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Men's fashionWhat is the difference between a men's sweater and a pullover?

If you still do not know, although we already wrote about this, in the upcoming autumn-winter season 2018-2019 in fashion again sweaters. And the most different: voluminous, Boys sweaters (remember, they were still worn in the 90s?), With a large knit, different patterns (remember, pigtails sweaters? That's it!), Tight-fitting (something like a pullover, but not confuse these two concepts, we will definitely explain). Any hand-made sweater, i.e. manually linked. But first, let's say a few words about trends.

Men's voluminous sweaters in fashion in autumn and winter 2018-2019

Warm, soft and ... voluminous. Such sweater models are offered to us by famous designers. Moreover, combinations can be very diverse:

  • jeans with a sweater on a naked body,
  • voluminous sweater with trousers and a shirt, which must necessarily look out from under the sweater,
  • sweater, dress pants,
  • sweater for a club jacket or casual suit,
  • voluminous sweater, corduroy pants and a cherry on the cake - a knitted scarf or a knitted hat from the same yarn.

Stripe Striped Sweater by Dries Van Noten

Extra long sweater, pants and shoes. Dries Van Noten Look

One option to wear a large knit sweater

Sweater, slogan, style: trends of the upcoming autumn-winter season 2018-2019

Not only did the long stretched sweaters return to the podium, so the designers combined another trend of the upcoming season in the models - slogans and all kinds of plot prints. We will not argue, it looks quite stylish.

Volumetric sweaters with slogans are the latest trend in men's and women's fashion

Another model from Dolce & Gabbana

Derived from a sweater: cardigans, sweaters, coats

Long knitted coat, large-knitted sweaters should also find a place in the men's wardrobe. Well, firstly, it's beautiful! Secondly, warmly and further down the list. What to wear? Yes with anything! With jeans and a classic shirt, with a business suit, with trousers and a sweater.

The option with what to wear a knitted cardigan for a man

Dark jeans, a plain t-shirt and a knitted cardigan: an image for any occasion

A voluminous knitted jacket simply must be in the wardrobe of a modern man

How to wear a black sweater for a man: from black to gray

A black sweater as a lifebuoy will fit into the business style, both casual and sporty. It remains only to pick up trousers or jeans for each specific case.

Black sweater, navy jeans and a jacket - a versatile autumn and winter look

Don't be afraid to add a little color to black things

From black, we gradually turn to gray. The images are no less stylish, a gray sweater allows combinations with colored trousers and jackets.

What to wear with a gray sweater for a man: any color pants will come in handy

Gray mottled sweater, jacket and jeans. The kit can be worn under sneakers and shoes

From gray we turn to very light shades - beige, white sweater. It is even simpler here - the colors are perfectly adjacent to colored trousers, and jeans of different colors, and to almost any shoe. You can choose a kit in one color scheme, then the image will turn out soft and sophisticated.

Wear a beige sweater and classic gray trousers. Smart casual look

Light sweater combined with denim

How to wear a pullover / sweater: choose the right color scheme

To begin with, we determine that pullover, and he is a jumper - this is about the same sweater, speaking roughly, only without a collar, fasteners, thinner and tight-fitting torso. And yet, these concepts are different, so the images are also different. We suggest without further ado to see a few universal, fairly decent and diverse images.

The option of wearing a burgundy pullover

What to wear with a white pullover / jumper: total white

How to wear a gray jumper: a layered option for smart casual fans

Black pullover combined with a bright shirt

Actors and athletes wear a sweater / cardigan / cardigan

Nothing human is alien to celebrities, they are also people and also freeze. It turns out that many men are very good at combining knitwear not only in everyday life, but also in going out, so to speak.

David Beckham often chooses knitted cardigans in combination with jeans and a shirt

Jared Leto last year at The tonight show

Layering is your everything. Jason Statham in a T-shirt, knitted cardigan and jacket

Singer Chris Brown in a geometric sweater

The moral of this article’s fable is this: a sweater / jumper is a rather universal thing for a man’s wardrobe. And in the snow, and almost in the heat, and with jeans, and with trousers it will look great. From the latest trends - we choose a sweater with a large knit, crazy slogans and a pattern.

We are sure that something similar will certainly be found among your things, you just need to look well. And if not, then here is the link for Ukrainians and here for the residents of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

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