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Men's bow ties: how to wear, what to combine with

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A bow tie is an essential accessory for a gala event. It goes well with a suit, blazer or just a smart shirt. There are generally accepted rules of etiquette, especially for special occasions to be followed. Follow the simple rules, thanks to which you will know exactly which butterfly you should choose and on what occasion to wear it.

What to keep in mind when tying a bow tie

A bow tie, or bow-tie in English (literally a bow-tie), as a predecessor has a simple neckerchief, the same one that men wore everywhere for almost the entire nineteenth century, only by the end of which (around the 80s) had yielded a place for long ties and bow ties. At that time it looked something like this:

Do not try to align the edges, to achieve absolute symmetry. Tie a knot tight enough, but slightly straighten the ends, move the fabric up and down, left and right, achieve what Italians call sprezzatura - no one should suspect you of excessive efforts in preparation for leaving the house. Look for lightness, spontaneity effect. The butterfly should look alive. Only in this case can the task be considered completed.

Image of a man in a bow tie

What impression can a person make in a butterfly? There is an opinion (John T. Molloy voiced it in his book “Clothes for Success” in 1975) that no one will ever trust an important business to a person in a butterfly. Knowing that Winston Churchill used a bow tie in his daily business suit, we assume that the statement was rash. Many reputable people used this accessory as the main one.

Do not make these mistakes

  • Observe proportions. The size of the bow tie in length and width should be adequate to the size of your face. Too large a butterfly looks ridiculous.

  • Do not wear a bow-tie with a jacket without a jacket, vest or sweater.

  • Avoid pre-tied butterflies. This design differs from self-bindings in that the knot is still tied in production and fixed so that it is not possible to untie and tie such a butterfly again: I bought it and wear it, you will not need special skills. Their shape is too neat and symmetrical, it looks cheap, unnatural and childish.

  • Moreover, butterflies made of wood, leather, rubber, etc. are outside the style. They are on sale in a large number of variations. It’s rather difficult for us to imagine the person who buys and wears them (except for gifts).
  • Finally, don’t wear it if you don’t want to be recognized as a beginner in dressing skills, a bow tie and a single-breasted handkerchief. Such combinations look deliberately and without fiction.

When the bow tie appeared

The history of the butterfly began around the 17th century in Croatia, where this accessory was worn by military people or mercenaries. In its first priority, the butterfly looked like a tie and tied over the collar like a tie. We can say that the butterfly and tie have common roots.

At one of the receptions of the French king, the upper classes highly appreciated the Croatian accessory and gladly adopted this idea, especially since the French were “ahead of the rest” in the field of fashion at that time. Thus, since then two men's accessories have appeared: a tie and a bow tie. The latter were an integral part of the formal or formal dress code at the turn of the century. By the beginning of the 20th century, a bow tie became one of the main men's accessories worn by all classes of that time. While the butterfly left everyday fashion after the Second World War, however, it remained a familiar addition to the formal dress code to this day.

The last moment in the history of a bow tie can be considered the last 3-5 years. Among the youth of the West, Russia and the CIS countries, he began to restore its former popularity. Even women, no, no, and they appear with a stylish accessory. Today you can meet people who wear a bow tie to work, to a cocktail party and even to a regular meeting with friends.

How to wear a bow tie

In order for the accessory to look beautiful, it is required that the shirt under the bow-tie be chosen correctly.

Classic men's shirts are combined with the appropriate type of suit. Most often they become an attribute of business style. Such models are suitable for any physique or age category of a person.

To them you can pick up a bow tie or a traditional tie. They combine equally well with the classics. Often, the collar of a shirt is already made in an option that allows you to wear a characteristic model.

Nevertheless, the product should be purchased carefully. Otherwise, the appearance of a person will be pretentious.

A men's shirt with a bow tie in a classic style should not be bright. Any print, pattern or pattern should be excluded.

A loose-fitting shirt is used in a business version or for everyday use. It is recommended to choose the appropriate accessory to it. A good option for combining with it is a tight-fitting shirt with a bow-collar. This bow suits slender young men. It is appropriate for evening events, romantic dates, social events. Complement classic pants and jeans.

Plain shirts are in demand. But it is desirable to make a tie bright and expressive. Bow is a trend of the season, especially in combination with a classic suit.

