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Pixie haircut: features, varieties and styling (55 photos)

Such a haircut was worn in Britain, France and Italy in the 1920s. This haircut model is suitable for both tattooed guys and business, successful men in classic costumes.

Its main advantage is accuracy and accuracy. Despite the same technology for creating a haircut, it looks different on each. In addition, this hairstyle has no age restrictions.

Haircut Features

The main features of this hairstyle are a short temple and elongated bangs. Different hair lengths provide lush hair and texture.

This haircut has a number of advantages:

  • many different options, and cutting time takes a minimum of time,
  • quick and easy styling
  • An ultra-short pixie can be considered the best haircut for the summer,
  • the best option for thin and rare strands,
  • this hairstyle looks attractive on the hair of any color,
  • There are no age restrictions for haircuts.

Who is it for?

People to whom this hairstyle will definitely suit are owners of straight hair. If the curls are too thick, then they must be milled so that they do not stick out. A pixie haircut will not be able to decorate overweight people. In an extreme case, it is better to conduct an experiment at home: remove all hair back and if the reflection in the mirror is pleasant, then you can safely proceed to cutting.

Choose a haircut according to the following face shapes:

  • round shape suggests the presence of an asymmetric bang in the haircut. The longest curl should reach the cheekbones and be sure to create a magnificent volume on the top of the head,
  • square - preferably slanting fringe, which will distract your eyes from the wide cheekbones and forehead,
  • a triangular face implies the presence of an oblique elongated bang to the earlobe,
  • with an elongated shape of the face, you need to be from an option with extremely short hair. Looks better option with bangs and strands in the temporal zone to the earlobe,
  • the diamond-shaped type of face requires a haircut with additional volume in the area of ​​the temples and magnificent bangs.

Types of haircuts

The basis of this haircut is based on two rules:

  • the hair on the temples and the back of the head is cut short,
  • the main volume is in the upper zone.

Based on these two rules, hairdressers have developed a large number of haircuts for both men and women.

The men's haircut pixie has many different types:

  • The classic version of the hairstyle consists of slightly elongated hair at the back, short temples and bangs. It can be of any length and shape, or not at all,
  • with shaved temples. Such a haircut is more suitable for young people who are impressed by the military style. Shaving of one temple is allowed, which is most popular. Two shaved temples is a complicated option, while a trimmed nape is allowed. Another option is to shave the pattern on the temple,
  • with an open forehead. This hairstyle is selected specifically for those men who want to open their faces and focus on his features. In this case, the bangs can either be fixed by special means, or initially cleaned by a hairdresser,
  • With a bang. One of the universal options for hairstyles. A short straight or slightly beveled bangs are suitable for an extended type of face. Such a bang will help to round its shape and give the image of good looks. If the shape of the head is round or square, then it is recommended to bang to the level of the ears or lower,
  • people with a perfect face shape can be advised an ultra-short pixie haircut with a short bang,
  • with mohawk. This model will suit only those who are accustomed to the defiant and creative look. Iroquois is performed in several versions: wavy, painted in an interesting color, curly - will give femininity and smooth out aggressive forms, mohawk in light shades will look very glamorous, and erratic can be done by adding a basal volume and casually laying strands.

Execution technology

The methodology for performing such a hairstyle does not provide for strict lines. Multilayer haircuts, allows for manipulation of different thicknesses of hair. So, to create such a hairstyle, one should adhere to the following steps:

  • make hair wet and measure its length. If the hair is too long, then it is better to take it in a fist and cut it in one motion. This coarse cutting is designed to make hair length manageable,
  • select the entire area of ​​the edge of the hair line on the back of the head. To do this, form a V - shape with your fingers, grab a small amount of hair and cut it. Always work with thin strands, no more than the fingers of a stylist. The cut is done from the inside of the palm,

  • separate the front part of the hair from the occipital horizontal parting from ear to ear. Comb all the front curls on the forehead, also do on the temporal zone. If the hair does not stick, fasten it with clips,
  • in the middle of the occipital zone, a small amount of hair should be separated with a vertical parting. Holding it with two fingers (middle and forefinger), while the hand is located with the back in relation to the head, move the fingers along this curl, pulling the lock from the head perpendicularly and leaving the required hair size, cut from the inside of the palm. Shorten the hair should be no more than 5 cm. Work the entire area,
  • continue hair straightening, highlighting strands in both horizontal and vertical directions. So you should move from the left and right sides to the temporomandibular zones,
  • the temporal zones are sheared using the same method as the back of the head. A strand of hair is separated, squeezed between the fingers, the necessary length of hair is coordinated, and excess curls are trimmed. Then, along this control strand, all the hair of the temporal zone is aligned. So do the opposite side of the head,
  • Then you should align the hair line over the ears. To do this, lock the comb with a comb down and carefully cut around the ear, all the time, guiding the scissors up,
  • in the parietal zone, near the back of the head, select a control strand and cut off the excess hair. It should be remembered that the higher the fingers rise along the curl, the longer the bangs will be. Continue cutting hair throughout the parietal zone, aligning the transitions to the temporal and occipital zones,
  • bangs haircut. To do this, all the hair of the parietal zone is combed forward, clamped in small areas between the fingers and the extra tips are cut off. To move in the course of work along the entire fringe, first forward and then backward,
  • then separate small sections of hair in the parietal zone with vertical partings, pull them to the side, and cut the protruding hairs. Go through the entire zone from one side of the bangs to the other,
  • then it is necessary to profile the entire parietal zone, so the hairs can catch on each other (taking into account different lengths after thinning) and the hairstyle will hold on better and lend itself to styling.

