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Men's scarves: varieties and choices

A scarf is another seasonal accessory with which women decorate their image, and men protect themselves from windy and frosty weather. Initially, such accessories were knitted by hand, but today the manufacturing materials have expanded much, as well as design, color schemes and prints. Therefore, designers offer a man numerous types of men's scarves, it remains only to make a choice.

On how to choose a men's scarf, stylists who know a lot about fashion trends, etiquette and rules for a combination of clothes and shoes are ready to share tips and recommendations. It is important to consider first of all the season of the year, fashion trends this season, the general style and image of a man, his age, character and lifestyle. In addition, it is better to choose a scarf of high quality from natural materials.

Varieties of Men's Scarves

In the fashionable bow of a man, even the smallest details are important, including print, fabric, color, scarf style. The manufacturers of this accessory take into account all the subtleties and nuances, due to which the scarf can not only warm in any weather, but also harmoniously emphasize the features of the outfit and image of the man. Thanks to a wide variety of models, every man will be able to choose the best option for himself.

In shape

Form is the main attribute by which models can be distinguished by a scarf for men. Today, manufacturers offer several forms:

  • Keffiyeh - A square-shaped scarf that was originally used by the Arabs, and today is distributed around the world.
  • Pashiman - a large size scarf made of pashmina fabric, a light, soft and stylish accessory made of high quality fine wool with various blends.
  • Snoods - a scarf in the form of a ring or a tubular shape without free ends; it belongs to the sports style of clothing.

Three types of scarves are most common among the male half of society, while manufacturers offer more than a dozen models in the arsenal of the female half. Men's fashion has always been simple, concise and restrained, including among scarves.

By style

When choosing a scarf, a man must first of all take into account the main function of this accessory - protecting the neck from weather and wind. After this, the man should pay attention to the style of the accessory, according to this criterion, today manufacturers offer several types of scarves:

  • winter casual denim scarf for the winter season,
  • a summer and stylish scarf made of flowing fabrics that can protect from the sun and adorn the image of a man,
  • a tubular sports scarf made of durable fabrics, aimed at protecting against frost during sports and tourism,
  • a stylish model of a universal cut scarf, which implies an original design for different seasons of the year,
  • monophonic formal style evening scarf (usually black or white) used for formal meetings and events.

The stylistic load plays an important role, since a scarf can become a profitable accent in the image or an absurd accessory that does not fit into the style. Stylists insist that every modern man should know this classification.

By texture

The fabric and its texture are also important in choosing a scarf, so stylists share several recommendations for choosing a scarf.

If we are talking about a winter accessory, you should look at a model from cashmere or wool, which retains heat, but allows the skin to breathe. Such fabrics as angora, silk, linen and cotton, jersey and fabrics with the addition of synthetic polyester are no less in demand.

By color

The names of scarves should be known to every modern man, as well as fashion trends about the design and color of scarves according to the latest collections of designers. In fact, experts do not name specific rules regarding the choice of pattern and shade of the scarf, it is only important to consider the style and tone of the face, as well as the events and circumstances in which this scarf will be worn.

We select a scarf for the image

For sports, bright colors are suitable, for example, a red, yellow or green scarf, but for everyday wear it is better to choose restrained simple models. Stylists do not recommend using this accessory as a main accent, so the design should also be modest. For official events, a rectangular, black or gray color model is suitable. It is also important that the scarf is sized appropriately.

In general, only graphic patterns, geometric prints and no decorating elements are allowed. In a tandem with classic-style outerwear, a scarf is best worn under the bottom of a coat or jacket, and in an informal grunge or casual style, wearing an accessory from the front over clothing is acceptable. On the Internet there are many master classes and video tutorials on how to tie a scarf in different styles.


Every modern man’s wardrobe should have a formal and informal style scarf, light for warm weather and dense of warm fabrics for the winter season. For the rest, it makes no sense for a man to keep a lot of different scarves, since things must be involved and effective. The main function of the scarf is to protect the neck from the weather, and as a decoration to wear a scarf is a purely female prerogative.


Men's scarf appeared a very long time ago. Both artists and great warriors and even statesmen wore it. The proof of this is that in some old paintings you can see the image of people in silk stoles. Scarves known as the Sudarium were popular among the Romans. They were worn both on the neck and on the waist. Now scarves are still popular, but they are made on an industrial scale, rarely doing manual work.

From wool

This type of fiber is very popular. It has many advantages. First of all, it is a high temperature control, good wear resistance. In addition, wool can absorb up to 30% moisture, but at the same time remain dry. Another important property is that in a woolen scarf it is warm in winter.

Merino wool is considered one of the best. They make it from the fleece of Australian sheep.

This fiber is very thin and soft. The next on the list are Scottish wool, as well as mohair, which is made from Angora goats. The mohair knitted scarf is quite light and warm, besides it will not be wrinkled, even if it is folded in several layers. Also in this category are scarves made from alpaca wool or Angora rabbits.

