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How can a man restore potency after 50 years: the best ways

Life in a metropolis, hard work and constant stresses lead some men to complain that normal potency disappears by the age of 30.

With longing recalling their youthful hypersexuality, they are content with sexual intimacy a couple of times a week and complain that old age will soon be. Old age in their understanding is not 60-70 years. By old age they mean 45 years of age.

How to maintain good potency until old age?

It is possible to maintain a good potency at 30, and at 45, and at 60-70 years. As you know, good potency plays a huge role in the life of any man. The ability to feel like a male, ready to impregnate many females, is genetically embedded in male nature.

And although today, for the most part, people live in a civilized society, with their moral principles, this willingness to impregnate moves a man in his daily life. It is on this that success in work and life in society directly depend. It is known that people who have lost the opportunity to have a regular sex life due to the fact that they have a weak potency are very often immersed in deep depression. And here is no longer up to success.

This feature of male psychology has been known since antiquity. That is why Ayurveda and ancient Chinese medicine give such close attention to this. And the emergence of these teachings about human health is lost in the depths of centuries. It can be assumed that maintaining good potency in men after 50 years has always been relevant.

According to these methods, maintaining potency in old age is a very real thing. It can not only be maintained at a good level, but can also be made the reason for the recovery of the whole organism. But this is very true after 50 years, when the body begins to age.

What tips do ancient healing practices give?

The most important tip is not to lose your seed too often. According to the views of ancient physicians, it is believed that the seed supply in the body of a man is limited. Moreover, male seed is a very energetically saturated substance, therefore, after a stormy orgasm, a period of devastation always sets in, when a person feels a breakdown. And this is no accident. Ancient physicians believed that frequent loss of seed leads to the formation of certain energy voids in the body. And from this not only various senile diseases arise, but also the potency, male strength disappears. And this happens much earlier than a person turns 60 years old.

Such statements may or may not be believed. But the experience of modern medicine shows that problems with potency more often occur in people who in their youth lead too active sex lives. Male potency very quickly disappears. A person becomes desperate, not knowing how to increase potency, how time has been turned back.

Too violent sex life with frequent loss of seed leads to premature aging and withering of this most important function of the male body. And in the modern world, it can be observed that weak potency is not only the lot of older men.

Ancient Chinese medicine strongly recommends having sex without ejaculation, which allows you to maintain good potency until old age. And support is easy enough. The practice, which in the Western world was called sexual kung fu, has been successfully used by many people and helps to curb ejaculation. From this, the potency of a man is preserved.

Chinese kung fu art is known to imply masterful control of the energies that circulate in the human body. By the way, Ayurveda also tells about the energy of the human body. The yoga system also implies control over energy. But if yoga preached asceticism, then the ancient Chinese were supporters of a fulfilling life, which different pleasures are not alien to. Including sexual pleasure.

Therefore, a special system of psychophysical exercises was developed that allowed a person to achieve what became possible to have sex without ejaculating. The potency of a man, which can not only be returned, but also increased, becomes a reality. It is when the seed is stored in the body of a man that not only sexual health is preserved, but also physical health, the health of the whole body. The ancients knew what they were talking about. After all, it is known that life expectancy among the nobility of ancient China was much higher than in other states. And Chinese folklore abounds with a description of the orgies that emperors indulged in at a fairly advanced age. But ancient China was traditionally polygamous, so participation in orgies was not something immoral. Naturally, such art was not accessible to commoners.

Natural ways to improve an erection in old age

The most common cause of erectile dysfunction in middle-aged men remains the negative effects of stress, bad habits (alcohol and smoking) and a sedentary lifestyle. All this leads to a decrease in the amount of testosterone in the blood, which, therefore, decreases physiologically.

Accordingly, the restoration of potency in men after 50 years is aimed at eliminating all these points. There are several fairly simple in theory, but far from easy in practice, tips that will help improve the quality of sexual life without the use of medications.

These include:

  1. Proper nutrition. No need to go on any diets. The main thing is a balanced diet. All major products must be present. It is important to exclude from the menu fast food, convenience foods, smoked and fried foods (if possible). In addition, it is worth increasing the number of nuts with honey and seafood in the diet. They are natural sources of ingredients indispensable for sexual activity (zinc, vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids), which contribute to the stabilization of erection and spermatogenesis.
  2. Specialized physical activities. Kegel exercises, squats for potency, massage of the testicles - these are the techniques that will help any representative of the stronger sex regain confidence in bed. The main thing is to know how to perform them correctly, and a professional trainer who should have experience in this niche will help to do this. The result is achieved due to the "acceleration" of testosterone and the establishment of blood circulation throughout the body (in general) and in the pelvic area, in particular.
  3. Quitting smoking and alcohol abuse. Natural restoration of male potency after 50 years is impossible in the presence of bad habits. They negatively affect the condition of the whole organism and lead to a decrease in sexual activity (largely due to the progression of problems with the vascular system).

Separately, it should be said about options for dealing with stress. Everyone copes with it in their own way, but there is a general recommendation that will suit everyone: you need to try to avoid negative emotions and treat problems easier.

Doctrine of energy channels

According to Chinese medicine, two main channels pass through the human body through which energy circulates. They pass along the front and back side of the body along the spine. Channels are closed in the head of a person in the lower and upper sky. If you lift your tongue up and touch it to the sky behind your teeth, you can connect these two channels. The closed ring is called the microcosmic orbit. In addition, in the human body there are energy centers called dantian. In ancient India, they also talked about the centers through which energy passes, and called them chakras.

So, dantian serve as accumulators of energy in the human body. And the lower dantian, which is located in the perineum, is just responsible for sexuality. It is recommended to daily run energy through this ring, along this orbit inside the human body.