Beautiful is a black shirt. It becomes preferable to combine it with a white bow tie.

If there is a desire to enhance the emphasis, it is recommended to try options for the following tones:

If the black shirt is decorated with an insert, pattern or pattern, then the accessory must match its color.

Another way to make the costume elegant is to choose a butterfly made in monochrome. An expressive version will be a dark red tone.

Shirts of light shades go well with bright models. A checkered shirt or stripe needs a plain tie. The accessory must match the dominant color.

Such a butterfly on a suit will become appropriate in an informal setting. But you can choose a jacket with a more expressive tone.

Where is the accessory appropriate?

A tie is chosen for a particular type of wardrobe. For him, not only a shirt is important, but also outerwear. Its best option is a vest, jacket or sweater. Then in the appearance does not appear too bright accent.

Wearing a bow tie with a shirt is necessary, following the rules of style. Otherwise, it will cause associations with service workers.

A classic three-piece or coat fits her without causing any questions.

It will be successful to use the English country style. A tie will decorate it and turn out to be a full complement. It is recommended that you choose a tweed cap or hat, a teesol plaid shirt, and a jacket.

A good solution is a retro style costume. Then the shirt butterfly will look the most organic.

A tie of this type is combined with the preppy option. The image includes button-down shirts, trousers of bright colors, contrasting jackets, penny loafers.

Bow Tie The Self-Tie Bow Tie

Bow Tie The Self-Tie Bow Tie

The classic type of bow tie is a simple ribbon of fabric with a slight thickening at the edges, which you need to tie yourself. In the west it is also called “freestyle”, ie "free". As a rule, a bow tie, knitted with one's own hand, without any adaptations, has the greatest charm and personality.

In addition, at the end of the evening, gentlemen sometimes untie a butterfly and just broadcast it on the neck, it looks very cool. So do in the movie, for example, actor George Clooney or Pierce Brosnan, you can watch at your leisure. But for starters, I advise you to work out beautifully to tie a bow tie. In order to learn how to tie a men's accessory, look at this diagram.


Pre-Tied Bow Tie

Pre-Tied Bow Tie

The next type is a pre-knotted bow tie. As the name implies, the butterfly is already tied for you. The size can be easily adjusted to your neck and fastened on the collar in a few seconds. The disadvantages of a previously tied bow tie include too perfect a knot and aspect ratio.

Any man who is more or less versed in butterflies can easily distinguish a butterfly previously tied in the factory from one that was tied up independently. However, if there is no purpose to be known as a fashion connoisseur and a dandy at a party, this version of a bow tie is always suitable for a beginner.


Color and material selection

Be sure to consider the most important rule: the accessory should be darker than the shirt. A pink product requires a burgundy model, blue - blue, purple - purple, etc.

Black is traditionally expressive. A shirt of any color and style suits him. He creates an individual, courageous, independent image. A person who chooses such a tie immediately attracts attention with increased elegance.

Looks great white shirt with a butterfly in bright colors.

If you want to diversify your look, it is recommended to stay on a bright accessory. But then it is necessary to pick up a special version of the wardrobe.

A polka dot product is combined with a light shirt and brown trousers. Now the most popular style is chinos. The red model requires a checkered top and a red bottom. The appearance of a man is complemented by a blue jacket.

A multi-colored butterfly is not worn for business or special occasions. It is impossible to go to a concert, to a theater, to a meeting with an older person in age and position. But she perfectly complements the bohemian style costume.

It is recommended to make a tie:

But the shirt should be in light colors.

No less interesting is a black and white bow-tie. She is one of the classics that can be combined with any men's shirt. It contributes to the creation of a brutal, courageous appearance. It is better to wear a traditional costume or tuxedo with him. The accessory becomes an excellent solution as an addition to the suit of the groom. It is also suitable for social events or theater visits.

It is recommended to create a bow with a white butterfly, a light shirt and light blue jeans. Immediately arises the image of a man of lungs, young and energetic.

Now ties are most often made of artificial materials. They look like natural ones, but are stronger, wrinkle less and are simple in everyday life. In addition, products are more affordable in the price category. Men are invited to purchase several different models and change them depending on the characteristics of the wardrobe.

