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What to do if an erection disappears during sex: 15 tips

When the penis loses its tone, it becomes difficult or impossible to continue having sex. The lethargy of the penis does not allow you to maintain the desired amplitude of the frictions, the excitement drops. The excitement of a man, the desire to finish what he started, the fear of a complete fiasco aggravate the situation. An erection can disappear for reasons:

  1. No sympathy for partner. This happens after a quarrel or conflict.
  2. Sex with a new woman. An event can cause great emotional overload, excitement, fear of not being at the highest level will cause loss of erection.
  3. Self-doubt, their body is often tormented by young men who are shy of their characteristics.
  4. Lack of comfort. The cold air of the room, bright lighting, loud music, the fear that outsiders will come in or hear sounds made during sex.
  5. Hygiene - unpleasant odor from yourself or a woman. Untidiness of appearance, stale linen can bring down an erotic mood.
  6. Too Long (Short) Prelude. Each man has his own period, which can be devoted to preliminary caresses, after which the erection begins to weaken. Some have it short, it is necessary to get down to business after 5-10 minutes, while others need more time to prepare.
  7. Monotony. Especially relevant for experienced couples. Sometimes everything happens over and over in the same way that you can bet on actions after 5, 10, 15 minutes.
  8. Little sleep, hearty dinner. Banal reasons can cause a member to lose their desired hardness.
  9. Bad experience with a woman's negative reaction. If a man had a similar episode, and the partner’s reaction severely injured him, this could leave an imprint for a long time.
  10. Due to fear of pregnancy of a woman, fears of contracting a genital infection.

What to do?

If you feel that an erection disappears during intercourse, you need to relax, panic will only accelerate the process. First of all, you need to remove all external causes. It’s possible to turn off the light or turn the TV down to return to a toned state again. To prevent such embarrassments, it is worth visiting a shower every time before sex and sending a partner there. Create an environment in advance that is pleasing to a man.

You can try to change the pose to a more exciting one, ask the woman about something that starts her partner, a little fantasy. But even if nothing helps, the world will not collapse. A smart woman will treat the situation with understanding, knowing that after a while everything will work out.

Organic causes of decreased erection

Health problems are one of the reasons why an erection disappears. This is typical for men from 40 years old, but at a young age processes can also occur that weaken the potency:

  • diabetes,
  • heart disease
  • vascular disorders
  • high blood viscosity
  • disorders of the central nervous system,
  • inflammatory and infectious diseases of the reproductive system,
  • malfunctions of the endocrine system.

Organic erectile dysfunction does not occur “suddenly”. It begins gradually, progressing with time. Ignoring the symptoms can lead to the onset of complete impotence.

How to understand the nature of the disorder

When the disorder has organic causes, the nature of the erection persists in any setting, regardless of partner, conditions, other external factors. During masturbation, the same picture will be observed as during intercourse.

The psychological causes of dysfunction are manifested in response to the situation during sex: a particular woman, smell, atmosphere, inner feelings.Alone with himself, a man does not experience difficulties with an erection, achieving an orgasm.

How to cope with psychological problems with an erection?

An erectile disorder in which an erection disappears during sex can be difficult to treat. Without the help of a specialist, one can rarely cope. If you want to solve problems yourself, you need:

  1. Create a comfortable relaxing environment for sex,
  2. Establish emotional contact with a partner,
  3. Choose the optimal scheme of sexual intercourse for yourself, in this situation a woman needs to meet the man, help him overcome the emotional barrier.
  4. If a man knows exactly what moment served for the development of psychological disorders of an erection, try to work it out yourself. There are special techniques for this.
  5. Choose a reliable method of contraception that will allow a man to feel confident (if a woman takes OK, but there are suspicions that she wants pregnancy, you can add a condom or candles).

Are you unable to achieve positive results? It is necessary to contact a sexologist, psychotherapist. Receptions for the best effect are best attended with a regular partner, many recommendations will sound to her.

Psychological difficulties

  • Psychological dependence on the result and excessive rush.
  • Sex with a new partner.
  • Unsuitable location (cold room, bright light).
  • Outsiders nearby, lack of privacy.
  • A woman disrespects you and suppresses your masculinity.
  • The girl is not too attractive, there are doubts about her cleanliness.
  • There are no feelings, trust and psychological comfort between partners.
  • Traumatic past experience of sexual relations.
  • Fear of condemnation and dependence on the opinions of others.
  • Frequent stressful situations, domestic problems and poor mood.
  • Fear of getting a sexually transmitted infection.
  • Complexes about the small size of the penis.
  • Frequent viewing of pornography often leads to the fact that an erection occurs only when studying frames from a video clip.
  • Fear of premature ejaculation.
  • Fear of unwanted pregnancy of a partner.
  • Lack of sex with a real partner for a long time.

How can a partner help?

Female behavior helps solve problems or exacerbate the situation. In a difficult period for a man, it is important to get the right help from a partner:

  • In no case should you criticize him, scoff at him, or make caustic remarks.
  • One must refrain from discussing the situation with anyone other than a specialist. Relatives and friends will not help, and the image of a man will be compromised.
  • You can not frankly regret, treat as an inferior person.
  • It is foolish to use sex as blackmail, a reward or a measure of punishment. Neither in such a situation, nor ever.
  • Avoid erotic experiments.
  • It is dangerous to provoke a man to be jealous in such a period.
  • You need to try to increase the self-esteem of your partner, but not with rude flattery or lies. Surely he has many qualities for which he can be praised, admired by him. It is worth showing a man that he is important. Surround him with warmth and unobtrusive attention.

Psychological problems with potency is a delicate issue that requires a maximum of tact and understanding from a woman. During this period, it is impossible to aggravate the situation by constantly clarifying relations, planning significant events. It is necessary to provide the man with a comfortable environment with a minimum of stress. It is worth paying attention to whether he has enough rest, how and what he eats, to encourage walks, sports.

The situation is not pleasant, but solved.

Does an erection disappear during sex? Well, that happens. Of all the allegations about the penis, one of the most accurate is that this body is very unpredictable and not the most reliable.

You can have 100 situations when your penis reacts as you expect, but this does not mean that the 101st time the usual erection will not disappear at the most unexpected moment. In 2013, The Journal of Sexual Medicine reported that 26% of men aged 17 to 40 experience erectile dysfunction, either temporary or permanent.

There are many reasons why an erection disappears during sex, and in some cases this is absolutely normal, and in others you need the help of a specialist or lifestyle changes to solve the problem.

Why does an erection disappear when putting on a condom?

There are several reasons explaining why when putting on a condom the penis becomes lethargic. The main ones are:

  • Psychological problem
  • Inflammation of the prostate gland or prostate adenoma,
  • Incorrectly sized condom and its poor-quality components.

The most common reason an erection disappears when a condom is put on is psychological. It is associated not with latex features or diseases of the genitourinary system, but with the "loop" on the condom. This is due to the fact that the man has formed a strong belief that when putting on this contraceptive, the penis will not stand.

In fact, the reason for this condition was not the use of a condom, but the negative point, which coincided with this process and led to the fact that the erection began to disappear. For example, a girl could make an incorrect remark or an unpleasant moment occurred that in the man’s memory became inextricably linked with putting on a contraceptive.

In the case when a man is firmly convinced of the absence of inflammatory processes, the psychological cause should be suspected first. If you suspect the presence of diseases of the internal organs, you should contact a specialist.

It is also worth paying attention to the choice of a condom, its size and composition. For example, the fact that an erection disappears may be a reaction to special substances, prolongators, which process the condom from the inside to reduce the sensitivity of the penis. This should increase the duration of sexual intercourse, but in some men it causes discomfort and a decrease in arousal.

One of the reasons causing the disappearing “riser” is the size of the contraceptive. Wrong choices lead to problems such as:

  • Too small a condom can squeeze penis-feeding vessels and significantly reduce erections,
  • A large contraceptive can subside, which creates inconvenience during intercourse and causes discomfort in a man,
  • If the thickness of the condom is more than necessary, this significantly reduces the sensitivity of the penis and reduces the severity of intimate sensations, the erection disappears.

Psychological factors

  1. Dependence on the result, forcing events.
  2. Due to the fact that intercourse with a completely new partner.
  3. Poorly selected location (bright colors and light, loud music, the room is too cold).
  4. Outsiders nearby, extra eyes, you have no privacy.
  5. A woman suppresses the male core of a partner, treats him without respect.
  6. The girl is not good-looking, there is no certainty of her cleanliness, smell.
  7. There are no feelings between two people (no trust and comfort).
  8. Negative past experience.
  9. Fear of being ridiculed, fear of being discussed behind the back in a negative way.
  10. Frequent stress and poor mood in everyday life, accumulated domestic problems, neurosis.
  11. Fear of picking up any disease transmitted through intimacy.
  12. Complexes about the fact that "size matters."
  13. Frequent viewing of adult films leads to the fact that the cowboy reacts positively only to the seductive pictures in the monitor. And live everything is bad.
  14. Fear of completing everything with a premature finish makes you come to it or knocks down the rigidity of your instrument.Methods for dealing with premature fiasco were described earlier in another guide.
  15. Concerns about why an erection disappears during intercourse also arise because the guy has a fear of failure, he is suspicious and not confident in his abilities.
  16. Fear that a girl accidentally flies from you can also greatly interfere.
  17. If you have a case where before that there never was a girl. It will take time to completely switch to a real woman after the usual hand caresses.

