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How to declare a girl love: in person or in VK, what to do better and more beautiful - psychologist's advice

If a young man has an object of sympathy, but because of constraint and other feelings he cannot admit it to this, psychologists offer several effective ways of recognition. The easiest way to do this is with the help of the Internet, as such a way of communication shifts toward constraint, excitement and fears. Experts in the field of interpersonal relations are ready to share how to declare a girl love in VK or other social networks.

Since girls love with ears, a declaration of love must necessarily be voluminous, romantic and sincere. But, as a rule, some men show a boring banality, while others are too sophisticated with originality. Thanks to the Internet, several options and ideas, you can immediately show the best qualities of character by writing poetry to a girl, preparing a photo selection and originally writing a message on the network.

How beautiful is a girl to declare her love in VKontakte?

Social networks literally unite millions of hearts, helping to establish communication and relationships between even the most shy and indecisive people. Thanks to the questionnaire on the network, you can find out the information you need about the person in order to make contact and get closer, and online recognition is the most commonly used way of transferring feelings between partners. Modern psychology of relations offers several ways at once how to declare love to a girl by correspondence.

Is it worth it to talk about your feelings

This question bothers almost all young men in love, because there are many pros and cons to this step. Consider them:

The opportunity to have a strong relationshipWhen a guy confesses his love to a girl, he does not always count on reciprocal feelings, but it is quite possible that the object of sympathy will reciprocate
In the future you will not regretThat they could not say about their sympathy. A girl can be modest, and therefore it may not occur to you that she experiences reciprocal feelings. To finally clarify this situation, it is worth declaring love
The ability to get rid of feelingsEven if after this decisive step it turns out that the representative of the beautiful half of humanity does not feel love for you, it will become easier on your soul

But there is also a point “against” such a step - a girl can reject you, after which you will not feel better. However, this is a great way to completely get rid of unrequited feelings.

Collaborative photo collage

Using joint photos from meetings and dates, one can evoke the most pleasant emotions and memories in a girl, so a man can prepare a collage of different photos as recognition. The main thing is that all photos carry only a positive attitude. You can collect them in a certain order, signing them with dates and a short description, showing the girl that the man remembers all the important points with her.

Personal recognition

Recognition in real life requires special preparation. Everything needs to be considered: from the appearance of the lover to the meeting place. We have put together some general practical tips to help you prepare:

  1. Rehearse. Do not neglect the rehearsal in front of the mirror. Yes, it looks strange and funny, but it will give confidence and help to pronounce the words more clearly. But do not try to play, portray feelings or memorize the text. Otherwise, on a date you will look ridiculous, facial expressions and speech will not be alive.
  2. Pick up clothes, take care of a neat appearance.
  3. Think about the place and time to choose. It is better to choose a quiet and secluded place where you can talk calmly and where no one will interfere. Better yet, choose a quiet and meaningful place for you. Maybe the park and the bench where you met. Or a cafe where you first saw the chosen one.
  4. Be prepared to hear the denial. And also be able to recognize indirect failures: change of subject, silence, withdrawal. No need to ask if she loves you, no need to yell at the girl, catch up with her, use force, insult. Whatever happens, keep your self-esteem. If a girl needs time to consider the answer, provide it.
  5. Give flowers or make another gift that will be pleasant to the girl. But first do not be too lazy to find out what she likes. Do not think in stereotypes - not all girls love flowers.

The recognition itself can be both brief and detailed. Write a song, verse or publish a book with recognition for it. Invite to a picnic or art exhibition. And if your feelings are so constrained that they prevent you from speaking, then confine yourself to one phrase: "I love you." Do not forget to smile and look the girl directly in the eye. Do not be afraid to say it loudly or quietly, in a trembling voice or excessively calm. Honesty and sincerity are important. Let the feelings speak for you.

If you speak hard, you can write a letter. But it’s better to give it personally. You can silently put it in the girl’s hand and leave. Or leave a gift and a letter at her workplace. Be sure to indicate that you will wait for an answer (whatever it may be). But do not come up and demand it, just wait.

After declaration of love and with it do not forget to show love. Support the girl, give attention signs, help. Erich Fromm wrote: “Love is an active interest in the life and development of the object of love.” Respect the girl, take care of her. Do not offend the chosen one and do not let anyone offend her. Read more about how to demonstrate feelings in the article "How to prove to a girl that you love her - psychologist's advice."

Recognition in VK

Recognition in a social network requires careful attention to literacy and the content of the text. The girl will not see your emotions and appearance, she will not hear the intonations. Therefore, if you decide to send a message, then check it for errors and expand the standby “I love you”. What can complement the usual recognition:

  • Tell us why you fell in love with a girl, at what point, and why you realized that you were not indifferent to her.
  • Emphasize the meaning of your feelings with comparisons and metaphors.
  • Tell what you like about the girl.
  • Describe situations that remind of her, and those feelings that arise in this case.

Do not use expressions such as “I can’t live without you,” “I need you,” “I love you more than life.” A psychologically savvy girl will see in this the prerequisites of dependent relationships and may abandon the relationship. It’s better to use expressions like “I want to be with you”, “I want to share joys and sorrows with you”, “I want to know how your day went”, “I want to make you happier”.

Write what you constantly think about the girl, imagine your future dates. You can write that you don’t recognize yourself, you constantly try to please her, guess her desires, meet by chance.

You can attach a slideshow, video, or postcard to the admission itself. And you can attach your photo. On it you will smile and hold a heart cut out of paper in your hands. You can create a site with recognition and throw a link to it. Thanks to modern free designers, you can create a one-page website in a couple of minutes. Or come up with your own, more original option. Online recognition can be even brighter than real recognition.

Recognition Options

The inscription on the asphalt, a bouquet of flowers and a big toy, a banner on the road are popular and vivid declarations of love. You can choose one of these or book a table in a restaurant, arrange a date on the roof, order a courier delivery or an exit surprise. But it’s better if you are creative and come up with something completely unique.

But no matter what you choose, remember the features of the girl. Although it is believed that all ladies love attention and wide gestures, in fact this is not so. It all depends on temperament, character and age. Someone will be happy with the inscription on the asphalt and flowers, and someone would rather go to the climbing attraction. Someone wants the whole world to know about feelings (recognition on the radio, banners in the city), and someone likes quiet happiness (watching a movie at home under rugs). Someone appreciates romance, and someone practicality. Do not be too lazy to learn as much as possible about your passion.

There is no single best option for a declaration of love. You are unique. Your chosen one is unique. Your relationship is unique. So make your recognition so unique.

Should a guy confess his love?

When can a guy declare his love? And is it worth it? Let's look for answers to these treasured questions.

