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Cardigans 2018 - 2019: fashion trends, 75 photos, exclusive models

Outerwear for men used to be presented in only a few options and models, while today there are several dozen varieties of jackets, coats and sheepskin coats. What are fashionable men's cardigans that were represented by fashion designers in the latest collections? Visually, a cardigan is a cross between a coat and a sweater.

When choosing a cardigan, a man is better to look at the latest fashion trends and design tips to find a fashionable, stylish and modern model. Cardigans today can be thin and insulated demi-season, bright or classic colors for different tastes and preferences of men. Particular attention should be paid to the texture and knitting technique, as well as the length and style of the cardigan, so that with this thing you can adjust the features of the figure.

Cardigan - a stylish and practical thing in a man’s wardrobe

No wonder one wise person noted that dressing well is a whole profession that takes a lot of time. This is especially true now, when designers and fashion designers regularly come up with a huge number of models of clothes and shoes, styles and sub-styles, and also strongly recommend that you follow the rules of etiquette. A cardigan is an outerwear item that harmoniously combines with three clothing styles - classic, preppy and casual.

The main qualities that a men's cardigan in 2018 possesses are practicality, an original style, coziness, comfort, elegance and nobility. Stylists advise creative men with a creative approach to creating a look to look at printed and vibrant cardigan models from designers Missoni, Billy Reid and Ralph Lauren. For lovers of rigor, restraint and classics, models from the collections of Hugo Boss, Iceberg and Sibiling are more suitable. And the Versace brand introduced a number of knitted cardigans of free cut for slim men.

Fashion Trends 2018

The main emphasis of the majority of designers and fashion designers in 2018 when creating cardigans was made on classic styles and color schemes, so that a cardigan can be fitted into almost any bow. If a man wants to stand out with a special taste, it is worth looking at the option of textured knitting, interesting cut, with prints or brand logos. Further, stylists offer to get acquainted with the main fashion trends, which correspond to cardigans from the latest collections.

Office Style

Such sweaters are always worn in tandem with shirts; a tie is acceptable. Stylists consider such models of cardigans an excellent replacement for boring and boring jackets. You need to complement the image with trousers and classic shoes.

Coarse knitting

Ideal in winter or cold autumn will look models of cardigans from knitwear of dense bulk knitting, as well as long knitted cardigans with insulation from the inside. Such models offer collections from Missoni, Brunello Cucinelli, Yohji Yamamoto and Oliver Spencer.


Often, stylish cardigans are superseded by sports models, as in recent years it has been very popular to play sports and lead a healthy lifestyle. For such men, designers offer simplified models with the maximum degree of comfort. Natural tissue will allow the skin to breathe, not to sweat, and the man to move without constraint and restriction.

Bright colours

Cardigans of bright colors are rather the preference of young and creative men who express themselves with the help of clothes. The trend colors for this season are blue, white, black, brown, red and wine, green, yellow and orange. A lot in matters of choice depends on the color schemes of other items in the dress and the color type of the man. Bright contrasting colors are suitable for brunettes, men with fair skin should look after muted and pastel shades.


When choosing a cardigan, a man, of course, should be based on the latest fashion trends and offers from famous designers. But besides this, important factors of choice will be his age and general style of clothing, especially in appearance, lifestyle and hobbies of men. You can combine cardigans with a classic office style, complementing the image with a shirt and trousers. And you can wear a sweater over a sports T-shirt and jeans.

Fashion trends 2018 - 2019!

Fashion designers have created many different models of cardigans:

In the article below you will find ready-made stylish looks, fashion trends and photos of cardigans 2018 - 2019. To complement your wardrobe, experts advise giving preference to bright colors. In the upcoming season, delicate and juicy shades will be relevant. For example, red, turquoise, lilac, lemon, beige, as well as pastel colors. The classic version includes blue, gray and black.

Trends in fashionable wedding dresses are completely different.

In order to fully form the image, we recommend that you read the article fashionable women's shoes for the fall.