Styling options

Stylists offer many styling options for such a haircut. Depending on the upcoming event, you can create a sloppy, romantic, austere or impudent image. Among all the varieties there are:

  • tousled hair. You need to wash your hair and apply a small amount of gel or mousse to wet hair. Then the hair is dried using a hairdryer, pulling each strand up. Once again, a styling agent is applied to the ends of the hair and feathers are formed with your fingers,
  • smooth locks. This styling will look good with a business suit. To do this, you need to wash your hair using a conditioner. Then blow dry them along the hairline. After drying, smooth with a comb and apply a strong fixative,
  • small volume. Lightly fixed spray should be applied to the washed hair and large diameter brashing should be used when drying hair,
  • in the presence of a long oblique bang, you can make a pile on it and put it in the form of a crest,

Variety of shapes and options

There are many options for the named hairstyle, and each girl will be able to choose for herself exactly the one with which she will look great:

  • The magnificent crown part. The hair on the back of the head is ultrashort, the side locks are shortened, another layer is laid on top of the curls. Laying is negligent, so it will not be difficult.
  • Open auricles. The occipital part is greatly shortened, and the side strands are completely removed. The hairstyle looks elegant, perfect for a business lady.
  • Shaved pattern on the back of the head. Such a haircut is suitable for very brave ladies who radically want to change their image. This hairstyle necessarily has an elongated slanting bangs.
  • Asymmetry in the temporal part. On the one hand, the temple is left elongated, on the other hand, it is shortened or shaved. A haircut suits young extravagant ladies.
  • Classic. The top of the head and the oblique fringe are elongated, the side strands are short cut.

Which bangs fit

Choosing a bang is another important point when creating an image:

  1. A face with an oval or elongated shape is suitable for a haircut with a long bang, side strands are not very shortened.
  2. Bangs to the side. Make a side part and all hair (including long bangs) is laid to one side, while most of the forehead remains open.
  3. Short bangs are suitable for any age, as visually rejuvenates the owner of such a haircut. Ideal for a round face shape.

Pixie with slanting bangs

One of the varieties is a pixie with a slanting bang. This option is perfect for owners of a round face shape. And the longer the bangs, the better. But for girls with an oval face shape, you can turn your attention to short options for bangs.

Who should use such a hairstyle?

The very name "pixy" in translation means "fairy." Indeed, the described hairstyle gives tenderness and sophistication to the image.

  1. Owners of thin curls haircut will help not only give volume, but also to keep in shape.
  2. Girls with smooth hair are advised to pay attention to a haircut with a straight bang.
  3. If a woman has expressive facial features, her hair will focus on them, namely, emphasize the shape of the face and neckline.
  4. For owners of a square or round face shape, a haircut with an elongated bang will help to visually soften its features.
  5. As for age, the hairstyle has no limits.

The subtleties of choosing a haircut according to the shape of the face:

  • For chubby girls, an asymmetric pixie or haircut with an elongated bang is suitable.
  • The oval shape of the face is ideal for this hairstyle, so any variation is suitable here.
  • With a triangular shape of the face - volume on the crown of the head and an oblique elongated bang.
  • The square shape requires a slanting bangs that visually hide the wide cheekbones.
  • For the shape of the trapezoid, it is recommended to make a bang and a volumetric temporal zone.
  • The diamond-shaped face is a flat crown part (without volume) and an elongated bang.
  • Pixie haircut for short hair for women with a round face does not fit, professionals advise them to leave the average length of curls.

  • A haircut is ideal for owners of straight hair.
  • Curls or light waves look stylish, but they are difficult to style.
  • For thick curls, thinning is applied to make the hairstyle look feminine.
  • For stiff hair type it is not recommended to choose a very short pixie.
  • The rounded shape of the hairstyle will give visual volume to a rare head of hair.
  • The multi-layered cutting technique is ideal for fine hair.

Pixie for thin and wavy hair

In a separate category, it is necessary to highlight the pixie haircut on thin and wavy hair. This haircut option looks just gorgeous. By creating volume in the crown area, the hair appears thicker. Yes, and with styling in this case, you do not need to bother: shook your hair with your hands, sprinkled with varnish and you can go about business. Light negligence is now in fashion.

Pixie with a shaved temple

The next type of haircut is a pixie with a shaved temple. Ideal for those who are tired of the classic pixie haircut and want to experiment a bit. You can complement such a haircut with fashionable coloring. Then no one can resist your stunning view.

