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Philips Beard Trimmer

When choosing a beard trimmer, you should pay attention to particularly reliable devices from trusted manufacturers. One of the interesting options suitable for working with different types of hair - Philips BT9290.

An elegant and comfortable model in a metal case is very durable, and the optimal selection of nozzles will help to make a haircut of any length and complexity.

Features of the Philips BT9290 15

Philips BT9290 - device, Perfect for frequent use. It is very reliable and not prone to breakage. The streamlined body is made of metal, a smooth coating is not subject to scratches, is not contaminated, allows you to use the device in any conditions.

Despite the metal case, the device is quite light, its weight does not exceed 250 g. The trimmer does not vibrate during operation, the sound is quiet, not annoying.

The kit includes 2 nozzles, which make it possible to cut hairs of any texture and density. A removable comb carefully combes the beard and mustache, helping to give the desired facial shape to the facial hair.

Under the crest is a universal two-sided trimmer. The wide part (32 mm) will help to quickly and accurately process the main part of the beard. A narrower part with a width of 15 mm is suitable for contouring, trimming hairs above the upper lip and around the mouth.

Nozzles change quickly, head mounts perfectly fix them, excluding vibration and breakage. Users note the reliability of blades that do not require lubrication and sharpening, as well as strong and smooth teeth of the comb, easily cope even with the most naughty facial hair.

Such a trimmer guarantees a good result even for users who do not have the skills of self-cutting. After a couple of workouts, the process will be streamlined, you will have to spend no more than 10 minutes on processing a beard, almost like professional masters in cutting a beard.

A very important point is charging the battery. Trimmer does not work on the networkbut this is unlikely to be a problem for forever busy men. A full charge takes only 1 hour.

This figure is especially impressive compared to peers requiring a five-hour charge. It is required to connect the device to the network no more than 1 time per week, the power reserve is designed for 60 minutes of continuous operation.

Caring for the Philips bt9290 15 is easy. After work, the trimmer can be washed with a stream of warm water, and then left to dry. The case is completely waterproof, chlorinated moisture does not leave unaesthetic drops or streaks.

It is convenient to use the brush included in the kit to clean the comb. It is better to store the device and its accessories in a practical case, protects the trimmer from dust and accidental damage. The case is convenient for transportation.

According to user reviews, the trimmer is ideal for obtaining the fashionable effect of a three-day bristle, trimming short beards, and adjusting the mustache. Perfectly sharpened knives do not irritate even very sensitive skin; the cut of hairs is neat and even.


A facial hair clipper requires some skill, and its use can often cause a number of inconveniences. So trimming the mustache and beard does not turn into a real test, Philips released a model VT7210 / 15. This new product has a number of features and differences that stand out from other trimmers.

The main inconvenience when using this kind of household appliances has always been associated with fine bristles, which scatter in all directions when cutting. A feature of the Philips BT7210 / 15 beard and mustache trimmer is a vacuum container for small hairs. Such equipment of the device instantly solves the main problem.

Another plus is the equipment. In the kit, the developer has provided all the necessary that is required during operation and maintenance of the machine. This is a reliable case designed for convenient storage of the device. It can also carry the trimmer safely. In the kit there is an additional nozzle, created for a clearer and more accurate trim.

The machine can be used autonomously, without connecting to a network. The battery is powered by the charger. To clean the device after use, you won’t have to spend a lot of time and effort. For these purposes, a convenient brush is included.

Such a model costs about 7,000 rubles. In the Philips trimmer line, this is one of the most expensive devices.


  • Type of appliance: trimmer for beard and mustache.
  • Case: metal, waterproof.
  • Number of nozzles: 2.
  • Number of cutting modes: 17, length pitch up to 0.2 mm.
  • Power: stand-alone, lithium battery.
  • Charging time: 1 hour.
  • Time of continuous work without recharging: 1 hour.
  • Additional functions: charge indicator light, self-sharpening blades, laser guidance system for extremely precise cutting, wet cleaning of the device.
  • Complete set: charger, brush for cleaning, case for storage.
  • Warranty from the manufacturer: 2 years.

Price policy

You can buy a reliable and elegant philips bt9290 15 trimmer in the manufacturer's official online store, as well as in large networks of household appliances. Prices vary by region and seller.

  • Moscow and Moscow region (Philips): 9990 rubles.
  • St. Petersburg (M-Video): 9,880 rubles.
  • Ekaterinburg (Eldorado): 9889 rubles.
  • Novosibirsk (Holodilnic.ru): 9990 rubles.

