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What to give a woman for 36 years: choose a birthday present

She had long ago come to terms with the past 30th anniversary ... And she met 35 with a fervent smile.

Indeed, despite the significant luggage behind her in the form of a successful and not very experience, she is still young, beautiful, and charming.

There is still a lot of interesting things to do, you just have to relax and wait.

Wait for sincere wishes, flowers, attention. After all, 36 is not even half of life, a fairy tale either has already begun, or is yet to come ...

Read more about what to give a woman a birthday for 36 years, read further in our article.

What to give a woman a birthday for 36 years: 10 gift ideas from Him

Recently met, childhood friends, secretly in love, live together, married for 15 years - in any case, this woman, at least, means something to you and deserves a pleasant surprise.

And for its implementation, just a little observation, imagination, financial means is enough. Yes, the last paragraph is not necessary, but with it the chances of fulfilling the cherished dream of a beautiful woman are slightly higher.

So what to give a girl a birthday for 36 years?

    Sweet bouquet.

Successfully combined her favorite flowers / delicious sweets.

In addition, you can hide cute little notes with compliments / wishes in the present.

Or even a few bills, if the relationship allows, and the birthday girl wanted to buy something for herself.

The more original the bouquet, the more pleasant the lady will be.

  • Journey. Yes, terribly corny, but none of the donee has complained. And if it will be a cruise on a liner, exotic islands or a romantic walk in Paris, you will forgive this “banality” for sure.
  • Wall Florarium.

    A great alternative to indoor plants, only need to be watered 3-4 times a month.

    Such a composition will be pleasing to the eye, serve as a night lamp, and also will not make you think about transplanting, soil, fertilizer, etc.

    All that is required of you is to choose the right color scheme, to help with the installation.
    Blanket with sleeves.

    And also good tea or coffee, a favorite treat for a birthday girl, a good movie.

    For a family or constantly working woman, this is not only a gift, but also a chic rest in front of the fireplace.

    If there is no fireplace, you can give it as well. To complement, so to speak, the picture ...

  • Gift Certificate. In the cosmetic department, SPA salon, your favorite clothing store. It is advisable for a considerable amount so that a woman gets the maximum pleasure from shopping.
  • Underwear. Only beautiful, only high-quality, only if your relationship is up to standard.
  • Breakfast table in bed.

    Accordingly, breakfast itself is also with a cup of coffee, a flower on the pillow.

    The birthday girl will appreciate such a gesture, even if she herself is far from romance.

  • Decoration. Moreover, it can be either a jewelry piece of jewelry or high-quality expensive jewelry. After all, this is not about the solidity of the presentation, but about the habit / preference of the woman herself.
  • Appliances.

    Only not the one you were going to buy, but the birthday successfully turned up as an occasion.

    Present the birthday girl what she looks at, but she spares money or doesn’t decide to purchase it herself.

  • Dinner at the restaurant. So simple, with the taste of this woman’s favorite cuisine. Better after going to the cinema or theater
  • “Our little girl” or 5 ideas from parents

    Everyone probably heard the phrase "we are children as long as we have mom and dad." And it doesn’t matter that you yourself are already nursing grandchildren, for parents you will always be children. And gifts from them will sometimes help to return to that carefree time.

    Here are examples of gifts for 36 years to a woman from parents:

      Swing / hammock.

    Beautiful garden swing, in the form of a sofa or a cozy armchair. So as before - with a cup of hot chocolate ... Blanket, plaid, pajamas.

    A strange set, but it looks like parents: the main thing is not to freeze and, wrapped up in a winter evening, remember your mother. Joint photo shoot.

    Having their own families, small children, adults are not often photographed with their parents.

    But this is an eternal memory, on which the similarity of two already adult people is manifested.

  • Homemade dinner. With the breathtaking smells of Mom’s signature dish ... Of course, in a narrow circle of the closest.
  • Handmade gift. Knitted sweater, shawl, slippers, etc.
  • Gifts for the office lady

    Girl with a gift

    If the birthday girl works in the office, then the actual gift for a woman for 36 years on her birthday is office accessories.

    Please note that you can give both gadgets and stationery items, as well as funny gifts for office workers

    1. Screen and keyboard cleaner. This is a practical and necessary present for someone who spends a lot of time working on a computer. Special cleaners remove not only stains and stains from screens and keyboards, but also disinfect and kill germs.
    2. Hand exercise machine. You can give a girl for 36 years a simulator that will relieve tension on the hands and relax the hand. Hand expanders will save an office lady who works a lot on a computer from pain in her hands.
    3. Lunch box. Stylish and comfortable lunch boxes are indispensable for office workers, as they will allow you to take home-made food for snacks at work.
    4. Pen and pencil holder. If you want to give an original gift to a friend for 36 years, but at the same time inexpensive, then choose a holder for pens and pencils. They can be both traditional and unusual, for example, holders in the form of funny souvenirs.

