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2017 men's haircut trends

Being in a trend is a desire not only for women, but also for men who also try to monitor their appearance. A haircut for a man is the main determining male image, not just emphasizing appearance, a man's haircut largely expresses the character of a man.

Fashionable men's haircuts can be classic, more restrained, a little brutal, bold and elegant. Therefore, when choosing a haircut for men 2017, you need to consider not only the type of hair and the shape of the head, but also the internal state.

The new season always makes adjustments in all areas of fashion. Therefore, it’s time for men to take care of the future fashionable hairstyle for men 2017. Perhaps someone will want to grow their hair or vice versa, radically change the haircut style for men in 2017. It's time to walk along the most fashionable trends of men's hairstyles and show the most stylish men's haircuts in 2017, photo which you can see in our article.

What men's haircuts do stylists offer us in 2017?

Naturalness fashion, of course, also touched men's hairstyles in 2017, therefore, to give a haircut a certain shape, you need to use a minimum of styling tools. Brilliant hair gels should be discarded; it is better to choose wax or foam.

The effect of wet hair and flowing bangs remain outside the fashionable men's hairstyles. In the favorite men's haircuts with a mane on the crown, laid on its side or back. Let's take a closer look at fashionable men's haircuts 2017 with names and photos.

Variety is always in fashion

It doesn’t matter what kind of man’s strands are curly, thick, thin or straight, anyone can find many fresh haircuts and hairstyles that will work optimally for a particular type of hair. It will not be difficult to find many options for all hair lengths: short, medium and long.

The trend towards designer shaving of hair on the neck is gaining in popularity. Based on the current trend of hair tattoos, this version provides for the transfer of design from the temporal zones to the back of the head for an attractive rear view. Such shaving can be done on haircuts with smooth transitions, which serve as a canvas for the stylist’s imagination.

When deciding on a hairstyle model, you need to consider everything: is it worth experimenting with trendy haircuts. There are options that only young guys can afford. Often, these include elongated locks, with torn, asymmetric curls, men's haircuts with ornament and pattern, or with uneven, torn or oblique bangs.

Fashionable men's haircuts for short hair

Initially, you should pay attention to what hairstyles should not be worn in the upcoming season. The effect of wet strands has long been out of fashion and is even considered a sign of poor taste today. Styling products should not give out their presence on the hair. Artificial shine is not revered in 2019.

If the bangs are the highlight of the image, it is worth giving preference to the parting on the side, since the strands falling on the forehead are also not welcome. The range of fresh haircuts is prohibitive, among which a man of any age will choose a worthy decoration, and photos of new products will visually help with the choice.

The most popular men's haircuts of 2017

Modern men of various ages want to be attractive, without making special efforts. 2017 offers haircuts designed for any length of hair, not pretending to shock others and even plain, but always elegant and stylish.

When choosing a hairstyle It is recommended to build on not only your own desires and physiology of appearance, but also age, social status, type of work. Agree, a bold youth haircut with a long bang and torn edges will be extremely inappropriate to look at a middle-aged business man in the office of a reputable company. For this kind of activity, preference should be given to short and / or classic haircuts.

Some companies in the conditions of the dress code include the maximum length of the haircut and even the methods of styling hairstyles - both female and male

What men's hairstyles are now in fashion? They can be very different: both by the length of the hair, and by the technique of their execution - the variability of many haircuts allows you to change the image using various styling. In any case, the haircut should be neat, and if short hairstyles usually do not need special styling, then haircuts on medium and long hair are often laid with styling products - mousses, creams, waxes, varnishes, fudges, etc.

We suggest to consider topical haircuts for guys and men of various ages - the fashion trends of this season are such that anyone will find their own hair style to their taste, in accordance with their personal style, social position, occupation.

Stylish men's hairstyles 2017 in the style of Pompadour

Fashionable men's haircut "pompadour", suitable for men of different ages, looks very stylish with a beard. The essence of the male haircut, in longer hair starting from the bangs to the parietal part, while the pendants and neck are trimmed. Often, the hair on the temples does not cut much so that they can be combed back.