First you need to find out why the guy himself does not say love to you. The reasons can be very diverse:

  • The chosen one is a rather timid and shy person from birth. And he simply does not dare to utter such loud words.
  • He is afraid that you will reject him. Guys, too, are afraid of failures.
  • A partner with trepidation treats his partner and fears that he might push her away with such recognition. He believes these words can alert and aggravate their relationship.
  • He is sure that you already feel his love, which he expresses through actions, looks, gestures. And he believes that this is quite enough for you to understand his attitude towards you.
  • Perhaps the guy himself is not sure that he loves the girl. He has not yet decided on his own feelings.

As we found out, the negative reasons for his inaction are quite small. And this means that you can risk confessing first.

  • If the main reason is his shyness, then you even need to confess your love first, because otherwise it will take a very long time to wait for his recognition. And if a guy is simply afraid that you will reject him, then help him with your recognition. After all, by this action, you will show him how dear he is to you, and you can betray his confidence.
  • Does the guy think actions can replace words? Prove to him the opposite. Confess first in feelings, so that he understands that words are also very important and necessary.
  • And if a guy is unsure of the girl’s feelings himself, then you can explain your feelings for him. Then perhaps it will be easier for him to decide and understand everything.

Yes, sometimes a guy should not confess his love, if he is rude and mocking. But in all other cases, if you wholeheartedly wish to do this, then confess first. Spill out all your feelings.

You will not lose anything. And perhaps vice versa you will gain - mutual love and confidence in the feelings of a partner. If you are faced with disappointment, then do not despair, because you did everything you could, and you are honest with yourself.

Having learned the truth, you will stop wasting time on a person who is not particularly interested. But now, with a pure heart, you can begin to search for your true love.

How to confess to a guy in love

How to declare love to a girl in VK, tips and tricks.

For centuries, love letters in writing have not lost their relevance. In addition, in this way, it is much easier to tell a person what to say out loud is sometimes difficult.

Yes, and stuttering, or too embarrassed the appearance of a young man, can slightly spoil the impression of a girl from a received declaration of love.

If earlier, often, letters were sent only on paper, by regular mail, or pigeon, but now for these purposes, with the same success, you can use social networks. At the moment, the most popular among young people is the social network VKontakte.

Also, through VKontakte the possibility of finding your soul mate is not ruled out. In this case, the question may arise about how to admit your feelings to a girl you like through this social network.

This article will provide several tips that may very well help to resolve it, or will prompt you to an interesting idea that can help in expressing your feelings for a girl.

I think you should first familiarize yourself with the tips, and only then, take apart each of them in more detail. So, to express your feelings through VC, you can use the following recommendations:

  • Do not rush the development of relationships, even if you really like the girl. It is best to start a conversation with a friendly conversation. So it will be easier to understand whether you really like the girl so much, and whether you have common interests and topics for conversation with her.
  • Guess the moment, and when in your correspondence you see that the girl is set up for more emotional communication, you can admit your feelings.
  • For recognition it is very important to choose the right words. If you decide to make some kind of design, then in this case it all depends on your imagination. The main thing is not to overdo it.
  • After recognition in a social network, you should prepare for what you need to tell about your feelings in a personal meeting.

We proceed to the analysis of the above items.

Outset and moment of recognition

Often, after talking with a girl, I want to know her better. Sometimes such a desire may arise, in the case when you just liked the photo of a girl in VK. Anything can happen.

After you subscribe to her account and start chatting, if you understand that you like this girl, then you should first become her good friend.

Try not to rush much in the development of friendships. Before taking them to a new level, it is worth looking at the presence of common interests, topics for conversation and other factors.

Simply, in this case, the chances of a normal relationship increase significantly in the future. When you have questions of a personal nature, for example, “What kind of guys do you like?”, You can, slowly, begin to move towards recognition.

By the way, this question may sound corny, but, he involuntarily can give the girl the idea that you like her. If this is true, then at this point you have a chance at recognition.

TOP 3 ways to declare love to a guy

Declaring love can be quite difficult. But if you do it right and creatively, then both of you will remember such recognition for a lifetime.

What is the best way to declare a guy love? The main thing is to choose the appropriate method, based on the preferences of the partner, his temperament and character. The chosen method should be suitable for the girl herself: she should not cause her a sense of anxiety and discomfort.

  1. Confess in simple words. Briefly and clearly.
  2. Perform actions that will be pleasant to your chosen one. Support him. Indeed, sometimes, actions speak much more than words.
  3. Confess your love with a sweet smile, gentle touches and a warm look. These gestures can be much more convincing than any words.
  4. Present a romantic card that will say it all for itself. Or give a cute souvenir that is associated with quivering and tender feelings.
  5. Decide on a passionate kiss. The main thing is to choose the right moment. With this action, you prove that you have romantic feelings for your partner.
  6. Give compliments. Your beloved will soon be able to guess that you feel sincere feelings for him if you say words of admiration and support to him.
  7. Make a surprise. A tender gift, or a romantic date can touch to the core, and show your reverent attitude to the chosen one.
  8. Love message. You can confess to him your feelings with the help of this letter. This is a very romantic and original way.

If you are both supporters of modern messengers, then you can admit:

  • In Contact (VK) - This is the most common social network.If your chosen one spends a lot of time in it, then this will be a great way of recognition. Even if you are unfamiliar yet, you can put a couple of likes and write some relevant comments on the photos. Then add the chosen one as a friend. Explore his page, explore interests. Make contact. This application provides great opportunities for creativity. You can create a video for your loved one, record a voice message, send a sticker, postcard or audio recording to your beloved's wall.
  • By correspondence - correspond as often as possible, but just try to make sense in the correspondence. Discuss your favorite films, ask how the day went, what he thinks about yesterday's match. When you have already established contact, you can start to hint, add romantic emoticons, pictures to your correspondence. Try to communicate at certain times. To make it your tradition. And then disappear at a given time for a certain period. Surely he will be worried, and will want to know where you were. When you make the desired contact, you can approach the cherished conversation. In it you must be extremely honest and delicate. Use only your words and thoughts.
  • In sms - recognition through messages can be a pretty interesting way. It can be in poetic form, or cool content. This method is especially suitable for shy people. Only you should be familiar with the chosen one, and already have experience in SMS communication, so as not to frighten him.

Choose the method that you like most, and it will become the most faithful.

Selection of words and design

When deciding how to declare love to a girl in VK, it is worthwhile to understand that it is very important at this moment to choose the right words. If desired, you can make an interesting design.

To declare love, you should write only the most pleasant and sincere words. For example, about how you felt on the first day of acquaintance and your other experiences.

I would like to add that a declaration of love is best written without errors, since errors can ruin the whole impression of him. Currently, there are many sites where you can check your text for spelling.

As for the design, then, for this, you can use poetry, or a song. Alternatively, create a photo collage from shared photos. So that the beloved remembered all the positive emotions that she experienced at these moments, being near you.

