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How to properly tuck jeans - popular and unpopular ways

Gates (or cuffs) on male and female clothes are a fashion trend of recent years. For a stylish look, men and women prefer to tuck their trousers and jeans. Also, stylish made ups on jeans are considered a fairly fashionable trend among modern young people. They are very easy to make, read the article and see the photo with the manual.

How to make twists: features

Today, many young people have a question, how to make twists on jeans. This process is not complicated.

Rolling can be done on narrow and wide, as well as straight jeans models. The so-called flare jeans are not quite suitable for this, although this is a matter of taste, and ordinary pants for sports.

There are the following options for stylish folding jeans:

  • The usual cuff present.
  • Wide cuff.
  • Thin or special triple cuff.
  • Tapered cuff.
  • Cuff in a popular casual style.

Gates on thin jeans of a free cut

Correct twists are made when a strip of leather is visible between the so-called cuff and the shoe itself. Appearance can be complemented by bright socks. Tucked jeans should look quite harmonious and must emphasize the dignity of beautiful legs.

How to make twists?

Completed twists on models made of dark material look more advantageous if they are bent literally by 5-6 centimeters. Light trousers are recommended to be rolled up by 3-4 centimeters taking into account the thickness of the material. For skinny jeans, the cuff is 4-5 centimeters long, so the tack can touch the ankles a little.

Do you want to take a survey?

If the fashionable clothes are made of denim or this is a skinny model, then the so-called lapel is single-layered.

How to perform twists on wide jeans? In this case, the double-made hem will become quite relevant, and the single one will also look good. Lightweight fabric does not hold the necessary shape, so it is recommended to wrap the trousers immediately in 3-4 layers. It is recommended to do this immediately after the process of washing clothes, when it is still wet.

It is necessary to tuck the material, and then a little iron it with a hot iron. But if you need an image in the popular casual style, then with a hot iron you need to wield it not very intensively, and it is also recommended to slightly cuff the cuffs with your hands to give them carelessness.

Here such a format of humor can be found about gates

And the same format response to a similar message in social networks

How to do jeans twists on a guy

Men's cuffs are a thing that does not require a lot of time, you can even vape at this time 🙂

If a question arose about how to perform twists on pants, we recommend that you study the following instructions:

  • The lower located edge of the cuff is almost flush or even slightly lower than the top of the boot. In this case, socks are not allowed to peep out, in addition, if only there is a desire to demonstrate sufficiently bright selected models.
  • The usual cuff is made in the form of a single-layer fabric of about 2-2.5 cm, which is relevant for modern jeans.
  • The size of the thin-layer cuff reaches 1-1.5 cm with folding 3-4 times. So narrow twists are carried out.
  • For a wide enough turn-up, the leg should be folded from the bottom only once by 4-5 cm, which is suitable for fashionable jeans with a hem, as well as for some fitted modern models.
  • Wide trousers with upholstery fold up once, then the fabric straightens and rolls up again.

It is interesting! Often, young people mistakenly believe that winter looks on modern jeans look a little inappropriate. But with timberlands or modern redwings, this option is quite suitable and appropriate. If you wear high socks with gates!

Tucked up jeans in women

Today, there are many ways to perform female twists. If you repeat the well-known men's options on modern clothes for a girl, you will certainly get a very attractive thing that looks beautiful and fashionable.

Turns on trousers for girls are performed as follows:

  • Lapel roller. In this case, the fabric is wrapped in two-layer width approximately 2-3 cm. The cuff does not require smoothing and is voluminous. This is a great option for the so-called ripped jeans models.
  • A sloppy lapel made on wide or torn models. In this case, the torsion of the leg is performed once by about 5-7 cm with the bending of its edge by about 1 cm.
  • Invisible-type cuffs that look great on stretchy modern trousers made of thin material. Initially, the bottom edge is tucked out and ironed. The bottom of the leg bends inwards and is ironed again.

With the right undercoat, jeans never shorten the length of the legs giving the look stylish and quite extraordinary notes.

A combination of trousers and jeans with a twist with other clothes

Tucked up jeans and casual regular trousers go well with a jacket for the right t-shirt or shirt. The most relevant such image is in the spring, in the summer, and also in the fall, but with the right choice of a suitable wardrobe, the cuff option is used even in winter.

Here is a list of those things that tucked up jeans are in harmony with:

  • slip-ons (barefoot without socks),
  • timbers for winter (the lapel is located strictly above the top of the shoe edge, and the leg itself is not visible at the same time), a jacket with fairly massive cuffs, a fashionable short-sleeved braid, a fashionable jacket,
  • shirt, warm sweater and stylish loafers (sneakers can be replaced),
  • the so-called torn shirt and worn jacket. It is necessary to accurately determine the appropriate cuff model, choosing it correctly for your height, body proportions and the chosen style of fashionable trousers.