  1. To do this, just sit on the edge of the chair with a straight back and close your eyes.
  2. Lift the tongue to the upper palate and place it behind the teeth.
  3. Imagine a closed energy ring inside the body.
  4. Focus on the energy that is in the perineum.
  5. Inhale through the nose and pull energy through the back energy channel to the crown of the head.
  6. Hold energy in the head and exhale lower it through the front channel to the perineum, thus closing the orbit.
    Perform the exercise as much as you want.

I must say that at first it is not possible to raise the flow to the head, so the energy is raised gradually, with stops. What was initially perceived purely theoretically, as it is trained, acquires quite physical sensations.

After a person gains the ability to control the flow of energy, it is recommended to begin exercises to restrain ejaculation. They consist in the fact that at the time of approaching orgasm, a man stops and, with a willpower, raises energy to the head. In this case, the muscles of the anus and urethra are strongly compressed. This helps better control. From this begins the increase in potency.

If excitation does not subside and ejaculation is inevitable, a physical method of delaying it is recommended. It consists in the fact that fingers need to squeeze the seminal canal, which is located in the perineum, behind the scrotum.

By holding back the ejaculation over and over again, the man is filled with energy that was not lost with the seed. If ejaculation can be restrained for a sufficiently long time, men's health goes to a new, qualitatively higher level. And it becomes unsurprising potency in men after 60.

Recovery of potency in men after 50 years with medication

Traditionally, when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction and the need to restore a man’s potency at 50 years old, classic Viagra comes to mind first. Undoubtedly, this tool is one of the best for improving an erection, however, before using it, it is better to consult a doctor.

Only a doctor will be able to expertly establish the cause of the problem and offer a number of ways to overcome it. It can be both medications and physiotherapeutic procedures, and in some cases, even a surgical intervention may be required to “resolve the situation”.

The best natural products. TOP 3

At the moment, the pharmaceutical market is literally filled with a variety of capsules, tablets and sprays for potency.

In a simple layman, his eyes run wide when visiting a pharmacy. Restoring normal potency in men after 50 years is possible with the help of a number of drugs.

The most effective and sought after (in addition to Viagra) remain:

  • Drops for potency BIG ZILLA. The natural composition, soft, but quick effect on the body of a representative of the stronger sex, make this tool one of the leaders in sales. With its even occasional use, a significant increase in erection, an increase in the amount of ejaculate and a general normalization of mood are noted. Thousands of men regularly use this drug to restore potency.
  • Capsules Biomanix. Another great tool that brings a lot of pleasure every day to both men and women. The composition of the drug includes extracts of natural stimulants of sexual activity. Due to the convenient form of release, the product has gained wide popularity among men. A regular intake provides a qualitative restoration of potency in the stronger sex, who are already over 50. Before use, you should consult a doctor.
  • Spray M16. One of the most popular drugs for episodic increase in erection and prolong sexual intercourse. Not too good in the course of treatment of erectile dysfunction, but is ideal for instant “alert”. The principle of application is very simple. 5-7 minutes before the alleged sex you need to spray the product on the genital organ. Within 10 minutes, a peak in activity of the active substances is achieved.

A distinctive feature of the above medications remains the possibility of their use at any age. If a man is 50 or even more, they will be able to reliably and reliably restore potency. Of course, one should not immediately hope for sexual activity at the age of 20, but a man will definitely be able to bring pleasure to a partner after using one of these drugs.

Well, now a short video on why potency worsens with age:

Reasons for decreased potency

Potency is provided by psychological and physiological mechanisms, therefore both psychogenic and organic disorders can lead to its reduction. The first include severe stress or prolonged depression, as well as problems in relationships with a partner.

The list of organic factors leading to a deterioration in potency is quite large. The main ones are:

  1. Problems with the cardiovascular system: atherosclerosis, varicose veins, pathology of venous valves, heart disease, heart attacks, strokes.
  2. Injuries to the lower back, genitals, and brain.
  3. Obesity, a slowdown in metabolism.
  4. Inflammatory diseases of the genital organs (orchitis, epididymitis).
  5. Alcoholism (50% of alcoholics suffer from impotence), smoking.

  1. Violation of the structure of the cavernous bodies of the penis (Peyronie's disease, cavernitis).
  2. Taking some medications, chemotherapy, radiation.
  3. Operations on the prostate, bladder, penis (is impotence possible after removal of the prostate).
  4. Endocrine diseases.
  5. Age-related androgen deficiency.

In some cases, a violation of potency is provoked by prolonged abstinence. In the absence of sex, a man gradually reflexes sexual reflexes, and the production of testosterone decreases.

Reasons for the decline

With age, the work of all body systems deteriorates, including the genitourinary. In men, a gradual deterioration in potency and a decrease in libido are observed. This happens for several reasons:

  • Chronic vascular disease. If an elderly man has problems with the cardiovascular system, blood circulation in the pelvic region is disturbed. As a result, the filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis with blood deteriorates.
  • Violation of metabolic processes and hormonal failure.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet. If a 70-year-old man regularly drinks alcohol, smokes a lot, eats junk food and neglects physical exercise, you can not rely on normal potency and frequent sexual intercourse.
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system. In old age, diseases of the genitourinary system, such as prostatitis, urethritis, adenoma, and prostate cancer, often lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • Diseases of the endocrine system. Another cause of impotence is type 1 or type 2 diabetes.
  • Taking tranquilizers or sedatives also often leads to a decrease in libido and potency in 70 years.

With age, the work of all body systems deteriorates, including the genitourinary. In men, a gradual deterioration in potency and a decrease in libido are observed.

PDE-5 Inhibitors

Drug therapy for the restoration of potency rarely does without PDE-5 inhibitors, to which include sildenafil, vardenafil, tadalafil - trademarks Viagra, Levitra and Cialis respectively. Previously, these drugs were used mainly for symptomatic improvement of erection, but then in the course of research they moved into the category of term papers.In 30-40% of patients, taking these funds “on demand” (immediately prior to sexual intercourse) was ineffective, but with course therapy, potency improved significantly. For long-term treatment, tadalafil is more suitable due to the prolonged action (the effect on an erection lasts up to 1.5 days).