You can draw a portrait of your girlfriend, scan it and send it with a personal message with recognition or make a video message. At the same time, the video circulation can be either exclusively with your participation, or you can attract friends for these purposes. Do not be afraid of your feelings and emotions, on the contrary, try to reveal them to your sweetheart to the maximum.

Method number 1. Nice declaration of love to a guy

Guys even more girls respond to words of love. Therefore, you need to make sure that your recognition is beautiful, and he remembered it with warmth and tenderness!

  1. A place. To get started, take care of where you confess. This may be your favorite place for walking, or it may be a cozy cafe or square. You might want this to be a promenade, or a cozy country house, or just your bedroom.
  2. Emotions Take care of your condition. Emotions and fear should not possess you. Tune in advance and scroll through a future meeting in your mind. You should be in high spirits. Confidence and optimism should envelop you.
  3. Clothing. Appearance also plays a significant role. Buy yourself a stunning dress, do a hairstyle so that your beloved cannot take his eyes off you.
  4. Process. Having thought through all the details, choose the appropriate method of recognition. For romantics, poems, romantic songs, beautiful poems, dinner by candlelight are suitable. More brutal men will just have enough words of love and a trip to their favorite place. Give a message or a symbolic gift to your beloved.

It is necessary to choose the most suitable moment. So that he was not busy, he was not disturbed by friends, work or study.

Live chat

Recognition of the "live", not bad to back up with flowers, or a romantic setting. This will only allow you to further attract the chosen one, and tune in the right way.

It should be understood that the answer to a declaration of love may not always be positive, but this is not a reason to drop everything. Sometimes you need to put a little more perseverance, and in some cases, completely let go. After all, this is life, and in it there are both ups and downs.

If you are interested in how to declare love to a girl in VK, then, to solve this issue, there is no single right answer.

But it is worth approaching it seriously so that your beloved really feels the sincerity of your feelings. Remember the words that are used for a declaration of love, first of all, must come from the depths of the heart.

I wish you success, my dear readers, and be happy.

How to confess to the boy in love, the question is quite common, because often there are situations when the relationship between two young people is ambiguous. It is especially scary to admit your feelings if you are unsure that they are mutual. There are several ways you can overcome your fear. .

Find the right moment

Declaration of love is a difficult task, especially if this is your first time doing it . Needless to say that everyone at least once experienced this quivering feeling of anxiety and fear? Many people think that it is necessary to wait for the right moment, but in fact this is not always true, because it is quite difficult to catch that moment.

Before you start talking about your feelings, it is best to make sure that they are mutual. For example, it is better to study the person with whom you communicate. A simple technique will help you with this: in addition to direct communication, virtual communication also liberates the interlocutor. This can be not only correspondence on social networks, but also a joint pastime: playing online games or watching movies.

A good reason to get to know each other better is a holiday. For example, Valentine's Day, New Year, March Eighth or February 23. All holidays that are not private, such as a birthday. After all, if you were not invited, then asking for it yourself is by no means worth it. Use any moment not to invite to a date, but to communicate with the person closer. Another good way is to make friends together, mutual friends. Having become acquainted with the environment of your chosen one, you can learn a lot about him. For example, the circle of his interests and hobbies, because in addition to school he has a different life.

Method number 2. Original declaration of love to a guy

Do you want the recognition to amaze and remember the beloved? Then you can come up with quite original ways of recognition:

  • compose a song or poem for a loved one,
  • shoot and mount a video in advance with the most pleasant moments of your relationship,
  • shoot a video about your beloved and your relationship to him,
  • tell a monologue about love on stage,
  • ask your friends all day to tell the guy that the girl loves him and which one he will find out in the evening,
  • buy a CD with romantic songs, and sign it: “These songs reflect my feelings for you”,
  • make your favorite cake with the inscription "I love you."

How to Overcome Shyness

It is worth considering a plan of action if emotions take over you, as soon as he goes towards you along the school corridor, your cheeks are glowing, you want to run away. Do not be afraid, because everything will work out, you just have to try. If you don’t know how to declare love to a guy, if you are shy, think that it’s quite possible that your feelings are mutual, and he, like you, is afraid to take the first step towards his destiny.

Communication is the first step. Communication is best at ease and without much worry. It is better not to confess your feelings when you meet: time must pass so that both of you understand whether it is worth continuing to meet.

It also happens that a young man himself shows signs of sympathy. It is then that you should not miss your chance and admit. Indeed, otherwise your silence, constraint can be perceived as rejection or rejection of his feelings, ridicule. He may think that he is simply being avoided, and he is an extra guest at this celebration of life.

Method number 3. Unusual declaration of love to a guy

Are you a supporter of all the unusual? Then you can come up with an unusual recognition for your partner, which he can never forget:

  • Use paint and write your recognition on the wall.
  • Jump with the parachute and tell him about the feelings during the flight.
  • Try to arrange a quest, and when he solves it, he will receive a prize - your recognition.
  • Invite your loved one on a trip or a trip to another city, and there say the words of love.
  • Make a joint photo shoot, and then post it on the Internet, and sign "I love you."

The bolder and larger your recognition will be, the more it will amaze your lover. Experiment.

Distance recognition

If at a meeting it is difficult for you to speak, especially on such a delicate topic, a good decision would be a declaration of love online. If you don’t know how to declare love to a pen guy, use popular social networks. Nothing terrible will happen if you ask him for a page on VK or Twitter. Well, if you have his phone number: talking on a cell is always easier than directly. Your friendly communication may well develop into something more, you just need to write SMS to each other more often. This, by the way, can be a good way to declare love. It is necessary to find a reason, for example, Valentine's Day, when everyone gives valentines to each other.

How to make a declaration of love if you are shy

Many girls are embarrassed to express their feelings first. After all, they were taught from childhood that it was men who should do everything first. But time passes, everything changes. And in modern times, a lot has changed.

Do not rely on luck, sit for years, hope and wait. Act, make up your mind and enjoy.

If, however, embarrassment greatly outweighs your desire to confess first, then it is worthwhile to prepare a little so as not to leave not one chance for alarm.

Start taking the initiative from afar. Invite him to interesting places, arrange a romantic. Give him compliments. Sometimes insert the phrase “I adore you” into the conversation , then carefully monitor the guy’s reaction. If he gets in the way and slips a perplexed look, then he is trying to understand what meaning you put into these words.

If the girl is very afraid to tell the guy about her feelings, then you can try to confess in writing. So you can check your confession, edit it and send it when you are ready. You can even use the anonymous method of recognition, via the Internet or mobile communications.

Well, in order not to be afraid and be sure of a positive outcome, you need to prepare:

  • to find out what attracts him to girls the most,
  • find common interests,
  • slightly change the image for the better,
  • to read.