Physiological causes of unstable erection during sexual intercourse

Erectile dysfunction can be associated with physiological factors such as:

  • An age-related decrease in testosterone levels in the blood. Particularly clearly problems with potency and erection are observed in men during the period of andropause (after 50 years),

  • Infectious or inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system (prostate adenoma, urethritis, prostatitis),
  • Disorders of the endocrine system,
  • Heart muscle disease and vascular pathology,
  • Exhaustion caused by physical or mental overwork
  • Obesity. Overweight contributes to the increased production of female sex hormones, which affects the hormonal background,

Urologist andrologist Lenkin Sergey Gennadevich will tell you why an erection disappears during sexual intercourse:

  • Adverse effects of toxins during smoking (more about cigarettes and potency) and alcohol abuse,
  • Taking medications that negatively affect the state of blood vessels and blood circulation (such medications include drugs for the treatment of arrhythmia, gastric ulcer, arterial hypertension),
  • A prolonged lack of intimate contacts (the whole truth about abstinence in men),
  • Developing malignant tumors,
  • A sedentary lifestyle that provokes congestion in the pelvic area,
  • Surgical interventions previously performed on the organs of the genitourinary system or on the heart,
  • Diseases of the spine, violation of its integrity,
  • Penile or perineal injuries

  • Injuries and diseases of the spinal cord,
  • Neurological diseases
  • Sleep deficit
  • Frequent masturbation by which a man tries to compensate for the lack of regular sex life (the whole truth about masturbation in men),
  • Poor nutrition
  • Environmental factors
  • Response to barrier contraceptives. If a member in a condom loses elasticity, and without it remains firm until the end of sexual intercourse, it is enough to change the method of contraception to solve the problem (more about a weak erection in a condom).

If there is no member, which does not allow you to fully complete the sexual intercourse, you should go through a series of tests to identify the cause.

Organic hurdles

  • Incorrectly selected position (if you are below, there may be an outflow of blood from the penis, which leads to a sudden loss of erection).
  • Pelvic floor muscle weakness.
  • Alcohol abuse, smoking.
  • The use of drugs that negatively affect sexual desire (for example, antidepressants).
  • Disorders in the cardiovascular system (for example, high blood pressure).
  • Hormonal imbalance (often occurs with uncontrolled intake of steroids).
  • Problems with the prostate gland, previous surgical interventions.
  • Unsuitable condoms that reduce penis sensitivity.
  • The presence of injuries to the spine or intervertebral hernia.
  • Venereal diseases.
  • Obesity or exhaustion.
  • A sedentary lifestyle in which stagnation occurs in the pelvic area.

5 main causes of a single loss of erection

There is a common misconception that anyone who has a penis is ready for sex anytime, anywhere and under any circumstances. But the truth is that nobody wants sex ALL the time.

And there are a number of factors that have nothing to do with health or your sympathy for a partner, which can cause a single disappearance of an erection during intercourse. Here are the main ones.

What to do if an erection is lost?

You can try to cope with a psychological problem without the support of a specialist. There are several simple ways to reduce your dependence on condom use. For example, you can turn the process of putting on a contraceptive into a sexual game. In this case, the girl herself puts it on the sexual partner and at the same time caresses the cock.

Thus, if the penis has stopped rising after putting on the condom, you should not panic, but first of all you should pay attention to the psychological aspects associated with this. Most often, possible causes are easily and quickly eliminated. The main thing is to do before the development of such a complication as impotence.

Psychological problems are solved by complex methods. It is important to exclude risk factors, problems associated with domestic causes. General recommendations will be tips for revising lifestyle and attitude to the situation:

  • proper nutrition to prevent increased weight, pressure and cholesterol,
  • moderate drinking, quitting smoking, drugs,
  • physical activity, playing sports or at least morning exercises,
  • good rest and sleep, avoiding stressful situations and conflicts,
  • regular sex, eliminating promiscuous sex,
  • mutual partnership support (discussion of behavior, sexual fantasies, change of position).

Restoring an erection with traditional medicine

If an erection disappears during sexual intercourse, it is impossible to establish potency without examination and treatment. What do doctors offer to solve the problem:

  • Pass general tests, check sugar level.
  • Make a cardiogram and ultrasound of the thyroid gland.
  • Examine blood testosterone levels.
  • Check the condition of the vessels of the penis.

At the discretion of the urologist, additional examinations may be prescribed. For treatment it is applied:

  • medication, shock wave, hormone therapy,
  • vacuum exposure
  • physiotherapeutic procedures
  • surgical intervention,
  • arthroplasty
  • lifestyle change.

Why does penile function worsen?

Often, a deterioration in the functioning of the genital organ is associated with disorders of the nervous system. A man experiences stress, which adversely affects the work of the whole organism. Psychological problems appear during sex unexpectedly: certain aromas, expressions, actions of a sexual partner lead to a situation of decreased erection. What does the modern medical industry offer to representatives of the strong half of humanity?

Other reasons include:

  • Smoking,
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system,
  • Poisoning,
  • Malnutrition
  • Hygiene
  • Violations of sleep and rest,
  • Body intoxication
  • Testosterone deficiency
  • Genital inflammation
  • Disorders of the excretory system,
  • Endocrine diseases
  • Regular stress
  • Work in hazardous industries,
  • Severe nutritional deficiency,
  • Hard physical labor
  • Side effects of medications.

To understand the reasons why a man lost an erection during intercourse, it is necessary to conduct a complete diagnosis of the body: undergo tests, undergo an ultrasound examination, instrumental examination.

Organic factors

  1. Not that position (in the position where you are from below, the outflow of blood most often goes down to the body back according to the law of physics).
  2. Weak muscles of the pelvis, pelvic floor, weak pubic-coccygeal muscle.
  3. Alcohol abuse, frequent smoking.
  4. The use of various medications from medicine, poorly affecting the level of testosterone, libido and attraction.
  5. Disorders in the work of the heart, problems with blood vessels (arterial disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and others).
  6. Hormonal background failure (this is also possible due to the use of steroids).
  7. Problems with the prostate, surgery.
  8. A contraceptive lowers the sensitivity of dignity.
  9. Injuries to the spine, lower back, hernia.
  10. Pituitary tumor.
  11. Sexually transmitted diseases.
  12. Problems with excess weight, overeating, or, conversely, severe thinness create problems.
  13. Sedentary work. If you do not want to play sports, the body has become flabby, then you must understand why an erection quickly disappears and what to do in such cases. It is necessary to keep the body in good shape.

Erectile dysfunction as a result of psychological disorders

When the penis loses its firmness during sex, one can suspect not only the physiological, but also the psychological causes of this phenomenon. Men with low self-esteem, as well as those who have had a psychological trauma associated with their sexual experience, are especially prone to such violations.

Erection disorders can trigger the following psychological factors:

  1. Uncertainty of a man in his ability to satisfy a partner,
  2. Stay depressed, stressful lifestyle,
  3. Having unsuccessful sexual experiences, especially if this happened during the first sexual intercourse,

Constant stress not only ages the body faster, but also negatively affects men's health, which leads to impaired erectile function

  1. Negative statements of the partner about the size of the penis of a man, his sexual abilities,
  2. The presence of many unsolved problems - household and workers, which do not allow a man to be distracted even in the process of intimacy,
  3. Lack of comfortable conditions for having sex,
  4. Dissatisfaction with the sexual partner (her appearance, habits and behavior in bed).

Potency Enhancers

The treatment plan will depend on the diagnosis. To make the patient easier to tolerate the period of forced male insolvency, doctors prescribe him drugs to increase potency. Many of them have a healing effect and, with the right dosage, are harmless and non-addictive. It:

How to treat this pathology?

Modern medicine offers several methods of treatment: psychotherapy, medication, prosthetics of the phallus. Often, the problem can be solved by medication.

There are three types of drugs:

  1. PDE-5 inhibitors.
  2. Vasodilating drugs.
  3. Artificial analogues of testosterone.

Remember that the drugs are aimed at working with the symptoms, but they do not eliminate the very cause of the onset of the disease. You can get rid of the root cause of dysfunction by treating atherosclerosis, diabetes, prostate diseases, as well as diagnoses that have become an indirect cause of missing erections.

Tactics of behavior in the absence of an erection during intercourse

To find out what caused the disappearance of an erection during intercourse, a comprehensive examination is prescribed. It consists of the following diagnostic measures:

  • A blood test for hormones,
  • CT and MRI of the pelvic organs,
  • Angiography for assessing the condition of veins,
  • Penile ultrasound
  • Electromyography (assessment of nervous reactions of the genital organ).

Deviations found during diagnostic measures, due to which an erection is weakening, require symptomatic treatment. If a man has sexually transmitted diseases, he is prescribed antibiotic therapy. In inflammatory processes, drugs are prescribed that reduce the severity of the pathology, as well as physiotherapeutic procedures.

To restore an erection, drugs such as Cialis, Viagra, Zidena are prescribed for men.Drugs stimulate blood circulation in the penis, allow you to maintain an erection throughout the sexual intercourse. Medicines based on herbal components - Impaz, Tribestan not only make the member hard, but also allow you to treat various inflammatory diseases of the reproductive organs.

Urologist Iskander Abdullin will talk about drugs that will help restore confidence in bed even to an elderly man:

Dietary supplements will also be beneficial for a man’s sexual health. This is “Maca Peruvian”, “Lovelace Forte”, “Platinum”. They have no side effects and have a good effect on the genitals.

If necessary, LOD therapy can be prescribed - a method that allows you to stimulate blood flow in the vessels of the penis and strengthen the erection.

Surgical intervention is only required if there are serious pathologies, for example, with curvature of the penis as a result of trauma or the presence of a tumor.

If an erection disappears during intercourse, then tablets and other drugs should be used only as directed by a doctor.

An erection can also be restored if:

  1. To live an active lifestyle. Even moderate exercise improves the function of the circulatory system and stimulates a sufficient flow of blood to the tissues of the penis. Urologists recommend walking, cycling as much as possible,
  2. Adjust your diet to exclude cholesterol-rich foods,
  3. Allocate enough time for sleep, optimally - at least 7-8 hours,
  4. Perform prostate massage sessions,

  1. Avoid stress
  2. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol,
  3. Have sex regularly with a regular partner,
  4. Refuse frequent masturbation,
  5. Do not use the method of interrupted intercourse for contraception.

