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How to like a girl who does not like you and is it real?

Although everyone thinks that love at first sight happens quite often, in fact it is not. It happens that people - well, not a bit liked each other when meeting each other, but later they turned out to be a strong couple. The fact that the real person whom you met was sent to you by fate, man and woman realize only after some time. The guy needs to try to make the girl notice him. Thanks to his efforts, they will be able to build good relationships filled with a whirlwind of pleasant emotions.

How to win over a girl if she is indifferent to you?

Put aside shyness if you want to arouse interest in the girl. Inferior men are not to the liking of many women. And the subconscious is to blame for this. Even in the prehistoric period of our history, beautiful women chose men full of aggression and energy. After all, the stronger sex needed to be able to provide home protection from invaders and defeat the mammoth :)

Today, women have become much stronger, but they are still looking for support and support in a man. Therefore, to be shy, to look away and behave in a complex manner is simply unacceptable. Best of all, openly contact the girl with a proposal to walk or go to a cafe. Even if you heard a refusal in return, you don’t need to give up immediately. Pretend you were joking, say that you weren’t going to go to the cafe with her, amused and think of another way to spend time together.

What to do if a girl doesn’t like you at all? Even if you failed during your acquaintance, this is not a reason to back down. Ladies value confidence and perseverance in men, BUT NOT AN IMPUTANCE, this should not be confused. Gift giving, excessive attention and care, are fraught with consequences - you will become disgusted with the girl, you will begin to annoy her. Even if you already have a serious relationship with her, you cannot go too far with attention, otherwise you will have to return the girl back, which is not so simple.

If you know a girl for a long time, but she does not express any signs of sympathy towards you, find out about her interests and tastes. Make adjustments, prepare for her a little pomp, something unexpected. Discuss the topic of interest to the girl. A lady will be happy to make contact if you convince her that you and her have many common hobbies, interests, the same values ​​and worldview. Take care of your appearance. Your style does not play a special role. The main thing is that things should be clean and tidy. Do not allow oily shine on your hair, always do water procedures on time, watch for hygiene. Hands of a man will tell a lot. No girl will like the black stripes under her nails. Well, of course, pay attention to whether you smell pleasant. Nowadays, women like the fresh aroma of the body, the aroma of pleasant perfumes, but do not overdo it. Be sure to take a shower daily and regularly use deodorant. Make it a rule you can’t but adhere to.

If you do your best, but the girl still does not want to meet with you, back off. Perhaps this is simply not the person that fate has prepared for you. It is possible that circumstances are not being coordinated in the best way. Invite the lady again, at least in a month. But do not give her gifts, do not talk about relationships or feelings for her - all this will only push her away from you. Just after a while, try to contact her, finding common ground (common interests with her).

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Where did you get that she doesn't like?

Often, guys have situations when a girl does not want to meet, but continues to communicate with him in a good way. Many immediately put an end to the prospect of relations, believing that they simply do not cause reciprocal sympathy. In fact, a girl can refuse to date and keep communication purely on a friendly wave for completely different reasons. Her decisions and actions can be influenced by completely unexpected things, and not by the man himself.

Refusal to meet may be due to the lack of free time or attire for such an event. Also, if she says that she is not ready for a relationship, this can be caused not by antipathy, but by a difficult period in her life, possible problems in the family, at work or at school. Therefore, if a girl does not pay attention to you, it is not always necessary to perceive such behavior purely in your address as something personal.

Key tips for attracting female attention

In a situation where she likes the girl so much, but if she doesn’t like you, it is extremely important for a man to look at himself from the outside for a sober, objective assessment of himself. For any modern person, such indicators of attractiveness as appearance, clothing, behavior, a rich inner world, and others are important. These qualities usually build the first impression that predetermines prospects for the future.

