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12 best manufacturers of winter jackets for men

Men's jackets are a wardrobe item that can be used not only in winter or autumn, but even on summer days if they are too cold. Now on the market there are a lot of quality products from foreign manufacturers, but many representatives of the stronger sex are wondering whether domestic companies produce quality products from this category. Russian-made men's jackets are not much inferior to European ones, but you need to choose the right brand.

The jacket should be stylish and original, emphasizing the figure and other advantages of the representative of the stronger sex. It must be of high quality, so that a man can feel confident and stylish.

Where are the best men's jackets made?

Stylish and high-quality jackets for real men are made in the following countries:

Things produced in these countries meet all quality parameters, look stylish and original, are well worn and are popular among men all over the world.

Is there a good manufacturer in Russia?

Russian manufacturers of men's jackets have no desire to lag behind foreign colleagues, therefore they also produce high-quality products for men.

If you look at the rating of 2018, then the top ten manufacturers of outerwear for men include products of the following domestic brands:

  1. Sivera (very warm and practical outerwear, which is suitable for outdoor activities).
  2. Red fox (the brand is very popular among buyers, the jackets are stylish and practical, resistant to cold).
  3. Bask (jackets have an anatomical design, bright, stylish and original).

If a man chooses the products of one of these brands, then he will certainly look very stylish and original.

Rating of the best manufacturers of winter jackets for men

Nomination a place Manufacturer rating
The best Russian manufacturers of winter jackets for men1Bask 5.0
2Sivera 4.9
3Red fox 4.8
4Individual 4.7
Best American Winter Jacket Manufacturers for Men1Columbia 5.0
2Canada goose 4.9
3Alpha industries 4.8
4North face 4.7
The best manufacturers of winter jackets for men with Aliexpress1USCLOTHING A6X9Y 5.0
2ICEbear 4.9

Review of the best domestic brands (photo)

Winter and spring jackets for men of Russian brands are very popular. The above manufacturers are not the only ones who market high-quality men's clothing. To choose a good men's jacket of domestic production, you need to look at the characteristics of models of domestic brands and their positive qualities, which are presented in the following diagram:

Brand nameSpecifications
Hangover 2 parkaJust the perfect winter jacket that sits on the figure comfortably and protects from the most severe frosts. Such a winter jacket has a natural filler, is lightweight and will appeal to any man.
Zefear raincoatThe jacket is light and practical, has a stylish design, is well suited for men of more mature age who want to look stylish and feel confident.
Zefear AltaiThe warmest winter jacket with a hood with beautiful fur. The manufacturer produces warm, practical, high-quality and affordable options for men.

These Russian firms produce really good jackets for men who can safely compete with foreign brands.

The best Russian manufacturers of winter jackets for men

The performance and design of jackets of Russian firms is not inferior to European manufacturers. In addition, domestic products are notable for reasonable prices.

The rating is opened by Bask, a leader in the global market for sales of outerwear. Jackets are made of high quality materials and insulation. They stand out against the background of standard models with a unique design. Due to reasonable prices, products are able to satisfy the desires of almost any customer. For sewing outerwear, the manufacturer uses through seams that prevent the deformation of the filler. The down package provides maximum thermal insulation. All fillers are impregnated with a moisture-repellent substance, which allows you to increase the life of the jacket.

Buyers note the low weight of the models, as well as the design, ideally thought out from an anatomical point of view. The manufacturer pays attention to even the smallest details. All ties, zippers and cuffs are made perfectly. Jackets give free movement and attract the attention of passers-by. They withstand temperatures up to -40 degrees Celsius. You can buy a down model for 18-20 thousand rubles.


Fans of spending time will actively like Sivera brand products. The company manufactures products from materials of its own production. She works with leading membrane companies. Winter Sivera products are resistant to severe frosts. They have an attractive design and versatility. Products weigh a little. Owners note smooth seams and quality processing. Most models feature spacious, comfortable pockets on the sides and chest. There are trendy youth jackets in the catalog, bright options with a fur hood.

Our attention was attracted by the Arkuda Pro collection, which presents the warmest and most technologically advanced down jackets. Models do not constrain movements and are easily put on top of other things. They withstand temperatures up to -65 degrees. Pleases with a large size range of products and a decent selection of color options. The average price for a jacket is 20 thousand rubles.

