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Haircuts for boys: types, names, fashion trends

Today, not only adult men, but also young boys care about their appearance. Stylish haircuts with shaved temples or parting are gaining popularity because they create an attractive masculine image.

In this article, we will consider the techniques for making such haircuts, to whom they are suitable and how to care for them so that styling does not take up from parents, and then from the young fashionista a lot of time.


This haircut became popular back in the 50s of the last century, and today it is at the peak of popularity. Famous European stylists use this technique in their work, using it on little fashionistas.

The technique of performing the British is not complicated. Hair is separated on the parietal zone, after which the hairline is cut off as short as possible on the back of the head, temples can shave under zero or with a slight transition. On the parietal zone and bangs, the hair remains long. Hairstyle is laid, combing hair back or sideways. Any boy will appreciate such a stylish image.


This haircut will be relevant for athletes and just active boys. The technique of its implementation is to cut the back of the head as short as possible, cut the whiskey as short as possible, and cut the hair on the crown so as to create a rectangular surface resembling a platform. This hairstyle is very beloved among athletes, and it can often be seen on actors in youth American films.

Little dragon

This haircut with a clipping of the side zones is also called Iroquois. The execution technique is very simple. Hair is divided into three zones from the forehead to the neck. In this case, the hair on the sides is cut to the maximum or even shaved. In the middle zone, hair is left over the entire length from the forehead to the neck. Some parents prefer to leave a small ponytail of hair that falls on their neck. When styling, beat the hair and pull it up. From the side, this design resembles a dragon's back. This appearance also influenced the name of the hairstyle.

Not every adult dares to try on such a bold image that looks completely different in children, perky and interesting. With a similar hairstyle, the child will always look stylish, and stand out from the general gray mass.


This haircut differs from previous options in that it does not have a smooth transition. Outwardly, the head of elongated curls on a shaved head resembles an islet. The combination of a long bangs and shaved temples and a nape looks quite original. To make the hair style individual, the stylist may recommend adding intricate patterns on the back of the head or in the temporal zone.

Some parents like to be creative and ask to shave only one temporal zone, and leave the length on the second. In this case, the hair is laid to one side and can be complemented by an oblique bang.

Fashion Trends

At the peak of popularity are hairstyles with short-cropped or shaved temples and the back of the head, medium-length hair on the crown and bangs. Most often, boys choose haircuts such as gavrosh, half-box or hat.

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Do not treat these haircuts as obsolete models. The half-box can be worn sideways or combed back, to shave patterns on the back of the head or temples. This hairstyle is easy to fit and combines with any style. Hairstyles for boys with a pattern on the temples are now at the peak of popularity.

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Gavrosh is distinguished by an elongated crown and temples covering his ears. Hair cutting involves numerous styling variations.

The cap is characterized by elongated hair at the nape, flowing smoothly into the shortened temporal region. Such a haircut has been relevant for more than a dozen years.

New 2018-2019

The current generation of boys has a wider selection of hairstyles than older people. The trendy hairstyles for this season include: Iroquois, hat, boxing and half-boxing. So that the child does not look bored and does not merge with the total mass, hairdressers give the haircut individuality, creating patterns and shaving complex geometric shapes.

Fidgets and naughty people will like a hedgehog haircut. The hairstyle is easy to style on your own, just comb or lift your hair up, forming a kind of needle.

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Boxing and semi-boxing are universal haircuts for boys, they suit almost everyone. Many variations of styling allow you to combine hairstyle with any style - from a strict school to sports or street.


This haircut is characterized by a high arrangement of parting and elongated oblique bangs. The ears are freed from overhanging hair, for this the temporal zones are cut short enough. If a young man can boast of thick hair, then for a greater emphasis on parting, he is slightly trimmed.

Haircuts for children

Hairdressing masters constantly bring something new to classic hairstyles or come up with something ultra-modern. This season, fashion haircuts for little boys such as a hedgehog and tennis are especially popular.

A hedgehog is very comfortable to wear, especially in the summer. However, in winter you should not worry about how the hairstyle looks if you remove the cap. For a special occasion, hair is easy to style with any styling tool.

Tennis - a classic haircut for adults and children. It differs by longer hair on the crown and partially on the back of the head, short in the temporal zone. Each master performs a hairstyle in his own manner.