10 stylish new products!

Among the novelties of 2018 - 2019, long models and large-knit cardigans. In the fashion of the upcoming season, various stripes and ornaments, perfectly complementing the image, quickly burst. Below for you photos of styles created according to the latest fashion.

The main news from the fashion house:

  • Oversize For several seasons in the TOP of the most stylish images. Models are made in a wide free cut, as if from someone else's shoulder. Stylists advise them to complement romantic tender images.
  • Knitted cardigan. Key styles 2018-2019. The most branded manufacturers worked with fluffy yarn: Prada, Lacoste, Dion Lee. Quite an unusual and relevant bow.
  • Bat. Very fashionable decision in the coming year. Such a sleeve is used not only to create cardigans, but also ordinary sweaters, sweaters and even dresses. Universal thing, fits perfectly on any figure.
  • Asymmetric gate. A hit of the season that makes the look light and airy. The product is made of knitwear, it is easy and beautiful to lay down with asymmetric waves.
  • Patch pockets and ruffles. Pockets make things stylish and practical. And frills and frills look very feminine. They are usually located on the sleeves and hem.
  • Maxi. Long cut, sometimes even sleeveless. Incredibly fashionable image of the season.
  • Cascade. Transformer clothes. At the same time, it plays the role of a long upper robe and, with the help of simple manipulations, becomes an ordinary jacket or jacket.
  • Lightning. For lovers of free sports style. It is combined with leggings, leggings and pipe trousers.
  • Plus size. Ideal solution for full girls. Hides all unnecessary, stretches the silhouette. Neutral shades and a v-neck collar do their job.
  • Coarse knitting. Grunge clothing made should be plain. But recently, bright colors of baggy styles have also been popular. It is relevant at any time of the year.

The best female models

The fashion house offers women cardigans with zippers, with buttons and a belt. Also, styles decorated with stones, fringe and patch pockets. Classic models without fasteners and custom asymmetric styles without sleeves and in grunge style.

A universal element of clothing goes well with dresses, shirts, blouses, trousers and jeans. Therefore, choosing outfits to create new images for him is incredibly simple.

The best male models

Stylish men's cardigans are included in all the fashion collections of 2018 - 2019. Both summer and winter models are created. It remains only to choose your ideal image.

Fashion designers have created and produced a huge number of cardigans. Among them are thin and large knitting, pockets and even different types of collars. Today at the peak of fashion V-necklines and shawl collars.

For many men, a cardigan replaces in a wardrobe outerwear, since there are elongated models that are used instead of a demi-season coat for spring or as a jacket. In its appearance, the model resembles a jacket and jacket at the same time. It is very important to choose a good style that is able to emphasize masculinity and style young man. In the warm season, a knitted cardigan is suitable. It is breathable and pleasant to the body.

For girls

The youth collection of the upcoming season pleases with its new products. The color scheme almost duplicates the trends of adult clothing. In the cold season, pink, emerald, and pistachio shades are relevant.

A cardigan or a large knit sweater is the most stylish solution for a young fashionista. Solid minimalist models are relevant, as well as more interesting styles with various stripes, fasteners and wide sleeves.

Cardigans for overweight

Styles of the type of short jackets for women with curvaceous forms are strictly prohibited, as they will visually only increase the waist. To stretch the figure a little, choose fine knit products below the knees. Geometric prints will also remove a few sentiments.

For overweight women, fashion designers created sweaters in large sizes in such shades:

Due to the unusual cut, asymmetric models well hide the flaws of the figure. They visually give you harmony and attractiveness. The model is very romantic and feminine. Suitable for a light dress or sundress, hides the stomach and hips.

Choose clothes of a free cut without a large number of stripes. It is even better to avoid pockets, as they are able to increase in volume those places where they are located. Sleeves also should not tightly fit hands.