Red fox

The company Red Fox sells men's jackets of excellent quality. For more than 20 years, the company has gained constant popularity among consumers. The manufacturer takes care of each product and carefully monitors the impeccability of all products. Thanks to the air exchange materials, the Red Fox models are characterized by high heat transfer. All products are resistant to rainfall, and are also equipped with a temperature adjustment function for maximum comfort. Clothing of the domestic brand is especially popular among employees of special institutions and mountain tourists. The manufacturer regularly updates the catalog and is looking for the latest production technologies. Red Fox sales points are constantly opening, but the principle of production remains the same - the creation of reliable jackets that are resistant even to severe frosts.

The CITY & TRAVEL line deserves special attention. Down models made of safe material have a stylish quilted design with functional details. These are excellent models for city conditions and outdoor recreation. The cost of products varies greatly. The price of a down model starts at 9,000 rubles.


The first category of the rating is completed by the brand Individual. Winter jackets manufactured under this brand are oriented to low temperatures. Distinctive features of the models are a free cut, a lot of external and internal pockets, a detachable fur on the hood. Alaska from the manufacturer Individual praised for the excellent quality of tailoring. Buyers note that the fabric of jackets does not crack in the cold. There are no complaints in the conditions of severe cold. The fur on the hood, although artificial, but looks decent. The good news is that when ordering via the Internet, the specified model size matches the description.

The success of the company is due to the original design of the products, constant work is necessary on the quality of the products. The brand focuses on online sales. Individual winter jackets are purchased at competitive prices on popular trading floors. A model from 100% polyester can be bought at a price of 9865 rubles.


Russian manufacturers produce men's jackets, which are no worse than European ones. The main thing is to find an option of one of the best companies and make sure that it is not a fake.

Choosing the right jacket, a man will feel good in any winter or autumn weather. Outerwear of domestic brands is exactly what our men will like and make them stylish.


The first place among American manufacturers, of course, is occupied by the most famous concern in the international Columbia market. The brand quickly gained customer recognition due to reasonable prices, as well as excellent quality products. Columbia produces waterproof jackets with excellent thermoregulation, which is achieved due to modern smart technologies “Omni-hit”, Turbo Down. American brand products are a choice not only for lovers of active winter holidays, but also for the stronger sex, who spend a lot of time in the cold. Models are not afraid of any temperature. They are warm, even if they are wearing one T-shirt.

The main bet the company makes on functionality. The advantages of down jackets include adjustable cuffs, practicality, optimal microclimate, protection from wind and rain. Customer reviews are quite controversial. The fact is that some buyers purchase fakes with a company label at low prices, hence the claim to the quality of jackets. Therefore, we advise you to buy products only in company stores. The real Columbia model will cost about 19,000 rubles.

Canada goose

Canada Goose is today one of the most prestigious brands. Jackets of the company are chosen by both ordinary workers and businessmen, as well as heads of large organizations. Even the president of Russia wears a product from Canada Goose. For all jackets, the temperature limit in which it can be used is indicated. Each model is thought out to the smallest detail.

Clothing owners praise a wide range of clothing, as well as unique designs. Models emphasize the owner’s own personality. Minimalism in detail is a principle that the manufacturer has followed for more than 50 years. No laces and unnecessary pockets. There are no analogues on the market, but there is a risk of running into a Chinese fake. Genuine Canada Goose jackets are not made in China. Buyers warn that some models are larger. The cost of products varies from 18-30 thousand rubles.

Alpha industries

Alpha Industries brand is chosen by residents of the northern regions. Thanks to the original assortment and impeccable tailoring, the company worthily takes the third place in the rating. For the production of models only modern fabrics and materials are used. All clothes look presentable, but at the same time do not constrain body movements. Thanks to the thought-out anatomical cut, the products fit snugly to the body, which guarantees protection against the penetration of cold air into the jacket.

Buyers value brand products for comfort, quality seams. The lining fabric does not twist even after many washes and remains soft. Alpha Industries jackets feature multiple button pockets. Today, the most popular parks are considered. They will easily serve over 4-5 seasons. The price of the models is fully consistent with the quality. You can become the owner of a warm jacket, which is a modified version of the classic model for fighter pilots of the US Navy, for 15,000 rubles. It is made of water-repellent 100% nylon and has a detachable knit hood.

North face

The North face brand can compete in popularity with giants such as Adidas and Nike. Its impact on the industry and the scale are huge. Many products of the brand have acquired a cult status and have remained the reference for many years. Most of the models are designed for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

In the model lineups of the brand there are many bright men's jackets for every taste and budget. Most of all, buyers highlight the McMurdo 2 collection. It presents classic parks in an impeccable design. Models are made of durable fiber based on polyamide with a water-repellent effect. A high level of protection against frost is achieved thanks to a lining with down insulation. On the back and chest you can see the logo of the brand. All jackets looking super stylish. The cost ranges from 25-35 thousand rubles.


