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Shampoos for hair Estel

Initially, the Estel brand of Russian professional cosmetics was a leader in the domestic market, but today Estel cosmetics are recognized throughout Europe and beyond. And, despite a little experience in the production of hair care products, only 14 years old, the demand for Estel products reaches its maximum and is constantly growing. Especially today Estelle men's shampoo is strictly valued for men's hair.

If hair shampoos used to be universal for women and men, today manufacturers of such cosmetics take into account all the features of the scalp in men and the hair structure, creating narrow-profile and highly effective shampoos. The same can be said about Estelle shampoos, many of them have already been honored to receive awards and prestigious titles from leading experts.

Varieties Estelle for men

Men should pay attention to any Estel men's shampoo, many of them provide a comprehensive and irreplaceable effect on the hair and scalp. This is due to the content of such valuable components as keratin for restoring the hair structure, extracts of pepper, peppermint, sage to stimulate hair growth, tonic caffeine, beneficial vitamins and nourishing panthenol.
Today in the Estel range for men there are several types of shampoos, namely:

Hair Growth Shampoo - Estel Professional Curex Gentleman line. This shampoo protects the hair from brittleness and loss, delicately cleanses the scalp, soothes and heals the dermis, and also gives the hair volume and shine. The composition is rich in panthenol, plant extracts and vitamins.

Shampoo tonic - Estel Professional Curex Gentleman line. The shampoo invigorates and refreshes, cleanses the scalp, gives the hair a lively shine, and also gives a conditioning effect. The composition is rich in allantoin, bisabol, which soothe and heal the scalp, and vitamins saturate the hair structure, preventing their fragility and loss.

Dandruff Shampoo - Estel Professional Curex Gentleman line. Shampoo removes excess greasy scalp and hair, gently and gently removes dirt, cleans pores, while toning and refreshing. The composition is supposed to have a special complex of substances for destroying pathogenic flora, in addition, shampoo has an antistatic effect.

Cooling toning hair shampoo - Estel Professional Alpha Homme line. An excellent tool for cleanliness and comprehensive hair care with the aroma of a luxurious perfume. After regular use, the hair becomes strong, voluminous, and hair loss, dryness and brittleness are prevented.

Hair Growth Activating Shampoo - Estel Professional Alpha Homme Shampoo line. For men who are faced with the problem of early hair loss, this shampoo is ideal. The composition of the product accelerates blood flow, saturating the hair follicles with nutrients and vitamins. After application, the hair will become strong, their dryness and obstinacy are eliminated.

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo - Estel Professional Alpha Homme Shampoo line. Another effective anti-dandruff weapon. After application, the result will be noticeable the first time, and the hair will become smooth and obedient, voluminous and shiny. Shampoo soothes the skin, removes pathogenic flora, deeply cleanses pores from sebum, but does not leave a feeling of tightness and dryness.

TURBO-shampoo for hair and body - line of Estel Alpha Home Turbo Carbon (Estelle Carbon). Thanks to a special formula in the composition, the shampoo deeply cleanses the scalp, removes toxic substances, in addition, the lipid balance and blood microcirculation are normalized. The effect of the application will be prolonged, and you can use the product to cleanse your hair and body.

All of these tools have one advantage in common - a professional profile in hair care. That is, the manufacturer guarantees high quality of the entire male series of products, but at the same time their cost will not exceed 400 rubles for a standard bottle.

Advantages and disadvantages

To understand why a man should give preference to the manufacturer of cosmetics Estelle, it is enough to get acquainted with the main advantages of the Russian brand. They are considered:

  • reasonable price and high level of quality,
  • delicate skin cleansing without aggressive effects,
  • the absence of sulfates or their minimum allowable amount,
  • saturation of the roots and hair structure with vitamins, minerals and nutrients,
  • hair strengthening and growth activation,
  • a huge selection of different types of products according to the needs of men.

When creating all types of shampoos, the developers took into account all the features and individual predispositions of the male body, as a result of which several types of shampoos appeared to solve various problems. The only disadvantages are the presence of sulfates in some products, although the manufacturer left only a small amount so that the shampoos easily foamed.

Check out other famous shampoos for men:

Price segment

Estel shampoos are high-quality and relatively inexpensive professional cosmetics that meet international standards and the requirements of trichologists, dermatologists. Most Estel shampoos can be used daily, as the composition has a delicate and mild effect on the scalp, but at the same time it saturates the hair roots and shaft with vitamins and minerals.

All Estel shampoos belong to the middle price segment, if we consider them in combination with other men's shampoos. But if you compare Estel shampoos with other professional brands, they can be attributed to inexpensive means. On average, one shampoo with a volume of 300 ml will cost 300-500 rubles. You can save if you buy Estelle men's shampoo 1 liter.

Who is the manufacturer?

As mentioned earlier, Estelle is a Russian manufacturer of cosmetics, which has a relatively short record of 14 years. ESTEL Professional care products are in active demand not only within Russia, but throughout Europe, as many products are much cheaper than professional cosmetics from other well-known brands. ESTEL's most successful position is hair dyes, which today are recognized as the best in different parts of Europe.

