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Chinese hemorrhoid ointment

Chinese musk ointment for hemorrhoids has become a popular remedy for hemorrhoids. What is included in the ointment and how to use it correctly?

The bulk of the disease in the absence of treatment turns into a mass of complications. Hemorrhoids in this regard is no exception. There are many tools and techniques, thanks to which this unpleasant disease does not give manifestations for many months and years. Recently, many people with diagnosed rectal pathology are increasingly hearing or reading about Chinese musk ointment for hemorrhoids.

What is this remedy

In a tube with a volume of 10 g - a homogeneous white ointment. Most people evaluate its smell as pleasant herbal. The neck of the tube is additionally sealed with aluminum foil. Three special tips lie there, they are needed to introduce the ointment into the rectum.

It can be stored for three years. Better in a dark and dry place.

Main and auxiliary components

By name, it is clear that the key component of the ointment is musk. For most, this substance is a component of many perfume compositions, but it is also used in medicine. In this case, the properties of musk are to increase immunity, stimulate blood flow, and relieve inflammation.

Musk ointment also includes:

  • borneol is an antibacterial component that acts especially well on streptococcus and staphylococcus,
  • Amber - a stimulator of protein synthesis (necessary for wound healing) and blood flow,
  • bezoar - an antispasmodic, analgesic, also helps to stop bleeding,
  • calamine - heals wounds,
  • borax is an antimicrobial component
  • dimethyl sulfoxide - an analgesic, also gives an anti-inflammatory effect,
  • Vaseline and lanolin - as a basis.

The manufacturer notes that each component of the ointment enhances the action of other components.

When is it better to apply

Many people do not perceive the symptoms of early hemorrhoids as alarming signals. Blood on toilet paper or feces, a feeling of not completely empty intestines, itching and burning in the anus - all these signs indicate obvious violations. After examination by a proctologist, the most likely diagnosis will be hemorrhoids.

At this point, it's time to discuss with your doctor the possibility of using Chinese musk ointment. The doctor will give individual recommendations, taking into account the examination data of a particular patient. Perhaps additional treatment, a certain diet, and so on will be prescribed.

Recommendations for the use of ointments that the manufacturer gives:

  • Hemorrhoids of any form and stage,
  • rectal eczema
  • anal fissures.

Is it worth trusting?

The methods of Chinese traditional medicine are always surrounded by ambivalent opinions. Negative reviews on Chinese musk ointment for hemorrhoids are caused by the lack of the desired effect when all medical recommendations are not followed. You can trust musk ointment, the treatment will be effective if you strictly follow the instructions.

Description and composition

Chinese ointment is sold in dense cardboard packaging. The original color scheme - sequentially arranged red, yellow and white stripes.

  • plastic tube (volume - 10 g),
  • tips (3 pieces) for introducing the agent into the anus with a deep arrangement of hemorrhoidal nodes.

To prevent contact of the ointment with air, it is hermetically sealed with aluminum foil. The storage location should be dark, dry, out of the reach of children. Shelf life - 3 years from the date of issue (production date is printed on the packaging).

Chinese musk ointment is a multicomponent remedy, each element performs an important healing task.

ComponentTherapeutic effect
MuskA substance of natural origin, produced by animal glands. It has a number of effects - antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating, membrane-stabilizing. The action of the first three is understandable, the latter is of interest.

Any membrane consists of proteins and fats, which are damaged during inflammation, which leads to a violation of the integrity of the membrane. Musk contains the necessary substances to restore the surface of cells.

BezoarReduces inflammation, astringent, regenerates damaged tissue. Relieves soreness, relieves spastic tension, which often accompanies hemorrhoids.
CalamineDisinfects, removes puffiness, itching. The forming film covers the damaged areas of the mucous membrane, prevents the penetration of infectious agents.
PearlsPearl powder is a long-standing medicine in China. Pearl powder activates the protective properties of the body, eliminates the inflammatory component, improves wound healing.
BoraxPronounced antiseptic, prevents the growth of microbes, reduces inflammation. Tightening property promotes accelerated wound healing.
AmberImproves the structure of the walls of blood vessels, makes them more stable. Restoring local microcirculation enriches tissues with nutrients.
BorneolBornean camphor easily penetrates the mucous membrane, anesthetizes, reduces spasm. It has a general tonic effect.
Yellow petroleum jellyIt is used to soften the skin, accelerate wound healing. Dermatoprotective property due to the formation of a thin surface film.
LanolinWax of natural origin with an antiseptic effect, complements the therapeutic effect of petroleum jelly. Prevents the accession of a fungal infection.
Dimethyl sulfoxideReduces pain, plays the role of a conductor due to the pronounced transdermal action.

All elements work together, enhancing, improving each other's qualities. This feature determines the pronounced effectiveness in the treatment of hemorrhoids external or internal.

Hemorrhoids designation

Hemorrhoidal disease develops due to constipation and a sedentary life. This disease catches up with office workers, drivers, hairdressers, sellers who stand or sit all day. Athletes, as well as workers involved in cargo movement, do not remain without the risk of developing hemorrhoids. There is also a risk of getting hemorrhoids in people who like spicy, salty, spicy foods, who abuse alcohol and smoke. A third of patients prone to hemorrhoidal disease have a hereditary predisposition.

Without timely treatment, the disease is aggravated, the symptoms become unbearable. The last stages of the disease are dangerous complications and often require surgical help. The operations are carried out by highly qualified specialists (surgeons-proctologists) with extensive experience. The rehabilitation period is long and painful. Surgery for hemorrhoids is not as scary as the formation of polyposis in the rectum. However, these formations can lead to malignancy of tumors (to cancer) in the rectum.

Proctologists prescribe various medications that help get rid of hemorrhoidal disease. One of these drugs is Chinese musk ointment, which helps to prevent hemorrhoids in combination with other drugs.

Features and properties of ointment

The Chinese musk remedy for hemorrhoids is a topical preparation. The disease is characterized by the formation of hemorrhoidal nodes - external and deep. Therefore, a dense, thick consistency is convenient for application to the surface of the skin around the anus, and additional tips provide a deep penetration of the drug into the rectum. The cream smells nice of herbs.

Treatment with musk ointment has a lot of directional effects on the source of the problem:

  • anti-inflammatory, decongestant - reduces swelling, inflammation,
  • anesthetic - relieves pain by reducing the sensitivity of receptors,
  • regenerative - restores the integrity of the mucous membrane due to the membrane-stabilizing effect,
  • hemostatic - closes damage to the vascular wall.

Positive dynamics is already visible after the first application, which was noted among patients and their attending physicians. Hemorrhoids in the early stages are manifested by nonspecific discomfort in the form of itching, burning around the anus. This condition negatively affects the psychosomatic background of patients. When used in this period, the ointment removes the clinical manifestations and stops the further development of the disease.

A long-term pathology leads to the formation of anal fissures, which provoke constant pain. It intensifies when sitting or during bowel movements.

Ointment fights with cracks, accelerates healing.

The effectiveness of treatment is determined by many factors:

  • systematic application according to the instructions for use,
  • lifestyle change
  • food style adjustment, exclusion of spicy dishes.

With proper implementation of the doctor’s recommendations, Chinese cream helps to significantly reduce the volume of hemorrhoidal nodes, and as a result, eliminates clinical manifestations.

Ointment for hemorrhoids (Chinese ointment)

Chinese anorectal musk ointment for hemorrhoids is an effective remedy for eliminating signs of the disease. The medicine underwent a clinical study, which showed high therapeutic effects in patients using this medicine on their own.

The drug is certified. It is made on the basis of natural components of natural origin. All substances selected in the composition of the drug successfully cope with varicose veins.

Indications and contraindications

When the first symptoms of the disease appear, seek medical help:

  • burning, itching at the level of the anus,
  • discomfort, aggravated after lifting weights, eating spicy, fatty foods,
  • sensation of a bulky component in the rectum (bursting),
  • blood in the form of clots after defecation,
  • detection of nodes around the anus.

A doctor proctologist deals with these issues. Hemorrhoids require immediate treatment due to the high probability of serious complications:

  • anemia against the background of constant bleeding,
  • necrotic transformation of the hemorrhoid,
  • inflammatory processes of fiber around the rectum (paraproctitis).

Musk ointment is a medicine, has a list of indications. It is worth knowing the situation when it is contraindicated. For clarification, before using a Chinese drug, consult your doctor.

Acute or chronic form of hemorrhoids at any stage,

· Formed anal fissures,

Long-term non-healing open wound surfaces (anal eczema),

Severe edema around hemorrhoids.Intolerance to individual components

· General increased allergic background (polyvalent allergy).

Obstetrician-gynecologists note that during pregnancy, the likelihood of a primary detected hemorrhoids in women and an exacerbation of the existing one increases. The main reason is a deterioration in digestion, frequent constipation during the period of gestation.

No statistically confirmed information regarding the teratogenic effect on the fetus was obtained. But the appointment of pregnant women and during lactation (breastfeeding) should be under the supervision of a supervising gynecologist. Based on indicators of the course of pregnancy, he will compare the desired effect and possible risks.

Does the ointment really help

Chinese musk ointment is prescribed for hemorrhoids in combination with other antihemorrhoidal medicines.This method of using the medicinal composition allows you to achieve the best therapeutic results.

The drug is applied topically, has:

Active remedy

  • anti-inflammatory
  • anesthetic
  • decongestant
  • restoring
  • hemostatic effect.