    Another idea presented by the office lady is a drawing board for meditation. Such an original present will help to relax and rest during a break.

    Also, an office lady can give a gadget, for example, a flash drive in the original version.

    Sports Presents

    Gift Idea for Woman - Dumbbell

    If a girl leads an active lifestyle, goes to fitness, practices yoga or Pilates, then a sports accessory or equipment will be her best present. Presentation Ideas:

    1. Mat bag. This is a practical and useful accessory for a sports girl. Surely the birthday girl already has one bag. Choose her a colorful, vibrant model that diversifies her sports wardrobe.
    2. Floor screed. If you are looking for an inexpensive but useful gift for a fitness friend, then pay attention to the tie-ups for rugs - strong laces, thanks to which the mat can be folded so that it takes up a minimum of space.
    3. Dumbbells. Dumbbells with a bright design will definitely come in handy for a sports girl. And with their bright color, they will cheer up the birthday girl!
    4. Fitness ball. With a large fitness ball, you can practice both at home and in the gym.
      This ball is universal - with it you can do strength and relaxing exercises.
    5. Meditation pillow. This nice accessory will appeal to yoga lovers. The pillow perfectly repeats the shape of the body, helps to completely relax during meditation.

    Original gifts

    1. 3D lamp. You can choose a 3D lamp of the original form, for example, in the form of a bear, a unicorn, the Eiffel Tower. It can be a lamp that glows in white, or multi-color with a color switch.
    2. Box or basket with flowers. If you want to give flowers to your wife, you can give your wife, for 36 years, a box or a basket of flowers for her birthday: for example, in the Provence style, with wildflowers, a box with flowers and macaroons.
    3. Smart garden. This is a beautiful gift that will appeal to any woman. Thanks to the smart garden, you can grow greenery in your apartment without too much effort.
    4. Named Thermo Mug. This is a great idea for an inexpensive, but original and useful presentation.
    5. Decoration. Classic women's gift. For 36 years, it is appropriate to choose jewelry made from natural stones and metals.
    6. Picture by photo. It can be an oil painting, written from a photograph, or embroidered with beads. Another original item in the interior is a portrait from a photo on the boards.

    For man

    Thirty-sixth birthday is a significant date when a person is considered to be truly adult. Be sure to prepare for your man a real sweet gift in the form of your favorite cake, decorating it with candles of known quantity.

    Pick up a useful item among electronic gadgets that are freely available for sale. Perhaps the time has come to change your old smartphone to another, or to buy headphones with better sound. Here is a list of gadgets that can complement the main gift:

    For athletes, you can easily find special watches that will be great helpers in training.

    A universal set of tools that any car enthusiast will enjoy will also come in handy.

    Well, if, the birthday man is a business person, give him a precious money clip or a nail care kit so that his hands always remain presentable.

    What to give a woman for her birthday

    Choosing a gift for a woman is a responsible matter and depends on who gives the gift to: a girl, wife, mother or work colleague. How to choose a birthday present for a woman? Making gifts to the fair sex, we show attention, show that there is support and support around her. You need to buy a present based on the interests of a person. We have selected TOP popular gifts for women.


    Meet your beloved women with beautiful flowers and smiles. Have a real romantic dinner by cooking something delicious with your own hands, looking for an excellent recipe.

    Decorate the room to give a romantic atmosphere to your meeting. Women just melt when they are given beautiful jewelry.

    After all, nothing can better decorate the arms and neck of every woman than a piece of jewelry. Therefore, on this day, you need to think about your choice, and recall all the wishes of your woman, wife or girl.

    To friends

    Your friend or girlfriend will have a holiday soon, but you still haven't decided? No problem! Despite the anniversary or wedding anniversary, you can always choose something.

    Order a unique portrait from a real master of fine art, who will happily fulfill your order.

    Invite a loved one to a concert of your favorite band to give not just such a trip, but also a huge number of positive emotions.

    In honor of this date, you can give your boyfriend a 36 gigabyte flash drive, which will be especially useful for storing important work projects and other information.

    Send your girlfriend a unique adventure in the quest room, where she will definitely have a great time solving puzzles on her way.

    To parents

    Be sure to congratulate your dear dad and mom! Birthdays, 36 years of marriage, wedding anniversaries are the most important days when you especially need to say kind words and pick up original things.

