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How to know that a girl likes you

Want to know - ask. After all, the main means of exchanging information among people is still language. Unfortunately, he is the main means of deception and intrigue. Fortunately, human speech does not exhaust the possibilities of communication. In addition to the language of words, there is a body language. We will study it, answering the popular male question “how to understand what a girl likes”. Because asking here is definitely not an option.

Do you like girl: we read body language

It happens, of course, and such - everything is clear without words. He loves her. She is his. All points are above the “and”. But the audience of our site is people with the status of “in search”. And these people are looking not only for their "halves", but also for answers to burning questions. One of these questions is how to understand that a woman likes you.

The question, although relevant, is strange. Because if a spark arises between a man and a woman, the questions “I like - I don't like” disappear automatically. But not everyone can understand what love is in general. Both begin to send eloquent signals to each other. The problem is that not all of these signals reach.

For some, body language is akin to Chinese. We will talk about some “hieroglyphs” of this language. And if you want to know more, read “Body Language” by Allan Pisa or his “Sign Language in Love”.

  • By sight
    The main thing that you need to remember about the look is that she looks often, but lingers for a long time. It’s hard not to look at what you like. From what you like, do not take your eyes off. That is why her eyes regularly turn to you. The rest - the whole complex range of feelings transmitted by the gaze - study empirically. Because how many girls - so many looks.

  • By gestures
    Gestures are a more specific, but no less voluminous, category that can be divided into three conditional groups. The first is gestures that demonstrate sexuality: stroking the leg of a glass, tugging at the earlobe, stroking hair, licking his lip, biting his tongue. You understand, out of the blue, the girl will not lick and stroke anything. If you notice this kind of gestures - do not freeze, act.
    The second group of gestures is also about sex, but more about initiative. Yours, of course. The woman reserves the right to defenselessness and humility. “I am in your power,” she signals, tilting her head to one side, opening her neck or showing her naked wrist.
    If the “ruler” does not reach, a woman can resort to the help of “heavy artillery” - this is the third group of gestures. For example, it invades the zone of intimacy - it penetrates where no one is allowed to enter. The sex zone, we recall, is a distance from 15 cm to 45 cm. Only sex is closer. Impact on defeat - deflection in the back. The same deflection, in which the chest protrudes and the butt protrudes. In general, if nature is puzzled to bring a specific female to a specific male, she will find a means (a suitable gesture) to fulfill her intention.

  • By behavior
    There are also behavioral features. For example, an irresistible desire to touch - and the collar will correct, and the quality of the T-shirt will test, and look at the life line on the hand. At these moments, she rather needs to be kissed. Only neatly. Being in the company, he will try to stand out - either he laughs loudest than everyone else, or sits separately, or flirts with everyone who comes to his arm (watching you out of the corner of his eye). And this woman is ready to listen to you for hours, even if you are talking frank delirium - one of the most significant signs of her sympathy.
    It is clear that there is a moment of individuality. One sexually wags her hips in front of your nose, meaning nothing. The other, on the contrary, has in mind, but cannot show — timid and shy. But the vast majority of girls behaves predictably. If he wags his hips when he sees you, then he means something.


The main symptom is looking directly into the eyes, but with periodic embarrassment, looking away to the side. This is a signal of interest and embarrassment, but there are signs that signal more ambitious intentions:

  • open flirting eyes
  • a sly squint from under the eyelashes,
  • a slightly inclined and turned head, a sly look a little from the side.

If a woman wears glasses, then elegantly adjusting them or biting a darling, rubbing glasses is another option to attract attention.

Body position

Pay attention to posture. A straight back, open hand gestures, smooth movements are a sign of friendliness and femininity. Obvious signs should not be missed: “accidental” touch, approach, leaning forward.

In psychology, there is a phenomenon of unconscious imitation, which involves an unconscious repetition of gestures, poses. Observe if the girl is crossing her arms after you.

Any desire to reduce the distance, for example, a turn of the body in your direction, outstretched arms, socks directed towards you, indicate sympathy. Another way to get closer is to unobtrusively touch a hand or shoulder in a conversation, lean on, ask for a hand. Especially pay attention to this if there were other men nearby, and the woman chose you.

Facial expression

A tender, full-bodied natural smile with facial wrinkles in the corners of the eyes and wide-open eyes will tell about the interest on the part of the woman. If you are attractive to a woman, then she will not frown, smile with one side. But periodic flirtatious raising of an eyebrow is a flirtation signal.