Classic boxing and half-boxing got a fresh breath and began to be in demand among boys precisely thanks to shaved temples. And the combination of curly curls with a minimum hair length, on the temporal and occipital zones, looks unusual and interesting.

Today, not only girls, but also boys use tools to style their hair. Any haircut for a boy with a shaved parting will become more effective if you use a little gel or varnish for her styling.

Who should use such a haircut?

Each of the presented haircuts can not be called ordinary. They are original, so they require some care and styling. In addition, it is worth considering the shape of the face. It is advisable if it is round or oval. Good hair density and a minimal tendency to oily are also very important. Only in this case, a haircut with shaved temples will look stylish and well-groomed.

Haircuts for teens

At this age, children begin to pay more attention to their appearance, becoming young fashionistas, but how to express their personality, if not with the help of a hairstyle? Here you can go beyond children's haircuts and try to experiment, including with adult images. The only limitation is to look appropriate in the school.

The main trend of teenage haircuts of the season 2018-2019 are textured long strands. Simply put, to look stylish and fashionable, you will have to make an effort and style your hair with various mousses, gels and varnishes, giving the form a haircut. If a teenager does not agree to this, you can always choose a shorter option.

Style and hairstyle

Another important point is the boy’s clothing style. The appearance of the child is a perception of his world, when he wants to be not only fashionable, but also to stand out among his peers. It is not recommended for parents to put the child in any framework during the formation of his personality. You just need to direct it a little in the right direction. Parents should ensure that the hairstyle is combined with the clothes of the child, and he did not look stupid in the eyes of peers.

Haircut Names

Over the past few years, haircuts for boys with parting have been especially in demand. Moreover, stylists argue that such modifications will be popular in the next few seasons.

Such models are very common and are suitable for most children, with the exception of owners of hard hair. But they can also choose an equally stylish hairstyle, depending on the quality of the hair:

  1. Tennis - it looks better on hard curls, but children with soft strands should not refuse this option. The haircut is comfortable to wear, does not interfere with sports and lead an active lifestyle.
  2. Half-boxing is another universal option, it looks especially good on curly and curly hair.
  3. British - suitable for children leading a more measured lifestyle. The hairstyle needs regular styling. It harmonizes with a square or round face shape.
  4. The Canadian is carried out according to the same scheme as the British haircut, but at the same time the strands are made very short.
  5. Hairstyle on one side is characterized by long hair at the crown and short, and sometimes shaved, temples and a nape. A haircut looks especially impressive if you create a small basal volume during styling.
  6. Short haircuts are most suitable for children with a quadrant type of face. In order not to emphasize the angularity of the lines, do not put your hair to the center of the forehead.
  7. Haircuts with bangs and volume at the crown are perfect for boys with a round face shape.
  8. Owners of an oval and elongated shape of the face should refuse hairstyles with shaved temples and, conversely, choose those where the volume is concentrated in the temporal region.
  9. Asymmetrical haircuts are a great choice for children with a triangular face.

Photo gallery

Below we present some photos of stylish haircuts with shaved temples for boys to present clearly what is at stake.

Any haircut, of the above, has its own characteristics, but when choosing it is recommended to take into account the appearance of the child, his preferences in the style of clothing and his activity.

To make the boy happy, parents must listen to his opinion, and not impose their preferences, which are hopelessly outdated. Hairstyles with shaved temples are at the peak of popularity and will help the boy create a courageous bully image.

Haircuts by age

The most popular hairstyle among kids this season is a baby haircut with a bang for a boy with a side parting and medium hair length. Next come the haircut hedgehog and boxing. In the first embodiment, the child can show independence and without outside help styling and combing hair. In the second option, you will be able to look a little older.

The model haircut remains in demand (photo below).

At 7 years old, the child takes the first steps into adulthood, a model short haircut for a Caesar boy is very suitable for this age. She looks equally stylish with strict school and informal street clothes. The hairstyle is easy to fit in a mohawk or combed on its side.

At 10 years old, a bob haircut is best for the boy. She looks fashionable and neat, and the ability to vary the length from the shortest to the longest strands allows boys with any type of face to wear their hair. Bob is easy to fit, but also in a slightly disheveled look looks perky and stylish.

A young man at the age of 12 looks more courageous and serious with a boxing haircut laid on its side or back. If you ruffle your hair and lift it at the roots, the guy will again look like a mischievous boy.

