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The most expensive men's perfume: only exclusive perfumes

It is said that the smell of a man is more important for women than his appearance. This is because the attraction is somehow connected with the smell: this is the first thing that the interlocutor feels, he just does not notice it. When it comes to women, the smell is what catches it. And, since men are known to sweat 50% more than women, it is imperative that a man smell good if he wants to find the right person.

Spirits and cologne are two different things that serve the same purpose. You can’t say exactly what suits men more: the first or second, since the matter is in the body, and in how it interacts with perfume. In the name of some colognes there is the word "sport", which is a good example of the fact that the perfume is designed for men who, even after physical exertion, want to smell good.

Good smell is one of the priority tasks, especially if you need to find a suitable companion, so when it comes to this aspect, some men are willing to spend money, if only their smell was on top. And although prices for men’s perfumes can’t be compared to women’s perfumes, there’s still something to empty the purse from.

Here is a list of the 10 most expensive odors for men.

10. Serge Lutens ’Borneo 1834 Cologne for Men ($ 135)

It is considered one of the best men's colognes. At first it was a perfume for both men and women. It has a warm and soft aroma of cardamom, patchouli, cocoa, white flowers and galban. It is the combination of cocoa and patchouli that makes this cologne interesting. These two components in combination with each other pleasantly caress the nose.

9. Eau de Vert Eau de Parfum Spray by Miller Harris ($ 142)

Eau de Vart is an energetic unisex fragrance with citrus notes. It opens with a touch of marjoram and geranium. Its fresh smell suits men and women, although still more men because of its pungency. The bouquet also contains notes of musk.

8. L’eau Serge Lutens ($ 150)

These perfumes have a fresh and clean smell. The aroma resembles the smell of freshly laundered laundry or fresh bars of soap. In his bouquet there are notes of magnolia, lily, rose and amber. Aldehyde is also a good addition to perfume. If you want to smell fresh, clean and simple, then this perfume is your choice.

7. Straight to Heaven by Kilian ($ 225)

Straight to Heaven is one of the most popular fragrances for men thanks to its rum. Yes, rum was an inspiration to these spirits. Spicy and woody aroma mixed with musk, jasmine, patchouli, virgin cedar, amber, nutmeg, vanilla and, in fact, rum! Also, these perfumes have been known for quite some time. Their smell resembles the warmth of the tropics. The second name of these perfumes is White Christal, and men receive many compliments only for this smell.

6. Clive Christian 1872 ($ 310)

This is one of the most famous luxury perfume brands. One of the best perfumes in the series is 1872. They have a strong citrus aroma with an admixture of spices. The way these perfumes were made make them so loved. The ingredients of these perfumes are strictly herbal, so that the smell lasts so long.

5. Clive Christian C perfume ($ 375)

It was originally a feminine scent, but the British company decided that men should also be given the opportunity to try this fresh scent. The difference compared to the feminine aroma is that it is stronger than lemon, jasmine, rose and amber. They say this is done so that the masculine smell complements the feminine (in the case when they use the same brand, of course).

4. Ambre Topkapi ($ 610)

Ambre Tokapi is one of the most expensive men's fragrances. At the very beginning, it is strong, but over time it blooms, acquiring spicy notes in a woody bouquet. The smell was created by Pierre Bourdon, who decided to mix strong spices such as bergamot, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg with grapefruit, pineapple and lavender. No wonder the aroma is woody, spicy and fresh!

3. Annick Goutal’s Eau d’Hadrien ($ 1,500)

Not all men's perfumes smell only of musk, spices and other things; some exude a fresh citrus aroma. Thanks to the Tuscan sun, Annick Goutal’s Eau d’Hadrien smells of ripe fruit. This fragrance was created as a declaration of love for Tuscany, and the smell of fruit looks great on the skin.

2. Caron’s Poivre ($ 2,000)

This fragrance has been known since the 50s. And there have always been disputes about him: masculine is a fragrance or still more feminine. Again, depends on the body. Perfumes have been known since 1954, and they are still for sale, although the price is quite high. Their aroma is explosive and intense, their spicy spicy aroma turns into a floral.

1. Clive Christian No. 1 Pure Perfume for Men ($ 2,350)

This is the most expensive men's perfume in the world. Besides the fact that they are created from the most expensive and rare components from different parts of the world, they are also poured into crystal bottles with a gold stopper. And if this is not luxurious enough for you, then it is also encrusted with a 5-carat diamond. This perfume has been known since the end of the 19th century, and it was approved by Queen Victoria herself. These perfumes will make you feel like a king.

Rating of the most expensive perfumes

Many men consider only the most expensive men's perfumes in order to emphasize their solvency and solvency, but few decide to buy an expensive perfume, not knowing how to choose it correctly. In this regard, experts tested popular and high-quality aromas, combining the most expensive perfumes in the top list of win-win ideas for choice. If a man trusts these recommendations, any of the indicated men's toilet water will be cause for pride.


If a man is interested in the most expensive men's perfumes in the world, the Clive Christian brand produces them. Among the proposed options are those whose price exceeds 2 thousand pounds, since we are talking about the decor of the bottle with precious stones. If we consider Clive Christian No. 1 Twist Chamomile, experts called the fragrance modern and universal for all men. It contains floral ingredients, refreshing citrus tones. For 50 ml of English perfume you will need to pay 495 pounds.


For connoisseurs of the Victorian era, an English exclusive men's fragrance Royal mayfair by the house of creed is offered. The differences are in a fresh and clean aroma without heavy and intrusive components. Here, notes of pine and white cedar, eucalyptus, fresh grapefruit, orange and lemon, a delicate rose are distinguishable. For a 75 ml bottle, you have to pay 320 pounds.


This fragrance is made in the best French traditions, and the highlight is the decor, a lid in the form of a sculptural bust for real aesthetes. The fragrance is produced in a limited edition only for true connoisseurs of woody-spicy aromas. Here you can enjoy refreshing bergamot, heady cinnamon and cardamom, delicious aromas of melon, pineapple, grapefruit, deep weave of skin and sandalwood. For 75 ml of perfume you need to pay 350 euros.


A modern French cologne that will help men win women's hearts. Thanks to the original design and golden stakes against the background of a deep classic black bottle, the fragrance can be a great gift idea. The composition contains notes of jasmine, woody aromas of patchouli and sandalwood, aromatic vanilla, rum, nutmeg, as well as sexy notes of ambergris and musk. And the price exceeded the mark of 300 dollars.


If a man is interested in the most expensive men's cologne to emphasize his solvency, the bottle of Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Forte, which appeared only in 2016, will become a real decoration for a man’s wardrobe. Experts immediately dubbed the perfume bold and exciting, combining the sweet notes of skin and the daring accents of Italian forests. The composition contains musk, citruses, neroli, bergamot, basil and lavender. The price is $ 290.


