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Men's haircuts - photo with the names of hairstyles

If a man cares about his appearance, strive to look presentable, fashionable and modern, he must definitely pay attention to his hairstyle. Stylists note that only a haircut that blends in harmoniously with the image creates a holistic and complete image. You need to choose a haircut not only according to fashion trends and the advice of masters, but also based on the structure of the hair and its features.

So, for example, masters separately consider haircuts for straight men's hair, as well as haircuts for curly curls. Flat hair after cutting and styling is completely different, which the specialist will definitely have to consider, so the hair structure has become a determining factor that has narrowed the search for the perfect hairstyle. Ideal for straight hair, haircuts of medium length are suitable, they are pliable in styling and emphasize all the delights of a haircut.

Varieties of haircuts

In general, men's hairstyles for straight hair imply different options, from short lengths to model extended elongated hairstyles for men. They look natural and beautiful if the master creates the correct transitions between lengths and the proportionality of the hairstyle as a whole. And if earlier the world of men's fashion was limited to several running haircut models, today stylists have developed more than a hundred variations and ideas.

Short bangs and shaved whiskey

For any man with straight hair, a medium-length haircut is suitable, it is only important to correctly adjust the shape of the face with the correct features of the hairstyle. If a man wants to become the owner of a courageous and sexy haircut, stylists suggest leaving the average length of hair at the crown and parietal part, and shave his temples and nape briefly. For men of respectable age, such a haircut with smooth transitions between lengths is suitable, young men can try on a sharp transition.

Medium hair length with slight negligence

The grunge style is known and popular among fashionists of all ages for more than a decade, and therefore stylists advise a haircut in this style for straight hair in men. Hair can be short or medium length, of any shape and model, most importantly, using a gel or wax to create a sloppy disheveled appearance. Tousled hair rejuvenates and gives the appearance of spontaneity.

Asymmetric haircuts

Those haircut options on straight hair that imply asymmetric lines and gradation of lengths are best suited. This can be a parting, hair of different lengths, as well as the presence of a bang, so you can favorably adjust the shape of the face. An elongated bangs will hide a high forehead, a slanting bangs - an angular or elongated face shape, and a straight one will mask the early bald spots. Haircuts are most often made out of medium length with shortened side parts.

Layered haircut

Straight hair is ideal for haircuts with cascading or graduated shearing technology, the design of torn and milled strands. Such haircuts, as a rule, imply an average or elongated length with different levels, due to which the shape of the face is adjusted. Layered haircuts are most often made out for men with thin hair who lack their own volume.

How to choose a hairstyle according to the shape of the face?

For men with straight hair, it is important to choose a haircut and hairstyle not only according to the structure and type of hair, but also the shape of the face, in order to correctly correct the features of appearance, hiding flaws, but emphasizing the merits. To date, stylists separately give recommendations to the following face forms:

  1. Oval face. The standard of beauty and the recognized ideal form, for which short, medium and long haircuts of all shapes and types are suitable. But short haircuts with hair styling back look best to emphasize the right lines of appearance, for example, boxing and semi-boxing, British and Canadian.
  2. Round face. For such a face, a haircut should lengthen the face, and make it slimmer. Stylists do not recommend short haircuts and the presence of bangs, the most suitable are British, Quiff and haircuts with bangs up.
  3. Square face. You can soften the angularity and bring the shape of the face closer to the oval with haircuts of medium and maximum length, but with shortened sides and asymmetric bangs. For example, a British haircut, as well as any short haircuts with side bangs.
  4. A triangular face. You can correct the shape with haircuts with a voluminous crown and short temples, hair and bangs need to be combed to the side.
  5. Heart-shaped face. For such a face, stylists recommend elongated models of haircuts, it can be a hairstyle with bangs and styling back, with side styling, with a tousled careless comb of hair.

Thanks to the right choice of haircuts and styling according to this criterion, a man can emphasize the best aspects of his appearance, while concealing possible shortcomings. The choice is actually quite wide and varied, so you can safely experiment with images and constantly change outwardly.

Hair Thickness and Haircut

If a man by nature has straight and thick hair, respectively, they will have enough natural volume. But for coarse hair to be better styled, it is important to use softening conditioners and hair balms. For such hair, elongated model haircuts, such as caret or care-bob, and short and ultra-short haircuts, such as a hedgehog, tennis, boxing and half box, are more suitable.