When you will know a lot about your lover, then it will become much easier for you to admit his feelings, because almost all the trump cards will be up your sleeve.

Anonymous declaration of love

Confessing anonymously about love is another good way to talk about your feelings. In addition, by asking a question about a mysterious stranger who sent a confession, you can find out what a person thinks about it, whether he is free. After all, it is quite possible that if he does not have a girlfriend, then he is simply not ready for a relationship. This is especially true for a young age, if the boy is only 9-10 years old.

Usually girls grow up earlier, and the desire to have a relationship at such a young age is absolutely normal. However, in boys, the attraction and desire to get to know better the opposite sex arises by the age of 12, or even 13 years.

How to declare love anonymously? You can use the old proven method. Take a note and write a confession on it. Subscribe or not, it's up to you. It should come from a relationship with a guy you like. This method is also good because you can simply write in a joking form a confession, which if you fail, it is very easy to translate into a joke. In addition, if you do not sign and see the reaction of a person, then you can understand what he thinks about this anonym.

Possible problems and solutions after recognition

  1. There are situations when the girl confessed her love to the guy, and he is silent. What to do? The surest decision is to be patient. In no case should you panic. Do not write a bunch of messages after him - give the guy time to comprehend the information. It’s difficult for him now, maybe he’s stunned. He must understand and decide for himself what to do next. Wait for the next step now from him.
  2. If the guy rejected the girl’s confession, or is not responding then don’t be sad. On the contrary, rejoice that you still decided to confess and find out the result. Thus, you accelerated the process and found out that this is not your soul mate.

Do not impose your partner on. Respect his choice. Try to understand him. Perhaps now he is simply not ready for a serious relationship. Time will pass and he may change his attitude towards you. Therefore, do not write him insults. Accept his answer with dignity. Give thanks for the truth. You can remain friends - it is at your discretion.

Remember all the good things you had. And know that now you have valuable experience in building relationships, and the following relationships will certainly be happy.

It’s up to you to decide whether or not the guy declares his love first. Only you are able to choose the most suitable way of recognition. All individually. The most important thing is sincerity.

Think about the pros and cons. Gather your strength. Tune in to the necessary wave. Choose the right time. Look the guy in the eye, smiling gently. And know that you are already a winner, because you decided on such a bold and wonderful act.

Hello friends. Not every guy who truly loves a girl is able to confess his feelings, for this it is necessary to have special courage and confidence. Many cavaliers, because of the lack of the latest qualities, remain silent, and the beauties, not hearing the cherished: "I love you," leave. In fact, it is not difficult, you just need to tell the truth to your beloved. If you are embarrassed to say directly or are afraid that you will be rejected, do not despair, today I will teach you how to declare a girl love in a beautiful and original way.

10 original ways

The letter can be sent both in electronic form, for example, in VK, and in paper. At the same time, in order to make the recognition original and interesting, several methods can be used. For example, your young man is interested in football. Then recognition can be tied to a soccer ball. Just be sure to sign to whom it is addressed. Suddenly the ball will roll in the wrong direction and it will be a very comical and funny situation.

The original ways are well suited to those sophisticated ladies who think about how beautifully to declare love to a guy. One of the most conservative ways is to have a date. This way you not only provide yourself with the opportunity to be alone with the man of your dreams, but also get a unique opportunity to avoid an awkward situation.

If he does not agree to go on a date, offer to reschedule your meeting at a convenient time. And if he wants to, he will definitely call you back. So you can find out about his feelings and at the same time avoid awkward moments by saying anything directly.

When you meet, and the conversation goes smoothly, catching a good moment, you can inadvertently drop a confession in a half-joking tone in the conversation. There, it will be clear from his reaction whether he experiences reciprocal feelings for you.

10 original ways to recognize

Is it really love

Recognition of feelings is a step leading to a serious relationship, perhaps even a family one. Therefore, it is not worth rushing with him. Meet longer, get to know each other better, and suddenly it's not your person. Some guys make a mistake when after 1-2 dates or the day after meeting they begin to confess their feelings to the girl. Most often they do this for several reasons:

  1. love at first sight,
  2. banal desire to sleep with a girl
  3. the desire to firmly tie a lover to yourself.

What do ladies do in such cases? Right, leave. They will not believe a single word of yours. They will believe in the second point more, some girls will agree to such an option of relations. In other cases, the ladies will simply not be ready for such a turn of events, they will consider you abnormal or sharply want to “remain friends”. The reason for this is the extra haste of the young man, and there is no rush to rush in love affairs.
Before confessing to the young lady his feelings, the young man needs to think about what he really feels for the girl: a light love or true love. These two feelings differ from each other:

Love Love
Longer feeling, sometimes for life Short-term, quickly arises and quickly passes
Acceptance of the chosen one in a "pure form", with all the shortcomings, features The desire of the “lover” to remake the chosen one, to develop in him qualities that are advantageous to himself
There are no love triangles, a pair is always good together There is always someone third who destroys the union
Mutual understanding, support each other in difficult times, sacrifice Selfishness in relationships, the desire to satisfy their needs in the first place
Intimacy is secondary, the feeling of love comes first, the desire to satisfy a partner / partner Intimate life comes first, selfishness in sex

If you figured out your feelings and think that this is love, you need to think at what point it is best to admit the girl this.

About what to do in an awkward situation

So you gathered courage and admitted to the guy in sympathy, but he laughed or simply ignored what to do in such an unpleasant situation?

If you are sure that your feelings are not mutual, then you should not be upset and especially show your emotions to a young man. Girls who were in such an awkward situation often say that they were immediately taken aback and left or burst into tears. But this is wrong, because a classmate, maybe he didn’t want to offend you, he just didn’t know how to react, and you really like him very much.

The best way out of this situation is to make it a joke. . So you can avoid awkwardness and misunderstanding. Perhaps this is simply not your person, and your heart will still find its chosen one.

No need to be afraid of your feelings and hide them. It will be right to admit, even if you are not sure that they are responsible, because there is always a chance. Often boys hide their true emotions, they are more restrained and try not to show sympathy. Often it is difficult for girls to take the first step, but this does not mean that they do not need to be done.