If a woman likes you, then she does not care what you think. And such an installation is difficult not to notice. It has a different manifestation, but when a person wants to look positive in the eyes of another, to be noticed, is guided by the opinion and evaluation of the interlocutor, then every action will speak about it.

The girl will not be capricious, she will gladly accept any sign of attention. Observe her communication with you and other men. If she likes you, then the difference will be significant: a minimum of prohibitions, contradictions, barriers, failures.

If a girl usually behaves brightly, then in your presence she can become quiet, timid. And vice versa, usually a modest girl is able to change beyond recognition, to blossom from your presence alone.

When people are in the company, then each person subconsciously looks at the one who is pleasant to him. Pay attention to this.

Body language that speaks of sympathy

Gesture and facial expression experts say that when we meet someone we like, certain physiological changes begin to occur in our body.

Muscle tone rises, we stop stooping, the body straightens, and we look younger and more attractive. Men spread their breasts, try to take a dominant position, while women bow their heads, touch their hair and show their wrists.

Body language shows how open we are to communication, attractive and ready, or maybe even desperately want a relationship.

So, what you need to pay attention to if you want to know if a girl likes you?

Eyes - where exactly does she direct her attention? Do her pupils expand or widen when someone enters the room?

Lips - Do they smile or frown?

Feet - where are they directed?

Hands - where do they touch what they hold?

Facial redness or sweating - pay attention to sudden redness of the face and neck, sweating and wet palms - all this can be a good sign.

Breath - sometimes when we are nervous, we have difficulty breathing. In other cases, on the contrary, we relax and breathe more slowly if we are next to a loved one.

Always pay attention to the situation and how its reaction to you is different from the reaction to other people in the room.

In general, the body language of girls and women is more difficult to read than men, since the fair sex is less straightforward.

And remember that each girl is individual, and these tips are only tips to help you understand how much the girl is to you.

Verbal symptoms

Sometimes you do not need to look for hidden non-verbal signals, because manifestations of sympathy lie on the surface:

  • compliments as if by chance or in the direction of another person, but with the same qualities as you,
  • support in disputes, discussions, difficult situations, switching to your side,
  • emphasis on common interests, imitation,
  • requests for help, playing the “knight”,
  • immediate reaction to jokes, cues,
  • flirty phrases “anything for you”, “you are my hero”,
  • demand and taking into account your opinion,
  • detailed stories about yourself and interest in your life,
  • meeting family, friends,
  • question about your relationship.

If you have known each other for a long time, then you should pay attention to the nature of communication. If a girl likes you, then she is always open, ready for communication. If he can’t talk, meet, then he will warn, explain the reason.

An interested girl will carefully listen to everything you say. Interrogation, emphasis on something, additional questions, a careful look ahead are a sign of an interested hearing.


If a girl is waiting for the first step from you, then she can hint about it. For example, ask what plans for the evening. Or to say, “Oh, I just wanted to watch it” about a movie.

You can go for a trick: find out what the girl strongly dislikes, and then say that you like it, and watch the reaction. With sympathy, the girl will either say that she is also interested, or tactfully hint at the rejection of such a thing. Or maybe she herself began to show interest in what used to be indifferent, but you like it. Do you meet “by chance” in unexpected places?

In conclusion, I want to note that each girl in her own way shows sympathy. Each person is individual, as are his reactions. Named symptoms are common, but there are exceptions, variations of these manifestations. For a more accurate definition of sympathy, observe a girl in the circle of other people.

Not only observe, but also show attention yourself. With good self-regulation and uncertainty in response sympathy, a woman can consciously control herself. At least smile at the girl. If she immediately answers the same or becomes embarrassed, then this is a clear sign of sympathy.

If you are worried about whether you understand the girl’s behavior correctly, then ask your best friend from the outside to assess the situation. An objective look helps a lot in interpreting someone’s reactions.

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If you like a colleague: all posts are submissive to love

Flirting at work, whatever one may say, is a strange thing. Without it, it’s boring to work. It is impossible with him. But he was, is and will be. Because everyone understands, life is more than official duties and planning meetings. Still, to understand which of the colleagues is ready to combine the useful with the pleasant.

If a colleague likes you woman ...

