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How to meet a girl: 16 - working tips

To get acquainted with a girl, it is enough to approach her, say hello and introduce herself. But for everything to look as natural as possible, you need to make the right moment for this and find out some useful information.

And 7 data for example situations for dating at school will help a guy choose the most suitable way for him and don’t worry about failure.

Getting Ready

For the preparation of you need to find out in which particular class the girl you like is studying. See how she usually spends time: alone or in the company of friends. If friends do not leave her even on the way to school and home, then you should ask your friends for help. Getting to know the two companies is much easier. It also makes sense to inquire about hobbies, see her schedule and understand where it will be most convenient to approach her.

The most important thing to prepare is find out what this girl is interested in and how she spends her days. This will help to kill two birds with one stone:

  1. At first, it will be easier to calculate the optimal place for dating (suddenly she sings in a theater club or is used to doing homework in the library).
  2. Secondly, the guy will immediately have a set of topics that you can talk about on the day you meet, because he will have time to read at least something about it ..

To get this valuable data will help social networks. The information is now so transparent that answers to all questions of interest can be obtained on the Internet. If a girl does not publish photos and records in large quantities, then one of her friends and classmates can do this - it makes sense to look at their profiles for joint photos as well.

If the Internet does not help, then the good old method called “ask friends” still works.

Good to know, everything that is forbidden attracts even more!

The reason for this is the conflicting nature of girls, especially in adolescence. It is often seen that girls prefer talking with bad boys.

In order to create the illusion of a bully, you should not pay any attention or cast insignificant glances at the girl who won your heart. Peer can hurt this behavior, but is unlikely to offend her.

If in doubt that such an option will be effective, you can resort to it only in rare cases. Believe me, a girl will definitely be interested in a guy who is supposedly "indifferent" to her.

It's important to know! Usually excellent students and educated girls like bad guys.

If the choice is quiet tactics, then the very first step should be to find out where your chosen one goes during the break. It can be a school library, a canteen, a school yard. More precisely, you will have to study its usual route. Imagine that you have been assigned the role of an agent, and you need to establish the location and movement of the object.

During this task, you should definitely move towards the girl. This will allow you to exchange glances, even smile or wink. If a desire arises, you can call her by name and say hello. To begin with, she may not understand and laugh, but over time she will like it, and she will also welcome you.

How to meet a girl in real life

Spontaneous acquaintance in everyday life more and more resembles archaic. Nevertheless, this is one of the most romantic situations, which can then be told to grandchildren.

He also has a number of other indisputable advantages. Firstly, you always see a real person, and not his processed photo 10 years ago. Secondly, you can use the maximum of your charm: alas, virtual communication still does not convey all the nuances of life.

Here are some tricks you can use to meet a girl offline.

First steps

Of course, I want to make a good impression on the boy who really liked him. Girls begin to torment themselves with the question of how best to approach him and start communication. Often the situation is complicated by the fact that the young man is from another class and he is older, say 2 or 3 years. Meetings in this case occur only in noisy corridors. Yes, and you can’t call it meetings, because often you just pass by each other. To engage in an unobtrusive and natural conversation under the numerous looks of other teenagers simply will not work. And a suitable situation that could bring you closer, you can wait a very, very long time.

Well, in any case, you need to overcome your shyness and begin to take steps to get to know each other and get closer, otherwise things will not budge, and you will remain a secret admirer. But hacking the shoulder, persistently imposing your society, of course, is not worth it.

Use the following tactics to start chatting with a boy in school.

  • Find out as much as possible about him. To establish friendships and further relationships, information about his interests, social circle, hobbies, inclinations will be useful to you. In this case, you will already be aware of what topics you can start a conversation. If he goes to any sections or attends school electives, you can try to sign up there and get close against the background of general classes.
  • A good platform for dating is the general learning process. True, it can be used as an excuse only if you study in the same parallel. For example, in a situation where a control on a subject was carried out in his class, you can come up and ask what tasks you should expect in the upcoming test work.
  • It’s very good if you have friends in the class in which the guy you like is studying. You can come in to chat with them at recess. And in the process of such friendly visits, you can find points of contact with the object of your sympathy.
  • If you trust your classmates with the guy you like, you can ask them to invite him to some joint event or a walk. For example, a joint company to visit a cafe or go to a concert. In an informal setting, making friends is much easier, even if he is 2-3 years older than you.
  • Find out what events he attends outside of school and how to accidentally appear there in his field of vision. It is very likely that when he sees a familiar face from his school, he will want to say hello and be the first to start a conversation.
  • Properly use the information you have about the attracted boy. For example, if you know for sure that he is interested in computer games, come and ask him for a game disc or ask any questions about the features of its passage.

