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Bob haircut - male for medium and short hair

Not so often in the press there are articles on men's hairstyles, haircuts, fashion for appearance. It seems that now this gap is being filled, and the men's bob haircut is literally becoming the trend of the season. For a long time she was generally considered the prerogative of young, daring girls. But in the photos of Hollywood "guys" Brad Pitt, Ashton Kutcher, we see exactly this style of American men's fashion. If the unusualness of a female hairstyle is given by her performance on short hair, then long locks add originality to men. For owners of such a hairstyle, she gives a special charm to energy, masculine attractiveness.

What a bob haircut looks like

There are not so many haircuts that are equally effective on male and female heads. This is a unisex style. The splendor and originality at first attracted the girls, but then the men also liked to grow dumb hair and build something magnificent on the head.

“Bob” is one of the model men's hairstyles and is addressed to those guys who are not afraid to distinguish themselves from their peers. It is ideal for people with an oval face, fairly thick straight hair. For some reason, it is most often chosen by representatives of creative professions or office workers who know their value.


The presented hairstyle model is noticeably different from others, as it has a lush and dense crown and a nape. The bangs may be oblique, asymmetric or carelessly fall on the face. The haircut belongs to the romantic category, although with its help it is quite realistic to get a slightly rebellious and bold image.

If a man decided to create such a hairstyle, then he must understand that it will be beneficial to distinguish it from the general crowd. There are not many men with a bob haircut. Thanks to this, ideal conditions are created for obtaining an individual and original image, which is distinguished by its romance. Bob always looks attractive and sexy. Thanks to the careless facial hair present, the man becomes refined. In addition, bob very often performed by boys, so that haircut has become very popular among children's hairstyles for boys.

Male and female bob are significantly different. If in women the crown is magnificent, then in men it is slightly smoothed. The strands on the crown should be laid naturally along the length of the hair. With the help of a hairstyle, you can rejuvenate the image, make notes of freshness and rebellion in it. She looks great with jeans and a stylish business suit.

As for the benefits of a male bean, these include:

  1. Novelty. Since the hairstyle in men's fashion arose not so long ago, the chosen style has not yet had time to get bored.
  2. Uniqueness. Not every guy agrees to create a bob. Most often, creative and free natures, which can grow medium hair and use them to create hairstyles, choose a haircut.
  3. Alteration. With a bob hairstyle, you can change the look at least every day. Just change the direction of the hair on the forehead. For example, it may fall on the eyebrows or be laid on its side.
  4. Variety of variations. Thanks to this, it is possible to choose a suitable styling option for your type and hair structure.

On the video, male bob haircut:

Bob is a hairstyle that stands out for its convenience. So you can change the length and direction of the bangs at any time. Thus, you get a completely different hairstyle.

Who suits this type of hairstyle

Bob on medium hair is a compromise between negligence and restraint in appearance. It is not very appropriate on the fluid hairs of mature men or on curly strands. Shy guys who do not want to attract too curious looks should also be more careful in their choice.

It should be remembered that in hot and humid weather, thick bangs will create additional difficulties with perspiration, and in cool weather - any headgear can violate its splendor.

But the benefits of bob haircuts outweigh some of the disadvantages:

  1. Novelty factor - style only comes into fashion.
  2. The uniqueness that not so many guys resort to so that the hair is thick, straight, long enough, a little carelessly laid.
  3. Possibility of updating - each time a new bang is laid on the brow, on the eyebrows, on the side, divide parting.

Short bean

For hairstyles of this type, the characteristic details are short hair on the back of the head. They are not even able to hide their neck. All attention is focused on bangs. She can evenly lie on her forehead and reach the level of eyebrows.

In the photo - a short bob hairstyle:

Another detail of a short bean is sharp whiskey. They should fall in a thin line to the chin. A short bean is a great option for very thick hair, because in this way, it is possible to distribute the hair throughout the head.

Types and technique

This model can be immediately distinguished by the thick and lush crown, nape, original bangs, trimmed along the braid with carelessly falling strands. All this creates the image of some contradiction - the sophistication of long lush strands and courage in a well-thought-out sloppiness of styling. By the way, parents began to turn to this style more often, choosing beautiful hairstyles for boys.

When performing a haircut, always take into account the shape of the face, skull, and length of the nose. Children with a flattened nape will feel somewhat uncomfortable.

If your image seems, to put it mildly, not ideal, decide on a bob, it will distract attention from the shortcomings. The most reliable option to please yourself is to turn to a good hairdresser-stylist who will explain everything to you, advise, cut and cut hair one to one.

But you can take a chance, get good tools, equip a workplace, study step-by-step instructions and say to yourself, “I'll do it!”. The choice of type of haircut is quite rich:

  1. We have good special hairdressing scissors (stationery will not work), a convenient non-metal comb. We install two mirrors so that we can see ourselves in front and behind.
  2. Moisten the hair, comb it thoroughly.
  3. Divide the hair on the head conditionally into 2 parts from the upper point of the ears, comb the upper ones forward and secure with a clip so that they do not interfere, and the lower ones down.
  4. We trim the entire lower zone to the same length.
  5. Separate the strands from the top and cut them to the desired length, thus moving to the bangs.
  6. I also cut the temporal zones. Add a little courage so that the bangs look creative from torn asymmetric strands.
  7. A pair of original details will not hurt: oblique bangs, asymmetrical locks, hair highlighting. This will give the bob haircut a special chic and style! Changing the direction of the bangs, each time we create a new model.