The Chinese brand USCLOTHING A6X9Y produces waterproof down jacket. They are perfect for daily wear. Models have waterproof and windproof features. Pleased with a large selection of color options and sizes. Jackets are equipped with spacious comfortable pockets on the chest, forearms and sides. They look equally stylish not only with trousers, but also with sweatpants.

Reviews about the models are mostly positive. Buyers trust the manufacturer and choose USCLOTHING A6X9Y for affordable prices, modern tailoring, versatility, and an extensive catalog. There is an assortment of elongated wide models, short fitted jackets. The Chinese brand is liked by young people who like to stand out from the crowd. The price for a winter jacket starts from 3,000 rubles and reaches 12,000 rubles.


The Chinese manufacturer ICEbear has earned the popularity of customers due to the high quality of models, stylish appearance. It was founded in 2011 and to this day adheres to the only concept of “fashion, quality, humanity”. The impeccable work of the company and its characteristic image have made the brand recognizable in many countries of the world. Brand products give the highest ratings. Products are made of polyester fibers. Bio-fluff is used as a filler. On some models, the hood does not detach.

Customers are delighted with a standing collar that protects the neck from wind and cold, an adjustable cuff with a button, monochrome high-density fabric with heat-resistant properties. The cost of products is fully consistent with the execution. Customers have no complaints about the seams and the quality of the fabric. The indicated size is true. The price for a jacket is about 4700 rubles.


The rating is continued by the manufacturer SCHDARROW KNHOR KH, which implements fashionable casual jackets for the cold months through the AliExpress trading platform. Parkas with hoods look stylish and elegant. Lining and outer material are made of polyester fibers, if desired, the hood is removed.

Judging by the reviews, jackets are pleasant to the touch. Buyers note high-quality seams of products, matching the description of reality. For the price presented, this is quite a worthy option for winter. Products exceed customer expectations. The pluses include a large dimensional grid, a decent selection of colors. There are both universal shades and bright options in the assortment. The manufacturer did not overload the model with unnecessary details. The products have everything just the most necessary - a zipper and buttons, large side pockets, cuffs with elastic bands. The cost of outerwear can not but rejoice. For a winter jacket with a hood, you need to give only 2500 rubles.


Our rating is completed by the Chinese brand SHAN BAO, which produces luxury jackets with a filling of white duck down. The main advantages of the models are excellent sewing quality, light weight, pleasant to the touch fabric with water-repellent properties. Pleases with an extensive size range and a large selection of color options. Some models do not have a hood. SHAN BAO products have spacious pockets on the front. There are secret departments. Clothes are easy to put on in a warm sweater.

Owners are advised to carefully wear brand jackets so as not to damage the outer cover. SHAN BAO jackets are more suitable for a warm winter. They weigh about 1.3 kg. Parks with fur hoods are particularly popular. They are suitable for both young men and handsome men aged. There will be no problems with sizing. Price - about 5200 rubles

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.


Briefly: native Russian outerwear in a modern reading
For whom: 👩🏼👨🏻
The shops: St. Petersburg
Delivery: around the world
Instagram: vatniquecouture
Prices: up to 15 000 Р

The St. Petersburg brand Vatnique can be safely called a monobrand. Designers re-invent the “original Russian” wardrobe item - the Soviet padded jacket. Warm jackets are produced in one size, they have a laconic design and fit, and only the colors differ. The main principles of work are conscious and environmentally friendly production, gender equality and self-irony. Padded jackets are sewn from stock materials - those that remain from orders of large brands - and with the use of eco-insulation.

Briefly: unkillable raincoats from St. Petersburg
For whom: 👩🏼👨🏻
The shops: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg
Delivery: in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan
Website: shuclothes.com
Prices: up to 15 000 Р

The SHU Petersburg brand began with raincoats - non-wrinkled, colored and, most valuable, universal: it’s nice to divide such a thing into two. Later, urban and almost hiking backpacks and denim were added to the assortment.

Curiously, the brand also produces jeans without regard to gender, just in a wide size range - the smallest will sit on the female XS, the largest on the male L. Gradually, more dense transforming jackets for moderately cool autumn weather and added to raincoats of different lengths winter "dutiks" of cheerful shades.