Another great option is the undercut haircut. It is distinguished by elongated locks on the crown and short temples. The hairstyle is suitable for teenagers at any age, you can make your character in the hairstyle by shaving patterns. Especially fashionable now are haircuts for boys with arrows on their shaved temples or nape.

How to choose a haircut and hide flaws in appearance

A haircut is an important element in creating an image, but it should not only emphasize individuality and give confidence, but also hide the existing problems of appearance:

  • If the boy has large auricles and an inexpressive chin, an asymmetrical hairstyle will suit him.
  • With curly hair, the gavrosh style looks good, suitable for any type of appearance.
  • For thin straight strands for volume, multilayer thinning and haircuts of the type gavrosh and page are used with the connection of asymmetric graduation.
  • Thin and sparse hair is covered with a fashionable haircut by a Canadian. Also, it is recommended to select hairstyles for thin hair with a short haircut on the top so that the hair lies in the necessary direction.
  • A chubby hairstyle that visually stretches a face is suitable for chubby boys.
  • Children under 5 years old do not want to leave long hair, as in childhood the hair is still too thin and weak.
  • Double young careers in combination with graduation are perfect for young sportsmen.

Children's hairstyles for boys are graduated in accordance with age, but the main thing to remember is that the hairstyle should not be difficult, since it will be difficult for a child to look after it on her own.

Haircut hat

This hairstyle is often called a pot; it occupies a leading position in the season 2018-2019. Haircuts can be of several types and can be combined with any way.

Variety of haircut cap:

  • with a gradual transition
  • abrupt transition
  • multilayer
  • double
  • asymmetric.

Each type of haircut has its own performance technique. As a rule, the master focuses on the oval of the face and the structure of the client's hair.

Haircuts for boys 4-5 years old

For children aged 4 to 5 years, it is undesirable to grow curls, as they are still weak and are very tangled and pulled out when combing. Therefore, children's haircuts for boys should be not only stylish, but also convenient:

  • Riding Hood - elongated hair at the crown and short hair cut at the back of the head and temples. A smooth, clear transition from the cap depends on the density and condition of the baby's hair.
  • Elongation at the nape - the hair is cut short in length, and a few long strands are left at the nape. If the baby's locks on the back of his head interfere, they can be shortened a little.
  • Hedgehog - side parting and hair styling on one side gives a neat appearance to the child.
  • Bob - allows the presence of a short or oblique fringe, or its absence. It depends on the features of the oval of the face and is selected individually.
  • Classical - straight parting and even bangs are suitable for obedient straight hair, giving solidity and rigor.
  • British - shortened strands and a little shortened fringe in the form of a ladder, laid to one side.

Choosing a hairstyle for boys 4-5 years old, you need to focus on the length of the hair based on the density, structure and quality of the hair.

Requirements for haircuts boys 4-5 years old

Parents want to see their sons beautiful and fashionable, but when choosing a haircut, you should not forget about its features in childhood:

  • The hairstyle should be comfortable and not interfere.
  • You should not grow long strands of the child, as a fragile child's body can not cope with the proper nutrition of elongated curls.
  • You can not often use a hair clipper machine, as the skin of babies is very sensitive and there is a risk of damage to the hair follicles.
  • It is also necessary to take into account the fact that at this age, children can not independently look after a model and unusual styling.

Children's haircuts should not be complicated and intricate with elongated bangs or naughty strands.When choosing, you must take into account the activity and personality of the child.

Haircut with parting or ponytail

Hairstyles for boys with parting - one of the most popular. A child with such a haircut looks like a little man, which is especially touching. This option is relevant for any age and is suitable for any type of hair. As a rule, boys wear haircuts with parting in the middle length, and men in the short. However, in both cases, the hairstyle remains in trend.

If the child has very stiff hair and does not lie on its side, you can make a kind of blende and shave a flat strip that simulates a parting.

Ponytail haircuts are very popular among creative people and athletes. As a rule, such a haircut involves short-cropped hair on the temples and nape and long on the crown.

