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What to talk about with a girl on a first date to leave the best impression of herself

Save the topics for conversation with the girl, they will be useful to you. All conversation topics have ended, are you shy or do not know what to talk about with a pretty girl? There are topics for conversation that will help not only not to be bored, but also bring you closer. 110 boring topics for talking with a girl.

Silence is gold. But this is the only gold that girls do not like. What can you talk with a girl about to get closer and not be bored? There are many questions and ideas for conversation. Themes are suitable for walking, talking in a cafe, alone or for any other place. These topics will show you as an extraordinary and interesting conversationalist. In any conversation, listening is more important than talking. Then the girl will be crazy about you.

3 rules for communicating with a girl

So you met. She sits in front of you all so beautiful, and you are talking utter nonsense. Or even worse - you are silent. Failure. It could have been otherwise. A fascinating conversation with far-reaching consequences could happen. Could, if you thought about what to talk about with a girl on a date, in advance, rather than counting on inspiration. Conversation is an art, and any art is defined by rules.

Stand out

“Just like everyone, like everyone, like everyone ...”, so that when she leaves, the girl does not purr mercilessly the words of this legendary hit, impress her with barbaric charisma. And anyway, if you want to pluck a big jackpot anytime, anywhere - stand out. Only in this way you will be noticed in the crowd. And for this you do not need to take off your pants and run. It is enough to have a unique style and principled opinion. And on a date - to move away from the “weather, study, work” format. However, if one of you graduated from a cyber university, you can talk about studying.


You need to include a man from the first seconds of dating. He will not smell a man in you - at best, he will sit on his neck. He will feel it - he will turn on the “female” option, and in this state you can twist the rope from the girl. Turn on the man from the first seconds of acquaintance. Instead of “Where are we going?” - “Let's go there.” In extreme cases - "there or there." Because a man is one who offers, not asks. One who reaches out and leads.

How to behave to like at the first meeting?

And so, the moment of the first date is already on the nose, and the guy does not know how to prepare for this and how to behave. It is better to think through everything in advance, although all the nuances cannot be lost. You need to read the advice of real girls and understand what exactly the representatives of the opposite sex like and think about how to turn women's dreams into reality.


A conversation on a date should be selling. Selling, of course, you need yourself. To sell is to demonstrate in a favorable light. This can be done with the help of stories that emphasize social significance, good taste and broad horizons: “I went to a business meeting recently and became a participant in such an interesting story ...”, “How I miss Italy, where they make really tasty coffee,” This place is very similar to one cozy cafe in Milan, where they prepare a breathtaking tiramisu ... "

All that remains after you is an impression. It is necessary to work for him. What this aftertaste will be is entirely up to you. Evolve. They are not born interesting. They become.

How to talk?

The question of how to behave with a 1 on 1 girl will never go out of style. And so, the first meeting of young people begins at the level of views and immediately after that they begin to talk. This conversation should be lively and friendly, interesting for both and unobtrusive.

And so that the conversation with the young lady was successful on the first try, following the advice of real girls who have already experienced their first dates, the guys should act according to this scheme:

  • politely say hello to the young lady first,
  • ask the girl how she is doing and her mood,
  • to say that she looks great and is very stylish,
  • if a girl wants to say something, do not interrupt her,
  • do not ask questions that may be superfluous (please tell about previous relationships and the like),
  • if a girl talks about her interests, try to support the conversation as much as possible and express interest,
  • you can’t just be silent for a long time, but you don’t need to talk without stopping,
  • do not use obscene words or phrases in a conversation,
  • during the conversation you should not brag about something and present your advantages in a very bright light,
  • The conversation should not be too loud.

To please a girl on a first date, you need to express your own words in your own words and facial expressions, because only then will the young lady be comfortable and calm with the guy. You should not jump from one topic of conversation to another very sharply, but it is also impossible to go into small details. The conversation should be easy and relaxed, only then it will be successful.

Interest rate

Guaranteed conversation will develop if you bet on interests. Talking about what you like, or about what she likes, always evokes emotions. The very emotions that, like good wine, leave a long enveloping finish. Chatting about hobbies - cats, tattoos, photography, cooking - you will get a hearty and lively dialogue at the exit.

What to talk about?

Choosing a topic for conversation is a very important point, which can be decisive for a first date. And so, going with a girl on a first date, the guy probably for some time talked with her on the phone or on a social network. If there is such a practice, then the young man already knows about what topics for conversation will be interesting for the lady, what unites them, and what else would be interesting to tell the girl. Possessing this information, you can choose a topic for conversation. And so, on the first date with a girl, you can safely talk about such things:

  • discuss common interests and hobbies,
  • talk about your own hobby,
  • share impressions of visits to some beautiful places,
  • discuss some relevant topic and express their positions regarding it,
  • discuss the beauty of the place that I had to visit together.