The drug alleviates the condition, reduces soreness after the first application. The drug fights against unpleasant sensations such as itchy symptoms with burning sensation and inflammatory processes. The ointment reduces swelling, activates blood circulation in the pelvic region, and promotes rapid regeneration in the affected tissues of the rectal mucosa. Most often, the ointment is prescribed by proctologists to patients with the initial stage of hemorrhoidal disease.

Name of ointment, release form

The medicine with ointment composition is packaged in tubes (10 g). In the package, a tip is attached to the tool for the convenience of introducing the composition into the anus and a detailed guide to the use of ointment composition.

The network of pharmacies sells many effective remedies for hemorrhoids in various forms, including ointments.

Most popular are these ointments:

  • Chinese cream hemorrhoids ointment (red),
  • Chinese Hemorrhoid Musk Cream,
  • Ointment 999 anti hemorrhoids and others.

Interaction with other drugs

Based on information provided by manufacturers, there is no decrease in the effectiveness of the drugs used. This feature is explained by the natural components that make up the cream.

It is allowed to combine with other medicines without the formation of a pharmacological conflict.

The composition of the musk preparation

The Chinese remedy for inflamed hemorrhoids is made from the following components:

Constituent components

  • calamine - an antimicrobial substance that leaves a protective film on damaged tissue, heals wounds and cracks,
  • musk - a component produced by the animal’s gland, is designed to strengthen the immune system, fight the disease, improve blood circulation, relieve inflammation, and disinfect. Musk reduces stagnation, improves circulation,
  • amber - a substance that strengthens the walls of blood vessels, mucous tissue, activates cell biosynthesis, stabilizes circulation, eliminates stagnation,
  • bezoar - prevents inflammation, disinfects, has antibacterial and analgesic efficacy,
  • borax is an antibacterial component that prevents the spread of infection,
  • pearl - an astringent component, stops blood loss and mucous rejection from the anus,
  • Borneol - participates in the healing of wounds and cracks, reduces inflammation.

Of the auxiliary components of the drug marked: lanolin, dimethyl sulfoxide, petrolatum.

When ointment is indicated for use

The Chinese product hemorrhoids ointment is prescribed by proctologists for:

Doctor's recommendations

  • external internal hemorrhoids,
  • inflammatory processes of the anus,
  • thrombosis of cones of hemorrhoids,
  • anal fissures,
  • eczema, anal itching.

If patients feel unpleasant symptoms with pain and blood loss during emptying, a sensation of foreignness in the anal canal, inflammation, itching with burning, proctological consultation, examination and diagnosis of the condition are necessary. After a thorough study, the proctologist will select an effective therapy.

Instruction manual

Each package of Chinese hemorrhoids ointment contains instructions. It is written in hieroglyphs, so you need to know the application process step by step:

  1. Bowel cleansing. If there is no violation of bowel movements, then it is enough to go to the toilet. For constipation, an enema with plain water or saline is required.
  2. Hygienic procedure. Gently wash with warm water, it is advisable not to use the washcloth so as not to damage the external nodes. Get wet with a napkin, remove excess water. If the manipulation is painful, wait for the natural drying out.
  3. Applying cream. Spread the ointment evenly around the anus or in the deep sections using the tip. Wash hands after handling.
  4. Stay horizontal for an hour.

The procedure should be done 2 times a day, optimally - in the morning after waking up and in the evening before bedtime. The duration of treatment for hemorrhoids with Chinese ointment is up to 2 weeks, depending on the severity of the symptoms.

Where could I buy?

In pharmacies in Russia and Ukraine, the drug is not for sale. Hemorrhoids musk ointment is brought directly from China.

To order it, the application can be left on the supplier’s off-line on the Internet. You can buy from representatives, but then the price rises. The average price of Chinese cream for hemorrhoids is about 300 rubles.


Oleg, 50 years old, Voronezh

I have been working as a driver all my life, so I know perfectly well what long journeys, improper nutrition are. With age, hemorrhoids began to appear more often, tried to self-medicate on the advice of friends, relatives, and advertising. Sometimes the effect was, but short-lived.

Until one day I could not go to work due to sharp pains in the anus. My wife persuaded me to go to the proctologist, who prescribed me a Chinese musk ointment. I bought it through the site, because it was not in the pharmacy. In addition, I had to change the style of food, remove alcohol and spicy foods.

At first I did not believe in the effectiveness of the Chinese cream, but when, after the first dose, the pain began to subside, I changed my mind. He completed the full course, it was about 3 weeks, since the hemorrhoids were in advanced form. But now I am an active and healthy person.


Natural musk Chinese ointment is an effective remedy for hemorrhoids with a minimum list of contraindications. Successfully struggling with the clinical manifestations of the disease, relieves pain, reduces the volume of hemorrhoids.

Practitioner, checks recipes for himself.
He knows everything about men and traditional medicine.

Indications for use

At the first signs of hemorrhoids, a person should promptly begin treatment, in consultation with a proctologist. After all, the sooner he begins therapy, the faster he will get rid of this problem. After all, curing hemorrhoids in the first stage is much easier than in the last. That is why any person should know the signs of this ailment. So, Chinese musk ointment can be applied in the following cases:

- If there were discomfort in the anal canal.

- During stool, blood is present in the stool.

- There is a feeling that something is stuck in the rectum.

- A person feels a burning sensation in the anus.

- If there are prolapsed nodes from the rectum.

All these unpleasant signs indicate a problem such as hemorrhoids. Therefore, do not wait for something fantastic and think that the disease will go away on its own. This will not happen. The patient will only make himself worse, because the problem can worsen and end very poorly.

Chinese musk ointment will help a person:

- at any stage of hemorrhoids,

- the presence of anal fissures,

- non-healing rectal eczema.

Appearance, storage, drug price

Musk ointment is a local medicine, it is white in color, with a uniform consistency. The drug smells nice to herbs. The ointment is available in a plastic tube with a volume of 10 g. Before using the product for the first time, it is necessary to remove the aluminum foil located under the lid. Three tips are included in the kit with ointment in order to inject the drug into the anus (with internal hemorrhoids). The tube is placed in a cardboard box. All the inscriptions are in Chinese, so do not look for something in Russian.

It is necessary to preserve the product in a dark and dry place, away from children. The shelf life of the ointment is 3 years.

The average cost of this tool is about 300 rubles.

Nano gel

This is an effective wound healing and enhancing immunity tool. The main purpose of its use is the transition of the disease to the stage of prolonged remission with a gradual recovery. Chinese nano-gel for psoriasis is used as an independent drug or as part of the complex treatment of the disease. The drug goes well with other drugs. It can be applied to virtually any area of ​​the skin, including the scalp. The gel has a light texture, so it is quickly absorbed, does not spread, does not leave greasy marks on linen and clothes.


The active components of the drug stimulate the skin receptors responsible for its recovery. As a result, the process of self-regeneration starts, which gradually leads to the improvement of the skin.

The use of the gel contributes to:

  • eliminate redness and itching,
  • softening of horny scales and crusts and their quick removal,
  • achieving a cooling effect,
  • preventing the emergence of new psoriatic elements,
  • normalization of blood circulation,
  • disinfection of the skin and preventing the development of the inflammatory process,
  • eliminate signs of an allergic reaction,
  • saturating the skin with vitamins.

An important effect of Nano-gel is to maintain the correct life cycle of skin cells, since it is their abnormal division that leads to the development of symptoms of psoriasis. By destroying pathogens, the drug stimulates proper cell growth.

The necessary biocompatibility is ensured by encapsulating the active ingredients in nano-sized liposomes that are identical to the cell membrane.

A bit about hemorrhoids

Everyone knows that hemorrhoids develop against a background of physical inactivity and persistent constipation. At risk are a large army of office workers, salespeople and hairdressers who are forced to spend their entire working days on their feet, as well as athletes and movers, who daily experience a heavy load on the abdominal press.

Lovers of spicy, salty foods, heavy smokers and lovers of alcohol are at high risk. Studies have shown that heredity (35%), frequent stresses, and an incorrect lifestyle can play a large role in the development of hemorrhoids.

If the patient postpones treatment, the disease progresses and in severe cases, at the last stages of development, it threatens with dangerous complications requiring immediate hospitalization and surgical intervention.

The operation in such cases is quite complicated, requiring a highly qualified proctologist and vast experience, and the recovery period is long and painful. But even an operation is not the worst.

Hemorrhoids provoke the development of polyps in the rectum, subsequently, these neoplasms can degenerate into a malignant tumor and lead to rectal cancer.

Recently, along with the usual, well-known medications for hemorrhoids, doctors have recommended Chinese musk ointment, which has useful natural ingredients and is highly effective against the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Does Chinese musk ointment for hemorrhoids deserve confidence?

Chinese medicine has ancient roots, it is based on the use of natural ingredients with powerful healing power. The Chinese have achieved particular perfection in the field of therapeutic creams and ointments, the quality of which exceeds the achievements of European medicine. Today, Chinese ointments are extremely popular in the West and are gaining more and more recognition in Russia.

Before getting to the shelves of pharmacies, Chinese musk ointment was studied in several Moscow clinics. The experiment involved 500 patients with different stages of external and internal hemorrhoids. The result of the research was impressive.

In almost 70% of the subjects, the symptoms of hemorrhoids disappeared in just a few days of treatment.In patients with an advanced stage of the disease, a significant improvement was noted after two weeks of applying the ointment.