  • Will be an eyesore. After all, we are drawn like a magnet to people who like us, and we cannot resist this attraction.
  • Will start to look in your mouth. We are ready to listen to people we like all day and assent to any of their absurd undertakings.
  • The pace and timbre of her voice is changing. These are hormones. They soften and thicken the vocal cords, causing laryngeal sounds and slowing down speech.
  • It looks more attractive. Surely she began to wake up half an hour earlier in order to bring herself (for you) into a perfect view.

Actually, and everything that we talked about in the section about body language. Or do you think that a woman, crossing the threshold of a labor institution, ceases to be a woman? Doesn't stop. And behaves accordingly. And you do not make yourself a member of the corporate movement "Sex - No."

How to understand by correspondence: the transmission of feelings at a distance

Another thing is the Internet. On dating sites and social networks (VK, Facebook), a rich and powerful body language is not available for analysis. She bites her lip or not, one can only guess.

In correspondence, pay attention to the following points.

  • He writes first. Let not always, but periodically. It’s just that girls don’t write to guys. Or about (“help”). Or like you.
  • He answers quickly. Even if it is inconvenient, it will still unsubscribe in response. Reported to be busy, or even apologize.
  • Answers in detail. Because they are briefly unsubscribing from politeness. From a feeling of deep sympathy - in detail and in detail.
  • Interested in you. Not only answers, but also asks questions. After all, the girl who likes you wants to know you completely.
  • Flirts with you. And flirting online is compliments, emoticons, stickers, likes. Here are links with a hint (clip about love).
  • Advertises itself. He tries to present himself in a favorable light. To the question “what are you doing?” He answers in the spirit of “doing yoga” or “preparing paella”.

Paella is good not on the monitor, but in the mouth. Do not stay too long online. Like a girl - take a girl to real life. Because the monitor is like a rubber woman. It seems nice, but not that.

Stars without thorns: the behavior of girls of different zodiac signs

And in this section we will talk about how women of different zodiac signs express their feelings. At least take note of what astrologers think about this.

How to understand what Aries girl likes

Aries are confident girls. Interested in a man, they climb out of their skin to attract attention. This is the rare type of women who does not wait with folded arms, but acts. And this is the rare type of women who can ask the question “Do you like me” and get an honest and detailed answer to it.

How to understand what a girl likes Taurus

And Taurus is not muscular young ladies. Easily take the initiative in their confident hands. If you really need to - and invite for a date. True, first take a closer look. Taurus acts on the basis of rational considerations. But if they act, then any means are used to achieve the goal.

How to understand what a Gemini girl likes

The representatives of this sign are extremely emotional, and emotions are not shy to express. A suitable moment to “pour out the soul” will not wait. Take advantage of any more or less convenient circumstance. And before the "serious conversation" will blow you the roof of rampant flirting.

How to understand what a girl like Cancer

By nature - an extremely secretive zodiac sign. To understand what is on her mind is almost impossible. Astrologers recommend the following "life hack": communicating, translate the conversation on the topic of her personal life. Closes - it means that you did not fall into the circle of people she liked. Talk - there is something to work with. Take the initiative in your own hands, but without sudden movements.

How to understand what Leo likes the girl

It always attracts the eye and achieves its goals. True, with the help of very specific tactics. First, he will do everything possible to attract attention, and then he will step back and indulgently allow her to be courted. But she is worth it, isn't she?

How to understand what a girl likes Virgo

Unemotional and rational zodiac sign. Loses his head, only falling in love with his ears. If we are talking about ordinary sympathy, it can behave very specifically - for example, it throws tons of caustic criticism onto your head. Or deliberately, beyond measure, indifferent. Be patient and gain her trust in actions. Despite the coldness, temperament will break through. But it didn’t break through - it means that the Virgin is indifferent to you.

How to understand what Libra girl likes

It's easy to fall in love with her - stylish, unusual and incredibly feminine.And, it seems, not indifferent to you - because only a woman in love flirts like this! Alas, Libra is a natural coquette and temptress. Yes, she probably likes you - she will not flirt out of the blue. That's just about the seriousness of the intentions of Libra's flirtation absolutely does not say anything.

How to understand what a girl like Scorpio

She is the mistress of her fate. Strong, seasoned, purposeful. And once aged, it means it will not open all the cards at once. She’ll study you well before. And throughout its experimental studies will keep you hooked on sexuality - in this matter the Scorpions are extremely talented.