Pixie haircut styling

It would seem how you can lay short hair ?! In fact, there are a lot of varieties of Pixie haircuts. Here are just a few of them:

  1. The most popular styling with a small amount of gel is to smoothly style your hair.
  2. A bit of a whipping option using mousse, shake hair with your hands and blow dry.
  3. Laying to one side. All hair is simply combed to one side.
  4. Laying a hedgehog or mohawk. Very shocking styling, but it looks very impressive.

Some more styling options for Pixie haircuts.

Who should refrain from cutting?

Despite the fact that many variations make this haircut almost universal, there are a number of limitations:

  • Do not make a haircut on curls that are naturally curly.
  • She quickly loses shape on oily hair.
  • Fine haircuts this haircut will visually reduce even more.

But all of the above restrictions apply to cutting a pixie to short hair, and this does not mean that you should abandon such a hairstyle at all. You can opt for pixies for the average length of curls.

What hair color fits perfectly?

This hairstyle is in harmony with a bright color. The only exception is the light brown color - in combination with pixie, it can turn you into a teenage boy. Girls can experiment with color as they like, for example, add bright strands. As for the pixie haircut for women over 45, then it is recommended to color the curls in a light tone, this will enhance the anti-aging effect.

Consider the shades that are popular.

  • Platinum.
  • Strawberry Blond.
  • Sand.
  • Red (bronze, golden or ginger). As for the fiery colors, they are recommended to be used for coloring.
  • Dark (chocolate, coffee or nut).
  • Bold shades. For example, a combination of black with blue, pink or purple.

Classic technique

The volume of a pixie haircut for short hair is given by performing a contrast transition of length and by skillfully processing the ends.

  1. Pre-hair is divided into several areas: temporal, occipital and parietal.
  2. The separated occipital region is divided into two equal parts.
  3. Haircut starts from the growth line of curls in the neck. The control strand is separated, pulled down as much as possible and cut to the desired length.
  4. Separate the hair on both sides of the control strand and cut it, while focusing on the length of the edging.
  5. Based on the curled curls, they cut strands on the back of the head. They are pulled parallel to the control lock and cut from bottom to top. The angle of retraction increases with distance from the neck.
  6. In the same way, the hair is cut off in the temporal part.
  7. Go to the design of the parietal part. The technique of cutting consists in gradually cutting the strands, starting from the top of the head and moving towards the face, oriented on the length of the temporal zone.
  8. The bangs are formed based on the wishes of the client.

Pixie haircut with bangs on medium hair

This type of haircut is suitable for those women who want to look stylish, but are not ready for radical changes.

A distinctive feature of a pixie haircut for short hair is the design of the back of the head. Leave the longest curls, but at the same time they are cut in different ways.The strands on the sides are elongated, and the crown of the head is formed by a cap.

Round face

Parting in the middle and smooth hair pulled back not only emphasize the wide face of Miranda Kerr, but also add age to her. But the elongated multilayer bean makes it charming.

What does not fit: “Hairstyles with lavish volume on the sides, smooth hairstyles with hair pulled back and a straight cut line near the chin or higher are a big mistake for a round face,” explains Daniela Schult, senior stylist at Redken Salon. Also, a straight parting and heavy thick bangs will not work. These hairstyles will only emphasize the large width of your face.

What you need to adopt: The task is to visually lengthen the face. Straight strands on the face, textured lacerated bangs, waves and multilayer haircuts for medium or long hair will do just fine with this. “By creating layering, you ultimately influence the shape of your face - round faces should choose square layers,” says Sam Burnett, creative director of Hare & Bone. Bold chubby beauties can take a chance and try a short pixie haircut, like Ginnifer Goodwin. Examples of successful styling and other tricks for a round face can be found here.

Square face

The chin-length bean draws attention to Olivia Wilde's wide square jaw. Framed with long hair, the face looks softer and nicer.

What does not fit: Too graphic, symmetrical lines in the hairstyle will only emphasize the angularity of this face. Kare-bob to the chin with a straight thick bang under the ban, since such a hairstyle will only emphasize the wide lower jaw. With short haircuts, you should also be careful - in this case, they will give the face masculinity. “Girls with a square face should avoid hairstyles, where the hair is pulled back, for example smoothly combed back into the tail. This underlines the angular features and makes them tougher, ”said Karen Thomson, a stylist and owner of a beauty salon.

What you need to adopt: “Long hair is especially good for a square face, whether it is straight and smooth, curls or careless waves, they will distract attention from the angular edges of the face. If you want a bang, it’s better to choose a long bang on one side and not a straight one, from which the face seems even wider, ”advises Karen Thompson. “One of my favorite haircuts for this face shape is an elongated bob with a slanting bang. Also light corners of light on strands near the face soften the corners very well, ”says Daniela Schult. Options for hairstyles ideal for a square-shaped face can be found here.

Is it possible to make a haircut on long curls?

Before you decide on this hairstyle, you need to understand that cutting a pixie for long hair is not performed - the technology involves shortening the strands. However, there is a variety of hairstyles, where the oblique bangs are below the chin, while the crown part is cut randomly, but the length of the hair is necessarily reduced to the edging of the occipital line.