Men's bob haircut for short hair

The hairstyle arose in the 20s of the last century. It’s hard to believe that at first she was considered too impudent! If a girl had such a haircut, society could condemn her. But very soon she became fashionable and looked completely ordinary.

The bob hairstyle for men, the photo of which is on the site, has spread quite recently. Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Ashton Kutcher - here is a list of the stars who chose her.

If you want such a haircut, make sure your hair is suitable for it. Thick straight strands are ideal, but wavy are also good.

If you do not want to shock others, choose a shorter variation. It is characterized by a bulky nape and shortened temporal strands.

Men's bob hairstyle is done in such a way as to do without styling. If you are cut by an experienced stylist, your hair will lie beautifully immediately after washing. However, blow-drying will help to achieve a truly excellent result.

On medium hair

Men's hairstyles with medium hair are especially good with thick hair. It is characterized by a rather long and magnificent neck. There is some similarity with the female "bean." Only girls prefer the top of the head is very magnificent, saturated, and men prefer a more flat, laid in the direction of hair growth. Strands from bangs and temples give a little sticking to the side. This gives the man a somewhat rebellious appearance of a strong, confident fighter. And they themselves believe that such a hairstyle is young. Yes, do not be surprised. For men, this is also important.

Men's bob haircut for medium hair

The average hair length looks very advantageous. If you don't mind being in the spotlight, try a bob-car. Lengthening the temporal strands gives the haircut a certain outrageousness. If a men's bob haircut for short hair looks careless, then the elongated version needs styling.

Pluses of this hairstyle:

  • original look
  • a large number of styling methods. If you want, you can give yourself both a strict and careless look,
  • the ability to visually change the shape of the face. For example, a round face is visually stretched by a voluminous crown and a slanting bang.


If a guy has thick bangs, then she can be lowered to her forehead. Its flat line will reach the temples, and then round. This option should be chosen for those guys who can constantly control the length of the bangs, because it is on her that the whole charm rests.

How a sports haircut looks for a male Canadian can be seen in the photo in this article.

Which classic men's hairstyle is the most popular among young guys is described in detail in this article.

For those who want to know which men's hairstyle for an oval face is most suitable, you should follow the link and read the contents of this article.

Who will be the bob

Haircuts are not universal, because not all hair looks good. If your hair is too thin or sparse, bean is not recommended.

Perfectly smooth hair is also not very effective in this style. However, a little curly and coarse hair will create a wonderful look! A slightly sloppy mid-length shape is the celebrity's choice.

An oval or elongated face is the basis for a classic bean. If you are chubby, choose a hairstyle with bangs. Long oblique bangs will make the face narrower.

Styling methods

Men's haircut bob on medium hair requires regular washing and styling. If this is not done, the locks will look untidy.

For a daily look, you can do just a hairdryer. If you want a more vibrant look, use the advice of stylists:

  • dry the strands until wet. Apply styling gel and comb your hair back. So you get the fashionable effect of wet hair without much effort,
  • For an evening out, give the hairstyle extra volume at the roots. To do this, you need a foam, a round brush and a hairdryer. If you want to add shine to your hair, use the “Cold Air” drying mode.

An original and versatile haircut suits young and confident people. If you are not afraid of the attention of others and are ready to devote time to styling, choose a bean.

A variety of styling options allows you to change your look very quickly. In the morning you can have a strict classic hairstyle, and in the evening - a sloppy stylish styling. Do not forget about the cleanliness and well-groomed appearance of your hair and you will be simply irresistible!

What is a male bob haircut?

A few decades ago, men's fashion for hairstyles offered only a few options for classic haircuts, but today, thanks to fashion trends and the development of stylists, there are more than a hundred ideas in the men's arsenal. Kare-bob has been popular among men for quite a long time, as it has its own advantages and features. Initially, the classic men's bob hairstyle was performed on medium-length hair.

The master cut the hair in such a way that the maximum volume of hair was formed in the back of the head, and straight strands with a somewhat sloppy disheveled styling were stretched to the crown, temples and bangs. The bangs in this version of the haircut should be elongated and slightly oblique, casually falling to the forehead. Thanks to such differences, the hairstyle gives the image of a man the impression of youth, a kind of rebellion.

Who is it for?

Most often, masters create a bob haircut for schoolchildren and adolescents, thanks to this technology of hair cutting and styling, children's immediacy and soft features are emphasized. Young guys also appreciate a haircut, but more often they prefer modern interpretations with sloppy styling and short hair length. Older men need to carefully select the type of bean so that the haircut harmoniously fits into the overall image and style.

As for the structure of the hair, it looks best on thick and straight hair that does not require styling and straightening, has a natural volume and a healthy appearance. The average length of the haircut fits more into the classic style for office workers, the long version is worn by creative individuals with extraordinary thinking, and the short version is advised to try on athletes and young guys.