The decision to tuck jeans is a personal matter for modern men. But the usual way of wearing fashionable trousers without performing up-and-downs is still relevant today.

No matter how strange it sounds, this article will be found by people who ask on the Internet like this: bend, roll up, wrap, roll up, hem. We advise you to read an article about different types of men's winter shoes on our website.

Narrow pinroll

It is created on jeans made of thin fabrics and is a thin edging. To do this, you need to make two lapels: the first - the width of the hemmed bottom of the product, the second - 1 cm wider than the first.
And this is a master class:

The middle pin roll and wide pin roll are made similarly narrow, only the inversion step increases by 1-2 cm.

What pants are best to tuck

In my opinion, cuffs look best on dark blue selvedge denim jeans, slightly fitted, but not skinny (skinny). In addition, chinos or khaki look good with thin cuffs.

Mustang slim fit Oregon Tapered Selvedge jeans

Mustang slim fit Oregon Tapered jeans

Definitely you should not tuck classic pants, sweatpants, linen pants and others.

Fitted jeans and chinos

Is it worth buying longer jeans if you intend to tuck them often? Yes and no. It all depends on your shoes, which you prefer, and what style of cuffs you like / suits best. If you prefer to wrap your pants 3-4 times and wear low boots, then yes, it is better to buy jeans longer. When buying new jeans, try to make cuffs and imagine at what level the boots will be, so you can choose the length.

What you should pay attention to

First of all, the length of jeans and your shoes. After you tuck your jeans in and make a cuff, the bottom edge of your leg should be flush or slightly lower than the top of your boot. That is, when you stand straight, the cuff should end and the boot should begin immediately. Socks should not be visible, the exception is when you are sitting or want to show freaky colored socks. Accordingly, when you put on brogues, the hem should be lower than when you put on high classic boots or timberlands.

And one more thing regarding your growth. The lower the person, the narrower the cuff for him to do. Here the logic is simple - narrow cuffs are better combined with the proportions of a short man than wide.

Why do jeans make twists

Some are convinced that the rolls have a purely utilitarian purpose - to make the legs shorter, without resorting to the services of a sewing workshop. This statement, of course, has good reason, rooted in those times when the length of the product had clear standards. Unfortunately, the length of the legs did not fit into these standards for everyone, so they had to make adjustments using available methods.

Version number 2: from the point of view of the functionality of the tackle - the direct descendants of the cuffs. The thickened bottom of the trousers is less wiped and not so dirty. True, modern fashion is unlikely to take these considerations into account, and current guys are able to afford to buy new jeans quite often. So we are dealing with "upsets for the sake of upsets." They give the image of lightness and dynamism. Although in some cases the desire to make shortened trousers of normal length is not excluded.

Important: classic cut jeans are not customary to tuck, although no one forbids experiments.

How to make twists on jeans man

Jeans with twists are everything from "small to large." You can roll up the vast majority of models. Unless rolled-up skinnies do not always look successful, it is unlikely that anyone would think of rolling up flared trouser-legs.

Tip: the most spectacular and beautiful outcrops come out, in which the wrong side is lighter than the front.

Wide cuff

It is performed similarly narrow. The width of the cuff can be from 4 to 8 cm. When choosing a cuff, consider the height of the person, the height of the heel and the style of the model. Will look good on skinny and straight trousers, as well as denim jeans. The style fit tall massive boots. It is undesirable to make such a bend to short men.

6 Ways to Tuck Jeans or Chinos

The most popular ways to tuck jeans or chinos:

  1. regular cuff wrapped once
  2. wide cuff 4-5 cm thick.,
  3. thin cuff folded 3 times and a width of 1-1.5 cm.,
  4. double cuff folded twice and 2-3 cm wide.
  5. narrowed cuff
  6. casual cuff.

Plain cuff

The usual cuff on jeans or chinos is created by folding the leg at the same time at a level of 2-2.5 cm.

  • How to tuck a regular cuff: Fold the bottom of the leg once at the level of 2-2.5cm. depending on your style or pants height.
  • Which pants will fit: any jeans or chinos.
  • Which shoes are suitable: classic shoes, Chukka boots, any other wide shoes.

Useful Tips

Having decided on home-made cuffs, it is necessary to take into account several nuances: the thickness of the fabric, your own height, body proportions, the desired width of the lapel.

  • the denser the denim, the wider the cuff. Maximum height - up to 6 cm,
  • bare ankles are permissible only in the warm season. Socks should not be visible between the shoes and trousers at any time of the year, so in summer the shoes are worn either on the bare foot or on low-socks. Winter shoes are selected so that the edges of tackles and shoes are at the same level,
  • tackles visually change the length of the leg. Owners of long legs are not afraid, but for those who have short legs by nature, it is better to refuse up-and-downs. It is not recommended to tuck trousers to short guys.