BT9290 15

Trimmers are ordinary and with interesting additions, with laser guidance and a vacuum absorber of hairs. There are all kinds of models in the Philips product line. BT9290 15 will not allow to miss, because the trimmer is equipped with a scope. Perfectly straight lines and an unmistakable result will allow for laser guidance and a two-sided trimmer device. This model allows you to choose the length of the hairs in increments of only 0.2 millimeters - from 0.4 to 7 millimeters. And you can clean the trimmer directly under the tap, because it is absolutely waterproof.

Using such a trimmer is quite simple, despite the apparent complexity of its device. The laser displays a thin red line on the skin, along which you need to navigate. It should only be directed to the desired area of ​​the beard and mustache, and the blades themselves will do their job. With such a haircut, it is simply impossible to miss, so the result will be perfectly smooth.

The case is absolutely waterproof, therefore, the blade head can be quickly cleaned under a stream of warm water.

In the kit there are two combs - for the beard and for the bristles, a cleaning brush and a cover in which all this can be folded.

Advantages and disadvantages

Users who have already tried the trimmer The following advantages are noted:

  • Stylish appearance
  • ease of use
  • noiselessness and smoothness of work,
  • the blades do not require sharpening,
  • the presence of 2 options for cutting surfaces is suitable for different styles of beard and mustache,
  • does not irritate sensitive skin,
  • a successful comb comb combes the most naughty hairs,
  • very fast recharging,
  • Convenient storage case.

Paying tribute to the pluses of the model, buyers Some of its shortcomings are noted:

  • works well with short hairs, but is not suitable for the correction of longer beards,
  • the shaver head is not included
  • laser guidance system is inconvenient and almost useless,
  • minimum bristle length - 1 mm, not 0.4, as stated by the manufacturer.

For comparison, you can see other models of trimmers - philips qt4015, philips qt4000 15, as well as moser 1040, trimmer braun bt 5010, panasonic er gb40.

It is convenient to take the gadget on trips, subject to the operating rules, it will last for many years, while maintaining a beautiful appearance and decent working qualities.

Beardtrimmer series 9000 Waterproof Beard Trimmer

Absolute precision

Create clear, symmetrical lines with unique laser-guided technology. Perfect control and precision trim. Learn all the benefits

Absolute precision

Create clear, symmetrical lines with unique laser-guided technology. Perfect control and precision trim. Learn all the benefits

Sorry, this product is no longer available.

This product is subject to VAT exemption

If you are eligible for VAT benefits for medical devices, you can use them when purchasing this product. VAT will be deducted from the price indicated above. See the basket for more information.

Beardtrimmer series 9000 Waterproof Beard Trimmer

Absolute precision

Create clear, symmetrical lines with unique laser-guided technology. Perfect control and precision trim. Learn all the benefits

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QT4000 15

Model QT4000 15 will create a stylish image for a relatively small amount. Such a device is worth within 3 thousand rubles. The accuracy of the machine is 1 millimeter, so creating a perfect beard is not difficult. The blades are made of stainless steel, do not leave irritation on the skin. There is a battery that allows you to work autonomously, without power.

The length of the hairs can vary from 1 to 10 millimeters - from a small stubble to a solid beard.

What is very important, this model is equipped with self-sharpening blades, so every day you will get the perfect result and a clear image.

One Blade Series

Among the One Blade trimmers, both budget options and more expensive ones are presented. Model QP2510 everyone can afford it, its price varies within two thousand rubles. The device is powered by a battery. In the kit there are 2 nozzles - combs for different hair lengths, 1 and 3 millimeters. You can shave both dry skin and wet skin, the machine does not injure the surface in any case.

A feature of the One Blade range is the fact that with a trimmer you can simultaneously simulate a beard, adjust and shave the bristles of various lengths. Create perfectly even and clear contours, trim hairs.

The machine replaces several individual devices, performing several functions at once.

You can shave and leave light bristles with or without special foam. After that, the One Blade trimmer can be washed quickly and easily under the tap. There is a replaceable blade that will require replacement after 4 months of continuous use.

How to choose?

There are many nuances in choosing a trimmer for a beard and mustache. Many men are in no hurry to buy a separate device, since on many models of electric razors there is a corresponding function that allows you to trim the edges. But achieving perfectly even hairs will be very difficult. Therefore, it is worth thinking about choosing a personal trimmer.

Philips has a mid-range model BT5200. For everyday use, the machine should be simple and easy to use. This model just meets this requirement. Great functionality is not yet an indicator of quality and reliability. For home use, choose only the most necessary.

In this case, the trimmer will last longer, and its use will not complicate life. Be sure to pay attention to the presence of a built-in battery. This will allow you to use the machine in the absence of electricity or an outlet at hand. Basically, Philips models on a single charge are able to work for about 60 minutes without a break. This is enough to go on a short trip and not take a charger with you.