So, the main tips for attracting the attention of a girl are as follows:

  • Hygiene - It is important for a man to monitor the cleanliness of the body, oral hygiene, facial vegetation, the condition of the nails, the accuracy of the haircut and the pleasant body odor.
  • clothing - it’s unlikely that it will be possible to fall in love with a girl in a certain outfit, but a neat and stylish bow corresponding to the size, age, lifestyle of a man will certainly attract attention and approval from the female population.
  • Intelligence - if a man is constantly engaged in self-development, reads books, improves qualifications, enjoys hobbies, he will always feel confident in different situations. And most importantly, it will always be interesting to communicate with such a man.
  • Humor - The main weapon of a man, thanks to which his charisma is manifested. No wonder they say that if a man was able to make a girl laugh, then he could be able to fall in love with himself. In addition, jokes make communication easy, evoking only positive emotions and impressions.
  • Speech - Girls love with ears, this is the golden rule in the conquest of female hearts. To translate communication in a romantic way with a girl who considers you a friend, you can compliments and attention to her external and internal beauty, politeness and chivalry.

“They are greeted by clothes, escorted by ...”

To begin with, there is nothing in me from the prince: a pumped up muscular body, blue eyes and a chic car - this is not about me. It goes without saying that it’s much easier for guys with such criteria to draw attention to themselves, but believe me, this is not the main thing. It will be enough to have a neat appearance, which consists in clean clothes and personal hygiene. Nobody likes oily hair, dirt under the nails and bad breath, so take a shower more often and watch your appearance. As for clothes, her style does not matter, there is complete freedom of action. Remember: everything should be in moderation! Excessively showy guys annoy the girls, causing them a sense of discomfort, so be careful, but not a fanatic of cleanliness and style.

What to do if you like a girl

First of all, without panic - this is normal! The feeling of sympathy arises often spontaneously and unconsciously. Activation of attraction can serve as a pretty appearance, that is, a visual aspect, and an unusually delicate aroma of her perfume, shampoo or body - the olfactory aspect, and her personal qualities - kindness, sense of humor, loyalty - that is, the social side.

Why do we start from afar? It is important to understand the origins of your sympathy. This will help to calmly and deliberately reflect on the lady you like, with the knowledge that she is the same person as you. Often there are many difficulties in order to overcome your shyness and insecurity in order to take action, so this is the very first step. You should not think that the object of sympathy is unattainable and actually actually lives in a parallel universe - it is, of course, extraordinary and unique, but you live on the same planet, breathe the same air, you most likely have similar problems and life situations. Realize this.

The very first rule - do not be afraid. Even if she doesn’t immediately pay attention to you, or even refuses, it’s not because the guy is “not from her planet,” but simply because she does not feel sympathetic response. This is not a big deal - isn’t it crazy about broccoli or semolina? And someone loves them.

Rules of conduct to fall in love with a girl

Finding a girl whom you are indifferent to is a rather difficult task, but real and possible only if the man is ready for action. The main motivator for the desire to communicate with a man is to receive positive emotions from him. The correct tactics of behavior are several points - manners, positive communication, attention to her, compliments.

Which guys are always on top?

So, how to behave to like a girl? All women love courageous, courageous and moderately impudent guys. No need to run on his heels, constantly compliment, fill up with gifts - all this very quickly bothers and causes irritation.

Heard the saying "The less a girl we love, the more she likes us"? Golden words, girls love inaccessible guys who do not promise them love for life. Whatever feelings are seething in your heart - do not open all the cards. You can make it clear that you like her by making some kind of compliment, and to begin with this is more than enough.

And what do you think needs to be done to please a girl? Some brave deed is necessary. For example, from my personal experience the protection option is excellent and now I will reveal to you its essence.

In the club (or in any other institution) in the presence of a girl or her best friend, some guy unflatteringly calls her names and immediately receives an aggressive remark addressed to them, they say, control the bazaar buddy, because for this you can clean it up to the fullest. Since I do not have great physical strength, I staged such a situation several times (previously agreed with the opponent about the conflict) and it always acted without fail.

The main rule is do not remind about this, do not wait for praise, and when they thank you, say that this is a trifle, you should not treat girls like that. The bottom line is that the young lady must understand: with someone like you - nothing is scary, and you defended yourself not because you are in love with her specifically, but because no girl deserves boorish and neglectful treatment. Here you are such an idealist)).