Advantages over other brands

Many specialists, and even the men who are consumers of Estelle shampoos, are interested in the reasons for the success of a young, but already in demand, product from the Russian brand. In fact, everything lies in several of the main differences Estel:

  • more than seven hundred varieties of products in the assortment of Estel,
  • competent marketing company,
  • own scientific and production base and the recipe of all means that has no analogues,
  • advanced equipment and the company’s focus on quality,
  • low price in comparison with imported professional shampoos and other products.

The thing lies precisely in the fact that the manufacturer Estelle emphasized that any consumer, regardless of the social layer and income level, could afford professional hair cosmetics. Thanks to this, all care products are in great demand today.


Professional cosmetics is an indispensable tool for those men who suffer from various hair problems. Estelle offers several lines of men's shampoos that eliminate excessive greasy or dry hair, give hair silky, energy and shine, eliminate dandruff and pollution. The composition does not contain aggressive components, guaranteeing a delicate effect on the skin and hair roots. And almost all Estelle shampoos stimulate hair growth.


The history of Unicosmetik began with a small rented area and several thousand tubes of hair dyes per month. For 14 years, ESTEL Professional has become one of the strongest brands and the absolute leader in the production of professional hair cosmetics in Russia and the CIS countries, one of the largest suppliers to Europe with its own official representative office of ESTEL Europe.

CUREX CLASSIC Shampoo for daily use

OTIUM AQUA Shampoo for intensive moisturizing hair

CUREX COLOR INTENSE Shampoo silver for cold shades of blonde

KERATIN Keratin Shampoo

PRIMA BLONDE Silver shampoo for cold shades of blonde

CUREX THERAPY Shampoo for damaged, weakened and dry hair

OTIUM COLOR LIFE Delicate shampoo for colored hair

PRIMA BLONDE Gloss shampoo for fair hair

OTIUM UNIQUE Shampoo for oily scalp and dry hair

Q3 COMFORT Shampoo for hair with a complex of oils

CUREX VOLUME Volume Shampoo - For Dry and Damaged Hair






PRIMA MYSTERIA Evening Shampoo

ESSEX COLOR CARE SHAMPOO Shampoo for colored hair

CUREX VOLUME Volume Shampoo - For Oily Hair


CUREX COLOR SAVE Shampoo for colored hair


OTIUM UNIQUE Shampoo-activator of hair growth

OTIUM MIRACLE REVIVE Shampoo-care for hair restoration

Shampoos Estel Professional (Estelle)

Shiny and healthy hair is the dream of every girl. You can achieve this effect by picking up a special shampoo that is suitable specifically for your hair type. Try professional Estel shampoos. They will give you the necessary nutrition, hydration and a feeling of freshness for the whole day.

M-Сosmetics has a wide range of quality and affordable shampoos. The natural oils and vitamins included in Estel shampoos effectively combat weakness and hair loss, and are also great for dyed hair. Estel Keratin keratin hair shampoo has gained great popularity due to its unique properties to repair damaged and weakened curls and locks. In the online store M-Cosmetics you can always order and buy Estel shampoos online at any time, delivery conditions are available for everyone. Which Estel hair shampoo is better for you; the reviews on our website will tell you.

Types of Estel Shampoos:

  • For dry hair
  • Glitter Shampoos
  • For dandruff
  • For volume
  • Cream shampoos
  • Recovery
  • For dyed hair
  • Growth activators
  • Daily care
  • For oily hair
  • Tinting
  • With lamination effect

Properties and features

  • Shampoo thoroughly cleanses, nourishes, strengthens hair follicles, restores the natural balance of the skin.
  • It gives a feeling of freshness and has a tonic effect.
  • Providing gentle care, it tones, refreshes and energizes for the whole day.
  • Menthol - has an anti-inflammatory effect, tones the scalp
  • Caffeine - stimulates hair growth.

All Estel Shampoo Series

The site contains Estel Professional shampoos of various series, including Airex, Curex, Otium, De Luxe, Princess Essex, Prima Blonde, Alpha Homme, Keratin.

How to choose the right shampoo

How often do we hear that our mood for the whole day depends on the right shampoo. Very often, and it's true. Clean hair gives a feeling of lightness and self-confidence, creates a good mood.

Shampoo- the most necessary cosmetic product, it is in every bathroom. This is truly the most active and indispensable product that cleanses the scalp and hair. Today, it won’t surprise anyone if you have a whole arsenal on your shelf to protect your hair: countless anti-dandruff remedies, against hair loss, to moisturize and smooth your curls and strands.

Active componentsandnatural oilsvariousplant extractsprovide luxurious hair care, give them incredible shine and silkiness, give amazing basal volume to thin and lifeless hair. Thanks to shampoo, we feel very comfortable and our hair looks great, for a long time it keeps the hair clean and healthy.

Shampoos can vary by skin type and hair type, depending on the result you want. Rarely what kind of shampoo can cope with all hair problems, so you need to be very careful in choosing them.

Types of shampoos:

How to wash your hair with shampoo?

We often hear from trichologists and dermatologists that it is very important to instill a cult of washing the scalp. Do not forget that the scalp requires the same thorough care as the skin of the face, as much time and money.

  1. Wet your hair well
  2. Put the shampoo on the palm, grind, and then gently spread on the hair from roots to ends, beat fluffy foam,
  3. Wash off very thoroughly.

