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Men's hats fall-winter: what to choose?

A hat in the winter season is as much a part of the wardrobe as winter scarves. A variety of men's hats sometimes makes it difficult to choose, which also depends on the type of outerwear: a sports jacket, a classic coat or a voluminous down jacket. This article provides a small guide on the selection of men's winter hats for different types of clothing, as well as depending on air temperature and the purpose of the trip. Walking in the park, skiing or going to work involves the use of different styles of hats.

Winter hat: general rules

The purpose of the cap is to preserve heat and protect the head from the cold. Therefore, the choice of winter hats should be approached seriously. Winter clothes should be, first of all, warm, and then stylish and suitable for clothes.

Today there is a huge variety of shapes, colors, styles of winter hats. It is better to have some hats for the winter, as even in the winter there are quite warm days. Accordingly, for such days, products from finer material are needed.

The choice of winter hats: colors

As a result of numerous studies on the effects of color on humans, it has been found that bright colors are associated with safety. This is due to the fact that such colors as orange, lime, yellow are clearly visible not only during the day, but also in the dark. For example, athletes involved in winter sports, such as skiing, prefer to wear only bright hats. In the event of a problem, an athlete with a bright headdress is easier to spot in the snow and help can be provided faster.

There are also other bright colors: purple, red, blue, burgundy. These colors, despite the brightness, are everyday. You can often meet a passerby in a black down jacket and a red hat. Products of such colors are suitable for winter walks in the park, shopping trips and so on.

When it comes to business meetings, work or gatherings for other serious events, more restrained colors, such as beige, gray, black, brown, are needed. Men's hats of these colors are universal, as they are suitable for any outerwear: both for a classic coat and for a sports jacket.

Winter Hat Styles

The main styles of winter hats for men include:

1. Classic style. This includes models such as a felt hat, bowler hat or homburg. Similar products look stylish and elegant. They can be decorated with a leather strap or satin ribbon. This headdress is ideally combined with a classic coat and trousers. If you choose the right material, the headgear will also protect you from the cold, but your ears will remain slightly ajar. Therefore, such a product involves the use of a warm winter scarf to hide the neck from the cold.

2. A cap with ear flaps. This style is very practical in severe frost, as it covers well the neck and fits snugly to the ears. Many earflaps are made in such a way that they can be tied, thereby leaving no opportunity to penetrate cold air. Some earflaps have a visor, which is additional protection from snow or the sun in winter. The peak is more often folding. Such products are best chosen in a neutral color and worn with a jacket or down jacket.

Such a men's headdress is often made of thick fur inside and of genuine or artificial leather outside. Ear flaps made entirely of fur are found. The choice between natural and artificial materials remains with the owner of the product.

3. Knitted winter hats also belong to the classics. Wool is the best material that can protect against frost. Soft knitted hat of calm color belongs to casual style.

4. Fringed hats pompons and other elements are also referred to as casual. However, such a playful hat is only suitable for winter walks or various outdoor entertainments in the company of friends.

Classic lapel hat

This is the most popular type of winter hats for both men and women. As a rule, such a hat is made of wool, synthetics or cotton, less often of fleece material. The cap has a rounded symmetrical shape.

Such a product is found equally often with and without a lapel. In the first case, the lapel serves not only as a decor, but also as additional protection against the cold, since the lapel covers the ears with a second layer.

Recently, several variations of this type of caps are often found. These are elongated caps at the crown that form a crease on the back of the head. This kind of hats is more about free style.

As mentioned above, in winter 2-3 caps are needed in case of temperature changes. But if this is not possible, then it is better to purchase one headdress of a universal color from a medium-thick textile material. Such a product is suitable for any type of clothing and style and color, and also does not crease, does not require special care. It can always be folded and put in a pocket or bag, and you can wash it with other things in the washing machine.

As for fleece hats with a lapel, they are often preferred by athletes. Fleece or other synthetic knitwear can evaporate moisture. This property of the material will not allow you to freeze, playing sports or running in the evenings in the winter season.

The cap with a lapel is single-layer and two-layer. In the second case, the inner layer is made of synthetics, and the outer one is made of wool. This provides double protection against the cold.