Fashionable looks

Jeans with twists are difficult to imagine paired with a tuxedo, as these things belong to different styles of clothing. In the mass consciousness, trouser-legs are associated with clothes for sports, outdoor activities, and informal communication. They create an integral image with a “top” and shoes in sports or casual style. As a complement, loose t-shirts, voluminous sweaters, casual shirts are suitable.

Important: the overall image should create a feeling of relaxedness and convenience.

It is desirable that outerwear and shoes also fit into the casual style: jacket with cuffs, denim jacket with unfastened cuffs.

The combination of blue jeans with a vest and moccasins is always interesting. Each of these items carries the spirit of freedom, and if you also roll up jeans, you get the image of a rebel, artist and traveler at the same time.

With tucked up jeans it is interesting to experiment. What happens if you combine them with a rocker jacket or a safari shirt? And with top siders or loafers?

The main thing is not to be afraid to try to combine different styles in the search for the perfect combination, then it will turn out to look fashionable and stylish without additional investments in the wardrobe.

Fashion trends of the year - men's jeans with a twist

Men's jeans with twists became the hit of the new, fashion season. Such trouser models advertise celebrities that are on the covers of magazines, a similar addition allows you to create a unique style and dilute the daily look. Using a little trick with a twist, a man can focus on his pants at any time of the year, remaining stylish all the time.

Such pants became popular for the following reasons:

  • they look spectacular on a bare leg,
  • a similar model will go well with high winter boots,
  • using just such trousers, you can look very well in a shirt, jacket, jacket,
  • a similar style will adorn every confident man.

It doesn’t matter what style of pants a guy has chosen, whether they are blue or black, you can learn to make successful twists, while remaining a stylish and confident person always.

What jeans can be worn while wrapping?

Before making tackles on jeans, the representative of the stronger sex needs to determine for which models this will be relevant.

According to the advice of professional stylists, you can wear trousers of the following types with a twist:

  • having a semi-fitted silhouette and classic arrows,
  • denim and thin denim pants
  • trousers, narrowed to the bottom (this option suits guys of any configuration),
  • very long or shortened men's pants,
  • Men's denim pants in a sporty style.

But if a man has one of these pants models, this does not mean that he can easily wear them.

Methods of twisting jeans and trousers

Knowing how to properly tuck jeans, a man can always stay on top. For example, on dark and tight denim pants you need to do up-and-down turns up to 6 cm in size. You can make one fold or two. The main thing is to ensure that you do not overdo it with the size of the gateway to complement the image, and not visually shorten the legs.

Summer trousers need to be tucked no more than 3cm, 2-3 folds can be done, but they should not be too deep. Doing a lapel, you should not make sure that it is perfectly even, because slight negligence is now in trend. If, however, making lapels, a man wants to get casual trousers at the exit, then turning up the bottom of his pants, he can iron them. It will be ideal when there is a contrast in terms of shade between the front and the inside of the pants, because then it will look wonderful.

Narrowed cuff

Jeans cuffs are a way of expressing oneself and an element of style, so the collar may look slightly sloppy. Do not strive for accurate bending accuracy.

But with regard to socks, golf, stocking, then in this ensemble they are absolutely unacceptable. Between shoes and jeans there should be a thin strip of bare skin and nothing more.

The technique of rolling on jeans of different cuts with a photo

To bend men's denim pants, it is optional to go to cutting and sewing courses. To understand how to do the right way, you need to consider the following scheme:

Men's Denim Pants ModelHow to tuck
Dark and light denim denim pants in dense fabricTighten dark trousers once or 2, so that it turns out no more than 6 cm per tack, do not iron. Fold light pants in the same way, but 2-3 cm less.
Summer version of classic jeansMake 2-3 folds of 1cm, do not smooth.
Boyfriends and Skinny PantsBend by standard methods 4-5cm so that the tackle is 5-10cm lower from the knee.

Rolling up jeans pants, you do not need to do more than 4 layers, because otherwise everything will look messy and even rough.


Pants with gates are not just a wardrobe item, but a whole art. To choose jeans for upholstery, you need to have a good sense of style. The very process of tucking up trousers is also a whole art that needs to be taken creatively. When doing tricks on men's pants, it is worth considering the density of the fabric and the color of the trousers.

It would be ideal if someone would look at this process from the outside, so that during the fitting they would tell the guy what was wrong and what was still missing. But the best option for a man would be to buy trousers with a twist, because in the store he will be able to try on different models, evaluate the situation from the side and give preference to the best option.