Haircuts are contraindicated for men with conservative views on life and style, men of respectable age, as well as for owners of curly curly curls or thin and sparse hair. This haircut requires the presence of a bang, so it accepts a temperate climate, in which it will not sweat the forehead or spoil the styling of the hat. Regarding the shape of the face, caret-bob suits the owners of an oval, round shape.


Men's bob hairstyle is popular among all generations for a reason, and due to the large number of predominant differences. Namely:

      1. Novelty. This haircut has recently become popular and approved by stylists, if we consider the male version. Therefore, it cannot be said that the hairstyle model is outdated and boring, on the contrary, it exudes the charm of novelty and modernity.
      2. Versatility. Taking into account the type of face and features of the appearance, a haircut can perfectly correct some defects in appearance. Imbalances or angularities in the shape of the face can be hidden with an oblique bang and a correctly placed volume in the hairstyle. For an oval face, a square with a straight parting and a smooth, even bang is more suitable.
      3. Opportunity for change. Firstly, a haircut is acceptable for short, medium and long hair, so a man can periodically change varieties by experimenting with images. Secondly, due to the presence of bangs and thick hair on the back of the head, you can constantly change styling options, comb to one side, make a smooth or disheveled shape.
      4. Originality. For men with extraordinary thinking and approach to their image, a haircut can be of different lengths, up to an extension of the strands to the shoulder line. Such a stylish and original bean will attract maximum attention from others and emphasize in a man his special look at the image.

A bob haircut with careless strands in the styling will give the man's appearance a certain sophistication, make him visually younger, soften the rough features and angular shape, and the oblique bangs will adjust the shape and balance the proportionality of the face. Stylists offer a large number of varieties and types of brown-bean, short, medium, long, asymmetric or straight version, even highlighting hair is acceptable.

To whom it goes

You can choose a bob for a guy who is not used to living according to a pattern, but regrets getting an original and extraordinary image. Bob haircuts can not be attributed to the classic, that's why not every man agrees to its creation.Styling refers to model creative.

If a man has a round face, then he should pay attention to the bean with a slanting bang, but long-faced guys - to the straight on the sides of the face. Many people like a haircut, since there is no clear pattern. Bob can be changed to your taste, create new strands. For example, an image will be very stylish, which combines oblique bangs, highlight and asymmetry.

When creating a hairstyle, it is necessary to take into account not only the shape of the face, but also the shape of the head. If a man has a flattened nape, then the bean styling process will be more difficult, because the natural hair growth on the nape looks a bit cut off.

On the video - a man's haircut bob on medium hair:

To create a bean, a man must meet the following criteria:

  • thick hair of medium length,
  • thin oval face
  • well-groomed skin,
  • sharp nose.

Most often, bob is the choice of creative men. It is chosen by artists, actors and showmen. In other words, these are people who always want to be in the spotlight.

But, choosing a bean, men should be attentive to their clothes. Bob is a versatile haircut, as it suits both business and sports suits. In any clothes, a man will look amazing. If your image contains even the slightest deviation, then you should choose an asymmetric bean. He will be able to profitably divert attention from flaws.

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Varieties of bob haircuts

Under the influence of fashion trends, the bob haircut has undergone many modifications and transformations until the current season. Stylists today offer many alternatives and variations of the bean for men of all ages, external data and hair characteristics. But 5 types of bob haircuts are especially popular - for medium or short hair, symmetrical and asymmetrical, as well as bob with a straight bang.

Haircut technology

To create a male bean, you must follow the following action plan:

  1. Walk through the hair with a comb, treat them with water to facilitate the process of creating a haircut.
  2. Lay the strands in order to the opposite sides of the parting. It should have a horizontal direction and runs along the temporal line.
  3. You need to start cutting from the temple area, trimming each level. Cut in the direction from the bottom up, fasten to the upper hair with a clip so that they do not interfere with work.
  4. Moving forward, release the hair held together by a clip. Strands at the temples need to be trimmed evenly on both sides, so that the styling has a symmetrical appearance.
  5. The strands in the occipital and temporal parts should be short. Then you get a bright contrast with longer upper locks.
  6. Highlight the hair on the crown, separating them from the bangs. Bring strands back so that they do not interfere with bangs.
  7. Trim the hair on the forehead, but do not make it too short.
  8. Take part of the hair from the crown to create the next layer, which will be bangs. Align the new bangs to the already present. The length of the first layer is the main one. To cut a new layer, you have to take the main layer and the new one with your fingers and trim it with scissors.
  9. Now you can go to the hair on the top of the head. Raising each strand, lay it between your fingers and cut it.
  10. Process whiskey with a typewriter. This will strengthen the border with long flowing hair. Shaving is careful so as not to involve extra strands in the process. Make a hair trim on the back of the head so that their length is the same as on the temples. Shred hair to create volume.

If you decide that you can cope with the creation of hairstyles by your own efforts, then you need to install 2 mirrors in front and behind yourself. Thus, it will be possible to process the nape region not blindly.

As for the subsequent styling, here everything determines the length of the hair. The longer they are, the more effort will be required to create a spectacular styling. It’s worthwhile to understand that an ideal hairstyle looks only on clean hair. So you have to wash your hair every day using shampoo and balm.