Pixie Haircut for Fat Women

The disadvantage of this hairstyle is that it does not mask the volume of the face. Nevertheless, for some overweight women, this styling option is very suitable. Perfectly in harmony with the elongated oval of the face and high frontal part, it smooths outlines.

A pixie haircut for obese women (the photo is presented in this article) is recommended for owners of thick hair, but a hairstyle on thin curls will only visually expand the oval of the face.

Characteristics and appearance history

Pixie hairstyle is layered. She makes the girl feminine enough. As a rule, rather long curls are left in front, the sides are shortened. This haircut is easy to confuse with a bean. It is worth saying that it is made on its basis. Stylists create an uneven silhouette. In the guise of women who have decided on this hairstyle, boyish hooliganism and female sexuality are combined. Compared to the classic version, pixy is now dominated by insolence.

The history of hairstyles began in the 60s. Charming Audrey Hepburn in the famous "Roman vacation" cut the most beautiful curls for happiness and freedom. As a princess, the heroine took such an unusual step. In 1963, the young Englishwoman Leslie Hornby decided to break into the sphere of the fashion industry and she began this step with the decision to cut her hair. She succeeded, she really attracted attention, so the famous Twiggy appeared.

Pixie haircut, in the photo - rear view Pixie rejuvenates the image of a woman, making her stylish and bold

Another, no less famous person, Mia Ferrow, adorned herself with this hairstyle. She was helped by her own nail scissors. However, following her act, the famous Paramount Pictures film company hired a famous stylist in order to give grace to Mia's hair style and give her a media look.

Among the "star fans" of the pixies can be called Madonna, Lisa Minelli, Linda Evangelista, Natalie Portman, Charlize Terron. Each time, appearing on the red carpet, these women attracted the attention of the public. Such a hairstyle significantly rejuvenates the image of a woman, making her stylish and bold.

Pixies can be made on medium and short hair Pixies with shaved temporal part on one side

  • open ears and neck
  • short locks
  • locks sticking out and disheveled,
  • elongated hair on the back of the head, crown and bangs, in contrast to short temples and neck.

Subtleties of choice. Pixie haircut for short hair

If determined by the choice of haircuts, it is important to pay attention to the oval of the face. There are different types of hairstyles based on this category:

  • For a round face, it is better to draw asymmetry and an elongated bang. Strands on the temples can be left on the cheekbones line or longer. To fix the image, it is possible to add bulk to the crown.
  • Any variation of pixies suits the oval face.
  • Girls with a triangular face should look at the elongated oblique bangs and the volume at the crown.
  • The owner of the square is best suited slanting bangs, which can take her eyes off the wide cheekbones and forehead.
Any type of haircut is traditionally suitable for an oval face Pixie opens her neck, so you can decorate this area with an interesting tattoo
  • An elongated face will not win with an ultra-short version of the pixie. In this case, the elongation of the face will be emphasized.
  • The flat shape of the crown is the ideal solution for girls with a diamond-shaped face. It is not worth creating volume in this area of ​​the head. Long bangs are great for this type of face.
  • A trapezoid in the face will advantageously take shape if you create splendor in the temporal region, and also add voluminous bangs. In this case, a very narrow forehead will be hidden.

The type of hair also affects pixies. In this case, ease of installation is important. For curly hair, the use of such a haircut is impractical, especially if the strands are naughty and too small. When creating an image, it is better to trust a good stylist. Girls with slightly wavy curls are advised to do short locks. A light wave can contribute to a romantic look. Rigid strands are best trimmed by adding a cascade element. Also, graduation of hair will look good.

Straight hair is the perfect base for pixies. Laying does not cause girls trouble. With a very thick hair hat it is important not to create a “spiky”, “sticking out” image. An experienced master is likely to propose profiling hair. Rare hair, on the contrary, must be left without this technique. By cutting and styling, the head will become visually more magnificent. For thin hair, you can use the layering technique. Thus, the effect of density is possible.

Straight hair is the perfect base for pixies. Styling does not cause girls trouble Rigid strands are best trimmed by adding a cascade element. Hair graduation will also look good

Haircut Varieties

There are many options for pixies for medium and short hair. However, the main trend of the hairstyle is short hair on the sides and long at the top and neck. Bangs can be made very short. However, initially it is long. An option to create a slanting bangs. Among the fashion trends of haircuts, there are:

  • shortened hair, in a kind of mess (if desired),
  • at medium length, the hair reaches the end of the lobe,
There are many options for pixies for medium and short hair. However, the main trend of the hairstyle is short hair on the sides and long at the crown and neck Layered pixie - comfortable to wear option
  • so many girls prefer to cut their hair in layers. The haircut is absolutely easy to care for, there is no need to spend a long time daily at the mirror in an attempt to style your hair,
  • if desired, you can shorten the bangs as it was fashionable several decades ago,
  • the hairstyle can be asymmetric and symmetrical, you can come from a bob hairstyle.

This haircut is very often taken as a garcon. Even hairdressers are not always able to distinguish pixies from garsons. However, the last haircut has no disheveledness and protruding strands. This hairstyle is subject to a strict line.