The road and decent men's eau de toilette from France is Maison Francis Kurkdjian - Oud silk from a well-known manufacturer. You can find blue Moroccan daisy, Bulgarian rose, papyrus in the composition, thanks to such a sweet aroma the mood immediately rises. The price of perfume and huge demand are due to such an original composition, such components are rarely used in perfumes. For 75 ml you need to pay $ 275.


An elite and high-quality perfume from France is Annick Goutal Ambre Sauvage, for 75 ml of which you need to pay 210 euros. These are persistent perfumes that last on a man all day long.

A pleasant and refined aroma has collected notes of vanilla, iris, patchouli, ambergris and lavender. To the best of floral and heady aroma that will win the heart of any woman.

Why are these perfumes considered the most expensive?

Many men do not understand the fact that elite and expensive perfumes are worth such exorbitant amounts of money. The proposed top of the best was compiled by experienced specialists and experts, not only in terms of high prices, but also in terms of high quality, positive reviews, durability and multicomponent composition. First of all, you need to understand that the best smell can not be cheap, because it contains rare expensive notes.

All of these flavors were developed over the years, a huge amount of effort, time and resources was spent on their creation. Today, the most expensive perfumes are available in a limited collection, which is why huge demand is due. The price is formed from demand, in addition, all these brands have become famous around the world, have the best recommendations from experts.

Supreme Bouquet by YSL

We have long been accustomed to the fact that on the shelves in stores you can find a huge selection of luxury perfumes from Yves Saint Laurent, and you too will surely find such a bottle. But not everyone knows about the Oriental Collection selective line - this is also YSL perfumery, only more complex and expensive, “for the elite.” We have no doubt that you will appreciate! We especially liked Supreme Bouquet - an incredibly feminine and sensual fragrance, suitable for both day and evening out. In his heart is tuberose, which gives it a special sound, and auxiliary notes are pear, pink pepper, ylang-ylang, ambergris and musk. Mm

Price: 13 000 rub. (80 ml)

Sunshine by Amouage

Amouage fragrances are already a symbol of luxury, and they are certainly attractive. New Sunshine combines creamy almond chords, tart notes of black currant and delicate flowers - jasmine, magnolia, osmanthus. With this aroma, you can not only conquer a man, but also the whole world - you will definitely feel very confident.

Nastasya Samburskaya, Klava Kok and other guests at the presentation of the fragrance The $ kull

Price: 30 800 rub. (100 ml)

01 Molecule

Molesule has already become a legendary perfume - girls, if they have not bought the coveted bottle, then dream of it. This fragrance is very difficult to describe, because it is completely individual and is revealed in each person in his own way. Perfumer Geza Schoen created a unique woody musk fleur - many believe that he simply drives men crazy and, most importantly, blends harmoniously with the natural skin aroma. In short, the bottle is definitely worth the money.

Price: 12 650 rub. (100 ml)

Killing Me Slowly by Kilian

The perfume with the intriguing title “Kill Me Slow” will appeal to fans of rich, but soft, like silk aromas. This is a very sensual and intimate fleur, which consists of notes of blackcurrant, lychee, Bulgarian rose, iris and Madagascar vanilla. The aroma is complex, rich, but at the same time delicate ... It’s perfect for a romantic date!

Price: 13 500 rub. (100 ml)

Fleur Narcotique by Ex Nihilo

After reading the name of this fragrance, we, of course, were very intrigued! Fleur Narcotique (can be translated as “narcotic flower”) from the young Parisian brand Ex Nihilo will appeal to girls of impudent temper - you still have to dare to do this! In fact, it is really addictive - such an interesting and enchanting smell is enclosed in a bottle. We will try to describe in words: the top notes are bergamot, lychee and peach, the heart notes are jasmine, peony and orange blossom, and the base notes are wood notes, oak moss and musk. In short, the composition is intricate and intriguing. Narcotic!

Price: 23 000 rub. (100 ml)

Jasmin Angelique by Atelier Cologne

Angel Jasmine is a green fragrance that will suit both you and your boyfriend. And by the way, it does not at all look like the usual sweet jasmine - the composition is much more complex and interesting. Egyptian jasmine helps notes of figs, galbanum, frankincense and white ambergris. It seems to us that eau de toilette is perfect as the main perfume for every day - it will be appropriate even in the morning at the office.

Price: 12 600 rub. (100 ml)

Oud Palao by Diptyque

The rich notes of oudwood are now at their peak! So the perfume brand Diptyque released its variation on the theme of oud - the fragrance Oud Palao is simply incredible ... Woody, with notes of Bulgarian rose, vanilla, tobacco and patchouli. And, best of all, they, again, can be used with your loved one!

Price: 11 250 rub. (100 ml)

Cannibale by Serge Lutens

Do not be afraid of such a strange and slightly frightening name for the fragrance. Well-known perfumer Serge Luten is also a fanatic - he comes up with such names for his masterpieces that he certainly wants to try, if only for the sake of interest. In fact, Cannibale is a very rich wood-oriental fragrance that will appeal to lovers of exotic and something unusual. Luten himself hints that the woman who uses this perfume “wants to eat”. Agree, no one expects a more stunning effect from perfumes!

Price: 7900 rub. (50 ml)

Amber and Roses by Mancera

The Mancera brand has released a great option for the evening - if you like the scent of a rose, then you will definitely like it. Of course, not everything is so simple. In addition to the amber and rose declared in the perfume name, you will hear notes of white musk, Indian jasmine and Sicilian lemon. Like all Mancera fragrances, this one is very rich, so don't go too far before going out.

Price: 14 400 rub. (100 ml)

Larmes Du Desert by Atelier Des Ors

The Atelier Des Ors brand has just come to Russia, but has already managed to fall in love with us. The name of the fragrance that we advise you to take a closer look at is translated as “Tears of the Desert”. It reflects the perfume traditions of the Middle East, which means it will appeal to lovers of spicy, oriental aromas. Notes: frankincense, cypress, patchouli, cedar, ambergris ... You will definitely not go unnoticed!

Price: 24 000 rub. (100 ml)

SoOud Ilham

Fashionable oud notes again! This oriental fragrance sounds very rich, and at the same time incredibly feminine. Oud is often associated with woody aromas (and even more often with men's perfumes), but in this case, pink pepper, ginger, musk and patchouli create a sweet, festive sound. It seems to us that the aroma can be quickly attributed to the evening - it will be perfectly combined with a cocktail dress.

Price: 16 500 rub. (100 ml)

The cost of such perfumes and where can I get them?