How to understand what a Sagittarius girl likes

This ingenuous person does not stand on ceremony for a long time. Like it - it’s suitable and invites you to coffee. Or not just for coffee, because Sagittarius is one of the most free-thinking and prejudiced zodiac signs. Sex on a first date - why not? Most likely without obligation. Do not feed in vain illusions.

How to understand what a girl Capricorn likes

Capricorn, perhaps the most pragmatic and devoid of romance zodiac sign. It will be closed tightly until it scrupulously examines all your nooks and crannies. Do not waste time and do not rack your brains while trying to count the signals of her body. Better focus on capturing this truly luxurious woman - become the best version of yourself.

How to understand what a girl likes Aquarius

And these girls, by contrast, are extremely emotional. Even too much. As if they live in a different world - they are in the clouds surrounded by butterflies and nymphs. Pragmatism, rationalism, calculation - Aquarius does not know such words. Like it - it will betray itself with its head. Will spin next to burning eyes.

How to understand what a girl likes Pisces

Girls of this sign are distinguished by exceptional femininity. Emancipation is alien to her, and in any situation where “smells like a man”, the fish will behave like a real woman - helpless and naive. The degree of her helplessness and vulnerability is directly proportional to the strength of her sympathy for you.

Thus, interrogation with addiction is far from the only way to figure it out. Any girl can be considered without asking her anything. No girls to experiment? Register on the dating site. Guide for dating portals - click here. Have a nice dive!

Features of the behavior of a concerned girl

All the girls in love unknowingly give themselves a number of nuances in behavior. The most pronounced among them:

  • For a short period of time, the "blue stocking" turns into a beauty. Falling in love is always good.
  • The main answer to the question of how to find out whether such a girl likes a guy is her inspiration. She glows with happiness, smiles, rejoices at every moment. The mood improves when the object of passion appears.
  • The image becomes perfect. Attention is paid to makeup, figure. All notice the transformation, make compliments.
  • Absent-mindedness and mood swings become frequent companions during a period of falling in love. All thoughts are directed at him, the lady loses concentration, is distracted, often forgets important things. They say about such people: "it is in the clouds."

Glossy magazines educate in beauties the desire for a cold attitude when choosing a potential chosen one. But nature cannot be deceived, they give themselves out during communication, in a manner of holding on with simple physical contact.

What is the paradox and inconsistency of women

If a girl likes you, then she will never directly let you know. No way. She will send you various signals, beat around the bush and wait until you finally understand this or show perseverance.

Yes, now women have become more decisive and proactive, but the maximum that even they can do is invite you for something (for example, in gratitude) for a cup of coffee. And even there, sitting in a cozy atmosphere, she does not admit in her life that she likes you, although she will languish from love.

In other words, it is important to understand that it is impossible to get a girl’s recognition of sympathy in a verbal way. Verbally - these are words, expressions, hints. You cannot solve these puzzles that she gives out and understand what she really wants to say.

Therefore, it will be necessary to determine its location and sympathy by indirect signs.

We are talking about the time when you still do not have a relationship with her, there were no kisses and other intimate moments.

Therefore, I will give you the following important advice:

Do not attach importance to what she says. Never focus on context.

What then should he focus on? But on what:

2 reaction to your speech

Another way to find out that a girl likes you is by observing her behavior while you are talking. If she:

  • shows a keen interest in the story,
  • distracted from another matter or conversation and switches all attention to you,
  • begins to ask questions, maybe not even to you at all, but to the air or others, but so that you hear
  • laughs at your jokes, even at the most stupid ones
  • comments on you (sometimes sarcastically) -

it means that she is not indifferent to you.

3. The desire to see you as a defender and support

The next signal that allows you to determine what a girl likes you is her need to see you as a patron and your man.

Since the relationship between you is still difficult to call even a relationship, these will be very mild signs:

  • Asks for help in something small (help in choosing),
  • He complains about his problems and asks if there are any friends who could solve this issue,
  • With pleasure, she accepts any help or courtesy from you (they opened the door, shook hands),
  • Begins to show his weakness with you (cannot cope with the lock on his jacket, open the drink, and so on)
  • It can be frightened and show its defenselessness before the “danger”, so that you have to “protect” or reassure it - a terrible scene in the film, a loud sound, a spider.

