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How to invite a girl for a walk for the first time?

Communication in social networks has long been not a novelty - it is the norm of life of modern youth. Even older people have already begun to actively use the Internet, make new friends there, which grow into not only friendship, but also strong love relationships. On the network, guys come across the pages of beautiful girls and get to know them, but in reality they don’t know how to call a girl for a walk.

Yes, the question of how to call a girl on a first date, if communication takes place on a social network, many people ask. It’s not difficult to arrange a date for some guys, but there are those for whom this moment is problematic. In fact, everything is much simpler than many people imagine, and the most modest ones just need to be taught how best to invite a friend from a social network for a walk so that she immediately agrees.

Before you invite a girl for a walk

Yes, professional pick-up workers know how to quickly find a common language with a girl and invite her on a date. But not all guys are so sociable and sociable. There are more shy young people who think that everything will not go beyond correspondence, because chatting live is a completely different matter. But still, before inviting a girl for a date, a young man should get to know her more closely and find an approach. To invite a girl for a walk, a young guy will have to go a rather long way, which consists of the following steps:

  • add to friends on a social network,
  • selection of the right words for the first communication,
  • search for common interests,
  • friendly, active online communication,
  • a slight manifestation of sympathy,
  • gradual hints that the mode of communication is worth changing.

If you follow all the instructions correctly and find a common language with the girl, then there is a chance that a real date is possible. When a young man shows attention to a lady, gives her beautiful compliments, shares her interests, the girl becomes softer and more open, shows willingness to further develop relations. The main thing is not to try to invite a girl for a walk immediately after meeting, because young ladies regard this rapid development of relations very negatively. A girl should be brought to everything gradually, and only then such actions will have a result.

How to invite a girl for a walk?

To offer a girl a walk, you need to chat with her on a social network for some time. With a young lady you need to find common interests and, communicating on VKontakte, find out what she likes, what the girl prefers. Having learned a little more about the young lady who likes, you can invite her to a date using this scheme:

  • start a conversation about what a girl likes,
  • to tell that the young man has a willingness to share her interests with the lady,
  • ask if the girl wants to have a good time,
  • Offer your company and promise that it will be fun and interesting.

If a girl is invited to the place she likes, they are offered to share her interests, then most likely she will agree to this. But if the young lady says that she will think, then do not be disappointed, you need to continue to continue pleasant and easy communication. But there are also girls who want to hear directly that they are invited for a date, and not just for a walk. To understand what a girl wants to hear, she should talk with her for a while, having studied her character and interests a little, because only then everything will be fine.

Where can I go for a walk?

To walk for the first time with a girl successfully, you need to decide where exactly to call her.When inviting a girl to visit a certain city, you need to know about what beautiful and interesting places there are. Of course, the lady will not want to just sit down on a bench at the train station and eat ice cream, she needs something more interesting and romantic.

And so, in order to meet with the girl for a walk, you need to draw up a specific plan of action and a clear route from which you should not deviate. If the guy is still thinking where to go for a walk, then he should consider the following options:

  • go to the beach or visit the lake, if in a particular area they are,
  • visit a beautiful park
  • see the famous monuments of the city,
  • call a girl to a concert, to a museum or to an excursion,
  • to go with a companion to a cafe.

In general, there are a lot of options where to go for a walk. To make the most successful route, it is worth considering the nature of the girl, her interests and preferences. Only knowing that a companion likes you can arrange an unforgettable date for her.

What to do if you are shy?

Many of the guys who chat on VK like specific girls, but they are embarrassed to call them out. It seems to guys that in real life a girl may not like them, forget what to say, or do something wrong.

At such moments, you just need to collect your thoughts, take a deep breath and pull yourself together. Of course, it is better to have an example of a friend who decided on such an important step and now he is doing well, but not every young man has such acquaintances. To stop being embarrassed and still correctly call the girl on a date, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • is this girl really a matter of sympathy
  • does the young man want to get reciprocity from the girl,
  • Does the guy really want to be happy and build his life?

If a young man answered these questions in the affirmative, then he should stop being embarrassed and still decide how to call the girl in the original way and arrange a real surprise for her.

It’s worth thinking that everything will be fine, because each person went through this and will have to arrange a first date sooner or later. It is better to do this as soon as possible in order to win the heart of the lady who liked. It should be clearly understood that constraint is only an extra obstacle to real happiness. Having overcome his insecurity, the young guy will be able not only to invite the girl on a date, but also to achieve more rapid heights in life.

Small conclusion

If a young man is interested in how to invite a girl to go for a walk in VK, then obviously he liked her. But in order to beautifully invite the girl to walk, the guy will have to forget about embarrassment and all his complexes, act boldly and confidently. Girls love initiative guys with whom they will feel comfortable and protected. Yes, the first date with a girl from social networks is a crucial moment and you need to prepare carefully for it.

You can call a girl on a date if the guy is sure that he organized everything beautifully and successfully. To get this confidence, you need to study the tastes and interests of the lady. Trying to surprise her, do not do some crazy things, because some ladies appreciate guys like unreliable companions. You just need to make an excellent romantic date, show the beauty interesting places and bring her to a cafe. It is definitely worth giving the girl flowers and courting her so that the first meeting leaves only pleasant memories about herself. If everything goes well, then the girl will definitely want to have more dates.

What needs to be done before inviting a girl for a walk?

Before you decide to get to know the girl you like and invite her on a date, you need to find out from her whether she is dating someone or not, otherwise you cannot avoid refusal.Is it worth it to upset yourself by planning your first date in advance? Not worth it, so let's move on to the question of how to invite a girl for a walk, or rather, how to invite a free girl on a date.

Find out what she loves, what she is interested in. If you have talked enough time and know a lot about her, then it will be much easier for you to decide on your meeting. You can get such information by asking her yourself or her friends. Interest the girl, because if you have common interests, then it will be easier to establish communication with her.

So, when the information is received, it is worth planning the date correctly, for this:

  • You must agree in advance with the girl about your meeting, as she may have a day planned, and you will hear a refusal,
  • Decide where your meeting will take place to intrigue the girl. It is better to leave your meeting place secret, but if you have a negative attitude towards the surprise and are afraid that the girl will not like your plans, it is worth deciding in advance where you will go.

How to invite a girl for a walk for the first time in VK?

So, if you are serious and do not change your mind, and also take into account our advice on preparing for your meeting, it's time to learn how to invite a girl for a walk for the first time in VK. This applies mainly to those who have never talked with a girl in real life. Or to those who still feel a little uncomfortable and are afraid to hear a refusal in person or by telephone. Each method has positive and negative points. An invitation to VK social network includes:

  • Both the plus and the minus are the emotional background. For a girl, this is a minus, because she will not feel the emotions that you feel for her, and want to convey. But a plus for you, because if you worry, she won’t know about it,
  • A plus is the simplicity of the invitation. You can double-check the written text and think for a long time about what to write,
  • You can also invite a girl by writing an unusual message that you would not say in person and on the phone, as well as the opportunity to surprise or cheer her.

We provide your choice of several examples of invitations to VK:

  • “There is no strength to wait and admire you only from the screen, I am waiting for you tomorrow on the pavement at six o’clock in the evening =)”,
  • “You know, you and I have been texting for a long time, maybe it's time for us to meet)?”,
  • “I love active sports, so I want to invite you on a date. This ride will be with horses if you have never ridden. I'll teach you",
  • "Where can I meet you? =)"

Choose your communication style: be cheerful, romantic or serious. Feel free to be yourself.

How can I invite a girl on a date

Let’s think - what are the general ways to get to know a girl. Of course, you need to consider that acquaintance is exclusively the prerogative of men. And unless you are a millionaire, a pop star, or simply the most handsome guy in the city, you will have to take the first steps.

The most common ways of dating:

  1. Dating on the street.
  2. Dating websites.
  3. Social networks.

In our case, we focus on how to invite a girl on a date in VK.

Interest her

Most of the guys are on social networks for a long time, leafing through their favorite public places, chatting with friends, watching videos.

Girls on social networks are also in order to have a good time. And messages from a stranger can be perceived by a girl as an obsession. And yet - a social network can be an effective tool for dating, of course, if used correctly.

If girls perceive messages from strangers rather skeptically, then how to invite a girl on a date on VK?

First of all, it is worth paying attention to important points and remember that:

  • You need to put your VKontakte profile in full order.
  • Girls don't like spelling mistakes in texts (this is really so).
  • Girls do not like swearing and swear words (it is advisable not to use them at all, in any case, until you understand how she relates to them).
  • You should also not be too ingratiating.

What can interest a girl

  • Interested in her life
  • Communicate unobtrusively
  • In correspondence it’s appropriate to use funny smiles, pictures, gifs, music, videos and graffiti,
  • You should not hang around and try to look different from what you really are - it feels very good,
  • Communicate on topics of interest to girls: travel, movies, pets, books, food, shopping.

Where to begin

You need to understand that if a girl is beautiful, then a lot of guys write to her, and they write the same things to themselves. Yes, it is those who first came to mind. Therefore, all nonsense, such as "Let's meet" - just forget it.

How to invite a girl for a date through Contact, and even so that she agreed?

You need to take a few steps:

  • Put the profile in order (I already spoke about this - I will remind you again). After you write to her, she will definitely come in to see who you really are. And there should not be any photos on the background of the carpet.
  • Find common acquaintances with her, or add as friends to those who are friends with her - it will be easier to explain why you start talking to her.
  • Add to her friends. If you ask what you wanted - you explain, then there are common acquaintances - and you wonder who she is.
  • VKontakte you should communicate a minimum of time - you need to quickly pull it out on dates.
  • Write not often, and better find relevant topics. The exhibition of lap-cannibals is an excellent occasion.
  • Trolling is very welcome. But - very soft.
  • Write what you feel. But you don’t feel for her - but in general. “What a shitty mood I have today. Again Lamborghini hit the aspen "- a great reason to chat.
  • As soon as you begin easy communication, hint to her that correspondence is good, but you want to develop your communication and see you in reality.