If the reason that the penis quickly falls during sex is a psychological problem, then a man will need the help of a specialist psychologist. He conducts thorough work to find out what event provoked erectile dysfunction, and looks for ways that will help the man overcome his consequences.

Therapy will be more effective if the patient attends sessions of psychotherapy with a sexual partner.

Specialists advise women to support a man. It is necessary to discuss the problem together, to think over the behavior of both. An atmosphere conducive to relaxation and affection should be created: the temperature in the room should be comfortable, the light should be muted. A man is recommended to bring a woman to orgasm using affection. Gradually, excitement will increase.

There are also special exercises, the implementation of which will get rid of problems in bed. The most effective are the following:

  • The rotation of the pelvis. You need to put your feet shoulder-width apart, and place your hands on your belt. You need to do 10 circular rotations with the pelvis to the right, then to the left,
  • Gluteus muscle tension. You need to bend your knees slightly, place your hands on the belt. Next, you need to bend your knees stronger, alternately straining and relaxing the muscles of the buttocks,

Squatting technique: key points - go down to the point where your back remains straight, your socks are apart, your knees are on the line of socks, look ahead

  • Walking on the spot. Spread your legs slightly wider than your shoulders. You need to step in place, lifting your knees high, to the abdomen,
  • "Bridge". You need to lie on your back, bend your knees, and place your hands along the body. Raise the pelvis, stay in this position for a few seconds.

When an erection disappears during sex, one can suspect the presence of deviations in the functioning of internal organs or psychological problems. Such a deviation requires treatment, as the problem may worsen. You can strengthen an erection if you take medicines, do therapeutic exercises, lead a healthy lifestyle.An integrated approach will return male strength and patient confidence in their own abilities.

Choose the right pose

If you are from below, and a woman from above, a blood outflow from the penis inevitably occurs, so an erection often disappears. Here are examples of good positions that will not spoil the evening:

  • You are on your knees, and the girl is below, while she threw her legs over your shoulders. This position with the maximum exciting friction.
  • You are kneeling or standing behind her.
  • You are on top.

Psychological problems with erection

At the physiological level, disturbances in the endocrine system, the intake of certain medications, neurological diseases, inflammation of the prostate gland, bad habits, and chronic fatigue can reduce arousal.

  • STOSN (anxiety syndrome of sexual failure),
  • depressive conditions
  • regular stressful situations
  • frequent masturbation
  • lack of sexual interest in a partner,
  • first meeting syndrome
  • failures during intimacy in the past.
  • unusual situation during sexual intercourse or, conversely, lack of novelty in a long-term relationship,
  • prolonged abstinence or too frequent sexual contact.

One of the common mistakes of patients with anxiety syndrome is the desire to satisfy the partner at all costs. Focusing solely on this, the man does not relax and does not get pleasure, which accordingly affects the erection.

Another reason that a member falls during intercourse is regular and at first glance innocuous remarks. Constant attempts of a partner to control and guide a man can be perceived by him as dissatisfaction with his competence. The result of this behavior in most cases is a decrease in sexual desire, which ultimately leads to erectile dysfunction.

Frequent depression and mental stress also do not contribute to the normal course of sexual intercourse. Even joyful emotions can cause it. For example, such a crucial event as your own wedding may well cause a disturbance in emotional balance and lead to a weak erection on the first wedding night.

Causes upset and certain medications. First of all, this applies to hormonal drugs that block the production of male hormones. A similar effect is exerted by drugs that inhibit the work of the cerebral cortex (analgesics containing narcotic substances, sedatives).

Physiological factors also include injuries to the brain and spinal cord, operations in the pelvic area, on the penis or testicles.

Quite often, an erection disappears during the act and in those representatives of the stronger sex who are diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, varicose veins in the pelvis or hypertension. The presence of one of these diseases entails a violation of normal blood circulation in the pelvic area. Due to insufficient blood flow to the genitals, problems with an erection are observed before or in the process of intimacy.

An additional factor may be regular physical fatigue, lack of sleep, bad habits.

Since many men have a stereotype that it is possible to give pleasure to a woman only with the help of a member, the absence of an erection is perceived as a real disaster. Successful deliverance from fear of intimacy can be achieved by realizing that delivering pleasure to a partner is possible without the participation of the penis.

Such therapy will take time, as well as patience and understanding on the part of the partner, but in most cases it gives a positive result.In the process of recovery, erectile function should not become an end in itself or an obsession. This is one of the prerequisites for effective therapy.

If, in spite of all your efforts, no improvement is observed, you may need expert help. To do this, contact a sex therapist or psychologist.

In the case when the disappearance of an erection is caused by physiological problems, it is necessary to consult a doctor as soon as possible, because the appearance of a disorder may indicate the presence of a serious disease. In this case, the elimination of the root cause will be required.

Supplements for potency

It is useful to take drugs in the range of dietary supplements for psychological disorders of potency. Supplements are created on the basis of plant and animal components, they have a positive effect on potency, have a calming effect, saturate the body of a man with the necessary nutrients. Bright representatives of the niche:

  1. Red root
  2. The golden horse
  3. Testagen
  4. Wooka Wooka
  5. Alisat
  6. Leuseya
  7. Coprivit
  8. Super Yohimbe Plus,
  9. Aphrodore 2000,
  10. Ali caps.

Preparations of a number of biological additives have no contraindications for use, except for allergies to the components of the composition. The course use of dietary supplements helps to restore an erection.

When a man has an erection, it is necessary to undergo an examination. This will exclude the development or progression of the disease. If problems with potency are psychological in nature, you need to seek qualified help. An experienced psychologist will be easier to solve the situation than a male patient.

3. You are drunk

Alcohol is a depressant, and if you drank it can make it difficult to achieve an erection or orgasm. One University of Washington study found that sober men were able to achieve an erection faster than drunk men — and some could not have a stable erection after drinking alcohol. So if you are drunk, and in the process, the penis has become soft - this is not unusual.

Do an effective exercise

  • In most healthy men, an erection occurs involuntarily in the morning. If this does not occur, bring yourself to a state of excitement yourself.
  • In this state, begin to squeeze the LC muscle, causing the penis to bounce.
  • To begin with, it is enough to do 50 bounces, avoid overvoltage in the first days.
  • After that, try to hold the penis in tension for a few seconds. Increase the number of bounces at the same time.
  • If you are perfect, do the exercise with a small towel draped over the penis.
  • You will immediately notice how blood circulation in the genitals improves, and it is filled with strength.

Diagnostic measures

The first step is always diagnostic measures. Failure in erectile function, requiring immediate treatment, is characterized by a constant lack of sexual desire and the inability to normalize sex life for more than six months. You should not bring the problem to a similar state. It is better to consult a specialist if the first deviations occur.

The first step is to contact a urologist. Further, the doctor may advise you to be examined by narrow specialists, as dysfunction can be caused by diseases of the musculoskeletal system and heart, as well as chronic diseases. The specialist conducts a survey before treatment. A man must answer a number of questions:

  • what period does the condition last
  • Does an erection get worse when putting on a condom
  • have there been cases of lack of erection,
  • whether morning excitement of the penis is observed,
  • how often is the patient in stressful situations,
  • were there shortly before the moment when the erection disappeared, surgical interventions,
  • Does a man have addictions
  • Is the patient fully asleep
  • are there any problems with the urethra, are there any difficulties with emptying the bladder,
  • how often a man has sex
  • what kind of daily physical activity is experiencing.

After identifying the reasons why the erection disappears, the specialist prescribes the delivery of tests. The most informative is the study of urine, a test for the psychoemotional state, blood sampling, determination of the condition and stiffness of the penis, ultrasound.


  • The medicine is very popular due to its effectiveness for men of all ages. Available in tablets of fifty or one hundred milligrams.
  • You need to take the drug one or two tablets sixty minutes before sexual intercourse. A rush of blood to the penis is achieved by increasing the content of nitric oxide in the cavernous tissue, the phallus keeps elasticity throughout the intercourse.
  • Contraindications: intolerance to the components of the drug, diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Side effects: hypertension, migraine, muscle cramps, blue circles in front of the eyes.

Viagra can also be replaced with cheaper analogues.

1. Do a special exercise with squeezes in the morning

  1. In a healthy man, in the morning his cowboy is already in a combat arrangement. Now, when everything has risen in the morning, we strain and do compression so that your body bounced.
  2. Start with 50 of these bounces. Do not overdo it.
  3. Over time, we complicate the task by holding compression for 2-3 seconds and only then letting go. The number of squeezes every day increase gradually 15% compared to last day.
  4. When without problems it turns out to perform more than 100 compressions, we begin to do similar compressions already with the easy one thrown over a towel.
  5. During the exercise, you will feel and see how the blood circulates better in the organ, the veins on it work to the fullest. Your pubic-coccygeal muscle is also pumped well, on the site we wrote about it here.

This technique is very useful for those who have symptoms suddenly, an erection has suddenly disappeared, and there are suspicions of erectile dysfunction.

It can be done in the evening before going to bed, but then you will have to raise your tower of Babel with your own hands. No need to overdo it and get to the finish line, the task here is different.

4. You have a problem using a condom

The website of the International Community for Sexual Medicine talks about condom-related erection problems. As a rule, they arise if you have improperly donned a contraceptive or selected a model of the wrong size (a condom that is too small or too big).

The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study in which a team of American and British researchers asked 479 heterosexual men aged 18 to 24 to answer questions about their erection and condom use.