To justify their request, they came across a common acquaintance, for example: “Pasha Ivanov said that you are an excellent gamer, and I just can’t pass one level in the game.” Thus, you will simultaneously compliment him and present your appeal to him as logical and unobtrusive. Similarly, you can take advantage of interests in other areas: music, cinema, sports, science.

  • If you attend electives together, please contact him with a question on the subject. Or, on the contrary, try to offer your help in a suitable situation.
  • A good pretext for starting communication and friendship within the walls of the school is a request to borrow a pencil or pen. But do not forget to thank the person for their help and be sure to return him the things taken.
  • More often take part in school events in which you can prove yourself on the beneficial side. So you will be in sight, and the boy may even become interested in you and take the initiative. But even if the first steps are not followed from him, you will have a reason to intersect at events, and, therefore, common topics for conversation, for example, discussion of a concert, the results of a sports competition or school olympiad.
  • Do not forget about social networks. This is a large and convenient platform for communication. You can leave an unobtrusive comment under his posts or positively rate the photo. Also a good option is to participate in a joint online discussion on a matter.
  • Try to look good, but do not overdo it. Often, girls make a mistake by making their appearance unnecessarily defiant and pretentious. This, of course, is a matter of taste, but too many guys are too “bright” repulsive.

Active position

Sometimes, in order to attract the attention of the opposite sex, you should be as active as possible in everything. For example, to attend various circles, enroll in a choir or sports team of the school, take part in contests and competitions held at the school.

The more often the girl you like will notice you, the faster you will be able to get to know her and draw her attention to yourself.

But, the main thing to consider, is the fact that in the educational institution you have a lot of competitors - boys who are also possibly passionate about this girl and take an active part in the life of the school. They may also set themselves the task of making acquaintance, but they fail.

Do not be afraid to communicate with peers from other classes, communication with them will be a huge plus. So you will become more confident in yourself.

Be always cheerful, in the mood, on the positive. So the girl who touched your heart will immediately notice you. It is worth attracting the attention of the opposite sex, it will be easier to talk to her and get acquainted.

At that moment, when the girl began to greet you in a friendly manner, it is worth moving to active actions. For example, ask to verify the completed homework or suggest a solution to the problem or graph in geometry. This will help establish contact with the girl and get closer to her. Be a pleasant conversationalist. Girls like it when guys tell different interesting stories. After such conversations, the girl will miss such pleasant and inquisitive meetings. And she herself will go first to contact you.

How to meet a girl at school so that she wants to date you

If a girl who likes studying in the same school, then this greatly simplifies the process of dating. Firstly, even if you study in different classes, there are many ways to learn about her as much as possible: does she have a boyfriend, what does she like, what is not, what she is fond of, what is her character.

Secondly, for sure, you have some common acquaintances who can introduce or create a favorable situation outside of school, for example, invite you both to a birthday or to some collective trip to a bowling alley or movie theater. Thirdly, you can see her every day, that is, you can choose the most favorable moment for dating. In this case, the question “how to get to know a girl at school” is how to choose a suitable situation and interest her in person.

Getting Ready

It is better not to get involved in the preparation process, so as not to be in the role of that cowboy from a joke who has long repainted his horse in different colors. This young man imagined that the girl would ask why the horse had such an unusual appearance, and he would offer to meet her in response. As a result, the girl was tired of it, and she herself proposed to meet. The unlucky cowboy was completely confused and answered: “Why meet there, look what kind of horse I have!” The ending is sad, but the reception can be noted. Having found out which dear fiancee is going home, you can build a situation so as to often catch her eye, demonstrating some positive qualities. You can do gymnastic exercises on the horizontal bar or standing in the company of friends (if any) with a well-posed voice to discuss topics that may be of interest to the girl: films, quests, "shooting games", books, sports. It is very likely that the girl herself will begin to glance in your direction with an interest and dream that you should approach her.