It is worth paying attention to the presence of a device charge indicator. Without it, using a trimmer will become harder. Ideally, the machine should be able to work both on the mains and on the battery.

What to look for first?

The BT5200 has cloves that raise the hairs and lower them under the blade. When choosing a trimmer, be sure to pay attention to the combs. They should not be short or close to each other. This will allow you to equally trim all the hairs and not miss a single one. Otherwise, without such a design, after shaving, it will be necessary to further adjust the beard with scissors.

Be sure to pay attention to the blades when choosing a trimmer, they must be self-sharpening. Such are the models BT5200. Without them, over time, the machine will begin to tear and pull out the hairs, will often pass them. And you won’t be able to sharpen the blades yourself, because this is not a kitchen knife, so in any case you will have to contact a specialist. And at first he still needs to be found, and such services are expensive.

How to use?

Everyone can use Philips trimmer at home. It is very simple and even pleasant. At these moments, you begin to feel like a real professional, a master of his craft. Before starting a haircut, you should set the desired hair length to which you will need to trim. This action is fully automated, and it takes only one press of a button to highlight the desired length and you can get to work.

The machine is very delicate, neat, but it clearly and quickly makes facial hair of the desired length. That is, now, so that the beard and mustache are even, men do not need to somehow contrive and spend extra energy on this.

The device can also be used without nozzles, on its own. But this will require some skill and practice, so as not to cut the skin of the face. You must always remember and observe safety precautions, because the blades are very sharp.

With the help of an additional nozzle, the line of the beard and mustache is leveled. It does not create the effect of a smoothly shaved face, because this is not a machine. Its main task is the clarity of lines and shapes. In application, it is as light and convenient as the main nozzle. Also, with the help of a trimmer, you can create the effect of light unshaven, which will give the image more masculinity and brutality.


Buyers in reviews of the BT7210 / 15 model from Philips write that the device is charging quickly enough, it takes about an hour to do everything. A full battery lasts approximately 90 minutes of continuous use. Therefore, in short trips, the trimmer can be taken without a charger. It is very convenient not to carry extra things with you. A complete discharge of the battery will not come as a surprise, because the model is equipped with a luminous sensor located directly on the case.

Additional nozzles and a brush for cleaning are placed in the cover along with the trimmer. All this indicates the compactness of the device. Men happily take him on the road. Another clear plus is the vacuum system, which tightens the cut hairs, preventing them from flying around the room. All this allows you to shave and trim your beard and mustache anywhere, anywhere.

Especially easily and quickly with this trimmer in men, a short stubble is obtained, a peculiar effect of light unshaven. Also among the advantages of this model is the fact that after its application, irritation does not form on the skin. This is very important, because in men the epidermis is quite sensitive and prone to redness.

Learn more about Philips beard trimmer in the following video.

5 best hair trimmers

The desire to maintain an attractive appearance and look after yourself is typical of any self-respecting person.

Such a useful device for cutting a mustache and beard in men and point hair removal in women, such as a trimmer, is very popular today.

Paying attention to our rating, you can choose exactly the hair trimmer that meets your needs and wishes.


Braun is one of the leaders in the production of household appliances, including appliances that allow high-quality self-care. For almost 100 years, the company has been producing useful and quality products.

Production is carried out in the EU and China. The range of hair trimmers from Braun contains a large number of items that take into account the various wishes of customers.


The Remington brand appeared in 1937 as a manufacturer of household appliances for beauty and personal care. Today, the brand belongs to the American concern Spectrum Brands. Production facilities are mainly located in China. Remington produces many devices and devices for hair, face and body care, this is the main activity. The assortment is wide - razors, trimmers, hair styling devices and much more. The brand is widely represented in Europe and is popular due to the fact that the manufacturer captures and implements modern trends in fashion and beauty, while taking care of the quality of the products.


A Dutch company with more than a century of history is widely represented on the Russian market as a manufacturer of lighting products, health care products and consumer goods for various purposes, including household appliances. Philips personal care products are characterized by quality, an innovative approach, convenience and reliability. In Russia, the company is deservedly one of the leaders in sales of small household appliances.

Double-sided trimmer: 32 mm and 15 mm for perfectly clear contours

Under a removable adjustable comb there is a two-sided compact trimmer. One side of the trimmer (32 mm) is designed for high-quality trim. On the other hand, there is a 15 mm compact trimmer, which is ideal for treating small areas, for example, under the nose or around the mouth. The trimmer is designed for careful safe trimming, its small size and inclined design allow you to monitor the result - for thin lines and elaborate details.

