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12 rules of communication with each zodiac sign

She differs from other girls in her clear analytical mind, able to calculate many steps forward. She has to remain patient under any circumstances and experiment in various areas of life. She will make a partner believe in his dream, and will make every effort to ensure that it comes true.

Nobody guesses her ability to note all the smallest details. But she will surely notice everything that worries her man, and will be the first to go to help him, putting off all of her important affairs. She knows how to keep the hearth, and be a devoted and devoted friend until the moment the partner appreciates all her efforts.

The confidence and generosity of this girl is a hallmark. She is ready for any sacrifice for the sake of her loved ones or the person whom she sincerely loves. As a true lady, she always monitors her appearance, and therefore causes envy among the potential partners of her man.

Her devotion and love for her partner can be envied. If she burns with a feeling for him, she will always find a way out of this situation, while giving smart advice. With her integrity she proves that everything she does is for the good of her relationship or family. And the satellite unconditionally believes in everything.

It is interesting to talk with her on any topic, because she is erudite and educated. Each time she improves as she wants to be even better. She so clearly observes all the details that a partner would never have paid attention to them. She tends to have a sense of justice and responsibility. But her compassion is more than enough.


Her sincerity and warmth are often captivating. In her presence, you can relax, and what she tells you will become a balm for you. Her actions are all the ease with which she solves all difficult aspects. With her, you can forget about all the problems, because she can make them work for you.

1. Aries

Rule: Never stop it.

The only rule that is valid for Aries is not to try to get in his way. Whatever he does or wherever he goes, do not stop him. Aries is ambitious and decisive, always on the move and in search of activities and actions. Do not try to convince him, otherwise he will explode with rage.


Virgo is one of the most controversial zodiac signs. These people are often tormented by doubts, literally torn to pieces ... Virgos love to reflect on their actions, but this does not mean at all that they do not make mistakes. The desire of these difficult individuals to perfectionism, order, improvement of life and comfort knows no bounds.

That is why they doubt everything: how to make it better is the hidden motto of incredibly practical Virgins. You can understand them if you try. Knowing the intricacies of the emotional organization of lovers to weigh and think everything through, you can establish very close contact with them, which will benefit everyone!

The whole truth about Virgo

    Virgin does not tolerate criticism
    Virgo itself is an extremely critical, grouchy, sometimes even irritable zodiac sign. But this unpleasant phenomenon has a good background: all because they are trying to make the world a better place! Scatter comments to correct the situation. Criticism of the Maidens is usually very constructive, although it can be expressed in a rude manner.

What to do: never criticize Virgo openly. This can provoke serious conflicts, disputes, and even revenge on the part of gentle Virgins! The damage is huge, and the benefits are zero. If you want to change something, be gentle. Try to interest a person with your constructive proposal, logical arguments. Give an example that will help Virgo to independently come to the conclusions you need. Virgin is very touchy
Mood swings, a constant pendulum from side to side is so tiring ... For no particular reason, these people can be sad and even evil all day.

What to do: Do not touch the Virgin if she is in a bad mood. Often the resentment and emotional instability of cute Virgins is a byproduct of internal self-work. They are unhappy with what they have done, they want to jump above their heads, but it does not always work out! The inflated Virgo will quickly return to normal if she notices that she is not particularly paid attention to.

Go about your business and be even - let Virgo calm down alone.
Virgin don't like extremes
They do not tolerate strong emotions of others, tears for Maidens are a real red rag. The sobriety of the mind - that is what causes respect in any Virgo, show it fully.

What to do: if you want to arouse admiration for the Virgin and positive perception - forget about the extremes. Do not rejoice too loudly. Do not blame anything, do not be categorical. You will be the first on the list of those whom the Virgo is listening to!

What to do: notice the creative impulses of the Virgin! Sincerely admire what a person has done, and he will become very close to you. Virgos need praise, confirmation that they are on the right track and are not wasting their precious resources in vain, “without exhaust”. Virgins are human
You can talk a lot about the too demanding of this sign to others, about their ability to judge people strictly. Virgo may be prone to betrayal, to selfishness, but at the same time continue to evaluate others according to righteous canons. Why is that? This sign has tremendous feminine energy, it is sensitive and open to everything.

Inwardly, Virgo always knows how it should be. Nothing human is alien to her, even if the Virgin turns onto an immoral path.

