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Effective and effective Kondakov’s method: treatment of hemorrhoids at home

Recently, author's antihemorrhoid techniques, in particular the treatment of hemorrhoids according to Kondakov, have been very popular. This method, the author assures, is able to cure a disease of any stage and form without surgery, and at home. This statement is quite bold, so we suggest that you understand what such therapy is and how effective it is. But first, we’ll briefly talk about Sergey Kondakov.

Who is Sergey Kondakov?

Sergey Viktorovich Kondakov is a domestic biologist and author of the antihemorrhoids technique, which is engaged in the study of the pathogenesis of hemorrhoids and in the search for treatment for this disease. As a result of research and clinical observations, the specialist concluded that it is possible to cure this delicate disease only through complex therapy. Moreover, Kondakov is personally familiar with hemorrhoids, which allowed him to test the treatment method he proposed.

For many years of experience in combating hemorrhoids, Kondakov tried all sorts of treatment methods, but he could not cure the disease completely or achieve stable remission. Experts recommended him to undergo a radical operation, but Sergey Viktorovich was in no hurry to go to the operating table.

Kondakov set himself the task of studying in detail the pathogenesis of hemorrhoids and conducting a series of experiments on himself, during which he determined the effect of all known methods of treatment on this disease. Thus, the experimenter was able to identify the most effective methods of combating hemorrhoids.

As a result, long-term searches were successful, and Kondakov developed a comprehensive anti-hemorrhoids program, thanks to which he cured hemorrhoids at home and now helps other patients to find health.

The main causes of the disease

Hemorrhoids are a disease that results in pathological changes in the veins of the rectum, followed by the formation of nodes.

The main causes of the disease are:

  • alcohol abuse
  • regular constipation
  • sedentary or standing work
  • sedentary lifestyle,
  • eating fatty, spicy and fried foods,
  • heavy physical exertion.

How to treat hemorrhoids according to the method of Sergey Kondakov - the essence

Sergey Kondakov does not have a medical education. He is a biologist passionate about traditional medicine. A personal opinion on the proposed method of treatment is based on the assurance of the effect on the vascular wall of the veins (increasing elasticity), blood thinning by reducing the ability of platelets to stick together. Insufficient knowledge of the nature of the pathology leads Kondakov to reassessment of his healing capabilities.

Stages of hemorrhoids in men

Hemorrhoids has 4 stages of development, which are characterized by the following symptoms:

  1. Itching, burning sensation, discomfort.
  2. Bleeding occurs during bowel movements, the nodes fall out of the anus. They can be adjusted by hand or they are adjusted independently after some time.
  3. Loss and infringement of nodes during bowel movements or physical activity, which can be corrected independently.
  4. Nodes cannot be edited. They resemble a bunch of grapes. Often inflamed and painful.

Now that you have learned a little more about the disease, let's move on to the study of the Kondakov method. The treatment of hemorrhoids using this technique is very effective.

The history of the appearance of the method of Sergey Kondakov

Information on the unique a hemorrhoid treatment method developed by Sergey Kondakov. This discovery caused a stir not only in patients, but also in medical bodies.

And the reason for this increased interest is that this miraculous method allows you to cure hemorrhoids at any stage without surgical intervention.

Sergey Viktorovich Kondakov is a biologist by education. Until the age of 45, he suffered from hemorrhoids, suffering from severe pain, burning, itching and discomfort in the anus.

The experience of his illness was more than 20 years. He also had severe bleeding.

The disease progressed and started so much that he developed prolonged and serious depression, a complete loss of interest, and withdrawal into himself. He stopped communicating with friends, went out into society, almost completely retired.

A visit to the specialists and the prescribed treatment did not bring the proper result. He tried pills, ointments, creams, gels, suppositories, but the disease receded briefly, and then returned again.

There was only one thing left - to lie down under the surgeon's knife. But this moment Kondakov delayed as he could.

Such hopelessness and the inability to get rid of hemorrhoids by traditional methods has prompted the biologist to develop and create his own method that will help to say goodbye to the disease forever. Thanks to his knowledge of biology and the desire to get rid of torment, Kondakov began to carefully understand the pathogenesis of the disease.

He studied the causes of its appearance, took up clinical trials. A large number of experiments were conducted that did not always give a positive result.

He conducted all the research on himself. and found a way to defeat hemorrhoids once and for all. It took 6 years, but the effort was worth it.