Costly fragrances for successful young and mature men can be bought online, but the risks of acquiring crafts and well-disguised copies are quite large. Therefore, experts advise making purchases only at official resources or specialized stores that have documents confirming the authenticity of perfumes. The most expensive men's toilet water will cost about 40,000 to 16,000 rubles.

Le Monde sur Mesure (France)

The perfume Le Monde sur Mesure from the French company Morreale Paris is at the top of the list of the most expensive perfumes. They are produced in an exclusive bottle made manually of pure gold and decorated with precious stones. The craftsmen take almost a whole year to make one such bottle. By customer request, perfumes can also be delivered in a gold bottle with a scattering of rubies.

If we talk about the contents, the perfumers created an “absolutely royal” enchanting aroma with fresh spicy, woody notes and a light citrus hue, suitable for both women and men.

The "heart" of the aroma is the smell of spices:

  • black pepper
  • cardamom
  • cloves
  • cinnamon
  • nutmeg.

This whole bouquet is complemented by notes of the following plants:

  • tarry smoky spruce and juniper,
  • wood-tobacco chamomile,
  • stupefying ylang-ylang,
  • a charming rose
  • fresh jasmine, citrus and mint.

A bottle of perfume Le Monde sur Mesure with a head-swirling aroma costs 96,950,000 rubles.

Shumukh Spirit of Dubai (UAE)

Spirit of Dubai Parfum by Nabeel has released a real masterpiece of perfumery and jewelry - perfumes called Shumukh, which is translated from Arabic as “deserving the highest.” An exclusive bottle, the creation of which took about 3 years, has the following description:

  • in height reaches 1, 97 m, and with a capacity of 3 l,
  • made of 18 carat gold (2,479.26 g) and pure silver (5,892.88 g),
  • encrusted with precious stones - 3,571 sparkling diamonds (total weight 38.55 carats), topazes and pearls,
  • adorned with everything Dubai is famous for - roses, falconry, Arabian horses, pearl diving,
  • equipped with remote control technology (the owner of these luxurious perfumes can enable personal settings).

No less inclusive was the aroma, which was bred after 494 tests. Asgar Adam Ali, founder and chief perfumer of the Nabeel Perfumes group of companies, worked on its creation. He was assisted by the best specialists from Switzerland, France and Italy.

Perfume consists of natural ingredients that were brought from different parts of the globe. Fascinating notes are felt in them:

  • amber
  • sandalwood
  • musk
  • rare Indian agar tree,
  • Turkish rose
  • patchouli,
  • ylang-ylang,
  • incense.

According to experts, the aroma remains on the skin for up to 12 hours and on the fabric for up to 30 days. It is noteworthy that this fragrance is suitable for both women and men.

The product presentation took place in the Armani room in Burj Khalifa. This event was widely covered by the world media, because these spirits immediately set 2 Guinness world records in the nomination “The largest number of diamonds on the bottle” and “The highest flavor with a remote control system”.

The cost of a bottle of unisex perfume is 83 715 000 rubles.

Which famous people use such aromas?

Fragrances from the most expensive brand CREED were immediately appreciated by real perfume aesthetics - George Clooney and David Beckham. Famous Hollywood actor Colin Firth prefers the TOM FORD brand with cool aromas, and Gray Vetiver by Tom Ford most often uses his arsenal. Also, the CREED brand is preferred by the sexiest woman in the world - Angelina Jolie.


Cool perfumes, according to most men, are persistent and expensive fragrances from famous brands. Clive Christian No. fragrance is recognized as the most expensive and lasting. 1 Twist Chamomile, he occupies a leading position in all lists and ratings from experts. There is a special demand for another good and better smell, according to modern connoisseurs - Maison Francis Kurkdjian - Oud silk with a unique composition. The brands offered are the best fragrances that are preferred by the most successful men of the whole world.

DKNY Golden Delicious (USA)

These are women's perfumes with floral and fruity notes of the famous “apple” collection from Donna Karan. The smell of juicy apples, orange blossoms and Mirabelle plums is mixed with a slight floral scent of lilies of the valley, white roses, lilies and a vanilla orchid. The depth of perfume reveals a woody trace of sandalwood and teak, as well as soft and warm musk.

The bottle is made in the shape of an apple from yellow and white gold and decorated with precious stones (3,000 pieces). Of these, silhouettes of recognizable buildings in Manhattan are laid out along the rim of the bottle.

Thanks to an elegant bottle, the cost of DKNY perfumes reaches 65,000,000 rubles.

Secret de la Reine by Guerlain (France)

Guerlain's perfect flavors are hidden in unique miniature bee bottles that look great as pendants or brooches. They are all numbered.

Each "bee" is made of platinum and black onyx and decorated with diamonds. The secret of this original bottle is a hidden mechanism by clicking on which the wings of the insect rise and the aroma is sprayed.

Complete with perfume is a chain with diamonds, on which the phrase “Love to live, live to love” is encrypted using Morse code. Thus, the owner of perfumes receives not only an exquisite aroma, but also an exclusive decoration.

The “heart” of the fragrance is the smell of jasmine, ylang-ylang, orange and spicy cloves. The base notes are made from tonka bean, white honey and vanilla, but the fragrance first opens with refreshing bergamot and bitter orange.

The average cost of a “bee” is 21,980,000 rubles.

Imperial Majesty (Great Britain)

These are perfumes from Clive Christian, which are poured into a chic bottle of rock crystal, which is a polished glossy crystal. The neck of the bottle is adorned with a ring of gold and a white 5-carat brilliant-cut diamond. The bottle is crowned with a diadem. In appearance, it resembles the one in which the Queen of Great Britain was crowned to the throne.

After acquiring a perfume bottle, the name of the owner is applied to a gold plate located on the neck of the bottle. The bottle itself is stored in a wooden ebony box, trimmed with platinum and upholstered in red velvet.

Imperial Majesty perfumes have a refreshing scent of citrus, seasoned with delicate floral accords and warm woody notes. The fragrance consists of rare components, but the composition is kept in strict secrecy. It is known that it includes Indian sandalwood and vanilla from the island of Tahiti. Obtaining extracts from them is a very complex and expensive process.

In total, 10 500 ml vials were released. The cost of each of them is 16 160 500 rubles.

V1 by Gianni Vive Sulman (United Kingdom)

Perfume V1 released by fashion jewelry house Gianni Viva Salman. The creator of this fragrance is London designer, watchmaker and jeweler Arthur Burnham. He spent the whole 5 years to achieve a charming symphony of aromas of roses and natural resins.

Perfume V1 in the amount of 173 bottles were released in 1993. Each bottle is handmade from gold and platinum, and is also decorated with rubies and diamonds. It is packed in a wooden box with gold patterns, which is locked with a golden key encrusted with rubies and diamonds.