What to do: humanity Dev - the trump card in the sleeve when communicating with them. Calling for sympathy, touching the deep impulses of their souls, you can convince Virgo to do as you want. Find an individual approach to your Virgo, and even the most unrealizable dreams can be brought closer to reality!

The generosity and kindness of the Virgin makes us love them even more. Diligent toilers, lovers of cleanliness and order, lovers of beautiful and high-quality things - they are among us! Virgins can be thankful that in their perfectionism they help others become better.

An unusual approach to the life of this zodiac sign is a priceless treasure ... These secrets of communication will help you make friends with Virgo - She is not as impregnable as she wants to seem.

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7. Scales

Rule: Do not tell them what to do.

Do not try to give Libra persistent advice and guidance. They are very self-confident and always do what they themselves consider necessary. If they do not ask your opinion, it is better not to voice it. The scales get very fast when people start telling them how to live better.

12. Fishes

Rule: Do not pretend.

Do not wear a fake mask when communicating with Pisces. They always notice when someone is acting insincerely. They like honest and open people, and if they feel that you are playing, then Pisces will completely disappoint you.

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What to talk about with a virgin woman?

Girls virgins are not only very beautiful in appearance, but also endowed with a strong character. Therefore, in order to understand how to communicate with them, a man needs to remember one rule - these women are down to earth by nature. First of all, they look at a man from the bottom up, paying attention to his neatness and cleanliness of shoes. Then they will evaluate the reliability of the foundation in relations with it, and after that they will look at the walls. Men dreamers are not for them, virgins need special men who will give them the maximum of their attention, and also will not fold their hands after several years of marriage.

How to behave with a woman archer?

Communicating with a woman archer, you need to be extremely careful, as these girls are able to fall in love with any guy, winning his heart by any means. But if they see that the fortress has fallen and the young man is at her full disposal, they will immediately lose all interest. They are ready to provide the man with friendship-love relations, but at the same time expect complete reciprocity from him. These women do not need protection, the yoke of a married woman weighs on them. In communication you need to be prepared for any surprises, as archers do not tolerate boredom and monotony. Astrology recommends choosing women archers to those men who want to live a boring and emotional life, because you never know what to expect from a archer.

How to behave with a female calf?

Not every man will find it easy with the Taurus girl, since they can always have only two points of view on everything - her and the wrong one. Such a woman needs a man with an identical character and mores, looking with the same eyes with her in the same direction. It should be remembered that Taurus is extremely touchy, any words spoken in their hearts or bad deeds can hurt them so much that they will even be ready to break up. All she needs is a good attitude, attention and care, on these bases you can find the answer to how to behave with a female calf. It's hard to believe, but the ideal tandem of the zodiac signs in this case is two little bodies, a woman and a man with the same sign.

How to communicate with a girl with cancer?

It is difficult for many men to find a rapport with a woman, since this sign primarily draws attention to the financial viability of a man. But this is not to talk about selfish motives and insincerity in a relationship, rather, such girls need a promising and successful man who can achieve heights. Knowing how to communicate with a girl with cancer, a man will always give her nice presents, demonstrating generosity and attentiveness. Even if a man has an impressive fortune and prospects, girls cancers immediately part with hunks, greedy and overly thrifty men. They sincerely believe that the partner should work and develop primarily for her sake.


The key to success in communicating with Taurus is the ability to speak clearly and to the point. Representatives of this Zodiac Sign can not stand dramatic monologues, idle talk and hints - such behavior is not only unpleasant for them, it can also lead them to think that they are a self-serving person trying to mislead them. Wherever you communicate with Taurus - at work or on a date, voice your thoughts bluntly, do not make long introductions and start immediately with the essence of the question. By the way, do not allow yourself too much emotionality - in Taurus’s eyes she will immediately give you frivolity.

Restraint and directness are qualities that will help you enlist the favor of Taurus. But remember that Taurus approval does not mean that he fully agreed to help you. Only if you get a direct answer can you be sure that Taurus will fulfill his promise.

How to behave with a woman scorpion?