The effectiveness of this technique has been proved by the full recovery of Kondakov. All unpleasant symptoms disappeared and more did not appear after treatment.

To date, the treatment method for hemorrhoids by Sergei Kondakov is the most unique, which has helped more than one thousand patients to avoid surgery and completely get rid of exacerbations.

The effectiveness of the methodology

At what stages of hemorrhoids, treatment with the Kondakov method can be considered effective? The method of treating hemorrhoids according to Kondakov will help patients get rid of the disease at any stage.

It completely cures:

Treatment of hemorrhoids according to the method of Sergei Kondakov will allow, regardless of the limitation period of the manifestation of the disease, to get rid of it in the shortest possible time. Wherein no need to lie in the hospital, carry out any medical procedures, break away from everyday life or limit yourself to something.

Few men are ready to brace themselves and go to the hospital with a disease such as hemorrhoids. The treatment at home by the Kondakov method allows not only to get rid of the disease in a short time, but also to maintain the status quo.

Features of the treatment procedure

Those who decided to try the technique of Sergey Kondakov need patience and follow all recommendations regularly. Treatment according to this technique is carried out at home.

Treatment of hemorrhoids must be carried out until all symptoms disappear. Only in this case can you get a positive, desired result, permanently get rid of relapses and exacerbations.

The method has the following therapeutic effect:

  1. After its use, the elasticity of the walls of the veins normalizes.
  2. Going on improved blood circulation and the intake of the required amount of blood.
  3. The tone of the valves of the veins located in the rectum comes back to normal.
  4. Using the technique will prevent the formation of blood clots.
  5. Going on elimination of inflammatory processes in the rectum.
  6. A powerful regeneration of the skin occurs.

If you decide to deal with the treatment of hemorrhoids by the Kondakov method, a description of the process is the next important question that will certainly interest you:

    Preparing to start treatment.

In order for the result of using the method to bring a positive result, the patient must undergo several courses of treatment, strictly adhering to all necessary instructions.

The treatment method does not remove the symptoms, but acts powerfully and comprehensively on the problem of the disease. As a result there is a complete cure for hemorrhoids.

After the first treatment procedures, itching disappears and inflammatory processes in the rectum disappear.

At the initial stage of treatment, the patient will feel more comfortable, as unpleasant pain will pass, the cracks will heal.

In order to permanently get rid of hemorrhoids, it is necessary to completely be treated according to the Kondakov technique.

Using minimally invasive procedures:

And can hemorrhoids pass by itself? About this in our article.

Where to buy a miracle cure?

On the Internet, a huge number of methods for the treatment of hemorrhoids. There are those who wish, trying to cash in on someone else’s grief, lay out for a paid download a technique allegedly by Sergei Kondakov.

People unknowingly pay money to download a cure. As a result, they were disappointed because they could not recover from the disease.

Therefore, in order not to make mistakes, you need to know that the author has an official site. On it, in addition to information, you can download a method of getting rid of hemorrhoids.

This service is paid, so everyone can choose for themselves: whether to suffer from hemorrhoids or at an affordable price to permanently recover from the disease. Author gives 100% deliverance from this delicate problem.

The treatment method according to Kondakov is a great opportunity for patients to completely get rid of hemorrhoids. This is confirmed by thousands of reviews of people who have helped this technique.

What is hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids - pathological changes in the vessels that are in the lower intestine (rectum). Such changes are called doctors hemorrhoidal nodes. According to the observations of scientists and doctors, today about 80% of the world's population have ever experienced itching and burning in the anal canal, severe discomfort in the rectum. Such symptoms are the first messengers of proctologic disease. That is, these people are already sick with hemorrhoids, but their disease proceeds in a latent form.

Hemorrhoids can sometimes be manifested by prolapse of hemorrhoids, bleeding of the anal canal when visiting the toilet, anal fissures, and sometimes the disease, on the contrary, does not appear. In the treatment of hemorrhoids, Kondakov’s technique comes to the rescue, which is based not only on the effective elimination of symptoms and pain, but also on the elimination of the causes of the ailment.

This method allows you to cope with the loss of hemorrhoidal formations, inflammation, the further spread of the disease. Kondakov’s technique effectively eliminates pain in the anal canal, reduces and resolves hemorrhoids, prevents the development of bleeding and anal fissures.