Safe and high quality blades for precise trimming

Steel blades lightly touch each other and thus sharpen during cutting! The blades always remain very sharp and guarantee a quick and accurate cut, and the rounded edges and ridges prevent skin irritation.

60 minutes of battery life after charging for 1 hour or mains power

One charge for an hour is enough for 60 minutes of battery life. And if the charge ends during the trimming process, just plug the device into a power outlet.


The Japanese company has long been recognized as one of the best manufacturers of household appliances and electronics. Not surprising, because her motto is "Improving life, improving the world." Qualitatively and consistently satisfying the desires of consumers is a task that Panasonic has been successfully managing for almost 100 years.


The German brand is famous for its high quality, excellent product characteristics, exquisite design and price range, in which everyone can find a model that suits him in terms of cost and parameters. Moser is a brand that has established itself as a manufacturer of professional hairdressing equipment.

Precision trimmer and beard comb

A comb for precise trimming can be used instead of a comb for a beard to shave hair in hard-to-reach areas or to create clear contours. Use a beard comb for quick and even trimming.

0.4 mm length setting to create a three-day bristle effect

If you want to create a three-day bristle effect, simply select the minimum length setting of 0.4 mm on the trimmer. For perfect beard trim, select any suitable setting.

Rating of the best hair trimmers

Our rating is based on customer reviews. To choose the best trimmers for their intended purpose, we tried to take into account the following parameters:

  • price,
  • ease of use (dimensions, weight, etc.),
  • number of additional accessories
  • nutrition methods
  • ease of care
  • quality of haircuts or hair removal,
  • reliability,
  • availability of additional features.

2 years warranty, voltage support of different standards, no lubrication required

This Philips trimmer comes with a 2 year warranty. All of our personal care products are designed for long life. The device operates at different voltage standards and does not require lubrication.

Best Mustache & Beard Trimmer

Men today pay no less attention to their appearance than women. And such attributes of a man’s appearance, such as a mustache or beard, are for many a pride that requires attention and care. Not all men like to spend time in salons. The best trimmer that can adequately cope with facial hair at home, according to customer reviews, is Remington MB4030. The trimmer runs on a household electrical network or for 40 minutes on a charged battery, equipped with self-sharpening blades and a charging indicator, comes with two nozzles. The length of the haircut is adjustable in a wide range (18 values).


  • cope with hair of any stiffness,
  • holds a charge for a long time,
  • excellent ergonomics, fits well in the hand.


  • quickly clogged with hair
  • Do not wash under water
  • hard to clean.

According to customer reviews, this model reliably and efficiently serves for a long time, without any complaints, and fully justifies its price (from 3400 rubles).

Best nose and ear hair trimmer

The best model for hair removal in the nose and ears according to customer reviews is Moser 3214-0050. This model has the shape of a pen and weighs just 60 g. Powered by an AAA battery. A powerful rotary mechanism copes with the task with dignity and has a very reasonable cost (from 1200 rubles).


  • safe haircut
  • complete absence of discomfort,
  • the possibility of wet cleaning the device.

Only one of the shortcomings appears - the batteries are not enough for a long time.

Best 2 in 1 Trimmer

A device that at home can help trim a mustache, beard, sideburns, adjust the shape of eyebrows is an indispensable device. And if there is still a function of point hair removal and the price is low, then the popularity of such a trimmer is guaranteed. Therefore, the best 2-in-1 trimmer in customer reviews is the Braun PT 5010 Precision. The trimmer has a convenient ergonomic shape, two comb nozzles - 5 and 8 mm, weighs 100 g, the power source is an AAA battery, the battery life is 2 hours, the number of speeds is ¬– 1. Wet cleaning of the blades is possible.


  • low price (from 1000 rubles),
  • Ease of use,
  • universality.


  • lack of indication of charging,
  • Doesn't take particularly stiff hair.

In general, according to customer reviews, this is a very good budget home model that will fully satisfy the average family needs.

Best Women's Bikini Zone Trimmer

Recently, trimmers for women are quite popular. Particularly in demand are models that give a high-quality result, having small dimensions and weight, capable of working autonomously for a long time. Customer reviews say that these parameters are generally consistent with the Braun FG 1100 trimmer. The model weighs only 100 g and is small in size. Powered by battery, battery life - 2 hours. The package includes: a nozzle for point hair removal, 2 combs - 5 and 8 mm, a limiter for the bikini line, a trimmer nozzle.


  • lightness and ease of use,
  • the possibility of wet cleaning,
  • indispensable and convenient when traveling,
  • Suitable for eyebrow correction.