If a woman is indifferent to a man, then she will not want to show her weakness with him, and even more so she will not wait for help or support. For her, you will be an ordinary person, a friend, next to whom such tricks are meaningless, easier and faster to do everything yourself, so as not to waste time.

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4 Actions in daily communication (communication)

  • In any disputes or conflicts takes your side. And it doesn’t matter, on the network you came across opinions with someone in the comments or at a meeting,
  • Introduces you to your friends or girlfriends,
  • He is actively interested in affairs and events in your life, even in the past (childhood, youth),
  • Quickly and with pleasure responds to the slightest signs of attention from you in her direction,
  • Easily maintains a conversation, shares stories, his feelings,
  • Interests similar to yours appear (begins to watch the same series, play the same game, be interested in your favorite sport, and so on),
  • Wherever you go, in some magical way she always appears next to you,
  • Sincerely rejoices at your successes and victories, may not even show it to you, but begins to glow with happiness and smile when he finds out the good news,
  • Asks for your opinion on various issues.


Playing with curls is a favorite pastime of a girl in love or flirting. In addition, being close to a man who is pleasant to her makes the young woman nervous, which also affects involuntary finger movements, including:

  • constant touch of the hairstyle, throwing the bangs back or blowing it off the forehead,
  • winding hair on a finger, pencil or other writing instruments (for example, at school or office),
  • tilting hair from the neck, and at this moment the girl is trying to catch your eye.

Communicating with a pretty young lady, pay more attention to her lips. To say about his sympathy, a girl does not have to say anything at all. If you like her, then she is highly likely to be:

  • lick your lips
  • bite your lower lip
  • smile seductively
  • touch your lips with your fingers, as if wanting to check makeup.

5 How to understand that you like a VK girl or on another social network

In correspondence, you can verify the girl’s sympathy by the following signs:

  • She immediately answers all your messages,
  • Instead of standard “Yes”, “Clear”, “Ok”, “Yeah” her answers are detailed and end with a question for you. That is, the girl is interested in the conversation,
  • Sometimes she herself is the first to write to you with minor questions or for nothing: “What was asked?”, “Have you already done?”, “Have you seen ...?”,
  • Sends beautiful or entertaining pictures, jokes, new songs, or shares other noteworthy publications.

We observe the behavior of the girl

The most important sign of a young person's sympathy for a guy is flirting. You are pretty girl (or even she loves you), if in your company she begins to laugh, touch you or engage in polemics. However, remembering that every woman is a bright personality, consider the following rules:

  1. Some girls just love to flirt with absolutely all the representatives of the stronger sex, other girls do not understand that they are flirting, while the rest are shy and do not resort to such gestures.
  2. If a young lady is shy, but you assume that she loves you, look at the implicit “symptoms” of interest on her part. For example, she may blush at your company, straighten clothes or a bag. This is also considered a kind of sign of interest.

In addition, pay attention to the changes in the appearance of the young person. If you like her, she will try to change her wardrobe, hairstyle or makeup. However, there are girls who look almost perfect in all situations. In this case, you need to watch her for some time to notice the changes in her appearance.

What a girl likes you can say the activity of her account:

- joins the same communities where you are,

- adds to your playlist the same songs that you have,

- likes your photos or photos with your participation,

- comments in a positive manner on the photo where you are present,

- Like some post on your wall - this is a very bright signal of love, that is, she already studies and dreams so deeply that she climbed into the wilds of your page to find out better the object of her passion.

6 touches

Girls will never touch a person they don’t like. Therefore, any gesture with touching your arm, shoulder, back is a clear sign that she likes you.

Touch can be by chance - during a joke, laughing, lean on you. And there may be hugs, the initiator of which she will act - at parting or greeting.

With an unpleasant person, the girl will not want to cuddle, and even more so she will not do this first, even out of politeness.

She can also “brush off” a speck of dust from your clothes or “fix” a hood.

This includes not only touching you, but also yourself. To attract the attention of the man he liked, the girl will touch herself with her fingertips (this is important). Touch the elements of your clothes, drive along the neck, stroke yourself on the shoulder, arm, pull the pendant, drawing your attention to the hollow on the chest.

This is such an unconscious call. "Well, look what I have!".