As a result, 38% of men had everything in order, 14% had problems with an erection while putting on a condom, and another 16% said that they lost their erection during intercourse with a condom. The remaining 32% experienced problems with erection both when putting on a condom and during intercourse.

Since refusal to use a contraceptive increases the risk of an unplanned pregnancy and STD infection, it is important to be able to choose a condom in which you are comfortable to avoid such problems.

Make a tourniquet with your hand

  • The ring from the hand prevents the outflow of blood and helps not to lose an erection at the most inopportune moment.
  • After the erection has appeared, grip the penis tightly at the base with two fingers and hold for a few seconds. After that, you can put on a condom.
  • The technique can be used right during intercourse, when you feel that the erection is weakening.
  • Do not release the grip before inserting the penis into the vagina.This can only be done during frictions.

Ways to restore an erection

If the reason was not in a condom, then a man should undergo a comprehensive treatment of impotence. First you need to contact a urologist andrologist. The doctor should choose a diagnostic tactic taking into account the patient's complaints.

Instrumental and laboratory examinations are prescribed. After the diagnosis, the final diagnosis is made, and the appropriate treatment regimen is selected.

If the problem was caused by psychological disorders, you will need to consult a competent sex therapist or psychoanalyst. A man should take a rehabilitation course together with his chosen one. Support for a woman you love will help you cope with the problem faster.

In exceptional cases, surgical treatment is prescribed. For example, vascular surgery can be performed. The most radical way to solve problems with potency is falloprosthetics.

If a man is healthy and has no physiological problems, you can try to restore and prolong an erection in a condom together with a partner right during love games in one of the following ways:

  1. Several times put on and remove the condo before direct sexual intercourse, during the foreplay, foreplay. This will help to get used to the contraceptive, to understand at a subconscious level that it is not dangerous, does not dull the senses, and does not hurt to have fun.
  2. To invite a girl (woman) to put on a condom herself, turning this process into a love game. Gentle caresses and skillful hands are unlikely to leave a man indifferent, they will excite him even more and inflame passion in him.

Why an erection disappears during sex has been considered earlier, nevertheless there are options for its recovery.

1. You need to rest a sufficient amount of time per day. This means that in addition to night sleep, you need afternoon.

2. Exercise should be moderate.

3. Avoid stress and overstrain.

4. Tell your partner about your thoughts on this subject.

5. Go in for sports.

7. Pass the examination.

8. Become more confident.

Any problems with an erection, including the use of a condom, will cease to bother a man if he adheres to a healthy lifestyle, quitting smoking, limiting the use of alcoholic beverages, good balanced nutrition, regular exercise, avoiding stress, a positive attitude and self-confidence.


  • The drug is released in tablet form at twenty milligrams, the active substance is vardenafil. In the process of arousal, the drug activates a rush of blood to the penis, maintains high-quality potency during the act of intercourse.
  • Take forty to sixty minutes before coitus. The dosage of one tablet is twenty milligrams. Contraindications: intolerance to components, severe cardiac pathologies. Side effects: decreased vision, redness of the skin, increased blood pressure, muscle cramps, tachycardia, nasal congestion.

Trust the girl and create a comfortable environment

Do not be surprised if your erection disappears when you are uncomfortable with a girl. Trust and comfort generate attraction, lead to real intimacy. You should not have sex with a woman whom you do not trust, which you would hardly have left alone in your apartment.

Intracavernous injection

Sometimes in a situation where an erection disappears during sex with men, the use of sildenafil is not effective. In three to five percent of cases, the direct injection of a stimulant into the cavernous body of the penis is necessary. For this purpose, use vasodilating agents.The most common drug of the presented class is considered Kaverdzhekt, the effectiveness of which is based on the ability of the active substance to reduce α1-adrenaline receptors, smooth smooth muscles, activate blood circulation in the penis.

The drug is injected into the cavernous body with a syringe with a thin needle ten minutes before intercourse. The drug is effective from an hour to three hours. The dose is selected by the doctor for each patient separately. Contraindications include deformation of the penis, inflammatory processes in it.

Side effects: pain in the phallus, burning sensation, prolonged erection, fibrosis, hematoma formation at the injection site, migraine, cough, nasal congestion, increased blood pressure.

About a bad pose

  • It’s known that when a girl is on top, and you are below and lying on your back, then this worst position for those who have problems keeping the cowboy stiffness.
  • Therefore, do not ask why the evening was ruined again. Here is the outflow of blood by law of attraction the earth goes down from the body back to the body.
  • This does not mean that such a pose is bad for healthy men!

And there are also positions when you don’t feel anything at all. We will tell further what position this is corrected.

Why does an erection disappear during intercourse and what to do?

Erectile dysfunction, manifested by a drop in the penis during sex, is recorded more often today due to a deterioration in the ecological state, overpopulation of large cities, and an increase in the incidence of cardiovascular, endocrine and neurological ailments.

What is erectile dysfunction?

For some men, problems with getting or maintaining an erection can become regular, and this pathology is called erectile dysfunction (ED).

The reasons behind ED can be both emotional and physical, and in order to determine a strategy for solving this problem, it is important to identify what it is associated with.

Eliminate your body tightness

Stiffness and psychological complexes are an obstacle to full relaxation. This directly affects the hardness of the penis. Here are a few reasons that can lead you astray:

  1. Excessive vegetation on the body.
  2. Bad smell.
  3. Increased sweating.
  4. Excess weight.

All these factors are best eliminated for liberated sex without restrictions.

Androgenic-Anabolic Steroids

Synthetic testosterone analogues are popular treatments for reducing erection in men. Androgen deficiency is observed after removal of paired male organs, with their dysfunction, in the aging process of the body, due to side effects of medications, various diseases.

  • Nebido is an assistant to a man who has lost an erection in bed. Four milligrams of the drug is administered every thirty days. One ampoule will help to avoid a weakening of potency at the beginning of sexual intercourse, as well as immediately before ejaculation. The course of the drug significantly improves the quality of life: working capacity improves, the body recovers faster after training, self-esteem does not suffer.

You can not use the medicine for damage to the liver, prostate, swelling of the mammary glands. Taking the medicine may be accompanied by an increase in blood pressure, swelling, acne, unmotivated attacks of aggression.

  • Omnadren 250 is a drug of prolonged action. Dose taken (five hundred milligrams in two to three weeks). Helps to significantly increase testosterone levels, improve erections, increase men's confidence. The drug is contraindicated in severe heart disease, liver damage. Side effects: acne on the back and shoulders, hypertensive crisis, swelling of the mammary glands, edema, increased percentage of adipose tissue, attacks of aggression.
  • Andriol is the safest in the class of anabolic steroids. Used in the treatment of impotence, one capsule once a day. It can be taken every other day.

It is important not to engage in self-treatment, consult a doctor before using medicines. It will help you choose a safe but effective dosage.

Characteristics of erection and causes of erectile dysfunction

The fall of a member during sexual intercourse can be caused by both psycho-emotional and organic causes (in the second case, the result of any illness), so do not postpone going to a specialist, as the problem can develop into impotence.

An erection occurs as a result of psychogenic and neurogenic activation by increasing the blood supply to the penis. Accordingly, a violation of the mechanism can lead to a drop in erection during intercourse.

Good Positioning Examples

In these poses, the flow of blood goes directly to your cowboy:

  1. You are on your knees, the partner is lying below, her legs are thrown over your shoulders (the position with the best friction is good because there is no feeling that “I don’t feel anything”).
  2. You are on her knees behind her or standing, she is on all fours with her back to you (second best position for good friction).
  3. You are on top (both lie).

Emotional reasons due to which an erection quickly disappears

Emotions and a certain psychological state can be caused by any life event that violates your emotional well-being and can lead to failure during intercourse.

Think of the brain as a highly sensitive genitals. Sexual desire begins precisely in the "sulfuric matter", and then rushes down. And this happens thanks to special chemicals in the brain known as neurotransmitters.

These chemicals enhance the connection between brain cells and cause a greater flow of blood to the genitals than in a normal situation. The problem is that with depression and other mood disorders, the brain circuits that “communicate” with each other using these chemicals do not function properly - as a result, decreased libido and problems with maintaining an erection during intercourse.

Here are some of the potential culprits for such a problem:

fear that you "can not",

relationship problems

All items are relevant for men of all ages. If you start to fear that the penis will become soft during sex, this can aggravate problems with erection. In addition, it can increase feelings of anxiety, which will lead to a negative cycle of intercourse interrupted for this reason. If you feel signs of depression in yourself (try to google them) - do not delay and turn to a psychotherapist who will prescribe the necessary treatment.

Remember high testosterone in the morning

  • In youth, an erection can be achieved almost instantly.
  • After 25-30 years, everything changes. During sex, an erection can get worse, and this is normal.
  • Pay more attention to foreplay.
  • Remember that in the morning the amount of testosterone in the blood is maximum: take advantage of this advantage and make love!
  • If an erection is constantly absent in the morning, this may be a sign of a disease.

Biologically active additives

Sometimes the deterioration of an erection directly during intercourse is due to fatigue, depletion of the central nervous system, and general overwork in men. Doing without taking potent drugs will be the right decision in this situation. Therefore, it is worth trying to use natural additives.

  • The Golden Horse significantly improves the condition of the body, activates the production of testosterone, increases sexual desire. The preparation contains an extract of seahorse, tea leaves, herbs, ginseng root.

Take it twice a day, two capsules for no longer than four weeks. A month of rest from the drug, after which the course resumes. The supplement is contraindicated in patients with hypertension. Side effects: nervous irritability, insomnia, increased pressure.

  • Tongat Ali Platinum indicated for violations in the work of the genital area. The composition includes extracts of herbs, because the additive activates the production of natural testosterone. The components of the drug have a beneficial effect on blood circulation in the cavernous body of the penis.