It’s not worth talking trite about the weather, politics or school, because there are things more interesting and suitable for a first date. You need to carefully ask the girl about her interests and hobbies, find out what kind of music she loves, what films she watches, what loves to eat. This will help to get to know the young lady closer, to find out what surprise she can arrange and what she likes the most. Choosing a topic of conversation, you need to focus on the fact that it should be interesting for both people, because only then everything will be held at the highest level.

In the animal world

By the way, about the seals. If your interlocutor is not indifferent to animals, and you can find out using leading questions, you are incredibly lucky. You can talk about cats (fish, hamsters, pandas) for hours. And if you screw a heart-breaking story into the conversation about the untimely death of your beloved parrot, you touch it to tears. That is, you will cause that very strong emotion that we are chasing.

What should i avoid?

The question of how to please a girl at the first meeting will always be relevant, because it is on human relationships that the world is built. Going on a first date, a guy should think not only about where to call a girl or what to talk to her about, but also take into account those moments that simply cannot be allowed. At the first date, you should avoid some indecent talk, touching, trying to pay attention only to yourself. You should not interrupt the girl, be obsessive at some point, insist on something. The first date is essentially an acquaintance, so there should not be anything superfluous.

Home blanks

Improvisation is a good thing, but a lot of things define a pickup. Keeping in mind a few entertaining stories with which to fill out an awkward pause is one such pattern. How to write a story about purple elephants in a conversation about new technologies? Using the magic word "by the way."

Where to go on a date with a girl?

The first date should be romantic and interesting, so the guy should make a little effort to answer the question of where to take the girl on a date. To choose a suitable place, the guy will have to find out a little about the preferences of the girl and her tastes. And so, the first meeting of young people can take place in the following places:

  • a cozy cafe or restaurant,
  • city ​​lake or river in the country,
  • in a movie or theater
  • in the park, on the waterfront, exhibition,
  • on the roof of the house or in nature,
  • in the city where the girl was not yet.

Choosing a place for a first date, you need to consider the fact that it should not be too noisy, so you should not call a battle to a disco. It is better to invite the girl to a cozy cafe, treat her with dessert and calmly talk, getting to know each other better. Romantic walks in beautiful places is also a great option and it can be a good solution for a first date.

What? Where? When?

Traveling is where you can chat excitedly. After all, each of us has ever traveled somewhere. And he brought impressions from there. And you can talk about these impressions for hours on end, discussing the mentality, sights and just remembering bright moments. The main thing is not to turn the dialogue into a monologue. Orator pressure should be dosed. After all, you gathered to get to know each other better, and not for the sake of your sparkling person.

Leave a good reason for a second date

And so, knowing where to go on a date with a girl, you can safely invite her. But going on a first date, do not relax too much on it, because you need to prepare a good foundation for a second meeting. To do this, you need to draw up a detailed plan of action and clearly follow it. And so, in order to prepare a good basis for a second date, the guy should behave as follows:

  • give flowers on the first date to the girl,
  • show good manners by caring for a lady,
  • to have a pleasant, lively, but unobtrusive conversation,
  • take a girl to some beautiful and interesting place,
  • make a girl a pleasant surprise or a gift,
  • Give her reasoned compliments
  • Do not make unnecessary allusions to some indecent things.

These actions can prepare a good basis for a second date and show the guy in a better light.

Take her home

Knowing how to behave in a cafe with a girl, you should not think that this is the height of manhood. To really impress and conquer the girl, after a successful first date, she should be held home. The guy should not think that she herself will get home. Having made such a nice sign of attention to the girl, you can be sure that the second date will take place and leave a pleasant impression about yourself.

Having led the girl home, you need to say goodbye to her affably. Such gallantry of a guy will surely hit a lady and attract her attention. Polite guys who spend girls home without any hints are a rarity and that’s exactly what you should strive to become.

Hobbies, Interests

This is perhaps the most universal topic for communication. You can ask what the girl is fond of in her free time, how she prefers to spend her leisure time. It is important to try to find common topics and questions, this will bring together and relieve tension a bit, as well as allow you to learn more about each other and plan further meetings taking into account joint interests.

Great hobby conversation topics:

Try to learn about it as much as possible, demonstrate interest, share your hobbies - so you prove yourself as a pleasant and not boring interlocutor and will surely find a lot in common.

Don't let too much

Girls do not like when on a first date the guys allow themselves extra words and actions. Young people may think that it is cool and modern, but in fact there is nothing good in it and no girl will appreciate it. And so, on the first date with a girl, you should categorically avoid such things:

  • persistent flirting,
  • indecent touch
  • offers to continue the evening in a more modest atmosphere,
  • praise and exalt oneself too much.