The average cost of one bottle of V1 is 5,495,000 rubles.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million 18 Carats LUXE edition (France)

Men's perfumes that symbolize fame, power and wealth. Each bottle made of gold and decorated with 18 diamonds has its own individual number. He is hidden in a luxurious leather case with backlight, which is locked with a gilded lock.

The aroma has several shades:

  • citrus notes that in the morning will arouse feelings and energize,
  • aromatic herbs and spices, adding to its owner self-confidence and insolence,
  • woody warm accords of patchouli and ambergris, responsible for elegance.

The cost of this elite men's perfume is 3 620 000 rubles.

Idylle "Tear of Love" by Guerlain (France)

“Tear of Love” - this is how the name of these spirits intended for women is translated. The bottle is made in the form of a drop-tear from crystal and gilded with 18 carat gold. It is packed in a box made of natural lacquered wood.

Perfume aroma itself emphasizes the tenderness, romance and femininity of its owner. It has floral musky notes:

The average cost of the bottle “Tear of Love” is 2,910,000 rubles.

J’Adore L’Or by Dior (France)

The perfumes of the Prestige series are poured into a bottle in the form of a Greek amphora made of crystal. Its neck is covered with gold, which is engraved. In the version of Haute Joaillerie Exception, an expensive necklace consisting of several gold chains is also attached to the crystal bottle.

The aroma itself is sweet, but with several shades:

  • sharp floral notes of jasmine, plum, rose and orchid,
  • fresh tangerine chords
  • with a loop of the smell of amaranth, musk and blackberry.

The average cost of prestigious perfumes from Dior starts at 2 198 000 rubles.

Royal Arms Diamond Edition (UK)

Royal Floris perfume was created for the Diamond Anniversary of the Queen of England. Thus, he was presented at the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the accession to the throne of Elizabeth II. It is this brand that has the exclusive right to "produce perfumes for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth."

The heart of the fragrance was a rose, which was surrounded by notes of jasmine, iris, ylang-ylang and sweet violet. The piquancy gives it the smell of juicy lemon and bergamot, and warm notes - chords of amber, patchouli, musk and vanilla.

A total of 6 bottles were released, each of which is decorated with a diamond on a gold chain and has a cost of 1,616,000 rubles.

Les Larmes Sacrees de Thebes (France)

These spirits from Baccarat with a poetic name, which translates as "The Sacred Tears of Thebes" (Thebes - a city in Ancient Egypt). They are sold in a unique bottle made of rock crystal in the form of an Egyptian pyramid. This sculpture is adorned with precious stones.

Perfume is not suitable for everyone, as it has a heavy aroma, consisting of several shades:

  • the intoxicating and slightly bitter smell of myrrh,
  • saturated balsamic incense with notes of spices,
  • warm sweetish-resinous notes of amber.

The cost of one bottle is 439,500 rubles.

Clive Christian No.1 (United Kingdom)

Every year, only 1,000 bottles of these expensive perfumes with an oriental floral aroma arrive on store shelves. Their cost is determined immediately by two factors:

  • a luxurious handmade bottle made of crystal and decorated with a 3-carat diamond,
  • rare components that make up the composition, which include:
  • intoxicating ylang-ylang, specially grown in Madagascar,
  • violet root
  • sandalwood from India
  • vanilla from Tahiti
  • Siamese benzoin.

The average cost of a 30 ml bottle is 355,550 rubles.

Ellipse by Jacques Fath (France)

Ellipse perfumes are presented by the French perfume house Jacques Fat. This is a classic chypre aroma for the beautiful half of humanity. The composition includes several dozen components:

  • fresh notes of bergamot and mandarin,
  • floral accords of roses, jasmine, iris,
  • grassy bitterness of wormwood,
  • thick and spicy aroma of galbanum,
  • forest smell with bright grassy and woody shades of oak moss, cedar,
  • a subtle note of honeysuckle, patchouli, nutmeg and musk.

Since 1972, these perfumes have been produced by two companies - L’Oreal (France) and SAR par Kachian Takieddine (Syria). In 1984, a conflict arose between them, so the production of aroma was stopped.

Perfume from Jacques Fath is considered the most expensive vintage perfume in the world - a bottle of 14 ml is estimated at 323,200 rubles.

Chanel No. 5 Grand Extrait (France)

In 1921, Coco Chanel and perfumer Ernest Box released the legendary fragrance Chanel No. 5, and the limited edition Grand Extrait became a real find for collectors. Charming aroma with notes of neroli, rose and jasmine has become a real classic in the world of perfumes.

As for the bottle, its design is as simple as possible. This is a simple faceted handmade glass bottle packed in a satin case. Its capacity is 900 ml.

You will have to pay 272,500 rubles for a popular fragrance.

Ralph Lauren Notorious (USA)

This fragrance with oriental floral notes, designed for women 25 years and older. Perfumers were inspired to create Hitchcock films and other Hollywood paintings. This is evidenced by the bottle, made in the style of elusive art deco. It is packed in a crocodile leather case.

The composition is composed of notes of black currant, pink pepper and bergamot. The floral “heart” is filled with the smell of white peony, cloves and chocolate cosmea. The base notes are the aroma of patchouli, musk, vanilla and the bewitching root of iris.

Perfume from the fashion house of the American fashion designer Ralph Lauren costs about 229,000 rubles.

Bond No.9 fragrance series (USA)

Perfume company Bond No.9 released a series of three fragrances, expressing in each of them the beauty and originality of New York. Perfumes are poured into original bottles in the form of stars with five rays. Each of them is made in a different color scheme - pale blue, green and pastel pink. Multi-colored “stars” are simply dotted with Swarovski crystals, and the packaging depicts graffiti-style drawings that resemble the work of Andy Warhol and emphasize the character of the city.

Each perfume has its own original concept:

  • Bryant park. It tells about the beauty of Bryant Park - one of the most fashionable areas of the Big Apple. Its composition consists of the aroma of pink pepper, lily of the valley and rhubarb. After spraying, notes of rose and patchouli, ambergris and raspberry are gradually revealed.
  • Nuits de noho. It conveys a special aura of the bohemian region of the city. The “heart” of the aroma is the heady and warm notes of vanilla, musk, ambergris and patchouli.
  • Blecker street. He will talk about the New York area of ​​Manhattan, which is better known as the area of ​​night clubs. These perfumes have a woody scent mixed with violet leaves and thyme.

The average cost of one “star” is 226,250 rubles.

Caron’s Poivre (France)

Female explosive oriental spicy aroma with notes:

  • red and black pepper
  • cloves
  • coriander
  • caraway seeds
  • curry.