The optimal dosage is one capsule once a day during meals. The duration of the course is two to three weeks. Side effects: sleep disturbances, high blood pressure, nervousness.

  • "Peruvian poppy" an irreplaceable drug for men who lose an erection during sex. The drug is an enhancer of libido. The root of the Peruvian Maca, which is part of it, activates the production of the hormone testosterone, has a positive effect on the duration of sexual intercourse.

Take ten grams of dry powder, diluting it in a glass of water or juice thirty minutes before eating two to three times a day. It is not recommended to use a dietary supplement for hypertension. In the presence of allergic reactions, the drug should also not be used. Side effects: increased blood pressure, allergies, irritability, difficulty falling asleep, restless sleep.

  • Laveron. The preparation contains brown tree bark extract, raspberry extract, Indian lotus extract, ginseng root. The tool is used when gone potency in men. Ability to instantly improve erection makes this drug popular. Within one to two hours after use, you can count on high-quality sexual intercourse. The components that are in the composition of the supplement have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system, regulate the functioning of the central nervous system.

The supplement should be taken one tablet sixty minutes before potential sexual intercourse for men who lose their erection. In exceptional cases, two tablets are allowed. Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components of the drug, hypertension. Taking the drug may be accompanied by sleep disorders, increased blood pressure.

  • Parity. The main components of the drug for men are maral antler extract and extract of herbs. If you need a quick increase in potency, "Parity" will cope with the task. The drug has a double effect: activates the production of testosterone, accelerates blood circulation in the pelvis.

They use Parity, one capsule daily during the first meal. The duration of the course is fourteen days, after which a break of thirty days is taken. Side effects: increased blood pressure, sleep disturbances, difficulty falling asleep. The drug is contraindicated in severe cardiovascular diseases.

Psycho-emotional causes of dysfunction

The mental link of activation of excitation is the transmission of nerve impulses to the limbic system, which, in turn, sends signals to the neurons of the spinal cord and the nerve plexuses of the penis.

An erection can occur during exciting thoughts or with irritation of the senses. Thus, a man can be aroused without touch and visual perception of a sexual image.

In some situations, the psychogenic factor falls out, which can lead to a fall in the penis during sex.

The psychological causes of the appearance of pathology can be:

  • phobias
  • emotional stress
  • stressful situations
  • frequent conflicts
  • Fear of not having sex
  • disinterest in a partner
  • depressive states.
  • Conflict situations in the family can lead to sexual dysfunction, as constant stress and negativeness weaken the attraction to a sexual partner.
  • Nervous exhaustion, which occurs when emotional stress at work, has a bad effect on sexual desire and can manifest itself as an erectile dysfunction.
  • Success in the sexual sphere is of great importance for every man, therefore, if a woman speaks negatively of her partner’s abilities, a penis may fall during intercourse as a result of anxiety syndrome and a decrease in mood.

A depressive state is a reason for going to a specialist, since apathetic syndrome leads not only to erectile dysfunction, but can also cause suicide and other consequences. There is a misconception that depression is a decrease in mood, but many factors are involved in the pathogenesis of the disease. Therefore, it requires observation by a psychotherapist and psychiatrist.

Find erogenous zones to increase attraction

  • Secret places will help the penis regain firmness during sex.
  • Constantly study your body.
  • If a problem occurs, stop frictions, turn your attention to erogenous zones.
  • They can be at the base of the penis, on the sides, in the area under the testicles.


When potency disappears during sex, modern men are often embarrassed to consult a doctor. First of all, representatives of the strong half of humanity are trying to return an erection on their own. This is the main mistake of most men. Time is lost, because where it was possible to do with gentle methods, you have to resort to the use of serious drugs.

When you encounter the first disturbing calls, you should immediately consult a doctor to understand the cause of functional disorders. It is necessary to find out what processes provoked disruptions in work in order to choose the optimal course of treatment. Only a doctor using diagnostic equipment will help determine the primary cause of genital dysfunction and prescribe effective treatment.

A man is obliged to carry out prophylaxis on his own: refuse alcohol and cigarettes, take regular physical activity as a habit, lose weight, normalize diet and establish a sleep pattern.

For men who have lost an erection during intercourse, it is important to maintain good hygiene. You need to relax a lot, try not to be nervous, walk for an hour before bedtime. Eliminate semi-finished foods, spicy and fatty foods, carbonated drinks with high sugar content from the diet. At the initial stages of the disease, familiarization with a healthy lifestyle is enough to establish the work of the genital area, increase libido and return a lost erection. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor in a timely manner to be healthy!

Pathological group

Reflex erection is characterized by the occurrence of arousal due to tactile touches of the penis. At the same time, a nerve impulse appears in numerous organ receptors and is transmitted to the lower parts of the spinal cord.

As a result, a vasodilator is released - nitric oxide, which dilates the vessels located in the cavernous bodies of the penis. In addition, male sex hormone - testosterone - takes part in the occurrence of reflex arousal.

The rush of a large volume of blood as a result of an increase in the lumen of the vascular walls leads to an erection. There are many organic pathologies that contribute to a decrease in arousal and a fall in the penis.

Diseases of the cardiovascular system

They lead to damage to the vascular walls, including in the penis. With arterial hypertension, there is a constant overload of blood vessels, as a result of which their elasticity is violated.

In addition, hypertrophy of the heart chambers becomes the cause of the formation of heart failure, characterized by a decrease in the ability to supply blood, resulting in a decrease in trophic tissue of the penis. These factors lead to the fact that during sexual intercourse a decrease in sexual desire is possible.

Myocardial infarction - death of heart cells, with an extensive pathological process, contractility of the muscle decreases. As a result, the nutrition of tissues of the internal organs suffers, erectile impotence and impotence may occur.

Consider external factors

Create maximum comfort:

  • The temperature in the room should be such that it would be warm without clothes. Cold is the main enemy of an erection.
  • When choosing light sources, give preference to lamps with dim lights.
  • If you turn on the music, pick up soft and calm compositions.
  • Choose a soft and even sofa for lovemaking.


Endocrine disease due to impaired pancreatic function and insufficient secretion of insulin. An increased concentration of glucose in the blood leads to damage to the myelin sheaths of the nerve endings, as well as to microangiopathies, that is, a violation of the integrity of the vascular walls, as a result of which problems in the genital area can occur.

Stop depending on the result

  • When you think ahead, you begin to control something that is practically uncontrollable.
  • This leads to stiffness in bed, you feel high psychological pressure.
  • There is a high risk of premature ejaculation.
  • You need to make sure that you and the girl understand each other almost without words, that is, at a non-verbal level.
  • There must be mutual desire and agreement between you.
  • Ask yourself: "Is it okay to have sex with this girl right now." If the answer is no, then you are forcing events too much.

3. Use your hands to make a harness ring

  1. A tourniquet helps prevent blood outflow.
  2. When you have achieved rigidity and in the interval from putting on a contraceptive and other actions to the process of pleasure, use the so-called girth finger ring at the base dignity. Due to this, the outflow of blood does not occur.
  3. How can this be used in intercourse: you pull out the instrument and do first ring-harness with hands and later the same bouncing that we advised you to do in the morning to drive even more blood into your gun.
  4. There was enough blood, you can return to the process. We do not let go before the introduction. We release it only when you have already "returned to business." We already wrote about similar techniques on the site.

Many lose an erection before sex due to the fact that due attention is not paid to the basics of attraction. Let's consider these basic things further.

Prostate inflammation

It is caused by an infectious process in the organ. The gland secretes a secret that is part of the semen, and also helps to close the outlet of the urethra during sexual intercourse.

There is no direct correlation between inflammation of the prostate gland and the occurrence of erectile dysfunction.

Sexual impairment in prostatitis can be due to physical unpleasant sensations that accompany the disease, in the form of pain in the lower abdomen and anus, fever, as well as general signs of intoxication syndrome.


A disease characterized by an increased concentration of cholesterol in the blood. With defects in the walls of blood vessels, as well as an increase in their permeability, atherosclerotic plaques form. Atherosclerosis of the vessels of the penis leads to a decrease in its blood supply, which can cause insufficient filling of the penis with blood.

Try disabling logic

  • Logic is the enemy of good sex, which interferes with the senses.
  • Do not engage in self-digging and self-criticism.
  • Try to listen more to your feelings and sensations, trust them.
  • Do not go into an internal dialogue with yourself, it is better to devote this time to foreplay.
  • If you still have a feeling of psychological discomfort, you may have been mistaken in choosing a partner.

What men don’t know about

  1. The trust no need to create, it appears automatically when you like a woman.
  2. Comfort is when you are comfortable in the first place. Watch how you feel. And your comfort is transferred to the girl.
  3. No need to choose a girl to whom there is absolutely no trust, and it is unlikely that you would leave her alone in the apartment.

5. Ask yourself: is there anything that you feel embarrassed about in your body?

Often any parts your naked bodies are embarrassed you yourself are not allowed to relax, to feel the very comfort that is important.

And this absolutely directly affects the rigidity of their guns.

Some men are embarrassed by their bodies.

Physical reasons why an erection disappears during intercourse

The physical causes of erectile dysfunction, as a rule, do not immediately cause this problem, but are continuous over a period of time.

If you regularly have problems getting or maintaining an erection, and it does not depend on the specific situation (for example, this happens regardless of whether you are with a partner or watching porn alone), this may be a symptom of a physiological problem, such as:

high blood pressure,

blockage of arteries (atherosclerosis),

hormonal imbalances, such as thyroid problems or low testosterone,

nervous system disorders such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's disease,

the consequences of prostate surgery,

spinal cord injury

the use of anabolic steroids for non-medical purposes, for example, during bodybuilding.