PDE-5 inhibitors contribute to the active expansion of the vessels of the penis and improve its blood supply, thereby achieving a stable erection. The drugs are effective in psychogenic and physiological disorders of potency. With their help, you can compensate for vascular dysfunction in diabetes mellitus, improve erectile function after prostatectomy. In the latter case, if the man did not suffer from erectile dysfunction before surgery, recovery occurs after 6-8 weeks.

Click on image to enlarge

With a course intake, drugs act in several ways:

  • Improving the overall effectiveness of complex treatment of impotence,
  • Elimination of erectile disorders after stress,
  • The development of a natural rhythm of sexual activity,
  • Beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system,
  • Improving the blood supply to the cavernous bodies of the penis.

After a course of PDE-5 inhibitors according to the results of pharmacodopplerography there is a significant increase in blood supply to the penis, due to which potency remains normal even after drug withdrawal. The activated blood flow provides the return of nocturnal erections, which perform an important trophic function - they preserve smooth muscle tissue of the cavernous bodies. The latter is especially true for men who have had prostate removal.

With the help of PDE-5 inhibitors, it is also possible to restore the potency impaired due to developing atherosclerosis, endothelial dysfunction of the vessels of the penis, heart failure. During the course of administration, the production of nitric oxide is normalized, which prevents the development of systemic vascular lesions, improves the condition of the coronary and brachial arteries. PDE-5 inhibitors also contribute to the activation of vascular endothelial function and potency after prolonged smoking.

These drugs are effective for various age categories.. Positive results in the form of restoration of erectile function were recorded in men aged 60-70 years, who for three months under the supervision of a doctor took tadalafil every other day. A month after discontinuation of the drug, 42% of the subjects reported potency enhancement. Spontaneous erections returned to those who did not have a serious atherosclerotic lesion of the carotid arteries.

Comparison of PDE-5 inhibitors

In relatively young patients (30-40 years old), regular intake of PDE-5 inhibitors helps to restore normal sexual reflexes, getting used to natural sex life. In men with vascular disorders, after a month of treatment with tadalafil, not only does potency improve, but the number of morning erections also increases significantly.

Many athletes take anabolic steroids in preparation for sports competitions. They have a decrease in their own testosterone and potency is natural when drugs are discontinued. If the course is carried out correctly, then the restoration of androgen synthesis after steroids will occur in 2-3 months. During this period, PDE-5 also helps to maintain erectile function.

Studies on the effect of drugs on the cardiovascular system are still ongoing. Their effect on each organism is individual; tolerance depends on the distribution patterns of PDE-5 enzyme in the tissues. Without a doctor's prescription, taking inhibitors is extremely dangerous.


You can increase potency with the help of sexual stimulants. For these purposes, PDE-5 inhibitors are excellent.

The most popular drugs in this group are:

Due to the fact that these medicines have many contraindications and side effects, you should definitely consult a specialist before using them.

Impase is a good homeopathic remedy for a quick erection: it gently affects the elderly body, while qualitatively improving potency and increasing libido.


The restoration of potency in men is possible with the help of a safe remedy - a unique drug "Impaz". Its effect is based on the activation of NO synthase, which stimulates the production of nitric oxide (the effect is similar to PDE-5 inhibitors). The active substance of the drug are antibodies that protect NO synthase from the effects of inhibiting factors. For example, from low-density lipoproteins, in a large number of blood vessels present with atherosclerosis and high cholesterol.

The price in pharmacies is from 350 r.

The course course of “Impazy” allows you to restore the synthesis of nitric oxide and improve erectile function in case of hypertension, coronary heart disease, and diabetes mellitus. The drug acts much slower than PDE-5 inhibitors, therefore, to quickly return potency, it is recommended to combine these groups of drugs (the combination reduces the dose of inhibitors). The most effective "Impaz" in the appointment of men under 35 years old.

Hormone therapy

Men whose potency has been affected by a lack of testosterone are prescribed stimulating (chorionic gonadotropin) or hormone replacement (testosterone undecanoate) therapy. Contraindication is prostate cancer or the presence of prerequisites for the development of a tumor.

Prices in pharmacies of the Russian Federation 2703 - 2784 rubles.

Stimulant therapy aims to restore testosterone production. It is usually used for young and sexually active patients. For example, with a deterioration in potency after inflammatory testicular diseases.

Hormone replacement (external testosterone administration) is indicated for men after 50 years.when erectile function can be returned only by exogenous androgen replenishment. The drug can be administered both injection and transdermally (patch, Androgel gel).

Recovery after medication

Medicines can not only restore, but also disrupt potency. In the latter case, therapy is adjusted. For example, in men with arterial hypertension, beta-blockers and thiazide diuretics are canceled. These drugs are replaced by alpha-blockers, calcium antagonists, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors.

Antidepressants and antipsychotics used to treat depression also have a negative effect on potency.. After their cancellation, some men suffer from erectile dysfunction for more than one year. The least harmful to potency are antidepressants that do not affect serotonin receptors: "Bupropion", "Trazodon". Drugs with a short elimination half-life can be periodically canceled.

In some cases, the treatment regimen cannot be changed. The way out of the situation is corrective therapy, including PDE-5 inhibitors, herbal preparations (yohimbine, Peruvian poppy).

Folk remedies

Alternative methods are a good addition to drug therapy, and are also indispensable for restoring potency after strokes and heart attacks. A quick effect can be achieved only by taking PDE-5 inhibitors or hormones, but folk remedies are safer and have a comprehensive healing effect. The latter is especially true, for example, when restoring potency after prolonged use of alcohol, tobacco smoking.