From cashmere

A cashmere scarf always looks stylish and elegant. They make it from the undercoat of mountain goats. In order to get thin threads, animals are not sheared, but simply combed out. This must be done precisely during their molting period. Such products are obtained not only warm, but also thin and light.

In addition, they are great for creating both daily and holiday images.

From silk

The silk scarf is smooth and pleasant to the touch, besides it differs from other materials by its characteristic luster. For its manufacture, threads are used, which are extracted from silkworm cocoons. Most often, such accessories are worn in the summer.

From fur

Such material is very rarely used for scarves. But still, you can find products of small sizes that not only cover your neck, but also become a great addition to create a stylish look.

Color spectrum

Scarves for men usually have rather restrained colors. In the same time some of the guys prefer bright and colorful options. In any case, the selected product should not only please the man, but also fit his style of dress.

The most popular are black, blue and gray. After all, they are the best way to complement any image chosen by a man. In addition, striped or checkered options are often found. Usually in such a product two colors are beautifully combined.

It is worth noting that black scarves will immediately add to a person visually for several years.

Therefore, those who want to look younger should choose a dark scarf with a green or gray tint.

If we talk about the classics, then this category should include shades such as red and white. Such shades make the face much fresher and younger.

The only drawback is that such products must be washed very often, because they quickly get dirty.

Scarves for men can be divided into several categories.

  • Sketch. This scarf model can simultaneously perform two functions: used as a stand-up collar or as a regular classic scarf. The only difference between such a product is the expansion in the middle, as well as the incision across the scarf. In addition, its edges can be joined together using a special fastener or Velcro.

  • Snood. This model of a scarf has another name - this is a collar or muffler. They make it from light tissues. This version of the model is intended to be worn in the summer and spring. Such scarves are quite popular among men and are often used as a hood. Most often they are put on for sports in the cold season.

  • Trumpet. This is the name of an elongated scarf, which is made in the shape of a ring. It can be both narrow and wide. Sew such products from different fabrics. Usually such a model is worn around the neck and wound in two layers at once.

  • Arafatka. This model is an ordinary lightweight neckerchief that is tied in the neck. For the most part, these scarves are considered youthful and stylish.


Scarves can be found in the collections of many famous brands. This allows everyone to choose for themselves just such an accessory that they like the most. To begin with, it is worth noting branded accessories Burberry.

They are made, as a rule, of cashmere, in addition, they are decorated with a checkered print, which is considered the hallmark of this company.

Quite often, scarves are complemented by a logo from a fashion house.

Another one, An equally well-known company that produces scarves is Tranini. Products from these manufacturers are particularly soft, because thin natural threads are used to create them. A man in such a scarf will always look stylish and attractive.

Gobi is known not only in its own country, but throughout the world.

For the manufacture of scarves only natural products are used.

In addition, all products look very beautiful. For this reason, only the most successful men choose them for themselves.

How to choose?

In order to get a beautiful scarf for a man, you need to start with the following parameters.

  • First you need to decide on the fabric. The most popular material today is cashmere. After all, this material is not only thin, but also warm, so it is perfect to wear both in autumn and winter in light cold. However, with the onset of severe frosts, it is worth giving preference to products made of wool. After all, they can save a man in the most severe frosts.
  • The next parameter that you need to pay attention to is the choice of shade. In this case, you need to start from your personal preferences, as well as from the chosen style. For example, a black or gray classic scarf is perfect for a double-breasted coat or jacket.
  • You also need to pay attention to the price of the purchased product. Do not buy too cheap a scarf. After all, such products are often made of artificial threads, which may subsequently adversely affect the health of men.
  • Many people turn their attention to the length of the scarf. In the event that you buy it under a regular business suit, you can choose the average length. To create a more comfortable look, you can buy a long scarf.
  • An important role is played by brand choice. If a person wants to get high-quality and good products, then you need to look at the goods of European manufacturers.

How can I tie?

There are many ways to tie a scarf. However, the most popular this year are the following.

  • The simplest option is called “Draper”. It is suitable for creating spring or autumn images. In this case, just throw a scarf around your neck without tying it at the same time. Everything will look beautiful not only in combination with jackets, but also with sweaters.

  • The second option is a one-turn scarf. It is suitable for wearing in the winter. Simply throw the product around the neck and wrap it around it once. As a result, both ends hang on the chest.
  • Another interesting way to wear a scarf is double wrap or reverse drift. Most often, this option is suitable for severe colds. Everything is done in the same way as in the previous version. The only difference is that you need to wrap a scarf around your neck 2 times. In addition, both ends must be extended to the very middle.

  • For creative people, the option is perfect when one end of the scarf is on the back, and the other on the front. It is almost impossible to keep warm in this way, but to emphasize good taste is quite.

What to wear?

A scarf can be worn with almost everything. The main thing is to choose the right combination of things. For example, under a coat, you should choose a cashmere or silk product. For jogging on the street, snud is perfect. In the summer, it is enough to tie a light silk scarf around your neck, after which you can go for a walk or for a business meeting. Summing up, we can say that a scarf for a man is no less important than for a woman.