What phrases can I use

If you like something ready-made, then we will tell you how to invite a girl to date phrases in VK. Let's consider some of them.

Examples of guys phrases designed for positive answers:

  • Hi, where could I see you?
  • Let's go to the cafe this week. What day are you free?
  • The weather will be great on weekends. We drove to the park.
  • What are you doing this weekend? By the way, I have a great idea!
  • This weekend I want to ride a bike. Come with me!

Such phrases allow you to interest a girl, and she can hardly refuse you, and if you have mutual sympathy and interests, then this is definitely guaranteed success.

But - before she writes something, it’s better to find out what the girl is at least approximately interested in. Agree that inviting a vegetarian to a steakhouse is not a good option. As well as inviting a desperate catwoman to the dog show. So do a preliminary exploration to start a conversation with a girl that you like.

Banal phrases that should not be used in communication, they practically guarantee a negative answer:

  • Can I meet with you?
  • Can I invite you on a date?
  • May I invite you to a restaurant?
  • Are we going somewhere?

It’s better not to use such phrases if you do not want the girl to refuse you for sure.

To know how to originally invite a girl to a date on VK, you need to study all the preferences of your companion and have a well-developed imagination, as well as learn to be brave.

In no case can you demonstrate that you really need her, and you will feel bad if she does not agree.

You need to try again and again. Through trial and various methods, you can accurately understand how to invite a girl on a first date in VK.It is only necessary to have patience, courage, and be attentive to the girl and her preferences.

How to invite a girl on a phone call

A phone call invitation has its pros and cons. It is more efficient to reach an agreement by phone than by exchanging SMS or messages in VK: a girl does not have time to think, to come up with excuses and circumstances, why she cannot - which means there is a better chance that she will accept the offer. If a guy has a pleasant tone of voice, a call is an ideal option to awaken in a girl's soul romantic moods and anticipation of a meeting.

Women are characterized by irrational actions and feelings - they can fall in love with only one voice and go crazy with this sound.

Another advantage of a telephone conversation is that it is much easier to perceive a refusal - the girl will not see a frustrated expression on her face and an extinct look.

If the lady, according to her, has a tight schedule, but there was no direct refusal to meet, you can send some cool, intriguing SMS some time after the conversation, start a correspondence. This will help to “warm up” her interest, and for sure the next time she will more willingly agree to take a walk.

Make an appointment

How beautiful is it to invite a girl on a date in Vkontakte? First you need to find out her phone number.

To do this, you need:

  • For some time to talk with her, finding out that the girl is interested in where she happens, and what she does.
  • Periodically chatting with her - but not for long. The main thing is to develop a reflex in a girl - to answer your messages.
  • Find a reason to meet. Of course, if there is no reason, as such, it can easily be created. And to drink coffee is quite an occasion. But - if you found out in conversation that tomorrow she’s going to the main square of the city to wave a flag, then offer to stand nearby. And take the phone number for this.
  • Take the phone number naturally, without pressing, as if it is normal. “Let’s dial you now, I’ll tell you something, otherwise my hands on the phone are tired of poking.”
  • Make an appointment - be sure to come. Otherwise, you may lose other chances of meeting.

Also, in order to know how to invite a girl on a date in Vkontakte, it is necessary to consider and select the most suitable places for a long-awaited meeting with a girl you like.

After all, a good meeting should be in a favorable environment and a cozy place. Keep in mind - in this place you would be better off visiting earlier, and feeling comfortable and confident.

Then this confidence will be broadcast at the meeting, and this is an obvious plus in your favor. Anyway - if you have a favorite place for dates, the question of how to invite a girl on a first date on Vkontakte will not arise at all. Since the dates themselves will cause you extremely positive emotions.

How to invite a girl on a date on Vkontakte

When communicating on VC or exchanging SMS, a girl has more ways to retreat. She can simply not answer the message, leave it unread and, as they say, there is no person - no problem. Therefore, when writing to Vkontakte, you need to show a lot of ingenuity, a sense of humor and originality in order to interest it and achieve a positive answer. If a man has creative abilities and is “friends” with rhyme, you can try to compose a beautiful message in verse, slightly romantic or humorous. The girl will appreciate first of all not the perfection of the syllable, but the unusual approach and the fact that the verse is not from the Internet, but is dedicated to her:

My misfortune happened:

Lost peace and sleep

So it somehow happened -

I am invited to a banquet.

What to go, I don’t understand

I'm not strong in clothes

I just rely on you:

Choose a style help.

A bow tie and a shirt

I go to get it,

Tomorrow! Station "Daisies"!

I'm waiting at six to ten.

The girl will probably respond positively to such a comic message, she will gladly help with the purchase (you can ask for help in choosing a gift, etc.) and accept the invitation to take a walk.

However, Internet communication, in addition to being able to chat easily and fun, also carries some pitfalls: people do not see each other, so they may not always correctly interpret the interlocutor’s emotions, mood, feelings and feelings, which greatly complicates communication. Communication in VK, especially from fake pages, some girls perceive as the presence of a skeleton in the closet of a man in the form of a girl or wife, and therefore often react with a refusal.

Invitations to Vkontakte are suitable for those cases when the guy is not familiar with the girl he likes or does not have her phone number. To start communication and get a chance to meet her “in real life”, you can use the whole arsenal of amenities: compliments, postcards with bouquets, poems or just the original text that will make her heart melt.

9 tips for a successful, unobtrusive invitation

Have the right date. A date of invitation is not a marriage proposal. The only thing at stake is whether your acquaintance will have further development or not. Moreover, a refusal to meet should not be construed as neglect of a person.

It’s better to invite a girl on a date in person, and not through SMS, which is unlikely to show her the seriousness of the guy’s intentions. It is difficult to understand this SMS means a joke, or is it a serious intention? Indeed, through a message it is impossible to see or determine the emotions of a young man. In addition, it is easier for young ladies to refuse to meet by phone and to hang up when they do not see the interlocutor’s eyes.

Never invite a girl on a date with her classmates, friends or work colleagues. She may be in an awkward situation because of this, so she will definitely refuse to meet.

Do not use the word "date" when making an appointment. This word causes a feeling of some kind of commitment, something official, serious, which can cause female stiffness, tightness. Think about how beautiful it is to invite a girl on a date? For example, you can say “I want to invite you to join me for bowling (any event, especially when it is known that a lady likes it). By the way, I know the place where the most delicious ice cream is served (something cool is cooked), how do you look if I treat you after the game?

A few important rules: Avoid bustling, abstruse phrases and attempts to impress the girl from the first words. Try to think through a date program in advance: what are you planning to talk with her about?

Try to be specific. As a rule, female representatives more often agree to dates when they have some idea about the program of joint pastime. Confusion makes women nervous. Therefore, inviting the girl on a date, speak specifically.

For example, instead of the phrases “want to take a walk somewhere or let's meet and take a walk somewhere” say specifically “I know one quiet cafe where they make cool coffee, I want to treat you to them. And then I want to ask me to join the company to play table tennis (any event) or ride horses. " Do you feel the difference?

Try not to get hung up on the words or rehearsals of a particular dialogue and attempts to remember the entire subsequent conversation scenario. Otherwise, if something goes beyond the script or a specific plan, your nervousness because of this can push the lady away.

Remember originality. Make a simple assessment of the situation, for example, how many times have a beautiful girl been invited to a cafe — 40 times, a restaurant — 45, a movie — 70 times? This kind of invitation reminds her of all the guys who tried to become her boyfriends.Naturally, this will activate negative emotions in her, which may affect further consent or disagreement to accept the proposal.

It’s worth remembering that women are annoyed, even enraged when a man who is filling up in a boyfriend says “let's go somewhere sometime”. Therefore, you need to invite her on a date in an original way and to a place that the other guys did not invite.

Fact : all girls dream of a romantic, happy relationship. Therefore, they will accept the invitation, provided that the guy invited in the right way, at the right time, under the right circumstances.

Many men / guys forget this fact. Their appearance, as well as their behavior when they try to make an appointment with a lady, tells her quite clearly, “most likely you will refuse me, but still ...” They forget about certainty being an attractive quality, while fear and timidity produce the opposite effect.

Try to be sure. Be yourself while throwing out all the trainings, techniques, videos promising to teach you secrets, thanks to which you will become a "specialist" in dates. What will they teach you? Be a programmed robot afraid to move away from the rules. This is a complete failure, as the girl is able to see, and also feel your constriction, unnaturalness. And all the female representatives love confident, determined guys. (Read the article about?)

Yes, by the way, before inviting a girl on a first date, pay attention to your shoes and appearance. If you approach her in saggy "training", a worn T-shirt or dirty shoes, then there are hardly any chances for success. Surely the lady liked the guy for her beauty, grooming, appearance. Then is it worth thinking that the girl is indifferent to the appearance of the guy inviting her? In addition, a good look helps you feel much more confident.

Remember the flexibility. We all have a busy schedule of life, which is a real obstacle to any kind of date. Therefore, be flexible and propose an alternative option if the original version is inconvenient for the lady. If the wrong time or the young lady finds it difficult to answer, say that you will later ask her answer about another option (which you will offer to her).

Some girls refuse the first attempt to invite them on a date, because they do not want to fall for a pickup truck. Therefore, make a second attempt if you have serious intentions. This will show the purity of their motives, and probably the girl will agree to accept the invitation.

Avoid insisting on hearing rejection. Remember, dating is not the beginning of a relationship. On the contrary, it’s an attempt to find a common language, the interests of two people in order to get used to each other. Therefore, failure is not a reason to fall into a depressed state. Refusals are simpler, because they make you wiser, more experienced.

How to offer a girl a walk together in the evening for the first time in contact phrases so that she does not refuse even if she is busy writing what

The advantage of social networks is not only the ability to communicate, but also the fact that people unwittingly reveal themselves and their hobbies in them, uploading photos or joining certain interest groups. This should be used so that even an overly busy girl does not refuse to meet.

So, for example, if a girl loves cats, then her page will be sure to be filled with photos of these animals, which means that you can safely invite the girl to visit the cat show - there should not be a refusal.