A few words about the origin of the trend

As in the case of many other street fashion trends, the name of the first person who turned up his jeans did not survive in history. One can only wonder if the gates were a way to avoid going to the tailor to cut long trousers, whether our discoverer was one of the dudes who rolled up jeans in order to demonstrate their fashionable sneakers to others, or maybe it was a way to protect clothes from street dirt in rainy weather. Anyway, the upheavals periodically flickered among the masses, starting from the 70s of the last century. Young people continued to roll up trouser-legs in the 90s, but the peak of popularity of upheavals was ahead.

5-7 years ago, tucked up jeans became an indispensable attribute of fashionable images of Western fashion bloggers. Hollywood stars eagerly rolled up their jeans, showing a favor for fashion trends. After a couple of years, trendy twists began to appear on the jeans of our mods. However, in Russia the trend for tucked-in trousers was perceived ambiguously, and if everything was more or less “even” with the tackles of women's jeans, then the male bare ankles caused some indignation among the adherents of the classics.

One way or another, this trend did not leave anyone indifferent. Today you can’t surprise anyone with upheavals. But, having lost the status of “novelty”, they did not lose their popularity, and in fact this is how something fashionable turns into something stylish.

What men's trousers can I roll up my trouser legs on?

Almost any. But the most stylish look looks on navy denim jeans with a light inside.

Due to the contrast, such tackles look especially impressive. Any kind of cuff will be appropriate with classic jeans and fitted pants, chinos or khaki jeans.

Reference! An exception is skinny - very tight trousers. By themselves, they look unusual and stylish and tackling is not always appropriate here, but this is already a matter of taste.

If you decide to experiment with the torsion of your pants, then you should pay attention to such details as: height, length of trousers and shoes. There are several rules that should be followed in order not to get into trouble.

Rules to be observed:

  1. You should not combine tucked jeans with shoes that are inappropriate for the season.
  2. Be sure to take into account the color and density of jeans. For dark trousers, the optimal width of the backside is 4-6 cm, and it should be double (the thicker one looks rough). It is permissible to turn thinner trousers 3 times, tackle width - 3 cm.
  3. Mild negligence is permissible here; moreover, it is necessary. Agree, it’s ridiculous to look jeans with perfectly even tacks, and even ironed.
  4. It is necessary to tuck jeans too much. This will create the impression of a person just crossing the river, it looks stupid.
  5. Unfold the gates immediately after you take off your jeans, otherwise there will be stripes on them.
  6. The cuffs look very stylish when the front of the pants is dark and the inside is light.
  7. And most importantly, between the lower cream pants and shoes should not be empty space. Socks should not be visible!

The video tells which pants you can tuck and how to do it right:

What jeans can be tucked

As we already said, the trend is applicable to almost any style of jeans and chinos. The only exceptions are jeans with flared trouser legs, but only a desperate experimenter will come up with them. The rolls on skinny jeans do not always look appropriate, but it's worth a try. The main thing is to comply with the measure so that the length of the pants does not become too short.

Another important point: jeans can only be tucked if their seamy side looks decent. If threads stick out from the inside, the material has an unpresentable appearance or its shade does not harmonize with the “face” of the pants, such jeans should immediately be attributed to the “gateway taboo”.

The best models that directly beg for tricks are spacious Slim Fit jeans, slightly narrowed downward by Regular Fit and Straight cut. Baggy loose jeans can look more neat if the length of their legs ends clearly at the top of the boots. So, if there is a Loose Fit model in your wardrobe, they should definitely be worn with a double top.

Important Rules

When tucked jeans are appropriate:

  1. If you have a solid physique. Wide trousers or jeans with low tackles are ideal.
  2. If you are a fan of business style, the best solution is a narrow classic jeans in dark colors with narrow tacks.
  3. If you have a lean physique and want to add volume. Then your option is straight jeans with rolled 4-5 cm. Thin people are not recommended to wear too wide trousers or skinny, this will only emphasize what you want to hide.

Attention! It is not advisable to tuck the pants to men of short stature and stocky physique. This will emphasize the flaws of the figure.

How to make twists on jeans

There are several ways to make twists. If you thought that this is a trifling matter and does not require instructions, you are partly right. But in addition to the classic upheavals, in which the edge of the leg tucks up 2-3 times, there are several schemes, each of which suits a particular style of jeans.

Skinny skinny jeans should not be tucked more than 2 times. Thin rolls are suitable for them, with a thickness of not more than 2 centimeters. If you bought a skinny that perfectly fits the figure, it may be worthwhile to limit yourself to a single-layer torsion of the legs or abandon it altogether. Otherwise, the fabric will fit the ankle too tightly, twisting into a “bagel” and causing inconvenience to wear.

Tip: When deciding to make cuffs on skinny jeans, be very careful. Twists should turn out symmetrical, the effect of negligence is inappropriate here.