To fill the deficit of almost any macro- and microelements, as well as vitamins, you can use beekeeping products:

  1. Drone homogenate (royal jelly). Contains substances similar to male hormones.
  2. Bee killing.
  3. Honey and bee bread (pollen). Together they form a tandem unsurpassed in benefits for potency and the whole organism.
  4. Propolis.

Beekeeping products will significantly accelerate the restoration of erectile function after transurethral operations. Each of them contains biostimulants that promote cell regeneration, including nerve cells (which is important for the transmission of impulses during excitation).

If potency is impaired due to endocrine pathologies and normalization of testosterone levels is required, then plants can help:

  • Tribulus Creeping,
  • Goryanka is large-flowered,
  • Ginseng,
  • Eleutherococcus,
  • Eurycoma longifolia
  • Peruvian poppy,
  • Palm serenoa,
  • Leuzea
  • Zamanikha
  • Celery,
  • Garlic in the form of tincture or dry granules (fresh will reduce testosterone),
  • Euphorbia Pallas.

The above herbs are the basis of many complex Supplements for the restoration of potency ("Prostamol Uno", "Tribestan", "Viardo"). They are also recommended by urologists with prostatitis, which often causes a deterioration in erectile function. Inflammation of the prostate gland helps to remove Prostatilen suppositories (hood prostate extraction). Due to this property, the drug is often used after prostate surgery.

To restore potency with the help of folk remedies, you can also use castoreum (extract of beaver glands), bear and badger fat.


Correction of the diet can contribute to the restoration of potency and the replenishment of the deficiency of a number of substances. For men, the most important are the following:

  1. Vitamins A, C, E, D, B3, B6, B12.
  2. Selenium, zinc, magnesium, calcium.
  3. Amino acids (arginine, carnitine).
Daily dosages of vitamins (click on the image to enlarge)

You can get the necessary elements from special vitamin complexes for men, as well as from sports supplements containing BCAAs.

If possible, it is advisable to introduce oysters, krill oil, sea fish, crab meat into the diet. These seafood contains all the substances necessary to restore potency. For lack of hard-to-reach exotic you can limit yourself to nuts, pumpkin seeds, leaf salads.

Exercise and massage

Restoring male strength will be faster and more effective if regular exercise is added to a complete diet. This is especially true for men after a stroke or heart attack. The exercise therapy complex agreed with the doctor will not only contribute to the speedy return of lost body functions, but also prevent relapse attacks. Physical activity is also useful after operations on the prostate, being a good prevention of congestive and inflammatory processes.

If health allows, then you can do strength training, during which not only intense pumping of blood through the pelvic organs occurs, but also an increased amount of testosterone is released. The most effective for this purpose are squats with a barbell, pull-ups, bench presses, deadlift.

Physical education in combination with a balanced diet will help restore potency lost due to excess weight and physical inactivity. As the amount of visceral fat (“embracing” the internal organs) decreases, the level of female hormones estrogen and enzymes that inhibit testosterone decrease.

Another method for a man to restore potency at home is to testicular or prostate massage. Such manipulations improve tissue nutrition, increase receptor sensitivity, and stimulate the production of androgens. You can use a special vibratory massager. In the framework of rehabilitation after a stroke or heart attack, a full body massage is necessary, as well as physiotherapy (ozokerite applications, acupuncture, magnetotherapy).

1. Determine what is negatively affecting your male health from the list.

What can negatively affect male power:

  1. passive lifestyle,
  2. frequent stress and nervous tension,
  3. overweight problems
  4. low testosterone in the body,
  5. taking different steroids to build muscle
  6. the age and onset of male menopause, which was discussed in another article,
  7. smoking
  8. alcohol abuse
  9. diseases of the cardiovascular system, endocrine system, thyroid gland,
  10. diabetes,
  11. long abstinence
  12. sudden changes in temperature,
  13. suppression of your libido due to incorrect psychological beliefs about intimacy.

Having figured out what is the cause of the disorder, it will then be easier to resolve issues on the topic of how to increase potency in men after 45 years of folk remedies.

Rich in Vitamin E

  • green onions
  • vegetable oil,
  • spinach,
  • celery,
  • egg yolk.

Introduce these products in your diet to worry less about how to quickly increase potency at home with folk remedies.

For those who want to improve their libido at the expense of food, we wrote valuable recommendations in another article.

How to find this muscle of love

  1. Try stopping the urination stream in the toilet. It is the tension of this LC muscle that allows this to be done.
  2. When your manhood is in a state of alert, it is the tension of this muscle that makes your body bounce.

Pros of a trained muscle of love for man:

  • the ability to restrain the eruption, stamina in bed,
  • better blood circulation in the genitals, stagnation of blood is removed,
  • enhancing feelings with a loved one,
  • potency improvement
  • normalization of testosterone in the body.

How to train her

  1. Tighten this muscle in isolation from other muscles, first for short 2-3 seconds and gradually moving to long squeezes for 10-15 seconds. Intermediate relaxation lasts as much as stress.
  2. When your body is on alert, put from above towel and make him bounce, straining the muscle of love. When severe fatigue occurs, resume compression later. This is also one of the techniques for training Kegel muscles and getting rid of worries about how to increase potency at home after 50 years or 60.
  3. Training jet stops in the toilet.

The key to success in doing these workouts is consistency and good faith.

You can also learn about the Kegel exercise for men in another article.