Haircuts for boys 6-7 years old

When choosing a haircut, it is not necessary for a boy from 6 to 7 years old to chase after fashion, it is better to dwell on one that does not require special care, is convenient in any situations and takes a minimum of time when styling. The most popular hairstyles for boys 6-7 years old:

  • Canadian - curls remain on the top of the head, and are removed on the back of the head and temples. This trick allows you to maintain shape and not crumble hair. Suitable for children of different age categories with any type of hair, looks fashionable and neat, giving a unique image.
  • Shortened Canadian or Quiff - long hair is stacked upside down, and on the temples and neck it is cut short. This styling is suitable for any oval of the face, except elongated.
  • Hairstyle with shaved temples - the main strands are removed to one side and, if desired, shaved whiskey is decorated figuratively.
  • With a shaved nape - does not provide asymmetry, the nape is evenly open and, if desired, the pattern is applied and shifted. Attractive hairstyle that does not require additional styling.
  • Medium length haircut - a combination of graduated short and long strands gives the child a favorite sloppiness.
  • Iroquois - hairstyle is formed in the form of a scallop or spikes. If necessary, the length of the oxen can be removed.
  • With accented forehead - the formation of hair near the forehead into a pronounced clear rectangle with corners above the temples. This method is suitable for chubby children and can complement the mohawk.
  • The half-box is a combination of short temples and a nape with elongated ringlets from the top of the head to the forehead. The length should be comfortable and individually selected for each, since the hairstyle will have to be a little styled.
  • Gavrosh - a combination of long locks in the center and shortened hair on the temples. The hairstyle is laid up, the strands can be formed a little forward and to the side.
  • Beanie - suitable for curly curls with a rounded neck line.

All haircuts for boys of 6-7 years old are not only beautiful, but comfortable and practical. They have many variations and allow you to experiment during styling.

Patterned haircut

Fashionable haircuts for boys with a picture - the most creative option, which allows you to constantly experiment with the image. If the child is active, prone to self-expression and creativity, he will definitely like a haircut with a pattern.

The execution time of the pattern depends on its complexity. The only negative is that it is not durable. Of course, such hairstyles are also performed on fair hair, but on dark patterns it looks more spectacular.

When choosing a hairstyle, you should rely on the nature, shape of the face and type of hair of the boy. A haircut should be done by a professional hairdresser. He will not only make a quality hairstyle, but will also help to make a choice, give useful recommendations. In addition, you should not put pressure on the child, you need to give him freedom of choice.

Haircuts for boys 12 years

At this age, adolescents understand that the appearance must be well-groomed and neat. Boys strive to emphasize their individuality with a style of clothing, and to add an image to their cool haircut. With a fashionable haircut, they feel grown-up, confident and independent.

Trends in haircut fashion are changing rapidly and it is difficult for a 12 year old boy to choose the perfect hairstyle, but the following haircuts always remain popular among teenagers:

  • Hedgehog - whiskey and nape are shaved briefly, and on the top of the head is created the image of a “cap” with elongated curls. You can style your hair in different ways: comb back, sideways, under the "mohawk". This option allows a variety of styling experiments for any occasion.
  • Boxing and semi-boxing - do not require styling, in the summer they do not cause inconvenience, in the winter they do not lose their appearance under the hat.
  • Grunge style - curls are cut using a special method and with the help of specials. funds fit into extravagant hairstyles. The long bangs look beautiful, but it bothers the teenager at school. It is better to comb the bangs back and randomly tear the locks behind.
  • Kare - has many varieties. The most popular quads on the leg - shaved curls on the back of the head sharply go to the cap with long strands. The styling is chosen at the request of the teenager: torn, milled, asymmetric. This option allows different experiments: you can comb the strands back, create a volume or tie it in the tail. The square looks classic from above, but having put a strand behind the ear, a shaved temporal zone opens, on which you can make stripes or a simple pattern. A caret is suitable for owners of coarse hair, who can do perfect styling without styling.
  • A brilliant pot - a straightforward image suits boys with smooth straight hair. Short bangs, ears covered in strands create the image of a calm, flexible child.
  • Half - half of the hair on the head is shaved under the machine, the second consists of long strands. But this option requires careful care using balms, conditioners and hair masks. Only a desperate teenager can decide on such an experiment.
  • Cascade - suitable for wavy curly hair due to the fact that the ladder and different levels adjust the shape and volume of the hairstyle. The slanting fringe gives a rebellious, organic look that boys like 12 years old.
  • Side parting - a beautiful, elegant classic haircut suits both kids 4-5 years old and teenagers 12 years old.