Unique method

Sergey Kondakov developed a unique treatment option for hemorrhoids. For many years he himself suffered from this ailment. After trying all the methods of treatment and not getting the desired effect, he came to his own invention. He called his development “Unique Technique”.

Kondakov’s method in the treatment of hemorrhoids can be used by anyone. With it, you can get rid of the disease at any stage of its development in an non-surgical way right at home.


It is easy to start therapy using this method, for this it is not necessary to have a medical education. Simple procedures can be carried out in the usual conditions. For this, you do not need to go to hospital.

The new method affects not so much the signs of the disease as the root cause

diseases. To get rid of the disease, you should comprehensively affect the body. Under the influence of complex therapy, the following changes occur:

  • blood vessels become elastic again,
  • the walls of the veins are strengthened,
  • blood circulation improves, the consistency of blood liquefies,
  • improves valve tone
  • formation of blood clots is prevented.

Using the Kondakov method, one can get rid not only of external nodes, but also of the internal variant of the disease.

Thus, even a chronic form of the disease can be treated. The technique is effective and was tested by the author on himself.

As external funds, special drugs are used that are available to everyone. Their list is protected by copyright. With the help of physiotherapeutic procedures, one can consolidate the achieved result. Kondakov suggests treating hemorrhoids mainly with medicinal plants.


Kondakov’s method in the treatment of hemorrhoids is a safe and painless option to get rid of the disease. Therapy is characterized by an integrated approach, it includes:

  • alternative medicine recipes,
  • complex of special physical exercises.

To achieve a complete cure, you should complete the full course. After a break, it should be repeated. The therapeutic course is built in stages, in order to fully recover, it is necessary to go through all the stages and consolidate the result.

The full therapeutic program is presented on the official website of Sergey Kondakov.

On the Internet, there are several sites that offer to buy a new method of combating the disease. In order to avoid fakes, it is better to make a purchase on the author’s official website. In the public domain, the technique is not presented. To begin the procedure, you must purchase the full program.

What kind of hemorrhoid disease

Hemorrhoids - a disease that can affect a person, regardless of age and gender. The reason for it may be physical inactivity, an incorrect attitude to the diet, work, the nature of which involves prolonged sitting in one place. In women, hemorrhoids often occur after childbirth - due to strong physical stress. Most often, the development of the disease occurs slowly, gradually.

At the initial stages of the disease, the patient does not notice serious discomfort, so few people go to the doctor for treatment. Basically, they try to cope with trouble on their own, using folk remedies or medicines on the advice of friends. Usually the onset of the disease is characterized by discomfort in the anus, pain. But even with the appearance of cracks and bleeding from the rectum, not everyone uses the help of doctors, trying to relieve severe symptoms with pain medications and folk remedies at home.

Due to the fact that it is possible to bring down the symptoms, the main cause of the disorder of the body is rarely dealt with. The result of such neglect is a more neglected form, a severe course of the disease, complications are not excluded.

With varicose veins localized in the rectum, they indicate the presence of hemorrhoids. The disease begins with the fact that normal blood flow is disturbed in the vessels. It was previously believed that this problem is relevant only for the elderly, but in reality it is not so simple - young patients with hemorrhoids are not so uncommon. The method for treatment can be selected depending on the factor that caused the development of the disease.

The main circumstances of hemorrhoids:

  • a long and frequent sitting position,
  • low physical activity
  • poor nutrition
  • constipation and neglect of treatment,
  • drinking excessive amounts of alcohol
  • physical load, provoking problems with blood flow, providing increased pressure in the pelvis.

Symptoms of the disease can also vary markedly:

  • severity in the anus
  • in the anus - burning and itching,
  • if a person needs to crouch, he feels uncomfortable,
  • bowel movements may begin with bowel movements,
  • the patient notes prolapse of hemorrhoids.

The listed symptoms are the most common. Their severity depends on the stage of the pathological process.


Kondakov's development has no contraindications. Anyone can use it. There are no age restrictions either. On the Internet there are many reviews about the treatment of hemorrhoidal nodes in this way. Most of them are positive. Nevertheless, in order to judge the effectiveness of the procedure, you should try it personally.

The author himself claims that recovery occurs in one hundred percent of cases and guarantees the effectiveness of his methodology, since it was personally tested by him. This method can be cured even with a chronic chronic disease.