You can create a creative image with a gel or wax. The presented products are used on wet strands, and then the hair is carefully shaved. The direction of the bangs can be anything, it all depends on your personal wishes.

To create a styling you need to stock up on a hairdryer. Point a stream of warm air at the basal area and lift the hair with a round brush. To complete the styling, it is necessary to switch the hair dryer to cold treatment and blow off the hair. This will give the hair the right location and shine.

Male bean today is gaining popularity among the male population. And this is not surprising, because the hairstyle looks very stylish and original. Only those guys who are not afraid of attention from others can try on such an image. You also need to be prepared for daily styling, otherwise it simply will not work to get a romantic and stylish look.

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Kare-bob on medium hair

If you consider the bean on medium hair, it is important that the hair has a natural volume and density. Externally, the haircut resembles the female version of the bean with the presence of the maximum volume on the back of the head. But for men, a flat haircut is more laid out in the direction of the hair in this part of the head. You can add charm with slightly protruding locks in the temples and bangs. The bangs in this haircut can be straight, oblique, smooth or in a creative mess.

Short hair bob

If we consider the shortened version, the bob will resemble a classic boxing haircut. Stylists recommend such a hairstyle only to bold and experiment-ready men, since the unusual thick form on the top of the head, as well as the critically short whiskey and the back of the head, are not suitable for every man. In addition, a short bean is difficult to diversify with styling options. A short bean, according to the masters, is a tribute to conservatism and accuracy. The upper strands are left 3-5 cm long, combing back, creating sharp shortened temples, raised hair on the crown and crown of the head.

What a haircut looks like: options

The classic version of the male bob haircut is for medium hair. The hairdresser cuts so that the occipital part becomes as voluminous as possible, and straight ringlets of a slightly disheveled appearance depart from the front, crown, temporal zones. The bangs are in a classic form elongated, looks a little slanting. She freely, without strict styling, falls on her forehead. Bob hairstyle gives a masculine look a youthful, bold look.

The main nuances of a bob haircut are the volume of the nape and oblique long bangs. More often, men choose a smooth way of styling.

But fashion is constantly on the move. Today, hairdressers offer customers a variety of brown bean options for all ages and hair of different structures. But the following hairstyles are especially popular.

Asymmetric version

If a man has a square, angular or wide type of face, pay attention to this option for bob haircuts. Hair most often of medium length implies sloppy chaotic styling, and in the bangs, the strands are lengthened with a side part. The front curl falls obliquely, thereby favorably correcting the features of the face. Visually asymmetric bean lengthens and slims the face.

For medium hair length

It is important that the hair is thick and voluminous. In fact, in men, a medium-long bean does not differ from the female species. The only caveat is a more pronounced and flattened styling of the voluminous occipital part in the direction of hair growth. Insolence to a hairdress is given by slightly sticking locks in a temporal and frontal area. Any bangs can be any: straight and beveled, smooth and sloppy scattered.

Symmetrical view

In the event that a man prefers a long version of a haircut, the hair should be as thick and straight as possible. The master creates a symmetrical version of the hairstyle so that the strands of hair in front on the bangs are as straight as possible with even parting. Smooth fringing of thick bangs should go all the way to the temples, and then round off. Symmetry requires an ideal face shape, in this case an oval male face.


This variant of bob bean is optimal for a wide, cheeky and square face. Medium length haircut, scattered styling, careless. The bangs obliquely lengthen. The strand in front falls obliquely, thereby brightening the shape of the face. An asymmetrical bob-car visually makes the male face more elongated and neat.


If the elongated look of a man's haircut is preferred, then it is better to do it on thick and smooth hair. With a symmetrical hairstyle, the bangs are even. The border of the bangs ends at the temples, then goes rounded down. The symmetrical shape of the bob is suitable for an oval male face with regular and neat features.

Straight bang

With this version of the bob haircut, thick bangs smoothly drops to the eyebrows, its border is even, clear. Difficult for a man's image hairstyle. To make it fit, the oval of the face must be perfect. Therefore, only male models and creative personalities dare to make such a bean. Also, a bob with a straight bang is a good option for school boys.

Who is suitable and who is not

Men's bob haircut is not patterned, but original and bold. She is preferred to make stylish, creative men who are not afraid of experiments on appearance.

A haircut is popular, as it does not have a clear form, it can be varied and supplemented at your discretion. Men with a square face choose a slanting bean, and if the face is elongated, then a straight bob haircut will do. Bright, stylish hairstyle looks, in which an oblique asymmetric bean and highlighting are connected.

When choosing a haircut, it is important to consider not only the oval of the face, but also the shape of the nape. If the occipital part of the head is flattened, then the hairdresser will have to work hard to perform styling.

Caret hairstyle suits men with:

  • thick hair long enough to give the desired shape,
  • an incomplete, oval face
  • with a thick nose, neat features,
  • well-groomed, clean skin.

Self-cutting technology

It is better if a professional hairstylist makes a haircut. But if a man understands technology, is familiar with hairdressing, he can make a hairstyle on his own at home.