In addition, erection problems can be an undesirable side effect of taking certain medications. These include:

blood pressure medications

some medicines that are used to treat heart disease,

drugs that affect hormone levels, including those used to treat various forms of cancer,

Parkinson’s medication

Do not take substances harmful to erection

  • Do not abuse foods and medicines that reduce testosterone production.
  • The use of narcotic substances quickly impairs potency and endurance in general.
  • Take antidepressants only as prescribed by your doctor and in a strictly defined course.
  • Do not abuse alcohol, also give up smoking in order to maintain normal blood circulation, even in old age.

What knocks down combat readiness

  • in the field of your instrument of pleasure too big vegetation,
  • body hair
  • unfavorable come from you smellsweating and so on
  • underpants you have not changed for more than a week, neglect of hygiene.

What to do if your erection disappears?

The strategy you should choose depends on your situation.

If you have lost an erection once, you don’t have to do anything - especially if next time everything went well.

If the culprit is some external factor - it is worth identifying and eliminating it.

If the loss of erection is associated with emotional stress in a couple and a conflict with a partnerIt’s worth discussing your relationship problems and trying to solve them. By the way, maybe you and the girl do not fit together - we recommend that you consider this option.

If it’s hard for you to call or maintain an erection on a regular basis (in more than half the cases), it is worth thinking about visiting a doctor, passing the necessary tests and undergoing treatment.The sooner you seek medical help, the sooner you can return to normal sex life.

Chat with a partner who understands you

  • The biggest mistake on the part of the girl is to mock the partner, to dismiss his abilities.
  • Sometimes this happens when you are not familiar with a woman.
  • Communicate with each other more, share difficulties.
  • You can tentatively talk about your delicate problem to a girl, this will relieve unnecessary stress.

Following these tips, you can easily restore an erection during sex and spend an unforgettable night!

How does it change your behavior

What happens to you in fact when you are embarrassed about the details of your body (no matter how you mentally convince yourself otherwise):

  1. You no longer feel attractive in bed as a man!
  2. You cease to feel worthy of this girl, and your cowboy also follows these beliefs!

Inguinal injury

It carries a great danger, since damage to the structures of the genital organs, their deformation and the development of an inflammatory reaction are possible.

In some cases, the injury may not manifest itself as severe pain, which significantly delays the trip to the doctor.

Damage to the internal structure of organs can lead to a decrease in libido, shortening of the duration of sexual intercourse, as well as to erectile dysfunction.

6. Find new areas around your boyfriend that arouse attraction

  • These new areas in the intimate zone will help you regain firmness if it suddenly begins to disappear during intimacy.
  • Explore new areas. Someone they sleep, someone active.
  • This is especially useful for those who lose an erection when putting on a condom. You can even not shoot it in the middle of intercourse, do not waste time if you know the location of the zones.
  • You stop frictions, switch your attention from the girl to your pleasant points and begin to massage them. It is worth it, and the girl should be treated with understanding.

Where to find new erogenous zones:

  1. At the base of dignity from above (in the abdomen).
  2. At the base of dignity, on the sides on the left and right, 1-2 cm.
  3. The point under the testicles and the point above them. Find and massage these two points.
  4. It is recommended that you explore and massage in a pleasant area the place from the dignity to the area between the balls.

When your cowboy loses combat readiness, put your fingers on these zones, massage with your hands, and feel pleasant sensations. Use this and other methods of our site.

1. Do not wind yourself and defeat your fears

If the problem with an erection during sex has happened once, and you are convinced that it is not associated with any serious ailment, accept the fact that this is normal and try to get rid of the obsessive thought that you can again be waiting for this.

As we mentioned above, the tension and emotional pressure that you can exert on yourself about this is the right way to repeat the erection problem and create a vicious circle.

7. Remember that your testosterone level is highest in the morning.

  1. Everyone remembers how, as a young man, the stiffness of a cowboy was achieved at the click of a finger, sometimes even for nothing.
  2. With age after 23-25 years everything changes. When making love, a fighting condition may disappear. This is by no means impotence, there is no reason for panic. This is absolutely normal after 23 years.
  3. One solution is more Attention preliminary preludes and caresses.
  4. And another tip is to use your knowledge of the level testosterone. In the morning, just waking up, the amount of testosterone in the body as high as possible! So go back to the bedroom with your beloved, and the results will be completely different.

The secret with testosterone levels in the morning is applicable both to those who, for example, are already dealing with the symptoms of male menopause and treatment of this ailment in adulthood, and for young guys.

Hormonal diseases

They cause a decrease in blood concentration and testosterone production. Such a pathology can be caused by hypogonadism, that is, congenital or acquired underdevelopment of the sex glands.

Pathologies of the thyroid gland lead to a disruption in the synthesis of protein structures, including testosterone, resulting in a decrease in libido, shortening of the duration of sexual intercourse and erectile dysfunction.

Itsenko-Cushing's disease is caused by an increase in the secretion of adrenocorticotropic hormone by the pituitary gland of the brain, which leads to an increase in the synthesis of hormones of the adrenal cortex. In turn, this leads to insufficient production of sex hormones, leads to a pathological distribution of lipids in the body and other manifestations.

If the past swelling disappeared in the morning

  • If, after waking up, your cowboy did not rise, then you may have serious pathologies. And here we recommend performing exercises with contractions from point 1.
  • You’ll have to wake up your cowboy yourself, and start doing the same bouncing. Exercise is versatile and effective.
  • We all know that girls have these women's days. So, if your “hero is not awakening” in the morning hours for a long time, then this is similar to how if the woman had “these days” disappeared.

Instead of escalating the situation and loading your head with thoughts about why the morning erection was gone, it will be more correct to consult a specialist.

Penis Impaired

Peyronie's disease is characterized by a curvature of the male genital organ due to the formation of fibrosis, that is, the replacement of the normal structure with connective tissue. In this case, a painful erection, a decrease in libido and a shortening of the duration of sexual contact are observed.

In the case of the acquired nature of the pathology, the pathogenesis is explained by the regular receipt of microtrauma of the cavernous bodies of the penis during intercourse.

Sclerosis of the penis structures can also occur against the background of cavernitis, that is, an inflammatory reaction of the cavernous bodies, which is most often formed as a complication of infectious ailments or injuries of the urethra.

8. The practice of a totem animal for liberation

We recommend implementing the practice of a totem animal. She is very liberating man.

During intercourse, imagine that you are an animal.

Imagine this powerful animal that is within you. Strong and invincible, and that it is within you, and you can turn to it in any situation.

4. Stop smoking and reduce alcohol consumption

We have already said about the relationship between alcohol and erection, and as for smoking, tobacco use restricts blood flow to the veins and arteries, which can eventually lead to chronic diseases that cause erectile dysfunction. You know very well that it's time to get rid of bad habits, and now you have one more additional motivation.

By the way, we have already published material with tips on how else you can improve an erection - we advise you to take note of them.

Additional factors

In the event that the penis falls during sex, but the man does not have psychogenic or organic disorders, an unhealthy lifestyle may become a possible cause of the pathology. Overweight, lack of activity, bad habits can lead to violations in the genital area.

Obesity in men contributes to a change in hormonal balance in the direction of increasing the concentration of female hormone, a lack of testosterone leads to disruption of the erection process and a decrease in libido.

Smoking and regular alcohol intoxication disrupt the functioning of nerve cells, as well as reduce the elasticity of the vascular walls. In addition, chronic alcoholism entails persistent personality changes, a significant decrease in libido and impotence.

How to apply it while making love

  1. Do it as if you are your totem beast.
  2. No matter whoThe main thing is that you like it. And move like that animal would.
  3. Bring her to a very strong peak of passion and it is advisable to begin to intrigue her in advance: SMS, passionate kiss and so on.

This method and similar ways of emancipation will allow the peasant to be himself in bed, remove the fear of condemnation or disapproval.

AndrologistMed warns: impaired erection in young

In adolescence, there is also a problem with the genital area. The penis during sex can fall for both psychological and organic reasons.

Most often, erectile dysfunction is observed as a result of lack of confidence, fear of first sexual contact, phobia of low-quality sex.

Frequent quarrels with parents, problems with peers and difficulties in the school cause chronic stress, which reduces sexual desire.

A problem can arise as a result of improper sexual education of a teenager, the formation of fears and prejudices.

Violation of libido may be associated with a partner. Uncertainty in a life partner, frequent quarrels and misunderstandings lead to a decrease in attraction. Often a change of sexual partner leads to the disappearance of the problem.

Do not forget about the possible somatic diseases of the cardiovascular, endocrine, nervous systems, as well as congenital malformations of the penis.

9. Use external components to your advantage for even greater comfort.

You have common components for creating comfort, use them:

  • Temperature in the room. It should be such that it is not cold without clothes. The warmer, the greater the attraction between people.
  • Brightness in the room. Choose dimmer llamas, a nightlight, and other tools for the lack of bright light.
  • Volume sounds in the room. There should be no distracting knocks. If music plays, then calm and not screaming.
  • Physical comfort (the sofa or bed where this celebration takes place should be super soft and pleasant).
  • Satiety and sleepiness also affect.

Use these subtleties to your advantage, play with them to create more comfort.

What to do yourself?

To fix the problem yourself, you can try several methods.

  1. It is necessary to establish a mode of sexual life. Sexual contacts with a regular partner should be regular.
  2. Exercise can lead to increased blood circulation in the penis. To do this, during the morning erection, you should strain the muscles supporting the penis several times, gradually increasing the number of approaches. Thus, it is impossible to train an organ contrary to popular belief, but it is possible to slightly increase blood flow.
  3. A major role is played by posture during intercourse. Sexual preferences are individual, but some positions provide the greatest contact between the genitals of partners and, therefore, provoke a reflex erection. Favorably affects the quality of intercourse posture, in which a man kneels, while the woman throws her legs back on her shoulders. This creates a more pronounced friction of the penis against the vagina. Oral sex is also an effective way to increase arousal.
  4. For a good sex life, it is important to work out your own fears and increase self-esteem. In the role of a partner, one should choose a girl with whom a warm relationship is established and there is mutual understanding.