Long models

The maximum length continues to be relevant in the coming season. They are worn both in the warm and cold season. Cardigan Robe emphasizes the figure, it is pulled together at the waist with a thin belt. This type of wearing will be relevant in 2018 - 2019.

A good addition will be patterns in ethnic style, fringe and gold embroidery. The sleeves of the model are openwork and flared. Among the most fashionable colors: blue, gold and raspberry.

Go well together with short skirts, shorts, dresses and cropped trousers. Experts recommend that you familiarize yourself with the fashion trends of women's skirts. An elongated model stretches the silhouette and gives the image lightness. In warm time, it perfectly complements any look, and in the spring and autumn, an excellent replacement for outerwear and sweaters.

Men's cardigan - stylish and fashionable models of 2019

Different models (formal or informal) have a lot of differences, they can be large or thin knit, have a different length, a different type of collar (turn-down, shawl), neckline (round or V-shaped), type of fasteners. Male cardigan can be with or without pockets, fitted or loose cut. Popular fasteners are considered to be zippers, buttons, ties, and the materials for making are selected very different, this applies to cotton, wool, so this type of clothing can be used at any time.

Men's cardigans in 2019 are in many respects different from classic models, since a wide variety of materials are used for their manufacture, which include not only cotton, cashmere and wool, but also acrylic, rayon, silk, polyamide. And the ornaments for them were decorative buttons, patterns, various shapes, patch pockets, bright zippers, and various other decorations that were not in previous models. Models in which the buttons are arranged in two rows look stylish and especially attractive, they practically do not differ in appearance from a fashionable coat.

There are products with shawl, turn-down or stand-up collars. They warm during the cold during walks, at work, during rest. Such non-standard models of cardigans and custom-made coats made of elite fabrics will be offered to you in the studio https://www.strogo-mtm.ru/ in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In addition, you will be offered individual tailoring of men's shirts and jackets. There are over 40,000 fabrics to choose from!

Stylish men's cardigan 2019

Look at this elegant men's cardigan with a collar, how stylish the man looks in it in the photo:

Buttons remain relevant, cardigans in black.

For an informal setting, fashionable and stylish zippered cardigans are considered an excellent option, as in the photo below:

An asymmetric fastener with buttons or a large zipper is considered to be the highlight of the model, which resembles a jacket-jacket.

What colors do modern fashion designers prefer

The color schemes that designers use to create this clothing are very diverse. For a business style, any of the colors of blue, mustard, black, beige, gray, brown in solid colors is suitable. Problems with what to wear a men's cardigan in such shades should not arise.

For walking with your girlfriend, going out with friends, bright models of red, yellow or white are suitable.

Yellow Men's Cardigan 2019

This photo shows a men's cardigan with buttons on this year's fashionable color:

No less attractive look have models that combine several different shades, black have a business and presentable look, suitable for business meetings.

Blue knitted cardigan

Choosing the color of the product, you need to consider the place and time where you will wear a cardigan. For autumn and winter, fashion designers are advised to use muted shades, as well as colors such as beige, gray, brown.

For an informal atmosphere, you can choose bright shades of yellow, plum, mustard. In the summer months, light shades are a great option, white remains relevant.

How long is a man's cardigan considered relevant

This year, fashion designers offer to choose different products that can have an average length to the hips, shortened to the waist line or elongated to the knees. Long cardigans that can replace a demi-season coat come to the peak of popularity. The fashionable styles include new models of free cut with belts, as well as jackets resembling their cut only without sleeves, collars.

Designers suggest using them in multi-layer versions. Extra long knitted warm woolen patterns, which are complemented by a hood, button fasteners or zippers, a stand-up collar can replace a coat, fit jeans and trousers.

Men's cardigan photo

Long cardigans-coats with shawl collars are appropriate for romantic and business meetings, are considered especially fashionable in 2019.

Fashionable patterns for men's cardigan 2019

Male models can be with voluminous, smooth, corrugated viscous. Knitted products with uncomplicated patterns are suitable for the spring-summer season; for the autumn-winter months, denser models with volume knitting are chosen.