  • build quality,
  • after a while, the nozzle, designed for targeted hair removal, begins to cause pain,
  • quite noisy,
  • problems with interchangeable nozzles - they are difficult to buy.

In general, reviews of the Braun FG 1100 trimmer for women are positive, and given the low cost of this useful device (from 850 rubles), we can safely call the Braun FG 1100 the best female trimmer in terms of price and quality.

Best Professional Trimmer

When the master is working in the salon, reliability and power of the device, ease of use and the quality of the result evaluated by the client are of great importance. Many manufacturers create professional models that meet the required parameters. But the competition is to offer something that is absent from other manufacturers.

According to the reviews of the masters, the Philips BT-9290/15 trimmer has excellent characteristics. This is a two-sided trimmer (32 and 15 mm), providing perfectly clear contours. The desired length (from 0.4 mm) is set using a convenient wheel. The device is waterproof, equipped with an LED display. Work is possible both from a network, and independently within 1 hour.

A distinctive feature is laser guidance, which provides an ideal result.


  • ergonomics and usability,
  • ease of maintenance - just rinse under water,
  • quality haircuts.

Judging by user reviews, no flaws were found in this model. The high cost of the model (from 9900 rubles) cannot be considered a disadvantage with such characteristics.

What hair trimmer to buy

The choice of trimmer depends on your needs and financial capabilities. If you want to buy a good trimmer and not overpay, you can take into account the following tips:

1. If you are a professional and you need a trimmer for work, choose high-quality models, regardless of the price. They will provide the desired result, which will not disappoint you and the client. Moreover, they are adapted for active use and will last a long time. For professional use, Moser, BaByliss, Philips, Remington, Braun and Panasonic offer a wide range of models.

2. For home use (depending on the task), inexpensive models of the same companies that produce professional devices are quite suitable. Good budget models are offered by Bradex. More than affordable prices, the functionality of the trimmers of this company and positive reviews do not allow to leave its products unattended.

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Best beard trimmers - 2018 ranking

Recently, light unshaven has become very popular. Today it is a must-have image, where a well-groomed beard is the main touch.

And if the initial growth takes about one and a half to two months, then in the future you need to daily put the beards and mustaches in order. In the salons this is done by barber - the average cost of services is from 600 rubles.

and higher. If there is no desire to spend time and money, it is better to buy a good trimmer.

The trimmer differs from the electric shaver in functionality. If the latter shaves the vegetation under "zero", then the trimmer shortens the hair without touching the skin. That is, 2-3 mm always remains. It is convenient when there is a function of a mesh razor, when certain sections are shaved off baldly, and vegetation remains on the rest.

So how to choose a good trimmer? Which models in 2018 entered the TOP of the best in price and features? We study the rating and make a decision - to shave or not to shave, and if to shave, then with what.

Category Name price, rub. Briefly about the main thing
Best electric beard and mustache trimmerBraun BT 30404000Maximum control and accuracy of haircuts. Precise nozzle scale in 0.5 mm increments.
BABYLISS E886E7500Very accurate cutting mode in 0.2 mm increments.
Panasonic ER-GB40270019 lengths in increments of 0.5 mm. The minimum length for cutting without a nozzle is 0.5 mm.
The best beard and mustache trimmer with vacuum systemRemington MB65502100Fast hair removal. Special container for collection. 4 nozzles.
Philips BT7210 / 156275Vacuum cleaner The system of raising and directing hair to the Lift & Trim blades. Self-sharpening blades.
The best beard and nose trimmerPhilips OneBlade QP2530 / 202800Unique One Blade Technology - 200 cutting unit movements per second. Safe, fast, clear outline.
Moser 1040-04603400Cutting and trimming the beard, removing hairs in the nose, modeling mustache and whiskers, hair trim.
Philips BT9290 / 157000Tactical trimmer with laser pointer to create the most accurate and symmetrical lines.

Material and manufacturing technology of blades

In budget trimmers use 2 types of blades - stainless steel and ordinary. Both the one and the other option quickly dull enough - on average, the service life is 12 months of regular use. And then - let's open the secret - you have to buy a new trimmer. It is necessary to choose models with self-sharpening blades with a titanium coating. All Philips and Remington models are equipped with such blades.

Battery life

Depends on the capacity and type of battery. On average, the machine is designed for an hour of continuous operation, but there may be variations.

These are the main selection criteria. Objectively, to easily trim a beard and mustache, you can buy the most inexpensive model (for example, Vitek VT-2547BK). But if there is a desire to do it beautifully - with clear contours, of different shapes, it is better to choose expensive branded cars.