The rendezvous invitation message will look something like this:

“There are two tickets to the cat show. Will you keep me company? ”

How to invite a girl on a date in contact

Most likely you have already met and have been chatting online for some time. Consider two options for inviting her.

When it is known that a girl sympathizes with a guy.If you have a lively, interesting conversation online, your communication is filled with humor, and the girl is often the first to initiate a conversation, then it’s better to talk directly about a date. For example, say that it’s enough for you to already spend time on the Internet, but it’s better to meet live. Invite her not to do business and not plan anything for the next weekend or evening to meet and take a walk around the city (the promenade, or sit in a cafe).

In this case, do not stop talking to her online until the time of date. Why is a direct invitation a good idea? Due to the fact that good relations have already been established between young people, the girl is probably herself interested in a date. Therefore, do not delay an in-person meeting.

If you don’t have much personal contact online, then how can I invite you on a date? It is necessary to voice the girl their plans, inviting her to join them. For example, you can say: “This weekend (or evening) I plan to ride a bike in the park (roller skating or arrange a photo shoot), if you want, join in, it will be cool. If you can’t, then show flexibility by proposing a different date.

What is this method good for? Regardless, the girl agrees or not, but the guy’s plans will not be violated. Also remember that in most cases it is better to use the first option. By the way, online is worth using not only correspondence, but also voice or video communication. This greatly enhances the desire for a further face-to-face meeting.

In that video You can see a few ideas on how you can originally invite on a date.

Best ways to invite a girl on a date: how to definitely not get a refusal

Let us make a reservation right away: failure is still possible. Even if you do everything perfectly, the girl may have reasons to refuse to meet. Nevertheless, the more competent you act, the higher the likelihood of agreement. Here are a few rules to help get your consent:

  1. Be polite. Communicate with the girl carefully and courteously. Impress a pleasant person. This is the basis of her consent.
  2. Do not hurry. Do not offer to meet until you get to know better and chat for a while. It is necessary to give confident sympathy to arise - experiencing it, the girl will agree with a greater probability.
  3. Think over a meeting. Where do you go, what do you do, what will you talk about. If the latter manages to improvise, the first two points should be prepared in advance to avoid awkwardness in place.
  4. Choose the correct wording. Since you will immediately receive an answer, it is important to say something that does not kill all previous efforts and inclines the girl to agree. We will help with the wording :)
  5. Do not push. If a girl is in doubt, one should normally ask the reason for the doubt and convince of the harmlessness and safety of the undertaking. But you just don’t need to bend your line tightly: this will convince the girl that she doubted not in vain.

How to prepare for a date

You have chosen the best place to date. Received the coveted consent. The appointment is scheduled. What to do now? Make sure that everything goes at the highest level.

  1. Think over the program. Where you can drink coffee, where places are picturesque enough for a walk, what kind of movie to watch if it comes to movies. You can include something original in the form of a walk on the roofs, riding rides or horses.
  2. Take care of the budget: in our country it is customary to pay for girls on dates. This happens in most cases, and a girl can be offended if she has to pay for herself.
  3. Think about the look.. It should be appropriate for the occasion: if you go to the theater - dress harder, if you plan some kind of active entertainment - choose something convenient. Clothing should be clean and tidy. Hairstyle - neat. Choose a pleasant unobtrusive perfume.
  4. If you want to achieve the maximum location of the girl - come up with a small gift or give flowers.
  5. Think up topics for conversation.: what do you want to ask, what will you tell about yourself. The conversation will surely line itself up, but it is better to have a couple of trump cards in case of awkward silence or to find out about the girl what you would like to ask anyway.


Of course, there are guys who can easily agree with a girl on a joint pastime. They hardly have to rack their brains on how to invite a girl on a date? It seems that the words themselves fly off their lips and nothing will confuse them. Others consider this a whole “science”, the skills of which, by the way, can be learned using the advice from this article.

Do not be afraid to stand out, be a little different, and say something unique. Always pay attention to your emotions to help a lady feel caring for her. Try to be simple and confident, inviting the girl on a date, then you will succeed.

Sincerely, Andronic Oleg / Anna.

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Thank you for your newsletter lessons and books.Although they are free, the information in them is very valuable! I spent the whole year scouring the Internet for how to seduce girls on a date, there was nothing worthwhile. only a pickup truck, rmes, some kind of western stuff. and then I met your work. That's what our Russian guys are missing! Everything is ours, in fact, without falsehood. Loved your approach to seduction. Not stupid sex, but something more. although for those who want only sex - it’s the same too))) I wanted a relationship with a beautiful girl and I got it thanks to your lessons. Thanks, Rum!

Alexander, Moscow, 26 years old

Your advice helped me a lot. Only 4 Skype conferences and I learned how to date and get sex on them without spending a lot of extra time, nerves, money and everything else) Success is not difficult! The main thing is to learn from a good coach. He’s like a novel :)

Vsevolod, Minsk, 22 years old

How could I seduce beautiful girls before? No way. No cars, no apartments, either. But after training with Roman Vinilov, I did the impossible. Changed himself so that the girls are now just drying for me. Learning from Roman is very cool, the motivation is valid, the kicks are magical, the experience is unlimited. I am very glad that I was once familiar with a person like Roman.

Artyom, Samara, 24 years old

Thank you Roman for your courses and tips! They always help, I’m very glad that I’m familiar with you and your materials.

Ilya, Novosibirsk, 22 years old

Romantic walks under the moon, going to the cinema or cafe, timid hugs and kisses - this is something that over time is remembered with rapture by many loving couples. Probably, all young people perfectly remember the exciting feeling experienced before inviting the girl on a date. Our simple tips will help you take the first step towards rapprochement in an original way and at the same time without receiving a refusal.

How to call a girl for a walk or a date so that she does not refuse

Representatives of the stronger sex before an invitation to a date worry no less than girls

Before a man invites a lady to take a walk, he must make sure that she is not in a relationship. Otherwise, a failure may follow.

First you need to know the interests of the interlocutor - this will help plan a date. You can go to her page on social networks, see what groups she is subscribed to, what she has written about herself.

When the information is received, plan a date - invite in advance (if the girl has other plans, she will not agree), think over the meeting place.

A girl will not refuse if:

  • The guy will be a good conversationalist - not only talk, but also listen. Young ladies like it when a young man listens to a conversation, does not interrupt.
  • He will be fun - Do not laugh for no reason, throw jokes, but to the best of jokes.
  • The satellite will compliment. No need to invent, embellish. If you liked the look of the girl, you can praise her hairstyle, dress.

It’s good if on the first date the guy presents some small surprise, gives flowers or a cute bracelet. The chances of developing a relationship will increase if the young man is confident, sincere.

Phone call: 6 rules of communication + some good phrases

If a guy is afraid or hesitant to invite him live, then you can do this by phone. It is important that during the call the girl feel that the young man is really interested in communication.

If a guy is afraid or hesitant to invite him live, you can do this by phone

6 basic rules of talking on the phone:

  1. The voice should not be too loud and not too quiet. You need to speak naturally, how you communicate in life.
  2. We need to speak specifically, clearly. If you mumble, stutter, be silent, the invitation will be ruined.
  3. The girl should hear a joyful mood. During the conversation, smile, even if deliberately: the interlocutor will definitely feel it.
  4. When talking do not delay the invitation. No need to discuss the weather for a long time outside or ask about health.
  5. Address the girl by name. Anyone is pleased to hear your name.
  6. By inviting a date and obtaining consent, do not forget to specify in euphoria the time and place of the meeting.

Sample phrases:

  • “Hi, Julia, I’m Anton. Remember, we met in the park yesterday. Going there today? ”
  • “Hello, Sveta. You said you like roller skating. I also want to learn. Will you help? ”
  • “Natasha, hello. A new movie (title) has been released. Do you want to go to the cinema? ”
  • “Masha, this is Denis. What do you do on the weekends? I would like to call you on a date in a cafe. ”

How to invite on social networks?

Most young people prefer to meet through social networks.

Do not drag out virtual communication, you need to take courage and invite to a meeting

The advantage of the method is that the girl does not see and does not hear the interlocutor, you can think over the message text so that it is convincing and interesting (at a meeting or by phone you can get worried, start to mumble, etc.).

Tips for dating through social networks:

  • turn to a girl by name, give a compliment, and then invite him on a date,
  • You can use multimedia elements - emoticons, photos, videos,
  • it’s better not to use abbreviated words like “ATP”,
  • obscene language should be avoided.

In the process of correspondence, they gradually learn about the interlocutor’s plans for the day on which the young man plans a date. The place is discussed together, taking into account the preferences of the girl.

The probability of failure is minimal: if the companion clarifies the details of the date, she is interested in the person. Do not drag out virtual communication, you need to be courageous and invite to a meeting.

Avoiding Denial: Beautiful Ways to Invite A Date

Timidity before inviting a girl on a first date is normal. And if you feel awkward before starting a relationship with the opposite sex, do not rebuke yourself. Not all ladies like self-confident gentlemen. Following popular recommendations, your meeting offer will not go unnoticed:

  1. Choose the right moment to talk. Observe the behavior of the girl you like. Is she upset about anything. All people have daily activities, worries, problems at work, etc., so you should not plan a joint pleasant evening in the middle of the week. To make it difficult for you to refuse, schedule an appointment at the end of the week or on the weekend.
  2. Think about your phrases before inviting a girl for a date. Do not give an official tone to the invitation. Some women may be embarrassed by the seriousness of your intentions if they do not yet consider you as a partner. A non-binding walk will be regarded differently.
  3. Make eye contact with the girl. Your look should be friendly and soft. Keep distance while not violating the personal space of the girl. Observe how she responds to your direct gaze. If you embarrassedly smile or try to look away, it means that you have a chance.
  4. A confident low voice will give you courage. You can exercise in front of the mirror at home and choose the best intonation.
  5. The invitation is best voiced in a relaxed relaxed atmosphere in private, so that no one bothers. Otherwise, it can confuse both of you.