The main types are the following types:

  1. Polyester in its pure form or with various additives. A bow tie can be shiny or matte, smooth or rough. This is a durable thing that has a soft, non-irritating body texture. It is easy to look after her. It is worn even under the summer sun, as it does not fade.
  2. Microfiber is a combination of polyester threads. This type of material is more modern. He does not wrinkle, does not rub his neck. When washing, the bow tie dries quickly. She will not fail in the rain, because her form will remain low.
  3. The silk model is made from a synthetic analogue. It is a polyester with various inclusions. Externally, the material is almost no different from natural. The accessory does not sit out of it. It retains its shape and volume even after a long period of time.
  4. There are butterflies from satin or wool. They are more practical, as natural materials last a long time and are not subject to rapid wear. Options are factory-knitted, or models with fasteners and length adjustments. In this case, they fit the collar of any type.

How to choose a bow tie for yourself?

Sizing a bow tie is easy. The fact is that butterflies make self-bindings of almost the same size, on any neck. If we are talking about pre-tied bow ties, it is easy to adjust the length with the help of sliders or hooks on the ribbon.

For ease of fitting the size for yourself, take any thread or tape and wrap once around your neck. Make the exact same distance on your butterfly by adjusting it as needed. The average length of a butterfly strap is 37–44.5 cm. Try to put a butterfly under the collar and fasten it. The butterfly should not choke you, but should not fall in all directions either. Find the middle ground by slightly increasing or decreasing the length of the butterfly.

How to tie a butterfly

You can give step-by-step instructions for tying:

  1. It is necessary to accurately measure the size of the bow tie. They raise the collar of the shirt, and take a centimeter. Its zero mark should be on the lower segment of the Adam's apple, and the measurement point should be on the back of the neck, slightly below its center. Between the tape and the skin should pass the index finger. A gap is needed in order to avoid rubbing.
  2. The accessory is passed under the collar of the shirt. Its right edge is 4 cm longer than the left.
  3. Both ends cross. Their intersection falls on the central part of the collar.
  4. The long end is threaded under the shortened and then tied with a traditional knot. The edges need to be pressed tightly against each other. They should not be allowed to hang freely. Then the accessory will sit elegantly.
  5. At the neck should leave free space. The lower short end is folded in half in parallel so that half the butterfly is obtained. The long segment is thrown up and folded perpendicularly. The edge of the tie should face up.
  6. The segment that was folded is turned upside down so that it fits parallel to the other end. Then it is passed through the middle.
  7. Tighten the edges symmetrically. After the product takes the required shape, it must be aligned on the neck and give it the desired look. Then the collar of the shirt is placed in a manner convenient for a person.

In order to look stylish by tying a tie like this, you need to fulfill all the conditions presented by fashion designers.

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How to tie a bow tie

The ability to tie a butterfly is an unspoken rite of passage for gentlemen, they say in the old world. As I already mentioned, learning to tie a butterfly is not so simple, and practice is needed, however, if desired, everything is understandable. I suggest learning how to tie a bow tie in this pattern:

How to tie a bow tie

Butterfly (The Butterfly)

The first type of bow tie is simply called a bow tie. This is the classic look of a butterfly, the shape of which is reminiscent of butterfly wings.On average, the width of the bow of the butterfly is 5.5-6.5 cm and fits most men. This is a great butterfly, which is suitable for all occasions, so I’d recommend you to buy your first bow tie.

Butterfly (The Butterfly)

The Big Butterfly

The next type of bow tie is a large bow tie. She is sometimes worn under a tuxedo for an official event. The size of a large bow tie is approximately 8 - 8.5 cm. Therefore, such a bow tie will suit a man with a large neck and head.

The Big Butterfly

Bat (The Batwing)

A bat-shaped bow tie, also known as a straight or thin bow tie, is the narrowest of all types. This is the favorite butterfly of former US President Abraham Lincoln, as well as James Bond from the movie about agent 007. The size of the butterfly is approximately 4.5-5 cm in height, so it fits all men. This is a less formal butterfly compared to The Butterfly, but it also fits the Black Tie dress code.

Bat (The Batwing)

Diamond Shape (The Diamond Point)

A bow-tie that resembles a diamond in shape is a successful combination of a classic shape and angular ends, similar to rhombuses. The butterfly has a very asymmetric appearance, therefore, tying it on its own, the butterfly always acquires its individuality from each man.