Shampoo is the most aggressive product compared to other cosmetics, as it contains the most active ingredients that should cleanse the sebum that is secreted by our sebaceous glands. Shampoo also cleanses products of styling products - mousses, varnishes, creams and oils.

Components that cleanse the scalp:

Surfactants) is the most active ingredient in shampoos.

Foaming agenthelps to whip a lush pile of foam.

Do not forget that washing your hair with shampoo once is not enough. When shampoo gets on wet hair, all sebum loosens and rolls into balls. The surfactant envelops the hair and attaches to the hair due to the foam, splitting occurs. If you wash it only once, the dirt will not be washed completely, the shampoo will cover with a light film on the hair and can cause irritation, redness, itching and even dandruff. Therefore, it is recommended to wash your hair at least twice.

Mode of application

Apply to wet hair or skin, foam, rinse. Suitable for daily use.

Available options for purchase:

  • 300 ml - article AH.6
  • 1000 ml - article AH / SH1000

Type of goodsShampoo
Type of facilityRinse off
Brand CountryRussia
Packaging250 ml | 1000 ml
AppointmentStrengthening | Hair growth | Purification | Protection
Hair typeWeakened | Greasy

1 Why are prices so low and are there discounts for wholesale customers?

We are not configured to extract momentary benefits, but we want to buy in our online store constantly! We try to keep the minimum price for cosmetics, so there are no wholesale discounts. The goods are ordered directly from the distributor and put up for sale with a minimum trading margin.

3 Is there a delivery to St. Petersburg?

Yes, courier delivery on the 3rd weekday, when placing the order before 14.00. If the weekend falls, then accordingly they are not taken into account, in order to get the order faster, it is best to order on Monday or Tuesday. For example, when making a purchase on Monday, delivery will be on Thursday of this week.

4 I am from the region of Russia how can I buy?

You make an order on the site, or by calling the specified numbers. After confirming the availability of goods in stock, you pay for shipping or the entire order. Next, the products are sent for assembly. After the order is transferred to the transport company or for delivery to the Russian Post office (depending on the delivery method you have chosen).

5 How much will the order be delivered to my city and what is the cost of delivery?

You can see the approximate time and exact cost of delivery to your locality in the “basket” at the stage of placing an order, indicating your address and zip code in the appropriate fields. Attention! Mandatory indicate index because Russian Post, SDEK,Boxberry calculate delivery by index!

Delivery Summary

Delivery in Moscow and the nearest suburbs is carried out from Monday to Sunday, a day after confirmation and processing of the order. For example: you place your order before 17:00 on Monday, then delivery on Wednesday. Delivery to St. Petersburg is carried out from Monday to Friday on the 2nd weekday after the transfer of the order to the courier service. Orders placed on weekends and holidays are processed on the next business day.

Estel Sulfate-Free Shampoo - Features and Benefits

Today, sulfate-free shampoos are in demand. Perhaps, only the lazy did not hear about the stunning effect and benefits of using such a shampoo. But despite this, few can answer the question: what are the advantages of a sulfate-free shampoo?

For many years now, many women have been talking about the dangers of sulfates, which are in the first places of many cosmetic hygiene products. What are sulfates?

Sulphates are chemicals used in most cosmetics and detergents. The most optimal option for budget cosmetics because of its cheapness.

The main function of this chemical is to cleanse the skin, hair, as well as foaming a detergent or hygiene product. In the role of purifiers, sulfates are actually more than effective. But they have a number of disadvantages:

  • with prolonged and regular use, they are able to dry the dermis and hair, therefore it is better to avoid cosmetics with sulfates for people with dry and thin skin,
  • they have the ability to penetrate into the deep layers of curls, which destructively affects their structure, as a result, the hair becomes more brittle, dry, thinned, the strands gain porosity,
  • it is believed that sulfates are addictive, but this fact has not yet been proven,
  • according to some reports, with frequent contact of the skin with sulfates, the risk of oncological diseases increases.

Despite a number of shortcomings, today sulfates can be easily found in most cosmetics and detergents. By the way, it is possible to determine whether a given chemical substance is present in a particular product not only by composition, but also by the amount of foam formed.

Estel sulfate-free shampoos do not differ in thick white foam.

Although not all chemicals of this kind are really aggressive, in one way or another they have a negative effect on the state of hair. Sulfate-free shampoos are more careful both on the scalp and on the curls themselves, but the cost of such care products is much higher.

Thanks to a more gentle and gentle effect, Estelle sulfate-free shampoos can be used for owners of dry skin and hair, as well as for sensitive skin. Since sulfates in cosmetics have a cleansing effect, in their absence, these substances must be replaced with something.

Estelle - sulfate-free shampoo, description

Estel products are professional hair and scalp care products.

The cost of this cosmetics is fully consistent with the effect, and a wide selection of products allows you to choose the most suitable option in each individual case.

The composition of Estel shampoo contains mainly natural safe cleansing components, which, in addition to cleansing functions, have excellent caring properties. They nourish, moisturize the hair and accelerate their growth.

With regular use, the hair becomes more healthy, obedient, easier to comb. Estelle sulfate-free shampoo is an excellent option for owners of dry hair, sensitive dermis, as well as for combination scalp. But even with the normal condition of the hair and epidermis of the head, this type of makeup is an excellent option for every day.