It will be difficult for a man who is looking for answers how to behave with a woman a scorpion, since these persons are extremely demanding of the opposite sex. A man needs to be immediately ready for a series of checks and tests that the partner will arrange. And only when she sees his readiness for any actions for her, she will give up her position. If the scorpion does not reciprocate, is there any point in wasting your time and energy? At the first meeting, it becomes clear to many scorpion girls whether they can be with a particular man, but, despite the internal refusal, they will “train” the boyfriend for a long time with various tests.

How to behave with a woman aquarius?

Girls born under the sign of Aquarius are prone to copying the behavior of their boyfriend. In this regard, the answer to the question of how to behave with a woman is an aquarius, simple, a man needs to be a source of positive emotions and moods. Aquarians need smiling, humorous interlocutors, and girls just can not stand serious and boring guys. They need to be treated exactly as you want them to do with the man himself. Interestingly, in any person, Aquarius can find something unusual and extraordinary, you just have to take the first steps towards them to meet.


One of the most difficult Zodiac Signs. But, surprisingly, there is nothing fantastic in approaching him - it’s enough just to be sincere and open, but not assertive. Openness and trust towards Scorpio will conquer him from the first minutes of meeting. The main thing - do not try to seem better than you are, to ascribe to yourself qualities and merits that are not inherent to you. Scorpio will see such manipulations immediately, and the first impression will be irreparably corrupted.

You should not argue with Scorpio - he, of course, will later think about your point of view and even find a healthy grain in it, but at the time of the argument he will persistently stand his ground. For sudden mood changes and sharp flashes of feelings, one should also be prepared. However, when the contact is established and the difficulties are overcome, you will get an amazing interlocutor who can open the world on the other hand and give valuable advice.

How to behave with a woman a ram?

Aries are always strong and energetic girls, but in the eyes of men they appear as pragmatic and rational persons. In fact, only through romance and originality can one find effective tactics on how to communicate with a ram woman. Aries do not tolerate lies, the attention of their men in the direction of other girls, and they never forgive betrayal and treason. Only a faithful and romantic guy will become the best companion and life partner of a girl with the sign of Aries. With a girl a ram you need to talk mostly about herself, since this sign considers itself almost the center of the universe.


The turbulent emotions of Capricorn will not definitely impress - moreover, they will make him think that you are a frivolous person, and therefore unreliable. If you want to achieve the location of Capricorn, push on the evidence, facts and statistics. Capricorn will quickly separate the grains from the chaff, calculate the benefits of your proposal, and about you will be the best opinion by the standards of the representatives of this sign - “sensible person”.

In everyday situations, the same principle should be followed. Are you going to persuade your Capricorn to go on a trip? Prove to him that the voucher you have chosen is the most advantageous - and the location of the hotel is excellent, all-inclusive, and the price is optimal. The facts will convince him. But emotional monologues and hot persuasion are unlikely to succeed.

How to behave with a girl scales?

Only by showing accuracy, clarity of position and determination, a man will be able to establish a relationship with the girl scales. These girls are prone to comparing guys, they are balanced in choosing a partner, and they also feel extremely insecure, doubt and weakness. It is contraindicated for a man to use phrases such as “I think”, “I don’t know”, “maybe”, “not sure” or “doubt” in his speech. A manifestation of weakness will be considered a defeat. Libra is a rare person, able to listen to the interlocutor with both heart and mind at the same time, so the conversation should always be not only logical and convincing, but also filled with emotions.


Aquarians are very susceptible to creative and extraordinary personalities. When meeting each other, try to show yourself from just such a side - and Aquarius will not ignore you, and after half an hour will already call you his friend.However, in order to move communication further, you will have to sweat - Aquarians do not sit still, and a few days after meeting a representative of this sign may not even remember your name.

It will only be possible to maintain the interest of Aquarius if he is very deeply impressed, so do not delay the explanation with him for later - forge the iron while it’s hot. As soon as the contact is established, immediately offer what you wanted - and write everything in such colors so that your impression remains in it for a long time. Only in this case, communication will continue, and joint work will give a result.

The key to successful communication with Pisces is the ability to take the initiative in your own hands. Try to free the representative of this sign from the need to solve everyday and organizational issues - it is given to them hard and causes only rejection. Assign a place, date and time of the meeting yourself. Such insignificant care is very important for Pisces, and already gives you an advantage in her eyes.