You are my gift of fate, the cutest in the world. In those moments when you are happy, I feel happy. eleven

I want to be always with you! I am ready to please you every day! Be 100% sure of me, I only need you! 8

My favorite kitten, I love you madly! I will give everything for you, you are the whole world for me, you are my life, I am happy with you. I value our relationship and cherish you, I want you and I to always be together, not parting for a moment, my sun. I love you! eleven

I want to admit you
Madly i love you
You warm my soul
With you I’m in a beautiful dream! 9

My girl, I feel for you an incredibly large and truly wonderful feeling, without which a person does not live, but simply exists - this is love. You are everything to me and even more - you are the one for which I live. I love you, and I will always love! thirteen

You look like a ray of sunshine in the spring sky, a delicate fragrant flower in the grass, a quivering singing bird in the trees ... You are beautiful! My feelings for you are the strongest in the world! thirteen

I am the happiest person on earth because I met you, my beloved. You have become for me the most important person on earth. Every day I fall in love with you more and more, every minute spent with you is a reward to me. 10

You are the cutest girl in the world. You are a princess, you are a dream come true. Be always joyful, smile, be happy! I love you and my heart sings with happiness at the thought of you! 10

I love you very much, soul, heart, body and every cell. You are the most coveted in the world for me! 10

You are the best in the world, you captivated me from the first meeting. I want to scream about my love that you would never be sad. I love, and my heart sank at the thought of you, dear! 14

With you, I become a completely different person. I loved you for who you are. And I will always love you. You are my wealth, my joy, my happiness. eleven

You are an inspiration to me. I am glad that I have such happiness as you! 12

I want to always be with you, I want to give you the best moments of life. I love you very much and want you to smile more often and be happy. Your smile illuminates with joy all around and makes the sun shine even brighter! 12

I want to love you all my life,
Only for you to create alone.
You are perfection itself, my ideal
Such as you have long been looking for! eleven

I love you madly and have no doubt in my feelings! I cherish you very much. You are the dearest person to me in this world! eleven

I am happy that now I am with you, that I love you, and I want to be with you for the rest of my life. You have become the meaning of my life, I love you very much. I have never experienced such a feeling. I enjoy every moment spent with you. 8

You have conquered my heart, I am happy that you are, and my feelings have no limits. When I see you, I don’t need anything else. Even in those days when I do not see you, I am still happy, because I know that we will meet again. I love you more than anything! 10

I feel for you that I have never felt for anyone. I feel love and hope that it will always be with us! 10

My dear, the best girl on Earth! My acquaintance with you is the best thing that has happened to me lately, I am grateful to fate for meeting you. I can’t imagine how I would live without knowing you. I love you. eleven

You are my star in the night!
My sun in the morning!
Everything will be super ahead!
I madly love you! 10

I believe that you are my destiny, I love you. I want our relationship to become ever stronger. I want to confess that I love you, my beauty! eleven

You became the meaning of my life, I never thought that you can love so much. Since we met, I can’t live a day without you, my most beautiful girl in the world! You are perfect and unique! 10

When is it better to admit?

As already noted, early recognition does not bode well. Therefore, for starters, we highlight the moments when it is better to declare love:

  • you have been together for more than 3 months,
  • there was an intimate relationship between you
  • you are comfortable in the company of girls,
  • she understands and appreciates you,
  • her friends and family like you
  • she asks you for advice and help,
  • she respects you and does not allow herself to offend you,
  • the chosen one makes joint plans, where she sees you with her,
  • the lady takes care (like mom)
  • the chosen one always hears and listens to you,
  • demonstrates his love - kisses, hugs, says nice words and compliments,
  • respects your opinion, interests and hobbies.

This is an example of an ideal relationship, when partners value each other and respect, if you have at least 2-3 points coincided - it's time to act!

What is the best way to open your heart to a sweetheart?

We will devote this block to all the subtleties of the correct recognition of a beloved in feelings. First, we define the basic rules:

  1. The right time and place.

It is necessary to confess at the right time, when you are together, the lady is in a good mood and nothing prevents you from saying the same words. For example, if you are watching a spectacular movie in a movie theater where, at the climax, the heroes declare their love or just kiss, you can whisper in her ear: “I love you.” At such a moment, she may be the first to admit.

Your beauty can be when you are alone. So you will feel confident, and no one will interfere. The company of friends or girlfriends will embarrass the lady and you, and in general, when it comes to feelings - there is no place for others. You can publicly admit when you are sure that the chosen one will reciprocate.

When it comes to recognition of feelings, there is no need to bustle, but it is necessary to speak as it is. That is, the words: “I miss you” or “You are very dear to me”, “You mean a lot to me” will not be able to make it clear that you love her. She will understand what you need, but as a friend no more, so you need to say right away: "I love you and want to be with you always."

There are times when a guy and a girl meet for a long time, but shyness and self-doubt in such situations interfere with confessing to a young man; the advice of “experienced” guys will help the beautiful woman to make love.

How to confess to a young lady in love, if you are shy

Constant thoughts about the very one, about recognition, can disturb and excite a young man in love, so the guy needs to prepare for this moment in advance and provide for all options for the outcome of the event. All the main tips and tricks come down to the following:

  • prepare a “script”, rehearse,
  • try to look into her eyes
  • Be considerate
  • speak in simple words, do not chant her like a goddess,
  • do not rush the girl with the answer, do not press on her.

But if you immediately say about love tet - a - tet is not possible, you can write a confession in SMS, in contact, or send a voice confession to the phone. So you will prepare the soil, and at the same time you will learn its hypothetical answer. Later, everything can be repeated live, but without strong excitement and fear.

How to declare love beautifully and originally: 10 best ways

When excitement and fear are overcome, you can choose the best option for a beautiful recognition. Let us give an example of the most original options:

Suitable for the couple who have been dating for a long time, and at the beginning of the relationship. You can lay out a heart from small candles in front of the porch and wait for it with a bouquet at the door.

This is the same option that all the young ladies like. Invite her to a cafe or for a walk, wait for a convenient moment and say: “My girl, I love you”!

This can be done at a concert, agreed with the host and at a certain point go on stage with recognition. This option is suitable for the proposal to get married. Recently, such an option is gaining popularity: at the wedding of friends where the couple is invited, most often after “Gorky” the guy gets up, picks up the microphone and declares his choice in love. A storm of emotions will be provided to everyone.

You can use methods from films, if financial opportunities allow. Remember the hero of the series "Kitchen" Max, who climbed onto a crane with a bouquet and knocked on the window of his beloved. Such recognition will be pleasant to your beauty, and she certainly will not be able to refuse you reciprocity.

  1. A romantic video or presentation.

Suitable for advanced guys in this area. Arrange a small movie with her participation, put all your love and soul into it, and believe me, she will appreciate it.

This option is suitable for creative young people with a musical ear. Sing her favorite love song and make a confession during the performance.

If your sweetheart is listening to the radio, you can call the radio station and make love to her there, first you need to ask the sweetheart to turn on the desired wave.

If nothing original comes to mind, you can just come to her with a bouquet of flowers or with a small gift, kiss her and say: "Honey, I love you."

If shyness does not allow you to say everything directly - write a beautiful letter, you can add poems about love or with recognition there. The girl will be impressed if these are verses of her own composition. And then you can back up recognition with a romantic date.