For thin hair, stylists advise selecting such haircuts that are performed in a cascading, ragged, multi-level, graduated method. Thanks to this, the haircut will be voluminous and textured, adjusting the shape of the face. It is important to consider the type of hair, for example, hairstyles for men with straight oily hair, it is better to choose short ones to hide this drawback. Only a voluminous texture haircut will be able to hide excessive greasy hair.


Straight hair is more appreciated by stylists and hairdressers, as it lends itself perfectly to cutting and styling. After the master’s work, the hair takes the correct position, emphasizing all the features and lines of a particular haircut. It is only important to choose the right option according to criteria such as face shape, hair structure and type, as well as the age and lifestyle of a man. For young men, medium length and elongated haircuts with styling in grunge style are suitable, older men are advised with classic options with strict styling.

Styles of men's haircuts and types of modern hairstyles

The variety of types of model haircuts opens up the opportunity for men to form any stylish image: classic, sporty, romantic, military or creative. But he will be successful only in the case of an individual and pedantic approach to appearance. It should be based not only on the shape of the face, hair structure, but also on the nature and lifestyle of the owner of the hairstyle. In this article, we will consider the features of men's hairstyles for different hair lengths and find out what are the most popular and popular men's haircuts in beauty salons.

Style 1. Classic

Classic men's haircuts are options with clear, even lines and a hair length not exceeding 3-5 cm. Usually they are laid as smoothly as possible, combing up or making a central parting. These classic hairstyles include: hedgehog, half box, boxing, playground, Canadian, British and others.

Classic hairstyle

The length of the hair in a classic hairstyle has the ability to vary, it can also change the sequence of treatment of the head and hair division, although there are characteristic features. The classic men's hairstyle implies a flat parting on the side or combed back hair and neat styling. The perfect image is not in the beauty of styling, but in the beauty of the haircut.

They say that just such hairstyles are most liked by women. Having picked up this type, it can be combed and laid as you like most. Haircut "classic" is characterized by straight lines and a hair length of not more than five centimeters. Emphasizes aristocracy, but requires care. It fits perfectly into the business image.

Style 2. Sports

Men's sports hairstyles have long migrated from the images of athletes to the masses. The simplest haircut - under the machine, where the hair has the same ultrashort length, called sports. Although this name means a huge number of hairstyles that copy from famous athletes, most often from football players.

Men's sports haircuts - photos of sports hairstyles

For men and boys who prefer casual clothes, sports hairstyles are suitable. This type includes haircuts with long hair in the upper part of the head and short - below the back of the head. The hot summer sun allows you to fully appreciate the convenience. It is believed that the American military in Vietnam made this haircut popular. But the image of the military is preferred not only by people in uniform.

Men's sports hairstyles give the owner masculinity, brutality and style. Their main target audience is decisive, hardy, purposeful men. The length of the hairstyle varies from ultra-short (almost naked) to standard short. Model haircuts of this type are suitable for everyone except blondes and those with scars on their heads.

Style 3. Romantic

Men's hairstyles in a romantic style are possible only on medium hair. They can be stacked in different ways: combing smoothly or creating slight negligence. They are supplemented, as a rule, with long bangs, which can be oblique or straight. A striking example of their owners - people are thin, dreamy, with a creative nature.

Romantic hairstyle

Love - it is she who owns the man who chose the romantic style. This is the privilege of young men and young people who are looking for their soul mate. Long hair is a prerequisite for the consciousness of a romantic image. “Romance” is usually medium length hair. They characterize people who are creative, subtle, with a soft character. Their main advantage is the possibility of various styling. Such haircuts look especially impressive on thick and wavy hair.

Style 4. Military

Short and very short hair are classified as military. Such hairstyles can be created from hair of any length, its feature is deliberate negligence, military hairstyle does not require leaving. A man creates an image of a man who has just returned from a military campaign. It is characterized by light unshaven, dominance and experience in the look, fatigue and measured movements.

Men's haircuts in the style of Military

A haircut first appeared during the “war of independence”, since then military has remained an invariable attribute not only of soldiers, but also of peaceful life. The soldier’s willingness to protect his loved ones does not leave women indifferent, and men are ready to conform to the image.