“How to invite a girl on a date so that she can’t refuse?” What words to choose? ”Is a question that is relevant for many young people.

Brave guys who want to develop a relationship should not forget that all girls love surprises. That is, the invitation should be beat and behave original. If you already know a little, then try to predict what exactly will make her happy. Take into account the interests of the girl. Intrigue her with your proposal, let her be interested in what you have in mind.

Thus, in order to beautifully invite a girl for a walk, you have to show imagination.If you are at a loss to do this, then you can use the following examples of phrases:

  1. “I want to invite you to meet the sunset in the most beautiful place on earth. I really love to be there and I want you to see it. "
  2. “Hi, I have a great offer. At the stadium fill the rink. Maybe we’ll go for a walk, and at the same time try to learn how to ride? ”
  3. “I know one very beautiful place that such an attractive girl like you must visit. Agree, it will be interesting. ”
  4. “Hi, I have a great idea how to spend the weekend. I am going to learn to ride horses. Maybe we’ll try together? ”
  5. “Hi (name of the girl), they will perform today (name of the group), I have two tickets, maybe you can keep me company?”
  6. “I know a great way to relax. A new interesting film was released in the movie, I heard a lot of good reviews about it. Maybe we'll see together? ”

The following tips will help you properly invite a girl on a date:

  • Be considerate and gallant
  • smile
  • let the lady know that she is interesting to you,
  • prepare witty responses in case of a possible failure.

Having shown ingenuity and resourcefulness, you are sure to achieve the location of the person you like.

How to invite a girl to the cinema

Cinema is a good option for a date. The couple will survive what they saw, discuss the plot. How to invite a girl to the cinema? They start the conversation with greetings, inquiries about cases. Unobtrusively, but confidently move on to the invitation. If the guy is shy, he personally can’t invite, they invite him by message - on the phone, on the social network.

During communication, the young man should find out which genre of films the girl prefers. The conversation is conducted naturally so that the offer to go to the cinema was unexpected. You can hint that a new film will be released soon. Looking at the reaction, they judge the interest of the chosen one.

When a movie is selected, the date and time are selected. The evening is suitable for romantic meetings. They will know in advance whether the girl has plans. You can invite for a walk, hinting at a surprise.

You can invite to the movies in an original way. For example, a young man buys tickets, puts them in a beautiful package, offers his girlfriend to open. Another way - to ask a friend to convey them along with the flowers - a favorable outcome is guaranteed.

Date or Phone Invitation

If it’s not possible to personally invite a girl on a date, or you’re just shy, you can do it beautifully and originally by phone. Moreover, the voice of the chosen one can easily determine her reaction to the invitation and attitude towards you. When talking, consider the following subtleties:

  1. Speak confidently and without unnecessary pathos so that the girl does not regard your call as a joke.
  2. Speak clearly, do not beat around the bush. Just feel free to invite her.
  3. Do not make long pauses in the conversation so that the awkward silence does not drag on.
  4. Do not use slang and jargon, in words these words sound unpleasant.

Be friendly and unobtrusive, so that your dialogue becomes easy and easy.

During the conversation, think less about how to invite the girl for a walk, just show ingenuity and resourcefulness. For example, take an interest in her tastes: “Do you like ice cream? I know a beautiful place where it is so beautifully decorated. I only tried this in my childhood. ”

Suggestions to look at the stars together or to walk through the night city will help to add romance to your image, unless, of course, she does not mind.

You can also invite the girl on a date by SMS. If you do this immediately after a personal meeting, such a proposal will look very moving: “After I saw you, all the words evaporated in my head. I want to invite you for a walk, I really hope that you will agree. ” Or please her with a nice picture with an explicit signature “Let's go somewhere?”. She will definitely be very pleased.

In addition, now it has become popular to invite girls to date through social networks such as VKontakte or Odnoklassniki. During a virtual conversation, the girl will not notice your excitement, but at the same time she will hide her embarrassment about this. Try to behave with maximum correctness in correspondence so that the chosen one does not consider you unceremonious. Start a conversation from afar. Be sure to ask her plans at the beginning of the dialogue. So you can understand whether the interlocutor will have free time today. Talk on abstract topics, and then ask a direct question: “Is it really fun to chat with you, maybe we can talk in reality? Let's go together somewhere, I want to get to know you better. No matter where, I am sure it will be interesting with you everywhere. ”

Try to make an invitation unobtrusively and at the same time unexpectedly. For example, write a message to her on the weekend morning: “Good morning, (name of the girl). Did you wake up yet? To make the day go well, I propose to cheer up and taste a cup of aromatic coffee. What do you think about that?".

If your passion is not easy to climb, show moderate perseverance: “Enough to stay at home, then I invite you to dinner. I know an excellent restaurant where they cook amazing food (indicate the dish). ”

Most likely, the girl will be flattered by your attention and will definitely agree to walk.

If you really like the girl, do not drag out correspondence with her, go to actions. Long virtual communication can be regarded as a reluctance on the part of a young man to move on to the next stage of the relationship.

Your non-standard will certainly be appreciated. Using simple recommendations on how to beautifully call a girl on a date, you will definitely achieve her disposition and a positive response. Good luck

A strong half of humanity on the eve of a date worries no less than girls. Realizing the responsibility of the moment, many do not dare to invite for a date to which they feel sympathy, hesitate, reflect, choose the right words. Especially when the girl sunk into the soul so much, and I want to not only invite her for a walk, but to see her as my wife. Fear of refusal raises doubts: what to do in order for the girl to accept the offer to meet - call her, write SMS or confine herself to a delicate message in VK, and when is it better to do it.

There is no single, completely “working” phrase or a single approach that will ensure success, but there are certain general principles that will help to make the invitation original and to properly prepare for a conversation with a girl:

  1. First of all, the invitation must be original. Using a non-standard approach, you can make it clear to the girl that she is dealing with an outstanding, interesting and cheerful man with whom it will not be boring to spend the evening.
  2. Need a suitable situation and atmosphere for a conversation:
    • lack of curious “ears” on both sides,
    • adequate call time (not early morning, when the girl can still sleep and answer “on the machine”, not understanding even half of what she hears in the receiver),
    • lack of extraneous noise, various distractions (a girl can ride in vehicles, stand in line at a store, walk along a noisy avenue, etc.).
  3. The girl needs not only to call for a meeting, but to be interested: invite him to the cinema for the film she is waiting for, at a concert, in a cafe with her favorite cuisine, at the rink if she likes this type of entertainment.
  4. It is necessary to clearly indicate the time and place. “Maybe we’ll go somewhere somewhere, take a walk?” Is worthy of the same answer as the voiced proposal.
  5. You need to make sure that the girl knows how to get to the meeting place.
  6. You should not say directly that this is a date, using this very wording (so as not to frighten the girl with too rapid a development of events), but to come up with some more veiled occasion and phrases:
    • "I have a surprise for you.I know one amazing place that you will certainly enjoy due to your fine mental organization. Let's go? ”
    • “Let's go to the rink on Sunday?” I promise that you laugh a lot at my clumsiness, but I will try. ”
    • “Do you know who will perform at the bottom of the city?” Your favorite Quest Pistols! I hope you don’t mind if I keep you company? ”
    • “I know a great place where they prepare simply divine hot chocolate. You must try it. Will we have a sweet tooth day? ”
    • “I want to ask you a little favor. Friends invited to the celebration, and you need to choose a butterfly, you can not help me? And after a walk, eat ice cream. "
  7. A man should radiate calm and confidence (not mumble, voice the invitation more likely in the affirmative form than in the interrogative one).
  8. Do not dumb immediately, after the greeting, with an offer to meet: it is better to first clarify whether the girl is comfortable talking, chat for a bit, and only then move on to the main thing.
  9. It is necessary to prepare emergency options if the girl says that she cannot meet on the proposed day and time, and immediately determine the date of the meeting. “Well, then we’ll call / then we’ll agree / then somehow,” is a question that has been postponed to never. It is necessary to specifically determine what day the girl will be able to allocate time for the meeting, and first she should be reminded of this promise.
  10. If a girl doesn’t directly refuse, but comes up with one excuse for the umpteenth time, but still represents an irresistible interest - you can turn to a sense of humor and still “pull it out”: “Well, you have a busy schedule, you always Busy, that already 4 times refused to meet with me. Would you agree for a change? ”
  11. After the conversation, the girl should have a more or less clear idea where she is invited - so that her outfit matches the place and setting (especially for various options for active leisure, walking around the city - not knowing the upcoming cultural program, the girl may come in high heels).

The best option for an invitation is personal communication, but this opportunity is not always presented. If a guy and a girl are neighbors, work colleagues, classmates, then it is better to give preference to just such an option of dialogue. Eye contact and non-verbal signals will help to better understand each other and increase the chances that the girl will agree.

2. Body language

If you had no idea about the existence of this, now you know. You know that all your years of timidity and tightness did not pass without a trace, but they have always expressed themselves and are being expressed in you.

Shot from the film “This Wacky Love” - Be sure to watch it!

Do not think that this is a physical problem, on the contrary - metaphysics! If you are unsure and notorious about yourself as a young man, then no physical changes will bring any benefit. Love yourself like that - what you are! You already heard that and let him hear it again!

Take care of yourself, your state of mind and remember that nothing in this world is worthy of your experiences. Be more confident in yourself, but do not let too much (this line is not so difficult to find) and the changes will begin.

The main way to overcome insecurity is a sports hall: a boxing section or just athletics, but sports heal many mental problems and shortcomings in general.

3. Phone call - 6 rules of communication

But what if you can only rely on yourself? No hairstyles and expensive wardrobe, not visible!

There is a separate technique. It is not complicated and, like everything else, requires practice:

  1. Be intelligible
  2. specific
  3. speak lightly and in high spirits.
  4. The girl should feel your smile.
  5. Remain a man on the phone, do not give the girl reasons to think that you are running after her.
  6. Speak unobtrusively, gradually leading to the desired result - a meeting.