One such simple detail can save a person from the cold and at the same time emphasize his sense of style.


It is no accident that this material is the first in the list. This is the most common and most sought-after type of natural fiber on the market. What are its advantages? Why, when choosing a scarf, we recommend paying attention to it in the first place?

  • It is a comfortable to wear material with very good thermoregulation. Due to its natural origin, wool has a unique property: it is not hot in summer and warm in winter.
  • Merino wool (wool of the Australian breed of sheep) is considered the best, so you should look for a scarf made from this raw material. This type of fiber is very thin, so the product is soft, often comparable to cashmere.
  • Wool can absorb about 30% moisture while remaining dry to the touch.
    This is an extremely elastic material by nature, which is easily smoothed, easily draped, and is also very practical.
  • After the merino, the quality comes from Shetland wool (Britain), mohair (from Angora goats that are grown in Turkey), alpaca wool (South American llama), camel and, finally, Angora, which is taken from Angora rabbits.

A good scarf made of pure wool in Moscow can be found in Boggi (about 4 thousand rubles)

Good knitted scarves from Gemma H. ​​Uomo are in Tsvetnoy on the 4th floor. Such a scarf from 100% merino wool costs 6050 rubles there.

Nearby lies an excellent soft Sandro scarf (France) made of wool with the addition of 30% cashmere. Price 8800 p.

And here’s a rather prickly scarf of Wood Wood brand made from merino wool, which is clearly not worth the money (6700 p.):


One of the most expensive materials. But also most desirable if you want a warm thin scarf to be worn with a coat. Cashmere is not even wool, but the undercoat (fluff) of a mountain goat, which is not sheared, but combed. And only in the spring, during molting. Cashmere products are the thinnest, lightest and warmest.
But again, you should make sure the tactile sensations are comfortable by holding the scarf in your hands. Price does not always correlate with quality. Moreover, within the collection of one brand, it can vary significantly. For example, for the same price (7490 p.) In Massimo Dutti you can buy both a prickly and very smooth and pleasant cashmere scarf.
One of the most famous Italian brands Loro Piana makes scarves not just from cashmere, but from the so-called baby cashmere: it’s not just the goat’s undercoat that is combed out, but also the fluff of little kids.

Such products are expensive.
Or you can see here.


The coat of vicuna, an animal from the camelid family living in South America, is considered the most valuable. Traditionally, this wool is taken for sewing clothes or accessories for royalty. Scarves made of this material are more expensive than regular woolen or even cashmere ones. It is difficult to find a thinner fiber: in diameter it reaches 12 micrometers. Naturally, the vicuna scarf will be very soft and pleasant to the touch. Unfortunately, this animal is under protection, therefore, products from such wool are a rarity.
You can buy such a scarf from a well-known Scottish manufacturer.
Price depending on size 850 or 1450 euros.

Perhaps the most unusual item on our list, despite the fact that tweed is a type of wool. We are used to making jackets or hats from tweed, but there are also scarves. Most recently, the Tweed Hat guys brought a batch of first-class tweed scarves lined with velvet from Ireland. Prices are more than moderate.

Silk is a common fabric, pleasant and smooth, with a characteristic sheen. Threads are extracted from a silkworm cocoon. Choosing silk is also recommended by touch, as the quality varies greatly. A scarf made of 100% silk will be appropriate with a jacket or coat, but not in winter, but in summer or early autumn. For the cold season, you can take a thin cashmere scarf lined with silk. Here is an example:


Cotton is a vegetable natural fiber. A cotton scarf can be found quite often. As a rule, they are inexpensive, but they are not suitable for a cold winter, even if the mating is dense and look voluminous. Cotton does not have such warming properties as natural wool. For a scarf, cotton is good in blended fine fabrics. Here, for example, a wonderful Alexander Olch scarf made from a mixture of cotton (50%) and wool (50%) twill (diagonal) weaving. The price in the shopping center “Tsvetnoy” is 13400 r.

Flax is one of the four main natural fibers along with wool, silk and cotton. It makes beautiful lightweight fabrics, but they are only good in summer or spring, in warm weather. Flax easily wrinkles and poorly restores shape, this is the main drawback.
Linen scarf Barbour.


Acrylic is a material made from fibers obtained artificially. Acrylic scarves are quite common, but we would not recommend wearing them in winter. Thin woven acrylic scarves can be very soft and quite pleasant to the touch, but they will be very weak to warm the neck, therefore, as you know, they are not suitable for frost. The only advantage is the price. In general, artificial materials such as acrylic, polyester, nylon, rayon are acceptable in blended fabrics or yarns, if they do not occupy a very large percentage of the total product.
Penfild scarf in 100% acrylic.


Not always, of course, a scarf is made of only one type of fiber. Very often, these are mixtures of various materials, which in different ratios give different results. For example, it can be a combination of wool and cashmere, wool and silk, which gives both warmth and luster, cotton and wool (as mentioned above), mohair, wool and nylon, as, for example, in this All Saints scarf (4800 r .):
To the touch it is not too pleasant, but not very scratchy. Wool there is a total of 60%, so it should be warm.