The bottle deserves special attention. This is a luxurious crystal bottle with a gold rim adorned with the breathtaking Baccara crystal.

Perfume was released by Parisian perfumers in 1954 in limited quantities. The cost of one bottle is 129,280 rubles.

24 Faubourg from Hermes (France)

Spirits, created in 1995, still excite the smell of the beautiful half of humanity. This is a classic floral fragrance, but with oriental motifs that add to it the smells of patchouli, ylang-ylang and ambergris.

Perfume is sold in crystal bottles of elegant square shapes, which are decorated with carved patterns. Manufacturers released a limited batch, which was almost immediately bought up by true connoisseurs and connoisseurs of unique flavors.

The average cost of one bottle of 24 Faubourg is 96,950 rubles.

Annick Goutal Eau d’Hadrien (France)

The aroma of this perfume was worked not by a professional, but by an amateur - model and pianist Annik Goutal. She created magnificent perfumes, inspired by the novel by Margarit Yursenar "Memories of Hadrian." They devoted these spirits to all lovers on the Earth.

A pleasant citrus aroma will give freshness and emphasize the individuality and beauty of its owner. Perfume is poured into a bottle the color of a juicy lemon. The cover is decorated with a lovely butterfly and pendant, on which the brand and company logo are indicated. On the bottle itself, green branches with lemon fruits are drawn.

The average cost of perfumes from Annik Gotal is 96,500 rubles.

Pola Selenion (Japan)

The name of these spirits translates as "Moonlight." Japanese perfumers worked on a mysterious and mesmerizing aroma, which included both familiar and rare components in the composition. The first include:

As for the rare components that increase the cost of perfume, this is:

The bottle is made of crystal. The masters manually polished the shape of the ellipse to look like the moon. The finishing touch was the golden braid, which is fastened with a gold seal.

The average cost of “Moonlight” is 77,500 rubles.

Shalini Parfums Shalini (USA)

Perfume with a stunning aroma, created for women by modern perfumer Maurice Rusel in only 900 pieces. Their presentation took place on Valentine's Day. The composition of this fragrance includes:

  • warm chords of vanilla, sandalwood and musk (base notes),
  • grassy motifs of neroli, ylang-ylang and coriander,
  • exquisite notes of tuberose, lily of the valley and Tahitian gardenia (flower of the tiare tree).

All bottles are made of French Lalique crystal and numbered. The cost of each of them is about 58,200 rubles.

Jean Patou’s Joy (France)

The fragrance was released in 1929 by the French fashion designer Jean Patoux. At that time, he received the status of the most expensive perfume, but began to enjoy real popularity since the economic recovery after the collapse of the American stock market.

This perfume has become a symbol of rebirth and faith in a better future. The perfumer really managed to create a fragrance that lifts the mood and helps fight stress. His composition included:

  • jasmine,
  • Bulgarian and May roses,

For the manufacture of each ounce of the extract, 10,000 jasmine flowers and 336 roses were collected.

  • orchid,
  • ylang-ylang,
  • base in the form of tuberose, sandalwood, musk and animal smell of a civet cat.

The perfume bottle is made of a single piece of crystal, and its neck is decorated with golden braid. The couturier's initials are engraved on the lid of the vial.

A bottle of perfume in 30 ml from Jean Patou will cost 58,000 rubles.

Jar Parfums Bolt of Lightning (France)

This exquisite floral perfume was presented in 2001. The exact composition is unknown, as it is a trade secret of the JAR Parfums house, however, in the aroma of perfume you can hear notes:

  • currants
  • freshly cut alpine grass
  • blooming dahlias,
  • broken branches.

The famous jeweler Joel Arthur Rosenthal worked on the creation of the bottle, which is partly due to its cost of 49,500 rubles.

Ambre Topkapi from MDCI Parfums (France)

Ambre Topkapi is a male woody-spicy fragrance that is a mixture of luxury, power and pomp. The composition includes:

  • the smell of citrus - bergamot, grapefruit,
  • fruit notes of pineapple and melon,
  • the smell of spices - cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger, basil, caraway seeds,
  • absinthe and lavender chords.

Perfume is poured into cylindrical glass bottles. The lid in the form of a sculptural bust gives it uniqueness.

The average cost of Ambre Topkapi is 26,000 rubles.

Royal Mayfair from House of Creed (United Kingdom)

Another men's perfume from the English brand Creed with a fresh green scent that is devoid of heavy components. There are refreshing notes in it:

  • eucalyptus
  • white cedar
  • orange
  • tender roses
  • juicy lime
  • gina
  • pine trees.

Perfume is poured into a square glass bottle. They are dedicated to innovation and creativity, therefore they are intended for those who are not afraid to expand the horizons of fashion.

The average cost of one bottle of Royal Mayfair is 25 800 rubles.

The cost of perfumes with record prices depends both on the rarest, valuable and expensive components that make up their composition, as well as on the bottle and packaging, on the sketches of which famous jewelers work. A limited batch increases demand for them and causes a real stir among big lovers of perfumes.

Such are the things!

Quality perfumes were always expensive. But, let’s say, in the nearest market the product in “branded” tubes is several times cheaper. So, maybe there is a chance to save?

If you want to make a really good gift, then give up the idea of ​​taking perfume from your hands and do not contact wholesalers. Otherwise, you risk getting a third-rate alcohol tincture, which will only remotely resemble the product you are looking for. The price of an expensive men's perfume is due not only to the brand name, but to the natural and synthetic components in the composition, the persistence of the fragrance and its originality. So we lay out meekly thousands of rubles for the privilege of wearing our favorite scent.

In fact, we are not paying for a consumer product, but for a real work of art - a fragrance encased in a shell of white gold and diamonds. The assortment of modern perfumery stores allows you to choose an individual smell that raises your mood and inspires new achievements. True, for all occasions one fragrance is still not suitable, and therefore even the most ascetic man can get a couple of perfume bottles. What can we say about the guy who needs to always look great and smell appropriately ?! He will definitely have to choose an expensive men's perfume, but which one will emphasize the high social status?

From the end of the elite list

If you select the most fragrant top ten in the market of men's perfumes, the price will be a priori high. For example, the most “democratic” among others is Caron’s Poivre, which can punch a hole in your budget of $ 2,000. The name of the fragrance means “pepper”, and this is the main ingredient in perfume. There are also notes of coriander, cloves, caraway seeds and curry. These perfumes broke into the market back in 1954 and today the $ 2,000 mentioned is the starting price of a small bottle.