Many are embarrassed that the girl constantly walks with her friend. This is just normal: all attractive girls go with friends, or even are surrounded by company, it is like a law of nature. On the contrary, if a beautiful girl is alone, it is worth considering whether everything is in order with her. This, of course, is not an indicator of something terrible, but it is better to find out what is the reason: maybe it is too original. As for her friend, the main thing is not to make an enemy in her face.

Think about what you can do for this girl to like her. It happens that the situation develops spontaneously, for example, you see that she rubbed or twisted her leg. A great moment to offer your help: carry her bag. Bags - a necessary thing in every woman’s wardrobe or a backpack, sit on a bench and run to the pharmacy for the patch, to the kiosk for ice cream or water. Did it rain suddenly? Offer her your umbrella, and if the umbrella, on the contrary, is with her, then hide yours away and ask her to shelter from the weather.

Where to begin

If you have not gone too far in trying to impress her, and she looks at you as her potential boyfriend, and not as a clown, then it's time to go on the attack. It’s not worth delaying, otherwise the achieved effect will fade. You can talk about anything, it is important to observe two rules:

  • Be confident in yourself and not ask permission to get to know each other, namely to get to know each other,
  • the first few minutes do not ask questions to which the girl can answer “No”.

At school it is very easy to find out her name and instead of the question “Can I meet you?” Ask the question: “Your name is Alena, right?”. If she can easily answer “No” to the first question and the conversation comes to a standstill, then she will hardly answer the second question that she is Agrafena. Do not forget that while you read articles on how to get to know a girl, girls read other articles on how to interest and keep a guy. Even if she already likes you, most likely she read somewhere that “men don’t value easy prey,” she wants her attention and reciprocity to be sought. Therefore, avoid questions that you can get negative answers. Generally, do not drag out the first conversation. Your task is to make an appointment with her outside the school or get her mobile number. Start telling something interesting and cut off the conversation, citing urgent matters, promising to finish the story at the meeting. It is important to do everything possible so that not only you look forward to the first date The first date: everything is just beginning but also the girl herself. Then your meeting has every chance to become the beginning of a great romantic relationship.

1. Show confidence and openness

When meeting in real life, non-verbal signals can play into your hands. Remember open postures, steady (but not excessive) eye contact and a sincere smile. They will do half the job: they will locate an unknown person towards you.

How and what to talk about?

Now a few tips on how to conduct a conversation so that it is interesting and encourages further communication with you. It’s clear that chatter will quickly bore and tire the person you are talking to, and he may eventually lose interest in you.

  • Be able to listen in conversation. The interlocutor will be interested in communicating when he himself can fully express himself.
  • Be able to accept his point of view.
  • Try to ask specific questions. Generic phrases like “tell me something” are confusing. It seems that the interlocutor is not interesting to you.
  • Talk to him more often on general topics, take an interest in his successes and hobbies.
  • In communication, be yourself.Natural, relaxed conversation brings together the best. Do not create a false impression about yourself.

It’s always impossible to keep a fictitious image, and if you are counting on a relationship with this young man, you should not start with deception.

Road to or from school

Finding out where a girl lives is very simple. After following her after class, you can somehow watch her and come to say hello.

Especially successful if the guy too lives on this side. Then you can start the conversation with the phrase: “Hello! I often see you on the way to school. Maybe we’ll join each other and go together? ” This phrase does not oblige to anything, and the girl is unlikely to refuse such an offer. Then, as a new acquaintance, it will be possible to greet her at a meeting, and if necessary, approach and communicate.

If the guy doesn't live on the same sideAs the girl, it’s enough to slightly modify the phrase. For example: “Hello! You are the Light of 10 "A", right? I saw that you live in the same house as my friend. I am now to him, and I am on the way. Do you mind if we chat for now? I just wanted to ask about your "little thing". "

Should I prepare for an acquaintance?