Do you like yourself?

Some young people are ready to break into a cake, just to attract their beloved one. Only one global problem remains unresolved - a man who doubts his own attractiveness does nothing to please himself.

As a result, guys spend money on new fashionable clothes and shoes, cool accessories and gadgets, on haircuts in expensive salons. Or even go even further - they begin to read smart books and watch good movies, so that there is something to talk about with the girl.

But deprived of an inner sense of their own attractiveness and value, they, like before, do not like them. After all, unsure of himself, an overly shy young man will appeal to not everyone.

So, young people, I strongly advise you to start the transformation precisely from your perception of yourself! Otherwise, all subsequent works may go down the drain.

Most importantly - evaluate yourself

If you regularly visit the shower, use a deodorant and wear clean clothes - everything is in order. If any of these points is not about you, then it’s time to correct yourself. The question is not that the girl will suddenly turn out to be a hypocrite, but about how people around you perceive you. And believe me, non-compliance with these three points automatically lowers you to the bottom of her rating of attractive people. That is, in general - not only for relationships and sympathies, but also for communication and any kind of interaction.

Good manners

Even if you take into account a girl who does not love you, in any case, she will pay attention to various little things. Therefore, it is extremely important to remember the rules of behavior and courting her, to be gallant in handling, and to take care in every possible way. This is manifested in such manners as giving a hand while exiting a vehicle, opening a door in front of a girl, and helping put on outer clothing. Also, a man needs to eradicate obscene speech, rude statements.

Securing Achievements

After you draw attention to yourself, the question arises of how to like a girl in conversation. From further communication depends directly on whether the relationship between you or not. Remember a few rules:

  1. When communicating with a girl, look at her, and not around or at women passing by. Learn to listen and hear, fully concentrate on this conversation.
  2. You must have a sense of humor - this is a very important quality.
  3. Be confident in yourself, but do not confuse this with arrogance, rudeness and rudeness. Talk calmly and clearly.
  4. Watch what you say, because if you promise something, you undertake to fulfill it. Do not exaggerate your capabilities and strengths, because if words are not fixed by actions, you risk getting the status of a balabol.
  5. Find at least one common interest and study the information you need about it. This trump card is good in that there will be something to talk about in any situation.

Now you understand what to do to like the girls? You do not have to constantly agree with her, you’re a man (!), Remember this. Be more brutal, self-confident, but at the same time let her know that she will be safe with you and you are not averse to trying to date. DON'T OFF, but do not sleep and see it!

Do not be imposed, periodically disappear from sight, do not always be online, a dog who runs on the first whistle. You are a person, you have to reckon with you, always have your own opinion, do not be afraid to dispute - be strong in spirit, and such women have a special scent.

All ways to please a girl will not be successful until you work on yourself and on your behavior and perception. Learn to be careful, girls are crazy about guys who notice everything: a new manicure, haircut, hair color. You do not have to say how she goes, just if you express a negative opinion, try to do it loyally and not offensively.


Especially if you see each other constantly. It would be nice to find out what your object of sympathy loves, what you are fond of, what interests her. Just remember two very important rules! First - it should not be relentless surveillance. Well, because this way the girl develops paranoia, and even worse - you just get laughed at. Second rule - Find out common interests. That is, the investigation where her grandmother worked in her youth is a bust. Yes, and there is a risk that until the guy finds out all this, she will already get married.

It’s a good option to just be nearby while she is talking with someone, to be in a common company ... But don’t delay - you just need to find common ground, and she will tell about the rest herself.

10 right rules for how to like a girl who doesn't like you

  1. Do a courageous act
  2. Communicate with the girl carefully and concentrated, with a sense of humor,
  3. Do not run on the first call and sometimes do not answer calls immediately,
  4. Give compliments, but know the measure
  5. Let her feel safe with you
  6. Watch your appearance
  7. Everywhere and everywhere correctly defend your point of view,
  8. Fulfill all these promises,
  9. Find at least one joint interest and be recognized in it,
  10. Stick to good manners.

Regarding the last point, I want to say that it is important to be able to listen to the girl and not interrupt, use less foul language and not start conversations about previous unsuccessful relationships.