Coarse denim jeans, especially if it is a Selvage model, should be tucked once, forming a wide, even crease. A feature of Selvage jeans is the edge of the seam on the trouser leg on the inside, into which the colored thread is woven (in the classic version it is a red thread). It is this edge that makes the model legendary, so that the trousers on the legs, exposing the "chip" Selvage jeans for show, would be most welcome.

Straight jeans of a classic cut are perfectly combined with single 4-5 centimeters wide turns, you don’t need wider ones, but too narrow cuffs will look ugly. If you want to make the cuffs neater, you can bend the edging inside and iron it so that it does not straighten out while wearing pants.

Tip: if the jeans will be worn with classic shoes, only internal “invisible” turns are allowed. It is important to ensure that socks do not peek out from under the legs.

Smooth jeans can be tucked up in an unusual way, turning a strict classic model into a looser and more youthful one. But it is important that the legs are initially long enough. First, make a cuff about 7 centimeters wide, and then tuck the edge of the leg again, but not the entire width of the cuff, but 2-3 centimeters. The result is a two-level twist that looks nontrivial, but demanding on the image as a whole. There’s no hint of severity in the look’s.

Having tucked up the legs of wide jeans of a free cut, you will make their appearance more accurate. If the legs are too wide, they can be slightly narrowed by turning the edge as follows:

  • first make a single cuff 1-1.5 centimeters wide,
  • then fold the seam on the inside of the leg,
  • firmly holding it with your hand, wrap the cuff twice more to fix the crease, so you will achieve a narrowing of the leg in the ankle area.

Pants with a torn raw edge should not be turned up, because you will close the cuff with the model feature. If you still want to make a twist, let it be like this:

  • make a cuff 5 centimeters wide,
  • torn edge of the leg bend down the cuffs.

If you want to make unusual twists, we recommend the following method:

  • bend the edge of the leg by 5-6 centimeters,
  • then fold up the edge again, but only on one side of the cuff, so that one part of the gate remains single, the second double, and between them there is a torsion of fabric.

Fashionable ways to make a twist

There are several ways to turn up jeans. Each of them is suitable for a certain style and cut, the figure, height, shoes and, most importantly, your preferences are also taken into account.

Jeans Turning Methods:

  1. The classic method. This is an ordinary cuff, folded in one step (width - 2-2.5 cm). To do this, bend the leg 1 time about 2 cm wide. The width can vary depending on the height of the jeans. This option is best combined with classic jeans or chinos (soft pants made of linen or thin denim). The method is perfect for classic style shoes or any wide shoes.
  2. Wide back door. It is carried out in the same way as the previous version, with the difference that the cuff is a little wider here, about 4-5 cm. This method is best used for fitted and tight pants. It goes well with massive shoes.
  3. Subtle twist, width - 1-1.5cm. Such a cuff rotates in a narrow step of 3-4 layers. Perfect for skinny jeans, in harmony with light sneakers, slippers, light moccasins and sneakers.
  4. Double upside down (tight cuff). It is carried out by folding the edge of the leg 2 times (width 2-3 cm). Such a roll should be done carefully. The method is applicable for wide pants made of dense fabric. Suitable shoes are suede boat shoes, derby shoes, sneakers, Chukka boots, sneakers.
  5. Narrowed tackle. It is carried out as follows: fold up the edge of the leg in the direction of the leg, and then wrap it out 2 times in such a way as to fix the leg. The cuff is dense and slightly narrowed. The method is only suitable for those pants that have excess tissue. It is combined with boots, sneakers, slippers, sandals.
  6. Two-layer narrowed cuff. It is carried out as well as the previous version, but the internal twist is done 2 times. The method is suitable for wide jeans made of rough fabric. Suitable for shoes, sneakers, sandals, sneakers.
  7. Casual tackle (casual wear). This method can be called the most informal of all. The trouser leg needs to be rolled up 4 times, the cuff width is approximately 3-4 cm. In this case, the tackles will be placed under the knees, and the trousers will look like shorts. Do not correct the folds that have appeared, the upside down should have a slightly sloppy appearance. Suitable shoes: sneakers, moccasins, slippers.

The video shows how to tuck men's pants in different ways:

How to tuck chinos

With chinos, one does not have to experiment especially. Pants are supposed to be tucked so that their edge is 5 centimeters above the ankle. Men of short stature can lower their legs a little lower. As for the width of the lapel, it is also worth focusing on growth here. With low growth, too wide tackles are not permissible, since they will visually make you even lower, making the lower body heavier.

Smooth straight jeans with upside down jeans can be worn with moccasins on the bare foot, but only if your look does not have to match the business dress code.

To wide pants have become

If you want to narrow your jeans and get a voluminous cuff, do this:

  • Tuck the leg in one layer 1-1.5 cm inward.
  • Lay the crease on the inside (at the seam), firmly press it with your hand.
  • Wrap the tack 2 more times so that the fold is firmly fixed.