It’s not worth a lot of time to prepare for an acquaintance, otherwise you may get the option of a memorized role. Many guys are embarrassed to approach a girl when a girlfriend is walking with her. Although, it is absolutely normal to have people who are close in spirit with whom friendship, common interests and hobbies unite you. Another option, in which it is worth considering why a girl walks alone, and she does not have girlfriends. Maybe this is due to her character? Or is she so proud that she cannot stand outsiders? These questions are well worth finding out.

If, nevertheless, your girlfriend communicates with her school peers, the main thing is not to become an enemy and a hater for them.

Ask yourself what to do to make a girl like you. There are circumstances in which there is a great opportunity to get acquainted with a peer. For example, after class, she went to the library to prepare an essay. Agree, there is a chance to get to know her if you also take the necessary literature and ask the girl for advice. So the first communication is born, and who knows, maybe a lot of friendship.

Another option, in which it rains heavily, and the girl can not get off the porch of the school. You, like a real gentleman, can offer her to use her umbrella, and even take her home.

The next situation when you can get acquainted with a girl you like is to enroll in the same circle in which she also visits. This is a great idea not only to make acquaintance, but also to make friends. The main thing is to show interest in what is taught in the circle and become its leader. The girl will definitely want to talk to you better.

To interest and please a girl, you should definitely like yourself. Everything should suit you: both your appearance, and a haircut, and style in clothes. Girls very often pay attention to how neat and tidy the guy is in their clothes, and how they look after themselves.

Given all this, it is necessary to maintain a natural look. You should never imitate any hero. You must always be yourself. It is very easy to play too much and lose your self.

The main advantage for a guy who is stressed by girls is respectful attitude to the opposite sex. You should never be rude and mock. It only pushes the girl away.

If you liked a brand new girl who came to class - do not get lost and immediately come and get acquainted. The girl will easily contact you, because in the new school she knows absolutely no one. In such a situation, you have a chance to make friends with her and become her true friend. Believe me, she will appreciate this attitude to herself. As soon as your communication becomes confidential, you can invite a girl to watch a new movie in a movie theater or just take a walk in the park, as well as take a ride on entertaining attractions.

Guess the moment

If the guy has the opportunity to be with the girl at the same time in one place - This is an ideal moment for dating. That's why we need to find out what she does in her free time and which electives she goes to. Participates in the school math Olympiad?

You can also sign up and approach her before starting with the phrase: “Hello! Is this your first time participating? You don’t know what will be there? ” What if she walks a dog in the evenings, and does the guy also have a pet? In a word, one can think over the possibility of a “random” meeting, which will be completely no coincidence.

What do girls never like?

3. Lack of intelligence.

4. Common behavior and attitude towards girls.

5. Cowardice and inability to stand up for themselves.

7. A boring character and stiffness.

8. Low self-esteem.

If you are characterized by one of these statements, it is urgent to change for the better and work on yourself.

Girls like positive and funny guys who have a good sense of humor. Most importantly, these jokes should be appropriate and not offend the person you are talking to.

Important tip: learn to make the right compliments to girls. They must be spoken from the heart and be sincere. If you are at a loss how to do this, the best assistant in this matter will be mom, aunt, grandmother or sister. They will definitely tell you what words and what compliments will make the girl melt.

If you managed to meet a girl who won your heart, continue to talk to her at school as often as possible. You can ask the girl to clarify one or another material for a specific lesson. For example, to discuss an excerpt from a work of literature, which must be analyzed and the main part and meaning inherent in the drama should be revealed. This is a good reason to once again talk with a girl.

To arouse interest in a girl, try to flirt with her for a while. What is flirting? This is a playful manner of communication between two opposite sexes. It can be various conversations, winks, smiles and a caring attitude. Flirting is closely associated with romance, so often flirting develops into courtship and serious feelings.

Try to give the girl unusual signs of attention, for example, touch her hair or gently pull the pigtail, wink, or even tease comically. Believe me, the girl will definitely turn her attention to you. It may be different, but, nevertheless, you will achieve your result.

At school, just meeting a girl. It is not necessary to ask the direct question “can I meet you?” It will be enough to ask her name or say it in the affirmative form. For example, “I heard that your name is Elena, is that so?” If you are sure in advance of the answer, this will be only your plus. If the girl willingly spoke to you, try to learn as much as possible about her and invite her to a first date, or as an option to spend home after school.