Tips for choosing a haircut for a teenager 12 years old

The hairstyle is selected in accordance with the type of hair, the shape of the face, the shape of the head, the nature of the child. It is very difficult to choose what a teenager likes and suits him at the same time. A few proven tips will help you choose the right option:

  • The triangular oval of the face needs a caret and an elongated bang, smoothing sharp corners.
  • A narrow oval will expand and round off the bob haircut.
  • Chubby or an asymmetrical haircut is good for chubby ones.
  • Any type of styling is suitable for the oval shape of the face.

When choosing a hairstyle for a twelve-year-old boy, it is important to consider his opinion. If a teenager does not like your idea, then it is better not to experiment. A teenager should wear his new hairstyle with confidence.

Features of styling for a teenager

In adolescence, boys turn from a child to a youth, and therefore haircut ideas for young children should be abandoned. If when choosing a hairstyle for a boy of 5 years, it is not necessary to follow fashion trends, then for teenagers fashion has a place to be. Fashionable haircuts for teenagers 12 years old have their own characteristics and characteristic rules of performance. If earlier it was believed that at this age a short haircut is needed without surplus, today the choice of haircuts is more free. But for children of 12 years old there are their own rules and features of the styling:

  • It is important to proceed from the physiological characteristics of the child when choosing the type of styling. It is necessary to take into account the features of appearance: the shape of the head, the oval of the face, protruding ears and more.
  • The hairstyle should emphasize the advantages and hide the existing flaws. The boy should feel confident and free.
  • Hair should be laid neatly, but the haircut itself should not look defiant at the same time. Her style depends on the type, quality and structure of the hair.
  • Styling depends on the haircut, which sets the length and direction of the curls. Fashionable styling can be performed on both short and medium length hair.

Among the popular hairstyles for children of 12 years old, the hairstyle “beaver” is in demand, the styling of which does not take much time. Stylish and neat hairstyle "Caesar" looks good on both straight and curly hair. Owners of dense strands will suit the “pot” style, the shape of which lasts all day. "Sharp strands" make it possible to dream up, styling hair in different directions.

Today, fashion trends lack clear contours and patterns when choosing a haircut. The severity of lines is a thing of the past, now in fashion - an informal, mischievous style and self-confidence. It is advisable to opt for dynamic, attractive, comfortable hairstyles.

Choosing a haircut for a boy depending on age

It is difficult to keep a very young client who has not reached 3 years of age in a hairdressing chair, so haircuts for this age are simple to perform and take a minimum of time.

The principles of choosing hairstyles for preschool and primary school age:

  • use of the machine is undesirable for the delicate scalp of a small client,
  • long hair requires careful care, and can also cause strabismus and other vision problems. Therefore, at an early age, short options with simple, neat shapes will be preferable.
  • a haircut should not make a child funny. It’s difficult to bear the ridicule of others at any age,
  • balanced babies are more suitable hairstyles with soft lines,
  • moderate introduction of creative elements diversifies a child’s hair style,
  • the use of hair fixation in childhood is unacceptable.

When choosing a teenage haircut, it is advisable to pay attention to the following:

  • the child’s age already allows him to assign simple responsibilities for caring for his own head, so elongated hair is allowed,
  • the hairstyle takes into account the features of appearance and character and, at the same time, does not contradict the requirements of the educational institution,
  • adolescence is the most favorable time for conducting bold hair style experiments.

Haircut selection by hair type

Thin soft hair lacks volume and does not hold well. Experienced hairdressers advise choosing options using asymmetry, layering, ragged strands. These techniques mask what nature has deprived.

Suitable for both straight and curly hair. Long strands are best avoided as they only emphasize the weak structure of the hair. Short haircuts hide the flaw, create the appearance of density and thickness.

The photo shows fashionable haircuts for boys 2019 for this type of hair. Coarse hair provides more opportunities to embody a boyish idea of ​​a stylish hairstyle. Preferred neat, not requiring styling, hedgehog, boxing, half box, platform, beaver, Canadian.

The classic version with a volume in the parietal part of the head and short-cropped temples and a nape is suitable for children of any age, since it does not interfere during games, studies, sports and is easy to care for.

Advice from experienced stylists: It is advisable to avoid blow-drying your hard hair. It’s much more beneficial to simply blot your hair with a towel that absorbs moisture well.