7 pose

It’s difficult to talk about any obvious signs of sympathy on this basis, because it all depends on the situation, on the topic of conversation, on your level of intimacy (just met or chatted for a long time), on the character and shyness of the girl.

But I noticed that crossed legs, when a girl is standing in conversation, can be a signal that she is not indifferent to you. I don’t know what this is connected with, but it works.

8 Changes in clothing and appearance

Girls with great trepidation and attention relate to their wardrobe. And if they like a man, then this will immediately affect the appearance.

  • She will begin to tint her eyelashes more clearly, apply shadows, lip gloss or lipstick, in general, do what she did not do before,
  • Pants and jeans will be replaced more often with dresses and skirts,
  • Shoe on a solid platform will replace the stiletto heels or others in heels,
  • The clothes will become brighter colors (this is to attract your attention),
  • Sometimes the neckline will be shown or the top button on the blouse will be unfastened - to look more seductive for you,
  • The gait will become smoother, slower, so that you can hold your gaze longer and look at it.

9 How to understand whether a girl likes you: the most important signal

The most obvious signal that a girl likes you is the fact that she is still here. He listens to you, talks to you, spends his time nearby. When a person has no interest, he silently leaves.

If she is still nearby, then she clearly makes it clear that she is on the hook. And letting you go, jumping from this hook, she has no desire.

And 4 more valuable tips

1. Important! Do not make a conclusion only on 1 basis indicated above. Always take a combination of behavioral factors, then you will see the real picture.

2. If she looks at your lips, then 99% means that she dreams of a kiss with you. Do not get lost, but kiss her!

3. To test the "ping" try to touch the girl (for example, take her hand) at the right time. If she does not pull the brush, then she really likes you. If you leave it in yours, then everything is fine.

Such a “suitable” moment may be the time when you exit the doors of a store, at home, or from a car and a bus.

4. Do not provoke the girl to jealousy, it looks pathetic, stupid and frivolous. Do not compliment her friends or other women in her presence. I assure you, it will not bring anything good for your reputation or karma 🙂

Well, it turns out that the question of how to understand whether a girl likes you is not so complicated, if one is attentive to her behavior. Try to pay less attention to words and react kindly to the sympathy signals described here that she sends you.

Yours Tatyana Kreker.

Finally, you have a funny clip about a girl in love:

How to understand that she is not indifferent in body language

Hormones are activated and transmit a signal through the body. A couple of minutes ago the young woman laughed unceasingly, and now she was sad at the window. You can determine the signs that a young girl likes you by her behavior. For example, when an object of sighing appears in the field of vision, changes in the mood of the person in love will certainly occur:

  • Goodwill.
  • Friendliness.
  • Flirty and flirt.

Unconfident ladies, on the contrary, experience negative feedback. Become restrained, sadder, silent. Behavioral manifestations will depend on the girl’s psychotype.

However, attracting attention is the main criterion on how to know reliably whether this girl likes you or not. Gifts, signs of attention, inquiries about him - this is why a young lady in love gives herself out in the first place.

Age leaves a mark on behavior. Young girls will whisper when they see the object of passion of one of them. They cuddle with each other, laugh and always look in his direction. Those who are older, on the contrary, are involved in the game on their own. Begin to exchange glances with the desired partner, express attention with behavior and non-verbal hints.

You should definitely not flirt with her friends, as there is a risk of aggravating the situation. Seeing this, the chosen one can not just be offended, but stop any attempts to interest such a young man. It is better to act carefully and not cross the line.

Craving attention

The first impulse is always towards the object of attraction.Entering the room, the girl looks for him with his eyes, gives him a smile, and only after that does she do business. She thought about the man before she came in, thinking about actions. This is one of the ways that will help to understand whether a girl likes you and how much she wants to be with you.

All this is in sight, an attentive guy will notice:

  • Tries to give all the attention to him, to show interest. But pride will not let you go first and say sympathy directly. Therefore, the ladies act secretly, in the hope of the quick wits of a man. He behaves with restraint with others, and with a guy more freely, flirts, touches.
  • The desire to devote more time to the object of increased attention, refusing some activities. Changes plans in favor of him, realigns the usual course of things.