The only drawback of sulfate-free shampoos is the cost, which is slightly higher than products containing this chemical.

Estelle sulfate-free shampoo - composition

The main component in the composition of the products of this company is nicotinic acid. It is famous for its beneficial properties for hair and scalp, often used as an ingredient in homemade hair masks. It is with its help that the hair follicles are strengthened, which prevents excessive hair loss.

In addition to nicotinic acid, Estel products include:

  • Wheat proteins that support scalp balance
  • citric acid with an air conditioning effect
  • hexyldecanol - perfectly copes with the moisturizing function.

Depending on the selected product from the line, the main components may vary.

Shampoo Rulers

The manufacturer offers a number of cosmetics for the care of hair and scalp, which differ in composition and purpose. So, the most effective and popular lines are:

  • Miracle - has a restoring function, so it’s great for lifeless hair, especially after frequent stains,
  • Blossom - nourishes dull and thin hair, restoring its volume and adding density,
  • Unique - a great option for owners of a fatty dermis of the head, with possible rashes, constant itching,
  • Twist - soothes curly hair, making it easier to comb and style,
  • Aqua - nourishes curls and skin with moisture, nourishes, and is great for the summer season, since it doesn’t make hair heavier,
  • Flow - cares for long curls, saturates them with necessary elements, making them smoother, more even, hides imperfections and fights them (dryness, brittleness).

The most effective in the opinion of professionals and people who used shampoo at home, is a line called Professional Otium. This is a great option for daily cleansing of the scalp, which is suitable for most types of hair.

The manufacturer took advantage of an innovative composition that includes amino acids and betaine. Judging by the reviews, after washing the hair with this product, there is no need to use a balm, since the hair is combed so easily, does not get tangled, and is separated from each other.

How to use sulfate-free shampoos?

Dermatologists and cosmetologists do not recommend the use of sulfate-free shampoos on an ongoing basis. It is better to conduct a course of so-called treatment, which on average should be 1-3 months. After this, you need to take a short break, at least for a month, and then you can repeat the course of therapy.

To achieve the best effect, it is recommended to use masks and balms at the same time as sulfate-free shampoos. Beauticians advise using the ruler in a complex, as in this way the products complement each other, as if providing a complex effect.


On the Internet there are a lot of different reviews for Estelle sulfate-free shampoos, most of them positive.

“I use Estelle shampoo periodically. Let's just say, as a preventative measure. I constantly dye my hair, so they are naughty and dry. After a month of everyday use, along with a balm of the same line, I notice that the curls are more obedient, become softer, smoother. I recommend a try! ”

“For a long time I try to use only natural cosmetics, including shampoos.

Estelle advised me to try my hairdresser when, after hormonal adjustment, my hair from oily turned to dry. After two weeks, the curls became a little more obedient, they began to fall out less.

I use it further, I think that the effect is associated with the use of more natural shampoo. ”

“I have been using Estelle shampoo for several years now, periodically taking breaks to prevent hair and skin from getting used to. Rulers also change, depending on the time of year.

The price, of course, is far from low, but the effect is worth it! I have never observed such an effect from ordinary shampoos: the curls got stronger, they began to fall out less, dandruff and itching disappeared.

By the way, on other shampoos, the head immediately itches, but here it is not. Try it at least once! You will not regret."

“I have always used Natur Siberik's sulfate-free shampoo, and it absolutely suited me. While a friend did not advise trying Estelle.

Honestly, for the price I expected much more! My previous shampoo has a more natural composition, the effect is much better, and the cost is lower.

In general, I’ll crawl this Estelle, and I won’t buy any more! The effect is almost no different from ordinary shampoo, and the price hits the wallet well. I do not recommend it. ”

Regardless of the reviews on the Internet, you should always try the tool. After all, each of us is completely individual, and therefore the effect can be expected completely different.

Shampoo "Estelle" - a worthy choice of professionals:

The abundance of hair cosmetics in the modern market sometimes leads to confusion. Which brand do you prefer? Whose products are better - domestic producers or foreign? A difficult choice.

Estelle is very popular among Russian brands. The brand offers products for professional and home hair care. Estelle shampoo is one of the best-selling among these products.

Are there any sulfates in Estel brand shampoos?

Shampoos contain sodium sulfate, but its level is low. Therefore, they are safe to use and foam well at the same time.

If you want to purchase a sulfate-free shampoo, pay attention to the Otium series. In this line there are funds without this component. And you can buy shampoo and balm in economical liter bottles. It will be significantly cheaper than buying a standard 300 ml.

Benefits of Estelle

  • A wide range of hair care products at home and salon. You can choose any necessary remedy from the Estelle trademark - hair shampoo or balm, mask or fluid. A large selection of styling products, medical procedures, and a palette of colors simply delight.
  • Reasonable cost. In the domestic market, the company's products belong to the middle price category, therefore, most consumers are available.
  • Easy to use. Many products can be used at home. But it is worth remembering that there are funds that should be used only in the cabin. Otherwise, the result may be unpredictable.
  • Good result. The manufacturer’s promises are not empty words, the products really have high quality and have the declared properties.

The Estelle trademark is a professional hair care product.