Adherents of traditional medicine refrain from commenting on this method of therapy. On the official website of the author you can find a lot of useful information. Also on his resource is laid out all the necessary base on which the technique is based. Whether or not to try the treatment option for Kondakov’s hemorrhoids is everyone’s personal affair. And yet, before starting the procedure, it is better to consult a specialist.

This video talks about the technique of Sergei Kondakov from hemorrhoids:

Defeated hemorrhoids at home. It has been a month since I forgot about my bumps. Oh, what methods I have not tried - nothing helped. How many times I went to the doctors, but I was prescribed useless drugs again and again, and when I returned, the doctors recommended surgery. Finally, I dealt with the disease, and all thanks to this article. Everyone who has hemorrhoids - must read!

The essence of the method

The treatment of hemorrhoids without surgery according to Sergey Kondakov is the use at home of techniques and actions that work to strengthen the walls of veins and improve vascular tone. Work on the body in this embodiment is carried out comprehensively. Together with an increase in the strength of the venous walls, tonicity of the venous valves is ensured, and blood clotting is not so intense. The expected consequence of working on the body is a complete cure for hemorrhoids.

To be treated using this method, no special medical plan skills are required. During the entire period of treatment, you will not need to carry out specialized procedures or visit the clinic. A feature of the treatment according to the Kondakov method is that work is carried out directly on the causes of the disease.

According to patient reviews, after a few days, a decrease in the severity of symptoms is noted. The intensity of itching and pain localized in the anus decreases. The healing of cracks and tears of the epithelial layer in the rectal canal is accelerated.


All recipes used in the treatment program are copyrighted. Sergey Kondakov doesn’t share the technique, but some Internet resources offer it for free. Anyone can get information by visiting the author’s site.

In the treatment of hemorrhoids according to the method of Sergey Kondakov, several stages are distinguished.

  1. Preparation for treatment.
  2. The use of herbal preparations.
  3. Therapy using external agents.
  4. As the final stage, physiotherapy is sometimes used, which will be carried out in the treatment room. Using this method of treatment, it is possible to consolidate the result of treatment and to prevent the disease.

The method of treating hemorrhoids is characterized by the author as painless and very effective. To ensure that the results are not wasted, several courses should be held, between which there should be breaks. Noticeable improvements, according to Kondakov, will appear after the first few procedures.

Pros and cons of the method

According to the author of the treatment methodology, careful adherence to the recommendations provides the following results.

  • Eliminate both external hemorrhoidal formations and internal nodes.
  • Most of the procedures can be performed without problems at home, so you do not need to devote a lot of time to visiting the clinic.
  • One of the main advantages of the technique, patients consider the almost absolute absence of contraindications.
  • It is possible to cure even the advanced stage of the disease in this way.

The advantages of the technique are also the fact that with its use the patient is relieved of the need to constantly visit the hospital and stand in line waiting for procedures. The author indicates that with strict adherence to the recommendations it is possible to get rid of the disease permanently, without fear of its relapse and the manifestation of negative complications.

But! It should be understood that all these advantages are listed exclusively by the author and his followers. On the Internet it is extremely difficult to find reliable reviews of the final results, as well as a description of the drugs, exercises and other elements of the treatment course used. This should alert patients.

The importance of prior consultation with a doctor

If you are diagnosed with hemorrhoids, treatment is determined according to individual health characteristics. Much depends on how advanced the pathological process is. It is necessary to consult a doctor who will prescribe an examination and on the basis of it will decide on the best option for treatment.

If you want to be treated by the Kondakov method, you must obtain the approval of the attending physician. Scientists have not conducted detailed studies of this method, so you should not use an unfamiliar solution to the problem, hoping for a good result. So you can seriously worsen your condition.


Before proceeding with treatment using the author’s methods, it is necessary to consult a doctor, no matter how effective the method may seem to you. Careful compliance with the recommendations of the proctologist, the use of approved medications and therapeutic methods will quickly achieve a positive result.

Dry cleaning

It is necessary to dilute 10 ml of sodium thiosulfate in a glass of water. If the body weight is large, you can add the dosage of the drug, but not more than thirty ml. per day.

Sodium thiosulfate is available in ampoules

The contents should be drunk in two doses: half a glass in the morning one and a half hours before eating, and the second part should be drunk before bedtime, but not earlier than two hours after dinner. This method of cleaning is suitable for people who can be at home during the procedures. The cleaning course has a duration of 10 to 14 days.