If the girl gives a positive answer and agrees to walk together after school, do not forget to inquire and ask for her phone number. If you can interest the girl, she will look forward to your call and meeting.

A great idea to meet a girl at school is school evenings or discos. This is a great opportunity to take the initiative and invite the girl to the first dance, during which you can easily find out what the girl’s name is and in what class she studies. After the dance, you can invite the girl to continue the conversation, and find out more information. After the disco, the girl should be taken home, certainly if she does not mind. The next day, you can safely approach the girl and ask “how are you,” “how are you,” “what marks,” “what is your homework”. In that case, if you are sure that you continue to like the girl, you should invite her to the cafeteria after school and treat her with ice cream.

If you want your interest to be a secret and the girl tried to guess who her secret admirer is, do the following. Type a letter in which you indicate that the girl captivated you with her beauty, and you would like to meet her after class. Such an acquaintance will be mysterious, and will surely make the girl wonder who exactly is so interested in her. In the letter you can indicate the meeting place and how the girl recognizes you.

For example, clothing or a bright accessory. Such a meeting will be a real intrigue. Think in advance all the subtleties of meeting with a girl. Surprise peers if at a meeting give her a beautiful rose or chocolate. Such an acquaintance will be memorable. The main thing is that the girl will emphasize that you are a real romantic. And the girls are madly in love with romantic meetings.

1. Be always natural and never play.

2. Be careful and polite.

3. Be always active and positive.

4. Be always attentive and honest.

Such small rules will help to achieve results when meeting with any girl. Be yourself and you will succeed!

While on duty

Many schools have preserved the tradition of the Soviet era, when a class is on duty once a couple of months — the guys keep order, hand out things in the wardrobe and clean the dishes in the dining room. This is just the wardrobe and will be the most profitable place, because in the mornings, schoolchildren come at different intervals, do not crowd in the queue for the number, and the guy can cheerfully greet everyone who comes up, which will not seem strange.

Here at such a moment, you can fool around a bit and recite with the most positive intonation: “Good morning, young lady! My name is Lyosha. How are you? ”

3. Use any available information about the stranger

Does she ride the subway and read Dostoevsky? Or is she wearing a T-shirt with the image of Darth Vader? This is the finished topic for the first conversation.

But here you should remember the beat. Commenting on what the girl does on her phone, even if she does not close the screen with her hand, is clearly not worth it. This borders on an invasion of privacy.

Ask friends

If a guy and a girl have good mutual acquaintances, then they are unlikely to mind going to a skating rink, to a movie or to a disco with a big company. It is enough to ask them to organize something similar, and that they must invite the same young lady.

At a meeting, friends will introduce those who are not yet familiar with each other, and then the guy will be left alone start a conversation with a girl and get interested in yourself during the conversation.

4. Use the decor

If you are at a concert or exhibition, then your tastes most likely coincide with the tastes of a charming stranger and it will be easier to find a topic for conversation. But the most common places can be of help: a shop, cafe, gym. Even the housing office. Why not?

Use the environment as an excuse to start a conversation. Ask, for example, which product or dish is best to choose, noting that the girl looks like a person you could trust. Discuss the nuances of training or the life of the area. In general, use all the resources of everyday life to the maximum.

5. Give a compliment

A win-win option if the compliment is devoid of banality, but not sophistication. Forget about cliches like oceans of eyes and waterfalls of hair. But do not overdo it with originality: the information that the girl has the best finger thickness in the world or the ideal curvature of the teeth during dating is clearly redundant.

It is also better to refuse chic preparations. After all, the second (third, fourth and so on) phrase will have to correspond to the virtuosity of the first. Otherwise, all efforts will go down the drain.

If you are not sure about your oratory skills, just go over and admit that you liked the girl, it seemed interesting to you. Sincerity is better than any spent tackles.

School disco

At a disco, a free girl is always waiting for new acquaintances. Sometimes classes dance only with their own, while organizing a kind of circle, but by the middle of the evening many mix up. And there are also slow dances, which you can learn about by talking to a DJ.

Facing the beginning of the slow composition next to the girl, it is enough to suggest: “Let's dance?”