Options for hairstyles for curly hair are not limited to a short haircut. Holders of tight curls are recommended bob and square. Wavy hair is good in sports haircuts. The Spaniard and even the Iroquois will look great on a curly head.

Face shape selection

The shape of a child's face is one of the determining factors when choosing a hairstyle.

It’s better for chubby guys to refuse direct thick bangs, replace them with asymmetric and multilevel ones. On straight partings and strands, emphasizing the upper line of the cheekbones - taboo. The best option is haircuts with a volume at the crown, visually lengthening the face.

Smooth hairstyles with a straight parting are contraindicated for oval persons. Various asymmetric, multi-layered, “torn” bangs give expressiveness to this oval.

Choosing a model for a square face is quite difficult. An open forehead and wavy vortices combed back with a volume at the crown slightly lengthen the image. It is better to refuse direct bangs and a short hedgehog, as they visually expand the already narrow face. For a triangular and rhomboid face, voluminous hairstyles are preferred.

Owners of an elongated or rectangular face will go to bangs covering their forehead. This technique will slightly shorten the face and make it proportional. The photos below give an idea of ​​the 2019 haircuts for boys, depending on the shape of the face.

One of the short, practical and popular haircuts themselves. It appeared as a model of hairstyles for those who want to look equally neat and stylish in the gym, in a business setting and at a social party.

Ultrashort model. The length of the hair on the crown is not more than 3 cm. The whiskey and the back of the head are shaved. The border line extends above the nape.

Suitable for all hair types except curly hair. Short-cut thick strands become obedient, thin hair in such a haircut seems thicker. Haircut boxing is the best suited for hair that requires frequent washing. Short hair is easy to wash, you can dry it without using a hair dryer. Looks great on a skull of the correct form, without flaws (scars, birthmarks).

It has no age limit. The only drawback is the frequent visit to the hairdresser. To maintain shape and ultra-short length, you will have to meet with the master at least 1 time per month.

Trends 2019 retain the classic version with a side part. A fashionable addition is the parting to create a clear line. Another fashionable detail is the shaved pattern on the back of the head.

Half box

This is the closest relative of boxing, only the edging line passes below the nape line, and there are no restrictions on the length of the hair on the crown. Whiskey and a nape are not trimmed, just a short cut. A distinctive feature of the semi-box is the presence of a simulated bang. The face shape and mood will tell you whether to comb it back, leave it flowing over your forehead or make out an “artistic mess”.

The popularity and ease of care is not inferior to boxing.


The havrosh hairstyle, once popular, but forgotten for several decades, is again on the scaffold of 2019. The meaning of the French word havrosh is a tomboy, successfully embodied in a stylistic image. Recklessness, artistic negligence - this is the difference between this haircut.

A fashionable silhouette is created by long hair at the nape and shorter at the temples and the crown. Favorite model of rock musicians and soccer players. Looks good on thin straight and curly hair. Gavrosh, like no other haircut, fits the definition: fashion haircuts for boys 2019.

The photo clearly demonstrates the new trends of this style:

  • the difference between the length of the occipital and crown hair is smoothed,
  • options with long curls to the shoulders are offered to mods up to 5 years old,
  • older boys and adolescents are recommended to shorten the occipital strands, leaving only a hint of a fashionable model. This strict version of the fashionable haircut will be appropriate within the walls of educational institutions.

A guy of any age with a gavrosh head will always have an expressive, memorable appearance.

Fashionable in the middle of the last century, a hedgehog haircut to this day does not lose popularity due to the simplicity of execution, neatness and attractiveness of the model. Hair care is uncomplicated and consists in the timely maintenance of form.The hairstyle got a joking name due to the similarity of sticking short-cropped hair with the needles of a prickly animal.

In contrast to the classic version, models with elongated bangs and a thicker “hedgehog” on the crown were created. These fashionable elements in 2019 give a modest everyday haircut elegance.

Hairdressers advise caution to use the hedgehog chubby and men with a square face.

Very thin or chubby children in a frame of "thorns" will look ridiculous and defenseless.

Looks great on hard hair, allowing you to create real spikes. Thin hair requires the use of cosmetics. Therefore, owners of liquid hair in preschool and primary school age from this model is better to refuse.