4. Perform special exercises for the pelvic muscles

  1. Conventional pelvic rotational movements (we turn the pelvis in different directions, holding hands on the belt and legs at the level of the shoulders).
  2. Raise and lower the pelvis againlying on the rug, and resting his hands and feet on the floor, his knees are bent (hands hold along the body).
  3. Bike (rotational movement of the legs as when riding a bicycle, we lean with our backs on the floor, arms along the body and legs spin).
  4. Raising the knees to shoulder level at every step. There are two angles of raising the knees - in front, when the hands are on the belt, and the other is on the side of you in the direction of the shoulders with your hands raised to your temples (you can help yourself by slightly crouching with your supporting foot).
  5. Boat (lying on your stomach, while inhaling, raise and pull your hands forward, and pull your legs behind in the opposite direction, while exhaling your arms and legs drop). When energized, your buttocks will tighten and relax again.
  6. Squats (legs wider than shoulder width, arms at temples as with shock technique during sparring, inhaling squat and tension of buttock muscles, while exhaling relaxation and return to starting position).

In a new article, we wrote about these and many other physical exercises to increase potency.

Why is it important

More physical activity is needed in the pelvis in order for the blood to circulate well in this area.

The better the male organ in the bed fills with blood, the longer the erection lasts.

Thus, questions are closed on how to increase potency in men at home quickly and in a short time.


Pros of saving seed after bed:

  • a lot of energy in the body, vigor,
  • maintaining sexual alertness
  • maintaining a healthy body.

This does not mean that now, in general, this cannot be done. Know the correct frequency.

How often can this be done depending on age

The correct dependence of when you can lose seed in bed depending on age:

  1. you are 20 years old - in 4 days once,
  2. you are 30 years old - in 8 days once,
  3. you are 40 years old - in 10 days once,
  4. you are 50 years old - in 20 days once,
  5. you are 60 years old - you cannot lose a seed.

Remember this addiction, follow it to bathe less on how to quickly increase potency before an act with your girlfriend.

If a quick finish is a recurring problem, then on our site you can learn about how to get rid of fast ejaculation.

Which positions are better to use

  1. When she lies on her stomach and you are standing on your feet or knees, but in a position above her.
  2. When she stands on all fours, and you are behind the woman.

Remember this position secret to know a lot about how to increase potency at home for 1 day in men after 45 years or in younger guys.

Similar techniques and positions were also written earlier in another site publication.

7. Compression of the organ at the base

  • Another advanced chip to preserve blood in male dignity is to compress it at the base with moderate force.
  • Thus, you create a tourniquet that prevents the outflow of blood back into the body. Squeeze around the circumference thumb and forefinger and middle.
  • For example, to maintain the fighting position of your dignity when you put on a contraceptive, you can cover it at the base with medium strength as described. Thus, blood will not go anywhere and combat readiness will remain.

8. Popular methods

  1. Mixed carrot juice drink 1/4 cup with honey three times a day.
  2. Cabbage juice.
  3. Walnuts with honey mix in equal proportions and drink in the amount of 2 teaspoons after eating 2 times a day. To enhance the effect, this is all taken with milk.
  4. Lungwort tincture. It is boiled in water in a ratio of 1 glass per 10 grams and drunk 3 times a day.
  5. Pure aloe juice use 1 teaspoon before meals 3 times a day.
  6. Pumpkin seeds. For example, in peeled or ground form.
  7. Pine nuts, peanuts, pistachios or hazelnuts are also helpful.
  8. Honey and other beekeeping products.

We also talked about tinctures and herbs for our libido and attraction here.

The following video describes good ways to increase the potency of men with folk methods to strengthen libido and attraction.

In a related article, we also provided other valuable insights for treatment.

What areas are these points in?

  1. On the feet, on the Achilles tendon,
  2. In the middle of the heel,
  3. In the interval between the lower back and tailbone closer to the spine on both sides.

Do regular Massage these points to increase male strength.

Knowing what points you need to influence, you replenish your stock of practical knowledge on how to increase male potency at home at 50 or any other age.

Achilles tendon massage example

  • In a comfortable sitting position, take one of the legs so as to perform a large and index massage with fingers Achilles tendon.
  • Start it grind and massage from top to bottom, slightly increasing pressure, about a minute.
  • Do similar rubbing with the second leg.
  • After should be done light tweezers in the Achilles tendon of both legs, alternately about a minute. All this stimulates the work of the genitals.

11. Use the ice method

  1. The bottom line is that they take a pound ordinary ice, crumble it and crush it.
  2. Then small pieces are wrapped with gauze apply it is to different areas of the body and hold for 1 minute.
  3. Apply first to the base of the skull, then to the heart, and end with the area of ​​the testicles. Here is such an interesting method on the topic of how to independently increase potency in 65-year-olds or in younger guys. About other similar methods on the topic, we talked about in the article about the causes and treatment of erectile dysfunction.

What obesity leads to

What obesity, a fat stomach and problems with overweight lead to:

  • the level of testosterone in the body decreases
  • female sex hormones are produced in the body,
  • cardiovascular diseases and poor blood circulation appear
  • and all this together adversely affects the erection.

Therefore, be sure to be in good shape and keep track of physical fitness.

13. Get rid of bad habits

Negative effect for erectile function have:

  • smoking,
  • alcohol, beer,
  • various psychotropic substances
  • harmful coffee!

Get rid of these bad habits.

Necessary make a choice: Do you want to get rid of the problem or continue to destroy yourself?

Having made the right choice, you will know the answers to questions about how to increase the potency of men with folk remedies and which products are best to use for this.

14. Take a contrast shower and go to the bath

  1. Hiking in the bath about two times in one week will help remove the problem. Come into the steam room every time you go to the bath, sit in it for 10-20 minutes 2-3 times, which will improve blood circulation in the body.
  2. Cold and hot shower before going to bed also improves blood circulation. It is better to change the temperature gradually and not to make sharp drops in temperature.