Weight Loss Procedure

This method is suitable for those who want to not only clear themselves of harmful substances, but also lose weight. To do this, you need to dilute in one glass of water from 20 to 30 ml of the drug and drink in one dose before bedtime.

Thanks to sodium thiosulfate, you can lose extra pounds

The procedure is performed for 10 days. The effect is not long in coming. Be sure to drink plenty of water.

Sodium thiosulfate is able to cleanse the body, and reviews of doctors indicate the effectiveness of the drug and positive results in patients.

Cleaning the liver with sodium thiosulfate

For deep cleansing of the liver, it is recommended to dilute 10 ml of the drug in a glass of water. One hundred milliliters, drink an hour before meals in the morning, drink the second 100 ml in the evening two hours after eating.

The procedure can not be called pleasant, in addition, the water with the solution is very nasty.

Vegetables should be included in the diet before cleaning procedures

To facilitate the absorption of the medicinal potion, you can drink it with diluted juice or lemon water. Regardless of which method is chosen, you need to adhere to certain rules, then the result of the procedures will be at the highest level.

Before the cleaning procedures, it is advisable to prepare the body. You need to limit yourself to eating fatty, protein and dairy foods. Eat more vegetables, salads in vegetable oil, brown bread, cereals, drink juices.

The use of large amounts of plain water will facilitate the body's ability to remove toxins. Refuse fast foods, instant foods, seasonings, smoked meats and lots of sweets.

After such sessions, you need to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables, and also add to the diet the intake of a pharmacy vitamin complex.


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Risk zone

Any of us is at risk of hemorrhoids, but those who are most at risk are those who:

  1. Lead a sedentary lifestyle.
  2. Obese and constipated.
  3. I use salty, oily and spicy.
  4. Prefer anal sex.
  5. Pregnant women.
  6. Women in the postpartum period.
  7. They are fond of heavy sport.
  8. Work on hard physical work.

To date, several types of hemorrhoids are known:


The first degree of the disease is characterized by unpleasant sensations in the area of ​​the anal entrance, a feeling of the presence of an extraneous body and mild itchy discomfort. Occasionally, drops of bright scarlet blood appear at the end of a bowel movement. The first degree of the disease can last from several months to several years. A person does not feel severe pain, therefore, very rarely goes to the doctor.

Acute third degree

Urgent surgery is required. With the third degree, there is a likelihood of developing abscess paraproctitis or necrosis, in which the hemorrhoid cones die off and become black, which can lead to blood poisoning.

The treatment of hemorrhoids is carried out both medically, for example, heparin ointment, and using alternative medicine recipes. However, it is very difficult to choose a really effective way to treat the disease, due to the fact that hemorrhoids are a very moody ailment.

Thiopental sodium briefly about the drug

Desensitizing, antitoxic and anti-inflammatory drug - this is how thiopental is used in medicine. It is prescribed for severe poisoning. This tool is able to "connect" with the molecules of arsenic, thallium, mercury, lead and remove them from the body. For such substances as aniline, benzene, iodine, bromine, copper, hydrocyanic acid, mercuric chloride, phenol, thiopetal is an antidote, that is, it inhibits their action. The chemical compound thiopental sodium is a yellowish granule with a bitter-salty taste and odorless. It is easily soluble in water and insoluble in alcohol. Pharmacy option -30% solution. It is used for intravenous administration in cases of poisoning for removal, for the removal of toxins and heavy metals from the body. What makes this happen?

In addition, the solution acts as a laxative - peristalsis intensifies, intestinal contents liquefy. As a result, the processes of excretion of products from the body that have disrupted the digestive tract and the body as a whole are accelerated and their absorption into the blood is slowed down. In addition, sodium thiosulfate is successfully used in gynecology: for the treatment of cysts, infertility. With external use of the drug, scabies can be cured.

What is the treatment of hemorrhoids with the Kondakov method?

Kondakov recommends using a method of treating hemorrhoids, which directly affects the cause of this disease - venous insufficiency of the vessels of the anal canal. That is, at home it is necessary to do everything possible to strengthen the walls of hemorrhoidal veins and resume their tone.

Kondakov's anti-hemorrhoids program consists of several stages, namely:

  • preparatory
  • herbal medicine
  • local therapy
  • physiotherapy.