It is extremely undesirable to insult another girl in her presence, because she might think that one day your aggression will reach her. Be restrained, attentive and do not allow vulgar jokes about her.

If you are able to try on all my advice, the result will not be long in coming. Good luck

Ask her

If you don’t know the reason for the antipathy of a familiar girl, then you can, in principle, ask her about it. And we hope that you get the desired answer, and the situation will be fixable. Suppose she told you that she would not go on a date until you ennoble your appearance. In this case, it would be logical to follow her advice.

What exactly to do depends on the situation. Perhaps it will be enough just to wash your favorite jeans, which have never met a washing machine. But maybe you have to go for something more. For example, buy a thermonuclear deodorant, shorten the thickets on the face or (oh, horror!) Make an appointment with the dentist.


Gather strength, you need to take a deep breath and speak with her. Most likely, she already understood that you like her. And even if not yet, you should not immediately dazzle her with this news. At least say hello to start.

By the way, this is not such a joke - sometimes immediately telling about your attitude to the lady - the best beginning of a romantic story. Well, even if she refuses you at first, don’t you dare to go away and get lost. Prepare in advance for such a development of events - remember semolina and broccoli, not everyone likes them. Therefore, immediately offer her a walk together, go to a cafe or any other crowded place. Give her a few compliments and say that you just want to get to know her better.

Of course, this does not always work the first time - do not give up. We need to invite her to go somewhere another time, be interested in how she is doing, make some insignificant gift - at least a flower from a napkin.

But if you see that your society is unpleasant to her, if she is uncomfortable, then leave persistent attempts.

Moderate attention

All girls, without exception, need attention to themselves, but if there is no relationship between partners, and she does not yet speak of reciprocity, attention should be moderate. Excessive obsession and pressure on it will only repel and cause a backlash. If you are indifferent and cold, a girl will quickly lose interest in a man. In communication, a man needs to build a conversation about her by about 70%, the rest of the time should be devoted to himself and universal topics.


You should use the tips from this article. What happens I will write here later.

All that you listed is all true, to win a girl you need to work hard, thanks to the author a good article

I really like one girl, for a long time I’ve been trying to like her. I think she already guessed everything, but continues to not respond. In the correspondence of VK, our dialogue only consists of the fact that I ask her questions, never the first one will write. We meet well at meetings, but that's all. I think I have already done a lot wrong. Help, what to do to please her? Very like.

The girls would be asked whether they agree with the article or not.

The article is quite interesting, everything is written interestingly, with examples, competently and with humor. I liked everything, I will act.

many thanks to the author of the article, he really helped me :-) :-)!

The less a woman we love, The easier we like her And the more truly we destroy her Amidst seductive nets. Debauchery, it happened, was a cold-blooded Science famous for love, Himself everywhere trumpet And enjoying not loving. But this important fun is worthy of the old monkeys of the Praised grandfather's times: Lovlasov dilapidated glory With the glory of red heels and stately wigs.

VIII. Who does not get bored with hypocrisy, It’s different to repeat one thing, It’s important to try to assure yourself, What everyone has been sure for a long time, All the same to hear objections, Destroy prejudices, Which were not and are not At the girl at thirteen! Who will not tire of threats, Prayers, oaths, imaginary fear, Notes on six sheets, Deceptions, gossip, rings, tears, Supervisions of aunts, mothers And friendships are hard husbands!

That's exactly what my Eugene thought. In his first youth, He was a victim of violent delusions And unbridled passions. Spoiled by the habit of life, One charmed for a while, Disappointed with another, Desire slowly languishing, Tom and windy success, Listening to the eternal souls in murmur and silence, Yawning suppressing with laughter: That's how he killed eight years, Losing his life the best color.

P.S. It is necessary to read to the end

I’ve only known the girl for a month and a half. I like it very much.

Thank you author! Been familiar with the girl for almost a year. I did business rash, but after reading the article, I want to build my strategy. I use every point, change in her eyes, and become an ideal. But not too ideal for there to be flaws, because without them a person becomes boring. I hope everything works out. THANKS!)