Most often, young and middle-aged men wear army haircuts, while service in the armed forces is not a prerequisite. Brutality to the face of both athletes and fashionistas. Military hairstyles require minimal care.

Style 5. Creative

When the imagination of the master and the client goes beyond the ordinary, there is a hairstyle in the style of "creative". There are many options for creative hairstyles, only the imagination of the hairdresser and the willingness of the man to challenge gray everyday life will stop the rush.

A creative haircut can be:

  • Short haircut with shaved characters, hieroglyphs, stripes and zippers,
  • Random styling of long hair, mohawks and bangs sticking out in different directions,
  • A haircut with the addition of colors - from defiant bright all over the head, to highlighting individual strands,
  • Any hairstyle that will make passersby turn around.
Creative hairstyles - unusual haircuts

Creative model men's hairstyles are exclusive, original and glamorous. As a rule, these are asymmetric options with hair lengths varying in different areas, non-standard bangs, color and other unexpected solutions.

Their main audience is men under 30 years old. However, it is worth considering that such a challenge, no matter how chaotic it may look, requires careful care. Long hair should be styled regularly, and knocked-out spots grow very quickly.

The number of varieties of men's hairstyles now in its number is almost not inferior to women's. Any modern man who is intently related to his appearance looks for his own hairstyle. Fashionable men's short haircuts are suitable for any type of face, regardless of hair type.

A very popular hairstyle that is found among many celebrities is a “hedgehog” with sharp strands. The hair is trimmed with a hedgehog, and in front remain elongated and stacked with spikes.

False Iroquois hairstyle is also very popular. It is suitable for those who want to show a sense of style and fashion. The essence of this hairstyle is that the hair from the sides is combed up and a sharp crown is formed from them. The advantage of the “false Iroquois” is that it can be worn both in an informal setting and during working hours.

A business approach to solving problems, the ability to appreciate the beauty of being, an irresistible desire to break out of routine - different types of men's haircuts are able to convey those or other priorities to others. The businessman is accustomed to clear and clearly set attitudes - he will ideally suit the outlined hairstyle, where there is nothing superfluous.

A dreamy romantic will appreciate the strands falling on his face in the form of an elongated bang - a kind of mystery and understatement. And he who doesn’t sit still will put practicality at the forefront - his length is shorter.

Men's haircuts: names and photos of men's haircuts

When choosing a hairstyle for your lifestyle, it is important to do this adjusted for the shape of the face. And if for the female half the oval is that ideal, which all haircuts and hairstyles strive for, then with men everything is somewhat different. The square of the correct form is the gold standard to which all visual images need to be brought closer. When choosing stylish men's haircuts, it is worth considering the role of the man’s activities, because not everyone will have the same types of men's haircuts. So, creative and active young people may prefer longer men's haircuts, but business and busy men - on the contrary, will choose for themselves classic and short men's haircuts.

Men's hairstyles and their names with photos, types of haircuts

Classic men's haircuts are out of fashion, but today you will not surprise anyone. In short, everyone will find a haircut that can sound in unison with their lifestyle. And the options below will help those who have not yet figured out or who want to refresh their image with a new hairstyle.

Classic men's haircut

Not all men have the opportunity to vary their image. Undoubtedly, you can choose one of dozens of existing hairstyle models, but the classic men's haircut remains the most sought after and popular. Classic haircuts are characterized by clear geometric lines and average hair length.

Classic men's haircut - elegance and style

Classics are always out of time and rules - it is universal in time, place and what it should be combined with.The classic men's haircut illustrates this fact as well as possible: it suits absolutely any representative of the strong half, does not depend on the fashion and age of its owner.

Men's haircut machine

A model male haircut with a machine should be individual, since the shape of the face and skull of each young person is different, therefore, in addition to fashion trends, it is necessary to take into account all the slightest nuances of appearance.

Men's haircuts under the machine

Every man sooner or later decides to change his style or some detail of appearance. And most often, hair becomes such an element. For cardinal changes, a man’s haircut is perfect.

Tennis haircut - accuracy and sophisticated taste

Mowing tennis is another version of universal convenient haircuts for men. It has several varieties. Looks great both on young guys and on men aged with any facial contour and hair type. Often you yourself do not know what you would like to see on your head. An ideal solution to this problem can be a tennis haircut. Virtually no factors affect it: neither appearance, nor age, nor style.