They are decorated with knitted braids, located from the cuffs to the neckline, twisted plaits, oblique pockets, can have strict knitting, simple or complex patterns, their base can be a modified or classic elastic band.

How to wear a man's cardigan in spring and autumn 2019: photo ideas

Knitted models are characterized by comfort, convenience, practicality, are considered “breathable”, emphasize the masculinity and elegance of their owners. They are suitable for jeans, classic pants, so they are always in demand for all categories of men.

An unusual knitted cardigan with a hood typical for men, which is made of wool, is very attractive, they are very soft to the touch, gives the body a warm and pleasant feeling. Depending on the length, such models can be worn on top of a turtleneck or sweater, used as outerwear or put on under a jacket. They are considered a great option for the autumn-winter period.Unusual models, on which there are no fasteners, and the floors fall off like a waterfall, perfectly combine with fashionable jeans, as in the photo below:

For any item of men's wardrobe, you can pick up a cardigan. For classic pants with a shirt, a turtleneck, black or brown strict models will be an excellent option. This type of clothing is acceptable for formal and business meetings.

Layered sets remain fashionable. Cardigans-coats put on over shirts, sweaters, T-shirts. An extended model with a hood looks good with jeans, sneakers and a T-shirt that will make the image romantic. This model is suitable for daily wear, for tourist trips, for meetings with friends.

Fashion designers attribute cardigans to universal and irreplaceable items of men's wardrobe. They can be worn by men with any figure. They are suitable for work, walks, rest, provide comfort, emphasize the individuality, style of their owners.

Overview of fashion trends and styles of cardigans in 2019

Fashionable cardigans in 2019 have different styles. This type of clothing is able to diversify the style and complement the image. Designers create elegant and at the same time practical models that will warm you in cool weather and give comfort in a summer evening.

Next year, the models will differ in length, color, material and styles. Elongated products without fasteners give the image a lightness, and shortened options emphasize an elegant figure.

In the following seasons outerwear in combination with thin belts is in demand. Laconic cardigans without fasteners and rich decorative elements will be in fashion. Models made in neutral shades of gray, blue and beige, harmoniously complement the image in casual style.

Stylish women's cardigans on the floor will complement the look with a dress, skirt and tight-fitting trousers. In the trend, elongated products of asymmetric cut.

Separately, stylists note the abundance of materials from which fashion products are created. Among the demanded fabrics can be identified:

Knitted cardigans are popular. They are made of warm wool and in cold weather are able to replace a light coat.

Patterns made from cotton yarn with lace ornament are in demand for the spring-summer period of 2019. If you have the skills, you can knit such a fashionable cardigan with knitting needles on your own and, without spending a lot of money, stay in the trend.

10 fashionable models of knitted cardigans fall-winter 2018-2019

In the cold season, I want to not only look stylish, but also keep warm. Models from woolen knitwear will perfectly cope with this task. Fashionable styles of the fall-winter 2018-2019 season allow you to choose a thing for any life event. Among trending options, stylists distinguish the following:

  • Textured products that create a cozy and delicate look. Such models have knitting with volumetric elements, elongated sleeves, slightly flared or with cuffs in the form of elastic
  • The accent of the stylish image will be products with ethnic ornaments, geometric patterns and oriental motifs. In autumn and winter, at the peak of the popularity of the poncho model.
  • Things will be trendy in a deep burgundy red color, and this type of clothing is no exception. Regardless of the cut, knitted models of the color of Marsala will look great.
  • A fresh and newfangled solution - beige products in combination with a black skinny or dress.
  • Cardigans of a round cut and average length from dense knitwear. A thing of this style will create a delicate and elegant look.
  • The fitted styles from knitwear of medium length with an elongated shelf are a great option for an autumn and winter look.
  • Original long sleeveless products will be fashionable in the autumn-winter period.
  • Classic options with button closure and patch pockets are perfect for a walk in the warm autumn.
  • Products of a straight cut up to the middle of the thigh are capable of visually correcting the figure. In autumn and winter, it is worth giving preference to products from thin woolen knitwear.
  • Models with a maxi length are suitable for dry autumn weather. Stylists recommend choosing light shades: blue, light pink, beige, light gray and pearl.