A woman’s behavior changes when she really likes a man. A conversation can show this in the best way possible:

  • Involved in a dialogue, listens attentively, pretends that the topic of conversation is very curious.
  • Ignoring is completely absent. Moreover, the lady will not interrupt, she tries not to talk too much.
  • He actively supports the conversation, tries very hard, even if the topic is not close to her. For example, she suddenly falls in love with cars and music that was never close to her.
  • Mindfulness becomes all-consuming. Distracted from everything around and catches his every word. Along the way, thinking that such a smart and interesting can say in response.
  • He shows interest in his interests, work, favorite book. He enthusiastically listens to life stories only if they are not about former passions.

5. The girl touches you

The girl "tactfully" attacks you, hoping for mutual sympathy. She will not grab you by the cock, but by the arm or shoulder is easy. It can be a “casual” touch or a special one with an emphasis on friendliness. We touch those who are pleasant to us and to whom there is a certain attraction. The girl seduces and incites the man to retaliate by touching him. What are you waiting for?

Discusses you with friends

The need to share experiences openly makes it clear that the girl seriously liked you. This comes in the first days after meeting, but only with very close people. She wants to know:

  • What do they think of this young man.
  • Is it possible to start a relationship with him.
  • Wouldn't that be a mistake for her.
  • Do they look together.

It is interesting that many young ladies send "spies" of bosom friends so that they unobtrusively find out the answer to the main question, probe the soil, and look at the development of events.

If she has no friends, then such a lady shares her feelings more often in social networks, groups, forums. Tracking behavior in this case is more difficult, but anything is possible if desired.

How to determine if a girl or a mature woman likes you

You can determine the level of sympathy yourself, without relying on friends and girlfriends. A man must look into his eyes and smile, if a lady does this in response, then the attraction is obvious. A riskier way is to show interest in another before her eyes. It is very important not to go too far and watch her reaction. She really likes you if:

  1. Breathing quickened.
  2. The mood has changed dramatically.
  3. Irritability and nervousness increased.

Another way to check whether a beautiful girl likes you is to pay attention to her behavior in an informal setting. If it is strikingly different, then the answer is obvious.

To provoke jealousy and check it with a negative attitude is very careful. A girl can take this as a mockery of herself and stop any attempts at flirting, showing interest.

How to understand that you are pretty girl on penpal in VK

It is difficult to understand that your beloved girl likes you in VK, because during correspondence her intonation is not heard, and there is no way to see changes in her behavior. However, there are still a number of signs that will help find the answer to such an exciting question, namely:

  • “Like” all the photographs of a young man of interest to her.
  • On the wall appear the status of love and love.
  • Romantic melodies and songs on the wall.
  • In the gallery I posted a photo where she is with you and someone else.
  • can visit and add to communities that are of interest to a lover.
  • He often visits the page, studies what he does and is interested in.
  • Leaves comments in the public, to which the man is subscribed, takes his side in discussions and conversations.

Correspondence can show much more:

  • If he answers quickly and with interest, he writes the answers.
  • Asks leading questions, does not answer simply “clearly”.
  • He actively uses emoticons and stickers, throws off written messages without a reason and often, he is not afraid to seem intrusive.
  • It is especially valuable if she discards photos from the dressing room, asking for advice on choosing a dress.

From the look you can understand that a girl likes you seriously, but on social networks all this is even more obvious. Her friends become frequent guests on the page of a potential partner. They, unable to restrain curiosity, also view photos, but rarely “like” or write in private messages.

Signs that you're definitely not interested

Conducting a "love investigation" will not be amiss to study the reverse reaction. You can understand that a beautiful girl does not like you for several reasons.

  1. Otmazyvaetsya from meeting and even dating. He reiterates that she is not ready for a serious relationship.
  2. There are no calls or answers. Itself does not call and does not answer, referring to employment. Three or four unanswered calls - you should no longer show interest in such a young lady.
  3. No eye contact. He tries not to look directly into the eyes, avoids this. Intentionally distracted by the phone during a conversation or a book.
  4. Physical contact is prohibited. Does not allow touching himself, against friendly hugs. Never touches during a conversation.
  5. Straight about other guys. No, this is not an attempt to cause jealousy, just treat you like a friend, no more.
  6. Introduces another. He shows an increased interest in the personal life of a guy, tries to introduce him to a girlfriend or acquaintance, looks for options, advises.
  7. Doesn't laugh at jokes. This is a clear indicator of lack of interest.