This method is suitable if your beloved is spending the night with you or you are with her. In the morning, while the beloved is sleeping, you can run away for fresh coffee, ask them to write “I love you” on foam. You can buy buns or make toasts, do not forget about the flowers - at least one red rose will already make her day and your recognition unforgettable.

When a guy and a girl are adults, their behavior is easy to predict, all actions are already quite mature and deliberate. But what about those who are not yet 18 years old, but even 16 years old. How to confess to a girl in love, which, say, is only 14 years old? We will talk about this later.

How to make a declaration of love to a girl of 14 years old

If you like a girl from your class or parallel, then you have exactly as many chances as other active boys, especially those who have already begun to show signs of attention to your beauty.

In such cases, you must already show your masculine perseverance and confidence - as you show yourself at the first stages of communication with her, that is how you will remain in her idea of ​​you. Teenagers are not so simple, any step of a guy can be regarded as a simple tomfoolery or “hormone game”. Therefore, you need to be an adult in communication with a girl, but to the best of adults. You can show her signs of attention:

  • to help her with textbooks or a bag,
  • open her door at the entrance,
  • to compliment her: a beautiful dress, or a beautiful hairstyle,
  • help her deal with the lessons
  • write notes
  • takes her seriously, no jokes,
  • see off home.

In addition, you can accompany her on walks after school, chat on social networks. But it must be remembered that girls at the age of 14 also undergo hormonal restructuring, so one wrong step (for example, a hasty kiss) can lead to a slap in the face or slap in the face.

It’s too early to talk about adult declarations of love here, but you can do this:

  • dream about the future with her: “And what if we got married ...” (look at her reaction),
  • write in contact (we'll talk about options later),
  • confess to the holiday (March 8, New Year, February 14).

There are few options, teens are often embarrassed to talk about feelings directly, especially when there is no more experience with girls. Therefore, the best option for this is recognition on a social network. Consider the most successful examples on the Vkontakte network.

How to say “Love” in VK

"Your image is stuck in my head, I dream more and more about you"

“You make my every day happier”

“Thank heaven for such a beautiful angel like you”

"My status:" In love, "guess who?"

“You know, one very beautiful and sweet girl doesn’t get out of my head, she now sits and reads this SMS”

“You are online - and I live”

“Hurry tomorrow to see you again, my love.”

You can write poems about love and the lady will understand that it is addressed to her, change her status to “in love”, monitor her statuses and adapt to them. If you see that there is a feedback - she sends emoticons, flirts, then you are probably not indifferent to her either.

Often there are times when the likelihood that the chosen one will reciprocate after recognition is zero. What to do in this case, if there is a fear of rejection. I will talk about this below.

How to confess your feelings and not be rejected?

The main rule is not to wait for an answer from the young lady. A declaration of love is a monologue that does not require feedback. If a beautiful woman admits it too - excellently, there is no problem - maybe she wants to think everything over and not rush to a decision. If a girl clearly said “no,” that means she is not your fate, she should not belong to you and it is meaningless to seek it.

If you feel that the girl is also experiencing something for you, but you still can’t understand what that feeling is, you can make a declaration of love and at the same time put all the dots on the “and”. Here are some helpful tips in this controversial situation:

  • speak convincingly, you must understand that the fate of your relationship depends on your persuasiveness,
  • be gentle in words, do not raise your voice, do not be rude,
  • be strong and prepared for the fact that you may be denied,
  • respect any decision or reaction
  • do not be nervous if you are very worried - take a sedative, but in no case alcohol,
  • take this matter more simply (without “pens”),
  • be yourself, don't make yourself a prince on a white horse,
  • speak heartily and without deception.

Remember, if a lady rejected you - you do not need to torture happiness and bother her about this anymore, you can just stay with friends. Over time, you can switch your attention to other free beauties.

But everything is not always so sad, there are many cases where a young lady reciprocated in recognition, and this was a real holiday for both. Perhaps fate has prepared such a surprise for you too, so go ahead and win! Always yours, old lovelace Pantelei!

Surely there is a girl who drives you crazy, and you have already thought about a thousand ways to tell her about your feelings for her. For such recognition, you must have two terms: self-confidence and the right words to express your feelings.

If you are sure that she treats you just like you do to her, and you decide to declare your love to her, then first find the most beautiful words for declaring love to your beloved girlfriend. But don't worry about it, because on this page we offer you a list of many phrases ideal for expressing your love for the girl you like so much.

The best tips on how to tell a guy a girl love

The first thing to know is that all people confess their love in different ways, as they love in different ways. It doesn’t matter if your feelings tear you apart so that you cannot be silent, or run away from them, because love is not comfortable, or it’s just a little warmer for you to live.

What and how you feel is normal. And telling about this girl in a way that suits you is no less normal. Therefore, do not try to cool the ardor or, conversely, squeeze out a nonexistent passion from yourself: your chosen one knows about your temperament and character. And she chose you as you are - which means that there is no need to try at the moment of recognition to be a different person.

The best recognition is sincere and such as it begs for you. This is a moment of exposure of feelings, and therefore, sincerity is a key parameter. Even if the result is not like the scenes from the hundreds of the best melodramas in the history of cinema, even if you yourself never thought that your confession would look the way you want to make it.

Try to come up with a wording that expresses your feelings as much as possible. Declaration of love is always obtained at the same time about the lover and the lover - remember this and strive for a balance between your own comfort and the pleasant words you want to say to the girl.

Spy on the Internet if you can’t think of it yourself. But try not to repeat exactly the existing recognition, but only to borrow ideas or formulations. Love is a serious matter, so approach her expression with responsibility and do everything in the highest rank.

Get ready

In all senses, it is thought over from a place, time and words to care about appearance. About how, when and under what circumstances it is better to admit your love in your feelings, I will tell below.

In the meantime, read and save the checklist of the required preparation points: material and mental.

  • Be confident in yourself. If you are modest, your modesty appreciated by the chosen one will be visible in any case. Therefore, try to sound and speak as confidently as possible: say the cherished words several times before meeting (you can in front of the mirror), tune in advance. Just before recognition, try to calm down in a way that is appropriate in the current circumstances.
  • Get ready for different things. You are planning this minute for more than one day, and the girl is not waiting for her at all. She may be confused, may answer inappropriately or be unprepared for an answer, and she may also change her mind and change the reaction in a few days. Keep in mind all of these options and react calmly if something goes wrong.
  • If she rejects you, offer friendship. This will be a sign of concern, which may affect her change of mind.
  • Do not demand the answer here and now.
  • Let her be the first to know about your feelings. Do not talk about them to others before you tell her.
  • Take care of the look. Take a shower, dress gently, shave, brush your teeth.
  • Remember that fear and slight insecurity is normal.