  • Listen, how about continuing our conversation tomorrow at 18:00? I think that I will already be free, however, if it does not work out, we will postpone it.

It's the most important! Give her a reason to get nervous so to speak. Let her know her place, and not expect returns from you 24 7

An example of how not to do it:

  • Hi, you know, and maybe we can continue our conversation, well, let's say tomorrow, at 7 pm, what do you think, can you come?

The difference is on the face, she sees how much you are dependent on her decision, how weak you are, and you are unlikely to see a sequel

Where is the best time to have a first date?

The best options will be: cafe, bowling, walk, hookah. You do not need much pretentiousness, you should not be loved for money, but for originality and positive features.

In the end, when a pleasant evening comes to an end, you must make a new date. Say:

  • I was pleased, had a good time, I will need to meet again. I'll call!

Does appearance matter?

Here you can safely say - no! Of course, this will give chances, but if you have the qualities listed above, then this is all that is required. Of course, no one canceled personal care!

  • Smile. Try to smile more often, while watching how “neatly” you laugh. Excessive laughter is unpleasant.
  • Sight. He must be kind, gentle and bewitching your lady. You don’t need to stare at her. When talking, you need to look into the eyes.
  • Hands. Do not make sharp and rude movements. Do not let too much and forget for a while about the touches. It’s too early to touch, but don’t be afraid, you will feel that it’s time when the time comes.


Also a good and more productive way of communication is to act as a lecturer. Giving a girl a bait for conversation, riveting her attention to her words, and as much as possible answer her questions. It can be anything, not necessarily limited to routine problems.

Less worry, don't be afraid to seem stupid or not good enough for her. Relax, only YOU are worthy to be with her.

Good tips from a beautiful girl, look at what the opposite sex responds to:

Where to invite a girl for a walk?

After the question “How to invite girls for a walk for the first time” was removed, you need to decide on a date so that she has the most pleasant memories of your first meeting, and she did not become your last.

It doesn’t matter how your appointment was made - by phone, correspondence or in person, but remember - the main thing is not to be rude, indifferent or vulgar, and if you drop a phrase like: “Hey, baby, you will be mine today,” good luck it won’t bring you. This will show you the bad side, and you will be refused. Be a gentleman on your first date.

If your excitement does not stop, the girl should be invited to watch a movie or to a concert, where communication will be minimized to the maximum. After watching a movie, concert or other entertainment program, you will have something to talk about. If your interests coincide, it will be easier for you to get a second date with her. You can also ask her for advice on what you should do so that she will remember this date for her whole life.

Animal lovers can be impressed by the exhibition of cats, dogs, horses. You can invite a girl to the zoo, circus, oceanarium. And if it’s hot summer outside, you can invite her to swim with dolphins.

Does your chosen one conquer sports? So it’s good, rent bicycles, rollers in the park, go to the rink, play tennis or golf. So you can both have fun and chat. And also she will understand that you are not indifferent to her interests.

If you don’t know anything about your chosen one, then it’s worth choosing more peaceful places for communication in order to get to know her better - for example, a restaurant, museum, exhibition of paintings, a walk in the park.

The most important thing at any meeting is not to be late, but it’s better to come a little early so that it doesn’t happen that a girl is waiting for you. And if suddenly she is late, do not criticize her. This is permissible for women. And also do not forget to surprise her, give flowers or sweets, a soft toy, a long-awaited book, if you knew in advance what the girl dreamed about and wanted to receive.

When communicating with a girl, you should be yourself. By portraying the person you are not, you can push her away. Do not worry, enjoy communicating with the opposite sex, arrange unforgettable dates, not only to surprise the girl you like, but also to enjoy yourself. Do not do anything through force, if your interests and views do not coincide - this is not your girlfriend. And do not forget to monitor your emotions so that your companion understands that she is not indifferent to you, and you want to continue to communicate with her further.

Where we are going

A very, very important point that you need to consider when considering how to invite a girl on a date in Vkontakte, this is a meeting place.

You definitely need to avoid crowded places. If the girl offers to meet at a meeting of the Alcoholics Anonymous club, where she has been going for the past five years, refuse. In the place where you go - it should be quiet and solitary. Otherwise, the date will be so-so.

Nature parks and the shore of the sea, lake or river.

Almost all girls like nature, fresh smells, blooming flowers, they like to watch the beauty and strength of nature. If the weather is suitable outside, then be sure to invite the girl for a walk. Just consider: only in the presence of suitable weather. Walking a girl in a capron in the winter, or getting wet in the rain are lousy ideas.


This is the easiest easy option for a first date. Advantages: you can have a conversation in a relaxed atmosphere, enjoying every word of each other.

Better when the cafe has already been tested and prayed for a hundred - another date. Or have you heard from friends or relatives that you can really have a wonderful time there and eat deliciously.

Choose quiet places, but not deathly silence. Don’t try to choose the first cafe or restaurant you get, you can ruin a date, and the girl will no longer want to meet with you. Also - it is better to find out her preferences in food in advance to get to the point.

Circus, entertainment centers, attractions or zoos, dolphinariums.

Must burn in hell. For the first dates - do not categorically fit. Of course, you can try to captivate her, cause a bunch of positive emotions, but keep in mind: the second time you have to evoke these emotions even more.

The girl should feel good about having you around, and your hands on her ass - and not how cool you managed to entertain her.

Horseback riding, ice skating, rollerblading, skiing or biking.

Such places are suitable for more active young people and preferably relate to sports and the improvement of their bodies. The girl needs to be familiarized with the choice of place in advance so that she can choose and wear suitable and comfortable clothes and shoes. Thus, avoid awkward moments in communication at a meeting and for a good time together.

Theaters, exhibitions, museums and concerts.

Great specific meeting places for everybody. Such dates will be informative and entertaining for true connoisseurs of art. You can surprise a girl by going to a concert of her favorite artist, she will really like it.

In museums, learn something new and historically important, clearly see everything and discuss things. In theaters, you can get spiritual fulfillment for both.

Keep in mind - if you already led a girl to cultural institutions, then you should not just stupidly devote yourself to watching this very culture. Your main goal is not to surprise the girl, but to bring both of you closer and make her want to meet you again.

And for this - you need to touch the girl, communicate with her correctly, and lead seduction, and not stand stump stump near while the girl enjoys the songs and dances on the stage.

If you know

How to invite a girl you know on a date in Vkontakte? Easy peasy. The girl already knows you, she is sure that you are not a maniac and do not dig graves in the cemetery at night - accordingly, half the work has already been done.

The rest depends on how well you know each other. Of course, the best option is if you are barely familiar. For example, they crossed paths at a friend’s party. Or go to one gym. Remember: your main task is to get the girl out on a date, as soon as possible. Therefore - a minimum of correspondence.

If the girl is your good friend, then there are two options:

  • She may ask if you have collapsed from the oak - on the twentieth anniversary of your acquaintance, you invite her on a date.
  • She will be glad and agree.

What to write

Phrases how to invite a girl on a date in a contact that is already your friend.

Perhaps you met at a party or somewhere else. Maybe this is your good friend from the past, or just a friend of acquaintances.

What phrases should be used if you know a girl and want to expand the format of this acquaintance:

  • Long time no see, let's meet? I have something to tell you.
  • I need to discuss something with you. Are you free tomorrow?
  • I have long wanted to tell you something. See you at the cafe tomorrow?
  • I wanted to ask you about our mutual friend. Are you free tomorrow?

There are many more phrases for inviting a girl to a date, and only a few of them are shown here.

Two important points to consider here: the initiative should come from you, not from it. And you need to know the girl’s schedule a little in advance. If you invite her at an inconvenient time, constantly stumble upon “No, it’s not convenient for me” - this is how you can lose the whole girl, entirely.

Not recommended

Don’t try to say that now, they say, I want to meet with you, and let's go, somewhere you just choose where exactly, and I will say whether this suits me or not.

Or, in general, it is indifferent to agree on something, by this you show the unimportance of the event, and most likely the girl will not like it.

A very small percentage of girls want to take everything into their own hands and make important decisions, and if they notice or feel your indifference, then they can imagine for themselves that the girl herself is indifferent to you. And such a girl’s thoughts will definitely not lead to good.

Take responsibility. Know that very few guys do this - so you'll already be favorably different from her other boyfriends.

How to invite a girl to walk examples of SMS without failure

The likelihood of not receiving a girl’s refusal of an invitation to take a walk increases with sympathy for you. A loving girl can arrange the next meeting even without your reminder. But until this happens, it is important to intrigue your chosen one and interest in the meeting by writing SMS with approximately the following content:

“There is important information that I cannot tell anyone but you.” Next, turn on the imagination and figure out how to get out further. For example, you can tell your beloved with a mysterious look that tonight the Eye of Taurus will be bright in the night sky, as it happens once in a hundred years, so I really would not want to miss such a significant event, when there are all the possibilities.

How to invite a girl on a date in person

If you already see and communicate, and you do not need to transfer acquaintance from the Internet to reality, everything becomes much easier. It is enough to catch the moment and crank everything gracefully.

  • If you study or work together, add romance and toss a note. Offer to go to the movie she is waiting for, or in a cafe with her favorite kind of cuisine. According to the tradition of American films, write the options “Yes” and “No” so that she ticks the right box.If you are sure of success, you can write down the options “Yes”, “Yes, exactly”, “Tomorrow already”, “Ask me one more time”. If the plan does not work, the girl simply will not return the note.
  • When meeting, compliment her appearance. Take a look at the news and offer a walk / lunch / go together somewhere.
  • Ask for help. Maybe you need to choose an outfit for some occasion, a gift for mom, or something that she is well versed in. This will be a great excuse for a meeting and emphasize your attention to the girl.
  • If you have a ticket or a subscription somewhere that is about to expire, invite her to join the company.