Hat of karakul

A similar hat can be called a legacy of the USSR. But among men, this option is often found due to the characteristics of the fur of the astrakhan fur. This is the fur of lambs of Karakul breed, very warm, soft and dense. Such fur makes the cap windproof and protects from the most severe frosts.

Astrakhan hats go well with a coat and a business suit. A similar product can be found not only in Russia, but also in Europe, however, such headgear there are more often made of faux fur, very similar to astrakhan fur.

Wool cap

A woolen cap, or as it is called in the West, “Postman's cap” is more suitable for a classic coat and leather jackets. The winter version is made of wool, the autumn-spring version is made of thinner material.

This product does not cover the ears, and therefore is not suitable for extreme cold. The minimum temperature in which you can put on a woolen cap is -5 degrees Celsius.

Custom types of hats

For fans of unusual options for hats, caps such as:

1. Peruvian hat or Chulo. Such a product first appeared in South America. The material is usually alpaca wool. The product is most often decorated with thematic drawings - animals, birds, nature, as well as fringe, pompons, pigtails and other all kinds of weaves.

2. A hat with a beard. This is an original option for walking with friends in cold weather, as well as a great way to amuse yourself and your friends. The cap will protect not only the head, but also hide the cheeks from snow and wind.

3. A hat-balaclava. This is a headdress that completely covers the head, neck and mouth. Sometimes a hole for the mouth is made in such a product. Balaclavas are more often used among athletes or motorcyclists and are not suitable for everyday wear.

Selection of caps depending on temperature

Hats are divided into summer, winter and autumn-spring:

  1. Summer hats are used for decoration and are made of linen or cotton, which are able to pass air.
  2. Winter hats perform the function of protection from wind, snow, frost. The main material for winter hats is wool.
  3. Autumn-spring or demi-season hats protect from cool wind and rain. They are made from a mixture of wool and synthetics.

But actually it all depends on the air temperature. If on the street in winter +10 degrees, then the woolen hat will cause discomfort. For this temperature, felt hats, woolen caps or hats made of fine wool without lapels are suitable.

At temperatures from 0 to -10 degrees, products from thick wool with a lapel, caps with "ears" or thin earflaps are needed.

At a lower temperature, the best option would be a fur earflaps, preferably made of natural fur or leather, as well as an astrakhan hat.

Summing up, it is enough for a man to have 2-3 hats and as many scarves in his wardrobe. Constantly changing them and combining with each other, your image will change. Choose hats according to outerwear and air temperature, and do not forget about the place of departure.

Autumn and the choice of headgear

It seemed to men an elementary task to pick a hat, but today, due to the wide variety of models, colors and styles, it is quite difficult to decide right away. Stylists give valuable advice on how to choose models from the fall-winter collection, as well as how to correctly combine a hat with a common bow and style of clothing. The main selection criteria are practicality, comfort and compliance with the age and character of the owner.

In warm weather

If you look at the collection of men's hats for the fall season, we can conclude that the trend is simplicity and conciseness, the minimum number of decorating elements, as well as simple styles.

If the hat will be worn in warm weather, you can consider the following product models:

  • hats of classic, gangster and retro style with wide or narrow brim, high or flat top, under the classic style in clothes or urban casual style,
  • thin hats from knitwear that fit the man’s head, which will complement the classic, sports or urban style,
  • single-layer knitted hats, differing in color, texture, knitting pattern, universal and suitable for most styles of clothing,
  • caps and caps with different options of a tulle and a peak which perfectly fit into a classic style of clothes,
  • caps and hats, such hats are preferred by older men and lovers of military or grunge style.

Windy weather

At a time when autumn will begin to take full effect, and the weather will worsen, a man will need a more insulated version of the headgear. For such purposes, designers are advised to pay attention to the following models of caps:

  1. Caps and caps with extra ears that can be turned away as needed. It is important that the materials for the manufacture of such caps coincide with the materials of the outerwear of the man.
  2. Hats If a man adheres to a strict and elegant style in clothing, you can complement such a bow with a warm hat model. It can be relevant at all times of Fedor, an exquisite Homburg hat and other models, but from wool, felt and other warm fabrics.
  3. Knitted hats. Knitted hats with all kinds of patterns look great on men of all ages - English gum, horizontal and vertical patterns, pigtails, volume knitting, etc.
  4. Berets. For fashionistas and men who prefer a classic style in clothes, designers and famous brands offer the latest trend of the season - berets. Plain, with soft tulle and different landing methods, berets look stylish and original.