Choose a place and time

If you decide to confess your feelings in such a way as to bring the girl to tears of delight - you will have to plan a lot. Choose the best place for a date and start acting. A good option would be to recreate a scene from a movie or book or the best evening in the history of your relationship. But for affectionate love confessions there are more suitable moments than inappropriate ones: you are free to pronounce them on any date, in almost any circumstances.

It is not necessary to go to the most picturesque of the available corners, shower everything with rose petals or wait for a round date in a relationship. Let this happen when you yourself want to confess. The main thing is that all the girl’s attention at this moment is turned to you, both were in a good mood and not too tired.

How to Declare Love at a Meeting

This method is the best, because if you can see each other, it’s better not to transfer the recognition to the network and not to pronounce them in a telephone conversation. The first declaration of love is an intimate moment in a relationship, and just as you don’t want to miss the girl’s reaction, so at that moment she would like to see, and hear you, and be able to touch.

But in personal recognition, there are also some kind of disadvantages: you have to take courage and say what people are usually afraid to say. The girl will not expect this, and she will not have a chance to react after reflection. These are two factors that make most of us nervous. If you become more anxious when you become aware of them, remember that your relationship is so good and stable that you have fallen in love with your chosen one and do not want to keep silent about it. So, everything will probably be great.

So that recognition does not turn out to be crumpled, think in advance what exactly you want to say and how you are going to do it. What is the scenario?

Here are four examples:

  • Incredibly romantic atmosphere and a whisper of "I love you" uttered while hugging
  • It's about how wonderful your chosen one is and how hard it is for you to talk about it.
  • Song or confession with flowers or candles
  • A surprise note that a girl will discover at dinner

Any of the options is good, and the best one will be the one that suits you more than others.

Whatever you choose, get ready: organize everything you need, say the words you invented several times in advance so as not to get confused at the most crucial moment, practice in front of the mirror.

How to confess correspondence

If you don’t have the opportunity to see each other in the near future, but your feelings are boiling, report them online or via SMS. You can send her a ton of affectionate and gentle words. It is important to write about love sincerely, because in this method there are already fewer emotions than in the traditional one.

Let’s tell you how it happens: here are 10 phrases to express feelings in a VK message, for example:

  • “I could not love another. For my life, you are like spring for nature - I almost feel the bumblebees humming, the flowers blooming, I almost always hear bird voices. It’s always sunny with you in my life, although I am now enjoying the rain - it doesn’t matter what happens outside. Because with me always love for you is limitless and not knowing barriers. ”
  • "You are perfect. I don’t know if I knew this from the very beginning, but now it’s obvious as nothing else in the world is obvious. I fell in love with you - and it doesn’t matter to me whether this is a spell, a combination of circumstances, a gift of fate or the only possible scenario. I love you - and this is the best thing that could happen to me. ”

Such messages should be written either when you exchange fondness, or when the conversation does not occur at all. If a girl talks about the news and suddenly gets something like that, it will be difficult for her to immediately respond to such words.

If you are in different cities and can’t confess personally, a simple wording will do:

  • “I wanted to wait for the meeting, but I could not and I want to say it right now: I love you.”

Another good trick is to give the girl a hint of feelings, but postpone the confession itself until the meeting:

  • “I love it so much when you smile” or “I love it so much to look at you.”

Top phrases for declaration of love

These words will always be relevant. The main thing is to invest in them something of your own, supplement with what is only in your story, and tell them sincerely.

  • When I see you, the world is getting better. I love you.
  • I never loved you more than this second. And I will never love you less than this second, in which I want to confess my love to you!
  • I am infinitely happy, because next to me is a girl like you. I enjoy every moment together, I'm in love with your hair, with your eyes, with your laugh, with everything connected with you. To drunkenness, to stupid laughter, to unconsciousness, to madness. I love you. And it will always be so.
  • You are the person for whom I will go for anything. I didn’t think that I could say such a thing once, but now I know that it’s true. I love you. And that makes me capable of whatever you ask.
  • With you, the world shines brighter, and the main meaning has appeared in my life. I can stand anything just to be with you. I will always be there. I love you, sun.
  • I never knew whether God and fate exist, but now I believe that it was thanks to them that we met. Because for sure someone decided to give me such a gift - because I love you.
  • I don’t know how to speak beautifully, but you will understand me. Life next to you is completely different - it is brighter, happier and more complete than impressions. As if the fog had cleared and the sun came out. You are very important to me. For you, I am ready to change. I want to surround you with care and always be near. I love you.
  • Once I wanted to go on a date with a girl with such beautiful eyes. Now I can’t imagine my life without you and I think that it’s not only in the eyes. I love you. Now I understand this, and nothing can change it.
  • I am hopelessly in love with you. As a fifth grader, as a teenager who does not yet know that love can end in pain. Being next to you is simply unbelievable. Thank you for being in my life. I will do everything to make you feel good, to make you smile. Because I love you, honey.
  • A strange feeling - now I do not care what happens to the world. I close my eyes and see how you laugh, brushing your hair behind your ear. I wake up and see your smile with which you met me on our first date. I fall asleep and remember our first kiss. I love you, and that’s all I need.

Declaration of love to a girl in verse

Many girls love poetry. Maybe it's time to declare love in verse? Not everyone can appreciate it, but if your chosen one is a romantic person, send or read her a verse about love:

I love you. and you know
I'll be there, let me
Just being with you, you understand.
You are part of mine. of my soul.
And there is only one thing in my heart.
Only one place is for you.
My love, you know.
I love so much. love you.

I'll tell you a secret
If you want - believe it, if you want - do not believe it.
I live you alone
I'm happier now
Because you, dear,
Changed my life
And not noticing others
I love you alone!

I love you dear
You are my welcome.
My heart is very dear
And you are tender with your soul.
Without you, days and nights
Like long years.
Let fate prophesy for me
To be with you forever.

Mistakes to Avoid

In recognition, it is important to plan and implement everything correctly. Therefore, in the end - another check list.

What is not worth doing:

  • Do not demand instant reaction.
  • Don't act spontaneously if you are not confident in your talent for improvisation.
  • Do not demand immediate response.
  • Don't confessif you are not sure about the feelings.
  • Don't push for pity and do not try to manipulate.
  • Don't confess for the sake of something: sex, money, impressions.
  • Do not speak about feelings for the first time when you are in a fight.
  • Don't confess in love is too early when you have not yet managed to get to know each other properly and when it is not yet used to you.

If you take my advice, then I am sure that your girlfriend will definitely like the recognition. And if there is no girl - it does not matter! Go to the rating of the best dating sites and look for a lady of the heart whom you can declare your love.

Tips for the brave

If you have considered the consequences of such a step, are not afraid to be rejected and think that it is better to do and regret than not to do and then regret missed opportunities, you should carefully prepare for this event.