It came in handy

In love with one girl and after reading this article I realized that I’m doing a lot wrong. Thanks to the author for the article, I hope that not everything is lost)).

Thanks to the author of the article. I write 3 weeks after I read the article, I followed all the points and now we are meeting with her.

If she said nothing

In this case, you can try to ask the help of friends, relatives. Let them, honestly, tell the whole truth about you. If all as one claim that you are beautiful in every way, then you have to work on the "standard scheme."

  • Clothing. Yes, yes, she again. After all, they are met precisely by their clothes, and guys (which should be hidden there) are often very careless about their appearance. Make sure your clothes are clean, ironed, without holes. To keep the shoes clean! It is not necessary to buy a new one, you can put the old one in order.
  • Hair, nails. Sorry, if I shock you, but they need to be washed and cut!
  • The aroma. Women are very sensitive to many things. Including smells. Therefore, follow hygiene and make sure that you smell of cleanliness and pleasant freshness of toilet water. With the latter, just do not overdo it!

And then it will not hurt to do manners. Cultural communication, competent speech, at least a minimum outlook, allowing you to talk about different things in a fun and relaxed way. Well, to polish all this does not hinder an incendiary sense of humor. Such a gentleman's set simply cannot but like.

What should be a guy to like a girl: psychology

There are a huge number of opinions on this matter - it is not for nothing that various pick-up training centers and “ideal men” courses flourish. But let's be honest: they all rush from one extreme to another.

What is a pickup based on? The fact that a man is a “male” and women, feeling this pressure, will surrender to the power and the ardent hugs of the winner. Yes, there is some truth to this. But it is so insignificant in comparison with the inept pickup attempts that it is better to forget about it right away.

A pickup truck is only good for those who no longer have a fear of approach, who confidently communicate with girls and for those who simply lack "a little more." But if you have a bunch of psychological problems, especially related to the fear of the approach - pickup is contraindicated for you!

Opposite opinion: girls like soft, sensitive, caring, gentle, ready to blow off dust particles and carry on hands. Yes I like it. But not for long. And not all, but a maximum of ten percent! So also forget and carefully read the information below - it will reveal secrets.

So what should a guy be like to be like? Firstly, for this we recommend conducting a mini-investigation in order to at least in general terms learn about the preferences of the object of sympathy. And secondly, consider the issue from the point of view of psychology.

Any person, regardless of gender and age, always needs to provide support and understanding. And girls need them doubly. Despite the fact that women are very strong and emotionally stable, they still need a strong defender, reliable support, in a man you can rely on.

The next thing that follows from the female desire of a reliable man nearby is to see next to you sure a man. But not self-confident - these are two different concepts that are often confused.

Confident man is polite, correct, able to sensibly assess his capabilities and actions. And self-confident to all demonstrates his own "confidence", not really possessing it - he is rude, boasts of himself, his position and is ready to embellish his capabilities without thinking through the development of events.

Another fact - girls and women of all ages need the tenderness and care that they often grab. Holding the door, submitting a coat, asking if she is hungry, helping with a heavy bag - these seemingly banal actions, most of which are due to etiquette, perfectly demonstrate the attitude towards the woman. Therefore, compliance with all this will quickly give you “extra points” when it comes to choice. But do not bend or get carried away, otherwise you will quickly become a henpecked!

Forget about all the allegations that women love when they are not put in anything and behave like a real alpha male. No, there is some truth in this, but it breaks down into harsh reality, especially if you have read smart books or articles and are now diligently trying to comply with this, then you will not succeed. Because hypocrisy and attempts to be who you are not are felt from afar.

From this follows a fairly simple conclusion - be yourself. That is, one should not try hard to comply with any recommendations. Girls more willingly and with great interest communicate with the one with whom she is easy and at ease. If you try to keep in your head everything that was told to you, then there can be no talk of lightness.

To summarize, you can compile a list of qualities, if not the ideal guy, then someone who can definitely interest a woman:

  • Reliable,
  • Sure,
  • Caring
  • Strong,
  • Natural,
  • Independent.