    Order a pair portrait for your parents to capture their happy smiles for a long time. You can also present a photo album by pre-ordering a photo shoot.

    Probably the best solution would be to send relatives on a long-awaited trip to another city or country, where they can finally relax and remember why they love each other so much.

    The true love that we give only to the elect is truly priceless, as are the smiles that can illuminate even the most cloudy day!

    Down with the gray days! We are looking for original surprises for the 36th anniversary

    What they themselves do not usually buy. That will defuse the situation and will be remembered for a long time with a smile. For each, this concept is individual, but several universal options can be introduced:


    Does the birthday girl love to sing favorite hits with her friends? Why go somewhere?

    Home party + own karaoke system will please not only the hostess of the house.

    When choosing a gift, consider the housing issue of the hero of the occasion,

  • aroma lamp with speaker system. It will give you a cozy evening with pleasant music, relaxing aromatic oils and your favorite crafts,
  • barbecue original form.

    For example, in the form of a deer, car or lion.

    The birthday girl, who is just ennobles the cottage, will surely like it,

  • certificate for a family photo shoot. Especially if a woman has small children. IMPORTANT! It’s better not to specify strict shooting dates, it’s hard to plan something with children,
  • portrait from the photo. In a chic dress, you can even in the style of a different era. Fans of such things will understand ...
  • Practicality is the main thing, and everything else ...

    Do not want to puzzle the hero of the occasion, adding to her list of unnecessary things? Then give her something that is definitely useful “on the farm”.

      Chic set of spices.

    In a beautiful organizer.

    If the birthday girl loves to cook, such a present will take its place in her kitchen,

  • massager. On a work or driver's chair, in the form of a hammock for the legs, for the neck in the form of a pillow. Until you try, you don’t even understand how much this is a necessary thing,
  • tableware.

    There are never too many dishes, especially with regard to original plates, tea / coffee sets, other kitchen utensils,

  • good wine and a stand under it. Better for several bottles at once. Comfortable + looks beautiful,
  • mobile and electronic gadgets. If the budget is modest, choose one of the accessories: a flash drive, a phone case, a computer mouse, headphones, a cup heater,
  • umbrella. High-quality, beautiful, in the original case. You can even customize it.
  • What gifts to give a woman 36 years old?

    1. One can talk endlessly about the special relationship of the fair sex with the world of jewelry. Throughout the world and at all times, women tirelessly admired the brilliance of jewelry, sometimes the fate of entire states depended on yellow metal and strange stones.

    2. Today, every large jewelry store is ready to offer a huge selection of jewelry as a gift. Rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, sets, caskets - this is not a complete list of what you can choose under a glass showcase as a gift. The price range is also designed for a different wallet.

    3. What else can I give for 36 years? Perhaps an interesting option for a woman's birthday will be earrings or a necklace. Pay attention to the choice of stone. It can be very beautiful and expensive, but absolutely unsuitable for a particular lady, her temperament, or even the zodiac sign.

    Stylish accessories as a gift

    Stylish gizmos designed to emphasize the status, for some reason, are more often associated with the male gender. Indeed: massive cufflinks, purse lighters, etc., primarily draw a masculine image in the mind. However, it is not in vain that the weaker sex is called beautiful, the girls are clearly able to identify their style, including with the help of everyday accessories. These may be: clutches, wallets, straps, decorative jewelry, various leather products.

    The recommendation is the same: the thing should be in harmony with the general image of the woman and be suitable for him in terms of color scheme.

    Gifts for business women

    The image of a business lady we have formed is not least due to American films. A well-groomed woman in a stylish business suit, neatly styled hair, high heels and with a phone in her hands. Perhaps she is a little cold and is definitely busy all the time resolving business issues.In practice, everything is usually simpler, however, representatives of domestic business also need modern gadgets that can greatly facilitate the solution of everyday tasks. In addition, a stylish smartphone, laptop or tablet will also be a great addition to the image of a woman in business negotiations and during informal meetings with business partners.

    Practical gifts

    Gift idea for 36 years old woman - backpack

    There are many ideas for practical presentations that you can give to a woman. It can be interior items, furniture, accessories.

    If it is difficult for you to choose a birthday girl, give her a certificate in the store - this is a guarantee that the birthday girl will choose exactly what she needs

    1. Travel glider. A gift will appeal to a girl who loves to travel.
    2. cookbook. This may be the author’s cookbook of a popular chef, for example, Jamie Oliver’s author’s recipes.
    3. Expensive bedding set. As a presentation, it is appropriate to give bedding sets in festive packaging: bedding made of silk, satin, selected cotton, bamboo.
    4. Tea-set. A present that is appropriate to give to a woman of any age. It can be a high-tech tea set or a classic porcelain set.
    5. Casual backpack. A birthday girl for 36 years can be presented with both a stylish fabric backpack from youth collections and a practical leather one.