How to call a girl on a date via the Internet: examples of successful formulations

Successful phrases for inviting girls to date through social networks and on the Internet, in principle, are divided into three categories:

1. Surprises. Something that has a little secret.

  • “I know one place that you will definitely like. I won’t say where it is, but I can show it. Let's go to?"
  • “You were interested in ... I know something about this, I can tell you over a cup of coffee. Let's meet tomorrow at seven? ”

2. Compliments. Tell the girl about her dignity and suggest related leisure activities.

  • “You are the only one who loves horror as much as I do. Let's go to the cinema for a new horror film from Guillermo? ”
  • “You are so good at art! And I'm a complete layman, but I want to see a new exhibition at the House of Artists. Compose a company? ”

3. Quests. The essence of the method is for the girl to do something in order to receive an invitation.

  • Place the invitation note in the box and put it on the game con. Play along with the girl to win, receive and read the note. “Your victory! But can the loser win the opportunity to take you to the movies? ”
  • Hide a few notes, each of which will tell you how to find the next. The last note should contain an invitation with the address and time. “You have come a long way. Only the last step remains - and the result will pleasantly surprise you. I’m waiting in the coffee house on Chervonnaya at six in the evening. ”

How to persuade a woman on a date on a dating site

On a dating site, your only tool is correspondence. It is quite enough if the girl is interested enough to decide on a meeting.

Be courteous and choose the right moment for the invitation. Do not call to see if the girl is telling something important right now. Do this at a convenient time - not in the early morning and not late in the evening. Make sure she is in a good mood and communicates openly.

Here wording from the categories of surprises and compliments will work perfectly. Here are a few more examples of what the correspondence might look like:

J: Oh, well, today was a day at work. Tired, I thought colleagues beat for their jambs.
M: Sorry. Hold on, the weekend is close
J: Oh yes, it will be necessary to have a better rest, to move away from a difficult week.
M: And I just have an idea about this. I know where the best desserts are in the city. Do you like eclairs? Then you need to try these! I have similar plans for Saturday lunch. Compose a company?
J: It sounds tempting, why not :)
M: I will not reveal all the cards, but I can drive up wherever you say, and from there take you to this place.
J: Go, wait by the subway
M: I will be there at 12, pleased and in a red scarf :)

M: How are you today?
J: Great! Started planning a summer vacation.
M: Wow! Do you like to travel?
J: Yeah, very much! I want to see something in Europe this year.
M: And what about the Europe that we have right in our city?
J: Are you talking about the main street?)
M: Oh no, there is something more interesting! Would you like to have a look?
J: Intrigued :)
M: Just a story here will not be enough. So come on Friday to the Three Cats coffeehouse at seven, start from there. It will be exciting, I promise!
J: Good. Let's see which of you guide :)

J: What are you doing?
M: It seems right now - I need your help.
J: Wow, what happened?
M: Literally just found out that a backpacker traveler is coming to us. And only you will appreciate his lecture. Compose a company?
J: That sounds interesting! I’ll make up, of course. Where and when will she be?

How to invite a girl for a walk through VK

If you want to call a friend through a VKontakte, and not a stranger, think about how to do it in an original and fun way. Talking with an already familiar girl, you can choose the wording less carefully and not be afraid to experiment. There is a list of good phrases that will help you easily communicate with a girl that you like.

The most original way is to create a simple but beautiful website with an invitation. Send her his personal message with a signature like "Look, what a cool idea." The site should have the invitation itself with the date, time and venue.

If you can’t compose websites, draw graffiti or make a postcard in Photoshop. The main advantage here is the unusual format and presentation. The result should be beautiful and unique, so that it is clear that you are not just a Google template, but really tried.

Another way is to record a voice message. And here there are ways to distinguish yourself: with music in the background, funny effects, intonations, and other audio recording features.

If you want to invite through correspondence - do not worry about originality: this may also be a good solution. Here's what it might look like:

M: How are you?
J: I’ve got the story for tomorrow’s test.
M: Yes, that week was another week in school. Keep me company in preparation for the colloquium tomorrow after the test. We’ll have time to relax and study more productively. I propose to sit in a coffee shop near the main building immediately after the couples.
J: A tempting offer :) will you help me figure out the problems?
M: Of course! This is one of the tasks. Fine, then come to the table by the window, meet there.

M: You forgot glasses in the office. Miss them, I guess? :)
J: Damn, I thought I dropped it somewhere on the way home.
M: I can return them today so that you do not suffer until tomorrow. At the same time I will offer dinner.
J: Oh, great! Can you drive to my area, in the cafe "Hieroglyph"?
M: Yes, I just wanted to offer it. I'll be there in an hour.
J: You are my savior! Thank you, I will come on time

J: I bought a dog!
M: Wow, great! What kind of breed?
J: Spaniel. Nice puppy.
M: I had a spaniel in childhood, they are really wonderful. By the way, there is an extra leash and a couple of toys. I will give it with pleasure if you allow me to take a walk with you.
J: Tempting! We are walking in the park.
M: Great. I'll be there at seven.

How to offer to meet by phone

To invite a girl for a walk on the phone, you need brevity and confidence. Be prepared in advance and try not to distract the girl with lengthy conversations and a long uncertain moo. Here are some good phone invitation examples:

M: Hi, I'm calling to ask what are your plans for the weekend.
J: Hello, so far only Saturday afternoon is busy.
M: Wow. How about bowling that evening? I want to unwind, and you seem like the perfect company.
J: I'm not a very good player, but I think it will be fun.
M: This is what is required! I'll be there at six.
J: Well, I’ll come there by this time.
M: Then see you!

M: Hi, is there a minute?
J: Yes, speak. Something happened?
M: Nothing serious - I just wanted to invite you on a tour of the rooftops on Friday night. I hope you are interested.
J: That sounds intriguing, yes. But I'm not sure that I will be free.
M: It’s up to you to decide, but if anything, we start from zero kilometer at seven. I would be very happy if you join.
J: I will try and say for sure on Thursday.

M: It seems that you were looking for where we make good coffee in Kemeks. I found such a place, and I need an expert. Let's go there on Sunday?
J: That sounds interesting! In the afternoon I am free.
M: Great. I'll pick you up at three.
J: Well, I will wait.

How to date by SMS

The main feature of SMS invitations is their conciseness. If you are interested in how to make an acquaintance a date by SMS, try to put as much information as possible in one message. Here are some examples of how to make an acquaintance a date by SMS:

  1. I haven’t seen you for a long time and I want to meet. Let's go to the movies on Saturday? I got a ticket and ice cream.
  2. Already heard that your favorite Hurts are coming? I took the tickets, I want to listen to them live. I count on your company.
  3. Are you a connoisseur of Italian cuisine? How about a pasta dinner on Friday? They say that in “Papa Carlo” she is excellent.
  4. “Aladdin” finally came out for hire - I have been waiting a year! Come with me to the premiere? I promise: it will be fun!
  5. I want to meet and make you happy. Can you tell me the place where I have long wanted to visit? I have a couple of ideas, but I'm open to suggestions.

How to invite a stranger on a date

How to call a stranger to a meeting is the most difficult task that is discussed in this article. It is worth saying right away that the chances are small: in the era of the Internet, few decide to date a person whom they see for the first time. However, here are 5 tips to increase these chances:

  1. Keep your arm out. Do not disturb the personal space of the girl.
  2. Speak confidently. She is most likely afraid of it. If you will too, the acquaintance will not take place.
  3. Explain the reason for your conversation. You need help finding an address, you liked it, you are interested in what she does or eats, if it happens in a cafe.
  4. Give her a compliment if she looks unusual or just attractive, ask the right question related to her appearance.
  5. Keep in mind that she may refuse. Then ask her contacts - phone or profile on social networks, and chat before making an appointment again.

Poetry date invitation

An original way that touches many girls. In this case, emotionality is important, not the size of the stanzas and the perfect construction of the quatrains. Here are some examples of the best way to invite a girl to a date in verse.

Beautiful creature,
I invite you on a date!
I want to surround with my tender care
I admit that being with you is a pleasure!

I like you for a long time
Come on in a cafe, or a movie?
I beg you, do not refuse
'Cause I cherish you
How - at a meeting I will say.

I have never dreamed of this
Find a finer creature.
You are without a doubt the ideal.
Let's go on a date today!

How not to invite

We told how beautiful it is to call a girl on a first date so that she agrees. Now we list what should not be allowed to avoid failure.

  1. Do not be rude. Call politely, adequately respond to possible objections and change of plans.
  2. Do not offer ill-conceived options. Do not ask, “Do you want to spend time together?”, Offer something more specific like going to the cinema, an amusement park, walking.
  3. Do not call at an inconvenient time like early morning and late evening and do not interrupt the girl’s story to invite her somewhere.
  4. Do not pronounce the word "date", it can scare.
  5. Do not invite in a crowded place where many who hear your dialogue.
  6. Do not call where the girl will definitely not be interested.
  7. The most important thing: do not forget to appear on the appointed date! ,)

How to invite a girl to take a walk on the phone

You can invite a girl to take a walk on the phone invisibly involving her in a dialogue. For example: “What kind of films do you like?” After receiving the answer, immediately say the second half of the phrase: “Compose the company, let's go to the cinema by 5 - the film is to your taste.”

Or: “Whom do you love more - sparrows or pigeons?” Having received the answer, write a second SMS: “Let's go feed them?”

To invite a girl for a walk is almost the same as inviting her for a date. There are several ways to invite a girl you like to take a walk.The main rule in this matter is to learn how to feel free to invite girls for a walk.


If you are too shy to call a girl and invite her for a walk, then use various messengers, this can be an SMS message, a message on social and other communication networks. But at the same time, remember that to refuse a walk is much easier by returning a message than by voice over the phone, and therefore, inviting a girl to walk through a message, you reduce the chances of obtaining her consent. The message inviting the girl should be something like this: “Hello, Arishka. I invite you to take a walk tonight in the lake area. Michael".

By inviting a girl to go for a walk with you, you can not only through a phone call or by sending her a message, but also in person. So, for example, at school, at the institute or at work, you approach a girl, start an unobtrusive conversation and, at the end of the conversation, completely unobtrusively, suggest that the girl take a walk together at such and such a time, in such and such a place. And then, how lucky.