Braun BT 3040

German electric beard and nose trimmer bt3040, which for 4000 rubles. will provide an opportunity to regularly and accurately care for facial hair.

The length is adjustable by changing nozzles. The minimum is 1 mm, the maximum is 20 mm. Includes 2 nozzles and 39 length settings. Power is supplied by a NiMH battery that runs offline for exactly one hour. Charges for 8 hours. Includes brush for cleaning, razor Gillette Fusion ProGlide.

  • good quality work
  • Battery capacity,
  • neat lines.

  • Only 2 nozzles included.


For the convenience of cutting, the technology of W-shaped blade geometry is thought out and introduced. Between themselves, they fit as tightly as possible, which ensures an ideal contour. Depending on the chosen length, you can even shave everything off, you can leave a stylish beard and / or mustache.

The main plus is the absolute accuracy of the length in 0.2 mm increments, the facial hair will be tamed. The case is moisture resistant, protection class IP67 can be used in a shower under hot water, and also periodically knock on it. The display shows the charging mode and status. The full level is enough for an hour of work, with a residual 10% of the charge, the device turns off.

  • Unique blade geometry
  • 24 cutting height modes in 0.2 mm increments,
  • Moisture resistant.

Panasonic ER-GB40

One of the most practical models in the line is designed to cut a beard, mustache, hair in the nose and even on the head. A total of 20 length settings in increments of 0.5 mm from 1 to 20 mm after cutting.

Stainless steel blades made using Japanese technology (sharpening angle perfectly exactly 45 °). The head is narrow, you can make a curly section and a perfectly accurate line. Works with hair of any length and density. It is cleaned dry, the case is waterproof.

Remington MB6550

The vacuum trimmer is equipped with knives coated with advanced titanium, self-sharpening. The kit includes 2 nozzles with vacuum technology - a detailed 0.4 mm, and a wide 32 mm.

With the help of the detailed one, you can make the perfect shape and process any beard or mustache to the desired length. Wide is needed to shave those areas that are planned to be left without hair.

Also included is a nozzle with adjustable lengths from 2 to 16 mm and 4 nozzles with a fixed length of 3, 6, 9, 12 mm. Charges for 5 hours, fully charges for an hour of work.

Philips BT7210 / 15

Another Philips in the ranking, but now independently collecting shaved hairs. Inside there is a miniature vacuum system that tightens the hair (to be honest, about 20% of the hair still scatters).

The length switch here is just as big and round, but the steps are slightly different. The minimum length is 0.5 mm, the maximum is 10 mm.The pitch is always the same and is 0.5 mm. In total, 20 positions are obtained.

Even with a vacuum cleaner, the machine needs to be cleaned and washed, you can directly under running water.

The kit includes a comb for the beard, brushes for cleaning, a compact nozzle trimmer to create accurate lines and a comb for working out details.

  • system for raising and directing hair to Lift & Trim blades,
  • stainless steel self-sharpening blades.

Philips OneBlade QP2530 / 20

Another model of a well-known company for trimming, contouring and shaving of bristles of any length and density. It runs on battery power, which is fully charged for an hour. Charges for 8 hours. It can work directly from the network.

Philips OneBlade QP2530 / 20

Shaving method: dry and wet. Built-in trimmer with 4 nozzles comb 1, 2, 3 and 5 mm. For a comfortable shave, OneBlade shaves off the bristles without touching the skin, which means that there will be no irritation and redness characteristic of a conventional machine. The case is waterproof, you can shave right under the shower. Replaceable blades - one lasts on average for 4 months of regular use.

  • dry and wet shaving,
  • nozzles for nose and ears,
  • clear contouring.

Moser 1040-0460

Professional device for the design of a mustache and beard. The following criteria can be considered characteristics of this model:

  • combined power system - from battery and mains,
  • 90 minutes of battery life
  • microprocessor motor running at 600 rotations per second

  • the machine weighs only 150 g.,
  • nozzles with 7 positions - 2, 4, 7, 10, 13, 17, 21 mm,
  • Included are oil and a brush for cleaning, stand for charging, AC adapter.

This trimmer modification was created specifically for bearded men with experience, as well as for professional barbers.

Philips BT9290 / 15

Tactical trimmer with a laser ruler to create the most accurate and symmetrical lines.

The most popular question on the forums - does such a line help or not? It helps, and indeed very much.

Even if the vision is 100%, and the hand is indestructible like a sniper, it is very difficult to get the perfect line on your own face. A laser trimmer allows you to do this accurately and quickly.

The case BT9290 / 15 is made of rubberized coating, the length switch is made of metal, chrome inserts on the sides. There is no practical benefit, but it is very stylish. The switch has 17 positions - from 0.4 mm (starting length) to 10 mm, while the step size can be changed from 0.5 mm to 1 mm and vice versa.