Thus, clinical studies have confirmed that the drug is highly effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids, and its natural components are safe for the health of patients.

What components are included in the composition of the ointment, how to use it correctly and are there any contraindications to the use of the drug, we will tell in this article.

Mode of application

  • Damaged areas are thoroughly washed with warm water.
  • Apply a small amount of Nano-gel and spread on the skin in an even layer.
  • Leave to exposure for 15 minutes.

Due to its light consistency, the product is absorbed in a very short period of time, and its residues do not have to be removed from the skin. To get the best effect, the procedure is repeated twice a day.

Description of the drug

The use of ointment gives quick relief after the first application to the affected area. Immediately after use, burning sensation and itching in the anus area subside, and inflammation decreases. The drug helps to reduce swelling in the anorectal zone, has a positive effect on blood circulation in the pelvic area, and helps the rapid healing of damaged tissues.

The ointment is produced in 10 g plastic tubes, the inner surface of which is covered with aluminum foil. The tubes are closed with a screw cap; 3 tips for rectal administration are included. The drug is stored in a dark, dry place inaccessible to children. Shelf life is 3 years. The average cost of a tube with musky ointment is about 270 rubles.


The only limitation to the use of the drug is individual intolerance to the components. Chinese psoriasis gel can be used to treat patients of any age. Absolute safety makes its use possible even during pregnancy to breastfeeding.

Nano-gel can be bought for 900-1200 rubles.

The composition of the ointment

The composition of Chinese musk ointment for hemorrhoids includes: musk, borneol, bezoar, calamine, pearls, borax, amber. Of the auxiliary substances, lanolin, petrolatum and dimethyl sulfoxide are present.

All components of the ointment act synergistically, that is, they strengthen and prolong the action of each other, due to which the high effectiveness of the drug is achieved.

Consider how each of the components of the ointment works:

  • Musk - a strongly smelling substance produced by the endocrine glands of animals. Its chemical composition is quite complex and consists of many components: fatty acids, aromatic and steroid compounds, wax, macrocyclic muscon ketone. Musk has indispensable and very valuable qualities for the human body. It is able to increase defenses, strengthen immunity, improve blood supply to blood vessels and capillaries. As part of the ointment, musk has an anti-inflammatory effect, improves blood flow, and helps to eliminate stagnation in the rectum.
  • Bezoar. The action of this component is aimed at reducing inflammatory processes and disinfection. It has an antibacterial effect, relieves spasms and relieves pain.
  • Calamine. Creates a protective film on damaged surfaces, which prevents the penetration of bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms into the wound. This creates the conditions for rapid healing and tissue regeneration.
  • Pearls. This natural component has an astringent effect, stops bleeding and further prevents the discharge of blood from the rectum.
  • Borax. It has a pronounced antibacterial effect, prevents the development of infection and dangerous viral complications.
  • Amber. Helps strengthen tissues and blood vessels by improving protein biosynthesis in cells.It normalizes blood microcirculation and helps to eliminate stagnation.
  • Borneol. It has a powerful regenerative effect, heals damaged tissue of the rectum well, fights microbes and eliminates the inflammatory process.

Excipients that make up the ointment also contribute to enhancing the therapeutic effect:

  • Vaseline has a disinfecting effect, contributing to the relief of the inflammatory process.
  • Lanolin has a regenerating effect and helps restore damaged tissues.
  • Dimethyl sulfoxide acts as a powerful analgesic, eliminating pain and quickly alleviating the condition of the patient with hemorrhoids.

Benefits of Musk Ointment

Today, many proctologists recommend their patients musk ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids, as one of the best modern means that have a lasting positive effect even in the most advanced cases. Musk ointment differs from other antihemorrhoidal preparations with a number of additional advantages and benefits.

Its composition contains exclusively useful natural substances. This is a completely safe tool that does not have a negative effect on the body and does not have side effects.

The ointment brings relief, both with external and internal hemorrhoids, well heals anal fissures and eczema in the anus.

The drug not only removes the unpleasant and painful symptoms of hemorrhoids, but also really cures, providing the fastest and most lasting effect.

Musk ointment is made on the basis of recipes of ancient Tibetan medicine using modern technologies.

It is easy to use, has a light texture, pleasant smell, is well absorbed and does not stain clothes.

The drug has passed the necessary studies confirming its effectiveness, has all the necessary certificates and is recommended by many practicing proctologists.

Hemorrhoids ointment with musk

Hemorrhoids ointment with musk It is recommended for use at various stages of the development of the disease, there are numerous positive reviews about the effectiveness of the ointment and in advanced severe cases.

From the first minutes of application, you will feel relief and coolness due to its strong anti-inflammatory and wound healing effect.

The practice of application shows a significant acceleration of regeneration processes, use this remedy for hemorrhoids regularly, this will suppress the development of the disease, minimize its unpleasant consequences and help to recover.

We draw your attention to the result of the use of anti-hemorrhoidal ointment based on musk:

  • removal of tissue inflammation,
  • softening of hemorrhoids,
  • analgesic effect
  • itching, swelling and skin irritation pass
  • increased blood circulation at the site of application, the process of repairing damaged tissues is accelerated,
  • minor bleeding stops.

Indications for use:

  • hemorrhoids at various stages of development,
  • can be used for external and internal hemorrhoids,
  • anal eczema
  • anal fissures.

Properties: especially patients note a feeling of coolness after applying the ointment, as well as a pleasant smell of the ointment itself, the color of which can be from pink to light gray.

Composition: musk, borneol, lanolin, bezoar, calamine, petroleum jelly, sodium tetraborate.

Musk - a remedy for sexual impotence, bad mood. Helps with diseases of the nervous system, urolithiasis and kidney problems.
Borneol - It has a general tonic effect, stimulates the adrenal cortex, reduces stress, has an antidepressant effect, is used for nervous exhaustion, tones up heart activity, improves blood circulation, stimulates digestion, and is used for bronchitis, colds and flu.Due to the analgesic and antispasmodic properties, it is applied externally for rheumatism and sprains, bruises.
Lanolin - promotes wound healing and restoration of the integrity of the skin.
Bezoar - stone has the ability to intensively absorb arsenic compounds and therefore was considered a strong antidote.
Vaseline - used to soften the skin.

Hemorrhoids ointment with musk instructions for use: Before applying, it is recommended to prepare the affected area: rinse it with water, remove moisture with sterile swabs. Apply a thin layer once or twice a day.

To achieve a guaranteed positive result recommended course lasting 1-2 weeks.

If you have internal hemorrhoids, use the nozzles that come with the kit and apply 0.5 grams 1-2 times a day, clean gauze is applied on top.

Note: during the course you can not eat spicy, fatty and spicy dishes. Use in pregnant women and children under medical supervision. Do not swallow, ingestion is prohibited.

  • Contraindications: individual intolerance to components.
  • Keep: Keep out of reach of children in a dry and cool place.
  • Packaging: 10 g, 3 caps for intrarectal administration, package weight 24 grams.
  • Production: China.

Chinese hemorrhoid ointment: composition, form, indications, warnings, use, recommendations

In people with a sedentary lifestyle, drinking alcohol, smokers are at a high risk of forming hemorrhoidal nodes. This pathology is called hemorrhoids.

With an outbreak of hemorrhoidal inflammation, a person is in no hurry to seek medical help, postponing a visit to the doctor in a long box.

Hemorrhoidal pathology without timely therapy goes into more severe stages, when it will not be possible to cope without the help of a surgeon. Some patients use Chinese hemorrhoids ointment to eliminate hemorrhoidal symptoms.

The ointment from inflamed hemorrhoids Chinese belongs to the group of natural preparations. The tool effectively eliminates hemorrhoidal signs of stage 1-2 hemorrhoids. A more effective treatment of pathology can be achieved with the use of complex therapy, diet, exercise (moderate).

When you can not use the tool

Of the contraindications for the use of this drug, only personal intolerance to the constituent components of the drug is indicated, in other cases, Chinese ointment treats hemorrhoids without warning. Before starting the use of the drug, it is necessary to consult a treating proctologist.

Proper use of ointment

Before applying the composition for the treatment of hemorrhoidal disease, the patient must cleanse the intestines from feces, after which hygiene cleansing of the anorectal region with soap and water is carried out. Wipe the anus with a soft cloth, and not with a rough, terry towel.

The guidelines for the use of ointment composition indicate that for the treatment of external hemorrhoid cones, the medicine is applied in a small amount. After applying the composition, the patient is recommended bed rest for 45 minutes. Ointment is used twice a day in the morning and evening. After the course of therapy prescribed by the proctologist, the hemorrhoids disappear.

Chinese ointment for internal hemorrhoids instruction: The medicine is injected into the anus rectally through the tip attached to the drug. Before the introduction of the ointment, you should lubricate the pre-wound tip on the tube with Vaseline. For one application, no more than 0.5 mg of the composition is recommended. Sessions are assigned for a two-time administration.

After the introduction of the ointment composition, the tip is slowly removed, and a gauze napkin is applied to the anus, after which the patient should lie down for half an hour. The duration of treatment is 7-14 days, however, the scheme is prescribed individually by the proctologist.

The natural composition of musk ointment is a proper effect for hemorrhoids without side effects

Hemorrhoids are a delicate problem requiring quick and effective treatment. One of the most popular remedies to fix the problem is musk ointment for hemorrhoids. Pharmaceuticals retained all the traditions of ancient Chinese medicine. Before the medicine began to be sold in pharmacies, it went through a series of studies and confirmed its quality.