Here's an excellent men's cashmere-silk blend scarf:

There can be many options for mixtures, and in different proportions. It is highly desirable that there be more natural fiber than artificial fiber.
So, when buying, you should definitely do two important things: study the label where the composition is indicated and, if possible, make sure that the fabric or yarn does not cause discomfort when it comes into contact with the skin.

Here are some reliable suppliers of wool products:
American manufacturer with more than a century of history: http://www.jpressonline.com
Supplier from Ireland, 117 years make and sell woolen products:

The British sell traditional British design scarves:

Wonderful British store delivering goods to Russia:

A fairly young but reliable seller from Sweden:

Beautiful real scarves here, in Russia:

Finally, one of the most eminent (rightfully) manufacturers:

In the next part of the guide, we will tell you how to wear a scarf and consider options for color and style combinations.

Stylish brown scarf for men

Sizes: scarf width 30 cm, length 215 cm.
To knit a man's scarf you will need:
- yarn Bergere de France Magic (50% acrylic, 50% wool, 80met / 50g) - 500 gr,
- knitting needles No. 5.5.

Garter stitch: all loops are front.
Facial surface: in the faces. - persons.p., In izn.r. - wrong side.
Wrong smooth surface: in faces. - out.p., in out.p. - facial.
The main pattern (= 4p.):
1p.: 1 persons., 2 issues., 1 persons.
2 and 4 p.: 1 life, 2 persons, 1 life.
3 pp .: 1 front row below (enter the right sp into the loop of the previous row, 1 front, lower the loop from the left sp), 2 lifes, 1 person. near below.
A pigtail with a width of 6 p.: Knit according to scheme 1. Once, perform from 1-18 p., Then repeat from 7-18 p.
Relief pattern (= 28p.): Knit according to scheme 2. Perform 1 p. from 1-48 p., then repeat from 7-48 p.
Density: 28 p. = 13 cm (embossed pattern)

Knitting pattern for a man's scarf:

Type 60 p. On the knitting needles and knit as follows: 3 p. Handkerchief, 6 p. With a pigtail, 3 p. Izn.gl., 4 p. Main pattern, 28 p. Embossed knot, 4 p. Main knot ., 3 p. Izn.gl., 6 p. Pigtail, 3 p.
Finish the job by finishing half of the embossed knot, and close the loops.

Fantasy short version for men

An interesting men's kit consisting of a hat and a short scarf. The knitting pattern for the caps was already on the TatuchkaClub.ru website. Follow the link here.
To make a scarf on knitting need:
- Partner yarn (50% polyamide, 25% worsted wool, 25% acrylic, 66met / 50gr) - 200 grams of gray and 100 grams of black,
- knitting needles number 4.5.
Fantasy pattern for a man's stylish scarf:

Beginner Model

A completely simple, but at the same time fashionable, men's kit for those who are just starting to learn how to knit. Design by Patons Design Studio. The set is crocheted of synthetic threads, you can choose other, warmer natural materials with the same characteristics so as not to make your own calculation of loops.
- Caron Simply Soft yarn (100% acrylic, 142g / 228met) - 450 grams,
- knitting needles No. 4 and No. 4.5.
Density: 19 p. = 10 cm

Knitting pattern for men’s scarf and knitting hats:

  1. For a hat on knitting needles No. 4, dial 106 p and tie a 2x2 elastic band (2 faces, 2 lans.) 15 cm high.
  2. Change the knitting needles to No. 4.5 and go to knitting with the front stitch (1p. - faces. P., 2p. - out. P.) 21.5 cm high from the start of work.
  3. Then start making reductions as follows:
    1p.: 1 persons., * 2p. Instead of persons., 22 persons., 1 p. Remove without tying, 1 person. and pull it through the shot * - repeat from *, 1 faces. (= 98p.)
    3 r.: 1 persons., * 2. Together with persons., 20 persons., 1 p. Remove without tying, 1 person. and pull it through the shot * - repeat from *, 1 person. (= 90p.)
    Decrease in the same rhythm in odd p. (total 21 r. deductions) until there are 18 p. Move them
    on the working thread and pull. Make a seam.
  4. For a scarf for knitting needles No. 4, dial 50 p. And tie with a 2x2 elastic band, starting with 2 faces. until the product is 152 cm long. Close the hinges.

Great gift for your beloved man

The next model in the selection is a soft men's winter scarf with rhombs.
Dimensions: 150 x 25 cm
You will need:
- Trinity yarn Angora (50% wool, 50% Angora, 300met / 100gr) - 200 gr,
- knitting needles No. 3 and hook No. 1,5.
Density: 26 p. = 10 cm

How to knit a men's scarf:
Dial 48 loops and tie them according to the pattern (see below) 150 cm long, close the loops.
Next, use a hook to tie a scarf around the perimeter with one row of single crochet and one row of double crochet. At the end of each p. knit connecting st.