Men's haircut 2017 - British

The next fashionable haircut for men in 2017 is the British. More often, such a haircut for men is simply called “brit”. Flat cut top, slightly elongated, smoothly passes into a short nape and whiskey. It is very important in this men's haircut that the transition, which should be smoothed.

Half box

Half box - this model represents a classic version of men's hairstyles that will never go out of style. With its help, the temporal region and chin are distinguished, and in the case of an open neck, the torso and wide-shouldered man are emphasized. This haircut is sports, but modern fashion allows you to combine it with classic costumes.

The half-box is a men's haircut that leaves the face open and emphasizes a high forehead. It gives the appearance of a man brutality and gives the impression that a person’s character is tough with great willpower.

Classic men's haircuts

Classic haircuts are always relevant - only from time to time they undergo minor changes, becoming more modern. Their demand is explained by universality (they are perfect for a man aged and young) and the ability to choose a hairstyle model for any shape of the head and face type. For classic haircuts are characteristic:

  • the maximum length of the strands is 5 cm, on the crown it is allowed up to 6-8 cm,
  • short-cut sides and nape,
  • exactly defined, clear lines.

Classic top hairstyles for men and their names (for a change in the model, figured-shaped whiskeys and whiskers are sometimes added):

  • "British" - side parting, short whiskey and volume at the top due to long strands,
  • "Canadian" - quite short on the back of the head, crown and temples, has a large volume of hair in the forehead and crown. It is usually recommended for young men and rioting teenagers, for wearing in the business sphere, the crown of the head should be shortened,
  • retro haircuts 70 years. - oblique parting and smoothly styled, slightly pulled back hair.

Long whiskey visually slightly “shorten” the elongated face

Fashionable men's haircuts 2017 Anderkat

A very fashionable men's haircut last season “Undercut” does not lose its popularity in the new season. The elongated bangs and hair on the top in combination with the shaved nape and temples look very stylish and youthful, so such men's haircuts are often chosen.


Such hairstyles are very relevant this year. They are valued for their undemanding wear and look good on long and short hair. Thanks to its design, this model of haircuts on long hair gives additional volume and places the necessary accents in appearance.

On the middle hair, a raised nape is created, which is performed using the technique of torn locks. Layering on short hair looks equally beneficial. In this case, torn sections and graduated strands are used.

Boxing and semi-boxing

Two short trend haircuts for men who want to have a brutal, exceptionally masculine appearance without any hassle:

  • short whiskey and nape
  • slightly elongated strands of the upper part of the head.

In boxing sides and nape are shaved, for less aggressive half box more smooth lines and a fringing on a nape are characteristic. The length of the strands in the half-box can reach 8 cm. Both haircuts are recommended for men. strong physique with manly features. For original versions, often used are shaved to zero curly drawings (snakes, zigzags, Celtic motifs) and inscriptions.

Boxing and semi-boxing are contraindicated for young men with a narrow thin face: such haircuts will make the image painful and vulnerable

Hairstyles 2017 for short hair

Short haircuts are a universal option for any season of the year, which does not require special care and daily styling. The most popular and popular version of the hairstyle is a hedgehog. This hairstyle is so simple and comfortable in everyday wear that even women choose it.

The british hairstyle does not lose its relevance. Its distinguishing features are an elongated top, a short nape and shortened whiskey. 2017 does not welcome a sharp transition in hair length. It is better to dwell on the smoothed version, when the length changes gradually.

Another trend of the coming year is the Hitler-Jugend haircut. This hairstyle is similar to "Undercut" with the difference that the bangs go to the back of the head smoothly. You can style your hair in different ways, but the most relevant option will be styling in the form of a high coca. This is due to the fashion that returned to the catwalks for the 50s.

Side parting is able to transform any hairstyle. In addition, such styling will be relevant in 2017. When laying parting, you need to determine the natural parting line.