Yes, of course it would be nice to have a sense of humor, achievements in sports and finances, but believe me, if you already have at least the five qualities listed above, then the lady will not resist you!

What else can be done?

Not possible, but you NEED to try to be as simple as possible in communication. Smile more and joke. Imagine that you have known her since childhood and behaved accordingly - easily and in a friendly manner.

It is imperative to demonstrate our own independence. You should have some other things to do, hobbies and joys besides the adorable neighbor Lucy. And this same neighbor should know about it, otherwise it will be very boring, boring and sad!

How to behave

We found out what to do, acquired approximate ideas about how a man should be in order to interest a lady ... But how to behave?

The main thing is not to be afraid. Though on your hand write and re-read it every time you want to run away or postpone a closer acquaintance until better times.

Even if the guy is all wonderful and cool, but blushes, turns pale, stutters and shakes - his chances are approaching zero.

At least you need to try to do all this not very intensively and, perhaps, you will be considered sweet.

Be polite. It is only on pick-up resources that they say that you need to be rude, supposedly this is the best way to interest. Modern realities are such that, using this method, one can at best get a look of contempt. Do not forget about care. In general - if you want to conquer a girl - feed her. (Just check in advance about taste preferences). This will be a great way to show concern, and if you guess with food, a good reason for further communication. But, again, do not get carried away, otherwise you will become a male deer.

“Am I just going to go and put a sandwich in her hands ?!” - in extreme cases, you can. But it’s better to show more flexibility and softness - tell her that she looks tired, maybe she wants to eat. Give her a few compliments about the fact that she looks great ...

Yes, by the way about compliments - practice how to do them. Seriously, the phrase “you have amazing bends in your face” is not quite the same, though original. A good compliment favorably emphasizes the dignity of the girl, perhaps even unobvious.

Be natural, attentive, listen more than say. Tell funny stories, but do not embellish reality - your communication should be easy and enjoyable, and not cruel torture.

Do not persevere - it’s a good idea to take her by the hand, grab her by the shoulders or waist, just touch her, as if by chance. It’s a bad idea to continue these actions if the girl told you “no”, moves away and asks to remove her hands. Yes, you can try again a little later, but don't be zealousotherwise, the only response that you provoke is aggression. And this is not exactly what we need. Another thing is if the object of sympathy interests you only in terms of sex.

This is a completely different format of relationships and behavior, here you can show yourself as a kind of macho, impudent, self-confident, assertive. If you are exclusively interested in victory in this regard, then your best helpers are irony, humor, self-confidence and charm.

But even here you need to remember about compliments, they should be unobtrusive and concise. Caring is also never superfluous, although in the case of the desire to arrange a one-time rendezvous, more attention should be paid to slight negligence. Together with all of the above, let her know that you are practically inaccessible - your hobbies, interests, girls. Just do not overdo it, it is very important to maintain a fine line between interest and aversion.

The ideal picture of the development of your sympathy should look something like this: give the girl signs of attention - you can unobtrusive sincere compliments, help in some little things, a cup of coffee, an extra sandwich, some nice trinket. Along the way, you will find out her preferences and interests: what kind of cuisine you like, how you spend your free time, what you like. Do not be an obsessive stalker! Then invite her somewhere - a restaurant, cafe, park, and anywhere, depending on her interests. It does not agree - it does not matter. Continue unobtrusive courtship. Be punctual, executive, polite and gallant, but try not to blush and be natural.

If you follow all these nuances, then very soon she will agree to a date, and there it’s the little thing — don’t face the dirt, turn out to be an interesting conversationalist and most likely your relationship will reach a new level.

And if you still didn’t like it?

If you did everything that you were capable of, changed as you could, and the beauty still does not burn with the desire to communicate with you, then reconcile and let go of the situation. Step aside, stopping her to call, write, wink at a meeting.

If even after that interest in your person does not awaken in her, then this is a sign. A sign that this choice was wrong and it is time, finally, to go in search of the second half.