Spectacular pattern for a man's scarf

For a set of loops, be guided by the fact that the pattern should be a multiple of 14 plus 2 p.
1, 3 and 5 pp.: 2 faces., * (1 wrong side, 1 facial) - 2 times, 1 life, 2 faces. - repeat from *
2, 4 and 6 pp.: * 3 life., (1 persons., 1 out.) - 2 times *, 2 life.
7 pp.: 2 persons., * 12 life., 2 persons. *
8 pp .: according to the drawing
9 p.: L.p.
10, 12 and 14 pp.: * 2 life., (1 faces., 1 out.) - 2 times, 1 faces. - repeat from * 2
11, 13 and 15 rubles: 2 persons., * (1 persons., 1 out.) - 2 times, 3 persons. *
16 pp.: * 7 persons., 2 life., 5 persons. *, 7 persons.
17 p.: According to the drawing
18 pp.: P.p.

Repeat rows 1 through 18.

The scheme of a knitted men's scarf:
Dial 44 pet. and tie 7 p. drawing pic. Then go to the main knit, with the first and last 7 pet. in all rows continue to knit Rome, and the middle 30 pet. - the main pattern. To achieve the desired length, you need to tie 19 rapports in height. Finish 7th p. rice.

Soft and warm double-sided pattern

Simple knitting is great for making men's scarves. Moreover, it is bilateral. The main thing in this model is soft and warm yarn.

English gum:
1p.: * 1lits., Double crochet, 1 pet. remake it like a night out. * - repeat from *, 1 persons.
2p.: * Yarn, re-shoot from the inside out., Knit together the front yarn and re-lifted st. *
3 p.: * Yarn and reshoot. together faces.p., double crochet, 1 p. *

Alternate only 2 and 3 p.

How to knit a men's scarf with knitting needles for beginners:
Without tightening, with yarn in two additions, dial 38 p. And perform 4 p. With a garter stitch (all loops are facial). In the last r. reduce 3 p. and go to the English gum. Tie 148 cm from the beginning, ending after the 2nd p. gum. Finish 4 p. payroll. in the first river decrease 3 p.

An interesting male version, knitted with a viscous, imitating tissue weave. Description under the photo.

City Style

A variety of styles of men's knitted scarves will allow you to express your image in an original and stylish way. This season, volume knits are especially popular, which are suitable for a classic coat, and for sports jackets and down jackets. The next option is another alpaca model from Drops design studio.

Basic knitting - 2x2 chess:
1 r.: * 2 purposive, 2 facial * - repeat to the end of the river,
2 and 4 p.: According to the drawing,
3 r.: * 2 front, 2 inside *
Men's scarf length: 27 to 180 cm.
- Drops Air yarn (70% alpaca, 23% polyamide, 7% wool, 50g / 130met) - 150 g,
- knitting needles number 7.

Knitting Description:
Dial 38 p. (Including 1 edge on each side) and knit a chessboard 180 cm long from the beginning of work. Lump knit with a garter stitch. Close the hinges.
If desired, you can make a fringe. To do this, cut the thread into segments 40 cm long, fold in half and stretch at equal distances along the edge of the scarf, make a knot on each brush.

Video master class on knitting a men's double-sided scarf from Helen Niro:

Another video tutorial of a beautiful model with weaves from Nadya Kro:

How to choose a scarf for a man

So autumn came, with its rains, dampness and cold - it's time to think about such a stylish and fashionable accessory as a men's scarf! As with the purchase of any other accessory, the acquisition of a scarf should be taken seriously and responsibly. Today we’ll talk about how to choose a scarf for a man, based on a huge variety of shapes, styles, materials and colors.

The undoubted advantage of a man's scarf is the ability to look stylish to a man and at the same time provide the necessary warmth to our throat. By itself, a man’s scarf can give a special touch and elegance to the image. It makes it possible to make casual clothing style fashionable and individual.

When purchasing a scarf, you should determine its style and choose a quality product that you will wear regularly with joy, and not one that will gather dust on a shelf in the closet. It is advisable to choose models from natural, pleasant to the touch materials. Wearing a product with synthetic impurities can cause irritation on thin and sensitive skin of the neck and cause discomfort.

Men's wool scarf

A scarf made of wool will help to keep warm - it can be wool of a rabbit (angora), llama (alpaca) or goat (mohair, merino and cashmere).

Today, on the shelves of stores there are bilateral models of scarves, when one part is made of fine wool and the second is made of natural silk, but most often these are female models of scarves.

The most elegant and stylish look men's scarves made of smooth woolen cloths.



An important role is also played by the general style that you prefer. Thus, scarves made of wool, cashmere or cotton are ideally suited to a classic formal suit or men's coat. Large-knit products are more suitable for jackets, down jackets, jeans and sweaters.

Coarse Gray Men's Scarf

Wool is the most comfortable and practical material that is capable of absorbing more than 30% moisture, while remaining dry. One of the most expensive materials is cashmere (down goat fluff), accessories from it are very thin, light and warm.