Such options for hats will help to shelter from the wind and cool weather, which is inherent in the fall season. In this case, the man will not be hot and stuffy, on the contrary, comfortable and cozy if the headpiece is made of natural materials.

Cold weather

With the onset of the first cold weather and low temperatures, a man should choose a warm and reliable hat from the fall-winter collection. Men's hats of this profile are presented in the following models and varieties:

  1. Earflaps is a trend of several seasons that does not leave leadership positions in the ranking of the most fashionable men's hats. The earflaps can be made of leather, velvet or natural fur, with ears and ties lowered down, or with tied details on top of the body.
  2. Knitted multilayer hats - warm, comfortable and versatile products that differ in colors, print and pattern.
  3. Caps and caps with ears - warm hats, complemented by fur trim, they will look courageously and strictly.
  4. Hats with buboes and pompons - this style of hats does not lose its relevance in the current season. Stylists advise young guys to try on this image, since this is a youth style.
  5. Fur hats - for weather with low temperature conditions, fur hats will be a real salvation. Such products are often worn by men of respectable age.
  6. Cap-hood - the original style of the cap, which carefully covers the entire circumference of the head, neck and ears from the wind and cold. The cap looks courageously and stylishly with down jackets and Bologna jackets, drape jackets and sports models of outerwear.

To look fashionable, stylish and courageous, stylists advise you to choose hats only from natural materials made from trusted manufacturers and brands.

Stylish look and convenience

When choosing a headgear, a man should choose such a style that will completely correspond to his style, age and character. Despite the fashion trends and the recommendations of experts, the hat should be comfortable and convenient in the first place, and after that a fashion accessory. Due to such requirements, men's hats are more often performed in a classic style.

Stylists pay attention to the fact that this season naturalness and natural beauty are in fashion, so it is worth considering woolen, fur and leather products. But dyed fur and artificial fabrics are a contraindication from designers. Another option for a comfortable, but trendy version of the headgear for autumn is hats made of variegated or muted melange.

Popular models that have not gone out of fashion for many years

Classics are a style that will never lose its relevance. The same can be said about men's hats for all seasons of the year, classic models will always be in demand. The win-win hats for the fall season are knitted fitted hats, knitted hats, different models of hats and caps. When choosing, it is worthwhile to pay attention to the colors of the dress - in the classic version, these are white, black, blue, gray hats. Production materials - angora, knitwear, wool, leather and natural fur.


If you look at all the proposed hats for men for autumn, you can conclude that the simplicity, conciseness and naturalness of production materials are in fashion. The last peak of fashion is fur hats, earflaps made of leather and fur trim, classic hats, as well as melange hats. Each model is suitable for a particular age of the man and the style of his clothes.

Fashion trends in fashionable men's hats autumn winter 2018 2019

In the autumn-winter season 2018-2019, the fashion for hats has changed a bit. Stylists have introduced new textures, colors and patterns into fashion. They tried to bring different models into fashion so that every man could find his own version. Let's see which models have become fashionable this year.

Volumetric patterns and large knitting, that's what became popular in 2018-2019. Such a change in texture will suit the cap of any style. It is especially used for winter and autumn options. Hats of this kind often have a solid color.

This year, the best men's hats have a natural color. Preference is given to ash, beige, black and dark gray.Such shades are suitable for any clothes, as they are considered universal.

White can also be called a fashionable color, since any pattern can be clearly seen on it. Sometimes a red stripe may be present in the pattern of the headdress; it very well emphasizes the image of the guy. However, you need to consider the color of outerwear when choosing the color of the headgear.

Fashionable knitted men's hats autumn winter 2018 2019 fashion trends

Such hats, as in the photo autumn-winter 2018-2019, are very practical, they do not require special care. You can simply leave it in the sleeve of a winter jacket. The appearance of the headgear will not deteriorate from this, and it will not lose its original shape. Knitted hats are inexpensive, since their prices are affordable, and the cost of the material used for manufacturing is lower than that of hats made of leather or fur. Finally, knitted hats are universal, because you can always wear them with a jacket and coat. Everything depends on the model.