Attention! Do not narrow too wide pants from tight yet, such cuffs and pleats will look too rough.

How to tuck men's jeans to make them already is described in the video:

What are they combined with?

The turned jeans are, first of all, casual style, sports, style or grunge:

  • Loose shirts made from natural fabrics, jackets with large cuffs, and stylish jackets are appropriate here.
  • Rolled jeans with low 3⁄4 braids and slippers on bare feet look interesting.
  • Pullovers, sweatshirts, cozy knit sweaters - all this is in place.
  • A very stylish option is wide jeans combined with a torn shirt.
  • Another trendy look is classic blue jeans, a wide pole pullover and a hat with small brim.

Ripped jeans will add a twist to almost any look.

reference! The only option where tackle is inappropriate is the office and official receptions and places where a strict dress code is prescribed.

For girls

Tucked up jeans on a girl is a special chic.

Here you can combine almost everything:

  • Loose and tight tops with wide pants.
  • Loose jackets, jackets, sweaters in combination with classic jeans.
  • Coats and medium-length coats go well with skinny.
  • T-shirts-twos, T-shirts-alcoholics, t-shirts, shirts are suitable for any type of jeans.
  • And if they are tucked up, supplemented with a large bag and hat, then you get a look no worse than on the cover of gloss.

Another detail is high-heeled shoes. And in this case, shoes with a wide heel and not with a stiletto look much better.

Suede boots, battalions and ballet flats will also be very handy. Graceful shoes in combination with tucked up jeans will accentuate the ankle.

How to roll jeans to a girl:

  1. Classic jeans must be rolled up so that they do not touch the edge of the shoe. Especially in combination with sneakers or slippers.
  2. The same jeans can be worn with high-heeled shoes and loose t-shirts. In this case, the gateway should not be made wide, in any case, otherwise you will look ridiculous.
  3. If the pants are wide, they should be tucked just above the ankles, this also applies to boyfriends and chinos. An important point - wide tucked jeans should not be worn with sneakers or heavy boots. This will make the image rude.
  4. If you wear skinny, do a short twist (pipe). With such trousers any shoes in combination with a free upper will be appropriate.
  5. Between the edge of the cuff and the shoes are completely unacceptable socks, tights or socks.
  6. Dark jeans look better with a 4–5 cm wide collar, and light jeans look 3-4 cm wide.
  7. Dark jeans always look more rough and heavy, so the cuffs on them should be more dense, voluminous.
  8. It is strictly forbidden to tuck flared jeans.
  9. Thick jeans should be tucked in 1–2 layers, for thinner trousers, a 3–4-fold turn is permissible.
  10. For women's jeans, ironing the cuff is quite acceptable, this will make the image more accurate.
  11. An important rule - the higher the gateway, the lower the heel, avoid vulgarity!
  12. Skinny jeans can be turned over a large distance (about 10 cm), such pants will go well with suede ankle boots or high boots.

Attention! The main highlight of the tucked up pants on the girl is the open ankle. In such trousers, the leg looks slimmer. But if you have problems with this, then it is better to refuse tucked jeans.

The main charm of trousers with tacks is that they go for almost everything. Tucked jeans are relevant in any season and any weather.

They are in perfect harmony with winter boots and boots, jackets, short down jackets.

For an everyday look - this is almost an ideal option. That is why so many men and women of any age and status love her.

How did the fashion for tucked jeans appeared

For the first time, the question - how to tuck jeans in fashion - became interested in America in the last decade of the last century. Previously, cuffs on trousers were used only for practical purposes - to protect the legs from dirt and moisture, in hot weather to make shorts out of the pants. In addition, jeans must be tucked up by cyclists to avoid damage and torn trousers.

Today, tucked up jeans are a fashionable element of the image that is appropriate not only in the wardrobe of a teenager, but also of a more mature man.

Tucked jeans are a fashionable element of the image that is appropriate not only in the wardrobe of a teenager, but also of a more mature man

It is interesting! In Europe, stylish cuffs on trousers are used even by men of respectable age. In addition to such jeans are moccasins or top siders.

How to tuck jeans tightly for guys and other nuances of a stylish element

1. Which jeans are best wrapped.

Cuffs look best on:

  • denim style jeans
  • trousers with a slightly narrowed cut,
  • chinos and khaki look the most harmonious with thin twists (no more than 2 cm).

2. What trousers should not be tucked.

Definitely not worth experimenting with design:

  • trousers of a classic cut,
  • sweatpants
  • linen trousers.

It is important! Skinny pants themselves are a rather bright detail of the image, because the cuffs in this case will be superfluous, in addition, from a practical point of view, they are uncomfortable and crush the leg in the process of wearing.

3. Is it worth buying jeans that are known to be longer?

In this matter, you should focus on the shoes that are in your wardrobe. Regardless of the season, the cuffs on the trousers look stylish only with low shoes.