Try not to give Fish a leading role in the conversation. Be the initiator, conduct a dialogue yourself - you will be surprised how Fish is a wonderful listener. And do not be alarmed if it seemed to you that she had retired into her thoughts and was not listening to you - it only means that the words you said evoked a strong response in her soul, interesting images, and at the moment she switched to them. And do not think that because of the daydreaming, Fish is easy to mislead - it smells great and will immediately move away from an insincere person.

Thanks to the horoscope, you will find a competent approach to any person. Have people around you, be happy and do not forget to click on the buttons and

How to behave with a woman capricorn?

Finding a common language with a Capricorn woman is not a problem at all, if you know her weaknesses. Astrologers say that these girls need constant compliments and praise, as they always set goals and achieve them. But if a man does not notice this, appreciate and praise the Capricorn, she will leave sooner or later. Even if a man does not like her activities, he should not show her appearance and encourage the lady in every possible way. In dealing with Capricorns, more attention should be paid to her person, since the girls under this sign are extremely sensitive to any manifestation of cold and indifference. Capricorns do not tolerate excessive emotionality in a conversation, give them dry and dispassionate facts.

How to behave with a lion girl?

The hardest thing is for those men who are puzzled how to behave with a lion girl to win her heart. The first difficulty is to break into her field of vision through the crowd of other fans. The second difficulty is to prove to her that this particular man is the most worthy and best among other competitors. According to astrology, it’s her lioness that will be the main star and even the leader in the pair, and the man next to her should never fight and compete with her. Among all the zodiac signs, Lviv has the highest sense of self-worth. By showing respect and recognition of the authority of a lion, one can thereby evoke an unaccountable sense of responsibility and a desire to help a sign.

How to communicate with a woman fish?

A woman born under the sign of Pisces is an outwardly naive and ephemeral person, but in fact, a discriminating and intuitively developed lady is hiding inside her. Therefore, a girl fish can build relationships throughout her life, encountering mood swings, jumps in feelings and emotions. One golden rule works with her - "The less a woman we love, the more she likes us." Pisces needs a male fighter and protector by nature, able to protect this vulnerable and gentle person. To conquer a girl with fish, a man must organize all dates and meetings on his own.

How to behave with a twin woman?

If a man has a relationship with a twin woman, he must honor her spiritual organization, follow her principles and morals, and give her freedom. Gemini girls are bright, vibrant and forever young by nature women who give men a different spectrum of emotions. Each person will be able to gain the attention of twins, but far from even all the most wise men can manage to keep and preserve it. These girls usually hide several personalities at once, it is difficult for men to keep up with her kaleidoscope of thoughts. You can only conquer it if the man is willing to spend his whole life and strength on it.


Each zodiac sign has its own individual characteristics and features, following which you can always competently build communication, friendship, and then romantic relationships. Some girls value leadership qualities in a man, other signs need equality and freedom, while the third ones cannot stand boredom and monotony. In any case, if I look at the horoscope, each person will find answers to any questions for himself, for example, how to attract a girl to him and establish productive communication with her with a prospect for a joint future.

Communication Secrets: Aries

(March 21 - April 20)

If you want to cause Aries deadly boredom and a desire to quickly escape from you, talk to him more about yourself and about your problems. Aries is completely uninteresting, because the center of the universe is not you, but he! Keep this in mind if you are interested in communicating with him. Unconditionally give him the palm and initiative in the conversation. Be a grateful listener, interested, but active - Aries appreciates in the interlocutor inner composure and a living spark in his eyes.

It’s very good if we’re talking about a field in which you are well versed: Aries likes to deal with sensible people, unless they cross his path. But God forbid you to enter into an argument with him: to butt with Aries is an unenviable occupation.

The sure way to the heart of Aries is to ask his opinions or advice on something. He will be happy to share his experience with you, will listen with pleasure to your sincere gratitude and will make the best impression of you.

Secrets of Communication: Cancer

(June 22 - July 22)

Before starting a conversation with Cancer, look at the expression on his face: it can tell you in advance about how your conversation will end. The fact is that sensitive Cancer is very susceptible to mood changes, but when it experiences irritation or anxiety, it is difficult to “switch” its attention. No, this does not mean at all that the Cancer who got up on the wrong foot will hasten to quarrel with you - he generally does not like to open conflict. It’s just that he will huddle himself in his carapace, hiding behind polite excuses, and from there he will not be able to lure him.

