “Sparrow”, “Fu Manchu”, “Hollywood”, “Van Dyck” are the most suitable short male haircuts for a beard.
  4. "Iroquois"
    Guys prefer Iroquois to medium hair length. This option looks harmonious, bordering the upper part of the head and the back of the head. Using the length, the mohawk is regulated, which is subsequently formed from the left hair using styling products. The rebellious mood of the hairstyle is conveyed by the style of the chosen beard - “Fu Manchu”, “Hollywood”, “Box”.
  5. Retro hairstyle with whiskers
    Does not involve removing all hair at the temples. Evenly distributed length and density as they grow form a magnificent “cap”.A calm intelligent image that perfectly fits into the office style looks great with a beard of various kinds - “French Fork”, “Hollywood”, “Duck Tail,” Balbo, “Screen”.
  6. "British"
    Stylish hairstyles under the beard under the name, indicating the origin, "British" look elegant and fashionable. Accurate styling goes well with the forms: "Hollywood", "Duck Tail", "Balbo", "Screen".

With long hair

  1. Graded or double "square"
    Spectacular elegant haircuts for a fashionable image of romantics. Hairstyles of this option are suitable for guys with curly hair without a beard or for bearded men with straight strands.
  2. Grunge
    Chaotic hair styling with a length of "square". Luxurious hair, despite negligence, requires persistent funds to achieve styling. Hair length is suitable for young people up to 30-35 years. The oval of the face should be elongated, thin with a sharp chin - a triangular type of face.

Long hair in modern haircuts with shaved temples men are tidied up in a small ponytail on the back of the head. This creates a harmonious silhouette and lengthens the oval of the face. With thick ringlets, “Hollywood”, “Fu Manchu”, “French Fork”, “Duck Tail” look good.

How not to make a mistake

If you are not sure which compositions will be combined with a short beard, then it makes sense to pay attention to the theory of archetypes, which will most accurately tell the style and shape of the haircut. The character warehouse and the model of behavior in society are varieties: a wanderer or a rebel, a warrior or a keeper, a lover or a jester, a magician or a creator, as well as other types. By analyzing behavioral factors and combining them with fashion trends, it is easy to choose hairstyles and the shape of a beard. For example, the “Wanderer” type is suitable for long hairstyles with short bristles. The model version of the Warrior is not suitable for the Lover, and the Rebel will look ridiculous in the image of the Philosopher. At the same time, he will look harmoniously with the Iroquois and the French Fork.

Each new image of a man ends with clothes of business or romantic style. A huge number of stylists and barbers work in Moscow, who will pick up a spectacular haircut to the shape of a beard. Professionals are engaged in creating a harmonious image, therefore, before going to the hairdresser, we recommend choosing a class specialist and developing several images: for work, on vacation, for the weekend. They will advise the optimal combination of costume, hairstyle and beard to your appearance and interior content.

Short men's haircuts with a beard - photo

For short hair, the most common option for men is boxing hairstyle. This short men's haircut looks good with almost any beard, for example, with a Hollywood or very short one.

Half box - a hairstyle implies longer strands on top of the crown, sometimes done with bangs. All kinds of beards are also combined with this haircut.

Hedgehog - has a shape resembling boxing, but longer. Hairstyle is especially suitable for young people. It is combined with any beard.

Military - hair on the back of the head is shorter than on the top of the head. Such a haircut will emphasize the brutality and machismo of its owner.

Suitable for men with clear large facial features. Goatee, mustache, stubble are ideal for this haircut.

Under zero - a haircut bald in combination with a beard is becoming increasingly popular. Suitable for men with an even head shape and regular facial features.

Haircuts for men with a beard, you can try to do it yourself, if you choose a not complicated hairstyle and beard.

The advantage of a short haircut is that it can be done at home, you only need a special machine with different nozzles. Nozzles 1 and 2 - for the shortest length - boxing and semi-boxing, for a hedgehog you need to choose a nozzle for the desired length, the main thing is to maintain the desired shape of the entire hairstyle.