The following points need to be considered:

  1. When and where are you going to talk about your sympathy.
  2. Are you going to involve others (friends, acquaintances).
  3. What exactly will you say.

Let us consider in more detail each of these points.


If a man knows how to correctly use words to demonstrate his feelings and sympathy, the ideal way to declare love is to write prose or poetry. Such an act will be appreciated by any, even the most mundane girl, so you can safely take the “feather” and compose rhymed lines. If a man cannot write verses of his own composition, you can take the best lines about love from famous classics, demonstrating knowledge of literature.

Choosing a place and time

To talk about your feelings, you need to choose the right moment - if you lose the time or place, the girl may not correctly respond to your words.

Consider the nuances regarding the place of recognition:

  1. You should not choose a crowded place: cafes, restaurants, concerts, rallies, etc. Your words may be inappropriate, in addition, you may feel uncomfortable if there are a large number of strangers near you.
  2. It is best to choose a quiet and peaceful place, such as a park or square. Ideally, the area would have special meaning for both of you and be associated with shared memories.

As for time, this moment depends on the employment of your girlfriend: you shouldn’t admit love when her thoughts are busy with worries and problems. It is worth choosing a weekend evening: this is the most optimal moment.

With friends and others

It is not necessary to keep love experiences in yourself - they can be shared with people around you. It is likely that friends may even help you with your plans.

For example, if you have common acquaintances, you can ask them to, under any pretext, take the girl to the appointed time and place, and then leave you alone.

This option is suitable for shy guys who can not independently call / write a girl. Also for a girl it will be a pleasant surprise, which can play in your favor.

Love confession text examples

First of all, a man must realize the full depth of feelings and plans for the future associated with a particular girl.Declaration of love must be done if relations are established between partners, reciprocity is manifested, there is understanding, passion, sympathy, etc. Psychologists do not advise throwing high-profile phrases and rushing into recognition if the relationship is still far from ideal.

Here are a few suitable options for declaring love to a pen pal:

  • "Your appearance is so firmly stuck in my head that I dream more and more about you,"
  • "My VKontakte status:" In love, "can you guess who?"
  • “Thank you to the higher powers and heaven for such a beautiful angel like you”,
  • “You make my every next day even happier,”
  • “You are online and I live”
  • “You know, one very cute and charming girl does not get out of my head, right now she is reading this SMS.”

The text must necessarily be romantic and sincere, for this it will not be enough just to copy the finished example and send it to the girls. You need to add something of your own to it, make it beautiful and original, complement it with pictures or audio recordings. Appeal in the form of a declaration of love should not imply the response of the object of sympathy, it is exclusively a man’s monologue that does not require feedback.

What exactly to say

After choosing a place and time, as well as agreeing on all the details, you need to think about what you will say to the girl during the meeting.

Do not use poems and other commonplace ways of declaration of love - it will sound too “hackneyed”.

Better remember how you became acquainted with the object of your sympathy, remember the pleasant moments spent together, and share your thoughts with her.

In conclusion, explain that she is dear to you not only as a friend, but also as a loved one, or just say the phrase "I love you." If you sound sincerely and “from the heart”, the girl will not even think about laughing at your feelings.

Is it possible to open using VK

With the advent of the digital age, you can make a declaration of love without leaving your home. The social network Vkontakte is extremely popular among young people - it makes it possible to send messages, videos, audio recordings, etc. to each other.

If you often communicate with the object of your sympathy in VK, then writing about your feelings will be appropriate. This is a convenient way for young men who are embarrassed to say this personally.

In addition, there is time to think through each word and phrase. The message should state all the brightest about what you think about your feelings and your chosen one.

Find out what declaration of love can be given to a girl in poetry for a soul, learn from the article: declaration of love to a girl in verse.

You should not copy romantic confessions from the Internet: if you communicate with a girl for a long time, she will see a double fraud, and your words will seem insincere to her.

If you are not familiar enough with the girl, all the same, you should immediately make friendship, and only then confess your love. An unexpected message from a stranger about love feelings would rather scare her away than attract her.


The Internet is a great opportunity to prove oneself, getting rid of doubts, constraint and other interfering factors. Therefore, modern young people prefer to talk about feelings and establish love relationships through correspondence on social networks. Psychologists approve of this way of talking about love, if it is correctly designed, and also will be repeated during live communication face to face. It remains only to choose a beautiful design, text and message format in order to surprise and win over the object of adoration.

General recommendations

No matter how and where you decide to confess your feelings, remember a few rules:

  1. Be yourself. Do not try to pretend to be another person. You will save your and her time and energy if you immediately understand whether you are suitable for each other or not.
  2. Be confident in your feelings. This is especially true for situations where recognition was preceded by a strong friendship between a man and a woman. Or when, instead of love, a person experiences passion and attraction.
  3. Learn to cope with stress, choose the technique of self-regulation, do not be nervous.

What is the best way to confess your feelings: in person or in VK? Better personally. An important part of communication - non-verbal communication - disappears on the network. It is it that shows the true reactions and emotions of a person.

By the way, it is easier to admit feelings when you know that sympathy is mutual. You can take your time and watch the girl’s behavior. We recommend that you read our article "How to Find Out What a Girl Like You - Psychologist's Advice" and observe a chosen one.

How to declare a girl love, if you are shy

Even being a strong sex, guys are often lost and shy when it comes to declaration of love.

We offer several ways for especially shy guys:

  1. Send a courier with a bouquet of flowers / sweets and a postcard. In a postcard you can state all your feelings. You can leave the message anonymous, but you can also leave a signature.
  2. Make a declaration of love with a spray can on the pavement near her windows. A banal but valid way: the girl will be very pleased, and she will always remember the guy, seeing the inscription.
  3. Declare love on the radio. If you know that a girl is constantly listening to a particular radio station, you can use this method.
  4. Record a video for your chosen one. In it, state all thoughts regarding your feelings, pleasant memories associated with a girl, etc. Video can be sent by e-mail or burned to a disc and presented to her.
  5. Tape the walls of her entrance with leaflets with confessions. Also an interesting way that will not leave any girl indifferent.

The above methods are great for those who for some reason are afraid to express their sympathy. They are suitable for recognizing the feelings of a classmate, classmate and just a friend.

But, nevertheless, such romantic confessions will show your serious intentions and give a chance that the girl will reciprocate.

The role of recognition in relationships

Recognition of feelings is the first step that precedes relationships. Memories of this event will remain for a long time: perhaps even your common children will be interested in how the relations of their parents began.

Video: how to make a declaration of love to a girl

Therefore, the day you tell your girl about your feelings should leave only a pleasant and romantic experience. Now you know how to declare love to a girl and whether it is worth doing.

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