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Men's fashionHow to choose a hat for a man

The men's wardrobe, according to stylists, must include a classic formal suit, jeans with a T-shirt and sweater, as well as several hats for different styles of clothing. With this product, you can not only hide from the weather, cold or sunlight, but also beneficial to emphasize your style. And summer men's hats are accessories rather than a practical thing.

Many men underestimate the importance of headgear, considering it a necessity only in the cold season. In fact, designers and fashion designers are constantly releasing entire collections of summer hats for the strong half of society, believing that men are obliged to follow fashion no less than women. And due to the wide variety of styles and models, each man will find the best option for himself.

Summer and a hat

All the latest fashion trends are based on the fact that men's summer hats should be practical, concise and appropriate to the age, occupation, type of appearance and style of clothing of a man. It is important to choose the right style and size so that the product rests well on the head, does not interfere with the review, and most importantly, favorably corrects the shape of the man’s face.

We select an image

In fact, men's summer hats are presented in three varieties - caps, caps and hats. All these types are further divided into subspecies, depending on the model, style, tailoring and style load. This season, designers offer men several images of summer hats:

  1. Panama - A practical and comfortable to wear thing that is ideal for male hunters, fishers, summer residents, travelers. Most often, it is combined with a sports style, as well as grunge and military styles.
  2. Baseball cap - A sporty type of headgear that suits men of all ages, but only in combination with sportswear.
  3. The cap is an ideal headdress for dudes and lovers of Beatles style. And the caps will fit perfectly with the military style if they have a flat tulle.
  4. The hat is a fashionable and stylish accessory for modern men of all ages. Today, designers offer many styles of hats for different styles of clothing. For example, a panama hat, as a fabric analogue of a straw hat for the beach and nature, Fedor's hat for business style or casual clothing, a hooligan Tribley hat or a cowboy hat for urban style.

In fact, there are more than a dozen types of hats, these can be classic, gangster, beach, creative styles for any outfits of men. It is only important that they are made of light materials, allowing the head to breathe in the summer heat, but at the same time protect it from direct sunlight.

What is important to consider in a hat in the summer?

For men, when choosing a headdress, it is important first of all to take into account the features of their appearance and face shape.

The angularity in the face can be corrected by rounded forms of dressing, visually eliminate hats with high tulle hats, and, on the contrary, correct the elongated shape of the face with hats pulled over the forehead or asymmetric fit.

The higher the man, the correspondingly larger the hat or hat should be, the lower men should choose a flat hat. For owners of a short haircut, panama hats, caps, baseball caps are more suitable, with long hair berets and wide-brimmed hats look better. Under a strict style of clothing, stylists advise wearing a hat, and panama, caps and caps - under the urban or sports style.

Variety of styles

The hat is able to tell a lot about its owner, being one of the most stylish elements of the male image. Today, the hat is not as popular as before, but there are some places where you won’t get to without a headdress - for example, at the royal races. For those who are currently trying to adhere to a conservative image, stylists recommend wearing this dress.

Although men's hats will not look in everyday life, they are just perfect for relaxing, leisurely walks along the promenade or park.

Modern hats are versatile and are represented by a large number of different types and styles.

One of the most popular hats that deserve your attention is Panama. Usually it is made in bright colors, it is very light and passes air well and is an excellent protection against scorching sunlight. Panama is great for walking, so light summer suits are perfect for her.

Fedora is a felt hat that can give style and emphasize the individuality of its owner. It is worn with cotton shirts, straight trousers, sports jackets.

Boater belongs to the summer headdresses, it is made from straw, so this headdress is simply indispensable in the summer heat. Previously, boater was very popular, now this headdress is worn much less often, but in any case, boater remains a symbol of Venice, being a traditional gandolier dress. It goes well with jeans, T-shirts and looks especially good with checked shirts.

English caps are most often made from tweed, less often from wool or cotton. This headpiece is just perfect for casual wear. Caps can be worn with almost any thing - with jeans, shorts, shirts, pullovers, coats.
Here you can also mention the octagonal cap, which is very similar to the English cap. The difference in some nuances is that the full shape of the hat has eight angles and a small button at the top.

A baseball cap is a soft hat. This is one of the most popular hats, the appearance of which does not change for years. A baseball cap is worn with casual or sportswear.

Now let's talk about which caps to wear in cold weather. Helps to be saved in frosts - a fur hat. Usually, a fur hat means a cap with earflaps, which is suitable for almost any winter outerwear - a sports jacket, coat, sheepskin coat. A cap with earflaps is sewn from sheepskin, astrakhan, rabbit fur. The color of the hat should be combined with clothing or accessories.

Knitted hats are especially popular. Previously, they belonged to the category of sportswear, but over time they switched to everyday wear. There are a huge number of them - bright, dark, of different knitting, they will look good with jackets, coats, raincoats, sheepskin coats. A handmade item will be the best gift.