Diamond Shape (The Diamond Point)

Club Rounded (The Rounded Club)

The last type of bow tie is club round. Already from the name it follows that the edges of the butterfly take a rounded shape. Such a butterfly is suitable for a club theme party or a smart casual style.

Club Rounded (The Rounded Club)

A logical question arises. How to choose a bow tie shape? The choice depends more on your taste and preferences than on strict rules and a dress code. Try to choose your butterfly shape that you like best and learn how to tie it correctly. This will be the best choice that will create your personality.

Bow Tie and Formal Dress Code

Bow Tie and Formal Dress Code

One of the most common cases when you can meet men in a bow tie is an official event. The most famous dress code, the so-called "Black Tie". His definition fits: a black tuxedo, a white shirt and a black bow tie. In addition, you must wear a vest or a special belt, called the "cumberbird".

Another variation of the dress code is White Tie. We can say that the expression “in full parade” fits exactly this dress code, as this is the most formal and strict dress code. So, you will need: a white bow tie, a samovyaz (only this type, no fasteners), a black tailcoat and a white shirt. This is not a very common dress code, but it exists and you need to know about it.

The history of the appearance of a bow tie

A bow tie gives the male image a special appeal and charm and will look worthy even at the reception of the queen. In England, in order to achieve a royal audience, it is necessary to comply with the provided dress code “White-tie”, which involves a concise and strict combination of tailcoat and white butterfly.

Of course, in everyday life no one will require a man to wear a tailcoat and a white bow tie, but still such an extravagant detail of the wardrobe causes an increased interest of others. A bow tie is an exotic element of the image that requires a certain courage from a man and a desire to leave the comfort zone.

The history of an exquisite accessory begins in the 17th century in Croatia. The butterfly was an integral part of the uniform of the military and mercenaries. The first models were very similar to a tie, for this reason stylists believe that these two accessories have common roots.

At a reception with the king of France, representatives of the upper classes became interested in a fashionable novelty and with great pleasure began to complement their outfits with it. It was the French who modernized the bow tie, since then the accessory has acquired the form familiar to today's fashion.

By the beginning of the last century, the butterfly became the most important element of men's fashion and appeared in the wardrobe of men of all classes and ranks. After the Second World War, interest and popularity for it subsided a bit, but even today a bow tie is an exquisite addition to the dress code and informal style in clothes.

In the past five years, the popularity of butterflies has revived again, today young people put it on not only as a part of the dress code, but also for a fun party and for a friendly meeting.

Types of fastening bow ties

1. Butterfly samovyaz or "The Self-Tie Bow Tie".

A classic accessory is a simple ribbon whose edges are wider than the central part. Her man is tying up on his own. In Western countries, such a butterfly is called "freestyle" or "free." According to stylists, this particular type of tie has incredible charm and appeal for women. Pay attention to how attractive men look in the movies, who with a light gesture untie the tie and leave it hanging carelessly around their neck.

2. Tie a bow tie or “The Pre-Tied Bow Tie”.

This accessory is sold already tied in a certain way, in a few seconds you can adjust the size of the accessory by fitting it to a specific volume.

Distinctive features of the tie are the perfect knot and the exact aspect ratio. However, stylists attribute such correct proportions to flaws, because for others it is not difficult to distinguish a butterfly tied up independently and in a factory. Nevertheless, real mods prefer to create an image with their own hands, demonstrating originality and style.

3. Attachable Butterfly or “The Clip-On Bow Tie”.

This type of butterfly is sewn and tied at the factory, but instead of a ribbon, a metal fastener is used as a fastener.

What types of butterflies exist

1. Butterflies or The Butterfly.

The simplest type of accessory is a classic wardrobe item that resembles the delicate butterfly wings in shape. The product is designed in such a way that it can be worn by a man of any complexion and with any face shape. The standard sizes of the butterfly vary between 5.5-6.5 cm. If you are a beginner, stylists recommend starting with this type of accessory - a universal part that can be safely combined with clothes in any style.

2. The Big Butterfly or The Big Butterfly.

Such a butterfly is more suitable for official receptions; more often it is worn in combination with a tuxedo. The width of the product varies from 8 to 8.5 cm. The accessory harmoniously looks on large men with a massive neck.