When choosing a scarf, carefully read the composition of which it is made. It is not recommended to buy a scarf made of acrylic or with its predominance - although such a product is pleasant to the touch, it will not protect your neck from frost and warm it.

The color scheme of scarves is quite conservative, however, despite this, one should not forget that it is necessary to select a product taking into account the general color scheme of the wardrobe. Classic and popular are the blue and gray colors of the scarf, as well as products in a large cage.

When choosing a color should follow the same rules as when buying a tie. Choose a product a couple of tones darker or lighter than the basic clothing (suit or coat).

Under the strict classic business style of clothing, stylists recommend choosing plain models or models with two shades.

Classic man plaid scarf

White also belongs to the classic colors of men's scarves - if you tie a snow-white scarf over a coat or suit, you are guaranteed to attract attention and stand out in the crowd.

Not a successful acquisition will be a black scarf, which in most cases gives the appearance of its owner an earthy shade and visually ages the skin of the face.

To freshen the look and make the image easier, accessories in sky blue or blue, aqua and light gray will allow.

Scarves of various shades are ideal for men who prefer a sporty style of clothing, however, it should be remembered that scarves that are too bright are bad manners, but there are exceptions to this rule. Bright products with various ornaments perfectly complement the image of teenagers and informals.

Scarves differ in shape by:

  • bandanas
  • rafatki
  • shawls
  • round scarves
  • long scarves
  • square scarves.

Men's scarves differ in style. Sports - usually lightweight and made from a combination of several materials and colors. Business - also made of lightweight fabric, they have a rectangular shape. Scarves for special occasions are often plain (black or white) and are made of silk or satin.

Scarf Angelo Bonetti


Scarf Greg


Fabretti Scarf


Scarf Eleganzza


Long rectangular accessories are the perfect complement to the wardrobe of any style. But the round or square shape allows you to focus on the scarf.

How to distinguish a male scarf from a female? It is quite simple. Male models are never pink or purple and their shades. Pins, buttons, pompons, tassels, embroidery and beads are not used to decorate men's accessories. They are not transparent or openwork.

Dark Gray Men's Scarf

The width of a male scarf is usually 15-35 sentiments, and the most optimal length is 180-200 cm.Products longer than 2 meters are most often female.

For a business style, it is more advisable to purchase narrow products that can be worn with both a business suit and a classic coat. Wide models are ideal for sports and casual clothing.

Accessories shorter than a meter are difficult to tie beautifully around the neck, but they are ideal for everyday wear.

When figuring out how to choose a scarf for a man, you should also know how to wear it. Men are not accustomed to be very puzzled about their appearance and spend a lot of time on knitting a scarf, and here stylists fully support them - wear this accessory in a way that will be convenient for you.

An interesting way to wear a men's scarf

We will introduce you to 6 main options, thanks to which you tie a scarf quickly and beautifully:

  1. The simplest option is when the scarf is once wrapped around the neck. For these purposes, a long scarf of any width is suitable. Tie it in such a way that both ends remain free to dangle below.
  2. No less easy and simple way is drapery, when the accessory is simply thrown around the neck. This option is ideal for warm autumn and spring. The model goes well with business suits, cardigans and jumpers. If necessary, the ends of the scarf can be tucked inside the jacket or under its lapels.
  3. Stylish and beloved by many is the French site. This method of tying allows the accessory to retain heat well. This option is ideal for almost any style of clothing. An important role is played by the length of the scarf - it should be more than 1.5-1.8 meters. Fold the scarf in half, and then throw it around the neck, holding both ends. Pass the folded ends into the loop formed at the other end of the scarf and tighten it.
  4. An ideal youth option is the way when the accessory is laid around the neck at ease, one end of it is thrown over the shoulder, and the other is in front. A skinny scarf that can be worn in late spring, summer and early autumn is also suitable for youth. Make a couple of revolutions around the neck and pass through the obtained turns the upper edge of the scarf so that both edges of the product are under the turns - this will make your look nontrivial and stylish.
  5. The next way to tie a scarf is suitable for almost any style of clothing - tie it up like a tie, and hide the ends under your clothes.
  6. Survive the cold and strong wind will help a scarf twice wrapped around the neck - place it so that one end is at chest level, and the second wrap the neck twice, covering all its open areas. Then tie the ends and hide them under the obtained turns.

If you don’t like the hanging ends of the accessory, we recommend paying attention to the “snud” or “pipe” models. Such models are easy to put on and look stylish. If desired, you can easily make a stylish “collar” out of an ordinary wide scarf, which also wears over your head and helps to stand out from the crowd.

Do not be afraid to experiment with style and color, the more scarves in your wardrobe, the more options to diversify your style you have! Believe me, a beautiful and stylish accessory can bring joy not only to women, but also to men.

How to choose a men's scarf - types of men's scarves

In summer, we are ready to take off our last shirt, but in the off-season or in winter, when the cold wind creeps up behind the gate, we want to warm ourselves to the maximum.