To do this, take:

  • comb for forming strands,
  • scissors for thinning or a razor,
  • hair clips for fastening strands,
  • a towel or a hairdressing apron,
  • 2 opposite mirrors for viewing the anterior and occipital region.

Instructions for the execution of the male square:

  1. They wash their heads, get wet with a towel to remove excess moisture.
  2. Hair is divided horizontally. The section should go from one to the other upper point of the auricles.
  3. The selected part is fastened with a hairpin.
  4. The curls located below the section (on the top and back of the head) are cut to a suitable level. They should be equal in length. Sometimes it is enough to trim the ends. As a result, the length of the lower strands should remain longer than the upper ones.
  5. The clamp is removed, the released hair is cut into strands by about 1 cm.
  6. The upper part is milled. You can perform filing for the lower curls.
  7. The density of the bangs is determined, combed on the forehead. Make a straight or asymmetrical edge.
  8. Dry the hair dryer. The occipital region is rounded with a cylindrical comb.

Styling and Care Options

Men's bob haircut does not require special care and abundant use of styling products. This is why she is attractive to men. But care should not be completely ignored, otherwise the hairstyle will lose its attractive appearance. Especially you can not run a long bean, even made in a sloppy style.

When bob hairstyle contaminated and oily hair is unacceptable. Volume is lost; styling is problematic. For hair care, choose soft shampoos and conditioners.

It is enough to put a haircut with a hairdryer so that it looks attractive. Styling tools are optional. The main thing is to give the hair enough volume in the back of the head.

A stylish variant of a men's styling of a square, suitable for an evening look:

  • washed curls comb back
  • form a straight or oblique part,
  • a volume treatment agent is applied to the root area,
  • dry the strands with a hairdryer, giving volume to a cylindrical comb with twisting the ends down,
  • treat your hair with cold air
  • correct strands with your fingers.

In the warm season, bean is popular in combination with a wet effect. A wet styling agent is applied to the moistened hair. Beat with light finger movements. To create the effect of negligence, use wax.

Kare bob is the choice of many celebrities. Such a haircut is a great option for a young, stylish, confident man who seeks to always look attractive.

Alla Astanina

Beauty is an author who not only writes about cosmetics, but also is well versed in its composition.

This haircut was created by a man for women, but justice has triumphed! Now she is proudly called gender-neutral, and not just male. What is a bean in its most masculine form, how to wear and stack it? We answer all the questions in order.

Men's bob haircut - history and modernity

It all started with dancers. Have you noticed that hard boiled detectives are often tied to dancers? This story is not a detective story, but it also concerns the era of gangsters and jazz. According to legend, Antoine de Paris, who was called the prince of hairdressing, came up with a short haircut for women - and then it was a real fashion scandal. One of the first owners of the bean was the dancer Iren Castle, and ten years later every party girl of the Old and New World flaunted this haircut. Then the haircut comes to Hollywood to conquer the stars of cinema for a long time.

So bob became a symbol of the 20th century. Men quickly appreciated its convenience and impressiveness and reworked it for themselves. Green light bobomania around the world gave Paul McCartney and John Lennon.

Now a male bean is no longer a sign of bohemia, but simply a utilitarian and stylish hairstyle with a set of typical features:

  • the volume is shifted to the parietal zone and the crown,
  • in the classic version, the strands of the face are shorter than the occipital, the only exception is the bob-car,
  • the hair in the back is not cut, but remains relatively long,
  • the strands go from the crown to the forehead most often without parting, but there may be discrepancies with the reference bean,
  • the hair on the temples does not shave, which defines a harmonious combination of a voluminous crown with splendor on the sides.


In this version, the male haircut formally resembles a female bob-car: the hair of the bangs and temples is longer than on the back of the head, and the slices seemed to be drawn in a ruler.

Read more about the specifics of the male variety of this hairstyle on the pages of SalonSecret.

With a bang

With a short bang, a male bob will camouflage too high a hairline above his forehead, and a haircut with straight strands on his face will highlight every dash - as if in the photo in HD resolution.

If your goal is to visually lose weight or soften an angular face, then look at the elongated oblique strands diagonally overlapping the forehead.

Symmetrical bean

This type of haircut exists in a shortened and elongated form. The latter is absolutely universal. She manages to ennoble the rude image and emphasize the aristocratic sophistication of fragile gentlemen.

A straight parting with a double-sided bang and long locks of the occipital area of ​​the head, reaching the middle of the neck, slightly stretch the face.

Which of the guys is bob haircut?

It is generally accepted that bob is designed for smooth straight hair, preferably thick. It really is. And the proof of this is the Japanese, in whom almost everybody has such hair. Young people in the Land of the Rising Sun quote bob with all their youthful passion, from young to old and from celebrities to yuppies.

But even on curly hair, the bob looks good. Just agree: a language that doesn’t turn out to be called unsuccessful in the music of Goran Bregović, a symmetrical haircut on the thick ringlets of the king of gypsy music.

And here is the truth that should be taken into account:

  • Bob is a haircut for young men (recall that youth in the 21st century officially continues until 35 years old).
  • . and romantic (again, recall that there is no age framework for romance!). If Don Juan lived in our days, he would certainly choose this hairstyle!
  • According to stylists, a classic bob adds volume to the sides and therefore slightly rounds the face.
  • However, an elongated bob with a bang, on the contrary, slightly stretches the features and conceals the full cheeks.