To give yourself an answer to the question of how to understand that a smart girl likes you, it is enough to carefully monitor her behavior. The manner of behaving, the way of non-verbal communication, flirting and flirting transmit her active interest. Closure, detachment and constant plans, which the guy does not enter, are more likely to indicate a lack of attraction.

Learning Communication

To find out if a girl likes you, first of all, look at her behavior while communicating with you. A classmate at school, a young lady in a company, or a work colleague, in contact with a pleasant young man, begins:

  • listen to him carefully (and it’s not so important what he says), actively maintain a conversation on almost any topic,
  • smile at the guy’s jokes and laugh at the jokes and funny stories told by him (clever girls in love understand that even unsuccessful jokes need a positive assessment).

How to understand that a familiar girl likes you? Ask your mutual friends if she tried to find out from them between them whether you are free or have a girlfriend. In addition, she can share her emotions with friends and ask if you can make a good couple.

Interest in a guy when communicating on social networks

In this case, we will talk about how to find out by correspondence in VK and other social networks that a girl likes you. It is quite difficult to determine female sympathy from a distance. However, there are several signs that will help to make at least an approximate picture and establish how much the interlocutor is interested in you.

Pay attention to such signs and features of communication by correspondence in VK, such as:

  • the speed of her responses to your message (not the most accurate point, since a young lady can be just very busy),
  • Does she write to you first when you appear on the network or prefers to wait for your messages (modest girls may not write first),
  • numerous likes and comments on photos, videos or music videos on your VK page,
  • how detailed her messages are, whether she eagerly answers what words she uses (“clearly”, “yes” are considered impersonal and indifferent words),
  • Does she love to be frank with you?

To resolve all issues, force the situation. No need to ask every morning about the state of her affairs, about the weather, just offer to meet, sit in a cafe or exchange telephones. If she refuses, you will not spend much time on fruitless courtship.

How to determine if you are pretty girl?

There are a couple of simple but effective techniques that let you know if a certain young person has warm feelings for you. In practice, they look as follows:

  1. Smile at her when she looks at you. Just like that, without any back thought. If a girl immediately returns your smile, it can be considered a good sign.
  2. Try to cause jealousy, a little flirt with her friend or just another young lady in her presence. During flirting, carefully observe the response. The girl will certainly try to hide her irritation, but she can be given out:
    • rapid breathing
    • a dramatically changed mood
    • nervousness,
    • any attempts to get your attention.

Of course, these signs are not enough to say with “reinforced concrete” confidence that a girl likes you. Perhaps the best way would be to invite her to a date, in a cafe or a movie theater, where you can accurately answer the question tormenting you.

So, it should be recognized that young people can not always accurately understand all the signs that are presented to the fair sex.

Remember that you cannot meet two identical girls. One, absolutely indifferent to you, can show almost all of the above signs of interest, the other, in love with you, will not show a single secret signal. Therefore, be patient, better know your interlocutor and feel with your heart whether she likes you.

7. The girl is interested in your girlfriend

Does a girl ask about your personal life directly or indirectly? She will ask something similar: "Your girlfriend must be laughing at your funny jokes." This tricky trick will allow the girl to find out whether the man is free and whether she has competitors. If a man is busy, some girls will no longer fight for his attention. But there are females that this will not stop. Let her know that you are free and ready to "stir up."

8. The girl is frank

The girl does not talk about her past loves or how she masturbated in the shower. She reveals to you some fun, touching and important stages of her life. The girl talks about what they do not reveal to random people. This suggests that you are special to her. One that is important and interesting.

9. The girl replies to messages

The girl does not pull long tires, but responds promptly and thoroughly. There are no dull words in her speech: “clear”, “understandable”, “ok”. She does not skimp on long answers and emoticons. Using smiles is a good sign of sympathy. The girl replies to any messages, even to which there is really nothing to write. She herself can write first, dump music or a funny picture. This is all for a reason.

13. The girl wants

The girl does not reject anything with a hint of love. She will not pull away, take her hand from your palm, turn away with a kiss. The girl goes towards love, is open for dates and romantic relationships. This is almost guaranteed sympathy, and the girl likes you.

If you answered positively at least 7 points out of 13, then there is definitely something between you. A girl likes you, or maybe she is even in love with you.

The girl likes you, and the girl like you? It's time to stop dumb, become bolder and make her your girlfriend. You can meet, kiss, love, have sex and be happy. It's time to act!

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