  • system for raising and directing hair to Lift & Trim blades,
  • stainless steel self-sharpening blades,
  • 100% water proof.

VIDEO: Beard Care Tips

Strengths and weaknesses of hair and beard clippers Philips (Philips). Top 3 models from the manufacturer

A modern range of beard clippers is represented by many models from various manufacturers.

Some brands have been familiar to customers for many years, while others are doubtful by the lack of popularity.

  • Philips is one of the strongest manufacturers on the market.
  • Beard clippers from this brand are regularly mentioned in ratings of the best models.

The range of products of the company is constantly expanding. In addition to various types of lamps, as was originally the case, household and digital appliances, equipment for healthcare facilities, etc. appear in the product line.

Since 2010, Philips has been producing electric shavers, and since 2011, more advanced models of hair and beard care products (trimmers).

Model quality

  1. Beard clippers are no exception.
  2. The Philips trimmer range is represented by a variety of instrument options, differing in the number of additional options, types of nutrition, settings for the length of cut hairs and other technical characteristics.
  3. The quality of all models can be characterized by a single list of advantages.
  4. The high quality of Philips products is indicated by the following characteristics of beard clippers:
  • variety of model range (the range of products includes many variants of models with various options and available for different classes of consumers),
  • the presence of many convenient options (laser pointers, a vacuum collection system for cut hairs, interchangeable nozzles, etc.),
  • simplicity in leaving (it is possible to apply wet cleaning to the majority of models),
  • maximum charge (if the device is running on battery power),
  • good ergonomics (devices are lightweight, and their contours are created taking into account the achievement of maximum comfort while holding them in the hand),
  • safe haircut function (getting hurt with a trimmer is almost impossible),
  • the presence in the model range of device options with different types of power (in the product line there are cars that can be used from the network, but also taken on the road due to the presence of a battery),
  • strong metal blades (thanks to such blades you can achieve perfect contours even if the bristles are stiff).


The company offers consumers a high level of service and cares about its reputation in the market.

Beard clippers of this brand are in demand not only among ordinary customers, but also salon workers. The quality of the devices is confirmed by millions of sales of trimmers.

The strengths of the manufacturer are the following factors:

  • the company is constantly improving the model range of beard clippers and supplementing them with new products (devices are supplemented with new options and get a new design),
  • the brand has been on the market for several decades (the products of this brand are well known to customers and have a good reputation),
  • a flexible pricing policy allows you to choose devices for buyers with different budgets from the range of manufactured goods (some models belong to the economy class and differ in relatively affordable price),
  • In the Philips trimmer line, products with options that have become innovations have repeatedly appeared (for example, the manufacturer Philips was the first to produce models with laser pointers to create the perfect beard outline).

REFERENCE. Recently, the company launched a new line of bristle correction instruments - the 9000 series. Cars are several times more expensive than standard models, but they are universal in functionality for use. One device with interchangeable nozzles can simulate a beard, mustache and whiskers.

The main and almost the only drawback of Philips beard clippers is their high cost compared to products from little-known competitors.

It is difficult to call this fact a significant minus. The price of trimmers objectively corresponds to the quality of the models and the presence of many additional options.

Top 3 Models

Philips's range of beard clippers includes many models, each of which has decent technical characteristics. Among the product line, there are several options for devices that create serious competition for products from other manufacturers.

Top 3 models from the manufacturer:

  1. Norelco Beard Trimmer 9000 (the trimmer of this model can often be seen in salons, it is equipped with a special laser pointer that allows you to create perfect beard contours, allows you to choose seventeen options for adjusting the length of the hairs, and charging control can be controlled thanks to a convenient display, the cost of such a trimmer is from 8,000 rubles).
  2. Philips BT7210 (the beard clipper of this model is equipped with twenty options for adjusting the length of the hairs, the trimmer can work from the battery or from the mains, its distinctive feature is the presence of a vacuum system that allows you to collect cut hairs during cutting in a special compartment, the cost of such a trimmer is from 6500 rubles) .
  3. Philips BT5200 (the trimmer is equipped with seventeen versions of tinctures of the length of the beard, metal blades allow you to make a haircut comfortable, and the hairs are even, in addition, the machine has a built-in comb that raises the hairs before cutting them.

This model of the trimmer works from the battery, its cost is from 4500 rubles).

REFERENCE. When buying a trimmer, it is important to objectively evaluate the options of existing models. In some cases, for a small overpayment, you can purchase a high-quality device with a set of many functions, having mastered which, it will be possible to change the image and model the bristles yourself, taking into account the most fashionable trends.