A little more expensive ($ 3,500) is the perfume Bryant Park, Bleecker Street and Nuits de Noho by Bond No.9. Each fragrance of this brand is dedicated to one of the areas of New York. The bouquet reveals the essence of such areas. How does the mod smell, for example? Or paradise for a shopaholic? Or maybe you want to know what aroma a hot night has in the city center? But in this case, the price includes not only the ingredients in the composition, but an interesting design. Perfume comes in a white leather bottle, decorated with Swarovski crystals.

About rating

If a very tidy amount has already been "rolled up" in your pocket, then you can aim for a terribly expensive men's perfume. The ranking of the best fragrances was not in vain replenished with Clive Christian Imperial Majesty. Its cost reaches 200 thousand dollars! The fragrant contents of the British perfume are distinguished by the uniqueness of the ingredients and the special packaging. By the way, this perfume was included in the Guinness Book of Records just because of its high cost. The buyer receives the fragrance in a crystal bottle with a gold rim and a five-carat diamond on top. The composition contains aged sandalwood and Tahitian vanilla. And the main ingredient is kept in great secret.

Such a perfume will truly become a dressing table decoration, but it will be very, very difficult to match its owner! This man clearly knows a lot about men's perfumes and cosmetics. He will not appear in public in an ironed shirt and will not eat instant noodles. Rumor has it that the queen herself approved this fragrance. Therefore, the real King should use it.

When price is not the main thing

If you choose a men's perfume in quality, its price can range from a minimum to a prohibitive maximum. One of the most expensive fragrances is considered 1 Million 18 Carats LUXE edition from Paco Rabanne. It will have to spend about 56 thousand dollars. But you will get a true symbol of power, glory and wealth. Each bottle of these perfumes has an individual number. It is plated with 18 carat gold and decorated with a 0.3 carat diamond. Even during the purchase process, you will feel like a king, because the bottle is enclosed in a leather case with backlight and a gilded lock.

Unique choice

Dear men's perfume obliges and gives a certain status. A prominent man can not do without a spectacular woman. It is especially solid when there is a harmony of aromas in a pair. Well, have to embark on a long search for the perfume tandem? Not at all! If price is not a fundamental factor, then you can purchase an original fragrance in the unisex V1 style from Gianni Vive Sulman. It costs 85 thousand dollars and is limited in circulation. The last series was released in 1993 and included a total of 173 bottles, each of which is stored in a wooden casket inlaid with gold and locked with a golden key with rubies and diamonds.

Well, perhaps, one cannot ignore the most expensive men's perfume in the world, which has not lost ground since 1981. This is the unisex fragrance Eau d "Hadrien. The composition contains lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, Sicilian lemon, cypress, ylang-ylang and other ingredients that make the fragrance fresh and bright. The perfume got its second breath in 2008, when its price soared 100 thousand rubles per ounce.

We have long been accustomed to the fact that on the shelves in stores you can find a huge selection of luxury perfumes from Yves Saint Laurent, and you too will surely find such a bottle. But not everyone knows about the Oriental Collection selective line - this is also YSL perfumery, only more complex and expensive, “for the elite.” We have no doubt that you will appreciate! We especially liked Supreme Bouquet - an incredibly feminine and sensual fragrance, suitable for both day and evening out. In his heart there is tuberose, which gives it a special sound, and auxiliary notes are pear, pink pepper, ylang-ylang, ambergris and musk. Mm

Price: 13 000 rub. (80 ml)

5 Carolina Herrera 212

Floral oriental perfume, for any age
Country: France
Average price: 2 012 rub.
Rating (2019): 4.6

Fresh, but intense 212 fragrance from Carolina Herrera is the best choice for a dynamic woman who is always open to new acquaintances. The composition of this perfume begins with bright chords of tangerine tree, bergamot and cactus flowers, and then reveals an exquisite bouquet of freesia, lily and white camellia. As a base note, a sweet, slightly astringent plexus of oriental musk and sandalwood was used, giving the aroma mystery, mystery and femininity.

Carolina Herrera Eau de Toilette 212 is suitable for women of all ages. Its key advantage is its amazing durability. The day after application, the aroma becomes weaker, but the floral oriental notes are still perceptible. The advantages of this perfume: a unique combination of soft floral notes with a powdery wood accord, the absence of age restrictions, a pleasant train.

4 Yves Saint Laurent Opium

The most luxurious fragrance, a good perfume pyramid
Country: France
Average price: 3 217 rub.
Rating (2019): 4.7

The multifaceted Opium vanilla-coffee perfume by Yves Saint Laurent is one of the most chic and persistent aromas presented in the rating. Immediately after application, bright citrus notes are clearly heard, which are replaced by jasmine, coffee and almonds. Feminine fragrance does not reveal immediately, but after 1-1.5 hours it becomes more calm. An unusual perfume pyramid with pear, vanilla, cedar and patchouli will perfectly complement your evening look.

The main advantage of Yves Saint Laurent's Opium perfume is its best stamina. They remain on the skin, hair and clothes for about a day. Ideal for any season, but not for hot summer days. The main thing is not to overdo it with them: 1-2 sprayings are enough to feel a luxurious aroma. The stylish bottle is made of thick black glass studded with shining sparkles. It is very convenient that you can always see the rest of the perfume.

3 montale

The best musical composition, excellent durability
Country: France
Average price: 2 115 rub.
Rating (2019): 4.8

Montale perfume water has many varieties that combine high durability. Perfumes are "heavy", and therefore undesirable for daily use. Sensual aromas require a certain image; girls from 25 to 45 years old are better than others. Users note a high probability of acquiring a fake due to the incredible popularity of perfume. Reviews mention overpriced. If spilled on clothing, they leave oil marks.

  • high durability
  • rich musical composition,
  • sensual luxurious aromas.

  • high price,
  • high probability of fake
  • Heavy aroma
  • leaves oil marks on clothes.

2 Christian Dior Miss Dior

Ideal for age 40+, musk and patchouli
Country: France
Average price: 4 320 rub.
Rating (2019): 4.9

The sensual embodiment of French perfume classics is a series of fragrances from Christian Dior Miss Dior. Perfumes go on sale in the form of toilet and perfume water, which is reflected in the durability. However, according to reviews, both the one and the other do not have user complaints on this criterion. A strong trail of sweet aroma is suitable for day and evening use. This is perfect for a romantic date. Notes of musk, patchouli, jasmine, rose and mandarin. The most popular perfume was among the age category 40+. As for the minuses, it is worth highlighting the high cost due to quality and brand.

  • high-resistance toilet and perfume water,
  • preferred for women aged 40+,
  • sweet day and evening aroma.

  • "Heavy" and harsh for the summer,
  • high price.

Choosing the perfect perfume is not an easy task. To simplify it, we have prepared a small beauty guide that will help you understand many aroma families:

They are created on the basis of certain chemical elements with a pleasant aroma.