Watch the following video that talks about doing exercises for male potency at home.

It gives many answers to sensitive questions about why an erection disappeared in the morning, why husbands can have this incident during intercourse, and good techniques for preventing the disorder are described.

Here is such a competent video that opens eyes to a lot on the topic of how to increase weak potency at home and what to do with its manifestations to the conquerors of female hearts.


In case of signs of erectile dysfunction, you should consult a urologist. Diagnostics includes several research methods.

  1. An anamnesis is taken by a specialist to fill out the complete picture of the onset of the disease and the presence of certain symptoms. In this case, the very fact of erectile dysfunction is determined, its duration, severity, combination with other somatic diseases that could cause pathology.
  2. A physical examination is aimed at identifying an external change in the genital organ, the doctor can detect curvature, a decrease in the size of the genital glands and other pathologies.
  3. A general blood and urine test is a standard diagnostic method. These studies do not show the cause of the pathology of sexual activity, but can reveal the presence of an infectious disease of the genitourinary system.
  4. The study of nighttime tumescences is carried out by recording electric potentials, the diagnostic method estimates the filling of the cavernous bodies with blood.
  5. A test with the introduction of drugs that dilate blood vessels into the cavernous bodies is carried out on suspicion of erectile dysfunction due to a violation of the blood circulation of the penis. In this case, a positive result will be an increase in potency against the background of vasodilating drugs.
  6. Ultrasound ultrasound of the penile arteries is an ultrasound method for studying blood flow.
  7. Cavernosography and angiography of the penis is performed in the case of the appointment of reconstructive surgery on the genital organ.

10. Send your partner to the shower, go to the shower yourself (this is very important)

  • For subtle natures, young people and adults it is important that their girlfriend be, as they say, after showerso that pleasant freshness comes from her.
  • When she comes out after a shower, her attraction increases many times, purity and femininity come from her. Energy changes immediately.
  • She could work all day, then there was the smell of sweat and many other smells.
  • Just send her to the shower go down then yourself. Especially for a long time you do not need to be there: just wash yourself.
  • It is important that you also smell delicious!


Treatment depends on the cause of the pathology. Psychogenic impairment of the erectile ability of the penis requires consultation with a psychotherapist.

  • Symptomatic treatment involves the use of type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors. These funds include Tadalafil, Sildenafil.

  • The vacuum-constrictor method of therapy is characterized by the creation of negative pressure in the cavernous bodies, which leads to their blood filling. After the procedure, the result is fixed by fixing a special ring so that there is no reverse current through the veins. This treatment has many disadvantages, many patients refuse it due to decreased sensitivity, the appearance of subcutaneous hematomas.
  • A decrease in testosterone is regulated by hormone replacement therapy.
  • In some cases, injections into the cavernous bodies with vasodilators are performed.
  • If the most common methods for treating erectile dysfunction are ineffective, penile prosthetics are used.

1. Stop thinking ahead from the start, don't build expectations, don't project the future

  1. When you think ahead, you try to control the uncontrollable, you throw a lot of responsibility on your shoulders.
  2. Subsequently, it binds you very much both in bed and verbally, because you feel strong pressure. It knocks down your inner comfort.
  3. Big appears risk end the session prematurely, expectations are crumbling, the cowboy’s willingness is lost. About why there is a quick finish, we wrote here.


To avoid problems with erection and maintain sexual desire for many years, you should change your lifestyle.Bad habits are the key to future problems in the sexual sphere, so you should stop drinking alcohol and smoking.

It is important to lead an active lifestyle, play sports, spend a large amount of time in the fresh air. The diet should include a sufficient amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and healthy vitamins and minerals.

A healthy sex life includes regular sexual contact with a regular partner.

How can a man fight loss of erection during intercourse?

Impotence is manifested by various symptoms. One of the unpleasant is the loss of an erection at a time when sexual intercourse has already begun. This leads not only to disappointment and displeasure of the partner, but also to very serious psychological problems in men. The extreme form of which is the development of a severe depressive state.

Why there is a loss of erection during sex: reasons

There are 2 types of factors for which there is a loss of erection. The reasons lie both in organic changes in the body, and in psychological premises and suppressed injuries. The second option is more characteristic of young men under the age of 30.

  • The desire is guaranteed to achieve a result, fixation on it,
  • Lack of privacy, the presence of strangers nearby,
  • Uncomfortable conditions - cold, bright light, loud music,
  • Partner’s dominant behavior,
  • The lack of sexual attractiveness of a woman at the level of tactile and visual perception, smell,
  • Fear, ridicule and becoming the subject of discussion in a mocking manner,
  • Complexes related to penile size,
  • Excessive requirements for the image of the ideal woman,
  • Formed fear of premature ejaculation,
  • First sexual experience
  • Fear of pregnancy partners,
  • Constant exposure to stress factors.

Organic prerequisites affecting the loss of an erection during an intimate act:

  • A poorly chosen position that negatively affects the blood circulation in the genitals,
  • Insufficient strength in the muscles necessary for sexual intercourse,
  • Addiction to alcohol and a large number of cigarettes smoked,
  • Drug therapy that negatively affects testosterone and libido,
  • Heart and blood vessel diseases,
  • Changes in hormonal balance due to dysfunction of the endocrine system,
  • Pathology of the prostate gland,
  • Surgery and previous injuries
  • Contraceptives that reduce the sensitivity of erogenous zones,
  • Neoplasms in the pituitary gland,
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Inflammation of the prostate and other organs of the genitourinary system,
  • Obesity,
  • Inactive lifestyle.


The main and unambiguous symptom characteristic of the loss of an erection during intercourse is the loss of hardness of the penis so much that the opportunity for a full-fledged act of intimacy disappears.

Additional manifestations by which the presence of somatic diseases can be determined include:

  • Dyspnea,
  • Chest pain
  • Impaired urination
  • Soreness during and after sexual intercourse,
  • Redness, itching in the penis,
  • The presence of uncharacteristic discharge - the content of pus, mucus, blood, the appearance of a gray, yellow and greenish tint, an unpleasant sour smell.

How can a man avoid such problems?

It is possible to establish sexual function only with the help of a doctor. Self-medication will allow one-time coping with the main symptoms, however, does not affect the causes. Given the variety of factors that lead to the loss of an erection at the time of sexual intercourse, it is important to undergo a complete diagnosis to establish the conditions that led to the violation.

Based on the results of the examination, a urologist, andrologist and sexopathologist recommend:

Use of dietary supplements

Dietary supplements are in demand for the following reasons:

  • Minimum contraindications and side effects
  • The organic nature of the composition of each dietary supplement,
  • Easy to use
  • The ability to influence a whole range of causes leading to impaired erectile function.

Naturopathic drugs such as the Hammer of the Torah, Libido Drive, M-16 spray are recommended. You can also take into account funds containing arginine.

This amino acid directly affects the production of nitric oxide, which contributes to the expansion of vascular lumens.

A similar effect enhances the blood supply to the genitals, due to which the cavernous body of the penis is filled with blood, and a prolonged erection occurs.

The cost of the vast majority of biologically active additives is 990 rubles at the time of the action of the promotional program from official manufacturers.

Given the increase in the market of counterfeit products, in particular, the large number of fakes of dietary supplements, it is advisable to purchase natural products from the manufacturer.

In this case, it is possible to obtain an original product that has a claimed effect on the male body.

Diet change

Errors in the menu often provoke various sexual dysfunctions. An excess of fatty, sweet, flour products, soda lead to a decrease in potency and loss of sexual function.

Often, men who regularly consume beer notice that they have lost an erection during intercourse.

This is due to the presence of a large number of phytoestrogens in the drink, which, when ingested, unbalance the ratio of hormones and lower the level of testosterone.

To get rid of an unpleasant incident, it is recommended to introduce into the daily diet products with a high content of vitamins A, B, E and selenium, zinc, magnesium. The menu must necessarily include steamed or stewed meat, fish, and seafood.

It is not recommended to neglect raw vegetables, berries and fruits. Honey, dried fruits, nut mixes are extremely useful.

Desserts should be abandoned, replacing them with small portions of dark chocolate, and season the dishes with cloves, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, garlic, onions.

Elimination of bad habits

Bad habits are one of the most common causes, resulting in a loss of erection during intercourse. Smoking, alcohol, drugs adversely affect the work of the heart muscle, vascular system, and brain.

The danger of most drinks and drugs is that in the beginning they cause euphoria, relaxation of the nervous system, relieve fears and anxiety.

It seems to many men that this is a great way to improve the quality of their sexual lives, but in the future, such a commitment becomes addicted.

The necessary effects no longer appear, but without regular use, additional negative symptoms of the body occur, indicating withdrawal symptoms.

Accordingly, addiction to alcohol-containing drinks, narcotic substances, nicotine has a persistent negative effect on male potency. The only thing that is permissible is a small amount of quality red wine, and not before every sexual encounter.

Active lifestyle

Sports and physical activity have a positive effect on blood circulation in the genitals. The most useful include running, yoga, swimming. These types of loads help not only normalize the blood circulation of the penis, but also strengthen the body, tone it, increase the general level of endurance for the possibility of a long act of intimacy.

An additional benefit is provided by regular morning exercises, including a set of exercises that strengthen potency muscles.First of all, this is Kegel’s exercise, which minimizes the risk of losing the necessary firmness during sex. There are also specially designed movements that activate an erection. It:

  • Regular rotation of the hoop,
  • Squats with squeezing anal muscles,
  • Pelvic swing
  • Lift the buttocks from a prone position
  • Muscle retention of the perineum of an imaginary ball.