Masters of many beauty salons use such tools, and we can safely say that the results are quite high.

Professional Estelle shampoos - benefits, cost, reviews

Every girl caring for hair, seeks to find the perfect shampoo. Washing your hair provides health and a beautiful appearance of curls. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully choose care products.

Professional Estelle shampoos are designed for every type of hair. Products from this line are struggling with problems such as prolapse, cross section, dryness, brittleness, and also prevents dandruff. The products contain all the necessary useful components that contribute to the luxurious appearance of the hair.

The composition and properties of shampoos

Estelle shampoos are made using innovative technology. To create them, high quality raw materials are used. Each of them is suitable for daily use.

Means are intended for everyday care, so the composition is characterized by maximum softness and naturalness. Hair health is provided by keratin complex, chitosan, provitamin B5 and other useful components.

Hair gains vital energy, the growth of new hair follicles is activated, and the hair shaft is strengthened from the inside. Due to the content of the keratin complex, deep nutrition and hair restoration are provided. The strands become smooth and shiny along the entire length.

Professional shampoos from Estel

The use of Estelle shampoos allows you to gently cleanse your hair. Painted curls will acquire a soft shade and will retain brightness for a long time. Hair will become elastic and resilient. In addition, the funds have a therapeutic effect.

Active components have the ability to deeply absorb into the root, eliminating the cause of dandruff.

Regular use of shampoos will help to gently cleanse the scalp, eliminate itching and discomfort caused by dryness.

Indications and contraindications

A wide variety of Estelle shampoos allows you to get rid of any problem. Means are indicated for use with excessive oily hair. The strands will receive optimal control over the release of sebum. In addition, shampoos effectively take care of dyed hair. Color for a long time remains deep and saturated.

Estelle shampoo that activates hair growth is indicated for excessive hair loss. The tool affects the strengthening of curls and protection against negative influences. Professional remedies must be used for dry hair, cross-section and dullness. Shampoos for thin strands are also designed. The use of products will provide additional volume.

Estelle shampoos will cope with any hair problem

Weakened hair also needs the use of Estelle shampoos. The strands will receive good nutrition, recovery from the inside and a healthy appearance. A line of professional tools provides an individual approach to each problem.

There are practically no contraindications to use. The only reason for refusing to use may be individual intolerance to the components of the composition. Very rarely, allergic reactions in the form of itching and irritation can occur.

Cost where to buy

The price of Estelle shampoos varies from 300 to 900 rubles, depending on the volume of the bottle and the place of purchase. The cost of production is due to the presence of natural components and the effectiveness of the impact.

The wide popularity of Estelle shampoos and kits is associated with the visible result after several applications. Many women have found their ideal product among the professional line.

You can buy Estelle shampoos in online stores that deal with hair care products. In addition, products can be found in cosmetics stores. Before you buy a shampoo, you must carefully select those products that are suitable specifically for your type of hair.

Overview of ESTEL (Estelle) AQUA (aqua). For dry and damaged hair. Sulfate free.

The ease of use and the natural composition make Estelle shampoos a favorite care product for many buyers. Every day use helps to get rid of many problems, giving healthy and well-groomed hair. Accessibility and reasonable price allows you to use professional products at home.

Reviews and Tips

Reviews about Estelle shampoo are very positive. Many have tested its mild effect and were satisfied.

Vasilisa: Due to constant styling, my hair became dry and brittle. The sales assistant advised me Estelle Moisturizing Shampoo. From the first application, I was surprised at the softness of my hair. After several weeks, they became shiny and smooth. There is no need to use balm. I am glad that I found such an effective remedy.

Nadezhda: I have long and thick hair, having tried many different brands, I settled on Estelle. Great shampoo! It is not expensive and at the same time is no different from other types of shampoos. Hair became voluminous and shiny.

Arina: I liked Estelle shampoo. Foam well, pleasant and light consistency, easy to rinse.But I advise you to use the Estelle mask for all types of hair after washing. Then the effect will be more effective. I am glad that the price matches the quality.

Catherine: After reading the reviews, I bought Estelle shampoo. After a 2-week use, my head began to itch, the remedy did not suit me. But she discovered that she became less likely to wash her hair. They stay clean longer.

Care cosmetics | Estel

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Estel Curex Volume Shampoo

Oily hair at the roots without volume? Now I have found the perfect shampoo for my hair!

Good day, dear! I have known Estel for a long time, I love and respect the brand for many high-quality products, so far I haven’t come across anything disgusting or ineffective, although “good guys” are also sometimes found. Estel hair spray Velvet haute couture

Estel - Beauty has a name. A real help to my long thin hair that tangles at the ends. Two ways to use on long, thin and dyed hair.

Hello everyone) I have long (70 cm) hair, thin, I dye it and therefore they are even more prone to dryness, and as a result the tips are confused. Tangle-ups are inevitable over long lengths, but this process can be minimized by using special sprays to relieve ... Estel Otium unique shampoo for oily scalp and dry hair

I use daily for almost a year. The only shampoo not torn away by my moody scalp. How is it different from its unique counterparts?

