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What is better balm or aftershave?

After shave products are indispensable for every man. You can not use oil to soften the bristles, neglect eau de toilette, give preference to inexpensive machines over fashionable and sophisticated. But a good after-shave cream should be in the arsenal of every guy, otherwise face problems cannot be avoided. Prevention of skin irritation is its main purpose.

A good remedy for irritation after shaving disinfects wounds and cuts, moisturizes and softens, relieves redness and inflammation, and also refreshes, gives a light, courageous aroma. In a word, balm or aftershave lotion is a necessary and useful thing. But just which one is better to choose - cologne, cream, lotion or after shave balm? Or maybe just a baby cream or chlorhexidine? Each type has its pros and cons. Our rating will help you choose the best remedy for irritation after shaving.

After shave lotion or balm: what is the difference

Modern men are not limited in their choice of after-shave derma care products. But often this diversity leads to a dead end even of the most knowledgeable representatives of the stronger sex. Most often, we face a dilemma: lotion or balm. To make a choice, it is most logical to look for advantages in comparison. Looking ahead, we note that in this matter it is necessary to be guided by two main factors: season and skin type.

Aftershave It differs not only by a liquid consistency, but also by the principle of action. The tool is more like a familiar cologne. The formula contains alcohol (about 40%), so the lotion disinfects and dries inflammations well. In the new generation of drugs in this category, alcohol is replaced by more gentle antiseptic substances. In addition to alcohol, in the composition you will also find such components as panthenol (one of the main active ingredients), vitamin complex, natural oils and extracts.

After shave balm - This is an emulsion, the formula of which includes a large number of nutritious and emollient ingredients and does not contain alcohol. Such products contain a lot of retinol, panthenol and vitamins E and F. Balms moisturize the skin well, contain less perfume and are considered hypoallergenic.

The best aftershave

After shave lotion for men is a cross between cologne and balm. Lotion, like cologne after shave for men, contains alcohol. Thanks to this composition, it perfectly disinfects the consequences of your rush, too sharp or, conversely, a dull blade. But for sensitive skin, it is precisely because of the ethanol content that this is not the best remedy for irritation after shaving.

Our list of the most popular and effective lotions included the Old Spice Champion aftershave, primarily for such characteristics:

  • excellent value for money,
  • impudent, frosty aroma and excellent texture.

A small minus: it smells so good and works well that you want to apply it again and again, it is spent uneconomically for this reason.

Tip: single cuts can be disinfected with salicylic acid. This is a proven folk pharmacy remedy for any redness, inflammation and pustules on the face. But salicylic acid dries the skin, so you should not get involved in it. Alum is offered as a more gentle option. Stone can be ordered online. It costs more than salicylic acid, but also acts much softer and more effective.

How to choose the right tool: checklist

As noted earlier, in choosing a skin care product after shaving, one should be guided by two main factors: skin type and season of the year. The genetics and anatomy of the dermis determines its type, and external biological factors determine its condition. It is also useful to know that when changing seasons, the properties of the skin also change: in the cold season, the intensity of sebum production decreases, in the summer - vice versa.

  • By skin type
Oily and combination skin needs to be dried, normal and dry skin needs moisture. Therefore, it is logical that for the first type it is better to choose a lotion containing alcohol or its less aggressive substitutes. Owners of the second type are better to make a choice in favor of after shave balms (or creams).
  • By season
Normal and dry skin during the hot season can produce more sebum, which can cause inflammation at the razor micropores. In this case, oily balms can only aggravate the situation. Therefore, in the summer, to care for this type of dermis, it is quite possible to use a lotion with a lighter formula. Choose one that contains less alcohol or another antiseptic.

Oily and combination skin during the cold season can also suffer from dryness and peeling. In such a situation, a nourishing balm will come in handy. Pay attention to emulsions for sensitive skin - without perfumed fragrances and with fewer oils and emollients.

After Shave Balms

After shave balms differ from lotions in their texture and action. As a rule, there is no alcohol in the composition, therefore it is an ideal remedy for irritation after shaving for owners of dry skin. For allergy sufferers, special odorless balms are available, some of them smooth, tone and tighten the skin of the face and neck, providing a rejuvenating effect. In our opinion and user reviews, the best after shave balm is

After shave balm or lotion - which is better? The question is individual. It is worth emphasizing only that it is better to use the lotion to disinfect cuts and pustules, and after shave balm - for the same functions plus to moisturize and soften the skin.

Our choice is Yves Rocher Sensitive Homme After Shave Balm. We recommend this after shave care product for sensitive skin. The balm has a light texture, is quickly absorbed without leaving a sticky film, removes the feeling of tightness and discomfort. And all thanks to the regenerating, intensely emollient shea butter and extract of Anta beans. in the luxuriously selected composition of this miracle balm there are no parabens and dyes, therefore it is optimal for guys prone to allergies.

Which cream to choose

Of all the possible means for caring for male skin after shaving, the cream has the most dense and oily texture. It is absorbed longer, but the softening effect also gives a longer one. An additional bonus - the cream after application forms an invisible protective film on the skin, its protection from ultraviolet radiation, wind, frost, moisture is enough for the whole day. Use after shaving cream, going to a night party at the club, is not worth it. But this is an indispensable tool if you plan to surf or work in the open air.

And we also have a great article on how to grow a beard.

An important advantage for those who are accustomed to carefully monitor costs and do not like to spend a lot even on themselves, their beloved - the cream is spent much more economically than a lotion or balm. Classics are classics, and, despite the huge variety of alternative modern products, after-shave cream remains the most sought-after product in the line of men's cosmetics.

The recommendation of experts and users - Nivea Classic after-shave cream-balm. Thanks to the improved formula, the active components of the cream instantly penetrate the skin, activate its natural protective resources, soften it there, de need it, and relieve irritation and discomfort. In addition, this after-shave cream with vitamin B5 stimulates the regeneration of skin cells, prevents aging and inflammation.

What to choose for problem skin

Problematic is not only acne and acne. It is also excessive dryness and tightness, or vice versa, a greasy shine due to an excess of sebum, these are the first wrinkles and age spots. With such defects, shaving does not just cause tremendous discomfort and even pain - it becomes dangerous because of the risk of skin injury and infection of the wounds. Problems may be temporary, for example, after a burn or illness. But even for this period, you should choose a special, mild and at the same time antiseptic agent for delicate face care.

  1. For sensitive, prone to peeling skin, you need to choose after shave gel or cream containing panthenol. For shabby, unhealthy skin, an after-shave cream with vitamin E and A is ideal. Panthenol as part of the cream is required for hypersensitive skin, prone to allergic rashes, peeling and redness. If this was not found in a cosmetics store for men, the usual Panthenol ointment is suitable.
  2. If pustules often form on the face, inflammation does not go away, you should try not a lotion or after-shave balm, but a simple zinc ointment from a pharmacy.
  3. Kiehl’s Razor Bump Relief Balm has been formulated specifically for oily skin prone to acne and blackheads. The composition of the product contains salicylic acid, which provides an antiseptic and drying effect, ginger root extract and fireweed herbs. This combination makes the skin soft, supple, clean and fresh, without greasy shine, peeling and inflammation.

And finally, the traditional advice: many men prefer to use the same tool for years. This approach is not entirely correct. Your skin changes with age, which means it requires a different care. No matter how good and high-quality your favorite balm or lotion seems to you, keep up to date and try new means - you will surely find something interesting and suitable. And I also wrote a review article about different beard products.

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