If you can avoid these things, then the first date will go well and the guy will get a chance for the second. The main thing is to behave with dignity and as a real gentleman, because that is exactly what the girls want.


You can talk about this for a long time and excitingly. Discussing impressions of other cities and countries is easy and fun. You can talk about interesting places where I happened to visit and where else I would like to. Perhaps some of the couple went camping and can share their impressions and experiences.

This is a rather emotional topic, and with the help of expressing your emotions it will be easier to make contact and please your companion. Women, as you know, love romantics, and even if a man does not consider himself as such, then thanks to this topic he will receive an additional “plus sign” to a positive assessment by the girl. A travel discussion will help you find additional common ground and common interests.


The first date is always an exciting and crucial moment, so you need to gather your strength and thoughts as much as possible in order to organize everything correctly. Of course, every guy wants to please a girl at first sight, and for this you need to make an effort. But do not, trying to show yourself in the best light, to behave unnaturally, because it is very noticeable.

On the first date you just need to be yourself, not forgetting the elementary rules of etiquette and behavior. If a girl realizes that the guy sympathizes with her, treats her well and behaves with dignity, then she will definitely want to meet this gentleman. The main thing to remember is that the first impression always plays a crucial role and it must be good. But this does not mean that on the second date you can behave worse, because girls are subtle natures who like to be looked after. You can find an approach to each lady, but for this you will have to carefully study her and call not only on one date.


This is one of the easiest and most fun topics that will come in handy for communication and will be able to defuse the situation.

You can talk about what games in your childhood you liked to play, how you went to grandparents to the cottage, what funny stories happened to you, how your school years went, how you learned to swim, ride a bicycle and how many times fell from it, how first fell in love in the kindergarten and how you did not like milk and froth in the school cafeteria.

All this will help to get closer and have fun from the heart.

Favorite food

You can ask what kind of cuisine the interlocutor prefers, what kind of drinks, dishes. Using this information, you can learn a little more about each other and plan a further joint cultural program: go to a pizzeria or enjoy sushi, or go to a coffee shop and drink hot chocolate with her favorite cakes.

If you know how to cook, do not hesitate to tell your interlocutor about this - for a woman, a man who knows how to cook well looks even more interesting and courageous.


A funny story told to the place will help defuse the situation and tune in to a positive continuation of communication, to fill in an unexpected pause. However, this can be overdone, so it is important to dose jokes and “dilute” their communication unobtrusively and in the subject.

What to say on a date, you already know. However, this is only part of the success.The general atmosphere is also important, the mood that you will set for this meeting. There are several aspects of behavior, communication manners that will help to make a good impression about yourself and have a good time:

  1. Positive attitude, goodwill. Even if the interlocutor is worried, shy, your positive and openness will help her to tune in to this wave, relax, open up for communication.
  2. Show emotions, share impressions, experiences, thoughts, be open and alive.
  3. Originality. It can manifest itself in very minor trifles, however, the delicate female nature is sensitive to such things and will certainly appreciate the eccentricity. It is important to compliment deliberately, unbanally.
  4. Interest and sincerity. Well, if you ask questions that require extensive answers, perhaps even discussions, encourage the interlocutor to express an opinion, share thoughts, impressions.
  5. Be interesting - suggest topics for discussion, leisure options, but avoid obsession.
  6. Lead a conversation, try to fill in the pauses, not to allow awkward silence.
  7. Be yourself, do not deceive the interlocutor, ascribing to yourself some heroic qualities or actions, successes and achievements that do not exist. Lies can be revealed quite quickly and unexpectedly, and women, as a rule, do not forgive deception, especially if the relationship begins with it.
  8. Do not be afraid to improvise. Preparing for everything, no matter how thorough the preparation, is impossible. Therefore, be prepared to show originality and attentiveness in any unforeseen situation.
  9. Be a gentleman - it always adorns.

What you can’t talk about

There are also topics that should not be addressed on the first date. Even with mutual interest, they can ruin the whole impression of communication and discourage any desire from the girl to communicate with you further:

  1. First try to avoid the topic of religion, this is a rather personal and serious philosophical question.
  2. Do not ask about her past relationships and do not talk about yours.
  3. Do not boast about your earnings and do not complain that you are not earning enough.
  4. Do not discuss your relatives or friends with her.

Following these simple recommendations, you can easily interest the girl you like, arrange her to continue dating and build further relationships. The main thing is to let her feel her interest, care, show her best qualities and be sincere.

1. Be original.

What is this date in her life? What do you think she was discussing with the other guys?

No need to talk with a girl on a date about work, family, home and other commonplace garbage.

Remember that the task is this: you have to surprise the girl, hook, fall in love with yourself and stand out from other guys.