For the first time this shampoo was given to me as a gift, I was very surprised how well my friend guessed with shampoo. I was just looking for something basic, and not very expensive after a course of treatment with Ducrei shampoo. To buy constantly 100 ml of shampoo for 1000 rubles is a little expensive for me. Hand cream Estel MUSE EXPERTS MUST USE

Good day, I want to share with you a review on a protective hand cream. This cream is intended for professional use. But ordinary people can also purchase it for daily personal care. In winter, hand care is a must. Keratin Recovery Estel Keratin

Keratin “resuscitation” of hair or my experience of salon care at home

From the experience of her older sisters, I always knew that childbirth is a certain kind of stress for the female body. For example, after my first birth, my hair has noticeably thinned. Of course, I never had a horse mane, and the constantly split ends prevailed. Estel Otium XXL hair mask for long hair

I found the perfect mask for my hair, this is Estel Otium XXL for long hair!

Hello! I have been familiar with Estel for several years now, I often use this product, and I am often satisfied, of course there are products that are not suitable for my hair type! Today I will talk about Estel Otium XXL for long hair! Country of manufacture: Russia. Brand: Estel. Volume: 300 ml. Estel Beauty Hair Lab Aurum Moisturizing Hair Spray

I keep it on hand to instantly transform my hair, but is it moisturizing enough? + Many photos

Hello everyone) Almost a year ago, my hair was bleached and very unfortunate, as a result: damaged and dry hair, which I still try to get rid of. Estel Otium Diamond shampoo for smoothness and shine of hair gloss shampoo

My third shampoo from Estel and my first little disappointment. Something went wrong this time.

Hello! In the summer I bought two shampoos from Estel, because I really liked Estel Aqua Otium Sulfate-free shampoo, but because of the large volume I was tired of it and wanted something new (links at the bottom of the review). I bought them from the master in a beauty salon at a discount. Estel Curex Therapy Shampoo

Shampoo for dry, damaged hair. I recommend Estel Curex Therapy Moisturizing Shampoo to all blondes!

.: ゚ ゚. Greetings, beauties! .: ゚ ゚. I really want to share my new find, this is Estel Curex Therapy shampoo. Info from the manufacturer: Price: 270 rubles (last bought in Rive Gauche). Volume: 300 ml. 3-step program Estel Haute Couture Lissage

Good care after a bad procedure (+ photo)

Hello! Recently I wrote a review about the Lissage straightening procedure itself. You can read my detailed review here Hair straightening Lissage Haute Couture ESTEL, and I can immediately say that it is not very positive. Estel Brilliance Curex Shampoo Shine & Shine

Shampoo and conditioner - 2in1 from Estel

Gentle cleansing, conditioning effect, smoothness and a mirror shine are what Estel CUREX BRILLIANCE shampoo promises. Combing my hair after washing is a major problem for me. Mask for damaged hair Estel CUREX THERAPY intense

Not what I expected

Hello! I’ll start the story with a story about the condition of my hair: dry, wavy, brittle, with split ends, regularly exposed to heat. Of course, I did not expect miracles from this mask, but at least softness and brilliance. Estel Balm Restoring Berry BABAYAGA

I bought balm with Estel BABAYAGA shampoo (read my review about shampoo here: irecommend.rucontentnazvanie-shampunya-b ...) of a new limited edition. I have been using this brand for a long time, something suits me and I am delighted, and there are such funds that bring disappointment, but there are very few of them. Estel Shampoo Revitalizing Berry BABAYAGA

the name of BABAYAGA shampoo with the RAPUNZEL effect :)

A few days ago I became the owner of the new limited edition Estel Otium BABAYAGA. What was my surprise when I read the names of all series of this line, their three Estel Otium BABAYAGA, Estel Otium KIKIMORA and Estel Otium VEDMA, just fabulous characters, the main thing is that the effect is not like ... Estel Luxury Blond Haute Couture hair oil

The best oil for revitalizing hair, not just for blondes! Nutrition, shine and divine aroma.

Hello dear reader! I want to share with you my find for revitalizing hair. I bought it on the advice of a hairdresser. Please note that my hair color is dark brown, not dyed, but on the recommendation of a hairdresser, I bought oil for blondes.

It neutralizes, but by no means tenderly! I found for myself a more working and softer remedy. Photos of the results in the recall.

For my blonde age, what kind of yellowness neutralizers my hair didn’t taste: after some I wanted to be baptized, because it was really scary that you could not comb this overdried nest, after others it was of fair quality, but still yellow, and only a few pleased ... Hair Balm Estel OTIUM Chocolatier

It smells good, that's all.

I won’t write the purchase history, I’ll only say one thing, I took the probe to the hospital, I liked the effect (maybe it was more from matrix shampoo for volume, also a probe). I bought a big bottle, zero sense. It also colors dark natural hair, gives a shade of redness. Estel OTIUM Wave Twist Shampoo for Curly Hair

Helps me with naughty hair!

Good day to all who came to my page! Today I will share with you information about Estel curly hair shampoo. I really liked the Estel aqua series. She used it for a very long time. But I decided to try something new. Keratin water Estel Keratin

Miraculous water or money scam? Is it worth buying?

How does shampoo work?

In the laboratory of the Estel cosmetic brand, they developed a unique formula for normalizing the condition of curls with enhanced secretion of sebum.

Balanced composition promotes gentle cleansing, lipid level control. The absence of aggressive components does not irritate the scalp, thereby stabilizing the work of the glands.