15. Observe sleep patterns and get enough sleep.

  • Lack of sleep and drowsiness adversely affect men's health and undermine the human psyche. Therefore, a healthy sleep of about 8 hours is important in order to get enough sleep.
  • Known that there are different sleep phases, and best of all a person gets enough sleep if he lies down at 22 or 23 hours.
  • Make sure that window were good curtained, and extra light did not penetrate from the street. Scientists have proven that in the darkest room, where not a single ray of light penetrates, you get enough sleep at times better.
  • Sometimes it will be useful to even wear a night blindfold. This will help to sleep better and remove anxious thoughts about which herbs increase potency in men or which pills are better for this.

16. Do not forget about the natural solutions to the problem.

An active lifestyle and sports will improve blood circulation in the genitals. It is especially recommended for those who work at a computer or sit a lot at work.

For example, what will be useful:

  • cross fit exercises,
  • jogging in the morning or evening
  • yoga,
  • swimming,
  • jogging,
  • massage.

17. Watch for the emotional component, do not fall into a negative or depressive state

What you need to remember for the correct psychological setting:

  1. The fact is that negativity, stress and depression suppress reproductive function and inhibit it.
  2. The essence of reproduction is that comfort, inner harmony and excellent conditions for offspring are the main criteria.
  3. We ourselves choose our condition. Take your condition from within yourself, and not from the environment (the condition around is always chaotic and disordered).
  4. Give more positive things to people, and you will receive the same in return (and if you bring negativity into the world more often, you will very much deplete yourself energetically).

That's all. Now you know 17 methods on how to increase male potency with folk remedies and the power of attraction to women.

Thanks for such detailed advice. I would also highlight the usefulness of the method of compressions of the pubic-coccygeal muscle, which you wrote about here in the third paragraph. I try to devote at least a few minutes to these workouts every day. Conveniently, you can train even while traveling to work in the car or in other circumstances. In general, after these contractions I began to perceive the process of making love in a new way. After practice, a better understanding of the work of her body and how it reacts to various mechanisms, how it behaves with different women. And, of course, it makes you different in bed. I began to notice better the flow of energy in the body. Let it sound even a little strange. Perhaps, while I have not devoted enough time to practice, I already feel the initial changes in myself.

And in general, on your site I found a lot of useful information for general development, everything is described to the smallest detail, any questions. At first, I just wanted to solve the problem with the performance of my body, and now I have an enthusiasm to pull up my other abilities and skills. I want to be fully armed, so to speak. Your detailed 17 methods have clearly told me what to do to increase libido and potency in men.

Well, it seems to me that everyone will someday have problems with this. The only question is when will this happen? Someone, perhaps, in distant old age, and someone already in his early years, there were signals to the necessary changes. And if in youth you somehow recover faster and remove all the sores, then with age it turns out harder and slower.

I try to devote at least 3 days to physical education per week. Of course, it doesn’t always turn out, to say nothing. But I'm trying. Sometimes I can go swimming, sometimes do martial arts, and the next day I’ll just go out into the courtyard and be carried away by the horizontal bars, go in for bars or go running. Around there are many different options, everywhere its advantages. Any physical activity is needed at least in small quantities. You do not need to immediately lift heavy rods and try to climb out of your skin. I do everything slowly, not in a hurry, enjoying the moment. After any training or procedure, a wonderful sensation is felt in the body, as if life is boiling in you, there’s more than enough energy. And immediately you start to eat more than usual. Then I feel how the body is developing. And then everything is fine in bed, my beloved. I also took a couple of techniques from you, I will introduce them into my routine. Now, after reading the article, I know a lot of answers to questions about which exercises increase potency.

My wife knows how to cook many different dishes. Always happy with a large assortment. And when we first encountered this disorder, our menu immediately changed. I myself bought some ingredients for moments, and somewhere she herself helped me and also leafed through various sources. In general, by joint efforts I believe that we will find a solution. Of course, I understand that one cannot be limited to food and this is not a panacea. You need to focus on physical activity, and on secret techniques that you have described well in the article, water procedures, and in general on your entire lifestyle. All ways are good.

And when you talked about the position in the sixth paragraph, such insight actually came down. I myself would never have thought of that after all. In fact, after all, he himself noticed with his beloved such a write precisely at the very positions that you described in the publication. I just loved to lie on my back, and as a result, the outflow was very strong and my working capacity did not last for long.

It helps a lot that my wife is always with me and supports me constantly. So together we are not afraid of anything, and any obstacles can be overcome. I feel with her in the same team. When she had problems, I was always with her too. I think this is the main indicator of a strong and strong relationship, where any difficulties are overcome together no matter what. Thanks to the authors of the article, who told a lot on the topic of what kind of food increases potency in men and what means are best suited in these matters.

I like to go to the bath. It dilates blood vessels and, as you wrote in the article, helps blood flow to the main organ. I see a lot of advantages in visiting the bathhouse. After all, it strengthens the immune system. You can still be tempered if, after the steam room, for example, doused with cool water. And the skin after all the procedures becomes much cleaner, the pores open, the body breathes. Sometimes it is useful to steam yourself with nettle brooms. Everything else, the benefit of visiting the bath is that then there is stamina in bed. Real connoisseurs will understand me.

Well, there are some small rules. For example, for a long time in the steam room you should not linger. Fifteen minutes will be enough. Yes, and alcohol in no case need to be taken there. Otherwise, you can grab a stroke.

Out of charge, I like to do squats in the morning. Such popular and seemingly simple gestures, but the benefits of them are felt. On the advice of my friend, I still began to do the following: when I just woke up and had not yet got out of bed, I lay on my back and begin to make a “bicycle”. Just the same thing that the authors advised in their publication in the fourth paragraph. This helps to wake up, open normal eyes, make you go to a shower or bath. Thanks to the creators for your article and such efficient techniques on how and how to increase potency in men after 50 or after 40 years. I will apply in everyday life.