3. Butterfly bat or “The Batwing”.

Stylists call such a butterfly - direct or thin. This accessory is the narrowest of all existing types. “Bat” is the favorite butterfly model of Abraham Lincoln and James Bond. The product does not exceed 5 cm in height; such a width will suit all men without exception. In addition, such a model looks less formal.

4. Butterfly in the shape of a diamond or “The Diamond Point”.

The shape of the accessory resembles a gemstone - in such a butterfly the classical form and diamond-shaped edges harmoniously combine. Such an addition to the image is considered to be the most individual, as asymmetric details always look unusual.

5. Butterfly round, club or "The Rounded Club".

A characteristic feature of the accessory is round edges. Such a butterfly can be worn at a theme party, at a meeting with friends in a club, or matched to a smart casual look.

Semi-official dress code and bow tie

There are no such strict rules in the semi-official dress code as in the formal one, so there is room for experimentation. Try experimenting with different color bow ties, with different patterns and prints. A bow tie made of tweed or velor will add positive to your image and emphasize individuality.

Keep in mind that some may not appreciate you in a business classic suit with a polka dot bow tie, however, even such an image may suit a business suit. To enhance your style, complete the look with a pocket square. Be sure that you will produce the “Wow” effect in any setting and environment of people.

How to choose and how to tie a bow tie - a diagram and detailed recommendations

Ten tips to help you choose the perfect bow tie:

  1. Do not be afraid to show your own personality and look in the eyes of others an extraordinary personality,
  2. the combination of a white shirt and a black butterfly resembles the shape of a waiter, experiment with a color palette,
  3. for formal occasions, choose a strict, symmetrical bow tie, and asymmetrical models are quite suitable for smart casual style,
  4. there is an unwritten rule - we choose the bow tie darker than the shirt, and the shirt - a few tones lighter than the jacket,
  5. it’s not necessary to choose the accessory exactly to the tone of the jacket, jacket or sweater, color differences with a difference of 1-2 tones are allowed,
  6. for an elegant look it’s better to choose a butterfly to match the shirt,
  7. no more than three contrasting colors are allowed in one image, there are no restrictions on the number of shades of one color,
  8. when choosing a butterfly, be sure to consider the color of the eyes, hair, skin tone,
  9. checkered and colored butterflies look stylish with plain shirts, if there is a pattern on the shirt, it is better to choose a plain accessory,
  10. a textured shirt with a similar pattern on a butterfly merges ugly, if you want to wear a striped accessory with a striped shirt, select strips in the same color scheme, but of different widths.

As for the size of the butterfly, they are usually universal and are divided by age categories - children and adults. If we are talking about strict classics, then the width of the accessory can not be more than the thickness of the neck. The height of the butterfly must be selected so that the corners of the collar of the shirt slightly peek out from under it. For an accessory in a looser style, the requirements are relaxed.

How to choose the right size of the accessory is shown in the diagram.

Casual Wear and Bow Tie

For casual style there are no frames and rules. Here you can certainly go for a walk with your image and pick up a bow tie under it. Want to wear a checkered men's accessory with a colorful shirt and cardigan? No problems! Do you want to wear a butterfly in a flower, with monograms or Turkish cucumbers under a summer linen suit? It is possible and even necessary! Even better if you buy a bow tie made of wool, cotton or linen. You can support casual look with various accessories, such as suspenders, colored socks, bright laces.

Have you ever seen a bow tie made of wood? Now they are at the peak of popularity among stylish youth.

Wooden Bowtie with Brown Polka Dot Shawl for Jacket


How to tie a bow-tie

According to representatives of the upper world, the ability to beautifully tie a butterfly is a kind of rite of initiation into gentlemen. To master this wisdom is not so simple, so the first time a photo instruction on how to tie a bow-tie should always be at hand. It is best to print it and hang it in the wardrobe or in the corridor near the mirror.

A convenient scheme in the pictures will more clearly explain how to tie a bow-tie.

1. Put on a shirt and button all buttons. Lift the collar, throw on top of it the ribbon of the bow tie so that its left edge is shorter than the right, and the widest part falls on the center.

Throw the right edge of the tape over the left and pass through the loop formed from the bottom up. In this case, a simple knot is tied and a little tightened.

2. The left edge of the tape is bent so that its narrowest part turns out to be a bend, and the free part is on the right hand. After that, the part of the tape located on the left edge will be on top.