A feature of a professional product is the normalization of the state of follicles.

The components of the shampoo penetrate deep into the hair follicles - strengthen, nourish, saturate with useful elements, restore hydrobalance. As a result of mild cleansing, the stem structure is preserved, the strands are protected from ultraviolet radiation, mechanical damage.

Butterfly complex will give curls volume and lightness. The formula contains condensing substances, so the effect of electrification is excluded. The shampoo is universal, suitable for fine hair as well as for curly mop.

Its main task is to give a luxurious look, strengthen the stem structure, restore a healthy glow. Thanks to regular use, it is possible to reduce the frequency of cleaning procedures.

Curls become strong elastic, easy to comb, hold their shape.

Note, Feature of professional tools Estel - an integrated approach to the care of strands.

Using shampoo will reduce the synthesis of sebaceous secretion, restore the pH of the scalp. Effectively removes sebum, keratinized cells, the remains of styling products. The strands are washed to a creak. The well-groomed look of magnificent brilliant ringlets remains for several days.


The composition of the shampoo includes:

  • a cleaner derived from coconut oil,
  • rapeseed oil emulsifier,
  • sodium salt
  • coconut oil fatty acids,
  • water-enriched cellulose molecules,
  • panthenol (provitamin B5),
  • lemon extract.

Professional tool contains a high number of active elements. The formula allows you to remove the remnants of styling products, greasy secretion without damaging the delicate skin and hair cuticle.

Indications for use

Use shampoo should be with such problems with hair:

  • increased oily hair
  • dull, brittle strands,
  • lack of volume.

It is worth using shampoo if the hair is constantly exposed to negative aggressive environmental influences, as well as with the regular use of varnishes, foams, mousses.


Contraindications for using a professional tool:

  • dry strands
  • dandruff,
  • irritated scalp.

A cosmetic product solves only problems of oily hair type. The presence of preservatives and parabens in rare cases can lead to the development of an allergic reaction.

Instruction for use

Rules for the use of Otium Butterfly Air Shampoo:

  1. Use exclusively for oily hair.
  2. Moisten strands well with warm water - too hot / cold causes active synthesis of sebum.
  3. Measure out a small amount of shampoo (up to 5 ml), thoroughly foam in the palms of your hands.
  4. Distribute evenly at the roots and on the main part of the hair, massage for 3-5 minutes. The product is not applied to dry damaged tips!
  5. Rinse with running water, repeat the procedure if necessary.
  6. Blot with a towel on the main part and tips, distribute the balm of the same series.
  7. Use up to 2–4 times a week.

Attention! It is recommended to use for washing, regardless of the season. In summer, the active components protect the curls from ultraviolet radiation, in winter - they prevent the strands from being electrified.

Application result

Effect after applying shampoo:

  • normalization of the sebaceous glands,
  • deep cleansing of the scalp, hair trunks,
  • moisturizing to the very tips
  • protection against aggressive environmental factors,
  • volume
  • ease of combing,
  • healthy radiance.

Perfect cleansing of curls, restoration of the pH of the scalp helps the hair maintain a well-groomed appearance for a long time. Mirror shine along the entire length and resuscitation of the porous cuticle will be appreciated by the owners of long hair.

As a result, the curls become perfectly clean, due to the gentle dissolution of sebum. Moisturizing to the tips prevents tangling and brittleness.

Elastic trunks are protected from damage during combing, the use of hair dryers, and irons.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any remedy, Estel shampoo has its positive and negative sides.


  • Restore the pH of the scalp.
  • Gentle cleansing to the very tips.
  • Regulation of sebum production.
  • Elimination of a static effect.
  • Economic expense.
  • Good foaming.
  • As a result, the curls are healthy and shiny.


  • With prolonged use, an addictive effect may occur.
  • Shampoo is not universal, designed exclusively for oily hair.
  • Does not solve the problem of prolapse, dandruff, dryness.
  • Parabens and preservatives sometimes cause allergic reactions.

Estel shampoo for oily hair type provides optimal care, adds splendor, restores shine. After the first application, a volume appears, the curls shine, they are easy to stack. An excellent tool for regular cleansing and healing of hair with increased synthesis of sebum secretion. As a result, the perfect look of curls pleases with strength and silkiness.

Estelle Moisturizing Shampoo: Features, Benefits, Composition and Reviews

Hair, as well as skin, needs careful care and the right selection of cosmetics. Therefore, manufacturers of hair care products every year improve the composition of masks, balms, serums and other care products. Particularly popular among them in recent years are sulfate-free shampoos. In the article, we will consider what “Estelle” moisturizing shampoo is and what kind of reviews people leave about the product.

General description

Most hair cleansers contain a chemical component called sulfate. It has excellent cleansing properties and has a low cost. However, with regular use it dries the scalp and hair, worsens their condition and contributes to brittleness.

The Estelle Moisturizing Hair Shampoo is sulfate-free; accordingly, this component has been replaced by natural plant extracts. They not only cleanse the scalp, but also nourish and moisturize it.

Sulfate-free shampoos help holders of dry and injured hair to restore the strength and health of curls.

For people with normal hair condition, such a tool is indicated for the prevention of possible damage to their structure.