2. Be emotional.

It doesn’t matter what to talk about at the first date, HOW it matters. Women are emotional. And she went on a date for emotions.

From the presentation of information, perception changes greatly. You can long and boring to tell an interesting story. And you can serve a banal thing with such a sauce that it will be remembered.

3. Be literate.

Do not “shock”, do not “heck”. Do not use slang and, ideally, curses. Avoid parasitic words, put emphasis correctly. And in general, you should be handsome in everything. Your speech must have to be beautiful, clear and competent.

Beautiful speech speaks of well-read, educated people. This is a good plus for you. Especially at the first meeting, when she is not yet sure who is in front of her: a normal man or another asshole.

7. Imagine.

Do not be commonplace. Ask questions from the “if only” series.

“If tomorrow was the last day of her life, what would she do?”, “If she became a man for one day, what would he be?”, “If she was born a man, what would her life look like?”.

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8. Play it.

As an option. During the walk, you ask each other in turn absolutely any questions and honestly answer them.

This will add some excitement to your date. And will help you gain her trust. You have no right to lie. Ask tricky questions. For instance, “What did you think when you first saw me?”, “What quality do you like?”

Do not go and do not ask intimate questions, it will be unpleasant for her.

10. Be as natural as possible.

If you have thought in advance what to say to a girl, give it in such a way that it looks natural.

And the main advice is that you need to work on yourself. Read new books, go to lectures, trainings, try to maximize your horizons. Topics for conversation will appear along with a full life.

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Timeless classic

Carefully probe the soil for its knowledge of the field of art - does it read books, does it watch movies, does it go to exhibitions: “I recently read the Norwegian Forest Murakami. Impressed. And which of what you read left an indelible mark on your soul? ” If you drove a girl into paint, translate the topic: “Nothing, then remember. Perhaps you were most impressed by some movie? ” Although not immediately, but by trial and error, there is always a common theme for an art conversation.

Touch for the living

Through my entire conversation with you, my insistent request is to arouse emotions in the girl. Once again, this is what will remain after you when you pay the check and you go home. That is why we need to talk about what causes emotions. Which ones are not important. Sadness, joy, surprise, fear, delight, admiration - at your disposal a wide range of human feelings. Of course, do not bring the situation to the point of absurdity. Disgust and horror are also emotions, but those emotions are unlikely to work for you.

Push on instincts

One way or another, man and woman are united not by words, but by sex. Sexual attraction is the force that brings opposites together and deprives a woman of critical analysis. So push on your instincts. Look - expressively, move - slowly, speak - velvet. And, most importantly, keep yourself very confident. Let her feel that you are leading, and she is a slave. That's all. No alchemy. You took responsibility. She relaxed.

Shorten the distance

You expect more than getting into the friend zone - reduce the distance between you. Yes, on the first date. Forget everything you know about personal space and the attempt on it. Do you want to become a minimum lover - touch. The sooner you start touching, the faster you get sex. And it’s not necessary to grab her by the chest. Correct the broken strand. Touch the material of her blouse. Take off your eyelash from your cheek, finally. The main thing is an unshakable confidence that you are doing everything right.


However, with the same unshakable certainty, it is easy to make mistakes. Know the measure. For example, do not on a date demonstrate the perfect command of Russian obscene. Yes, the history of profanity is rooted deep in the past. Yes, profanity was used by Yesenin, Nekrasov and Pushkin. And, yes, capacious expressions cannot be excluded from life. But on the first date - it is possible and necessary. By the way, you can cross out a pleasant impression of yourself with a censorship word, if you start talking about the following.

  • Religion. Religion is spoken about either well or nothing. Feelings of believers offend easily. You can talk about religion on a date under one condition - you meet in a church or are a member of one religious community.
  • Erotica. Obviously, conversations in the “below the belt” plane will end in complete failure. Talking about “this” on the first date is unacceptable to the vast majority of girls. And do not try your luck trying to find out if this girl is a rare exception to the rule.
  • Money. Conversations, one way or another touching on the topic of money, always cause awkwardness and give rise to a swarm of thoughts in her head. “He wants me to pay?”, “He thinks I'm mercantile?”, “Maybe he is a gigolo?” From such conversations, the girls become crowded, and the crowded girl is an extremely non-plastic “material” for work.
  • Former. Whoever remembers the old will not break off after a meeting. Yes, talking about the former causes a sea of ​​emotions, but in this sea your intentions can easily sink to see the girl again. Even if you ask - do not give in to provocation. Or answer in a neutral way: "We did not agree in character, we have no complaints against each other." And do not torture yourself.

In general, one does not need to be too careful. Excessive accuracy makes the dish called “dialogue” tasteless and bland. I do not have anyone to talk to? Do you only dream about dates? Register on a dating site, and life will sparkle with new colors. Good luck

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