Asymmetric pixie Pixies with a shaved temporal region on one side and a long front strand on the other

Is it possible to do it on medium hair

Medium length is suitable for pixie hairstyles. Whiskey is not cut, but rather elongated. However, the ears are open, the strands on the sides are shortened. If you really want to make a pixie, but there is no certainty whether the hairdresser will get the desired option, you can choose one from a huge variety and bring it to the stylist for playback.

For women who do not want to clean the length, but do not overdo it with daily styling, you can choose a variation for medium-length hair, i.e., to the shoulders. Hair will look very impressive. Such a hairstyle gives the girl the opportunity to leave her hair loose or to put it in a beautiful hairstyle. To issue such an option is not difficult. At the top of the strand, you can leave it in the form of a hat, which has its own sophistication and elegance.

Medium length hair is great for pixie hairstyles. In this embodiment, the whiskey is not trimmed, but rather elongated Pixie on medium hair allows you to vary the length of the front strands This length can even make a mohawk

If you want to leave a bang, you can do it. Such curls will beautifully shape the general appearance of the head. When creating this hairstyle, it is important to pay attention to the neck area. The strands in this part do not clean, leave them long. At the same time, they are drawn up as you like. The cascade is a wonderful solution for thick hair. This option is perfect for hair with strong stiffness. Reception of layering will allow the girl to abandon the daily long styling. The form will hold on to itself. For such hair, another haircut option is also suitable - creating torn strands and peculiar feathers. To do this, the hair can be thinned and cut in depth. This method of cutting will be beneficial for not very thick hair.

If you want to leave a bang, you can do it. Such curls will beautifully shape the general appearance of the head Cascade - a great solution for thick hair

For such a haircut, a combination of different options is perfect. In one hairstyle, you can combine at the same time a cascade in the occipital region, evenness and smoothness at the crown, feathers and even strands. There are many options.

How to create pixies

In order to create the image of a pixie, you need to purchase several simple tools: a comb, preferably a thin one, scissors, as well as special hairdressing clips.

If you are confident in your hand, you can do a pixie haircut yourself However, only a professional can beautifully arrange the occipital part

Advice!This hairstyle should be performed on slightly wet strands. Thus, it will be easier to perform.

To begin with, it is worth doing an unusual parting. To do this, connect the two temples through the nape line. You’ll get something like a horseshoe. It is important to cut from the side of the temples. To do this, the strands need to be peeled off along the parting and cut them to the length that the girl wants in the end. In this mode, you need to go head to the back of the head. Such an algorithm must be done from two sides.

Raspberry pixie with slanting bangs Ombre pixie

The next working area is located on the crown of the head just above the ears. In this case, the hair should be divided into partings vertically. Curls should be passed through your fingers and cut them. Do not forget to mill hair in this area. After processing all the hair in this zone, you need to move to another.

The parietal region is trimmed in the same way. After cutting, the hair can be dried and moments are highlighted by thinning on dry locks. This must be done so that none of the zones visually stand out. To create a slanting bangs, hair in this area can not be milled.

A short version of pixie is suitable for girls with a graceful figure Pixie haircut on small curls

Styling variations

Creating a hairstyle does not end on her haircut. There are a lot of design options for pixies. They depend on mood and occasion. You can make your hair bold and business, fun and romantic.

Volumetric styling is obtained by applying styling products (foam and mousse) to the strands. When applying the hair should be slightly beaten with hands. Then the hair must be dried using a diffuser. Styling varnish is also important.

Creating a hairstyle does not end on her haircut. There are a lot of design options for pixies. They depend on mood and occasion. Volumetric styling is obtained by applying styling products (foam and mousse) to the strands. When applying the hair should be slightly beaten with hands. Then the hair needs to be dried using a diffuser Cascading top with ombre staining

A modest and elegant classic is reproduced by applying hair foam to the strands. It’s worth to dry such a hairstyle using brushing. When drying, it is important to stretch the curls from the base to the ends.

The smoothness of pixies is provided by a hair gel. Partition on the side looks unusually strict. In this case, it is not necessary to give volume, the hair is dried in the direction of growth. The final styling step is hair spray.

A modest and elegant classic is reproduced by applying hair foam to the strands. It’s worth to dry such a hairstyle using brushing. When drying, it is important to stretch the curls from the base to the ends The smoothness of pixies is provided by a hair gel. Partition on the side looks unusually strict

Tip. Like any other short haircut, pixies require daily care - washing your hair and styling. Otherwise, you should be prepared that you do not look like a mischievous elf, but like an untidy “aunt” with a dirty head and the most persistent “permanent” in the world, which forms when you go to bed with your hair not dried up. In the event of a catastrophic shortage of morning time, you can make a smooth hairstyle by styling the hair with a gel, but it is better to try this option in advance to understand how much it suits you at all.

Girls who are not afraid to appear impudent can put "thorns" on their heads. With the help of a gel and a hair dryer it is possible to create a “hedgehog” from the hair. To fix the strands, you must first apply wax to individual hair of the temporal zone, and then sprinkle the finished composition with hairspray. To be released, hair can be embellished with special accessories such as rims and invisibles.