How does it consist of what?

Chinese ointment with musk is sold in tubes with special nozzles for insertion into the rectum for internal hemorrhoids. The drug is for external use, local exposure.

Cream of white color, homogeneous, has a pleasant herbal aroma. The ointment consists only of natural components that do not cause allergies and do not have a damaging effect on the body.

  • Musk is a substance with a pronounced smell, consisting of a large amount of fatty acids, oils, vitamins and minerals. Increases venous wall tone, normalizes blood circulation, tones blood flow.
  • Bezoar is a substance that reduces pain and disinfects the affected area.
  • Calamine. Upon contact with the skin, it turns into a thin film and protects the damaged area from harmful bacteria and microbes.
  • Pearls are a styptic agent with astringent effect.
  • Borax (sodium tetraborate) is an agent that prevents the development of complications after inflammation of hemorrhoids.
  • Amber is a resinous substance that strengthens blood vessels and increases their tone.
  • Borneol - accelerates the healing and renewal of tissue cells.

An additional component of the ointment is petroleum jelly.

In addition to the main components, musk ointment contains a number of additional components: petrolatum (disinfects), lanolin (accelerates tissue repair), dimethyl sulfoxide (painkiller). With a pronounced allergic reaction to the components of Chinese ointment, it is necessary to abandon its use and change the medicine.

Chinese musk ointment for hemorrhoids: composition, benefits, reviews

Chinese musk ointment for hemorrhoids has become a popular remedy for hemorrhoids. What is included in the ointment and how to use it correctly?

The bulk of the disease in the absence of treatment turns into a mass of complications. Hemorrhoids in this regard is no exception. There are many tools and techniques, thanks to which this unpleasant disease does not give manifestations for many months and years. Recently, many people with diagnosed rectal pathology are increasingly hearing or reading about Chinese musk ointment for hemorrhoids.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages of Chinese musk ointment are its effectiveness, simplicity and ease of use. However, expectant and nursing mothers, as well as older people, constitute a group in which the use of musky remedies may be banned. To resolve the issue will help the consultation of a proctologist.

During treatment with musk ointment, a strict diet is necessary. The diet should mainly be vegetables and fruits. Fried and fatty foods are highly recommended. Alcohol and tobacco are completely prohibited.

Chinese musk ointment with proper use and compliance with all conditions of the instructions can give an amazing effect. However, we must not forget that running hemorrhoids will require long-term use. Often and additional therapeutic measures.

Doctor's opinion

Igor Vakulenko, proctologist: “Musk ointment is used in the initial bouts of hemorrhoids, the formation of an anal fissure and eczema. The anti-inflammatory and wound healing effect is aimed at stopping and preventing the development of complications.

In the later stages of the development of the disease, an ointment with musk should be used to relieve itching and pain.

The drug well eliminates puffiness, relieves itching and pain.

It quickly stops bleeding, eliminates inflammation of the hemorrhoidal nodes, improves blood flow from the pelvic organs.

But it is important to note that this is not enough to fully treat hemorrhoids. Often after using the ointment, patients forget about the problems and think that they completely got rid of the disease. Then they are surprised when, after six months, the disease reappears.

If there are attacks of acute hemorrhoids, you need to immediately see a proctologist and undergo a diagnosis. The disease is very easily treated in the first stages of development. And so long and difficult in a neglected form. "

Hemorrhoids Musk Ointment

Despite the frightening hieroglyphs on the package, the ointment is very good and effective. Burning and cracks, due to which this burning occurs, it cleans perfectly.

It is enough to wait a couple of minutes after application, and the burning sensation will disappear, but for healing it takes, of course, more time (a couple of days for sure). From sharp pain helps also perfectly, as well as the prevention of pain stopped.

At a critical stage of the disease, it will not help much, but with emerging symptoms - the best salvation.

Hemorrhoids earned on sedentary work. The stage is still not completely neglected, but several times there has been bleeding. The pain is severe, exacerbated at times. To be honest, I don’t really trust Chinese medicine. But it hurts too much to praise this musky ointment on the Internet. I ordered it. Experienced. I share my impressions.

The ointment smells like an “asterisk” (but less pronounced), the consistency is acceptable for the “hemorrhoids zone", clothes do not stain. The first day I felt relieved! Itching passed, going to the toilet became less problematic. I apply the cream 1-2 times a day, sometimes more often. As I recall, and when there will be an opportunity - so immediately. The pains went away in a week. There was no more bleeding at all.

The ointment is really healing, but only outside. Inside the hemorrhoids still sits. I hope everyone understands that it is impossible to get rid of this rather serious ailment with an ointment! The hemorrhoids did not go away, but I feel great. I will use musk ointment until I decide on an operation.

Nuance: the dispenser (hole) is clogged with the ointment itself, it is often necessary to pierce it with a needle or some sharp object. The cream is effective, if its hopes are reasonable.

Hemorrhoids of the 1st stage can be treated with creams, gels and various lotions. Chinese musk ointment was the best for me! She does not pinch already irritated skin. The action has within a few minutes. Cracks are no longer felt. There is no pain during going to the toilet.

The ointment is absorbed, but because of its rich color it can slightly stain the laundry - it is worth taking this into account. I smear it for about 2 months. So far, hemorrhoids do not bother. In the tube there was still half. Let's see what happens when the ointment is over.

Will hemorrhoids make me think of myself? So far, this question is open to me.

In general, at the moment I am very pleased. Musk ointment helps.

I'd like to share my experience. Surprisingly, this inexpensive ointment turned out to be very effective, it removes all pain quickly. Regular use of the ointment quickly yielded results; other similar drugs could not do it.

I used the ointment once a day for one week, during which time I began to feel better, stopped worrying about itching and swelling.

After 2 weeks, the hemorrhoids completely receded! It turns out that the Chinese are wonderful doctors, since they created such an effective medical product! The only thing I did not like her fragrance, for me it is completely unusual, original.

Due to the high effectiveness of the ointment, of course, I closed my eyes to this small nuance, it is important for me that the ointment helped me solve the problem that I have been struggling with for years. The consistency of the ointment is uniform, well applied, quickly absorbed.The composition also did not cause concern, portability was excellent.

The cost of this tool completely suits me, and the volume is enough for a long time! Happy with a little purchase!

The ointment was delivered by courier the very next day after ordering. I do not believe in miracles, I just wanted to get rid of the itch! And I have achieved this! The good news for me was that the bleeding stopped. Otherwise, everything remained at the same level. The bump did not disappear and did not even become smaller.

There can be no question of the complete elimination of hemorrhoids. I don’t know what the people who write in the reviews on the site did that hemorrhoids went away in almost a few minutes. Well, just nonsense! Advertising, and nothing more. And I really set out as it is. The cream smells unpleasant, the consistency is very soft.

I studied the composition, it is good, not without preservatives, even if allowed in Russia. Absorbed for 5-7 minutes, no less. The expense for one "dose" is small (I smeared it 2-3 times a day). I didn’t like the musky smell. In general, the ointment is decent, but very expensive.

My tube was emptied after 30-40 days.

I'm not in a hurry to buy a new copy. I want to find a cheaper and no less effective analogue. My expectations were met. Hemorrhoids do not completely disappear, but the symptoms no longer torment. Do not wait for miracles. Much more depends on the stage. I have a 2nd. I wish you all good health!

Musk ointment really cured me of hemorrhoids. This is probably some kind of miracle! The price is a little more than 1000 rubles, and the result, I hope, will last a lifetime. I am very pleased. The ointment is oily, absorbed for a long time. It softens the right places very well. I had several anal fissures, all went through 2 wounds.

More precisely, they stopped bothering me! It removes unpleasant sensations with a bang, I forgot what itching is. Nodes left after 3 weeks of daily use. The blood stopped almost immediately. The ointment actually helps to cure hemorrhoids! The only thing I didn’t like was tingling the first 10 minutes after application.

Checked on the hand - everything is fine, but on a sore spot burns. Well, I understand that this is a feature of the ointment, and not an allergy. Musk Chinese ointment in a month removed all the symptoms of hemorrhoids that are visible and felt by me. I really didn’t think that the 3rd degree of this disease can be removed in just a month and with just an ointment.

My mother had hemorrhoids, she used this ointment - she did not help, but she relieved the pain. In general, it acts individually.

Based on the foregoing, I put the highest ointment score! Great effect at a great price!

I tried both types of Chinese ointment for hemorrhoids. Musk liked more. The effect lasts at least half a day, when the red ceases to work after 2-3 hours. Total: we save both our time and expense. And, of course, we feel better. I spread it in the morning and walk confidently before dinner at least! Ointment with a smell, you need to get used to it.

It is easy to apply, you should not wait for full absorption. Gaskets are necessary, I use them constantly. The ointment quickly removes irritation, heals cracks, and most importantly does not itch! The bump seemed to become smaller, but I'm not sure thanks to the ointment. It periodically increases or decreases. After application, a pleasant chill is felt, and after it the skin softens.

There is practically no pain during going to the toilet. I really liked the ointment! When the tube ends, I will buy more. The price is optimal. I do not mind 2000 rubles, if the product is really effective. Who knows, maybe in the future the disease will completely disappear. I believe in miracles, so hope does not die yet.

Only the composition is incomprehensible, it seems to smell natural, and the list of ingredients has a lot of names that I even read with difficulty.