Fashion haircuts 2017 for men: with shaved temples

Shaved whiskey in men's haircuts is still the main trend. This item is used in several versions of hairstyles. The following models are relevant this year.

In 2017, the Pompadour haircut, which became popular thanks to Elvis Presley, will become relevant. Over the years, it has changed, but the main features in the form of highly combed hair and shaved temples have been preserved.

Another favorite among men's hairstyles is Anderkat, this haircut has gained special popularity among teenagers. It features shaved temples and a nape, long hair in the crown and forehead.

Hitler Youth (Hitler-Jugend). A haircut similar in design to Anderkat. The main difference between these two haircuts, different types of temples and bangs, in the Hitler Youth bangs smoothly goes to the back of the head. This haircut has no age and style restrictions. Its highlight is that on every person, this hairstyle looks individually.

2017 Hairstyles for Men in Hitler-Jugend Style

No less popular is the Hitler-Jugend men's haircut, which looks very similar to the previous version of the haircut for men underker. The difference between this haircut for men from the previous one is a smoother transition of the elongated bangs to the back of the head, often the hair on the back of the head and temples is left just cut and not shaved.


One of the simplest styles that has returned and cemented its place as one of the most iconic trends. This is the choice of stylish self-confident young guys who try to keep up with fashion trends and emphasize their masculinity. This hairstyle is the exact opposite of the classic image, which implies smooth transitions.

At its core, this term refers to any haircut that leaves a length on top, and the back and sides are carefully cut, make smooth transitions or completely shaved. Moreover, options are relevant, both with a parting and with hair combed to one side.

Boxing - is distinguished by its relatively short long hair, which increases from the back of the head and temples to the crown of hair. Despite her simple technique, the hairstyle is still relevant and in demand, because it looks stylish and original. This haircut greatly facilitates the life of a man, since the length of the hair allows you to wash your hair less often. And styling is not needed at all.


Fashionable men's haircut 2017

Sports "tennis" is a variation so popular in the 80s. last century "Sites":

  • the haircut can be short or long,
  • very short sides
  • strands of the upper part - up to 5 cm.

Many styling options (classic parting or styling chaos) allow you to vary the image from brutal to almost boy's daring - that is why “tennis” is considered an all-age haircut.

Fashionable-look for medium and long hair

In 2017, haircuts on medium hair will be relevant. This length is suitable for almost any type of hair, with the right selection of hairstyles and styling.

MrCool is a fairly simple cascading haircut for medium length hair. Perfect for owners of soft and obedient hair.

"Undercut" does not lose its position. Shaved hedgehog whiskey and elongated crown and forehead - the choice of young people in 2017.

For long hair, stylists do not offer any special haircuts. The emphasis is on styling and condition of the hair. The actual option for styling long hair remains a "bun".

If you have already chosen the haircut option, our masters will help to bring it to life. Well, if the abundance of options has led to a dead end, we will tell you the most suitable hairstyle for your image and face type. In any case, the performance will be on top.

Restrained men's haircut Canada

Fashionable men's haircut 2017 Canadian is actually known since the days of the Soviet Union and is again gaining its popularity. For a man's Canadian haircut, the hair is cut short, the bangs and the parietal zone with a smooth transition remain elongated. The bangs are left quite long, which are casually laid on one side.

Classic in a new sound

Haircut Boxing, one of the most common. It is a short-cut whiskey and nape, a little longer hair in the parietal zone. Given the rather modest initial design, it has many variations of styling. You can comb your hair to the side, make a disheveled effect or the effect of wet hair.

Canadian. Close in design to the Pompadour haircut. The main features are short, but not shaved whiskey and a long bangs against the background of the rest of the hair. This type of haircut is relevant and has no age limit. Ideal for any type of hair, looks spectacular even on curly hair.

British. One of the classic haircuts. Its distinctive features are short hair at the back of the head and temples, a cut top, and a haircut characterized by smooth transitions.

Haircut Playground. It is short on the back of the head and temples, long (up to 3 centimeters) hair cut exactly from the bangs to the crown of the head.