To create a twisted bang, you need to use only dry hair. On the side parting, select the bangs in front and twist it with a tourniquet.

Advice!It is necessary to wind it up not along the hairline, but in the opposite direction, to the roots.

At the end, the twisted bangs need to be pinned with an invisibility. At the end of styling, the hair is sprayed with varnish.

Girls who are not afraid to seem bold can put spikes on their heads. Using a gel and a hair dryer, you can create a hedgehog from your hair Girls with pixies should always carefully choose accessories, as with such a haircut they will be in sight Boyish hair length and female sexuality together create a killer cocktail Playful pixie version with slanting bangs The styling options for pixies allow even the most moody and demanding ladies to always be different and ideal

To create a retro style, the girl will need gel and varnish. First, the hair is parted, combed, while applying hair gel. Hair should then be shifted to one side, pinning strands with small hairpins. It is important to carefully make a wavy strand. After a short period, the hair clips need to be removed. After styling, spray the hair with varnish.

Styling options allow even the most capricious ladies to always be different and ideal.

Who is it suitable for?

Pixie fits almost everyone but for straight hair owners, this hairstyle is just perfect. But there are also some subtleties. For example, if the hair is too thick, then it is necessary to profile it before cutting. Also for obese people, this hairstyle may not be entirely suitable.

If you are not sure whether you should do a haircut or not, then go to the mirror and cover with your hands the hair on the sides of the head. When you like the reflection, then boldly make pixies.

It is better to choose a haircut, based on the shape of the face.

Who's the pixie haircut

A pixie-like shape suggests a long, slightly asymmetrical bang on the face, helping to hide a high forehead or slightly protruding ears.

A haircut will suit any facial features - it charmingly highlights puffy lips and large eyes. The shape of the pixie emphasizes the beautiful line of the neck and the décolleté area, makes the face fresh and perfectly suits ladies of any age, because visually the woman becomes younger.

The main goal of modeling such a haircut is the formation of massiveness in the upper part of the head with an emphasis on a pronounced crown.

Work begins with the transition from short curls to long and moving the volume to the upper part of the head: the hair is shortened using vertical graduation. The result is a clear, graphic silhouette.

To make the hairstyle more modern, you can redirect the hair of the crown of the head to the face.

Styling methods

It seems that for short hair there is no variety of styling, in fact, it is not. You can create an elegant, shocking, evening or hooligan image:

  1. Hipster. It is based on light negligence, so this pixie does not require special styling. To give the curls a shape, just apply a special gel on them.
  2. Bangs up. This type of styling will help to stand out from the crowd. The bangs are combed a little, greased with a strong fixation gel and carefully laid up.
  3. Bangs by the waves. Ideal styling to smooth out square features. Mousse is applied to the hair and waves are curled with an iron.
  4. Laying with feathers is considered a daring option, however, great for parties, walks or romantic evenings. To style your hair in this way, you need to use your hair dryer to pull out the curls, distribute the wax over the locks and arrange the feathers.
  5. Bangs to the side - used for short and elongated models. When hair is laid with a hairdryer, bangs need to be combed to the side. You can hide it behind your ear or leave a lock on your face.
  6. Strict hairstyle will give a smooth styling. Hair is treated with wax or gel.
  7. Laying to one side will give creative notes to the image. All hair is combed to one side and fixed with special means.
  8. A delicate look will help create a braided braid on an elongated bang.
  9. Even for short hair, you can use accessories. For festive styling, small invisible stones with pebbles, thin rims with rhinestones or tiaras are suitable. For everyday - ribbons.

Pixie haircut 2019 new, who will suit?

Many people think that a universal haircut can be perfect for any woman. However, it is not! Stylists do not recommend pixies to girls with curvaceous forms, since its shape emphasizes the disproportion of the figure, focusing on the extra centimeters that have accumulated on the waist and hips. Therefore, if a fashionable woman with a full figure wants to look irresistible, while wearing a short haircut, it is worth choosing a graduated square or asymmetric bean.

Owners of curly hair naturally do not fit pixies. The ultra-short length in the neck and temples should be smooth, without a hint of curls. And if the hair is very curly, the finished result will not look like the one on the cover of a glossy magazine.

A haircut is suitable for owners of straight hair, who decided to add short curls of additional volume and shine. Due to simple styling options and stylish dyeing, the hairstyle will always look irresistible and bright.

A pixie haircut for 2019 new items is suitable for owners of thin, who have lost their lives due to external hair exposure. Dyeing, continuous drying with a hairdryer, the use of fixation agents and weather phenomena affect the condition of the hair. They lose their luster, become lifeless and thin. Just in such a situation short haircuts of the pixie type help out, returning additional volume to the hair.

The oval of the face also plays an important role in choosing a pixie. For example, representatives of the fair sex with the correct face shape - oval, only elongation options with asymmetry are suitable. For girls with a round and square oval face - models with oblique bangs and torn strands.

Combination with coloring

To make the pixie haircut 2019 look new, you can add hairstyle with stylish coloring. Hair color will emphasize the attractiveness of its owner, emphasizing its positive aspects and the hairstyle itself. And if not only one shade is chosen, but in the coloring technique, the result will exceed expectations, becoming the highlight of a fashionable haircut.