Best Representative - Chanel No. 5

A gradually opening aroma

Suitable for women of any age

Their main feature is enveloping and soft sound.

It is achieved through the use of an oil base.

Can be used to complete different images,

They have excellent durability

They are often called confectionery, because they include bright chords of chocolate, baking, vanilla, etc.

Great for daytime use,

Disclosed, regardless of weather and traffic intensity

Key features: freshness, lightness and airiness. They may remotely resemble the smell of plants: sandalwood, jasmine bush, a bouquet of white lilies

Great choice for spring and summer,

Make the image more fresh and free.

Leading chords belong to fruit notes: peach, blackberry, raspberry, etc., or floral: jasmine, violet, rose, etc.

Sweet but not cloying

Always warm compositions

1 Givenchy Ange ou Demon

The best durability, multifaceted perfume composition
Country: France
Average price: 3 276 rub.
Rating (2019): 5.0

The perfumery water of the eastern-floral Givenchy Ange ou Demon family attracts everyone's attention, starting with an exquisite bottle. Users note that the appearance of the perfume plays an important role in the choice of a particular fragrance. The next plus is an attractive loop and versatility of notes: mandarin, vanilla, lily, saffron, ylang-ylang. The reviews indicate high durability and astringency. Some people find the fragrance “heavy,” so they recommend using it as an everyday fragrance in the cold season. In the warm season, perfumes are suitable for the exit. For many, the cost seems overpriced.

  • high durability
  • exquisite bottle
  • multi-faceted tart aroma.

  • "heavy",
  • preferable for winter or for going out,
  • overcharge.

5 Narciso Rodriguez For Her

Multifaceted and noble perfume, sensual musk accord
Country: France
Average price: 2 474 rub.
Rating (2019): 4.6

For Her fragrance by Narciso Rodriguez is the embodiment of tenderness and passion in one bottle. Exciting and sensual, but at the same time refined and soothing - the perfect choice for every modern woman. The basis of this bohemian perfumery composition is a sensual musk accord, enhanced by woody and floral notes.

The insanely beautiful For Her fragrance by Narciso Rodriguez with rose, peach and patchouli never bothers. You can’t be afraid of meeting your “double”, as each girl reveals it in her own way. The design deserves special attention: a soft pink bottle made of transparent glass with a convenient spray bottle. Unfortunately, you will not be able to see the color or number of perfumes. The aroma disappears gently and does not change at all, as if it dissolves. For the summer, this perfume will be heavy, we recommend applying it in the fall, spring and winter.

4 Estee Lauder Youth Dew

Warm and sensual aroma, deep composition
Country: France
Average price: 2 680 rub.
Rating (2019): 4.7

Estee Lauder Youth Dew is a legendary fragrance that captivates from the first notes. An ideal choice for self-confident women, regardless of their age. Warm and sensual aroma with oriental notes reveals orange, peach and bergamot. Due to the very complex composition with flowers, spices and fruits, immediately after application, perfumes sound very intense, but after a few minutes, chords of blackcurrant, rose and vanilla appear.

Estee Lauder Youth Dew is available 24 hours a day. The shape of the golden bottle resembles a female figure whose waist is tied with an elegant belt. Pros: excellent durability, deep pleasant aroma, bright and unusual composition. In summer, these perfumes can be a little heavy, so we recommend using them in the cool season.

3 Dolce & Gabbana 3 L’Imperatrice

The best floral and citrus perfume, versatility
Country: Italy
Average price: 1 822 rub.
Rating (2019): 4.8

Eau de toilette Dolce & Gabbana 3 L’Imperatrice can safely be called legendary. Since its release in 2009, the number of perfume fans has been growing rapidly. A feature, according to users, is an unusual floral-citrus aroma, which is relevant both in the warm and in the cold season. Moreover, he does not bother, does not feel "heavy." Perfume is a seduction, as it was popularly called.Sensual feminine train. Subtle fruity floral notes that awaken tenderness and passion. Refreshing and invigorating. The disadvantages include high cost, which, judging by the admiring reviews, is fully justified. The exception is durability, which is "at three." The incredible popularity of the fragrance also played an evil role for him, now it is easy to meet a fake.

  • fresh citrus floral aroma,
  • universal in relation to the season,
  • nice unobtrusive train.

  • high price,
  • medium durability
  • high risk of fakes.

2 Escentric Molecules

Unique composition, aphrodisiac perfume
Country: England
Average price: 3 000 rub.
Rating (2019): 4.9

Escentric Molecules is a brand that is only on its way to becoming. However, over ten years, Molecules fragrances have already managed to thunder throughout the world. Users note that these unisex perfumes based on a synthetic molecule are completely different from the rest. A unique composition, a mysterious train, long-playing fresh aroma are the main arguments in favor of acquiring this series of perfumery water. In addition, reviews confirm that the chemical molecule of spirits really acts on the opposite sex, like pheromones. Lines give preference to both young girls and women seeking to look better, more confident and attractive. Perfumes are ideal for both daytime and evening use, especially for dates.

  • unique composition
  • aphrodisiac perfume
  • high durability
  • fresh unisex fragrance.

  • high price,
  • little-known brand.

1 Chanel No. 5

Legendary floral fragrance, the perfect choice for every woman
Country: France
Average price: 5 594 rub.
Rating (2019): 5.0

The smell of Chanel No. 5 is the smell of a real woman. This is exactly what Coco Chanel had in mind: incredibly feminine, bewitching and driving men crazy. The base of the fragrance: ambergris, vanilla and sandalwood. The notes that make up the heart of the perfume give a unique sound: iris, rose, lily of the valley and jasmine. The mysterious and luxurious aroma is heard for 6-9 hours. Ideal for any season.

Chanel No. 5 - perfumes, time-tested, but not subject to him. This perfume does not bother, as the fragrance gradually unfolds throughout the day. Immediately after its application there is a certain astringency, heaviness. Neutral floral motifs allow you to use the fragrance to complete any look: romantic, business, sexual. Even 100 years after the first presentation, the Chanel No. 5 fragrance has not lost its relevance.

5 Nina Ricci L’Air du Temps

Floral tenderness with a pleasant bitterness, vintage aroma
Country: France
Average price: 8 760 rub.
Rating (2019): 4.6

The iconic fragrance L’Air du Temps by Nina Ricci is the perfumery embodiment of joy, tranquility and carelessness. These perfumes were created in 1948, just a few years after the end of World War II. The main feature of this fragrance is the bottle. Its cover is made in the form of two decorative pigeons of milky white color, symbolizing peace and silence.