Over the past years, beards have returned to fashion. Visiting salons for some men is too expensive, but maintaining the right shape of the bristles requires regular care.

An economical way out of this situation is to purchase your own beard trimmer. Philips company produces many models of such devices, even beginners can understand the options of these devices.

Who said it’s hard to cure prostatitis?

Any doctor will offer you a number of ways to treat prostatitis, from trivial and ineffective to radical

  • You can regularly take therapy with pills and rectal massage, returning every six months,
  • you can trust folk remedies and believe in miracles,
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What to look for when choosing

Our valuable advice will help you to buy a high-quality and durable beard trimmer:

  • Trimmers with additional functions will not only provide a perfect beard cut, but also remove unwanted vegetation from the ears and nose.
  • It is best to take a device with a battery with you on a trip, which ensures long operation of the machine without connecting to an electric network.
  • By choosing a trimmer with blades that can self-sharpen, you save time and money.
  • Beard trimmers powered by conventional batteries are a very convenient option for use in places where it is not possible to recharge the battery from the mains.

Kelli KL-7000

Clipper KELLI KL - 7000 A great set to create a great haircut at home and without special education.

KELLI KL - 7000 Designed for cutting hair in the nose, ears and eyebrow correction. There is also a four-position mini-razor attachment for correcting beards and mustaches.

Great versatile and full-sized clipper KELLI KL - 7000 - non-replaceable assistant in creating a new image and adjusting the existing one.


  • Self-powered.
  • Battery life 45 min.
  • Charge indicator.
  • Number of nozzles: 6.
  • Haircut length: from 3 to 12 mm.
  • Beard haircut.
  • Options stand for charging.
  • Wet cleaning.
  • Setting the length of the haircut by changing nozzles.
  • Options: stand for storing nozzles and recharging, oil for lubrication, comb, brush for cleaning, power adapter, nozzles 6 pcs.


  • It takes a long time to charge.
  • Non-sharpening knives.
  • The kit lacks a case and scissors.

Philips QT4015

  • Not related to essential appliances, the trimmer significantly facilitates men and not only care for their appearance.
  • Using a trimmer, you can achieve perfect trimming of beards in your home walls, whiskers and hairstyles, delicately remove excess growth in the nose or ears.
  • Actively use this technical achievement as well as haircut professionals - hairdressers and stylists.
  • Brand Trimmer Philips First of all, it is intended to serve the grooming of the mustache and beard, their trimming and modification in different styles.
  • Model Philips QT4015, using one single nozzle, allows you to choose two dozen settings for the remaining hair length (you can vary the length in the range of 0.5-10 millimeters, for example, to achieve the effect of a “3-day bristle” popular in a bohemian environment).
  • Hair length adjuster is in a place that excludes switching from accidental touching during shaving.

This machine is light and conveniently located in the palm of your hand. Its ergonomics meet the highest demands.

Trimmer blades made of titanium, for a long time supporting the sharpness necessary for a quality cutting, and are not much prone to breaking.

The blades in the machine are removable. Blade grease is not required.

One passage of the trimmer is enough for the necessary cutting of hair in the selected area. This, combined with the rounded ends of the comb, allows you to shave without any signs of irritation, sparing the skin as much as possible.

Clipper Philips QT4015 works both from the network and offline. The charged battery in this model is designed for a full hour of autonomous shaving. A new full battery charge takes no more than 60 minutes.


  • One nozzle adjusts the length of the left hair by 20 positions.
  • A comfortable half-millimeter step on the length adjustment scale (you can achieve almost any “shortness” of hair length).
  • A capacious and quick-charging battery (an hour of charging is equal to an hour of work).
  • High ergonomic indicators (compactness and lightness, weight of only 300 grams).
  • Removability and durability of blades (material - titanium).
  • Convenience and ease of cleaning the trimmer (washed under a water tap).
  • Silence at work.
  • Great design solution.
  • Brush for cleaning.
  • Cutting block: Stainless steel blades.
  • Anti-scratch teeth: For added comfort.
  • Range of length settings: 0.5 - 10 mm.
  • Safe length setting.
  • Battery: AAA NiMH - 2 pcs.
  • Charge indicator.
  • Case for storage and transportation.
  • Beard haircut.


  • There is no stand.
  • Non-sharpening scissors.
  • No scissors included.
  • The indicator shows only the charging process.
  • There is no way to know the charge level.
  • Small case.
  • Do not immerse in water.
  • The nozzle bends.
  • Not very convenient power button.

Watch the video: Beard Trimming - Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000 - Model MG7750 (February 2020).

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