6. Radiate safety

Acquaintance in real life is almost always a surprise. And all that is sudden and unknown borders on danger. Therefore, be extremely considerate, polite and never invade the girl’s personal zone. Otherwise, your impulse of feelings will simply frighten her and make her run away swiftly. Even if the rest you do everything right.

Become an activist of an event

If a girl is engaged in creativity or helps in organizing concerts, competitions or something else, then it will be very easy to get to know each other. Collaboration will constantly push two people together, and sooner or later they will speak.

For example, if a girl sings well, then she will probably go to the auditorium to rehearse if she regularly performs at school concerts. A guy can help with sound, wear chairs or decorate the stage. After the rehearsal, it’s enough to compliment: “You sing great! Do you study somewhere or did you study? ”And the conversation will go on by itself.

Acquaintance in the dining room

If a girl goes to the dining room, then you can easily come up during lunch with the words: "Hi! Do you mind if I sit here? Almost all the seats are already taken. ”

Usually there are really few free tables in the dining rooms, and during a big break this excuse will look very real. And then the guy, when he sits down, can start with the banal: “Thank you! By the way, I’m Grisha from 11 “B”, and what's your name? ”And continue the conversation.

2. Write messages or comments

If you want to get to know each other, it’s better to demonstrate it verbally, and not tacitly flood the girl with dozens of likes. In the latter case, you will most likely be mistaken for an inadequate or infantile person.

4. Read literacy

If punctuality is the politeness of kings, then literacy is the politeness of Internet users. And she is the first evidence that you have a developed intellect. Therefore, try not to make even elementary mistakes. If in doubt, look for answers in dictionaries or on thematic resources.

If you are not sure about your knowledge of the Russian language, try to take this test first. A lower-than-average result suggests that it's time to brush up on school rules.

1. Go to the profile filling wisely

Want a serious relationship? Then do not upload (or at least do not make the main one) a photo of your torso and other exposed parts of the body. Even if you have breathtaking cubes. Even if it’s a sin to hide such beauty.

Better bet on pictures that reveal your personality and show your face.

Also do not be too lazy to fill out the profile in detail and pay special attention to the section in which interests are indicated. Remember: the more specific the description, the greater the chance of meeting a suitable person. So do not limit yourself to general phrases.

4. Say no to platitudes

Sites and dating services create a feeling of great choice. And given that girls there, in principle, receive more messages than men, the latter have to stand out.

The cruel truth: the next “hello, how are you” does not cause a desire to answer, and the standard interrogation with addiction discourages all the desire to continue the conversation.

Be more specific. To make an acquaintance, use the information that is listed on the girl’s profile, or choose an unusual topic for conversation. For example, offer to share crazy stories from life or tell about the most unusual dream. So you will attract attention, avoid tedious questioning and melt the ice.

5. And forget about the newsletters

Some men, tired of scribbling hundreds of welcome messages, decide to come up with one thing: large, detailed and universal. So at least they think. In fact, a text devoid of individual treatment is immediately visible and causes even less interest.

The advice is simple: decide which woman you are looking for, take the time to select the right candidates, and write them at least one, but lively phrase. Repeat the procedure if necessary. As they say, seek and find.

Of course, some of the recommendations given here are universal: on the Web you need to remain considerate, and in real life it is worth monitoring speech literacy. There are two other trouble-free methods that work under any conditions: sparklely joke and ask the girl questions, thus demonstrating your interest.

Do you know other effective tricks? Share them in the comments!

Is it worth it to be a "bad guy"?

Girls love bullies, but to be a “bad guy” depends on what kind of person is in front of him. The glamorous party girl will want to see a bright personality next to her - the one whom everyone knows, respects, and teachers do not like.

A calm average young lady of this type is simply frightened, but an ordinary guy without sensational fame will take to his circle of friends with pleasure.

In a word, you can get acquainted while studying at school anytime, anywhere. If you are scared to approach first, then you need to create the conditions when acquaintance will happen as if by chance (through friends or at an event). Do not forget to overcome the constraint! Otherwise, you will fail.

Anyway, in an average school, everyone knows each other at least by sight, new acquaintances happen often, and a girl is unlikely to mind if they come up to her and just say: “Hello!”.

Watch the video: How & Where to Meet a Girl. Dating Tips (February 2020).

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