It is interesting! Many people mistakenly believe that tucked jeans look inappropriate in winter. However, complete with boots, timberlands or redwings, this option is quite appropriate.

4. How to beautifully tuck men's jeans.

The main criterion is the height of the shoes and the length of the jeans. There should be no gap between the cuff and the upper edge of the shoe; people around you should not see the color of your socks.

There should be no gap between the cuff and the upper edge of the shoe

Here are some simple stylist recommendations:

  • the smaller the growth, the narrower the cuff width,
  • the width of the opening also depends on the texture and color of jeans, for dark enough tight trousers the best solution is a double cuff with a width of 4 to 6 cm, light, thin trousers can be turned up twice or thrice to a width of no more than 3 cm,
  • Considering that this is an informal style in clothes, one should not adhere to a too even fold line and even more so to smooth the cuff.

5. Who should not tuck jeans.

Perhaps there is only one caveat - low growth, for all other men, cuffs can become a fashionable detail of the image.

Thin cuff

A thin cuff is a rolled up leg 3 or even 4 times, the width of which does not exceed 1-1.5 cm.

  • How to tuck a thin cuff: roll the trouser leg 3 or 4 times in small steps, not more than 1 cm.
  • Which pants will fit: skinny jeans, which roll up in another way will be problematic.
  • Which shoes are suitable: light shoes such as loafers, sneakers, sneakers or sandals.

Stylist's advice

The ideal masculine style involves an individual twist for each pair of shoes. For example, for demi-season shoes, the cuff will be lower, and for summer shoes, higher. By the way, in hot weather you can tuck trousers stronger than usual, but don’t wear socks in this case.

In hot weather, you can tuck pants more than usual, but don’t wear socks in this case

Trousers should preferably be tucked immediately before leaving the house and after returning, the trousers should be restored to their original appearance. In this case, creases will not appear on the fabric, and the clothes will retain their aesthetic appeal for longer.

Especially stylish look cuffs that contrast with the basic shade of trousers. As a rule, the inner side of the jeans is light, and the upper part is dark - this is the most preferred option.

Especially stylish look cuffs that contrast with the basic shade of trousers

Here are some practical recommendations on how to choose the right style of pants in proportion to the figure:

  • overweight boys hide jeans with small lapels,
  • if you need to visually add volume and weight, it is better to choose jeans of bright colors, the cuff can be medium or wide,
  • Black jeans with a slim fit and narrow cuffs will seamlessly integrate into a business-style wardrobe.

It is important! Properly tucked jeans in no case shorten their legs, but give the whole image a stylish, extraordinary touch.

How to tuck wide jeans to become skinny

When dealing with straight-cut jeans, it is important to give the silhouette a certain gloss and style so that the image does not turn out to be too vintage. To do this, use the cuffs to slightly narrow the legs. A few practical recommendations:

  • you can slightly narrow the leg only on jeans of a straight cut or slightly flared models,
  • It’s not worth using such a technique on trousers with a very loose cut, otherwise the image will turn out ridiculous,
  • The perfect tack on jeans should be combined with the style of the whole image.

Techniques for rolling on straight-cut jeans

Given that loose fit pants are the most popular in men's wardrobe, many are interested in the question - how to tuck wide jeans. In fact, it’s easy to turn the straight style of the trousers into slightly narrowed ones.

1. Cuffs on jeans of a classic, strict cut.

Classic-fit jeans cuffs

The width of the tackle is approximately 5-6 cm, for greater comfort it is better to fix such a wide winding with an iron. Before rolling, you need to make a small fold and only then turn up the legs.

Alternatively, you can use the inner, invisible cuffs - they are made from the inside and also fixed with an iron.

2. Cuffs on thin jeans of a free cut.

Cuffs in slim fit jeans

In this case, the width of the doorway is 2-3 cm, after that a small fold is formed from the inside of the leg, which resembles a recess in shape, and then it is enough to make a few turns. A similar technique is also great for chinos and trousers of other styles.

In addition to this technique, a simpler and more informal technique is used - you just need to roll the trouser leg with a roller. The only nuance that stylists are urged to remember is moderate accuracy. If the roller turns out to be excessively careless, the entire men's set will instantly turn into a children's image in the style of Tom Sawyer.

Regardless of the chosen style of jeans, when creating cuffs, you must adhere to moderation. Too high a turn will give the impression that you plan to wade across the river. If you want to pick up socks for jeans with cuffs, pay attention that the bare leg should not be visible.

It is important! Trousers of a classic cut, as a rule, are not tucked up, but even in this case options are possible if a small cuff is provided for by a pattern and made in the atelier during sewing.

Double cuff

The double cuff, judging by the name, folds 2 times. The usual width is 2-3 centimeters. Its peculiarity is that you will not see the edge of the jeans, which is usually done with bright stitching. Instead, only the inside will be visible, without unnecessary details.

