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Children's and teenage haircuts

Appearance is important not only for adults, but also for children of all ages. Psychologists say that with the help of image and style, the child asserts himself in society, increases his self-esteem, and most importantly, shows his creative potential. Therefore, the most popular ones are model and creative haircuts for boys, emphasizing the individuality of each child.

If earlier all boys of school and teenage years wore about the same haircut model and hairstyle, today each child is different in their own style and appearance. Thus, parents from an early age will be accustomed to a craving for beauty, self-care and a responsible approach to their appearance. And hairdressers and stylists offer options for the most popular children's haircuts.

How to choose a haircut for a boy?

Whatever model haircut for a boy is chosen by parents or by the child himself, it must be comfortable in the first place. At different ages, children are characterized by different activities and hobbies, so you need to consider these features when choosing a haircut. And in general, stylists emphasize not several criteria for choosing a haircut, namely:

  • the age of the child, the degree of his independence in hair care,
  • the temperament of the child, his nature, hobbies and general external image,
  • wishes and preferences of the boy,
  • hair structure, shade and density,
  • dress code at the school, etc.

The main criterion for choosing a hairstyle for a boy is his face shape. There are a number of haircuts that can dramatically change the appearance of the child, soften the sharp facial features and focus on the merits of the face. Hairdressers advise separately types of haircuts for wavy and curly hair, separately - for straight and smooth.

Children's model haircuts for a boy

In the last century, children's haircuts were presented in several interpretations, today, however, stylists have more than 100 varieties that are at the peak of popularity. The most important trend in choosing a baby haircut is the maximum imitation of adult men. In this way, the boys try to show their individuality, sense of style, as well as creativity.

Half box

The most standard haircut for boys of all ages is the half box. At the crown, the hairdresser leaves medium length hair, but towards the back of the head and temporal region they are gradually shortened. The haircut is universal, that is, it suits absolutely all boys, in addition, it accepts different styling options.


In principle, the haircut Gavrosh is not much different from the previous version, but in this case, the presence of a bang is assumed. The hair on the crown is laid forward, combing a few to one side. Such a haircut can be stacked in the form of a mohawk or lifted up, as required by the haircut.


In this case, the hair is also left on the crown of the head, and cut to the temples and the back of the head as short as possible. But the distinguishing feature of Caesar's haircut will be the presence of a short straight bang on the forehead, as well as the trim of the haircut in the temporal part with clear, even lines. The hairstyle is often combed back or sideways, it all depends on the preferences of the boy and the advice of the hairdresser.


A rather outrageous haircut, but it all depends on the length of the hair and styling. In general, all model hairstyles for boys have a special styling, so today Iroquois will not surprise anyone. The hair is concentrated along the head in the central part, and the temples and the back of the head are cut as short as possible. Next, the hair is laid up in a chaotic manner, using gel or varnish.

The ideal haircut for fidgets and restless boys of preschool or school age - Hedgehog. Hair cutting involves about the same length of hair, but to the temples, hairdressers often reduce the length to adjust the shape of the child's face. The peculiarity of the haircut is a special styling with the help of varnish or gel, it is necessary to form protruding needles from the hair in a chaotic arrangement.

Hair tattoo

The brightest and most striking model haircut for a boy is a haircut in the style of Hair tattoo. Initially, a haircut is created in the style of boxing or semi-boxing, that is, the average length of the crown and short whiskey nape. Further, at the temples, the hairdresser with the help of a machine with a nozzle cuts out patterns, for example, lightning, lines and other geometric patterns. Younger boys often prefer the image of any characters and heroes.


Strict classic haircut for boys - Undercut. The hairdresser leaves the voluminous crown, and in the area of ​​the temples and the back of the head cut the hair as short as possible. The bangs and crown should be combed back with a slight slope to the side. The advantage of such a haircut lies precisely in such a pronounced contrast between the lengths of the hair.

Photo of fashionable haircuts for a boy

To narrow the selection of a model haircut for a boy, hairdressers offer photos with the most trendy haircuts this season. Visually evaluate all of the listed haircuts - this is half the success in choosing a haircut.

How to cut a boy at home?

The easiest way to make a haircut for a boy is to visit a salon and use the services of a hairdresser. But there are those parents who prefer to independently engage in the hair of the child at home. For haircuts, you need to stock up on the following items - scissors, a clipper with nozzles, a cloth to cover the child’s shoulders, a scallop with small cloves. If your hair is medium or long, you should moisten it with a spray or bath before cutting.

Next, the child is seated on a chair, covered with a cloth to protect it from getting cut hair. Next, take a clipper, put on a nozzle and select the desired length. Before cutting, you need to comb your hair, after which the machine begins to work from the neck forward and from the bangs to the crown. Further, using the nozzle with a shorter length, they cut the temporal region, moving the machine around the line of the ears. If necessary, it is possible to shorten in the nape area, after which the bangs are trimmed with scissors.


All of these model hairstyles for boys should be able to make out an experienced hairdresser. At home, you can try to independently achieve the same result if you have the skills and experience in working with scissors and a clipper. When choosing a haircut, you should not put pressure on the child, imposing his opinion on him. For boys with a gentle and soft nature, it is better to choose the same haircut format, short hairstyles are suitable for athletes, and creative and original haircuts and hairstyles are suitable for active creative guys.

Short variations of teenage haircuts

An insignificant length of hair is not a reason to abandon creativity and individual style. The classic options for simple short hairstyles - boxing, semi-boxing, military are able to sound in a new way with the professional approach of this master. Fashionable haircuts for teenagers such as a hat, a hedgehog, a classic Canadian, a creative mohawk are all popular variations of haircuts for short hair.

Medium hair models

Such hairstyles require more attention from the guy, careful care and time for daily styling, but such care is justified by an unsurpassed style and emphasized originality. A bob, a square or a classic cascade are the three main models on the basis of which stylistic variations of haircuts for medium hair are created.

Teen haircuts for different types of hair

The structure and other features of the hair are important criteria that you pay attention to when choosing your preferred hairstyle.

The most versatile in this case are fashionable haircuts for boys for short hair: boxing, semi-boxing, military, etc. They are optimal for hair of various structures (thick or thin), as well as any type (straight wavy or curly). This principle also applies to short haircuts with voluminous upper strands, for example, a classic Canadian.

For teens with thin hair, modern haircuts with graduation are appropriate. They make the hairstyle more obedient and elastic, giving additional volume. Such stepped haircuts allow guys with thin hair not to refuse stylish models for medium and long hair. Also in this case, short variations of model haircuts for boys with bangs laid to one side look very original.

Our masters offer a very extensive range of stylistic solutions for children with thick hair. In addition to the classic options for short haircuts, these can be hairstyles with shaved sides and long strands left on top. Step-haircuts are perfect for kids with thick straight hair.

Motley teen style palette

The advantage of adolescence is complete freedom of expression, independence from conventions and generally accepted stylistic norms. Absolutely all haircuts go to the children, although business hairstyles, as a rule, remain behind their interests.

Practical and in demand among children and adolescents, models in the style of military and sports. These short and ultra-short solutions can always be varied with the original pattern on the temples shaved by the machine. A creative short haircut for boys is a low mohawk.

In adolescence and youth, when the desire to stand out is especially strong, and the hair becomes an effective tool for expressing individuality, grunge hairstyles, underker hair cuts, asymmetric models for medium and long hair are relevant.

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