Boxing - simple, neat, comfortable

Its structure is shaved or short-cut temples and the lower nape with an elongated top. When choosing such a hairstyle, you can save yourself from the problem of sweating your head, it will be very convenient for you to wash it with it. A typical representative wearing a “boxing” is the world famous Brad Pitt.

Men's haircut boxing - photo

A handsome man is self-confident, slightly impudent, independent and self-confident. Boxing men's haircut helps to give similar features - the choice of true gentlemen, which is the embodiment of style and comfort, is characterized by minimally short hair, neat contours and clear lines.

Boxing haircut appeared in modern life, thanks to the eponymous sport, and at first it was popular only among athletes. However, the convenient structure of the hairstyle, a stylish look made her a name, and she went to conquer the male hearts of the whole world. Boxing owes its appearance to one very masculine sport, and as you might guess, this is boxing. It was the athletes who were the first to wear this hairstyle.

Half box - both stylish and solid

Elongated subspecies haircuts boxing. At the temples and at the back, the hair is slightly shorter than in the parietal zone, and the fringing runs along the nape line. Haircuts are often preferred by young boys who like to look stylish. The half box is a classic option. The great football player Cristiano Ronaldo himself prefers this comfortable hairstyle.

In the photo of a male haircut, you can see a direct visual illustration of this type of hairstyle. Men's half-box haircut has a sports origin, as you might guess from its name. The main feature of the haircut is a length not exceeding 4 cm and not less than 3 centimeters. Where the master leaves the strands, the length reaches 8 cm. The half-box cutting technology is not difficult, so you can do it yourself. You need to cut the washed and dried hair.

The British - the unique charm of the classics

Haircut for young, energetic, stylish, confident men. It is characterized by a short-cropped nape and hair of sufficient length in the upper part of the head. It definitely will not suit the forever busy and sloths, as it requires at least minimal daily care. It is convenient, practical and easily amenable to any type of styling.

Do you want to arouse admiring glances among others and be especially attractive in the eyes of the fair sex? Then it’s the British woman that suits you. Men's haircut in this style began to be carried out in the middle of the last century.

British or underker is a relative of Canada. In British women use scissors, in Canada - a typewriter. Outwardly, the British is little different from Canada. The strands in the crown and crown are longer than on the back of the head and on the sides. This makes the face more elongated.

Types and names of men's hairstyles

Men's haircuts and hairstyles have a huge number of types related to the above styles. Select styling is necessary depending on the shape of the face and lifestyle. When choosing a particular hairstyle, it is important to consider the main points:

  • short hair is easier to carry out systemic care,
  • medium hair gives the widest scope for the implementation of interesting ideas, but requires more attention than short,
  • for lengths longer than average, daily careful care and styling will be required.

Undercut (Undercut)

The hairstyle is suitable only for straight hair of medium length. For all other types, creating it can be a problem. Undercut men's haircuts are universal for any style of clothing. A characteristic feature of the hairstyle is the stylish transition from short to long hair. Smooth lines are optional.

Bob haircut - a special charm for special men

Bean haircut has become masculine, but it can hardly be attributed to the classic. Classical performance is made on locks of average length. The occipital part is made lush, and bangs and ringlets on the temporal region are given an artistic mess. In this case, the curls in the front are trimmed obliquely and casually fall on the forehead.

Bob always looks attractive and sexy. Thanks to the careless facial hair present, the man becomes refined. Bob, like any medium-sized men's haircut, requires more frequent washing of hair and special thorough care for them. They must have a healthy look, so that this non-standard men's hairstyle emphasizes their beauty.

Canada - a haircut for any man

Its original appearance will certainly emphasize the impeccable taste of its wearer. Canada is a haircut that allows you to make interesting styling, perfect for a party, business meeting and romantic dinner. Haircut Canadian is included in the ranking of the most popular men's haircuts in the world. Some argue that it is the most common, but most likely it is still not so, but boxing and half-boxing hold leadership.

Canada is very versatile and can be an element of the student image, and military, and business. It is convenient, practical and easily amenable to any type of styling. It can be performed by a master who knows the basic haircut techniques in any salon. Haircut Canadian has no age. It is suitable for both middle-aged men and young men and children.