I did not expect, but the ointment really helps, but only if you do not start the disease, but begin to treat immediately. My problems worsened after the deterioration of the stool, constipation, and then damage to the mucous membrane. In general, two bumps appeared, one directly huge, it is good that they were outside.

She began to use musk ointment as soon as she noticed that I had problems there. It’s good that they brought me very quickly, literally the next day. When applied expected burning, itching and other troubles.

But strangely enough, on the contrary, all the pain was gone, and the ointment was not even felt on the skin.

Then a day later she noticed that the inflammation was coming to naught and the bump was not so convex. Began to apply almost every 2 hours. The result was not long in coming and both cones resolved after 10 days. Naturally, small scars remained on the skin, but I continue to apply the ointment and they also begin to pass.

The tube is very tiny, but the cream is thick, even similar to wax, so it is spent economically. in three weeks I took about half the ointment, despite the fact that I used it generously and applied often.

In general, there’s nothing to reduce the assessment, the ointment coped with the task one hundred percent, so with a clear conscience I put a five with a plus.

Hemorrhoids - what is it and what is dangerous?

The essence of the disease is varicose vein distention in the rectum. Often this is accompanied by an inflammatory process. There are three types of problems:

  • External - the resulting swollen venous node protrudes outward,
  • Internal - it is difficult to determine with the naked eye, since it is hidden inside the rectum,
  • Combined - if hemorrhoids are started, sooner or later, the combined stage will develop, when the nodes are located both outside and inside.

Hemorrhoids are a consequence of a common venous network disease. And in most cases, people relieve symptoms, pain, even heal bleeding, but this does not end the disease. Even if all precautions are observed - do not lift a lot of weight, do not cool, do not sit for long, this is all a struggle against symptoms, but not with the problem itself.

Remember! If hemorrhoids do not cause pain, this does not mean that it is cured. At that very moment, it can continue to develop and cause further harm to the body.

The four steps in the development of hemorrhoids is a complete picture of the development of the disease from the onset of the first symptoms to the extreme state of the disease.

  1. The initial stage of the formation of nodes, their code is still impossible to notice, symptoms and unpleasant sensations are still not easily noticed.
  2. The next stage is a protrusion of the nodes, a feeling of pain and itching.
  3. Hemorrhoidal venous cones tumble outward at any load.
  4. Nodes are not pulled in, they are constantly outside, they burst, bleed and hurt. At this stage, surgery is proposed.

Please note: hemorrhoidal nodes over time stretch more and more, increasing and filling with blood, creating stagnation. This leads to complications in the form of inflammation.

Hemorrhoids are treated depending on the stage of development of the disease: from local ointments, suppositories, to the surgical approach. In addition, anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals are prescribed, tonic vein drugs. Along with taking drugs, sclerosing of diseased veins, coagulation with a laser and radio waves, cryogenic removal, ring ligation are used.

The effectiveness of musk ointment

Musk ointment for hemorrhoids is produced in China. And when it comes to Chinese medicine, here the drugs are always on top. Musk ointment for hemorrhoids collects reviews exclusively positive.

All Chinese medicine is rich in ancient roots, it is based on powerful ingredients, special healing power. Ointments and tinctures are made according to the recipe, which has a huge advantage over Western and European medical technologies.

Musk ointment has been tested in several clinics in Moscow. The result says that in two-thirds of patients, hemorrhoids ceased to exist a few days after the start of the ointment. For the rest, a significant improvement came after a couple of weeks of the experiment. The main thing - the components of musk ointment are absolutely safe.

Description, purpose and indications for use

The use of musk ointment from China is recommended for:

  • External and internal hemorrhoids,
  • Hemorrhoid inflammation
  • Blood clots in the hemorrhoid cones,
  • Anal fissures, proctitis, paraproctitis,
  • Eczema, peeling anal near the hole.

Apply musk ointment at the first sign and suspicion of hemorrhoids is necessary immediately. But this does not cancel the meeting with the attending physician and proctologist, at the reception of which the final diagnosis and treatment methods will be made.

Chinese musk ointment has a white color and a pleasant texture. The aroma is herbal, and when applied, a relaxing and analgesic effect is observed. Ointment relieves itching, fever and stops bleeding. Even with the first application, the patient feels relief. The itchy feeling disappears, the heat quenches, swelling passes.

Musk ointment has a general effect on the pelvic organs, which has a restorative and tonic effect. Helps repair damaged tissue. Hemorrhoidal nodes disappear, blood circulation increases, and the condition of the venous membranes improves. Ointment knits, dries wounds, stopping bleeding.

Plastic tubes of 10 milliliters ensure the preservation of all the healing properties of the ointment, and a small volume does not allow the ointment to be spoiled, which has already begun to be used. The kit has a threaded cap and three different tips for anal administration of the ointment. Keep the medicine away from children.

Musk ointment for hemorrhoids reviews and price in pharmacies - information that will please with its availability on the Internet. The approximate price category is about 270 rubles.

What does musk ointment consist of

Hemorrhoids ointment includes such familiar and exotic, even almost magical components, such as:

  • Musk is a very aromatic substance obtained from the secretory glands of musk deer and some other animals. It contains wax and steroid substances, fatty acids, aromatic oils. It powerfully enhances the protective functions of the body, relieves inflammation, improves blood circulation, thereby combating blood stasis.
  • Amber - activates regenerative processes in the body, strengthens tissues, vascular walls, enhances protein reproduction in tissues. Thanks to the amber powder, the phenomena of stagnation in the vessels are eliminated.
  • Borax is an antibacterial ingredient that perfectly stops the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, viruses, eliminating the complications associated with them.
  • Pearl - pearl powder is able to exert an astringent effect, stops bleeding, which is also the prevention of anal bleeding.
  • Bezoar is the formation of a stone from a goat that has got into the stomach, overgrown with hair and plant debris that underwent fermentation. This component of the ointment is designed to stop inflammation, disinfection. Bezoar fights pathogens. Another property of bezoar is antispasmodic.
  • Calamine is a film-forming substance that prevents infections from entering a crack or inflamed area. It helps quick healing.
  • Borneol is a mass obtained from bark of the camphor tree growing on Borneo. The substance is oily and opaque, with a pronounced aroma of camphor.
  • Other auxiliary components like petrolatum, lanolin, cosmetic emulsions. They enhance the effect of ointment therapy, helping to disinfect, regenerate, analgesic and alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of hemorrhoids. The synergism of the components allows you to prolong and enhance the action of each other, which makes the ointment even more effective.

Why musk ointment is better

Proctologists prescribe musk ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids as one of the most effective modern means with a lasting effect, which has a healing effect even in advanced stages.

The ointment brings relief from one use. It has no side effects. It is used for both skin and mucous membranes.

Treatment occurs not only hemorrhoids, but also eczema, as well as cracks outside near the anus, and inside the rectum.

The ointment is easy to use, convenient and pleasant. Does not stain clothes, bed, light and fragrant.After research, musk ointment received all the necessary certificates of quality and compliance.

The only limitation in the use of ointments is allergy and intolerance to the components.

How to apply musk ointment

Before applying the musk ointment for hemorrhoids, it is advisable to empty yourself, you can apply an enema. Hygiene the anus by washing with warm water with soap or foam for intimate washing.

  1. Apply a thin layer of ointment to the affected area using a cleanly washed finger or a nose applicator for internal administration in the volume of half a milliliter,
  2. Stay in bed for at least half an hour after application,
  3. Apply ointment in the evening, just before bedtime, and in the morning.

Follow all the recommendations of your proctologist for hemorrhoids, use ointment with musk regularly, then treatment will give the desired effect without relapse and hemorrhoids will say goodbye to you forever.

Why is it so important to quickly treat hemorrhoids?

Some people are in no hurry to contact a proctologist with this problem for various reasons: someone is sure that they can get rid of the disease on their own, others are afraid of surgery, and some are just ashamed and embarrassed to talk about their disease. However, this is fundamentally wrong. After all, if a person does not go to the doctor on time, then hemorrhoids from the initial stage can quickly go into the neglected one, which cannot be treated with ointments. In this case, only surgical intervention will help. However, after the operation, it will not be so easy for a person to live. After all, after surgery, the rest of his life will have to follow a diet, stop smoking, drink alcohol. True, and this is not the worst. The fact is that improper or untimely treatment can provoke the appearance of polyps on the rectum, which eventually begin to mutate into malignant tumors. It turns out that hemorrhoids can even lead to colon cancer. And this is not a joke. Therefore, it is so important to start adequate treatment on time, and for this, a trip to the proctologist must be carried out without fail.

Which patients are at risk?

Below is a list of those people who play life and death more than others. So, the following categories of patients can quickly get rectal cancer caused by untimely cured hemorrhoids:

  1. Office workers. After all, they often sit for a long time at their workplace - for 8-10 hours.
  2. Smoking people, as well as those who drink alcohol.
  3. Patients who often suffer from constipation.
  4. People who stand for a long time and at the same time strain their abdominals (for example, loaders, weightlifters).
  5. Patients with poor heredity.

Hemorrhoids prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest. Why suffer from pain if you can get rid of it with a remedy such as Chinese musk ointment? This drug will help to quickly remove hemorrhoids without causing complications. The following is a description of how this tool works.

Tool Components

Chinese musk ointment composition has the following:

- Musk. This substance, produced by animals, removes the inflammatory effect, helps to eliminate blood stasis in the anus, makes better blood flow in the veins. In addition, this component of the ointment enhances the human immunity.