Fashionable men's hats with lapels autumn winter 2018 2019 fashion trends

With a lapel of different widths: stylish knitted patterns with such a detail are equally good for a face of any type. In addition to additional visual volume, they well cover the ears and nape of the head from the cold wind. On the lapel, designers place contrasting decor in the autumn-winter season 2018-2019, which gives enthusiasm and originality.

Fashionable men's fur hats autumn winter 2018 2019 fashion trends

A peculiar trend of the autumn-winter season 2018-2019 are men's hats made of natural fur. Among the many interesting models, it is easy to choose the option for everyday walks, frosty days or camping trips. The most popular among young guys is malachai - a luxurious fur flaps with fur with a long thick pile and an original detail in the form of a tail on the back of the head. A sloppy style with long ears perfectly warms, emphasizes the wide cheekbones and complements expensive coats and spectacular sheepskin coats. For malachi, soft raccoon or fox fur is more suitable.

A tidier model for respectable men is a regular ushanka with a leather top. The pleasant mink or arctic fox fur makes it incredibly warm, soft and practical. Such things are worn without tying, slightly carelessly and openly. An interesting design of the top from a bright raincoat fabric or checkered fabric looks impressive and non-standard.

Fashionable men's hats with pompons autumn winter 2018 2019 fashion trends

Today, a knitted hat with a bubo can have many varieties. These hats can be large or small, can have one or more pompons, which can be located on the top of the head or from the side. In general, such a variety of styles and shapes will allow you to choose this fashionable wardrobe item, depending on age, style and individual preferences. By choosing this product, you will not only protect yourself from the cold, but also make your appearance more modern and vibrant.

This beautiful knitted hat with bubo is perfect for winter walks on weekends, hikes on the ice rink or for parties outside the city. At the same time, some men can use this hat for daily trips to work. The advantages of such products are obvious - they can be worn even in the most severe frost and you will never catch a cold. Accordingly, depending on where you plan to wear a hat with a pompom, its color and ornament are chosen. It is clear that plain hats with a small pompom can be worn even for work. At the same time, a bright knitted hat with a large pompom will look better on Sunday walks and country parties in the autumn-winter season 2018-2019.

Fashionable men's hats beanie autumn winter 2018 2019 fashion trends

It is very difficult for men to pick up a hat. The best option is men's beanie hats. They differ in that they are suitable for any man, regardless of his face shape and appearance. There are a huge number of varieties of these caps.

Beanie is a knitted hat that fits snugly to the head. It got its name because of a shape that looks like a bean, so bean from English is translated as a bean. The fashion for men's beanie hats appeared in 1920. In the 40s, such a hat was worn by American students. This element of clothing was part of the uniform of students. Then it began to be worn by men supporting the grunge style. This style of hats is done without ties and other elements. On the head she holds due to tight knitting. It can be worn on the way out or every day in the autumn-winter season 2018-2019. It fits so well that you do not need to look in the mirror to fix it. There are different models of these hats; they can fit snugly to the head or hold freely on an elastic band. For each season, a certain type of Beanie is intended.

Fashionable men's sports hats autumn winter 2018 2019 fashion trends

For outdoor enthusiasts and athletes, Dirk Bikkembergs offers stylish and warm hats with scarves. The color scheme is all shades of gray. John Galliano and Neil Barrett demonstrate vivid colors and classic blackness. The models are gorgeous both with classic coats and biker jackets. Large knit bulk berets are not the fault of Etro brand designers. It was these models that they offered modern men in the winter. With a knitted sweater, models look advantageous. The style is slightly sloppy and very attractive.

Fashionable men's knitted hats autumn winter 2018 2019 fashion trends

The styles of knitted hats are distinguished by the maximum simplicity and conciseness of the lines. They tightly fit the head, repeating its shape. In addition to classic men's shades (black, gray, brown), choose more vibrant products: raspberry, blue, saturated green, turquoise and other models. As an option, hats with an unobtrusive geometric ornament, logo, textured pattern or contrast print.

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