  • How to tuck a double cuff: fold up the bottom of the leg at a height of 2-3 cm, then again at the same width. Carefully straighten wrinkles and bumps.
  • Which pants will fit: wide and slightly skinny jeans. Not suitable for skinny jeans, as the leg is likely to overtighten.
  • Which shoes are suitable: classic suede derby shoes, top siders, chukka boots, sneakers, sneakers ...

Casual style cuff

A cuff on jeans is, by definition, appropriate in casual style, but this method is the most informal.

  • How to tuck a careless cuff: fold the bottom of the leg 4 times in a width of 3-4 cm. You should have your jeans rolled up right under your knees and be like shorts. You can roll up casually, especially without adjusting the folds.
  • Which pants will fit: the wider the pants, the easier it is to roll them up 4 times.
  • Which shoes are suitable: light summer shoes, such as sneakers, loafers, top siders or sneakers.

Triple slim cuff

In this case, it is enough to order the legs three times to a width of 1-1.5 cm. The width of each turn is the same. This option is suitable only for one style of jeans - a narrow cut, since it is impossible to perform a triple narrow twist on the pants of another style. Complement the look with moccasins, sneakers or sandals.

Slim double cuff

The width of the cuff is from 2 to 3 cm, performed by the double-turn method. A feature of the technique - the edge of jeans with contrasting stitching is hidden. To make the cuffs, it is enough to tuck the trousers to a width of 2-3 cm, and then repeat the fold up a few more times.

Such a method is preferable for jeans with a straight cut in trousers of a narrowed style. In the case of tight jeans, this option is not suitable for narrow jeans, since, most likely, there will be a feeling of leg tightness. Shoes fit the most diverse - sneakers, suede derby, top siders, sneakers Chukka boots.

Why is it fashionable to tuck jeans

Modern men's fashion assumes a certain kind of negligence, freedom, expression of personal personality in the image, which is why tucked jeans are relevant among men of different ages.

In addition, this element of the image is practical - in the summer season you can adjust the length of the trousers, adjust their shape and cut. Another argument in favor of practicality - after the purchase, you do not need to go to the studio and tuck jeans if they require it. Now a few minutes are enough to transform traditional jeans into a fashionable element of the image.

How to wear jeans with a twist

Tucked jeans go well with a variety of clothes, as well as regular pants. This image is most relevant in spring, summer and early autumn, but with the appropriate choice of wardrobe, a cuffed reception can be used even in winter.

In the warm season, thin blue jeans or linen trousers can be complemented with cruise details, such as a vest and moccasins. For osent, the best choice is a loose sweater and mid-height boots. For a more sporty look, sneakers and a thin knit jacket are suitable. Any of these images will be a great solution for a stylish man.

Fashionable man's image with tucked up jeans

Here is a list of what jeans with twists harmonize with:

  • slip-ons (on the bare leg, socks are unacceptable),
  • timberlands and reddings for the winter look (the lapel is located strictly above the upper edge of the shoe, the leg should not be visible)
  • a jacket with similar massive cuffs, a three-quarter sleeves with sleeves, a stylish jacket,
  • shirt, sweater and loafers (can be replaced with sneakers),
  • original torn shirt and jacket on top.
Fashionable looks with tucked jeans

In custody

We hope that after reading the article there will be no questions about how to fashion jeans in a fashionable and competent way. The main thing is to decide on the cuff model, choosing it for growth, body proportions, style of trousers.

Remember that tucking or not tucking jeans is a purely personal matter for every man. Remember that the traditional version of wearing trousers - without upside down - is still relevant.

Men's tucked jeans

Jeans are a universal element of the wardrobe. They can be harmoniously entered into almost any image, but first of all they are part of the casual style. Jeans with tucked-in trousers will look stylish with T-shirts, T-shirts, polos, shirts, cardigans ... yes with any top! Unless with even classic shirts of light shades, they may not look very good.

But for the choice of shoes, rolled pants are more demanding. The most successful combinations are jeans with boat shoes, moccasins, brogues, sneakers and leather sandals. In the autumn-winter look, the tucked-in trousers perfectly harmonize with the boots of Chakka and Chelsea, the main thing is that the edge of the trouser leg does not go below the edge of the shoe.

Classic straight jeans with even, neat cuffs are usually worn with a belt, but informal models with casual slips do not need such accompaniment.

Whether socks should be present in the ensemble is a moot point. It is extremely rare that they become a successful complement to the image, because the essence of upheavals is in exposing the ankles, and socks prevent this. If you’re not comfortable walking barefoot, pick up cropped plain socks, or better, trace socks that won't peek out of your shoes.

Finally, we recommend that you watch the video instruction for folding jeans:

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