Why are these shampoos better than others?

The Estelle Moisturizing Shampoo, in addition to cleansing, helps preserve the moisture necessary for the vitality of the hair. After 1-2 applications, especially on dry hair, you can notice the positive effect of the product. Sulfate-free shampoos typically contain amino acids and betaine. When used regularly, the hair becomes silky, docile and shiny.

Sulfate-containing shampoos often contain complementary substances - parabens. Sulfates contribute to the uniform distribution of thick foam and the effective cleansing of even heavily soiled hair.

At the same time, they irritate the skin and enhance the exfoliation of cells, resulting in dandruff.

Parabens are preservatives that increase the shelf life of the product and at the same time have a negative effect on the condition of the hair.

Harm from other shampoos

Often, manufacturers produce low-quality cheap cosmetic products in pursuit of profit, not caring about the health of their customers. This also applies to shampoos, in which natural components are replaced with chemically made analogues.

Irreversible damage to hair is caused by such means: they become dull, thin, fall out, which sometimes leads to baldness.

In addition, according to some experts, one of the main components of shampoos, shower gels, liquid soaps and similar cleansers - sulfates - can affect the development of cancer cells.

If we talk about the visual effect produced by shampoos containing sulfates, then these are overdried and exfoliating ends of curls, dandruff, lack of shine of hair.

Benefits and Benefits of Shampoo

Today, shampoos from various manufacturers are on the market. Estel sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo is especially popular in our country, because it has several advantages compared to other cleansers:

  1. Acceptable price.All sulfate-free shampoos are more expensive than usual, due to the fact that sulfates, which have a low price, are replaced by other, more expensive, natural ingredients. At the same time, the company Estelle is trying to adhere to the middle price category, not at the expense of product quality, but increasing sales.
  2. A wide range of directional shampoos. Customers of Estelle products can always choose a shampoo according to their individual needs. For example, with the effect of lamination, activating hair growth and awakening follicles, moisturizing and nourishing, for the care of colored hair or universal sulfate-free shampoo.

The benefits of using Estelle shampoo are obvious:

  • preservation and protection of the epidermis,
  • moisturizing hair and scalp,
  • protection of the color of dyed hair from leaching,
  • hair loss prevention
  • elimination and protection against dandruff,
  • growth enhancement
  • volume activation
  • gentle hair cleansing.

Features of Sulfate-Free Moisturizing Shampoo

Due to its mild cleansing effect, Estelle sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo can be used every day and not be afraid of a negative effect on the skin and hair structure. It is equally well suited to owners of dry, oily and normal hair, thanks to the stabilizing effect of the sebaceous glands.

Some consumers are unhappy with the lack of plentiful white foam, sulfates are responsible for it. However, sulfate-free shampoos clean and wash dirt off the hair no worse, even with less foaming, this is more a matter of habit than worse quality shampoo, as is commonly thought.

The entire line of Estel brand hair care products is professional and provides a high-quality and long-lasting result.

Terms of use

Despite the many advantages of a hair cleanser, dermatologists in reviews of Estel sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo do not recommend its regular use. It is better if it will be a course application from 1 to 3 months, and then take a short break for 1.5-2 months, after which you can resume using the product.

The rules for use are no different from any other shampoo. A little product is applied to wet hair and distributed over the entire length, then it is slightly foamed with gentle massaging movements and then washed off.

If necessary, the procedure can be repeated. For weakened and severely injured curls, it is necessary to use other products from the same series.

They are designed to complement each other and provide express hair restoration.

General Hair Care Tips

Each hair consists of the smallest scales, ideally they should fit snugly together, which means that the curls do not need vitamins and they are properly taken care of.

Unfortunately, even using Estelle moisturizing shampoo, such hair is a rarity, because its health and appearance are affected by stress, existing diseases, lack of nutrients, poorly selected cosmetics and many other factors.

To improve the condition of the hair, it is necessary to act from the inside and outside:

  • eat balanced
  • get rid of bad habits,
  • carry out vitamin therapy,
  • properly care for your hair,
  • Do not abuse dyes, perms and other procedures harmful to the hair.

In addition, the most usual daily washing of hair with Otium Aqua moisturizing shampoo “Estelle” may not be performed correctly, as a result of which the hair is additionally injured.

Among the negative factors may be:

  1. Washing hair. Before washing your hair, it is recommended to comb your hair to avoid tangling. Well, if the water is not very warm and not cold, a temperature of 36 ° C is considered neutral, in addition, it should be soft, settled or boiled.
  2. Rinse. Optimal is the use of a rinse conditioner of the same series as shampoo. Both products should be selected according to the type of hair.
  3. Hair Mask. No matter how healthy your hair is, a good mask for them will never hurt. Here you can apply both folk and professional means. It is important to monitor the condition of the hair and avoid masks that do not bring the proper result.
  4. Combing. A comb with jagged or rough teeth made of low-quality material injures hair every day. It’s better not to skimp and buy a slightly more expensive comb made from natural materials in accordance with all standards.

Hair care with the Estelle Aqua moisturizing shampoo is not a complicated procedure, but it requires consistency. A hair mask applied once every few months will not bring the desired result. It is necessary to act comprehensively, starting with the right selection of hair care products and ending with a healthy diet.

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