Cardigans for the spring-summer 2019 season, trends

In the spring-summer season of 2019, cardigans of bright colors, models of the original cut, fabrics with floral motifs are in fashion.

Most often, materials for light options are thin knitwear and cotton. In the new season, designers skillfully combine even the most airy fabrics. At fashion shows you can see products sewn entirely from lace, guipure and even mesh. Such clothes can be safely put on the beach or complement it with a romantic summer look.

Another new trend is products of medium length, straight cut, but with a fringe that frames the bottom of the clothes. Ethnic-style fringe options look interesting and playful.

In the trends in the spring of 2019, a floral pattern and an asymmetric cut. In fashion trends - shortened caramel color options. They will complement both business, holiday, and everyday look.

In the warm season, it will be fashionable to supplement the look with a cardigan made of thin knitwear free cut. In this case, the emphasis will be the length of the sleeve or its complete absence. For such models, designers applied the length:

  • to the middle of the forearm (3/4),
  • to the middle of the upper arm (like a t-shirt),
  • to the elbow.

Sleeveless models can have a wide collar and decorative elements in the form of silk tassels. This clothing option will perfectly complement a dress or dress pants.

In the spring-summer season 2019, this type of clothing remains popular maxi length. There is a tendency to wear products of the middle dyne (to the middle of the thigh) and knee-deep.

The color scheme is selected in accordance with the general fashion trends. In spring and summer, such shades and colors will become popular: yellow, pink, juicy green, sand, graphite, white and others.

Stylish new 2019: photos of fashionable images with cardigans

Cardigan is a universal type of clothing, because it can be used in almost any style, as evidenced by trendy bows.

Stylists recommend worn products with wide trousers, dresses and skirts knee-length and complement the ensemble with shoes without heels.

A stylish tandem will be a fringed cardigan with ethnic motifs plus jeans. The image can be supplemented with a T-shirt or t-shirt in a neutral color.

Combining black skins, a light jacket of white color and a maxi cardigan of a beige and sand shade length, without sleeves with cuts on the sides, you can get a unique and trendy bow.

Volume knitting patterns are recommended to be worn under tight-fitting clothes. You need to remember about combining colors. Emphasis is best left on top. The bottom layer of clothing should be background and complement the overall look.

For the office, a stylish option will be a model of dense fabric of a straight cut with moderately flared sleeves in ¾. The classic V-neck button model will not break the dress code.

Asymmetric products look original and fresh in any color. They can be combined with jeans, leather pants, skirts and dresses. Shoes are selected differently: from sports to classic. The main thing is that the whole ensemble should look harmonious.

Voluminous products of a semicircular cut stylists recommend wearing girls with an excellent figure. Fashionistas with curvaceous shapes need to choose options for a straight or asymmetrical style without unnecessary decor, but at the same time a trendy color.

What to buy

2. A bright puffy sweater or cardigan

Volumetric models are deliberately large, convex knit, with blown sleeves as never before on the wave. The most relevant colors for such models are chestnut, tan, orange, soft pink and bubble gum (bright pink chewing gum).

What to buy

3. Extraversion

The bigger the sweater, the better. Ideally, if it looks like it came from someone else's shoulder, much more massive than yours. Despite the baggy, visually such a sweater focuses on the harmony of the one on whom he is wearing.

What to buy

5. Animal prints

Leopard print is one of the most relevant. But still it became too much on the streets, so it makes sense to play with other "predatory" and not very options: a pattern for a python, zebra, cheetah, and even a crocodile! A special chic, if the animalistics is deliberately unnatural - unusual, bright colors.