The best protection against winter weather will be caps, especially insulated models.

Types of hats for the summer

The hats with summer options are the hardest. Many representatives of the stronger sex rejected the need for this accessory until recently. Now the situation is slowly but surely changing in favor of the need for hats.

  • Cap (or peakless cap) is popular with most men. Made of thin fabric, the cap will perfectly protect your head from the sun, and the absence of a visor makes it a universal option for most images. Sometimes caps are supplemented with buttons or small metal emblems of the manufacturer. This option is convenient in that it is not necessary to wear it with a tracksuit, while it does not attract much attention, such as a hat. Most modern Russians are quite satisfied with this, this fact raises caps in middle-aged men to the rank of the most popular.

  • Baseball cap is not an unconditional representative of the sports style, but she still has not advanced beyond the service uniform. The bulk of fans of this type of headgear is young people and athletes.

At the moment, a piece of clothing with a high crown and a long visor is decorated with bright and high-quality embroidery, color inserts, and accessories.

  • Hat is the most underrated headgear among Russian men. It is difficult to meet both in the off-season and in the summer. It is used most often only on the beach and on vacation, in an urban environment you can see it not so often. The more common the use of a hat, the wider its field. For beach holidays, straw options are usually used. Fabric models, especially in combination with everyday clothes, are demonstrated only by the most daring representatives of our time.

  • Fedora hat has a more presentable appearance. Wide fields, slightly bent forward and raised behind, oblige to wear it with a suit and shirt. It has a fairly dense structure, most often made of felt.

  • Panama has a lighter shape and narrow margins, usually bent down. Panama is most often perceived as an independent fabric or knitted type of headgear, and not as a hat itself. Panama is applicable in everyday use as an addition to youth style or summer holidays. The beach can also be a place to use this headgear. The wider the panama’s fields, the less binding it is. Also, the fields perfectly protect against wind and sun.

  • Trilby formed from fedora. Its fields are rather narrow, in comparison with Fedor, and the image is more formal, in comparison with Panama. Tula is slightly lower, has three hollows. Usually made of thick fabric.

  • Cowboy hat originally positioned as the headdress of a shepherd - an American cowboy. Wide fields and a soft straw base perfectly protected the head from the scorching sun and wind in the open. Now a cowboy hat is acceptable in combination with a business suit. In Russia, this type of hat is used with a formal-casual suit.

  • Bandana It is a headdress for children, modern youth and ardent representatives of musical movements; it is periodically used by motor sports enthusiasts. The bandana is considered a very convenient dress, as it sits quite tightly on the head. In this case, the bandana does not contribute to the appearance of an even tan and provokes skin inflammation in the forehead, therefore it is not recommended for continuous use.

  • Beanie hat It may be quite appropriate in the summer, but it should be made of thin fabric and applied in casual style, for example.

  • Male beret in Russia is strongly associated with old age and the profession of an artist.

Berets made of thin fabric are quite rare; such a headdress is not particularly popular in the summer.

  • Light-colored cartouche how a hat is used even less than it takes. This species has almost outlived itself in the urban environment, for the most part it is used in the countryside.

  • Turbans they are no longer the headdress of the inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula or Africa, as well as a demonstration of religion. In Russia, this species is more popular among the female part of the population. The male contingent does not particularly favor this headdress, the turban (the less voluminous version of the turban) has the same attitude.

How to choose a hat?

Angular facial features are freely adjusted by headdresses of rounded shapes. If the shape of the face is elongated, it will be easier to adjust it with a hat pulled over the forehead, and a hat with an asymmetric arrangement of the fields will also perfectly cope with this task.

Holders of a round face is better to choose a hat with a higher top, such as a baseball cap or fedora. Also, chubby, you can add vertical lines due to the deflated corners of a bandana or beanie in a raised version.

The hotter the climate, the thinner the headgear should be. It should be understood that hats made of thin fabrics, such as a beanie hat, are more suitable for windy weather than for protection from the bright sun. Straw hats will also do an excellent job of this. Dense fabrics are ideal for wind and rainy weather. To avoid bright sun and skin burns, headgear with wide brim or models such as a turban and turban should be used.

When purchasing this or that option, you should carefully think over the general image so that the headgear harmoniously combines with clothes.

Fashion trends

  • Kepi - An ideal headdress for dudes and casual style lovers. Yes, and the style of military caps are perfect. They look great with a sweater or t-shirt, velor trousers or slim jeans. The versatility of a cap has no limits, since it can even complement an image with a jacket.

  • Panama Will look good with grunge and military style. Panama is also combined with a T-shirt, jeans and a denim shirt in a youth style. The panama hat will complement the look for the beach and nature, casual style.