A coat, hat and mittens are, of course, good, but men's winter scarves are not made up for mannequins - it's time to buy it for yourself, knitted or knitted ... The main thing is warmer.

But how to choose a men's scarf that will not spoil your image of a strong and stylish, and looking at it, colleagues and friends will be amazed at the shade or style and ask what the miracle is called, rather than nodding sympathetically and whispering “You flu, right?” We will tell you !

How long have they been worn?

Many of us have known a man’s scarf from early childhood - yes, it was this nasty, as it seemed to us then, mother tightly tied our throats, outfitting in a kindergarten or school, often hiding our fur collar underneath, and, in general , almost the whole head. But of course, men's scarves last much longer than twenty or thirty years. If you recall the history (or historical films), then whoever just wore them - this thing fluttered around the neck of an English pilot from the First World War, a white scarf chose an aristocrat for an evening out ... The history of this thing has about 2200 years. During this time, the men's scarf as soon as it changed - at one time a scarf mask (such a knitted, reliable collar that smoothly turns into a hat) was relevant, in another stole ... In the end, even the most sophisticated silk tie is also native " brother ”of a warm wool scarf.

This thing was worn by the greatest warriors, artists and statesmen. As far back as the third century BC, Chinese soldiers defended their necks with strips of fabric, moreover, this thing also designated the military rank.

In many ancient Chinese paintings, you can see a female or male costume, which also features a silk "stole".

The ancient Romans also wore a men's scarf, both on the neck and on the waist, which at that time was called “Sudarium” - Emperor Nero practically never took off this thing, so even the coin on which the ruler is depicted in this accessory was preserved.

In the XVII century, the Croatian military also used a strip of fabric as we now use to use epaulettes. The Croats were spotted by the French at the Croats, the country's top fashionist Louis XIV immediately introduced a scarf-scarf into fashion. Then this type of clothing migrated to England, where they didn’t especially bother with the accessory - if the Frenchman could try for a long time, making the knot more complicated, then the British preferred a simple knot, something like a modern tie. By the way, Beethoven - who is already German - also loved a silk-white shawl. But still the most ardent fans of this type of clothing remained the British. In the Victorian era, both men and women wore such an accessory - and even now, a checkered woolen scarf is considered a symbol of the Burberry company. And the first world! In America or England, it was even fashionable for women to knit a man’s scarf for a military man, freezing in a trench or flying up to the sky in an open cockpit (a collar, not even made of fur, could save a lot). Yes, the army accessory could not be silk - it was a dense, knitted “collar” that could protect against rain and the most evil wind.

How to choose it for yourself?

But back to reality. Here you are today in the store, looking at a bactus scarf, a long silk shawl, a reliable scarf with an English rubber band or extravagant furs, and froze in confusion. How to choose a model for yourself? Let's do it like Erast Petrovich Fandorin, and put everything in order.

  • First, evaluate your own style. What do you go to work in - a down jacket, sheepskin coat, coat?
  • Secondly, the types of scarves are not limited to just a few popular shades or two to three materials. Everything is more complicated ... and more interesting. Color can both age the face (or make it more solid) and refresh while rejuvenating. Especially if you put on a scarf hood!

So, pay attention to the color!

  1. Blue and gray. A classic, especially a plain model, or in a large cage (if it is a wool scarf). They completely broke their minds when choosing a men's scarf? Buy a blue model and go home. Of course, you will not become a dandy in it, but for sure a respectable gentleman.
  2. White. If this is not a hood scarf, but just a long rectangular model, then this is also a classic that just looks win-win with a black coat. All women will look back ... Well, the wife will grumble, because she will have to wash such an accessory (both knitted and silk) often.
  3. The black. Popular? Perhaps. Good choice? More likely no than yes. This color ages the skin, even the stole, and especially the collar of this color, is considered the most non-marking and practical.
  4. Rainbow. Blue, yellow, lilac and so on ... Just a bright monophonic model, or a combination of something bright and colorful - this, of course, inspires a lot of optimism, but only if such a scarf is dressed on the neck of a young guy. Choose this model a man of a respectable age - optimism will grow into comic.

Most Popular Materials

  • Wool. One hundred percent product of sheep breeding is the maximum of heat ... and also the likelihood that you will come across a “biting” male scarf. Therefore, many men choose not a woolen scarf, but a model made of acrylic. A knitted scarf (at home or at the factory) with an English rubber band made of this material will look no worse than a woolen one, but the skin in it will be a hundred times more pleasant.
  • Cashmere. Perfect! Refined, stylish, associated with real dandies ... He leads the types of scarves that fit equally well in both daily and festive styles.
  • Silk. Only demi-season option. A silk scarf is almost a scarf that will flow down your neck, but it is unlikely to save you from the cold. But if you have your own car - why not hang a silk accessory from time to time on your neck?
  • Fur. Very rare material, because their fur, as a rule, can sew a jacket collar, or a hat. However, an accessory made of fur is not a replacement for a hat. A huge stole will not be sewn from fur, much less to find a man who, going to work, will cover his head with this “blanket”. This refers to a classic-sized product that will cover your neck and become an interesting addition to your look in the style of a business casual, weekend or even business luxury.

