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Editor'S Choice - 2020

A selection of photos of men with a beard and mustache

A few decades ago, in the eyes of society, a bearded man was associated with neglect, bad taste and imposing. Today, the vegetation on the chin is almost the last fashion trend, many Hollywood and Russian stars of show business preferred a thick and colorful beard to their shaven face. And some of them even became the founders of new species of beard.

According to most women, beard in men is a great way to emphasize originality, masculinity and brutality. Stylists and barbers note that a correctly selected beard type corrects imperfections in the face and appearance, corrects symmetry and hides any defects. Therefore, any oncoming peasant with a beard does not cause excitement and indignation, but, on the contrary, attracts the views of women.

Photo of bearded men

To understand how male beards can change their appearance beyond recognition, just look at the following photo selection:

It is worth noting that, despite the absence of a mustache, the beard looks no less attractive and brutal, emphasizing the advantage of masculinity and strength. And hair color, density and length are unimportant, since fashion dictates a huge number of beard varieties.

Photo of men with a beard and mustache

The time has come to view a photo compilation of men who, in addition to their beards, adorn their mustaches. Thanks to the mustache, you can play in contrast and further emphasize the masculine appearance.

Again, the color of the hair and the length of the mustache and beard can be different, it all depends on the preferences of the man, the type of beard that suits his face shape.


The list of great and popular men who paid tribute to fashion and wore facial hair could go on endlessly. What is the 16th president of America, Abraham Lincoln, silent film actor Charlie Chaplin, or Russian writer Alexander Pushkin. Many men followed in the footsteps of their idols, also introducing a stylish beard, mustache and pots into their image.

Watch the video: Man Beard Photo Editor - Men Mustache Photo Editor (February 2020).

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