During the seduction of the lady of the heart, it will not be superfluous to read John Gray "Men from Mars, Women from Venus." The book is full of invaluable revelations about the differences between female and male psychology with examples from the life of real people. Moreover, it is written very simply, and therefore it is read in an instant.

Do you have questions for me on the subject of interpersonal relations of the sexes? Feel free to ask them in the comments to the article. I will certainly answer.

Ahead is a lot of new and interesting.Do not miss the latest articles - subscribe to the newsletter from the site! See you soon and all the best to you! Yours Yuri Okunev.

If everything goes wrong

Let's say that, despite all our recommendations, you didn’t succeed.

Once again, remember semolina and broccoli - not always sympathy is mutual. Elementary so-called "chemistry" - that may be the reason. More precisely, in its absence. If at the level of biology you do not fit each other, or at least you do not fit each other, you won’t do anything about it.

It is very important not to embark on threats and insults - this can completely debunk even the slightest positive thoughts about you.

If there are specific comments on your behavior or attitude, then you need to carefully analyze these points and understand if you can, and most importantly - do you want to change this? However, such work on oneself in any case will be useful: there is no limit to perfection. If you have difficulty communicating with girls or you don’t get anything done with them, work on yourself. Go to public speaking courses, try to enroll in a theater circle, take care of your physical and intellectual development.

Here it’s not even a matter of sympathy and relationships with specific girls - it can generally help you in life, work and relationships with people of any society.

If you like a certain girl, but you're not sure what she likes - act more actively. Develop your sympathy, seek a response, but act carefully and unobtrusively. Remember that girls love affection and care, and also eat, so a well-fed girl, whose beauty, mind and talents are in no doubt, will always make contact. Knowing this little trick, you can win, if not sympathy, then its location for sure.

Take your time, but don’t put aside kisses, sex and other pranks, otherwise you’ll quickly and, most often, already irrevocably find yourself in a friend zone.

The main thing is to be neat and polite. Remember that the object of your sympathy is the same person as you, which means that her feelings are no different from the feelings and feelings of other people.

Good luck, and know: everything will turn out!


In the rules of flirting and conquering female hearts, compliments are considered the main point. This is due to the fact that girls love ears. In addition, they always spend a lot of time on their appearance and beauty, so the mark of a man in her outfit, hairstyle, makeup and manicure will be the best praise. Complimentary phrases and flattery should be avoided, noting her good character traits, humor and natural data.

What if a girl says she’s not ready for a relationship?

If a girl says that she is not ready for a relationship, most likely there are a number of significant reasons that are not related to the man himself. In this case, psychologists advise to adhere to several recommendations:

  • friendship will be the best solution to the problem, because it is with friendship that strong and healthy relationships often begin,
  • mutual friends and acquaintances can become a unifying link,
  • analysis of social status can also explain the girl’s unwillingness to build a relationship, perhaps the man is not successful enough for her,
  • setting a date for courtship for a girl will give a man a clear understanding of how much time he is willing to spend on a girl without feelings, so as not to become for her just a “fallback option”,
  • if the girl is not ready for a serious relationship, you can offer her frivolous, discussing the format of meetings and hanging out, maybe she’s just afraid of the label “serious relationship” itself,
  • jealousy sometimes encourages girls to take action, so you can play on this feeling, showing interest in her friend, for example,
  • support in difficult situations will show the man’s reliability, as a result of which the girl will increasingly reach out to him even for no apparent reason
  • showing interest in her life, helping to solve problems, staying in touch with her, but without obsession, will help her to discern the good aspects in a man.

When a girl is afraid of an open serious relationship, a man in every way needs to establish a format of communication with her that will not resemble a relationship. You can give her gifts, but only without a romantic message, but rather, trinkets and useful things. The development of such relations should be gradual, so that she becomes accustomed and unknowingly needs it.


Before conquering a girl who does not meet mutual sympathy, and is also not ready for a serious relationship, a man needs to understand for himself how much he needs it. Next, you need to work on yourself, reevaluate your life, and engage in self-development. Psychologists advise to pay attention to their appearance, wardrobe, manner of behavior, since by such criteria the girl’s first impression is built.

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