Haircut "Hedgehog" - men's sports classic

The hairstyle is not difficult both in execution and in leaving. In addition, it is quite universal. Short suit bold, open, confident men. And an elongated hedgehog can hide some of the appearance flaws: adjust the shape of the head, cover up the irregularities of the skull. "Hedgehog" is a men's sports haircut, which is preferred by young people.

Male haircut hedgehog - photo options

A haircut gives an image of masculinity and self-confidence. This men's hairstyle is quite simple and convenient. With the help of mousse and some hairdressing skills, protruding hair can be turned into a stylish styling. The classic “Hedgehog” haircut is the absence of even areas and rectangular transitions from the temporal to the parietal region of the head.

Beaver haircut - practical elegance

Short haircut Bobrik refers to sports hairstyles. With its silhouette, it looks like a square, but at the temples, the hair is cut at an angle from the top on the top of the platform.

Men's Bobrick haircut - photo options

The Bobrick male haircut involves a short shearing of the temples and the back of the head. At the same time, relatively long locks remain in the bangs zone, a little shorter in the crown zone. Thanks to this solution, a flat area is formed in the upper part of the head. Visually reduces the head, makes the image coarse. More suited to holders of sophisticated features.

Men's haircut with shaved temples

If you are ready to properly care for a men's hairstyle with shaved temples, then you can safely experiment, because in just a couple of weeks, shaved whiskey begins to overgrow, and a visit to the hairdresser is again inevitable. Men's haircuts with shaved temples are an element of the individual style of those who do not accept monotony.

Men's hairstyle with shaved temples - photo

Only an experienced stylist will tell you the types of haircuts, give recommendations on how to choose a hairstyle depending on the shape of the head, face type and hair quality. A haircut with shaved sides is associated with a bold, courageous, eccentric image of a gangster. And in the 20s of the century of the departed, and today, men choose such a hairstyle, balancing between elegance and aggressiveness.

Sagittarius haircut - the perfect haircut according to the zodiac sign

Most males prefer short haircuts because of their convenience. No exception was the men's hairstyle of the Sagittarius, which also captivated many guys with its simplicity. Its main criterion is a high side parting with an elongated bang.

Haircut Sagittarius -
fashionable men's hairstyle, photo

A special effect and volume will help to add highlighting of hair. Hair of this type of haircut should be the same length, and the temple - in the form of an acute angle. The peculiarity of the Sagittarius haircut for men is that the shape of the hairstyle is modeled using a high side part and an elongated side bang. The ear opens, the temple is cut short in an oblique line. Sagittarius men's hairstyle is suitable for men with any face shape and any hair structure.

Grunge style hairstyle - rebellion and audacity are back in fashion

Today, the trend is again men's haircut in a defiant grunge style. A chaotic hairstyle, disheveled strands expressively emphasize the virtues of eccentric natures. Men's haircut "grunge" is relevant among young and young. This is a reflection of modern rock culture. Rebel styling, shading male sexuality, combined with the image of a business man, with the style of "Casual".

Men's grunge haircut - photo options

Look appropriate in any situation, in the office, at the reception, in a nightclub. The main task of a man's haircut in grunge style is to emphasize the individuality of a person, thereby distinguishing him from the crowd. Such images are mainly chosen by men of creative professions - designers, musicians, photographers, people associated with the world of art, who can afford not to adhere to the dress code and express themselves with the help of their appearance.

Elvis Hairstyle - Famous Elvis Presley Haircut

Elvis Presley is truly considered a trendsetter. On the sides, the hair is shortened with a machine or scissors to a minimum, and long locks remain on the top of the head, which, if desired, can be formed in the form of a bang, dropping down or raising from the forehead up. Such a haircut is fixed with a gel or spray. Model male haircut Elvis is recognized by long curls on top, which are shortened to the bottom. Combine styling with Elvis Presley style with specific clothing.

Elvis Presley hairstyle - haircut photo

Men's haircut "Site" - the elegant simplicity of charisma

You can’t confuse a classic haircut with any other. A horizontal even plane on the head looks very unusual. The men's haircut, which is also called the square, is characterized by a short hair length of about 4-5 cm. In this case, the hair on the section from the forehead to the crown forms a strictly horizontal surface. And the hair of the lower zones comes to nothing.