Hedgehog. A sporty haircut is especially popular among young people, but older men do not neglect it. The hairstyle is a hair sticking out like a hedgehog (hence the name of this hairstyle), while they should not be longer than 5 centimeters. It gains particular popularity in the hot season. A significant minus, this hairstyle is suitable only for those who have the correct head shape, but this is completely compensated by the unpretentiousness and speed of styling.

Creative men haircuts

Hair tattoo. Artistic hair cutting is popular with both men and young ladies. This is a tidbit for fans of everything creative. Particularly courageous combine clipping with artistic staining.

Patterns are shaved on short-cut temples or the back of the head.They go well with Undercut, Hitler-Jugend, Boxing, as well as elongated men's haircuts with one shaved temple.


A haircut for medium and long thin hair - the volume-creating hairstyle looks absolutely natural, especially if you take care of its styling. The recommended cascade length is from just below the chin to the line of the shoulders or shoulder blades. In this hairstyle bangs can play a key role to create an image: combed back or to the side, it will open the face and give the look romanticism, and the bangs laid forward - for true rebels.

In medium and long men's haircuts, we rely on bangs - classic or elongated. Important: it should look natural and natural

Men's haircuts and hairstyles for long hair

Recently, fans of long hair among men are becoming more and more. The reason for this is an ultra-stylish appearance, which is achieved due to the symbiosis of the brutal appearance of a man and long hair.

A bunch. The classic version of this hairstyle is not particularly popular, but the bun combined with the Anderkat haircut does not lose popularity, it is long hair with very short or shaved temples and a nape.

You can make a bunch for a man both on the basis of a square, and any variations of haircuts with elongated locks on the crown.

  1. Gather hair in a ponytail.
  2. Secure them with an elastic band by wrapping it several times.
  3. At the last turn, the hair is not pulled out completely - it turns out a loop - a bun.

Instead of a bun, you can also make a trendy Han hairstyle. It is a half-beam in a duet with hair loose from below.

Traditional men's hairstyles like hedgehog

Men's haircut hedgehog or "under the machine" will be especially relevant for the summer version of the haircut for men. It does not require careful care, but, alas, is not suitable for everyone. Men's haircuts short hedgehog look beautiful only on the perfect shape of the head.

Fashion Trend # 3: Men's haircut 2017 Hitler Youth (HitlerJugend)

Hitler Youth haircut is very similar to Anderkat, but with a different type of temples. The bangs go to the back of the head smoothly, which gives the image incredible chic. If there is a short bang, shave off the back of the head or leave some hair. This is all done at the discretion and at the request of the man.

Stylish men's haircut 2017 Hitler Youth (HitlerJugend) Fashionable men's hairstyle 2017 Hitler Youth (HitlerJugend)

Bunch and tail

Long hair this season should be tidied up: either in a stylish bun, like Gareth Bale, or in the ponytail of Nikita Dzhigurda. Additional styling is not required, it is only important to successfully select the rubber bands for such a laconic and what is there to hide, a slightly careless image: "Well, yes, I'm in a hurry, but because somehow it is." The highlight of this image can be curly whiskey or shaved sides with inscriptions and / or patterns. For even greater extremes, the opportunity is given to experiment with asymmetries in the face or elongated bangs.

Hitler - Jugend

Hitler Youth hairstyle gives a man brutality, masculinity and at the same time sexuality. It can have several types:

  • with a direct parting,
  • with oblique asymmetric parting,
  • bangs forward
  • combed bangs back
  • slightly raised hair.

Young people, keeping up with fashion, complement the haircut with highlighting or shaved patterns on the temples.

Original men's hairstyles 2017 Hair-tatoo

The most original and daring haircuts for men are the fashionable in 2017 men's Hair-tatoo haircuts or artistic cutting of hair. Such a creative men's haircut can instantly make you an individual. The shaved pattern on the head looks beautiful, unusual and stylish. If you are not afraid to experiment, then you can safely try a man's haircut in the Hair-tatoo style.