3. The right edge of the tape is located on top of the bent left.

4. The left edge of the tape must be collected in beautiful folds.

5. Wrap the folds with the long right edge and point it down and towards the right shoulder.

6. The resulting free edge must be bent at the widest point.

7. The bend corner, which is closer to the node, must be threaded into the hole formed, throwing the right edge over the left. After this, the free-edge layer remains closer to the neck.

8. It is necessary to tighten the upper layer of the butterfly, located on the left, so the knot will be tightened.

9. Trim and align the edges of the butterfly symmetrically. Lower the shirt collar. Your bow tie is ready!

Perhaps it will be more convenient for you to be guided by the instructions in the photo, which schematically shows how to tie a bow-tie.

You can also watch the video:

How and with what to wear a bow tie - stylist's advice

1. Strict dress code.

Most often, a bow tie is a detail of the dress code at an official event, this form is called the “Black Tie”. If you want to follow strict stylistic rules, pick up a black tuxedo, a white shirt and a black bow-tie. Another detail of the image is the cumberbird belt.

2. When you can experiment.

This style is called semi-official, the experiments relate to the color scheme of the butterfly. You can choose an accessory of a bright shade or with a pattern, butterflies from textured material - velor or tweed also look stylish. If you add a tie with a pocket scarf from a similar fabric, believe me, your image will captivate a female audience.

3. Butterfly in a casual style.

The peculiarity of casual style in the complete absence of any framework and rules. It is this style that allows you to enjoy the freedom of choice and express individuality. Imagine - it can be a bright shirt, cardigan and checkered butterfly. In summer, you can complement a light suit made of linen with an exquisite flower butterfly or colorful Turkish cucumbers.

Buy butterflies from different materials - wool, linen, cotton, velor. If you want to show originality, complete the look with bright suspenders, outstanding socks and colored laces.

For the party, select an exclusive accessory from unusual material. Nowadays, wooden butterflies are very popular.

4. How to combine a bow-tie with a shirt.

Even a person far from modern fashion trends, it is clear that the shirt and bow tie are inseparable. When choosing a wardrobe, remember a few simple fashion recommendations.

  • The butterfly should be darker than the shirt - this rule always applies regardless of the circumstances.
  • A striped shirt blends harmoniously with a plain dark bowtie or accessory with stripes of a similar color but different width. Dark jeans or trousers will complement the perfect masculine look.
  • A checked butterfly is a fashion accessory of the current season, it combines perfectly with a light shade shirt and dark jeans.
  • An elegant butterfly goes well with a check shirt; this look looks strictly and incredibly attractive.
  • For shirts of bright colors, it is better to choose a butterfly of a neutral, dark color and complement the look with a restrained dark suit.


To choose an image for yourself and to dress stylishly is only half the story. Much more important is how you will wear your bow tie with your head proudly raised or not quite confident. Very often, men don’t wear a bow tie in the same way that their image and outfit dictates. I hope that armed with the knowledge that you can surely learn from this article, you will try with pride and head held high to wear your favorite bow tie.

Classic bow tie

Initially, the classic version was a ribbon of fabric that expands to the edges. This tie is considered traditional. It is tied every time manually.

Tying models have a special charm and style, as well as emphasize individuality. Creating a beautiful butterfly requires experience and skill.At the end of the gala evening, during the transition to an informal setting, this tie can be completely disbanded, and freely thrown around the neck.

Pre-Tie Tie

Ties that are already pre-knotted at the factory are adjustable in size at the back. They allow you to complement a fashionable look quickly, without hassle. Some men say that pre-tied butterflies are too ideal, and do not emphasize the charisma of its owner.

What to wear a butterfly with a man: what are the reasons to dress her

Nowadays, a bow tie is no longer a sign of aristocracy, but is used along with the usual form of ties. The choice of colors of the accessory itself and the rest of the clothes depends on where you are going to go. In some situations, a bright tie of a non-standard look will be appropriate, and in other cases it is required to strictly adhere to the classics.

The famous fashion designer of the last century H. Amis believed that "... a butterfly is perceived as a somewhat eccentric sophistication." His words have not lost relevance at the present time. Anyone who wants to stand out and pay attention to himself should try wearing such a neck accessory.