At a younger age, I remember going to martial arts, and this helped me to remove some kind of psychological clamps and improved the efficiency of my dignity. I remember reading in one source that fights increase the level of testosterone in the body. From here it has a positive effect on intercourse. And in general, this hard pressure and sparring are so compelling to change your psychological and emotional background. For example, already after a year of practice and training outside the audience, the usual bustle and chaos no longer affects you. Your condition is consistently good. As a result, you experience less stress and depression. Having such a good emotional background, the pelvic organs stop letting you down, in bed everything works as it should. Well, I just shared my opinion and shared my thoughts from experience. Perhaps someone will come in handy. Now, to old age, I again returned to this problem. Well, what if I am no longer in my prime. Here is a method with a tourniquet for eliminating the outflow of blood from point 7 and a few more techniques from your article I really liked. I want to thank you for your tips and techniques for men's health on how to increase potency at age 60 or even at an earlier age.

Why do problems with sexual activity in men begin with age?

Human physiology is designed so that the older it gets, the weaker muscles become, metabolic processes slow down, and health problems begin. The intimate sphere of the male body also did not pass such participation. After 50 years, many members of the stronger sex complain of problems with an erection and this is more the norm than the exception. But there are also representatives of the stronger sex who do not encounter similar problems until old age, and this is far from the result of good genetic heredity, but a reflection of the man’s lifestyle.

If a representative of the stronger sex leads an incorrect, sedentary lifestyle, then his health suffers, including intimate ones, and problems with potency can begin even before 50 years. If the representative of the stronger sex leads a healthy and active lifestyle, eats properly, avoids stress, then his male health will be the same in functionality as a Swiss watch. The problem of loss of male power is not only the result of physiological aging, but also the consequence of an incorrect lifestyle.


Physiotherapy will help improve male potency after 50 years. To find out exactly which procedures are needed, a man should consult a doctor, and he will select an effective methodology for influencing the problem. Of course, such procedures must be carried out strictly according to the established schedule and they will no doubt be of benefit.

Special diet

Products that restore potency - this is exactly what can help the representative of the stronger sex to rectify the situation. By following a special diet, you can restore male power even after 70 years.

The following products are part of a special diet to restore male strength:

  • all types of dairy products,
  • fatty fish that contain omega3 acids,
  • cereals, dried fruits, nuts and legumes,
  • cruciferous vegetables and fresh herbs,
  • Fresh fruits and berries.

Eliminating harmful and adding healthy food from your diet, you can restore potency and enjoy sex life for many years to come.

Massage and Exercise

The question of whether it is possible to restore male power in adulthood is very relevant, and it’s worth looking for an answer. Medical experts say that if you do everything right, you can return male power. A positive effect can be achieved through massage and special exercises. This can be done at home, but first you need to contact a specialist so that he shows how to massage and do the exercises correctly.

Which doctor should I go to?

To take good care of your male health, you should contact a urologist and sex therapist. These specialists will evaluate the state of health of a man and will be able to choose for him precisely those techniques that will restore potency and increase male strength. To begin with, you need to undergo an examination and identify if there are any kinds of diseases, and then you can already begin to treat and restore male strength.


To avoid the need to restore men's health, even from a young age, the representative of the stronger sex needs to monitor their condition. Proper prevention in youth is exactly what will help to avoid problems after 50 years.

And so, among the preventive measures that will help to maintain men's health for a long time, it is worth noting the following:

  • the practice of an active lifestyle and regular exercise,
  • proper organization of the daily routine
  • avoidance of stressful situations and overwork,
  • healthy, proper nutrition,
  • lack of bad habits, exclusion of alcoholic beverages,
  • timely access to a doctor and regular monitoring of men's health.

It is these measures that will help preserve men's health for many years, so that the representative of the stronger sex can enjoy an intimate life even after 50 years.

Small conclusion

It is quite possible to restore male power after 50 years, but for this you will have to make every effort. To begin with, a man needs to visit a doctor, get rid of health problems, if any, and then auxiliary methods can be used. It is possible to increase and restore male strength due to moderate physical exercises and massage, a properly adjusted diet and in the absence of stress.

In some cases, the representative of the stronger sex will be able to help, exclusively, medications and this should be considered. To know in what way it will be necessary to restore male strength, a representative of the stronger sex needs to see a doctor, and then you can begin to implement his recommendations.


In some cases, conservative measures to restore potency do not bring results due to violations of the anatomy of the penis or pathologies. This fact is not a reason to abandon sexual activity. Falloprosthetics may be the solution. At the same time, ejaculation is preserved, and an erection will invariably be caused by an imperceptible movement of the hand.

Features of the functioning of the reproductive system of 70-year-old men

Normal nutrition at 70 years is the key to health

At 70, neglect of sex should not be considered routine. In old age, the interpersonal relationships of couples vary greatly. Attraction becomes stronger, as there is time for attention to the pair.

By the age of 70, sex life is becoming calmer and must be regular. However, in order for sex drive to be necessary to monitor your body.

By the age of 70, it greatly reduces the level of testosterone production by the testes of the male sex hormone. In the human body, testosterone plays an important role. Especially severely, his lack begins to bother at 40, when the body is not able to be as active as before.

Despite the low possibility of sexual activity due to testosterone levels, sexual desire for the opposite sex remains unchanged.

It is worth noting that with the transition to older age groups, the cessation of erectile function is a natural process. After marking 65 years, each year may be the last in sexual terms. But, the term of depletion of male power can be postponed for an indefinite period.

At the first symptoms, it is recommended to change your lifestyle: change your environment, spend more time in the fresh air.