Fashion Trend # 4: Men's Haircut 2017 Canada

Canada is the most classic and sporty haircut, dating back to the Soviet Union. Very simple and so relevant. Hairdressers always cut their hair short, sometimes they do not cut hair on the crown of the head and frontal.

Fashionable men's haircut 2017 for long hair of the year canadian Fashionable men's hairstyle 2017 for long hair Canadian


Hope presented photos of top men's hairstyles in 2017 help men of all ages make their choice. In case of doubt, it is recommended to contact a professional hairdresser: he will evaluate not only the type of face and hair length suitable for cutting, but also their health and structure. For instance, for curls haircuts with straight borders and edges are not allowed, and on thin hair it is better to use the "ladder" technique. Taking into account possible nuances will help to find the very image that, with a modest cost of care, will make its owner extremely courageous, stylish, business-like elegant or, conversely, bold and bold.


It is a short-cut crown and whiskey, and in the lower part of the nape there are long ends. These are the distinctive features of this model. Strands of hair are characterized by different lengths in front, behind and on the sides. Often, the front hair is short, the temples are medium, and the back is long. The entire haircut must be milled, thus giving it volume. And certainly there is a bang in any form - oblique, asymmetric, straight, triangle. It can be performed on hair of various lengths and can be:

Gavrosh deserves attention for his eccentricity and audacity.

The male square allows you to experiment with styling, which means changing the images depending on the mood and situation. Of particular popularity was the graduated square, which is worn with a parting and without it.

In the case of cutting with cascade technique, the strands form two levels. This technique is successfully combined with thick curly hair. This is a relevant men's haircut for modern young people.

Fashionable men's hairstyles 2017 Bundle or "top knot"

Special attention should be paid to the fashionable men's haircut 2017 “top knot” with a ponytail or bun on the top or back of the head, depending on the length of the hair. This male haircut is called the hairstyle of the samurai. Moreover, such a bun looks stylish both with a haircut with shaved temples and with long hair.


Maintenance of the cap is not entirely easy, as it involves daily styling. The uniqueness of the hairstyle is expressed in the fact that it is able to hide any flaws. It is only necessary to choose a variety.

With an asymmetric model, one side of the hair will be longer than the other, a multi-layer version will suit curly hair. The long model involves elongated strands in front with a smooth transition of the back of the head.

Fashion trend No. 6: men's haircut 2017 Hedgehog

The simplest and lightest of haircuts, which can be done with the help of a machine. This hairstyle is suitable only for a perfectly flat head.

Fashionable youth haircut 2017 hedgehog Popular men's haircut 2017 hedgehog


Grunge hairstyles have been popular for years. This style includes all eccentric, careless haircuts with shaved sides, with contrasting torn strands, avant-garde and trash hairstyles. For example, laying to one side is an unusual model with a shaved temple.

Many young guys choose mohawk. As fashion trends return to the current pop culture, we again see the hair of the 90s. Grunge looks perfect if you have a desire to release your inner rock star.

Fashion Trend # 7: Men's Haircut 2017 Bundle

A hairstyle is only for those who can often take care of their hair, as long hair requires special care. Hair is collected and tied at the top of the head in a bun. A variant with shaved temples and a nape is possible.

Fashion haircut 2017 on a long hair bun 2017 handsome male haircut on a long hair bun

Whatever fashionable men's haircut 2017 decorates your head, you should always remember the folk wisdom: “Keep your head in the cold, and your feet warm”, which means: be wise, erudite, have a head on your shoulders. After all, as we said: "They are greeted by clothes, but escorted by the mind."


A very popular hairstyle style for hipsters. One of his important additions is considered a beard. The main thing without which the male bundle will not work is the hair of sufficient length.

To tie the hair into a bun, just 15 cm is enough. The top knot bundle is also popular; for this, hair is needed only on the crown, and whiskey is cut. However, you do not need to collect the bunch too low: on men it looks stupid.

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