This complex can be practiced at home, since such treatment does not include medication, and this is logical, because Kondakov is not a proctologist, but a biologist.

Thanks to the complex effect, not only the symptomatology of the disease is facilitated, but blood circulation in the vessels of the rectum is also normalized, venous congestion is eliminated and intestinal function improves, which is extremely important for recovery.

How to treat hemorrhoids according to the method of Sergey Kondakov

Sergey Kondakov does not have a medical education. He is a biologist passionate about traditional medicine. A personal opinion on the proposed method of treatment is based on the assurance of the effect on the vascular wall of the veins (increasing elasticity), blood thinning by reducing the ability of platelets to stick together. Insufficient knowledge of the nature of the pathology leads Kondakov to reassessment of his healing capabilities.

How is hemorrhoids treated according to the Kondakov method?

As we have already said, this antihemorrhoid program consists of preparatory, phytotherapeutic, local and physiotherapeutic stages. We will talk about them in more detail.

The preparatory stage involves cleaning the intestines with a cleansing diet and enemas. For enemas, herbal solutions prepared according to special recipes developed by Kondakov are used.

At the second stage, means for oral administration based on medicinal plants are used.

For external local treatment, author's remedies are also used, for the preparation of which no medicines are needed, and everything you need can be found in the kitchen or purchased in a pharmacy. Also, exercises developed and tested by the author of the technique are performed at this stage. Such exercises are very simple and can be performed at home, as they do not require special simulators or equipment.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with recipes and exact instructions, since all of them are protected by copyright.

Indications for use

Sodium thiosulfate is a modern combination drug that helps cleanse the body of harmful substances and toxins. In most cases, the reviews of doctors are positive, but the indications for the use of the drug are purely individual. The tool has a wide range of effects.

According to the instructions, it is:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-allergenic
  • antiparasitic
  • antidotes
  • tissue cleaning product.

Sodium thiosulfate is prescribed for poisoning, allergies, arthritis, neuralgia, scabies, alcoholism. The medicine is successfully used in gynecology for the treatment of cysts, infertility, endometriosis, tuberculosis. The drug is used topically, inside, and also intravenously.

People who love themselves, take care of their health, cleanse the body of parasites, toxins, and other harmful substances, are increasingly using available sodium thiosulfate.

Cleansing the body occurs quickly enough, unless, of course, it is used correctly in accordance with the prescribed doses.Reviews of doctors, as a rule, are rather optimistic about the cleansing and speak about the effectiveness of the drug.

As a result of taking the drug, an improvement in the state of health and appearance of the person is noted. The body is gaining strength, rejuvenated, becomes strong.

The drug is transparent, has a brackish, bitter taste. A 30% solution in ampoules of 5, 10 and 50 ml is produced. The package is usually 10 ampoules.

What is the essence of the methodology

Kondakov’s method is carefully selected combined activities, as well as a special recipe, but it is completely accessible to everyone.

If you want to independently restore your health without going to the doctors, then this method is for you. It does not carry any danger, and most importantly - it is easy to carry out recovery in a comfortable home environment, without interrupting your daily activities.

Kondakov’s unique development has a comprehensive effect on the problem of hemorrhoids: the walls of the veins are strengthened and the venous valves come in tone, which does not allow blood to thicken. The consequence of such measures is a complete cure for the "uncomfortable" disease.

This method is able to effectively treat both external manifestations of the disease, and internal, the symptoms of which bring the patient a lot of unpleasant sensations and reduce the quality of his life.

On the Internet you can find a lot of information on this topic, but all of it is essentially the same. In addition, there are also many who want to cash in on someone else’s grief.

S.V. Kondakov offers a field-proven method that helps even in advanced cases. On personal mistakes, he came to the knowledge that relieves of an unpleasant ailment.

People who used his technique did not observe any side effects and were completely cured.

Can you trust this treatment?

Recall that the causes of hemorrhoids are related:

  • constipation and malnutrition,
  • bowel, liver,
  • physical overload and immobility,
  • excess weight,
  • addiction to alcohol,
  • sedentary working conditions
  • pregnancy and childbirth in women,
  • inherited vascular wall failure.

Pathology is formed over the years. Manifestations begin when the reserves of compensation for hemorrhoids cavernous structures disappear, they are destroyed and turn into nodes with a thinned vulnerable wall. In the complex of medical procedures it is necessary to influence all the causes, change the lifestyle, nutrition.