In a conversation with Cancer, nothing can cause him more discomfort than the onslaught of the interlocutor. Moreover, this applies not only to disputes or requirements, but in general to any manifestation of strong emotions. You can be very happy, excited, angry or upset - all this will equally affect Cancer, causing him to be wary of you. Even too hasty or loud speech may not appeal to him. So if you want to gain the trust of Cancer, tune in to his wave - unhurried, thorough and friendly-calm. And get ready for the fact that a discussion of even minor issues will take you more than one hour.

Communication Secrets: Leo

(July 23 - August 23)

If you want to enlist the support of Leo, then in a conversation with him, do not dispute his authority with a word or even a gesture. Remember that Leo is very proud, and a carelessly spoken word can outweigh all your virtues in his eyes. However, Leo’s pride is a double-edged sword: it’s very easy to hurt, but it’s easy for him to flatter. Despite the fact that often Leo is able to melt even from the most gross flattery, nevertheless you absolutely should not do this. What for? After all, Leo has a lot of non-invented virtues that you can absolutely sincerely admire!

Recognizing the stronger position of Leo, you thereby cause him an unaccountable sense of responsibility for you and, as a result, a desire to help you. Do not be afraid to admit to Leo your weakness in a certain situation, ask him to share his experience - and you will not only receive wise advice, but also have a chance to find an assistant and a patron.

Secrets of Communication: Virgo

(August 24 - September 22)

The nature of the Virgin is such that in dealing with her you are unlikely to need to resort to any special secrets. The only difficulty that you have to do is to force the Virgin, always hurrying somewhere, to stop and listen to you.

In conversation, Virgo is an excellent listener, but her interlocutor’s attempts to enhance the effect of her story by adding bright colors to it will most likely provoke a backlash. The restrained Virgo does not like verbosity and dramatization. All that she expects from you is that you speak with her simply, sincerely, and on business. Virgo has an amazing quality to understand the essence of the situation not with the mind, but with her responsive heart. If it is in her power, she will offer you concrete help here and now. However, with all this, you should not expect “angelic” behavior from the Virgin. Get ready to patiently bear her grunts, displeased looks and even nit-picking, as a small compensation for the fact that Virgo spends her time and effort on you.

Secrets of communication: Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

As you might guess, the result of communicating with Libra largely depends on what phase of their changeable mood they are currently at. When Libra is attacked with causticity or a desire to play pranks, a convinced masochist can get pleasure from talking with them. However, at any other time, Libra is favorably disposed towards the interlocutor. They are able to not only support the conversation, but also have an invaluable listening ability.

When communicating with Libra, it is necessary to take into account their unique feature: they listen at the same time with their mind and heart. While their thoughtful mind absorbs the facts, the heartbeats from the experienced feelings. That is why a conversation with them should be not only convincingly logical, but also emotional. Only then Libra will see the situation with your eyes and, most likely, will share your position.

Communication Secrets: Pisces

(February 20 - March 20)

When planning a meeting with Pisces - it doesn’t matter whether it is business, friendly or romantic - do not forget that you yourself must organize it. Take the initiative in your own hands: you will make the best impression on Fish if you take care of where and when your communication will take place. Perhaps in the conversation you may think that Fish did not appreciate your efforts and took your chores for granted, in fact, this is not so. Yes, the impression of Pisces about you is little affected by your words and even actions, but for her it is very important what emotions you evoke from her. Having freed her from the hassle, you will not overshadow her serenity, and in the eyes of Pisces this is a huge “plus” in your favor.

In a conversation with Fish, the initiative will also be yours. The fish can listen surprisingly, although sometimes it is scattered. Do not be offended, it only means that your words evoked response images in her soul and she, carried away by them, was a little dreamy. If you want to enlist the support of Pisces in any matter, immediately tell her that the organizational side of the matter will not touch her in any way. It is not necessary to tell her in detail how exactly this will be done - for Pisces the main thing is the fact itself, the rest is of little interest to her.

Do not be fooled by the absent-mindedness of Pisces and its ability to "soar in the clouds." In a conversation with her, do not forget that you are dealing with a fine nature that will easily feel false. If the Fish tells you its clear “yes” or “no”, even if desired, it is unlikely to be able to clearly argue its answer. Take it for granted. Most likely, Pisces' subtle intuition prompted her the only right decision.

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