The symbolic name of the fragrance L’Air du Temp means "the spirit of the time." Sandalwood, cedar, musk and ambergris give this fragrance a sense of stability and confidence. However, the unique formula has been kept secret for over 70 years. These cozy and truly feminine perfumes from Nina Ricci with a pleasant acidity last from morning to evening, while the gamma has not changed since application. Suitable for any time of the year, but best of all, the notes of bergamot, iris and orchid open in the summer.

4 Calvin Klein Euphoria Essence

Blackberry and white chocolate notes, stylish sparkling bottle
Country: USA
Average price: 5 086 rub.
Rating (2019): 4.7

Delicious, sweet and mesmerizing are the main features of Calvin Klein's Euphoria Essence. Immediately after its application, the familiar aroma of blackberries and raspberries is clearly heard, followed by orchid, jasmine and white flowers. White chocolate is used as the base note, perfectly framing and covering the composition. The aroma is rather fruity than floral, but fresh and light.

Calvin Klein Euphoria Essence is the best choice for spring and summer. Perfume reserves a tangible characteristic trail. It is great for use in the morning. The main advantage of the fragrance is an unusual transition from sweetness to tenderness with gourmet notes of chocolate, raspberry and blackberry. Another plus is a beautifully shaped bottle with a sparkling lilac-blue color. As for the minuses, then weak resistance refers to them. The fragrance lasts only 3-4 hours, after which you have to update it.

3 Lacoste Eau de Lacoste

Sparkling French flavor, woody chords
Country: France
Average price: 1 799 rub.
Rating (2019): 4.8

Lacoste Eau de Lacoste Eau de Toilette is famous for its French-style sparkling aroma. Medium durability, coupled with a light wood plume, allows perfume to be one of the leaders in user voting. These spirits are preferred by very young girls (15-20 years old), as well as representatives of the age category 20-35 years old. An unusual combination of fruit and floral notes allows you to use perfume in the daytime and evening.

  • variety of notes
  • sparkling French flavor
  • light cable

  • insufficient durability
  • high price.

2 Gucci Flora by Gucci

Unobtrusive sweetness, attractive train
Country: France
Average price: 2 247 rub.
Rating (2019): 4.9

Flora from Gucci Flora by Gucci is sweetness and astringency in one bottle. Eau de toilette and perfumery water meets all the requirements of durability and freshness. The hearts of the target audience are girls aged 20 to 35 years, but those who are older are not averse to turning to this light and feminine scent in the summer. The notes of patchouli, peony, rose and sandalwood create an attractive train. Perfumes do not bother. The aroma is unobtrusive, so even pregnant women do not refuse it during the expectation of a child.

  • flower-wood composition
  • sweet and tart flavor
  • resistance up to 10 hours.

1 Versace Crystal

Best experts say intense composition
Country: Italy
Average price: 1 653 rub.
Rating (2019): 5.0

Seductive, bright and persistent fragrance Versace Crystal is one of the most popular summer perfumes. Fruit and floral notes (musk, peony, raspberries, ambergris, lotus) give freshness. Thanks to the form of release, users say, you can choose the best durability for yourself. Perfumes are available both in the form of toilet water and perfume. Suitable for day and evening use. Reviews note that they can be regarded as club ones, as well as suitable for dates. High cost is the only minus.

  • high durability
  • fruity floral fresh aroma,
  • for daytime and evening use,
  • Available in the form of toilet and perfume water.

5 Syed Junaid Alam Hadarah

The best combination of roses and vanilla, a golden bottle with arabic ornament
Country: Bahrain
Average price: 5 400 rub.
Rating (2019): 4.6

Sensual Hadarah fragrance from Syed Junaid Alam gives every woman the opportunity to feel welcome, mysterious and captivating. A harmonious combination of rose, vanilla and nutmeg opens up just a few minutes after application, leaving behind a light sweetish trail. Oily concentrated perfumes can not be stored in the sun, and therefore comes with a carved wooden box.

Hedarah by Syed Junaid Alam is the scent of a thousand and one nights. A bottle with an Arabic ornament in black and gold hides an equally luxurious and noble perfume. Unlike other oriental spirits, they are suitable for any time of the year, including summer. However, the volume of the vial is small, only 5.5 ml. With daily use, it is only enough for one season. The aroma is very rich and deep, but will not suit women who prefer freshness, tenderness and lightness.

4 Al Haramain Sultan

Sweet floral accords, alcohol-free composition
Country: UAE
Average price: 1 420 rub.
Rating (2019): 4.7

Al Haramain's Sultan fruit and floral fragrance with bright notes of vanilla reveals itself differently each time, depending on the weather and the intensity of your movements. Despite the fact that all the chords are very familiar, in this perfume they seem deeper and stronger. The top note of the composition is pineapple, strawberry and cinnamon. Some time after application, they are replaced by very sweet floral chords.

Al Haramain Sultan Perfume Bottle is a true work of art. It is made in the form of a spectacular golden statuette. Perfumes are created on an oil basis without adding alcohol, so for convenience a special glass stick is included. 1-2 applications is enough, otherwise the aroma will be cloyingly sweet and suffocating. The volume of the bottle is 12 ml, the consumption is very economical. Pros: alluring and exciting aroma, beautiful packaging, affordable cost. Cons: you need to be very careful in applying, so as not to overdo it. The fragrance lasts about 4-5 hours, then it will need to be updated.

3 Amouage Woman

Unusual sound, the richest song
Country: Oman
Average price: 8 754 rub.
Rating (2019): 4.8

Amouage's line of oriental fragrances has captivated users with its exceptional perfumery sound. This is an amazing combination of weightless cool and at the same time persistent plume perfume. The gradual disclosure and change of spicy notes to floral occurs over many hours. The only thing that scares off is the high cost, which was mentioned in the reviews by almost everyone who purchased perfumes from this series. Depending on the season and temperature, the aroma is revealed in different ways. Invariable is the ringing paradise flower trail.

  • natural composition
  • rich composition
  • durability
  • economical consumption

2 rasasi

The most popular among oriental aromas, lightness and freshness
Country: UAE
Average price: 2 370 rub.
Rating (2019): 4.9

Perfumes from Rasasi - the choice of those who prefer delicate and feminine to sharp aromas. Unobtrusive, incomparable, light and fresh - this is how users respond to them. Among other advantages, high durability and attractive cable. Original in form bottles will become the property of a shelf with cosmetics, and their contents will turn the head of passing men. Suitable for both very young girls and respectable women. Affordable price - the final touch, which definitely tips the balance in favor of the acquisition. Some of the perfumes of the line have a shelf life of only two years, which is not enough by the standards of fashionistas, in whose perfume collection there are enough aromas for alternation.

  • original bottle
  • affordable price,
  • light unobtrusive aroma,
  • high durability.

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