- Bezoar removes inflammation, has an antibacterial effect. This component also helps to dull the pain and relieve cramps caused by hemorrhoids.

- Calamine promotes the rapid healing of wounds in the rectum. It also forms a protective film that prevents microbes and bacteria from entering the wound.

- Pearls stop bleeding, have an astringent effect.

- Borax prevents microbes and bacteria from multiplying.

- Amber. Thanks to this element, the vessels are strengthened, and the body's tissues are saturated with useful substances.In addition, this component improves blood microcirculation in the affected area.

- Borneol helps restore damaged tissue of the rectum, eliminates the inflammatory process, and also tidies the state of microflora.

- Yellow petroleum jelly has a disinfecting effect.

- Lanolin restores cells that have been damaged.

- Dimethyl sulfoxide acts as an anesthetic component.

The elements that make up the musk ointment act synergistically, that is, they enhance the effect of each other. Due to this, the high effectiveness of the drug in the treatment of both internal and external hemorrhoids is guaranteed.

Chinese ointment for hemorrhoids: instructions and reviews

Hemorrhoids - a disease accompanied by unpleasant, painful sensations in the rectum. One of the treatment options is Chinese hemorrhoid ointment - musky red. The specific manifestations of the disease can not be ignored, they must be urgently treated.

Otherwise, the risk of transition to the chronic phase with periodic exacerbations increases. Chinese musk ointment fights the disease, prevents the development of complications.

Chinese musk ointment for hemorrhoids. Chinese musky red hemorrhoid ointment

The components of Than Long strengthen blood vessels, dilute blood stasis, greatly stimulate the body's immune defense. Prevent the formation of fatty plaques on the walls of blood vessels. They cleanse the body of toxins, kill pathogenic bacteria in the intestines.

Than Long dragees contain a large number of antioxidants, tannins, expectorants and diuretics, vitamins, minerals and glycyrrhizic acid. Used for indigestion, with bronchitis. To increase potency and relieve pain in women during menstruation, menopause.

Assign with hemorrhoids, polyps in the rectum.

Vietnamese dragees Than Long (Flying Dragon) passed state registration. Safe to use.

Certificate of state registration No. U.7449.12.04 of December 21, 2004. You can buy in the .com online store.

Pharmachologic effect:

  • Campanumei Root
    promotes hematopoiesis, lowers blood pressure. Used for anemia and as a general strengthening agent.
  • Astragalus Root
    It is famous for its diuretic, tonic, analgesic and immuno-strengthening effect. It is prescribed for heart problems, inflammation of the kidneys and urinary tract, high blood pressure. Drink root infusion to eliminate tachycardia, swelling of the legs, rheumatic pains.
  • Chinese angelica root
    as part of the drug Than Long is a source of phytoestrogens, vitamins E, A, B12. It contains a large amount of calcium, iron and magnesium. Assign during menstrual pain and cramping, during menopause to level the hormonal background. Tannins, coumarin, essential oils help to cope with varicose veins, hemorrhoids, kill bacteria on the intestinal walls, stop bleeding.
  • Italian peeled mandarin
    get essential oil, which has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract, normalizes metabolism, cleanses the body of toxins. It also lowers blood pressure, has a bactericidal effect.
  • Large-headed atractylodes rhizome
    used as a diuretic, decongestant. The use of atractylodes prevents blood coagulation, stimulates the liver and kidneys to eliminate toxins. Infusions from rhizomes are drunk to restore the stomach, and men are used to enhance potency.
  • Ural licorice root
    contains a huge amount of glycyrrhizic acid, which has a powerful anti-inflammatory, antiviral, expectorant and antispasmodic effect. Licorice root extract is also prescribed for atherosclerosis - it destroys lipid deposits on the walls of blood vessels.They also drink licorice from asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia.
  • The main actions of the herb guttuini heart-shaped
    - diuretic and anti-inflammatory. It has an antipyretic property, wound healing. In medicine, they are used as a powerful remedy against abscesses, as well as to eliminate toxins.


· Oriental medicine company “BAO LONG”, Vietnam

A disease such as hemorrhoids is often found today due to the lack of an active lifestyle. Regular physical activity is now a rarity, most people are engaged in sedentary work. The situation is aggravated by stress, alcohol consumption, smoking and unhealthy diet.

What should be the treatment is determined by the stage of the disease. An early degree responds well to local therapy, using special creams and ointments.

More complex situations can only be solved through. Therefore, if the first signs of hemorrhoids have arisen, you should begin to be treated immediately, and only effective drugs should be chosen.

Despite some people’s skepticism about Chinese products, there are good, productive products. These include Chinese musk ointment for hemorrhoids, proven by many years of experience.

Characterization and properties of the drug

Chinese ointment for hemorrhoids with musk is an effective, certified product that is characterized by high performance indicators and an exceptionally natural composition. Chinese experts have developed this medication specifically to combat hemorrhoidal disease and quickly eliminate characteristic symptoms.

Despite the fact that people are suspicious of Chinese drugs, this ointment from hemorrhoids has won the most positive reviews from doctors. The medicine passed all the necessary clinical trials, received appropriate certification and recommendations from proctologists. Chinese cream is characterized by the following therapeutic properties:

  • antibacterial
  • astringent
  • pain medication
  • drying
  • wound healing
  • hemostatic
  • decongestant
  • anti-inflammatory
  • thrombolytic
  • strengthening local immunity,
  • improvement of microcirculation in the rectum.

Reviews of patients indicate that this Chinese remedy helps to get rid of such clinical signs as pain syndrome, itching and burning sensation, anal bleeding in the shortest possible time. After a few days, swelling subsides and the size of the hemorrhoidal nodes decreases.

With regular, systematic use, the drug promotes accelerated regeneration and restoration of damaged tissue structures, and prevents the appearance of edema and tumor neoplasms.

In addition, the ointment with musk from hemorrhoids improves blood flow in the pelvic vessels, increases the elasticity and elasticity of the vascular walls of the rectum, which minimizes the possible likelihood of relapse.

Therefore, even if the pathological process proceeds in a chronic form, this medication allows you to achieve a stable, stable remission.

How to use?

Chinese musk ointment, the instructions for which are in the package, should be used correctly. The process of using this tool is described in detail below:

  1. It is advisable to cleanse the intestines. You can do this yourself, just by going to the toilet, or use an enema for this purpose.
  2. Rinse the anus with warm water. Wipe it dry with a cloth.
  3. Apply the ointment evenly to the affected area.
  4. Wash hands so that there is no drug left on them.

To achieve excellent results after applying the ointment, it is advisable to stay in bed for 1 hour. Also, you can not go to the toilet for half an hour after the product was applied.

Repeat this procedure 1-2 times a day.It is better if this is done before bedtime, as well as early in the morning, so that there is still time to lie down a bit.

The course of therapy is from 1 to 2 weeks.


The treatment of hemorrhoids with Chinese musk ointment has the following advantages:

  1. It helps with both internal and external inflammation.
  2. It has a useful and completely safe composition.
  3. Not only relieves the symptoms of hemorrhoids, but also treats the disease itself.
  4. Provides fast as well as long lasting effect.
  5. It is made according to ancient Tibetan recipes, however, using modern technology.
  6. Chinese musk ointment for hemorrhoids doctors reviews is mixed. However, most proctologists recommend this remedy as a treatment for an insidious disease, since they see the effect.
  7. The product does not stain clothes.


To prove the effectiveness of the drug, Chinese musk ointment for hemorrhoids was tested in several clinics in the capital of Russia. This happened at the end of 2013. In this experiment, more than 500 patients with hemorrhoids of various stages took part. For 2 weeks, people applied this product to the affected area. And already after 14 days, the test results struck even experienced proctologists. According to the results of the experiment, in 70% of patients hemorrhoids went away in 4–5 days (this is for those who had the disease in the initial stage of development). The remaining 30% of the subjects who had a severe stage of the disease took 2 weeks to completely get rid of the disease. In this case, no one said that the ointment did not help them. That is, this tool is 100% effective. It can be assumed that today none of the known hemorrhoid preparations has such high efficiency as this medicine.

Where to get?

Chinese musk ointment for hemorrhoids in pharmacies is not for sale. This is due to the fact that the drug is not registered in Russia and Ukraine. Even looking at the packaging with the product, you will see that only hieroglyphs are depicted there. And this suggests that the drug is imported directly from the Middle Kingdom. "If Chinese musk ointment is not sold in pharmacies, then where can it be bought?" - you ask. You can buy this healing remedy for hemorrhoids on the Internet, on the seller’s official website. It is there that you can buy ointment at an affordable price. Since dealers put a big margin on her.

Positive feedback from experts

Chinese musk ointment has different opinions from doctors: someone recommends it, while others do not. Those proctologists who believe in the effectiveness of this tool assure patients that the drug really helps to cope with hemorrhoids. People who have trusted the doctor and bought this ointment, in the end, really get rid of this disease. They come to the doctor’s appointment and thank him for a quick recovery. How do experts argue for the choice of such a treatment? After all, the product is not even sold in pharmacies? Proctologists, of course, rely on the composition of the drug, since it contains useful as well as effective components that provide a quick result.