Introduction to the bob haircut process - briefly and step by step

How do stylists achieve hair obedience and volume exactly where it is needed? The secret is in the technological accuracy of this haircut. Briefly describe how this happens.

  1. First of all, the hairdresser with the help of clamps divides the wet, but not wet hair into the lower occipital, upper occipital from the temporal and parietal zones.
  2. The process starts from the bottom of the head. Here, the hair is cut to a uniform desired length by pulling the vertical strands at a slight angle down. It is permissible to work with a direct cut, but it is desirable to mill the outer layer - just for asymmetry and bulk.
  3. The hair on the temples and in the upper part of the back of the head is shortened in the same way without a hard edge starting from the middle of the neck. At this point, the client chooses to hide their ears under the strands or open them.
  4. The frontal-parietal part of the hair is also trimmed straight with a thinning, and the capture of each strand comes with a guy up. Only after that the crown zone is processed in a circle.
  5. The bangs in accordance with the technology of the bean are cut last, taking into account the wishes of the client according to the length / degree of "raggedness" / location relative to the center of the forehead.
  6. Finally, the master once again runs all over his head in search of missing hairs, dries his hair with a hairdryer and makes a finishing trim on the bottom edge of the hairstyle.

Classic male bean and its features

A traditional bean is a medium-length haircut, a distinctive feature of which is the voluminous crown and neck, the strands on the temples make it much shorter. An equally important element of a male bean is a bang. She is quite lush and long, usually reaching the eyebrow line. In classic models, the bangs go straight; in less traditional versions, it can go a little to one side or even be deliberately asymmetric.

The voluminous upper part, evenly shortening to the temples, and lush bangs give the hair a characteristic spherical geometry. The fundamental difference between a male bean and a female is the less voluminous and smoothed crown.

A variety of styling options open up opportunities for the most daring experiments with the image. With this hairstyle, you can create even and strict styling or, conversely, make it deliberately careless, punching in a rebellious way in different directions. Thus, the same haircut will be as diverse as possible, and will be able to organically combine with loose clothing or a strict suit.

The stylistic evolution of a male bean

Over the years of its existence, the traditional male bean has undergone significant stylistic changes. Some of the modern variations of this men's haircut already bear little resemblance to those hairstyles that the famous Beatles wore in the 60s. Today, along with classic models, there are elongated options, reaching to the shoulders. Modern variations include beans made according to the graduated scheme, bean and square hybrids or bold asymmetric models.

Experimenting with hair length, bang features and various styling options, hairdressers organically adapted the bean to the modern style, but at the same time retained its original essence. And if earlier the bean was the prerogative of only men with thick and straight strands, today it is performed regardless of the type of hair and its structure.

Who should use such a haircut?

Most organically, such a haircut looks on men with an oval face shape. The leanness and sharpness of the facial oval only enhance the effect of this creative haircut. As for the structure of the strands, the best option for a bean is thick and straight hair. You can create the effect of additional volume on thin strands, cutting the hairstyle according to the graded scheme. True, success in this case largely depends on the skill of the hairdresser. Owners of a rounded face are better to consider elongated bean options with asymmetric bangs. This model visually corrects the face, making it more elongated.

Masters of the barber shop "Barbel" know all about the intricacies of the creation of this iconic male haircut. By visiting our barber, you can easily see this in practice. You can get acquainted with all relevant information in the corresponding section of our website.

Bob haircut options for a teenage boy

Young age dictates its own rules, especially when it comes to hairstyles. How to make bob cool - so that even a boy will be delighted?

Smooth bean is the ideal base for creative staining or futuage. And with this haircut, one temple curtailed almost to zero looks curious, which can also be supplemented with an art object, for example, a shaved pattern.

The main thing in this haircut is deliberate negligence, achieved using the graduation technique. It’s easy to recreate the airy shaggy, if you give your child his first own can of styling equipment - let him train.

For intelligent boys, darlings of the director and grandparents, a smooth, calm bean on strands to the middle of the neck or below will be an excellent complement to the image. By the way, just such a hairstyle is worn by the idols of your son's classmates.

On short hair

Looks like classic boxing. If you are not very confident in yourself, not ready for experimentation, choose it. Diversifying men's haircuts is not easy. In our case, this is a tribute to accuracy, simplicity and some conservatism.

Features of a hairstyle in two fringing lines:

  • the main line passes above the nape and this distinguishes it from the half-box,
  • whiskey is cut very short or shaved,
  • top strands 3-5 mm long are combed up.

Short, raised hair on the top of the head and crown, open face give adulthood, self-confidence, emphasize the image of a successful person.

Suitable for boys and men with any type of face, straight hair:

  • chubby men will gain the visible appearance of an elongated oval,
  • with a square type of face - a haircut will help to focus on the cheekbones.

But here there is a place for creativity - to shave zigzags or waves of whiskey and the lower part of the back of the head. Here the hair is so short that it does not cover the neck. An example of a fashionable haircut for boys is shown in the photo below.