The form “under the pot” got its name due to the alleged origin. There is a belief that some segments of the population who do not have the funds for barber services looked after their hairstyle in a rather primitive, but very effective way: the hair sticking out from under the pot worn over the head was neatly cut.

Whiskey is sometimes shaved. The result was a uniform with a straight bang, a voluminous nape and open ears. Cheap and stylish!

The modern pot has undergone many years of modification. Today, the master applies multilevel technology, which puts forward some requirements for the structure of hair. The naughty hair in this haircut will resemble a crumbling mop of hay. Hair that keeps its shape well will look quite spectacular.

The pot should fit into the general image of the young man (child) and be in harmony with the shape of his head and the oval of the face.

Modern pot:

  • talks about the sense of style of his master,
  • does not require careful care,
  • softens facial features
  • has no age limit.

Hairstyle needs regular length adjustments.

Men's square

This haircut has not lost its popularity for many years due to the lack of requirements for the type of hair. The ability to model long strands in accordance with the situation and mood makes it universal. It is performed on long hair, which means that it requires careful regular care with the use of cosmetics. Not recommended for early childhood.

Ideal for teens who are interested in their appearance and want to stand out from the crowd. And the curly-haired boy, and the owner of hard vortices, and the owner of thin hair - everyone can afford this model, having previously grown hair to the desired length.

To diversify the classic version, asymmetric elements, cascading strands, straight and oblique partings, straight or ragged edges will help.

Cascade Rack

This model is the result of design experiments consisting in combining two different haircuts. The lack of a clear cut line of the tips and cascading transitions give the hairstyle volume and a natural look. Slanting, asymmetric ragged bangs are pertinent. Looks great on thin and curly hair.

What option for a fashionable haircut - a square for boys 2019 to choose for a certain type of face and hair, will tell a photo and a master stylist.

Canadian and short Canadian

The indefatigable toiler of fashion annually gives out on-the-go fashion haircuts. For boys, 2019 photos and hairdressers offer various modifications of Canada.

Classic Canada is the “calling card” of Canadian hockey players. Parietal hair is cut no shorter than 5 cm. Bangs are the same length. Whiskey and neck are cut very short.

Sports Canada is a short haircut option and is therefore so loved by the athletes for whom it was created. Suitable for any type of face except square. There are no age restrictions when choosing this haircut. Kindergarteners, primary schoolchildren and adolescents can successfully wear a Canadian. The hairstyle is simple in execution and does not require complicated care, except for regular updating of the length.

Photo of a haircut for boys in 2019 short canadian

Modern model varieties:

  • haircut under the machine (short),
  • with a long bang
  • shortened and elongated versions of the classic haircut.


A practical and relevant choice of a fashionable haircut for a boy in 2019 is tennis.

The photo shows 4 varieties:

  • Hedgehog,
  • beaver
  • youth tennis
  • men's square.

Each of the options is universal and fits almost any face and hair. The hit of the season 2019 is a model with an extended bang.


One of the most daring images. To maintain the shape of the hair strip from the forehead to the back of the head, special styling tools cannot be dispensed with. The strand on the back of the head can be collected in a tail, braided or worn loosely.

Recommended for teens at least 10 years oldwhen the hairstyle is chosen consciously, the child is ready to look after her daily and is aware that such a style will make him an object of general attention.

Low ground

A distinctive feature is the presence of a horizontal platform of evenly cut hair in the parietal part. The beauty of the hairstyle depends on the skill level of the hairdresser. The slightest inaccurate movement will ruin the horizontal line and nullify the work of the master. Suitable for thick hair. Youth option provides temporal drawings.

Teen haircut

Shaved items in teen haircuts are rapidly gaining popularity. The secret is that such elements are not only suitable for any type of face, but also allow you to create your own unique style.

Simple shaving creates a beautiful contrast between ultrashort and elongated strands. Top hairdressing skills - fancy patterns and drawings on the temples or the back of the head.

Stylish Shaggy

The name of the haircut “shaggy” (shaggy from English) speaks for itself. This deliberately careless, multi-layered hairstyle is universal. The curls of a child seem to be disheveled by the wind of change. An unusually fashionable model of the coming year.

A photo review will help you better navigate in the vast sea of ​​fashionable haircuts for boys in 2019 and choose the most original and stylish modern hairstyle for a child.

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