Negative feedback from experts

Unfortunately, Chinese musk ointment has negative reviews. Some doctors do not believe in such a quick effectiveness of this drug, they say, for 1 week of use without additional procedures it is impossible to get rid of hemorrhoids. Also, when you come to a consultation with a proctologist and ask about Chinese musk ointment, you can hear an answer that can shock. Experts note that those allegedly real reviews of doctors about this tool, published on websites, are fictitious. What is a marketing move used by dubious sellers so that people are led to their tricks. After all, in the reviews it is written that even the doctors are delighted with this ointment, that the effect of it exceeds the result after surgical intervention.However, you should not believe this. Real doctors note that this ointment to some extent has a positive result, however, it can not be used as the main treatment. Moreover, it is forbidden to independently acquire it without visiting a doctor. After all, only a proctologist can prescribe adequate therapy, thanks to which the patient will get rid of hemorrhoids. In this case, treatment should be comprehensive. Proctologists say that the ointment alone will not produce the desired effect. Lifestyle changes, namely the rejection of bad habits, spicy foods, as well as increased physical activity, getting rid of extra pounds and the combined use of Chinese musky ointment - this is the combination that will give the result. Doctors also recommend that their patients purchase domestic proven ointments that clearly indicate the composition and shelf life. After all, the only way to protect yourself from a fake drug, which, in addition to disappointment, will not bring any positive effects.

Important Tips

In order for Chinese musk ointment to begin to act, do not neglect the following important points:

  1. During treatment, it is necessary to give up alcohol, smoking, and carbonated drinks.
  2. You can’t eat spicy and salty foods, otherwise there will be no effect. If possible, you should also limit the use of too fried and fatty foods. It is better to steam, cook or stew food. Do not overload your body.
  3. It is important to consume more fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as cereals, because they normalize the digestive process.
  4. During treatment and after it, instead of coffee, it is better to drink juice, weak tea, and compote.
  5. You can’t sit on the couch and wait until the problem is solved by itself. It is important at this time to do something active. For example, run in the morning and in the evening, do exercises.

If you follow a diet and lead an active lifestyle, the results of using Chinese musk ointment will be much better.

Chinese psoriasis cream King of the skin

Chinese psoriasis ointment King of the skin is one of the most popular remedies from the eastern country. The composition of the drug includes natural components, each of which has a certain effect in the disease. Sandalwood has a tonic, anesthetic, anti-inflammatory effect. Kapoor kachari acts as a natural antibiotic. Fine-colored basil is a powerful antibacterial, antiseptic plant. Turmeric nourishes the skin with vitamins and minerals

Licorice is used as a substitute for glucorticosteroids, which is very important for psoriasis.

Indications for use of ointment and its effect

Chinese psoriasis ointment King of the skin, a photo of which can be seen in the article, is used for such diseases:

  • for all, including pustular psoriasis, psoriatic erythroderma and other severe forms,
  • with fungal diseases of the dermis and nails, the causative agents of which are dermatophytes and yeast-like fungi,
  • with thrush,
  • with eczema, multi-colored lichen,
  • with folliculitis, seborrhea.

The ointment King of the skin copes well with herpes, inflammatory rashes on the skin in the youthful period. The drug works effectively with a fungus that occurs against a background of decreased immunity.

Clinical studies and reviews of doctors about King Skin ointments indicate good efficacy. With proper use of the drug, the following effect is noted:

  • reduction of itching and peeling,
  • elimination of hyperemia,
  • reduction in the number and cessation of growth of psoriatic plaques,
  • restoration of the structure of the dermis,
  • skin nutrition with beneficial vitamins and minerals.

After the course, the papules on the body completely disappear, the dermis acquires a healthy, velvety appearance.

What do the doctor's say

Reviews of doctors about the Chinese ointment King of the skin in most cases are positive.

Stanislav Ivanovich, dermatologist, Ufa

“I am skeptical about homeopathic preparations on a natural basis, but the King of the skin undoubtedly inspires confidence. Reviews of my patients about the remedy are very good. With regular use of the ointment, the therapeutic effect promised by the manufacturer is really observed, the condition of the affected dermis is significantly improved. ”

Anton Nikolaevich, dermatologist, Volgograd

“Before prescribing the remedy to his patients, he carefully studied the composition of the medicine. The drug has a natural environmentally friendly composition, which, of course, inspires confidence. Patients suffering from psoriasis, note an improvement in skin condition after a week of applying the cream. The ointment really copes with the symptoms of scaly lichen. I recommend the remedy to everyone. ”

Price, method of application and where to buy the product

The instructions for use with Chinese ointment say that the cream should be applied 2 times throughout the day on a previously washed dermis. The duration of treatment should be at least 7 days, but not more than a month.

You can buy the King of the skin on the official website. The product is not sold on the market. The manufacturer thus insures its customers against the purchase of a fake. The price of the cream is about 1200 rubles.

The composition and characteristics of the drug

The remedy for hemorrhoids from China is an ointment of a whitish shade of uniform consistency and has a rather pleasant herbal aroma.

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The product is sold in plastic 10-gram tubes. In the package, in addition to the drug itself, there are three applicators for insertion into the anal canal.

Chinese ointment for varicose hemorrhoidal veins is a combined remedy, that is, it contains several active ingredients:

  1. Musk. This component is produced by the internal glands of some animals. It contains fatty acids, various aromatic and hormonal substances, wax, etc. The musky component relieves inflammation, improves capillary and venous blood flow, and eliminates blood stagnation in the rectal canal zone.
  2. Bezoar. This substance also reduces the severity of the inflammatory process, has a bactericidal effect, helps to relieve spastic reactions and reduce the intensity of the pain syndrome.
  3. Pearls. This ingredient accelerates the stop of bleeding due to the rapid granulation of the wound surface. In addition, the substance has an astringent effect, which prevents further bleeding.
  4. Calamine. This zinc compound creates a special film on the damaged areas that prevents the penetration of pathogens into the hemorrhoid. The ingredient also has an astringent, enveloping effect, absorbing the fluid released as a result of trauma to the rectal mucosa.
  5. Borneol. It accelerates the regeneration of damaged sections of the rectal canal, actively destroys pathogenic bacteria of the streptococcal and staphylococcal groups, and reduces inflammation.
  6. Amber. It contributes to the improvement of regenerative processes in tissues due to the acceleration of the synthesis of protein compounds, blood circulation in damaged areas, and the reduction of congestion in the rectum.
  7. Borax. It is a powerful antimicrobial drug, helps prevent infection by pathogens and destroys bacteria and viruses that have already penetrated the rectum.

Yellow petroleum jelly is an additional ingredient that makes up the ointment base. Yellow petroleum jelly, natural wool wax and dimethyl sulfoxide are additional ingredients that make up the ointment base of the product.

According to drug sellers, the components of the drug enhance each other's action, which provides an increased therapeutic effect of Chinese ointment in the treatment of hemorrhoidal disease.

Ointment 999

The second name of this tool is “Pianpin”. You can meet him in pharmacies and stores under these two names. The main active ingredients are menthol, camphor, dexamethasone and others.

Thanks to them, you can try to relieve muscle tension, inflammation and pain. Chinese ointment for joints can relieve swelling and soreness in the joints, accelerate wound healing.

You can use the drug not only in the chronic course of the disease, but also in the acute form of the disease. The ointment showed itself well as a prophylaxis. The photo shows what a tube of ointment looks like.

Cream "Pianpin" will help to cope with muscle tension and remove soreness and swelling in the joints.

Drug use

The product is produced in China according to proven traditional folk recipes. It has a good effect not only on joints, bone and cartilage, but also on the skin. It works in several directions.

The product acts gently and gently, so the likelihood of an allergic reaction is minimal. Chinese ointments for joints usually contain antiseptic components, so you can cleanse the skin of germs and dangerous bacteria.

If the drug is used in a timely manner, it is possible to avoid infection of wounds and infection by pathogenic microbes (however, the medicine is not applied to large open wounds!), Remove negative symptoms in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and prevent the progression of inflammatory processes in the muscles and joints.

Chinese ointment for joints helps get rid of skin problems such as:

In addition, the drug will help get rid of acne, warts of viral origin. The cream will relieve itching caused by insect bites, and will contribute to the more rapid healing of minor injuries. Thanks to Chinese ointment, you can quickly stop the pain with minor damage to the skin.

Precautionary measures

If the doctor has prescribed the use of this drug, the instructions must be followed, and the same some other rules:

  • can not be applied to the mucous membranes, near the respiratory tract and eyes,
  • after applying the cream, you need to wash your hands thoroughly,
  • with extreme caution, the drug is used by pregnant women and during breastfeeding,
  • if irritation occurs, immediately stop using the drug,
  • with repeated occurrence of irritation and other side effects, you should consult a specialist,
  • it is not recommended to apply the product to large areas of the body and use the ointment for more than 1 month,
  • keep the drug out of the reach of children and direct sunlight,
  • children under 10 years old should not use this medicine.

Apply cream to joints or skin in small quantities.


Chinese ointment can be quite effective. Thanks to this drug, you can affect not only bone, cartilage and articular tissue, but also on muscles and skin. The tool has a wide spectrum of action.

The cream is applied to the skin gently and gently, moisturizes and simultaneously disinfects the surface of the epidermis. Helps accelerate recovery and regeneration processes.

It is worth noting that the tool is mostly auxiliary, and is hardly suitable for the main treatment. More information about ointments can be found in the video in this article.The price of the drug can vary, usually it is about 4 - 5 $.

Myth or not what they say about Chinese ointment

Unfortunately, the Internet is not extremely verified information. If somewhere they write that the tool always helps, helps quickly and works without a single side effect, it is worth moving to another site. And if the resource has instructions that “it’s not necessary to go to the doctor now, you just need to use the ointment according to the old prescription”, run from this page. No normal resource will tell its reader to abandon the aid of classical medicine.