Reasons for weakening potency

The factors that affect the premature loss of male strength include the following:

  1. Addiction to tobacco products. Tobacco greatly affects the human vascular system. This especially affects the lower extremities, where blood flow must flow in large volumes. Tobacco products constricts blood vessels, interferes with good patency of blood vessels. In addition, smoking is one of the factors in the development of atherosclerotic disease, which in turn changes the vascular system even more, creating the prerequisites for the formation of blood clots.
  2. Often drinking alcohol. Men who drink alcohol suffer impotence much more often than those who avoid excessive drinking. This is especially true for beer lovers. When drinking a hop drink, the amount of female hormone in the human body increases greatly. The imbalance between the female and male hormones changes not only the appearance, but also the internal processes of the body. Among the internal processes is a lack of testosterone in the testes, which leads to a violation of sexual activity.
  3. Drug use. All types of drugs, both light and strong, fall into this category. Narcotic drugs affect the whole body, including the immune and vascular systems. They undermine their capabilities and prevent proper recovery. As a result, the structure of systems changes and the body is not able to function properly.

Proper nutrition

Normal nutrition at 70 years is the key to health. It is noticed that properly selected nutrition prolongs erectile function up to 80 years.

The following foods must be included in the diet:

  • Increase the amount of fiber,
  • Reduce the amount of salt in the body,
  • Eat more seafood that stabilizes the nervous system,
  • Limit cholesterol-containing foods
  • Add nutrients containing magnesium and calcium to the diet,
  • Reduce the amount of alcoholic beverages, especially strong alcohol.

Doing sports

Active sports lead to an improvement in the cardiovascular system.

Among all methods of active time forwarding, there are:

  1. Exercises for the pelvic area. Exercise should be relaxing and not strain the groin area. The goal of the exercise is to increase blood flow to the pelvic area.
  2. Aerobic exercise. As in the past, the exercise perfectly fills the blood vessels of the inguinal region. Along with blood there is a rush of other beneficial substances.
  3. Yoga. This type of load is useful not only physically, but also psychologically. All exercises contribute to relaxation and stimulation of the zone that needs therapy.

Before choosing a treatment method, you should consult your doctor. In some cases, the load will negatively affect the state of the body and male power in general.


Medicines should be used when the result of potency is a chemical imbalance.

Medicines are used only in cases where the result of potency is a chemical imbalance. For psychological problems, the use of medications can only be used as a placebo. This is due to the fact that psychological problems are not associated with the presence of bacteria or infections in the body, this is an exclusively psychological barrier and is treated only by a sexologist or psychotherapist.

What is potency

The concept of potency in a man includes several characteristics: the degree of tension of the penis at the time of its raising, the rate of occurrence of an erection, the duration and quality of sexual intercourse. There are no exact criteria to determine the norm for this indicator. You can suspect a problem in the absence of desire and erectile weakness. Failures in healthy men often begin in adulthood due to the characteristics of the aging body, lifestyle and disease.

At what age in men does potency decrease

Scientists have proved that a decrease in potency in an average healthy man occurs after reaching 50 years of age or older. However, an erection problem and loss of sexual desire may occur earlier under the influence of negative factors. The cause of early impotence is often bad habits, malnutrition, long-term abstinence in adulthood, the presence of chronic diseases. The optimal age for taking preventive measures can be determined individually after the examination.

Men's health after 60 years

The main cause of erectile dysfunction in men after 60 years of age is considered by doctors to be the presence of vascular and hormonal diseases, prostatitis. In older men, menopause develops, which is manifested by a decrease in attraction to a woman. The treatment of the disease is complicated by the large number of medications taken, which can negatively affect potency. Therefore, before you engage in the restoration of sexual activity, you should consult a doctor.

Amid a decrease in testosterone production, sex is becoming more rare, and excitation is reduced. However, this has a negative effect on the sexual health of men. Experts recommend representatives of the stronger sex not to limit themselves in intimate contacts. According to doctors, regular sex is one of the main methods of how to regain potency, preventing the decline in the quality of sexual life and desire.

Sex after 60

Elderly age is not the main cause of deterioration in the sexual activity of men. A decrease in potency in representatives of the stronger sex can be caused by the following factors:

  • Lack of diversity during sexual intercourse. This is due to the fact that the partner loses her external attractiveness, a habit appears.
  • Excessive enthusiasm for work leads to an increased concentration of attention of a man on work, which affects a decrease in sexual desire.
  • Overeating, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking and other bad habits can cause a deterioration in potency in adulthood.
  • Overfatigue, physical and psychological, is such a factor characteristic of fathers with many children, men who have family problems with their wife.
  • Diseases, especially associated with impaired blood flow.
  • Fear of sexual intercourse can be triggered by the occurrence of failure in the past. In this regard, sex is less frequent, the male penis is not subjected to stimulation for a long time, therefore, impotence may occur.

Right nutrition

A set of measures is needed to restore potency after 60 years. Proper nutrition takes one of the leading roles. When compiling a healthy menu, you need to consider that with age, a man needs less animal protein and carbohydrates. Therefore, it is necessary to remove eggs, fatty meat and sour cream from the diet. The following products contribute to the restoration of potency:

  • nuts (Brazil, pistachios, walnuts) mixed with honey and dried fruits,
  • beans and cereals - will be of particular benefit in the presence of diabetes,
  • cruciferous green vegetables: different varieties of cabbage, asparagus, onions, peppers),
  • fresh fruits and berries - consume 0.2 kg per day,
  • fatty sea fish, which contains a lot of Omega-3 acid,
  • dairy products, cheeses.

Physical activity

To maintain or restore potency, you need to lead an active lifestyle. Many exercises are able to act purposefully to improve the reproductive function of the stronger sex. For example, Kegel classes are suitable not only for women, but also for men. Exercise helps to increase the elasticity of the pelvic muscles. Periodic tension and relaxation of the buttocks during urination helps to restore male potency. Repeating movements is required 40 times three times a day.

Useful for restoring the intimate abilities of men and yoga. This type of physical activity has a specialized section called Kundalini. Exercises from the complex contribute to the influx of male sexual energy, enhancing sexual desire, normalizing potency. Try using butterfly and cobra poses. However, do everything gradually so as not to injure the body.

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