Young girls should prefer shades of blond and natural light brown tones. Women aged 30 and over - brighter and more saturated tones, slightly different from the natural palette. It is best to choose shades with shine that can play with highlights on the hair.

How to lay?

For styling the new 2019 - pixie haircuts, you can use any combs and tools to create hairstyles. And even with your hands you can separate the strands, fixing their location with hairspray, mousse and even dry powder.

As an evening solution, styling with light waves and small curls is suitable. To create it, you only need to lay elongated locks in the center of the hairstyle.

New Pixie Haircuts 2019

The following features became an innovation in favorite haircuts: the length of the strands, styling variations, torn bangs, as if unevenly trimmed with scissors, the average length in combination with ultra-short strands.

The photo below shows the most interesting solutions presented at the latest shows.

A pixie haircut consists of the following components:

• Modeling of a short lower nape, the hair length of which will smoothly pass to the whiskey.
• Creating volume in the upper fragment of the occipital area.

The work is carried out in three stages:

  1. Treatment of the lower sector of hair.
  2. The transition between the lower occipital region of the head and the crown of the head.
  3. Work with hair in the frontal zone.

Division into zones

  1. We lay two partings - central and radial. Moreover, the radial section does not pass through the highest point of the head, but is slightly offset from the face.
  1. Using two temporal partings from the beginning of the frontal cavities to the radial division, we isolate the parietal zone.
  1. We extend the temporal parting towards the back of the head so that they form a triangle on the crown. It should be soft, slightly repeating the shape of the head.

  1. It turned out three zones: the frontal region of the crown and all the remaining hair below.

Haircut Start - Lower Hair Sector

  1. We begin to work from the center of the occipital area: from the top of the triangle down we draw two vertical partings and select the central control strand. We pull it off at an angle of 45 °, and also monitor the distribution of hair - it is 90 ° to the surface of the head. In other words, each strand is located in its place and does not move to the right or left.

Tip. Checking the correct distribution: the strand should look directly at the master.

  1. On the control strand, we cut the hair to lengthen from a shorter length to a larger length from the bottom up, setting a small graduation.
  1. Next, shear the parallel vertical partings, moving first to the left side, then to the right, until we reach the edge line of the face.
  1. The next strand is distinguished by a parallel parting through 1 cm. We fulfill the same conditions: we observe the hair distribution of 90 °, 45 ° - the angle of the guy. Swift with a reference to the control line. We point the fingers up, cut off the hair from the inside of the palm. We make sure that the client’s head does not lean.

Note: comb the hair exactly from the side where the next new lock is allocated. With this technique, the control strand is combed out automatically - this makes work easier. We make sure that the strand is in its place and does not deviate in one direction or another. In order to withstand the distribution angle, we move after the work area or turn the chair to always stand in front of the trimmed lock.

  1. So cut the strand by strand, performing graduation. The control line will be movable - when cutting, we focus on the previous strand.

To get a high-quality calibration:

  • We monitor the position of our torso - the strand should look directly at you.
  • Do not forget about the angle of the guy line.
  • Do not take too thick strands and do not cut if we do not see the control line.
  • When performing graduation, we put the comb in the middle: put the comb, turned it and picked it up. This will give clarity to the silhouette.

  1. Next, we return back to the central control strand and perform a pixie haircut to the right, observing all the previous conditions. And this time, the fingers look down while cutting, and the scissors move up.
  1. We draw parallel partings through each centimeter, carefully comb out the strands that are not needed until the face, put the comb on the parting and comb out the hair from the roots. We connect the working strand with the control and swift with a reference to the control line.
  1. Turning to the temporal region, we can return to the capture of the strand, which we used when moving from the center of the nape to the left.
    8. We do balance-control: we take two curls from different sides of the head with our fingers and check if the hair from strand to strand is getting longer and longer.

After processing the lower zone of the head, we proceed to dry the hair, then we make a border and perform texturing to soften the shape.

  1. Prepare the hair of the lower sector for edging and texturing. We dry the back of the head and temples so that they assume their natural position. The air dryer should be warm.
  1. We carry out the edging of the short temple and the area behind the ear, combing the locks to the auricle. We work on one side of the head, and on the other.

  1. Neck piping. Raise your hair with a comb and cut off the vortices with a machine. They stick out in different directions, pull the upper strands behind them and can break the edging line. When wrapping hair, we move from the center to the edges of the neck.
  1. Create a border line for the lower nape. We comb the hair down, let it lie as we want, and create a border line using the pointing method. We move from the center in different directions. Lastly, we smoothly move to the corner behind the ear.

  1. We achieve the ease of the processed hair cloth. Raise the hair on the comb and thin out the thickness of the strand using the pointcat milling method. We take a strand 5-6 cm wide and milled, then below we take another strand and milled again. Similarly, we move from top to bottom. We continue thinning over the entire surface of the lower part of the head. We also pick up the edge line and thin out.