Due to such incompetent materials growing a whole tangle of myths and speculation about different drugs. And regarding the Chinese ointment for hemorrhoids - too. We will analyze some of them.

Myth or truth - Chinese red ointment:

  1. The drug works so fast that in a few days you can cure hemorrhoids. There is nothing to say here - this is not just a myth, but a harmful advertisement. Hemorrhoids need complex, often long-term treatment, as this is a multilevel and polyetiological disease. If you undertook to treat the fallen nodes with ointment, then it’s stupid to expect that they themselves will take and recover in a couple of days, at least. No ointment can replace surgical operations if the proctologist has already declared their necessity.
  2. The medicine is recommended by all proctologists. The word "everything" looks ridiculous in such advertising slogans. If you see a recommendation from a proctologist on a site that sells Chinese ointment, look online for information about it. It is very likely that this is a made-up character. These circumstances do not make the ointment a meaningless and ineffective remedy. Just the site owners need to sell the medicine as quickly as possible, and unscrupulous sellers will use any arguments. Therefore, if you really want to know the opinion of a proctologist, ask your doctor.
  3. The composition of the drug is natural. If what is stated in the instructions is true (what you have the right to hope for, because the product is certified), then the natural origin of the content is really beyond doubt.
  4. The drug will help at any stage of hemorrhoids. Of course not. Everything is individual, but not so much that a case requiring surgery could “evaporate” under the influence of an ointment. This is the usual symptomatic treatment: the symptoms of the disease are removed, but nothing more.
  5. Chinese ointment should not be "mixed" with other medicines. Monotherapy is not comparable with hemorrhoids in principle. There is no such magical preparation that would remove the edema and strengthen the veins, and reduce the nodes, and heal the wounds - and all in the highest degree of action. Basically, drugs help to alleviate negative symptoms: that is, they relieve pain, help relieve swelling. To solve the problem radically, just one medicine is not enough.
  6. The more often you use the ointment, the more pronounced the effect will be. The frequency of use is clearly indicated in the instructions, there simply cannot be another option. Any unauthorized actions may harm you.

Do not heal on the advice of friends. If on the Internet they annoyingly advertise some remedy, ask your doctor what kind of drug it is, why it is better (or not better) than others. Adhere to the principles of individualization of treatment: what helped your neighbor may be ineffective in your case.

In what cases is the drug used?

The instructions say that the cream is indicated for:

Ointment is used for anal fissure

  • hemorrhoidal disease of any form,
  • itching and eczema of the rectal opening,
  • ,
  • hemorrhoidal tumors,
  • rectal cavernous formations.

An ointment against hemorrhoids is prescribed for rectal bleeding, inflammation of the anus, thrombosis and prolapse of hemorrhoids.So, the drug is used for any symptoms of the disease - soreness, redness, burning in the rectal region, difficult bowel movements. Also, the cream is used after surgery associated with the removal of hemorrhoidal cones.

When is the use of ointment undesirable?

Since the composition of the cream is natural, there are no absolute contraindications to its use. But in some patients, intolerance and hypersensitivity to the components of the drug may occur. Therefore, before using the ointment, it is advisable to conduct an allergy test. Cream treatment of young children, pregnant women and asthmatics must be monitored by a doctor. Regarding side effects, occasionally allergic rashes may appear.

In some cases, the ointment can cause allergies.

How to use Musk Ointment

Proper use and adherence to recommendations is important in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Follow personal hygiene, strictly follow the instructions - then the medicine will help get rid of the problem

Medical enema

  1. Bowel movement is a desirable procedure before use: alone or with a special medical enema.
  2. Carry out a hygienic procedure, gently rinsing the affected area with warm water using non-aggressive soap.
  3. Dry the remaining water with a dry cloth.
  4. Apply the ointment evenly to the affected area, spreading with a thin layer.
  5. For half an hour refrain from going to the toilet. For the expected effect, wait until the cream is absorbed for 40 minutes.
  6. The frequency of the procedure is 1-2 times a day.

The instructions for using the medication for internal treatment are different. The nozzle included in the kit is used. The tip is put on a tube, inserted into the rectum. After the introduction, a bandage is applied, the nozzle is disinfected.

Recommended Rules

During treatment, refrain from fatty and spicy foods, exclude marinades, spices, use salt dosed. It is not allowed to drink alcoholic drinks, sweet soda. These products provoke an increase in inflammation, making it difficult to recover with an ointment with musk.

Doctors recommend products with the maximum amount of fiber: fruits and vegetables, cereals, dairy products. In large quantities to use liquids: natural fruit drinks, juices, table water. When cooking, give preference to heat treatment, avoiding frying. Sport is the cherished key to amendment. An active lifestyle is required with complex treatment.

Composition and healing properties

Chinese red ointment for hemorrhoids is a naturally occurring drug used to treat hemorrhoidal disease. High rates of its therapeutic effectiveness are due to unique active ingredients, which not only manifest themselves as separate components, but also show synergistic properties, enhancing the therapeutic effect of each other.

Chinese musk ointment for hemorrhoids contains musk as the main active ingredient. This compound is produced in the body of some animals through the internal glands of their endocrine system. Its distinctive characteristic is an intense specific aroma. The chemical composition of the musk molecule is a rather complex compound, including wax, fatty acids, macrocyclic muskone ketone, steroid and aromatic compounds. Such a complex structure of musk explains its useful and indispensable properties for the human body. Musk helps to improve the protective and immune forces of the body, normalizes the state of the cardiovascular system.One of the main healing properties of musk is its ability to reduce the severity of the inflammatory process, eliminate blood stasis, trigger metabolic processes, lymph flow and microcirculation, and prevent blood clots.

In addition, Chinese hemorrhoid ointment contains bezoar - a substance that has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, disinfecting effects, effectively relieves pain and eliminates spasm of smooth muscle muscles.

Calamine, which contains musky ointment for hemorrhoids, creates a protective film on the surface of damaged and inflamed tissues, which serves as a barrier to pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria. In addition, such exposure to calamine contributes to the creation of favorable conditions for the activation of regeneration and healing processes.

Amber, which is part of the drug, favorably affects the biosynthesis of protein compounds in the cells of the body, against which it helps strengthen the walls of the blood vessels of the bloodstream, restore tissue, improves microcirculation and blood circulation, and prevents stagnation and thrombosis.

Also, Chinese hemorrhoid cream contains a certain amount of borneol - a substance that exhibits a regenerative, healing, antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory effect.

Due to the presence of pearls, the Chinese medicine for hemorrhoids exhibits astringent properties, effectively stops anal bleeding and prevents their re-occurrence, the formation of anal fissures.

Borax, which contains Chinese ointments and creams, determines their antibacterial and antiseptic properties, the ability to prevent the attachment of secondary infections and the development of conditionally pathogenic microflora.

As additional components, the Chinese hemorrhoid cream contains some amounts:

  • dimethyl sulfoxide - a fairly powerful analgesic that can quickly stop pain, eliminate feelings of itching, burning and discomfort in the anus,
  • lanolin, showing wound healing and restoring properties,
  • Vaseline, characterized by a disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effect.

Musk-based Chinese ointment has the following effects in the fight against hemorrhoidal disease:

  • quickly and for a long time relieves pain, eliminates discomfort, itching and burning sensations in the anorectal region,
  • eliminates the inflammatory process in the tissues and vessels of the large intestine,
  • eliminates swelling of the affected tissues,
  • strengthens the walls of blood vessels of the perianal region, restores their elasticity, prevents brittleness,
  • stops anal bleeding,
  • helps to reduce the size and disappearance of hemorrhoidal nodes and cones, prevents them from falling out of the anus,
  • prevents stagnation of blood in the rectum, thrombosis,
  • starts the healing, restoration and regeneration processes in the tissues and mucous membranes of the large intestine,
  • activates the metabolism, blood circulation, microcirculation and lymph flow of the perianal region,
  • inhibits the growth of conditionally pathogenic microflora, prevents infection of damaged tissues,
  • activates the protective and immune mechanisms in the intestines,
  • eliminates spasm of smooth muscle fibers.

Application features

The instructions attached to the Chinese ointment contain basic information regarding the proper use of this drug. First of all, before applying the drug, it is necessary to empty the intestines. For problems with bowel movements, you can use a cleansing enema for these purposes.

Then you will need to thoroughly rinse and dry the anus.After that, gently and evenly apply the drug to the areas affected by hemorrhoidal disease. In order for the active ingredients of musk ointment to be absorbed, for half an hour after its use you should refrain from going to the toilet! It is advisable to avoid any physical exertion and spend these half an hour in bed.

In the event that the patient suffers from internal hemorrhoids, he is advised to use special nozzles, which are sold complete with ointment

This nozzle should be attached to the tip of the tube, and then carefully enter it into the anus and squeeze a small amount of the drug. After that, the nozzle is carefully removed, and a sterile gauze dressing is applied to the anus.

Such therapeutic procedures must be carried out daily, observing a systematic regimen, which is very important! In the acute course of the disease or during an exacerbation of hemorrhoidal disease, ointment can be applied 2 times a day. It’s best to do this in the morning and evening hours.

The optimal duration of a therapeutic course is about a month, but can be increased according to individual indications.

Watch the video: Hemorrhoids. Piles. How To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids Treatment (February 2020).

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