For guys with thick hair, there is an option in which there is a thick elongated bang. She lies flat on her forehead to the very eyebrows, and the whiskey with a thin line descends almost to the chin.

General description

The history of Bob is rooted in the early decades of the 20th century. Women's short haircuts at that time became a real revolution, because before that, ladies were supposed to wear only long hair and do complex styling. For this reason the author of "Bob", the Frenchman Antoine de Paris, is sometimes called the "scandalous" hairdresser. The inspiration of the master was the image of Joan of Arc.

One of the first for a change was the dancer Iren Castle. Her comfortable and extraordinary stage hairstyle was subsequently copied by many women, including the famous ones: fashion designer Coco Chanel, actresses Louise Brooks, Clara Bow, Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo and others. The male variety of "Bob" became popular much later and in recent years is considered fashionable.

Irene Castle and Coco Chanel

By the way. Well-known hairdresser Vidal Sassoon slightly modified the haircut and invented the "Bob-Care". That was in the 60s.

Visually, the male variation of the hairstyle is similar to the female: it also has a short and magnificent neck. But the volume on the crown is slightly flattened. The hair in this area of ​​the head is laid naturally in length. Temporal locks and bangs - elongated, trimmed obliquely, or simply deliberately sloppy.

Usually, "Bob" is performed on medium-length hair, but you can do it on short hair. It is best if the hair is straight or barely curly. The silhouette of a hairstyle on cool curls can be invisible.

Styling features

The longer the hair, the more hassle when laying the bean. We emphasize again, the hairstyle requires the freshness of hair using high-quality shampoo and conditioner.

At hand should always be gel, mousse, wax for styling:

  • they are applied even to wet hair, then the strands are whipped and sent in the right direction,
  • If you want to make the hairstyle taller, use a hairdryer, directing its hot stream to the roots, while lifting the comb with a comb,
  • finish the styling with cold air - the hair will remember its location and shine,
  • if necessary, use mousse or foam to keep a carefully thought-out “mess” on your head. Make styling wax easier.

Such a haircut of guys is good only on very clean hair. Then you will not be accused of untidiness.

You can apply the gel to moist, well-combed strands and beat them with your hands or set off with a comb to your taste. They acquire a wet effect and can attract attention to themselves on a hot summer day. For the evening, on a freshly washed head, apply a foam with a volume of mandarin, blow dry with a hot hairdryer, lifting the locks from the roots.

Hair begins to fall out: masks and shampoos to combat the problem

For more examples of beautiful women's haircuts for rare thin hair, see here

Men's styling will become an order of magnitude more stylish, which means it will make you more attractive in the eyes of others. True, at the same time, a smart look and a kind smile are still needed.

Dry your hair with cold air for the last 30 seconds, this will give it shine.

Types and technology of execution

Depending on the initial hair length, appearance features and personal preferences, you can choose a suitable option from several types of male “Bob”:

  • Straight. The variety was named thanks to a bang, which is cut with a straight cut at the level of the eyebrows, and from the temples it is rounded and goes down. The hair in this part should be thick. This image is optimal for schoolchildren and teenagers. Adult men choose direct bob if they are busy in the creative field, and also have a model appearance with the correct proportions.

  • Short. Visually reminds a haircut boxing or semi-boxing. The crown turns out to be voluminous, while the temples and the back of the head are cut shorter. The length of the upper strands is 3-5 mm combed up. The hairstyle looks neat and slightly conservative, but can not boast of a variety of styling methods.

  • Symmetric. Performed on long hair. Straight strands on a thick bang reach the temples and are symmetrically located on both sides of the straight parting. Option for holders of an oval face shape.

  • Asymmetric. Such a "Bob" visually extends and corrects the facial oval due to side parting and oblique bangs. The strands in this part of the face go on lengthening.

  • Careless. Suitable for medium and long hair. It looks like a slightly tousled hair. The effect is achieved by proper styling.

  • Bob-Rack. The haircut is designed for medium strands and the volume at the back of the head resembles the female version as much as possible. You can leave the sticking locks on the temples or need a forehead. Any bangs fit: straight, slanting, careless.

Of course, it is better to entrust the performance of a model haircut to a professional. The wizard will advise which option suits your face shape and tells you how to style your hair.

In Moscow, the average cost of the services of a specialist working in a beauty salon or barbershop is estimated at about 1,000 rubles. If the institution is located in the center of the capital, the price rises to 1,500–2,000 rubles. In remote areas of Moscow, a man's haircut costs about 600 rubles, but you can find cheaper options.

If you want to make “Bob” at home, prepare:

  • comb for separating strands,
  • sharp hairdressing and thinning scissors (the latter can be replaced with a blade, razor, to make an even cut at the ends of the hair),
  • hair clips or clips for fixing hair,
  • towel, cloak or hairdresser peignoir,
  • 2 mirrors. They must be placed opposite each other to see the occipital region.