Work with the triangular division of the crown

  1. We dissolve the crown of the triangle, soak the partings between the dry part of the hair and the wet. Divide the crown with parallel splits. The first parting is carried out parallel to the right side of the triangle, we maintain a 60 ° guy line and the distribution is perpendicular to the parting. Swift with a reference to the cut hair below during graduation.
  1. We cut the next part of the hair with a reference to the previous lock. The slice is made parallel to the parting.
  1. We move parallel partings relative to the side of the triangle. Sweeping strand after strand focusing on the previous control line.
  1. Then we do the same work on the left side of the triangle. The result is a silhouette in the shape of a triangle with a more massive middle part in the region of its apex.


Holders of a triangular face need to maximize hair for a pixie haircut. It is better to let go of the entire upper part of the hair, while making smooth transitions on the temples and on the back of the head. With this face shape, a long bang will become a significant decoration, since she will remove the visual burden from the face, while shifting the focus to the cheekbones.

This will create the effect of the so-called “strong face”, which perfectly emphasizes the superciliary arches and nose lines.


People with such a face need to let go of their bangs and remove the length of the rest of their heads. The bangs visually reduce the frontal lobe, because of which the face will not seem so elongated. Moreover, it will accentuate your eyes, making them more expressive.

Even with the right length, you can make the face a little narrower, but you need to be careful with this, because the nose in this case will look longer.


This type of face is characterized by a wide landing of eyes, a large nose and nose bridge. To complement the general appearance of the face and head as a whole in a pixie style hairstyle it is necessary to maintain and supplement the volume of hair.

It is better to refuse the bangs in such a hairstyle, because it will hide a fairly large part of the face, thereby visually violating the proportions and making the face asymmetrical.

How to do?

The process of creating such a hairstyle does not have any difficulties. But in order to do it, you should adhere to a certain algorithm.

  1. Before you start cutting, rinse your head well and pat it dry with a towel, but do not dry it.
  2. Next, look at the length of the hair. If they are too long (below the ear), then they should be cut off for the convenience of further manipulations.
  3. Accurately determine the hairline on the back of the head. To do this, we form a V-shape with our fingers and cut the hair in small parts with smooth scissors until we reach the desired length and thickness of the hair.
  4. Then we form a transverse parting on the back of the head from ear to ear, so that it divides the head into upper and lower parts. The hair from the parting is laid in opposite directions.
  5. These formed curls on the back of the head need to be trimmed until they equalize in length, moving from the right to the left.
  6. To cut temples on the head, choose one lock of hair and cut it to the desired length, if necessary, mash it. Further, following the first lock, the rest are cut.
  7. At the top you should make a smooth transition to the bangs. During this, remember that it is better to choose the main strand closer to the back of the head. The higher you cut the curls, the longer the bangs will turn out.
  8. To cut the bangs, you need to take the locks from the front of the crown, squeeze between two fingers and cut to the desired length.
  9. It remains to profile the entire parietal zone, this is necessary in order to style the hair and increase stability.

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Professional Tips

  1. To style short hair, it is recommended to use special foams, gels, mousses, waxes or sprays. They will help to keep in shape for a long time.
  2. Daily styling is done with smoothing and fixing agents.
  3. If you want to add shine to your hair, special cosmetic oils will help.
  4. To make the hairstyle always look perfect, you need to monitor the cleanliness of your hair - the greasy hair can ruin any styling.
  5. Once a month, the haircut needs to be corrected, because regrown hair is difficult to style.

Cropped hair will still remain your decoration. A variety of styling variations will help to add zest to the image.

Frontal-parietal zone

  1. We work with the parietal zone in parallel partings with natural hair falling down and focusing on the last strand of the crown. From this point we will create a line to lengthen the bangs using graduation.
  1. Dissolve the hair of the frontal zone. We draw a line parallel to the temporal parting on the left side of the head in the parietal zone. Separate the strand and cut it with a reference to the control line - the strand located nearby on the occipital area. We hold the guy to the thickness of two fingers. We carry out the reduction of zones, while lengthening the hair to the face.
  1. We draw another parallel line, separate the hair, combine them with the previous control strand and a haircut with a 45-degree guy.
  1. The third strand is cut with a 90-degree guy. Swift as long as enough hair length.
  1. Next, we work with the other side of the head and perform all the previous movements: mixing the hair of the upper occipital and parietal zones.
  1. We dry the parietal zone, slightly stretching the hair of the bangs.
  1. To make the hair of the crown softer, we take the strands of the triangle and the parietal zone, distribute them as in a haircut and we grind with the point cut method, making the ends easier. Additionally, the ends of the hair of the crown can be thinned out with a sliding cut.

How to style a pixie haircut

The highlight of the short haircut is the internal images that pixies also hide. There are many styling options - even long curls do not allow you to create so many variations.
In a home environment without the help of a stylist, it is quite possible to style your hair beautifully yourself. Let's see a few options.

  1. Dry the long part of the bangs so that it lies forward, falling on the face.
  1. Twist the hair a little ironing.
  1. Let's remove the bangs from the face.
  1. At the end of the hair styling a little messy hair, then the hairstyle will look a little cheeky.

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