If the girl you invite to take a walk rejects your offer, take your time to get nervous and freak out. First of all, ask why she is not ready to go for a walk, if she does not have time, ask if she can consider another time for a walk. If even here you get a refusal, then do not bother anymore, let her rest, let her think, and while she thinks, show signs of attention to her. A week or two will pass, try again to invite the girl for a walk. Your chances of getting a positive decision should increase significantly. In any case, and in any situation, do not despair, know, sometimes girls themselves do not know what they want and what they expect, and therefore take the initiative and do not give up. We recommend that you read


Most likely, the feeling when I’m already kind of tuned in and ready to come up or call the girl to invite her for a walk and then suddenly, once everything breaks down when you see her, or when she picks up the phone. Fear, stiffness, and constraint prevail and constrain in full. Only practice will help to cope with this. To begin with, think about the fact that a girl is as shy about you as you are about her, and also think that she is the same person who wants affection, care and attention from a man. And, of course, practice. There is some way that will help you learn to overcome your fear in dealing with girls. Buy one rose and go to the first girl you meet, say hello to her, give a rose and tell me your name and wait for the girl to answer. After her answer, try to maintain a conversation with her. If you are embarrassed to do this in your city, take a trip to the neighboring one, nobody knows you there.

Ideally, most girls will say that they prefer to be invited in person. If you are so shy that you can not invite a girl to a date either in person or by phone, then it is best to do this via SMS. Most likely you will be able to do this more believably, so that the girl responds with consent. It is very important to be extremely respectful and to speak essentially all depending on whether you invite her to a date, to dances or offer her to become your girlfriend.


What to write to the girl in contact, to invite her on a date and to get consent for sure - we have approximately examined.

I did not focus on one very important point.

In addition to correctly selected phrases, in addition to courage and confidence, nothing will work if you do not fulfill one very important condition that I mentioned at the very beginning: if you do not properly arrange your Vkontakte profile.

Be sure to do this to please the girl:

  • Vkontakte profile needs high-quality professional photos.
  • Take away all the photos from partying, barbecue, with beer, on the background of the carpet.
  • Stop reposting memasics from the groups “Behind the Thorn”, “The Car Bombs” - and other publics with dubious content.
  • Write more about yourself - but not how you woke up and stretched, but how you went here and there.
  • In order to write about how you went to a particular event - start going to these events.

And good luck to you. A social network Vkontakte - to help.

Invite her on a date

Come up with something interesting for a date. If you know this person well enough, then consider her interests when offering a date. The more attractive the invitation sounds, the more likely it is to get consent. Moreover, if you outline a specific place and time for the meeting, you will be more convincing than if you just say: Let's spend time together or I don't know what you like . Here are some ideas you should take into account before inviting a girl for a date:

  • If you like the same music, then invite her to a concert.
  • Invite her to dinner or just eat ice cream. If you like cooking, then invite her to a home dinner. But remember that dates do not have to be related to food, take a walk together or go bowling!
  • Choose a type of activity where you will have the opportunity to chat and get to know each other closer. Try not to invite her to the movies, because there you will sit in silence and you will not be able to talk. However, if you decide to invite her to the cinema, first have dinner together or go and eat ice cream after the movie. So you will have a chance to get to know each other.

Send her the first SMS. Say hello to her first to start a conversation. If you suddenly met her and are not sure whether she saved your number on her phone or not, then you probably need to remind her who you are. Tell her something like: Hey. This ... so and so, you and I recently met . If you are sure that she has your phone number, then write to her in SMS something like: Hey. How are you? or Hey. How was your day?

If you recently saw her, then try to come up with some excuse to start a conversation regarding your last meeting. For example, if you were together at some party, then you can write: Hey. How did you spend the rest of the evening? If you were together in a lesson, try writing something like: Are you ready for the test on Monday?

  • Before you call her on a date, wait for her answer to your first SMS. Do not forget that she may be busy, and her phone may not be with her. Be patient.

Invite her on a date. After you have managed to start a conversation, it's time to invite her on a date. You may first ask what her plans are for this day or for the weekend. If she says she’s free, then invite her on a date. Write to her in SMS something like: Would you like to do this and that with me

Do not wait too long to date her. You do not want the conversation to go in another direction, and your invitation to a date seemed ridiculous or unexpected? There is no need for a long conversation if you write to each other.

  • Be concise. Just ask: Do you want to go to the cinema? or Let's go bowling on Friday night?
  • Schedule a specific place and time for the meeting. If you just say: Do you want to watch a movie? then you will not sound convincing. It is very important that she feel the seriousness of her intentions and understand that you are considering this.
  • Offer her something else. Maybe she wants to meet with you, but she plays terribly bowling, maybe she wants to have dinner with you, but she was only at the place you proposed yesterday.Let her know clearly that you have a plan, but you are open to other proposals too.

Respond to her answer. If she says yes, then discuss the details: decide where and when you will meet and, if necessary, discuss how you will get there. After you decide on a date, end the conversation in the usual manner, saying something like: “Great! See you on Saturday! ”After that, do not write her SMS so as not to seem annoying. However, if she writes to you again, then she can answer.

Be sure to let her know that you are looking forward to this date if she says yes. This will make her feel special, and she will also look forward to it.

  • If she rejects your offer, then let her know that you are not offended, and end the conversation. Do not hang your nose and end the conversation on a positive note.

Ask her to be your girlfriend

Find out if she is interested in you romantically. Before asking a girl whether she wants to become your girlfriend or not, you should have a few dates and you should be sure that she wants you to become something more than just a friend. If you are still young and offer the girl to become your girlfriend without dates, then pay attention to the signs indicating that she likes you, she blushes when talking, waiting for you after class. If you understand whether she likes or not, it will increase your chances of not being rejected.

If you have never spoken to her, don’t know her well enough, or know that she already has a romantic relationship with someone else, then do not invite her to a date. There are many other beautiful girls around!

Start a conversation. Say hello to her first by saying something like: Hello! How are you? or Hello! What are you doing? This will help start the conversation and prepare her for the question. Let the conversation flow naturally.

  • If you are not 100% sure she likes it or not, then pay attention to non-verbal signals and her words at the next meeting. Does she turn to face you, or is she nervous in your presence, or does she look excited when you appear? If so, these are very good signs and indicate that she likes you.

Start with a preface. Greet her: Hi, how are you? or How is the day going? . This will help start the conversation and prepare her for the question. Let the conversation flow naturally. No need to be clever, it is better to be straightforward and speak essentially, she will be impressed with your confidence if you do not mumble too much.

  • You cannot know her daily routine to the nearest minute, so try to talk to her when she is not busy. For example, if you know that she has football training after school, then talk to her a few hours after that.

First tell her about your feelings. Tell her that you enjoy spending time with her, note the qualities that make her unique, explain why you enjoy spending time with her. Try saying something like: I really liked the few weeks we spent together , Next to you, I feel so special or I've never been as good with anyone as you . Whatever you say, be honest and say only what is in reality.

  • Wait for her answer before inviting her to become your girlfriend. Without asking her about this directly, you can already understand by her response to your message whether she is interested in a relationship with you or not.
  • See if she reciprocates or not. If she says she feels the same way about you, then go ahead and ask her if she wants to be your girlfriend. If she doesn't answer or just say thanks without telling you about your feelings, then, probably, you are not interested in her.
  • Do not bombard her with compliments, as this may seem insincere and depressing.

Ask her if she wants to be your girlfriend. There are several ways to formulate this question. You can ask her directly by saying something like: Do you want to be my girlfriend? , Can I call you my girlfriend? or Do you want us to officially become a couple? Those pull too long, the faster you ask the question, the faster you get the answer.

  • Another option is to ask her a question that requires a detailed answer, for example: What do you think this will lead to? or Aren't you against a new relationship? Such open-ended questions will let her know that you really care about her desires and needs, and are ready to compromise to make her happy. This will help relieve stress, although perhaps you will not get the answer that you are waiting for.

React appropriately. If she wants to be your girlfriend, wonderful! The first thing you can offer is some kind of fun activity, for example, going to a show or bowling. She will understand that you have serious intentions and that you have thought a lot about the possible relationship with her.

  • If she is not interested in you, then be friendly and thank you for your time. It is better to part on a good note and feel proud for your sustained reaction.

You like a girl, and you have been chatting with her for a long time, chatting, then it's time to start acting and find out how to invite a girl for a walk for the first time, since there is nothing more pleasant than walking alone in the moonlight or going to a concert, to a museum, restaurant, or maybe to the zoo or circus. There are an incredible amount of ideas for a date, and after reading the article, you will learn how to prepare for it, how to invite her to chat in real life or using the VK social network, as well as by phone.

Discussion: 11 comments

How to invite a girl for a walk for the first time? The main thing is not to be afraid. I once thought that the girl with whom he was in love did not pay attention to me and I was indifferent to her. Due to fear of rejection, I did not invite her for a walk. It was a long time ago, but all this time I remembered her. We met recently, it turned out, she, too, had once been afraid to confess to me.

I haven’t thought about how to invite a girl for a walk. I told her everything, now I understand that it’s nonsense. I read the article, the author says really important things. Well, already for the future I took note of a few tips.

Once I invited a girl to walk, just writing her a VKontakte message. She did not refuse, but agreed somehow without much joy. Then she told me that she would like to invite her at least by phone. Guys, take note, girls love attention.

I really like funny guys with a great sense of humor. But I hate it when a person doesn’t have a sense of humor, but begins to invent some kind of funny invitation messages or try to joke somehow. If you are serious, then I treat you like that. I'm ready for the fact that there will not be much laughter, why not invite the girl in a way that is comfortable for you?

I read where the author suggests going on a date with a girl. I’ll say that when I invite her on a date for the first time, I want to know her better. Therefore, I will never call her to exhibitions, circuses and even cinema. Why? Everything is distracting there, it’s impossible to talk. Ideally - a park, cafe, zoo.

It seems to me that the first thing to do is to find out what exactly the girl is interested in, only then to think about how and where to call her for a walk. It is strange if she is fond of sports, and she will be called to the amphitheater. Both of you will simply not be interested in each other. Find common interests.