Casual look

In a casual look, a butterfly fits in a solid color version or with prints. You can combine it with a shirt, jeans, comfortable shoes or moccasins. For everyday style, it is best to give preference to bright options, and leave the black classic butterfly for more solemn occasions.

When choosing a shirt, you need to pay attention to the fit of its collar to the size of the tie. It is important that the size of the accessory is in harmony with the collar model. It should also be borne in mind that a butterfly with prints goes well mainly with plain clothes.

How to wear a bow-tie in cool weather? To do this, fit:

The jacket can also be worn, but with some reservations. The classic model in this case will make the image boring.

An alternative is the choice of trendy fashionable and bright jackets with unusual details:

  • contrast stitching
  • catchy buttons
  • tucked up sleeves, etc.

Shirt selection

A shirt is ideal for a butterfly, the collar of which is divorced at such angles:

moderately dull (cutaway).

Advice! Strongly divorced edges, forming a pronounced obtuse angle, called a "shark", does not give an organic combination.

For a narrow cut of the collar, a corresponding narrow butterfly is selected. The collar deserves special mention, the corners of which are fixed with buttons. Such a shirt can also be complemented by a bow tie.

In addition to the listed popular cuts for collars of men's shirts, there are also special ones that are designed directly to be worn with bow ties made of black or white silk of classical cut.


A harmonious combination should be complemented by suitable quality shoes. For urban casual style, these are comfortable fashionable shoes (for casual, they are suitable in sports style).

Classic sets are complemented by strict shoes that should match the costume and bow tie. A universal option is model shoes of black color with laces.


Modern fashion has no restrictions on the combination of butterflies, colors and materials. But any product looks spectacular, a black classic butterfly or trendy made of natural wood. They differ among themselves in shape and fastening. The main types are distinguished:

  • Butterfly - a classic with standard parameters of 6.5 cm,
  • Large Butterfly - variation of the enlarged type, parameters 8.5 cm,
  • Modified butterfly - with an enlarged jumper between two parts and many folds on the formed node,
  • Batwing - with the presence of special wings, similar to a bat.

The main varieties are:

  1. Samovyaz. It is performed in the form of a figured ribbon stretching under the collar at the back, in front it forms into a beautiful knot. The owner does this process independently. Although this work is painstaking, only such butterflies require etiquette rules for special occasions.
  2. Ready node. Products with a finished knotted knot are already leaving the factory. For the owner, you only need to evenly distribute the accessory and fasten under the collar. This option is very convenient, since you do not have to work on making a tie. But, they are more suitable for everyday organizations, and not for solemn ones.
  3. With clip retainer. These products also have a finished unit. On the reverse side there is a special latch, thanks to which a bow tie is fastened. There are small hooks at the ends that allow you to evenly fix it on the shirt. They are recommended to wear mainly for children's parties.

What to wear with a bow tie?

In the collection for a change of the habitual image there should be some stylish butterflies. The modern design of the accessory will allow you to decorate your appearance and dress it both for a party and for a wedding. How and with what to wear it correctly? It is necessary to understand this.

  1. A classic black bow-tie is traditional. She looks best with a tuxedo.
  2. You can find such a product with a pattern: stripes, checkered or peas. They are not used in an official setting, and be sure to carefully select the entire wardrobe.
  3. A colored item is not suitable for a special occasion. It is important to combine colors so as not to attract much attention to the image. It can be worn to work if you are tired of ordinary ties.
  4. If a checkered suit is available, a plain butterfly or a product with a small pattern of a calm shade will be suitable for it.
  5. A plain woolen accessory will look under a checkered shirt.
  6. A bright butterfly will be the best decoration for a monophonic suit, or, on the contrary, a product of the same tone to a motley suit.
  7. A noticeable tie should not distract from the face, therefore, applying it, it is necessary to have a vest that reduces the front, the part of the shirt that is open.
  8. When choosing the material of the product, it is important to remember the time of year. In winter, accessories made of thick fabrics will be suitable, and in summer from thinner ones.
  9. The texture of both the butterfly and the costume should be in harmony so that the difference is not striking and does not reduce elegance.
  10. For a suit with a uniform structure, a simple weave butterfly will be suitable, and for relief, ties made of a material of complex structure.
  11. A larger butterfly is best used for a shirt with a long collar and straight ends. Medium in size with soft semi-collar collars.

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