10. Fringed patterns

This season, fringe is everywhere: on jackets, trousers, shoes, handbags and other accessories. Sweaters and cardigans are no exception. True, nobody canceled the sense of proportion: if you decide to give preference to fringe on a sweater, try to choose something less catchy and magnificent in the kit for it. Perfect - smooth, leather, simple (for example, things made of cotton and denim): the contrast of materials and textures will add chic to the image.

Fashion cardigans 2018-2019

Brands could not ignore and cardigans - one of the universal items clothes which fits perfectly into almost any style, depending on the design.
Cardigans fine wool in combination with a shirt are perfect for the office, and knitted from coarse coarse wool will fit in a retro or casual style.
Such sweaters are perfect for both the unisex youth style and respectable men who prefer classics. Once upon a time cardigan The Nirvana soloist Kurt Cobain, who preferred the grunge style, wore it both in his home circle and at concerts gathering fans' stadiums.
Since then malecardigan doesn't go out of fashion - they love him to wear stars like David Beckham, Ryan Gosling, Jude Law, and many others.
Classic cardigans with traditional ornaments can be seen in the collections of Billy Reid, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss and Sibiling.
Those who know how to emphasize their individuality and love bright things can recommend options with interesting cuts, knits and prints from Roberto Cavalli and Vivienne Westwood.
Paul Smith offers a stylish model cardigan with paisley - an elegant ornament of oriental origin, and Missoni decorated his models depicting animals and an elegant gradient.
Animal prints in season autumn-winter2018-2019 surely come into fashion - on clothes you can see not only predators demonstrating confidence, but also cute bears, like on Gucci cardigans, or anthropomorphic foxes, like on Dolce & Gabbana sweatshirts
In fashion unusual options cardigans - not on buttons, but on zippersrelated to the sports type, sewn from dense knitwear, and complemented by a stand-up collar.
Can also see fashionable men's cardigans for fall winter 2018 2019 in the most relevant oversized version and without fasteners - such things allow you to feel as relaxed and free as possible.

We should also say about fashion options. cardigans with coarse and textured viscous. For example, a jacket with a traditional braid ornament - this model looks very impressive, especially complete with fur, adds coziness, and can serve as outerwear complete with a sweater.

Sleeveless Fashion Cardigan

Extra Long Cardigans Vests will be very relevant in the spring and summer of 2018 - 2019. Stylists claim that they are combined with absolutely different things. In particular, they look great together with turtlenecks and lightweight fashionable blouses. The business image is ready.

Perfect Suitable for tall girls. Women with a short stature are advised to avoid such an outfit, as it visually shortens your legs.

For the cold season, choose a sleeveless knitted cardigan in combination with leggings, fitted pants or jeans.

How to choose a cardigan for yourself

For those who have already decided buy men's cardigan - fall winter 2018It’s worth knowing a few simple selection rules. Such sweaters, depending on their design, can belong to different styles, and you need to choose a model based on what it is planned to be used for.

  • Suitable for office fashionable elegant cardigan without unnecessary details, restrained colors, plain, or harmoniously combining a small number of colors.
  • For a party and a club visit, it's best to choose options. cardigan with prints or bright colors. Oversize sweatshirts will also look great here, with elongated sleeves and a baggy shape.
  • Cozy and homely options cardigan for an evening walk - they must be absolutely comfortable, and this is the main and almost the only requirement.

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Knitted cardigans with a hood are the latest fashion. This model serves not only as a beautiful complement to the image, but also protects from adverse weather conditions. They are loose and fitted, long and short.

Exist light summer styles as well warm from coarse knitting. Gray, white and black tones are very popular among models with hoods. They have buttons, a zipper, a belt, and sometimes the models are simple and free.

For creating everyday or sports bow, buy a free cropped cut. And so that the image becomes feminine and tender You will need an elongated fitted cardigan. Even on classic models discreet stripes, patterns and inscriptions are allowed. They are embroidered with beads, sequins or bright threads.

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