I always called the girls to just walk around the park or city. So you can talk enough, mock, get to know each other. In more crowded places it’s impossible to concentrate, but you also must not allow anyone to be near you. It will strain any girl.

No matter how and where to call, the main thing is punctuality! How many times has it been that I went on a date earlier, and the guy was late.There is a very unpleasant sensation. Moreover, he can also give out “What is it ?! 5 minutes you won’t wait how much I was waiting for you! ” Never do this, you are men, not some gopniks from the gateway.

It seems to me that the most important thing is to know whether a girl likes you. But how to invite her and where - this is a secondary matter. Surely, if you like her, then you yourself know about her interests, tastes, therefore it will not be difficult to choose a suitable place.

For some reason, it seems that the author described fairly primitive and simple options for how and where to invite the girl. Where did the romance go? Especially if this is your first date, and even at school age. You can throw a note to the girl you like in the backpack with an invitation. And yes, on a date, do not forget to come with flowers. For some reason, such a trifle, but everyone ignores it.

Very good and informative article.

Men are often too worried when they invite a girl on a first date. At the same time, women worry no less, especially when they are preparing for this meeting. To invite a girl, it is important to calm down, gain confidence and call there, as you think, she would have liked. Therefore, to get consent, you need to choose a place, prepare a couple of successful phrases and make a call or write a message. But is it that simple as it sounds?

What and how to say, inviting a girl on a date

Inviting a girl on a date don't beat around the bush . It is important to feel confident, but not to push too hard. What and how to say depends on the specific young lady, therefore, before the invitation, her psychological portrait must be drawn up in advance. Where did you meet? What does she like?

Think over all your speech or at least a plan. If the invitation is planned in advance, then start the conversation with common phrases. Find out how the girl is doing, ask what her plans are for a particular day.

Always have 2-3 date ideas for different dates and times.

Do not ask if she is busy on Sunday. Ask if she has plans for this day at 4 p.m.

You can invite her in an original way, keeping the date in secret. But remember to mention how should she get dressed : sports, do not forget comfortable shoes or dress and shoes are suitable. If a girl has to walk in the park in high heels, she is unlikely to want to continue communicating further.

If a woman refused to go with you, try to find out the reason. Usually there are 2 of them: either she does not like the man, or she is not interested in the place. In this situation, do not get boring, and pester with inquiries. Try to invite her in a week, coming up with something creative and original. If this does not help, then it is better to leave the girl.

Examples of good phrases

  • “Remember, we discussed Italian cuisine with you?” Will you keep me company in one cozy trattoria? They are preparing the best carbonara in the city ... ",
  • “Let's go get some tea / coffee / cider?”
  • “Now in the cinemas there is the“ Name of the film ”, which everyone praises very much. Do you want to keep me company? ”

All these phrases indicate that you want to be with the girl together, chat and get to know each other better. At the same time, they have a share of specifics, which allows the young lady to make a first impression. It’s better to include a specific place or activity in such phrases. If this hooks her, then the time of the meeting is a secondary issue.

How not to say

As for the unsuccessful phrases, everything is simple here: you cannot use profanity and wrong expectations .

Want to get step-by-step instructions on successful dates: how to choose the right place, what to talk about, how to behave, how to stand out from the crowd of her fans? We advise you to read free book by Roman Vinilov "Effective dates."

Surprising a girl on a date and impressing her will help.

Very often girls are late for dates.You will learn how to react correctly in such situations.

In order to stand out from the crowd of her fans can be presented to her.

Which is better: write in social networks or make a phone call?

VKontakte messages are used when correspondence logically leads to the fact that you could meet in real life. For example, at the end of a discussion of your favorite movies or food, you can call a girl to the cinema or to a restaurant with a particular cuisine.

Writing in social networks or SMS is easier, especially for shy men. The call also positions the man as a confident person, therefore it is preferable . Depending on how you want to present yourself in the face of a girl, and choose the appropriate method.

If you feel that the girl is clearly showing sympathy, then during such correspondence you can call her on your mobile phone. Almost a win-win option when she greets herself and writes the first. In this case, the risk of rejection is minimal.

How to call a girl on a date in Vkontakte

Another scenario: you met a girl in contact, corresponded with her for a while and now want to meet her in real life. What is the best thing to do in this case?

Here are a few more proven tricks that will surely come in handy for you by correspondence.

In a word, inviting a young lady to a first date, you must be yourself (or a slightly more confident version of yourself), think out a date in advance in order to answer all possible questions, be friendly and keep an optimistic mood. The main thing is not to delay for a long time and not make an appointment in a week. 2-3 days after the call is enough, otherwise the girl may forget about you while waiting. If in the coming days there is no opportunity to meet, then before the meeting you can phone a couple more times and confirm the date.

How to, and at the same time, beautiful, invite a girl for a walk?

Conventionally, there are several ways of such an ideal invitation. Each of them should be considered on the basis of what the representative of the fair sex loves and what approach is required for her.

  1. For those who like extreme sports. First of all, the adrenaline will go off scale at the guy. Why? Yes, because it is not always known what the beauty will answer. So, you can record a video message, write an SMS or e-mail. It is important to indicate something like “Sorry, but I need to tell you something important and urgent. I can’t discuss this on social networks. It would be better if we meet. I look forward to hearing from you. ” When composing the text of such, let’s say, an alarming message, one should refrain from the words “you should”, “you need”. You should not oblige her to anything. This pressure may not appeal to everyone. Despite the fact that the invitation will be able to pat both nerves a lot, it will be remembered for a long time.

How to invite a girl on a date

Hello friends. Trying to call a young lady on a date in an original and beautiful way is the same as going through a minefield, you don’t know how she will react to your proposal. Today I’ll tell you how to invite a girl on a date so that she can’t refuse and share all the secrets. Consider all the possible options.

Table of contents:

How to call a girl on a phone call

This is the easiest way to invite, here the girl does not see your insecurity, your ridiculous appearance and much more. Only your voice, intonation, words appear here. In a telephone conversation, the beauty does not have time to think, which increases the chances of a positive answer. You need to pay attention to the following:

  • the voice should not be too loud
  • speak bluntly
  • speak politely without familiarity,
  • address her by name,
  • check if she knows how to get there (if you have a car, offer a ride).

Here is a list of sample phrases for invitations by phone:

"Hi.I'm Gena, we met last week. Let's go to a new cafe on (street name), they say they cook delicious pizza there. ”

“(Name), what are you doing tomorrow night?” "I bought rollers for myself, but I don’t know how to ride, will you help?”

If you live in an area with a large river, where you can ride in the summer on a boat, boat, offer: "Will you keep me company on a river walk?"

"Hi. Today a new movie was released, do we go together? ”

“What does a beautiful stranger do in the world today? Can I interfere with your plans? Come bowling with me today? ”

Important! Regardless of the way you invite the lady: be flexible. Representatives of the fair sex, even on weekends, are busy with important things, so adapt to her plans, change yours.

How to invite a beauty VKontakte

Social networks are a favorite option for most guys. Many there even get acquainted with girls and make dates. The advantages of Internet communication is that the chosen one does not see or hear you, but judges your attitude to her by SMS. Therefore, special attention should be paid to them:

  • use multimedia: smiles, graffiti, you can take photos, videos,
  • write poems, you can write your own composition,
  • ask about her affairs, more about her, less about you,
  • write in full words (without any “ok, clear, pozhls, norms”, etc.),
  • Do not use foul language.

As a rule, when communication began in contact and has been actively ongoing for some time - you can safely invite her to meet in person. The place can be discussed with the beauty - take into account her tastes and preferences. Here the probability of failure is reduced to zero - if you constantly communicate online, then the lady is interested in meeting you.

  • If you practically do not communicate on the network - for example, you work together, you can offer her to join you on the weekend:
  • "I'm going to roller skate this weekend, do you want to go with me?"
  • "My neighbors left the pug, I have no idea how to deal with it, can you help?"

“What are you doing this weekend?” May I join you? ”

How to choose a meeting place

Here, too, need to show imagination and ingenuity. Women were tired of the monotonous trips to the cinema, theater, restaurant - they had already gone through all this, except for those who had never been on a romantic date.

Think about what your person might like, find out from her about her hobby, dream and focus on it. If there is no option, you can bring a little zest to a simple option.

For example: you are going to invite her to a cafe, you can do this:

  1. Reserve a table.
  2. Decorate the table with flowers or rose petals. Wait until the girl arrives, and she is led to the table.
  3. Wait for her to place an order.
  4. Arrange with the waiter and change into his uniform.
  5. Bring her her order and stay with her.

The girl will be pleasantly surprised and will definitely agree to the second and subsequent dates.

Original date invitation

This question excites all young people and men. “How to invite a young lady so that she is not offended and thinks nothing superfluous and bad about me?” Very simple, consider phrases thatspoil everything:

"Hello. May I invite you on a date? ”

"Hi. What are you doing today, come with me to the river. "

"Hi. What will you do today? Are you not very busy? Could you come to the cinema with me? It’s not for long, I still need to take my mother from work. ”

"(Name), you’ll come tomorrow to Stas Mikhailov with me, keep in mind that if you are late, I won’t follow you."

“When will you call me for tea?” Can not wait".

What you need to say:

"Hi. Today I am free from all business, and you? Compose me with a company, I want to look into a coffee shop, they say delicious cakes there. ”

“I’m jogging tomorrow morning, are you with me?” Only, chur, do not overtake. "

"Help me, please, I need to get a shirt, but I absolutely do not know how to choose them, I need your professional look."

These simple phrases will help you call her on a date, but first of all, the guy needs to focus on the chosen one - her tastes, preferences, daily schedule. When the first meeting was successful, it will not be difficult to invite to the second, you can take a little time - make her a little worried, maybe she herself will invite the first. Be sure to include humor:

“Something I didn’t see you last time, will we meet again?”

“You know, but I liked going out with you, let's make it a tradition?”

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