Among proctologists, dubious methods invented by non-specialists in the field of therapy are not discussed. Enthusiastic reviews from patients, allegedly with stage III and IV hemorrhoids, who managed to "quickly cope with the disease", are very unconvincing. None of these patients were examined before and after the treatment.

The “integrated” approach to the selling method is completely incomprehensible. In publications there are only common words. What kind of funds he offers for stopping pain, relieving bleeding and inflammation is not known.

Everything that can be found about the Kondakov method is not only skepticism among doctors, but also a blame for the manipulation of people who are tired of the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

How to purchase a complex?

The technique is classified by the author on his own site. You can purchase a package of information by transferring 650 rubles to your phone, e-wallet on the Internet, and a bank card. In response, the user should receive a password to enter the information folder.

Downloading data for free is not possible. The author and his followers believe that the purchase price is justified by the effectiveness of the cure method and is acceptable to the population. As a bonus, S. Kondakov promises his free consultation via email.

Method Development

The creator of the unique technique is biologist Sergei Kondakov. This man suffered from symptoms of hemorrhoids up to 45 years and constantly experienced severe pain in the anal canal, burning and itching, discomfort in the anal area. Sergey also suffered very much from bleeding.

The development of the disease led to the fact that Kondakov refused to communicate with friends and constantly experienced severe and prolonged depression. Probably, it was precisely such alienation and deterioration of health that prompted the biologist to develop and create his own method of getting rid of the disease. Kondakov developed his own effective method for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Before starting treatment in his own way, the creator of the methodology urges all hemorrhoid patients not to hide their health from their own family and relatives. Kondakov himself, due to illness, fenced off his loved ones during the illness. Sergey tried a very large number of ointments and other agents for the treatment of hemorrhoids, trying to recover.

But the inflammation was only partially eliminated, and after some time the hemorrhoids returned again. It was the ineffectiveness of medical treatment that prompted the decision to cope with the disease on its own and create its own method of getting rid of hemorrhoids.

Kondakov had to figure out his pathogenesis of the disease for quite a long time, study the mechanism of development of his disease, and then conduct his own clinical research. That is, the high efficiency of this technique is confirmed by personal experience and the example of Kondakov’s recovery.

Of course, the creation of a unique technique required many experiments, which were not always successful. However, today Kondakov offers all patients with hemorrhoids a highly effective and efficient method of treating the disease.

A few words about the development of the method

For the first time, Kondakov felt the symptoms of hemorrhoids when he was very young. It would seem that such a common and studied pathology will quickly cease its progression after the drug treatment has begun, but the disease did not give up, but only grew stronger, manifesting itself as more serious symptoms. So, over time, frequent and intense bleeding connected to the sensations of pain, itching and burning, which could not but affect the mental state of health. Suffering from hemorrhoids, which for a long time stubbornly did not yield to various methods of treatment, Kondakov fell into a deep depression. Having completely refused communication with friends, he focused on his illness, trying to get to the bottom of its disease and find the key to healing. It took Sergei Viktorovich more than 20 years to finally defeat his enemy.

Today, the technique developed by Kondakov is very popular among people for whom the issue of treating hemorrhoids is relevant. This is due to the fact that the effectiveness and success of the proposed scheme is proved by the personal experience of the author, who managed to be healed only thanks to his own discoveries and achievements.

Advantages of the Kondakov method

The treatment of hemorrhoids according to Kondakov is available to every patient. Absolutely any person with hemorrhoids can use the innovative method of getting rid of the disease. The method allows you to cope with the disease in a matter of days and does not require separation from production and work. At the same time, you don’t have to go to the hospital, go to hospital or harass yourself for a long time with various procedures during treatment.

You can’t download a free treatment method for hemorrhoids according to Kondakov. However, the technique is worth the money spent and allows you to quickly strengthen the vessels of the rectum, increase the elasticity of the venous and vascular walls, eliminate the risk of thrombosis and other serious complications of hemorrhoids. The method lowers the aggregation properties of blood and increases the activity of blood vessels.

This method of treating the disease can be used at absolutely any stage of the development of hemorrhoids. The developed technique is used for all forms of the disease - with external hemorrhoids, with a chronic course, with internal hemorrhoidal formations and with acute exacerbation. Today, this unique technique has helped thousands of people who have suffered from ailments.