    Thus, a woman 36 years old can be presented with elegant, stylish and youth accessories for her birthday.

    TOP 75 traditional gifts

    1. Flower bouquet
    2. Photo collage
    3. Marble figurine
    4. Plush toy
    5. Double boiler
    6. Sea / Ocean Holidays
    7. Hot air balloon
    8. Gym membership
    9. Dinner at the restaurant
    10. Romantic dinner
    11. Family video clip
    12. Theater trip
    13. Movie tickets
    14. Ring
    15. Brooch
    16. Earrings
    17. Bracelets
    18. Subscription to the pool
    19. Visit to the beautician
    20. Children's book
    21. clothing
    22. Underwear
    23. Makeup kit
    24. Concert ticket
    25. Pet
    26. Congratulation in verse
    27. Service set
    28. Wedding proposal
    29. Favorite childhood book
    30. Tattoo
    31. Picture with her image
    32. Decorated room
    33. Travel together
    34. Photo session for her
    35. Bouquet of sweets
    36. New coat
    37. Leather bag
    38. Boat trip
    39. Telephone
    40. A laptop
    41. Tray table
    42. Linens
    43. Personal diary
    44. Makeup kit
    45. Embroidery kit
    46. Music column
    47. Headphones
    48. Thermo mug
    49. Handmade products
    50. Skydiving
    51. Room mirror
    52. Fitness tracker
    53. Original watch
    54. Fruit bowl
    55. Flower Vase 11.
    56. Beautiful and comfortable plaid
    57. Aquarium with fish
    58. Bluetooth headphones
    59. Portable charger
    60. Warm hat
    61. Green tea
    62. Yogurt maker
    63. Waffle iron
    64. Spice set
    65. Dentist Certificate
    66. Sunglasses
    67. Juicer
    68. Umbrella
    69. Joint hiking in the forest
    70. Quick Print Camera
    71. Joint photo
    72. Pocket printer
    73. Music Box
    74. Secret Box
    75. Digital photo frame

    This is a list of the most relevant gifts. If you want to give something special, see the following gift ideas. For convenience, the presentations are sorted into scrapbook groups.

    Cheap birthday presents for women

    It is not always possible to buy solid and luxurious gifts. For a distant relative or friend, you can limit yourself to a symbolic and budget gift.

    • Plush toy
    • Wireless headphones
    • Portrait in the photo
    • Perfumery Products
    • Flower
    • The calendar
    • Chocolate candies
    • Bouquet of fruits
    • Notebook
    • Hand cream

    Electronics & Gadgets

    Recently, this type of gift has become one of the most popular. Electronics, the most important component of life. Gadgets are relevant for both men and women.

    Smartphone. This is the most sought after gadget. With it, we communicate, make purchases in online stores, and use them as entertainment. Women who like to take photos appreciate flagships for having a good camera.

    A laptop. Why a laptop, not a computer? It is useful on business trips, you can take it on vacation, leaving somewhere.

    Wireless headphones. It is unlikely that wireless headphones can be called a gadget, rather an accessory. They are in demand, do not have bulky wires, provide comfortable listening to music.

    Flowers and houseplants

    A holiday associated with women is not complete without flowers. Be it a wife, mother - flowers are always in demand. Consider the most popular flowers for a gift.

    Natural flowers

    rose flower. Since 2018, the rose has become the most popular flower in Russia. Nowadays, there are many types of roses, differing in colors, smells, etc. With the help of roses you can make amazing compositions in a bouquet.

    Tulips. No less popular flowers than roses - tulips are grown everywhere. Popular due to the variety of colors and species. Unpretentious, can keep a chic look for a long time.


    Orchid. To this flower you can pick up many epithets. A tender, charming, charming orchid won the hearts of women and became the most desired indoor plant.

    Cactus. When choosing a houseplant, buyers often stop at cactus. The plant has an important property - to absorb harmful radiation. Before giving a cactus, try to find out how the birthday girl relates to this type of flower.

    Jewelery / Precious Jewelry

    Jewelry from a precious stone from the 3rd century BC denoted wealth, charm of a lady. For many centuries, jewelry has not lost its function - women still have a need for it.

    Earrings. Often women prefer elegant silver earrings with pearls - they suit many outfits.