  • Baseball cap - A type of headgear that is ideal for men of all ages, but only in combination with sportswear.

Combining a baseball cap with another style is quite difficult, the maximum is casual style.

Men's hats for summer, make the right choice

Today, the diversity of such hats exceeds borders. Therefore, even the most demanding buyer will be able to choose for himself an option that perfectly complements his image for a walk or attending special occasions. There are all kinds of models of men's summer hats. By choosing the right product, you can successfully complete your image and express your personality.

So, let's try to decide how to choose the right hat for the hot season, starting from existing options:

    Men's straw hats

Currently, there is a wide variety of such products, presented both from natural straw and from artificial. There are models that are made by hand or in a special production, in large quantities. In any case, the straw options perfectly pass air and effectively protect the head from sunlight.

Hats made from straw are considered classics in the fashion world. They are very popular in the summer. Such accessories became not only an attribute of beach fashion, but also turned into a fashionable headdress worn daily with different clothes.

The main material for the production of such hats is a large quantity of straw pigtails, which are sewn together. By the way, this headdress is known since the Middle Ages. In those days, it was also quite popular and in demand among males. Nowadays it is a fashionable and stylish accessory, and then the hat was worn most often by peasants who worked under the rays of the hot sun. In the eighteenth century, the view on straw accessories changed significantly. Since that time, straw products have changed. They became more comfortable while wearing, high-quality. A huge number of colors and models are presented on the modern market, which provides an excellent opportunity to create your own unique image.

Straw hats are great for summer costumes in a classic style in light shades. They can also be worn with shirts and pants. Products perfectly complement any look for walking.

Men's hats made from cellulose

On vacation, this option of headgear will become a real helper on the beach. Since such accessories do not crumple, they can easily be folded into a suitcase. The composition of these products is unusual: hats are made of paper strips, which are treated with special impregnation.As a result, hats are not afraid of all kinds of rainfall and weather influences. The indisputable advantage of such models is that they perfectly ventilate the scalp.

This type of hat is especially popular among males. Due to the wide variety of models and colors, it is possible to choose a panama that will meet your requirements and preferences.

Men's summer Fedora

Fedor's hat is relevant for a long time. But such accessories appeared in the twenties and thirties of the last century. In those days, such a headdress was part of the image of famous gangsters. Fedors are made of different material. Therefore, it is easy to choose a suitable summer fedora for trousers and a shirt or any other image.

Cowboy hat for summer These models are perfect for those who prefer a western. The silhouette of a cowboy hat is difficult to confuse with other models - this option is distinguished by the presence of wide and slightly curved fields. Tulia tall and slightly concave.

Boater hat These hats are more elegant compared to other options. They remain in trend for a long time. Kanotye perfectly suit different images, so they can safely be considered universal.

Men's trilby are distinguished by narrow margins. They are suitable for the daring representatives of the stronger sex. Such accessories are perfect for t-shirts and jeans and many other clothing options.

There are also other models of summer hats for men. And then everyone will choose for themselves the most suitable option.


Despite the fact that summer hats are not an urgent need, stylists advise every man to have at his disposal several models of hats and caps. Designers, in turn, offer constant collection updates for real fashionistas and connoisseurs of classics. It remains only to choose a style and model for the general image and type of appearance of a man.

How to choose a hat

A large role in choosing a headgear is played by the shape of a person's face. You need to emphasize the dignity of your face and, if possible, hide existing flaws, which will help you make the right hat. If you do not forget to take this factor into account, then you certainly will not lose with the choice of a hat.

With a round face, stylists recommend wearing semi-adjacent models with asymmetry to hide almost the same width of the forehead, cheekbones and jaw, as a result of which the facial features look too massive.

With an oval face, it is better to give preference to tight-fitting models, knitted hats, voluminous caps and high knitted hats with a deep fit. Such models will make the chin lighter, adjust the forehead too high.

For a triangular face, a hat is ideal, as well as fur hats that distract attention from a sharp chin, but at the same time quite wide cheekbones.

An elongated face, in which approximately the same width of the cheekbones, chin and jaw, ennobles a fur hat or hat.

When choosing a headdress, it is important to take into account its color, which should be combined with the color scheme of clothes, style, and appearance of a person. For example, blondes will look good in a headdress of peach, beige or white-blue colors. Brunettes can choose blue, black, fuchsia hats. Owners of light brown and ashy hair will use gray-blue, pistachio-colored garments. Red-haired men may prefer plum, spruce, chocolate shades of hats.

Also, stylists recommend that with simple-fitting outerwear give preference to intricate garments, a headdress that is uncomplicated in shape is better to choose with complex-designed outerwear.

But the main thing to keep in mind is the main thing that makes you comfortable and warm in your headdress.

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