Kondakov’s technique helps to cope with hemorrhoids almost forever. It increases the strength of the walls of the veins of the rectum, increases the tone of the vascular valve, improves blood circulation, effectively prevents the further development of the disease. After just a few courses, the patient begins to feel a noticeable improvement in health status.

Hemorrhoidal nodes decrease in size and resolve, discomfort in the anal canal and in the anus disappears, itching and pain cease. The technique has no contraindications for use, it can be used by any person at any stage of the disease.

Today, various sites offer to download the Kondakov methodology. However, you should be aware that it is impossible to download the technique for free. Only then can reliable information on the method of treatment be obtained. All who treated hemorrhoids according to Kondakov noted that health improvement came very quickly and after the first procedure a positive result was noticeable. Such real reviews increase the already great popularity of the technique. The number of fans of this method of treatment is constantly growing.

Is it worth it to spend money on such a means of combating hemorrhoids: real patient reviews

The effectiveness of the Kondakov technique is confirmed by the numerous positive reviews of patients who purchased this program and tested it. Consider them.

“For the first time I had hemorrhoids after the third birth, which was difficult. I did not succeed in contacting a specialist immediately, so the disease progressed. I tried to fight her with all kinds of methods, bought expensive candles, drank pills and even used a special patch, but the effect was short-lived and the disease returned again and again. I saw an advertisement on the Kondakov site on the Internet, by clicking on the link, I became interested in this technique and ordered it. The next day, the administrator contacted me, and two days later I received a disc by mail, which was described in detail about this method and presented video materials. This method is very simple, and takes 14 days in duration. I noticed a relief literally after three days of strictly following the author’s advice, and at the end of the course there was no trace of the disease. Thanks to this method, I have not had an exacerbation of hemorrhoids for the past two years, I’m even afraid to think about the torment that I had to endure! ”

“A year ago, my wife acquired Kondakov’s technique, which helped her get rid of hemorrhoids. Recently, I also got out a bundle that was very sick and bloody, and each visit to the restroom brought me unbearable suffering. Therefore, I decided to use the Kondakov technique, which my narrowed one had already tried. To my surprise, after a two-week course, the knot completely resolved. An excellent and safe method for the treatment of hemorrhoids, I recommend it to everyone! ”

“Unfortunately, Kondakov’s method did not help me. I don’t know if the roofing felts fooled me and this technique is a complete divorce, or my hemorrhoids were too neglected. The field of two weeks of treatment, my condition eased slightly, and the nodes all fell out evenly during a bowel movement. Only hemorrhoidectomy helped me. Therefore, I recommend everyone with the first signs of hemorrhoids not to delay visiting a proctologist, because in the early stages the disease can be treated conservatively. ”


As you can see, the reviews about Kondakov’s method are twofold, someone praises and claims its effectiveness, while someone says that this is a complete divorce and a dummy. In any case, you can find out whether this program helps you find out only by ordering it and trying it for yourself. But remember that any methods of alternative medicine should be agreed with a specialist - a proctologist, only a doctor can determine the appropriateness and safety of such a treatment.

But do you personally know the method of Kondakov? Leave your impressions about her in the comments under the topic, because your experience will be useful to other visitors to our resource.

Sergey Viktorovich Kondakov and his methodology

The developer of an innovative methodology for the treatment of hemorrhoids, which can become a good alternative to surgical intervention, is S. Kondakov, a biologist by profession. At one time, this man was faced with a chronic form of the disease that troubled him from his student years to the age of 45.

At the very beginning of the development of the disease, like many people with this pathology, he did not go to the doctor, as a result, the disease progressed further until it went into the chronic stage.

For more than twenty years, he suffered from pain, burning, itching and spotting due to rupture of hemorrhoids. The disease began to progress so much that he had to leave his usual way of life.

Trying to get rid of the pathology on his own, he tried many methods of treatment of both traditional and traditional medicine. However, no effective result was achieved. Then Kondakov came to the conclusion that the secret to getting rid of the disease was in his own hands.

From this moment, the man began a thorough study of the mechanism that provokes the disease, began to study all the information about hemorrhoids and experience a variety of therapeutic methods. Over the course of a long six years, he worked closely on developing his own way of getting rid of the disease.

The method of treating hemorrhoids according to Sergey Viktorovich Kondakov allows you to completely get rid of the disease outside the hospital, that is, at home, with minimal financial costs and most importantly, without any harm to health.

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