    Rings they traditionally give it when they make an offer to a girl, but on Birthday this gift can be made without a matrimonial connotation. Men choose gold and silver rings. Girls dream of getting jewelry with diamonds. When choosing a ring, check with the woman her preferences for metal.

    Bracelets & necklaces famous for what you can pick up for little money. But do not buy the cheapest - opt for amber, moonstone, lapis lazuli.

    Gifts for mom

    Parents want to see our love for them. They don’t care about the price of the gift, its relevance. The main thing is to show attention. DIY gifts are suitable for mom. A painted picture, sewn clothes are gifts that your mother will be pleased to receive from you.

    If your mother is in adulthood, she may experience health problems. Present a ticket to the sanatorium. Recently, this gift is in trend. When choosing a sanatorium, focus on the geographical location of the health resort. Try to stop at the Stavropol Territory. The resort towns of Essentuki, Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk treat all diseases: musculoskeletal system, circulatory system, digestive system diseases. The area is very clean air.

    What else can a woman give for her birthday

    Sometimes you have to make a gift based on the time of year when the girl’s birthday. It is understood that in winter on cold days

    Fur coat will be a very popular gift. Probably there is no girl on earth who would not want a fur coat for herself. Choose it depending on what kind of animal it is made of. The most expensive and sought after is a mink coat. In summer, a swimsuit will be relevant. You can approach the choice with understanding and choose the original swimsuit.

    In spring or autumn, during rains and wet roads, boots or coats are the best gift. Choose clothes, taking into account the style tastes of women. Otherwise, your gift may not be appreciated.

    Travel and trips abroad

    If your girlfriend, wife, mother do not like material gifts, then offer to go to warm places and explore the most interesting places in the world. Romantic are considered trips to Paris. Beautiful architecture, nature and expensive boutiques attract a large number of tourists. If you want to sunbathe on the beach, then the best resorts in Turkey will be.

    In this country, one of the lowest prices and the best service for holidaymakers. Also in demand among tourists are resorts such as Egypt, Thailand, the island of Bali. If hot resorts are not for you, then contact the ski resorts. Famous winter resorts are located in Switzerland. If you do not want to leave, you can go skiing in Russia: Rosa Khutor, Arkhyz, Dombay.

    Photo and video greetings

    Take a video, make a film of joint photos. Such gifts are always pleasant to a woman. They show how attentive and sensitive you are to your beloved.

    Happy Birthday can be publicly. You can order congratulations on your local TV channel or radio program. Do not forget about the banners on the streets. Your congratulations may also be there.

    What to give to a colleague for his birthday

    If you maintain a good relationship with colleagues, then this is very cool. On her birthday, you can congratulate her. What to give a colleague on a birthday?

    Holiday cake - good treat. It is always a pleasure to drink tea with colleagues at work with a delicious treat.

    Notepad / notebook. Build a gift related to work activities. Notepad or notebook will be a great option.

    Do the norm for her. If you suddenly forgot that your colleague has a birthday, then you should not be upset. It will be pleasant for your employee.

    Household appliances are a good present

    If you are going to give a gift to your wife, then this item will be important to you. Does your spouse often say that she is tired after cleaning her house or cooking? This list of gifts will make life easier for your sweetheart.

    Vacuum cleaner robot. Now the floor will be a machine, not a wife. This gift will save a lot of time and effort.

    Slow cooker. This device will make breakfast, lunch or dinner on its own. It has a wide range of tasks. The multicooker comes with a large menu. Another plus is the fast cooking time.

    What to give to a woman who has everything

    If you think that none of the gifts is suitable, because the woman’s birthday girl is rich and wealthy, go to a public place.

    Cinema, art gallery or restaurant - These are great places to spend time with the birthday girl. It is desirable that this place was not familiar to a woman. This will help to leave impressions in her soul for life.

    Have a romantic dinner at home. If you don’t like noisy places or want to talk privately with your girlfriend / wife, arrange a romantic dinner at home. Start cooking yourself. Talk about important, interesting, and fun events. This birthday will be remembered by the birthday girl.

    Gift Suggestions

    Gift selection should not occur at the last moment. Take into account gender, age, type of person, profession. Important: do not forget about gift packaging, if it is material. Agree that the ring in the bag does not look aesthetically pleasing.

    Birthday is an important day for any person. A girl, regardless of age, wants to be in the spotlight. The gift that you give is important to her. Do not try to choose a gift faster and cheaper. Include imagination and originality. Only efforts can you please your loved one.

    We hope that you liked the article and helped with the choice of a gift.

    Watch the video: 5 Thoughtful 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women (February 2020).

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