Men's haircut playground - photo options

Men's haircut playground looks impressive and gives masculinity. This is an ageless classic, so it does not go out of style. The hairstyle is easy to recognize by shape: the hair on the temples and the back of the head is cut short, and on the crown the average length is cut in the form of a flat area.

Haircut "Voyage" - a fashionable men's hairstyle

Men's hairstyles “voyage” - are made with straight thinning scissors. Usually on medium hair. “Voyage” has the appearance of a voluminous hairstyle in the upper part of the head, and short hair comes from below. The cut line should be clearly distinguished.

Men's haircut Voyage involves the volume at the crown, smoothly or sharply passing to shorter hair at the temples and the back of the head. This haircut is more suitable for young boys, it is not suitable for mature men, as it gives some naivety and softness.

Men's haircut Voyage - photo options

Military (Military Style) - a concise image of a real man

The main trend of this year is the military hairstyle or military haircut, creating a concise, courageous image of a real soldier, hero. Military style has no clear boundaries.

Men's haircut Military - hairstyles photo

Here you can find haircuts of various lengths and shapes. Such common features as severity, neatness, a minimum of time for leaving, a maximum of convenience combine them together. Such a haircut is performed by both very young and fairly mature people. It will not look very beautiful on men of thin physique. The transition of military haircuts to civilian fashion means only one thing: such hairstyles create style.

Beanie - men's creative haircut

Men's haircut cap is often called the "haircut under the pot." This phrase immediately recalls the image of a rustic Russian guy in a canvas shirt and bast shoes. However, the modern men's haircut cap has little to do with this hairstyle. Hairdressers strive to maintain the rounded shape of the model, but always give it a stylish look.

Men's haircut cap - photo options

In the original, its appearance is really quite simple and even a little outdated. But thanks to new trends, trends and extraordinary looks, the “hat” is again returning to fashion in new impressive versions. Hairstyle cap suitable for any type of hair.

It can be done both on curls and on even strands. At the same time, it will look different. On curls, it will look slightly disheveled. It is most advantageous to make such a haircut for men with rare and thin strands. She will visually add volume. Haircut cap is so in demand due to the neat appearance.

Romantic haircut - a romantic style of a creative person

Men's haircuts for long hair are not too popular in our country. However, now the trend is starting to change, and more and more men are trying to emphasize their individuality with stylish and fashionable elongated hairstyles. A romantic look is obtained if the hair is of medium length. At the same time, it becomes possible to add a long bang to the men's hairstyle. Men's haircuts in the style of Romance require special care - styling, regular correction.

Romantic haircut - fashionable men's hairstyle

However, the result will justify the effort spent, because this haircut is noticeably distinguished by its soft outlines and deliberate negligence. Such a haircut for a man is suitable if he is a real romantic or a creative person. Smoothly combed hair creates the image of a very intelligent man.

The desire of men to maintain hair in a well-groomed state is growing, therefore, the fashion for men's hairstyles is replaced every season. This year, the classic men's haircut is popular. Fashion designers offer new looks that help express personality. Most men prefer short haircuts that characterize masculinity, while simple, not requiring time for daily styling. When choosing, age, activity and taste are taken into account.

Names of men's haircuts, types of modern haircuts

Classic men's styling does not age, they are characterized by restraint, neatness, straight lines and simplicity. They are universal, suitable for both businessmen and representatives of creative professions. Classic model men's haircuts are created by a hairdresser, taking into account the wishes of the client, the shape of the face and head. The basic is a regular haircut for short hair, in which the master brings in the elements. This can be a shaved pattern on the back of the head or side, a lock in the form of a “tail” or patterns.

Consider your own lifestyle, your own profession and your age, if you need a model classic men's haircut, view the photo. An extravagant hairstyle will decorate, for example, representatives of some creative professions, but for conservatives it is better to choose a classic simple hairstyle. Consider the structure of your hair, your type of face, which directly affect the choice of haircuts. Before you start it, talk with an experienced stylist.

Probably not a single hairstyle looks as luxurious as a classic men's haircut. Choose a classic style and you will not lose. This image is suitable for any man. It is important that correctly selected men's haircuts are practical and do not require long styling, but rather be comfortable and convenient. Each person needs to take care of their appearance. Women are not attracted to untidy and sloppy men. Looking at the stylish and well-groomed gentleman, the lady immediately associates with reliability, willpower and high social status.

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