In addition to forming the habit of regularly playing sports, it is important to minimize the effects of stress and anxiety, to learn how to sleep for at least 8 hours and to properly balance hours of rest and fulfillment of professional duties.


IMPORTANT: preventive measures do not differ much from recommendations for harmonizing the way of life with existing problems, however, these measures will still allow avoiding familiarity with sexual dysfunction in its absence.

It is important to be guided by the following rules:

  • Outdoor sports
  • Refusal of fatty, fried, spicy and smoked,
  • Getting rid of the habit of smoking and often drinking alcohol,
  • Find and use a method of relaxation in the presence of hard and stressful work,
  • If you have the slightest ailment, especially related to the genitourinary system, consult your doctor for timely diagnosis and subsequent therapy.

An erection disappears during intercourse: causes, treatment

Failures in bed hurt the male self-esteem, worsen mood, lead to irritability and self-doubt. Many men are faced with the fact that they have erection disappears during intercourse.

There are many factors that can explain why the problem arose: alcohol use, stress, fatigue, difficult relationships with a partner.

If this happens often, you need to consult a knowledgeable specialist who will help find out why the penis falls during intercourse.

Main reasons

Experts say that problems with sexual intercourse in men begin for the following reasons:

  • Psychological. They are more often found in young men who are overly worried about their first intimacy, then they are in a hurry and cannot overcome the tension.
  • Organic. Often observed in adulthood and old age.

Psychological features

When an adult full of strength man erection disappears during intercourseThe root of the problem may be as follows:

  • fear for the result, fear of being ridiculed, especially when the last sex ended in failure,
  • sex with a new partner
  • unusual or uncomfortable environment, poor sanitation, loud music, bright lighting, stuffiness in the room or, conversely, too cold air temperature,
  • fears that someone will enter the room
  • woman’s behavior: she shows no respect, laughs, suppresses the male core,
  • unattractiveness, dishonesty of a girl,
  • lack of trust between sexual partners
  • complexes about penis size,
  • fear of contracting a sexually transmitted disease or that a woman may become pregnant,
  • passion for porn movies. Dick falls during intercourse, since the excitement comes only at the sight of seductive forms, and live everything is different,
  • stubborn desire to increase the duration of the erection, as a result of which the excitement disappears,
  • masturbating with a woman
  • depressed state, apathy, difficulties at work and at home.

Important! Experts believe that in men, the main cause of sexual failure is insecurity in their abilities and low self-esteem.

Organic features

If an erection disappears during intercourse, the causes may be hidden in physiological features:

  • disadvantageous, unsuccessful position. During intercourse, the penis relaxes when the man is in a pose from below. The outflow of blood goes back to the body according to the laws of physics,
  • muscle weakness, spinal injury,
  • alcohol intoxication, smoking,
  • taking certain drugs that lower testosterone production or lower libido,
  • vascular, endocrine, cardiac, genitourinary diseases, diabetes mellitus,
  • obesity, overeating, flatulence,
  • hormonal failure, pituitary tumor,
  • prostate diseases, previous operations,
  • incorrectly selected remedy. Condoms reduce the sensitivity of the penis, candles can cause allergies, itching and pain,
  • overwork, lack of sleep.

Interesting! Another nuisance awaiting a man in bed is an early erection.

The reasons for this condition can be in increased sensitivity of the head, inflammation of the prostate gland, psychological mood.

The problem can be easily eliminated by exercises that extend sexual intercourse or by treatment of the underlying disease. Circumcision helps some men. This cardinal method increases the duration of intercourse by 2-3 times.

Bad luck in bed

Special exercises

In a healthy man, the genital organ is on alert in the morning. This can be used. Tighten the muscles so that the penis bounces. Such bouncing needs to be done 40-50 times. Gradually, you can complicate the task and hold the compression for 2-3 seconds.

The effect of menthol on the potency of men

Every day, the amount of exercise should be increased. When you can easily make 100 squeezes, you can carry out similar squeezes with a thin towel thrown on top. This will improve the blood circulation of the organ, pump over the pubic-coccygeal muscles and eliminate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Pose selection

During intercourse member becomes soft and falls when the wrong pose is selected. There are good positions that improve blood flow and provide friction:

  • a man is kneeling, a partner from below, her legs are thrown over her shoulders,
  • a partner on her knees, and a woman on all fours turned back to the man,
  • both partners are lying, a man on top.


Erection duration can be enlarged using a hand ring. During intercourse, getting a member, you need to grab it at the base with your fingers, holding it in a kind of ring.

Then do a few muscle contractions to drive more blood to the organ. When the blood in the penis is added, it can again be introduced, but not open the ring.

Fingers should be released when the act resumes.

Erogenous points

No need to be shy about your body. In the intimate area there may be pleasant points. This is especially useful for those who have a weakening erection when putting on a condom. It is good when the partner knows about these points and massages them during the foreplay. Erogenous zones can be detected:

  • at the base of the penis from above,
  • at the base of the penis 1-2 cm to the left and right,
  • above and under the testicles.


If an erection treacherously falls during intercourse, experts recommend using the tactics of a totem animal. She is very liberating and opens up new horizons of pleasure both for Him and for Her.

It is enough for a man to imagine that he is a wild, strong and invincible animal. Who it will be: a lion, a bear, a tiger, a puma, a snake, does not matter.

The main thing is to move, behave like an animal, do as a totem beast would do.

Getting rid of fears

To get rid of feelings of anxiety and dependence on the result, you need to understand some points for yourself:

  • Do not think ahead about the consequences and do not control what does not need to be taken under control,
  • choose a girl with whom it will be comfortable and pleasant. Understanding between partners should be at the subconscious level, not at the level of words,
  • do not dig in, as the body follows emotions. If you switch to thoughts about something unpleasant, to think that sex is dirty, then you should not be surprised why the penis falls during intercourse.

Psychologists' recommendations

In order not to encounter failures in bed and not be tormented by the question of why an erection disappears during intercourse, psychologists advise to adhere to such recommendations that remove psychological blocks:

  • Striptease. The partner’s half-naked body is an excellent stimulant for arousal. The main thing is not to touch the desired object during the dance. The sexy look of a woman will allow you to relax and tune in intimacy.
  • If putting on a condom lowers an erection, let the partner put it on. It is advisable that she do this not with her hands, but with her lips.
  • A visit to the sauna helps to relax and relieve stress, which often interferes with sexual life.
  • The penis may lose stiffness in the condom. Then you should take care of the change of contraceptives.
  • Change of home environment to extreme. Having sex in a place where you can be taken by surprise is not to everyone's taste, but it is not necessary to engage in public places. It is enough to change the usual bed to the kitchen table, car, balcony, corridor and other places that help to overcome psychological stress.

Do not forget about the physical condition.

Sitting out all day in the office, not wanting to walk up the stairs, but getting up on the elevator, changing the car instead of walking or riding a bicycle, the man then wonders, why does he lose an erection during intercourse. It is necessary to keep the body in good shape, move more, play sports so that there are no incidents in bed.

2. Make sure that there is mutual understanding between you at the level of feelings

  • For those who suffer from the delicate problem of insufficient cowboy stiffness and don’t know why an erection disappears in a condom, you need to remember what should happen between you first understanding at the level of feelings.
  • This understanding is usually best. felt, but does not pronounce verbally.
  • It should not be for you that only you want to spend the night with her, but she does not, or vice versa. Here again everything rests on the fact that there will be no trust between you.
  • Of course, you need to be able to distinguish real reluctance girls spend the night with you from a fake (girls rarely speak verbally of their consent to intimacy, but this can be read by external signs).

How logic interferes with a man in bed

As logic knocks all pleasure in bed:

  • Logic makes you think that intercourse is immoral, dirty.
  • Because of her you do self-digging in the head, self-flagellation, she pulls you out from the moment Here and now.
  • It's important to knowthat the body follows emotions. And if you switched completely to the head, then your focus will change from the instrument of pleasure to the brain. Hence the collapse.
  • Logic makes you believe that you cannot, you are not self-sufficient and again ruin everything, something is wrong with you or with her. Imposes stupid illusory beliefs.

How to get out of a logical state

  1. Listen more to feelings. Trust them.
  2. Advanced thinkingthat you need to implement: your lovemaking with a girl begins from the very moment when you just met with your eyes, when you just started talking and feeling each other's energy. And not later than in the bedroom, as you thought before!
  3. Learn not to go into internal dialogue. There should be no identification with restless and silly thoughts in the head.
  4. If initially at the sight of a girl you did not have the most pleasant feelings, and they do not leave you during the entire dialogue with her (half an hour at least), then the girl is not that. Otherwise, these feelings will accompany you to the very end.

13. Build relationships with one girl, create a good reference experience

  • To cement a good and memorable proximity, you need stable strong relationship with one a girl.
  • Then a new belief will appear in my head that “I can"And there is no reason for the opposite, despite the bad past experience.
  • Moreover, this “I can” will be based on your real experienceconfirmed by reality, and not on thoughts or affirmations invented in the head.
  • According to the reviews of older men, during intercourse, hardness disappears, because before that only negative reference experience was created. It will be a big trap trying to chase several girls at the same time.

14. On the part of the partner should be understanding, you can not make fun of

Will be fatal mistake on the girl’s side, laughing, talking behind her back, reproach your partner.

Then your role-playing games will end without ever starting.

A man feels everything and reads if this happens.

Such an incident happens if you are still not familiar with the girl, if you are in a hurry, if there is still no trust and comfort in each other.

There must be an understanding that we are all human, and we will go through this together.

Chat together.

You can pre-talk about the problem and how you feel. This will remove excess pressure from the shoulders.

Watch the video: Low Sexual Desire Psychological Aspects Mayo Clinic Womens Health Clinic (February 2020).

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