Step-by-step algorithm:

  1. Wash your hair and pat it lightly with a towel to remove excess moisture.
  2. Comb the strands.
  3. Separate all hair with a horizontal parting. It should begin and end between the top points of the auricles.
  4. Part of the forehead must be clamped with a clip.
  5. Cut all hair located below the parting line (in the top of the head and neck) to the desired level so that they are the same in length. You may only need to trim the tips slightly. As a result, the lower curls should remain longer than the upper ones.
  6. Remove the clip and shorten the hair on this part of the head by 1-1.5 cm. It is more convenient to do hairdressing manipulations in a row.
  7. Perform a thinning of the upper curls. If desired, do the same with the lower hair.
  8. Comb the forehead with a bang of the desired density. Make it straight or asymmetric.
  9. If you want, add bold accents in the form of torn strands (a razor is useful),
  10. Dry your hair with a hairdryer and style it to your taste, adding volume to the back of your head with a round brush.


Men, choosing a hairstyle, first look at the haircuts of famous athletes, especially football players. It is no accident that their portraits flicker on advertising posters - David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and others. These are stylish, open faces. They lead an active lifestyle, always on the move. Sweaty strands falling on the face are not acceptable for them. Many girls claim that a sports men's haircut is simply beautiful. Choose a bob style if you want to make yourself known, to be noticed by others, to be in the trend of modern fashion.

Styling options and secrets

It is believed that the "Bob" is unpretentious in leaving and does not require an abundance of styling. And at the same time, the hairstyle should be styled at least to a minimum in order to fully reveal its attractiveness. This is especially true for haircuts for long hair. Even deliberate negligence is not the result of hasty gatherings of a person who is in a hurry in the morning to work or study, but a carefully thought out move.

To style the Bob haircut beautifully and without hassle, keep your hair clean. Choose a shampoo, balm or mild conditioner.Give the strands on the back of the head more volume than the side curls. Experiment with styling options that suit your looks. For instance, For an evening out, date or other similar occasions, such a hairstyle is suitable:

  • clean your washed and wet hair back,
  • separate them with a straight or side parting,
  • in the root zone, distribute the volume agent,
  • blow dry each strand separately, lifting it at the roots with a round brush,
  • twist the tips inward,
  • at the end, treat the hair with a stream of cold air,
  • Having dried all the hair, spread it with your fingers.

The easiest everyday option is to style your haircut with a hairdryer.

In summer, you can make a bob with the effect of wet hair. To do this, spread the gel over a slightly damp hair to form a wet styling. Lightly beat the curls with your fingers. Use wax for careless styling. Select individual strands and give them the desired direction.

The name "American Square" is also found. The same haircut will look new with different styling. Alternate the direction of the parting, remove or highlight the bangs, etc.

Pros and cons

Advantages of varieties of haircuts "Bob":

  • visually makes a man younger
  • helps to correct the oval of the face, its features,
  • is in trend, and does not apply to familiar and long-known hairstyles,
  • has various options
  • can be stacked in many ways
  • It is distinguished by originality and attracts attention.

Disadvantages of "Bob":

  • not suitable for men of advanced age,
  • looks bad on thin, thin hair,
  • needs styling and periodic correction,
  • has other restrictions - in style, profession, etc.

Star examples

Many famous men choose a fashionable haircut. Similar images are captured in archival photos. Robert Pattinson, Jared Leto, Brooklyn Beckham.

Jared Leto and Brooklyn Beckham

Various variations of the stylish "Bob" at one time did Hollywood celebrities Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, Ashton Kutcher.

Johnny Depp and Keanu Reeves

Actor Ian Somerhalder and country singer Keith Urban and now they prefer a carelessly styled haircut.

Haircut "Bob" is popular, but very specific. It is not suitable for every male representative. Such a hairstyle will decorate a confident young man who will not spare time for a stylish styling.

Straight bang bob

The straight bangs, just like in the case of a symmetrical bean, should be thick in structure and fall to the very line of the eyebrows in a straight line. Most often, smooth bob with a straight bang is made out by teenagers and school-age children, since the haircut harmoniously fits into a pretty romantic image. Adult men are less likely to wear such a hairstyle, except for creative people and men of model appearance with ideal face proportions.

What kind of bean to choose?

Stylists note that the most popular type among men of all ages is considered to be an asymmetric bean with sloppy disheveled styling of strands. You can even try on such a haircut to the owners of curly curls, the main thing is that the bangs fall to one side. Naughty hair can be tidied by graduated haircuts. Asymmetric bean is advised to owners of a round face shape.

Bangs also play an important role in creating a haircut, for example, straight bangs go with a smooth bean, torn bangs emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes. A round face is more suitable for oblique bangs, an oval face is a direct option. A haircut is suitable for owners of thick, straight and not prone to excessive oily hair. But for men of advanced age, hairdressers do not advise any version of the bean.

Photo gallery

To understand how popular bob haircuts are this season, stylists offer celebrity photos with different bob haircuts.


Today, a bob haircut is in demand among famous men and guys in everyday life. Most often, a haircut is made out for medium hair, emphasizing softness in appearance and the correct proportions of the face, and most importantly, a straight, thick and luxurious hair. Stylists insist that the bean in all interpretations looks stylish and modern on men of lean physique and oval type of face.

Watch the video: Short Layered Bob Haircut Tutorial - TheSalonGuy (February 2020).

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