Briefly: technology plus fashion
For whom: 👩🏼👨🏻
The shops: Moscow, Saint Petersburg
Delivery: all around Russia
Website: novayawear.com
Prices: up to 20 000 R

The brand has everything from cargo trousers to transformer dresses with zippers, but first of all, Novaya manages uncompromising and technological clothes for the winter. The brand creates weightless down-padded clouds, jackets and vests with many pockets, windbreakers, quilted coats, summer oversized shirts and short pea jackets with a wide belt. The outerwear of the brand looks ultramodern, sparkles with reflective inserts and is not afraid of water. And Novaya willingly plays with silhouettes and flowers.

For instance:
Windbreaker - 6900 Р
Trench - 12 000 R
Short jacket with lining - 13 400 Р

Briefly: motoesthetics for everyday life
For whom: 👩🏼👨🏻
The shops: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan
Delivery: around the world
Website: bats-store.com
Prices: up to 50 000 R

The monobrand from St. Petersburg started with biker jackets for girls and first produced only a couple of models made of thick leather - with straps and massive buckles. Today, the brand has men's and women's collections, almost classic trench coats with leather inserts of the color of baked milk, snappy satin panamas, leather flared trousers and asymmetric suede skirts. The jackets also did not disappear: the motoclassic remained, an elongated version with a warm lining, color and suede models and a luxurious leather trench coat, which it relies on from the same material.


Briefly: comfortable but not boring clothes
For whom: 👩🏼👨🏻
The shops: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Sochi, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don
Delivery: around the world
Website: 12storeez.com
Prices: up to 30 000 R

This brand is the adherents of the capsule wardrobe: all things are perfectly combined with each other and are able to make an image for a party and for an office. The brand’s founders come from Yekaterinburg and know a lot about frosty winters: 12Storeez has warm coats for minus weather, cashmere and quilted models for moderately cool days, down jackets, “dutiks” and fur coats, which caused a scandal this winter - many fans of the brand do not approve of natural fur for ethical reasons.

For instance:
Coat-gown - 29 980 Р
Shortened down jacket - 12 980 R
Men's Park - 26 980 Р

Buttermilk garments

Briefly: cheerful weather outerwear
For whom: 👩🏼👨🏻
The shops: Moscow
Delivery: around the world
Website: buttermilk-store.com
Prices: up to 12 000 R

Mark was founded in 2011 by a graduate of the British Higher School of Design, encrypting a special code in the name: Buttermilk is one of the four peaks in the famous Aspen ski resort. Eight years ago the girl had no questions about where to start her own business: most of all, she lacked the well-cut and warm outerwear.

Now Buttermilk Garments has light and pastel raincoats, loose anoraks, and closer to winter warm jackets of the same cheerful colors appear. There are more female models in the assortment, but the male raincoat of a boring color can also be easily found.

For instance:
Anorak - 3450 R
Raincoat - 6320 R
Winter coat - 6250 R


Briefly: young and daring
For whom: 👩🏼👨🏻
The shops: Saint Petersburg - Moscow
Delivery: all around Russia
Website: wolee.co
Prices: up to 5000 R

The peppy Petersburg brand of streetwire was remembered by many for t-shirts and sweatshirts with Kim Jong-un and young Macaulay Kalkin from Odin Doma signed by Master of Life. Since then, the brand managed to release a couple of collections based on travel (for example, to Thailand) and funny vests with a hundred pockets. Wolee outerwear is presented in black tequir-style vests with pockets and nets - for paint cans or beer cans, coaching jackets all with the same Master of Life slogan, quilted bomber jackets and funky anoraks.

Bat norton

Briefly: gothic tequir
For whom: 👩🏼👨🏻
The shops: St. Petersburg, Moscow, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg
Delivery: all around Russia
Website: batnorton.com
Prices: up to 15 000 Р

The brand, which is closest to gloomy Gothic aesthetics, diluted with modern technology, has a full section with robes and makes good winter clothes: down-padded down jackets, elongated bomber jackets with patch pockets, puffy and woolen coats. Almost all are black. One of the hits is anorak raincoat with iridescent gasoline stains.