Size matters!

In combination with a coat or suit, wear a narrow scarf made of silk or cashmere (well, or a discreet fur model). And for a walk you can put on something more voluminous - a hood scarf, a tippet knitted with English elastic and, if desired, covering your head, a la "eight".

As for length, the best choice for every day is a short or medium model. Take the same hood - you don’t need to tie it at all, they threw it over your head and drove to a meeting.

But the long narrow stole is for a special occasion when you have time to stand near the mirror, beautifully decorating this miracle on yourself.

And finally, a few more tips

  • Both a scarf hood and a standard narrow model should not be too colorful. One, maximum two shades. Next - already a parrot.
  • In frost, an accessory made of fur is better than synthetics. This is called - to insulate the neck and head wisely.
  • When buying a scarf, hood, collar or stole, wear what you are going to wear with it.

In general, in the modern world there are many accessories - a collar (a very narrow scarf with an English rubber band), a wide stole, which, if necessary, covers his head from snow, a youth scarf is a hood, he is a hat scarf ... What will you choose?

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How to choose a scarf: a simple guide to men's scarves. Part I - Materials

Hello! All with the beginning of winter and the first snow. Someone like that, but in Moscow he dropped out recently.

Do you want to choose a new scarf? Or if such an urgent task is not worth it, then at least theoreticalize on the topic of scarves and put something in the treasury of knowledge for future times? So, today we will talk about how to choose a scarf, and what to take into account, from what material a good scarf should be made, as well as at what prices and where to buy it.

The scarf, according to experts, has existed in different forms for about two thousand years. He was seen by the ancient Chinese, Roman legionnaires, and Croatian soldiers in the seventeenth century. As a full-fledged men's accessory in conjunction with the definition of “fashionable” began to be used around the beginning of the 19th century. Scarves are classic and sporty, bulk coarse and thin, like a scarf, made of artificial fabrics and natural. Let's figure them out.

When choosing a scarf, you should first determine for what purposes you need it and with what clothes you will wear it. Suppose you prefer a strict classic style, wear a single-breasted or double-breasted woolen coat, suit and tie.

In this case, you should look towards thin cashmere, wool (if the weather is cold) or cotton and silk (if the climate is temperate). But it’s subtle.

Oversized scarves are more suitable for sportswear - jackets, down jackets, jeans, and casual sweaters.

The most important thing that I would like to draw your attention to is material from which it is made. This is perhaps the main criterion for the purchase.

Moreover, it is not always enough to know the composition - most often you need to directly verify the quality by touching the scarf with your hands. Unfortunately, this is almost the only reliable criterion, especially when it comes to wool.

You can trust quality in absentia only after making sure of the name of the manufacturer and the reliability of the seller. Such, fortunately, are.

So, what materials are scarves most often made of?

Men's scarf. How to choose what to wear?

The scarf in the men's wardrobe is a very stylish and practical accessory. The versatility of this accessory allows you to wear it with any clothes, in any situation. Today we will consider what are men's scarves, colors, materials, and also we will figure out how to choose a suitable scarf and what it can be worn with, and most importantly how to wear it.

The scarf is a universal accessory that will suit any man dressed in any style, even in casual style. The scarf goes well with any clothes.

Emphasize your personality. And if you don’t have one yet, we advise you to purchase it, soon winter and a scarf will help to protect yourself from the cold.

What are scarves?

Classic scarves

The most common scarves of medium length. The color is usually plain or there is a discreet print, it can also be striped, checked, etc. This scarf is perfect for any style and can be worn in any weather. In frost, you can wrap it around the neck several times, in warmer weather, just throw it on and not tie it.

Or, as it is also called - a collar. Snud is the same scarf, but without end, a scarf-pipe. Snood gained great popularity among young people. It is wrapped around the neck and worn under a jacket, parka or simply thrown over clothing.

Snud is perfect for a youth image. A classic scarf is suitable for any occasion, the main thing is to choose the right color and material from which it is made. Strict rectangular scarves made of materials such as silk and cashmere are perfect for business occasions.

What material to choose a scarf from?

The most popular material, of course, is wool. A woolen scarf will protect you from the cold in frosty weather. A woolen scarf also looks very stylish.

Woolen Men's Scarf

A slightly less popular but elegant material is cashmere. If you choose a cashmere scarf, you will look very attractive and it will also perfectly cope with its task and protect it from the cold.

Cashmere Men's Scarf

Also there are fur scarves, mohair and knitted large knits. In general, there is always something to choose from.

The color should be chosen based on your own tastes. It can be a plain scarf in some restrained tone, or it can be bright with a print. Among the "classics" are scarves in a cage and lines.

We advise you to read an article about men's trends this season.

What to wear a scarf with?

As we already said, a scarf goes well with any clothes. This is a universal accessory that must be in the wardrobe of a man.

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Let's look at the images of men with a scarf in different clothes.And you can already draw something for yourself from these images.

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