For an increasingly popular military haircut, nozzles of different lengths are taken. It will be much easier for a man to take care of short hair, they do not require styling, unlike hairstyles with a comb.

Before choosing a hairstyle, you need to think about whether you will have time to comb and style every morning.

A classic short haircut for a man has a lot of undeniable advantages in grooming and goes well with a beard.

Men's haircuts under a beard machine include the following hairstyles: boxing, half boxing, under zero.

Beard species

Modern men's haircuts and beard are a great combination for men who want to further emphasize their masculinity.

There are a lot of varieties of a beard, an experienced master and, of course, experimenting with your image will help you choose the right one.

Russian beard - naturally overgrown quite long. It is suitable for men radiating pathos brutality.

Hollywood beard - short with sideburns.

Balbo - An even beard with clean cheekbones without whiskers, sometimes a mustache is added.

Goatee - She has various variations, it suits most men, regardless of the type and shape of the face. This beard is preferred by showmen, artists, musicians.

A curtain - long whiskers to the lower jaw, and the chin and neck are clean-shaven.

Goatee - a short beard on the chin, and a flat mustache and a beard around the mouth are rounded.

Skipper - a beard covers the cheekbones and whiskey, no mustache.

Beard Anchor - a pointed beard with a vertical strip to the lips, a wavy mustache.

Biker beard - she is long careless, most often worn with a haircut under zero or underker hair.

Suvorov Beard - the bristles grow from the temples, go along the cheekbones, go into a mustache and go down to the mouth.

Choice of beard by face type

Before choosing fashionable men's haircuts for a beard, you definitely need to pay attention to the type and shape of the face.

Face oval or rectangular - medium length sideburns are good.

The face is round - a short beard will look good, you can try a mustache.

Triangular shape of the face - you need to "weight" the lower part of the face. A horseshoe-shaped beard is a good solution.

A narrow face with clearly burnt cheekbones will undoubtedly be decorated with a full beard. She will add brutality and pronounced masculine charisma.

Fashionable men's haircuts under the beard - photo

Among the most popular and stylish men's hairstyles with a beard, the following can be distinguished:

- British - shaved whiskey and contrastingly elongated hair on the crown, laid on its side,

- Quiff - shaved whiskey and a nape and a long forelock combed upwards,

- Canada - the average length of the hair on the top and back of the head and short on the sides,

- Anderkat - men's hairstyle combed back, which has many options.

Men's haircut Anderkat with a beard is a great combination, especially if you choose the right hairstyle to the overall image of a man.

The great advantage of the undercut haircut is that it is suitable for all hair, even for curly and curly hair.

There are many options for fashionable hairstyles - from a simple classic transition of length with a straight comb to bold shaven designs or tattoos on the temples and the back of the head or mohawk.

A stylish beard in combination with this haircut will enhance the desired spectacular look.

Men's hairstyles with long hair also include different types of beards. In this case, most often the hair is fixed with an elastic band on the top or back of the head in the form of a bundle-muzzle.

Representatives of the stronger sex also follow fashion trends and want to look cool and stylish.

What men's haircut is combined with a beard and with a specific hair type, head shape, facial features and the image of a young man, it is better, of course, to consult an experienced specialist in barbershop.

Well-chosen stylish and bold men's hairstyles with a beard increase the number of fans of their owners several times.

A well-groomed beard is a real masculine decoration that requires attention and proper care.

It must be trimmed in a timely manner. Even if it implies a careless appearance, corrections are required from time to time.

For better beard growth, there is a special oil, it will not only help to quickly grow a thick beautiful beard, but also give it a well-groomed appearance.

Also, do not forget to choose high-quality hair care products - shampoo, balm, gel or wax for styling.

A man who monitors his appearance and fashion trends, who is not afraid to experiment with his image, will never go unnoticed.

Ladies love the brave and the bold; they are always in the center of events and general attention.

See the most trending men's haircuts here.

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