For instance:
The extended bomber - 8990 R
Coat - 16 900 Р
Bomber - 11 260 R


Briefly: Korean street style meets Scandinavian minimalism
For whom: 👩🏼
The shops: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg
Delivery: around the world
Website: gate31.ru
Prices: up to 20 000 R

In the Gate31 store, which was first loved by Petersburgers, and earned a couple of years ago in Moscow, you can put together a full-fledged wardrobe for the season. But the brand’s strength is outerwear, which is named after the cities of the world: warm Ottawa down jackets, Paris trench coats, Helsinki woolen coats and Reykjavik raincoats. Gate31 is pleasantly distinguished by the absence of unnecessary details and excessive accessories and a good selection of colors - still few people produce outerwear in cheerful shades.

I am studio

Briefly: pioneers in the field of the Russian middle market
For whom: 👩🏼
The shops: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Krasnodar
Delivery: around the world
Website: iamstudio.ru
Prices: up to 25 000 Р

Maje and Sandro in Russian: the Moscow brand I Am Studio has reasonable prices and an extensive assortment, balancing on the verge of classics and the latest trends. There are dresses with lowered shoulders, translucent blouses, midi skirts and cardigans - all that a modern city dweller cannot do without.

Most of all, the brand is respected for outerwear - bathrobes and cocoons with a decent percentage of wool in the composition (sometimes 100%) and a good selection of colors (what about pistachios, roses and cornflowers?). The styles do not change from season to season, and laconic models behave well in bad weather and regularly serve for years.

For instance:
Coat-gown - 24 800 Р
Trench - 18 900 Р
Check coat - 23 600 Р

Luda nikishina

Briefly: serious winter clothes with a secret
For whom: 👩🏼
The shops: Moscow
Delivery: all around Russia
Website: ludanikishina.com
Prices: up to 100 000 Р

You cannot name a heavy brand from Moscow, but there are inclinations for this: designer Luda Nikishina loves working with fluffy fur, tanned leather and soft wool most of all. The brand has neat midi dresses and suits, but the Luda Nikishina business card is sheepskin coats: short, long, with a fur trim and accents. The main secret - most models are bilateral: they can be worn out with a soft “undercoat” or the usual tanned side. Adjusted for eco-awareness, the brand released a series of fluffy fur coats from eco-fur, which, according to the assurances of the designer, warm no worse than the “original” ones.

For instance:
Fur coat - 55 000 R
Coat - 25 000 R
Jacket - “shirt” from a sheepskin - 65 000 R


Briefly: minimalism against Moscow winter
For whom: 👩🏼
The shops: Moscow, Saint Petersburg
Delivery: all around Russia
Website: osome2some.com
Prices: up to 40 000 Р

In short, the brand can be described as follows: architectural cut, coupled with expensive and high-quality materials. Osome2some was one of the first in Moscow to produce bohemian dressing gowns with wide belts at the waist, and then dressed their customers in sharp-shouldered trench coats and colored quilted down-padded coats.

The form

Briefly: modern basic wardrobe
For whom: 👩🏼
The shops: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg
Delivery: all around Russia
Website: forma-forma.ru
Prices: up to 65 000 Р

The brand focuses on the basic wardrobe, adjusted for the latest trends: they suggest wearing body bikes with a striped oversized longsleeve, and a boiled denim jacket is recommended for a black cocoon dress. To order on the brand’s website, first of all, leather jackets are needed - loose, but neat, peppy colors, without annoying accessories and unnecessary details. You will definitely want to wear this one next spring, and after a couple of seasons.

Mouth to mouth

Briefly: classic of the Northern capital
For whom: 👩🏼
The shops: St. Petersburg, Moscow, Sochi
Delivery: around the world
Website: ustakustam.ru
Prices: up to 15 000 Р

Petersburg designers understand the specifics of Russian winters like no other. “Mouth to mouth” has thick woolen coats for autumn windy days, down jackets for winter and indispensable raincoats for any time of the year - you can always put on a raincoat over other outerwear. Down jackets - the brand’s designers call their membrane coat - are made of dense waterproof material and promise to warm in a fair minus. It’s better to start getting acquainted with the brand with them.

For instance:
Cloak with a fringe - 8900 R
Insulated coat - 12 900 R
Jacket - 9600 R


Briefly: COS in Russian
For whom: 👩🏼
The shops: St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg
Delivery: around the world
Website: ushatava.com
Prices: up to 15 000 Р

Ushatava makes loose dresses, wide COS-style blouses, beautiful combinations on thin straps and outerwear for autumn: soft pastel-colored coats, eco-leather raincoats and jackets, and neat parkas. Most models sit well on owners of small stature, but are available in one size - which is also not a problem, given the oversized cut.

For instance:
Coat - 11 900 Р
Eco-leather jackets - 11 900 Р
Coat - 15 500 Р

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