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Fasting prostatitis treatment: how to prepare yourself and what you need to know about?

The processes occurring with prostatitis take away a lot of energy from the body, so the patient needs to provide a good, balanced diet.

Diet menu for this disease prescribed to the patient necessarily, along with physiotherapy and medications.

A certain diet in case of illness is an adjustment to the daily menu, with the introduction of some restrictions on the use of a number of products. Compliance with a correctly composed diet during illness can reduce recovery time.

What foods are helpful?

It is important that the patient’s diet contains enough foods in which contain a lot of zinc. This element is simply necessary for the normal functioning of the male reproductive system, because the secret, thanks to which sperm move, is high in zinc citrate and fructose. In addition, zinc increases resistance to infections.

The largest amount of zinc is found in:

  • seafood (seafood),
  • eggs
  • pumpkin seeds
  • legumes.

The patient should eat daily:

  • a sufficient amount fruit and vegetable crops (preferably red-orange flowers) - they contain a lot of carotene, which helps to reduce the risk of exacerbations,
  • bread (exclusively with bran) - it has a high concentration of fiber, which improves the digestive tract and relieves constipation,
  • dairy products - they will accelerate metabolic processes and help the work of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • vegetable fats (preferably olive oil),
  • pasta and cereals - support biological activity due to the high content of vitamins and other beneficial substances,
  • meat and fish (non-greasy), broths on them - give vigor and maintain the body in good shape,
  • honey, dried fruits, seeds, nuts.
  • From drinking it is allowed to use:

    • clean water
    • various compotes and fruit drinks,
    • weak coffee and tea
    • jelly.

    Compilation rules

    The basic principles of a diet for prostatitis are:

    • the use of salt in a minimum amount,
    • cooking by stewing, boiling or steaming,
    • excluding alcohol-containing drinks.

    With chronic prostatitis, the diet is not so limited - it is allowed to eat meat, poultry and fish in moderation, if they are lean, and a little alcohol is allowed - up to 40-50 grams per day. Occasionally, you can treat yourself to fried dishes.

    The acute stage of the disease imposes severe restrictions on nutrition - The menu should contain extremely easily digestible products. At the beginning of the diet, the emphasis will be on the use of boiled vegetables, fruits and dairy products. Later, low-fat fish and meat can be added to the diet, but in minimal quantities.

    Diet for prostatitis in men

    What diet for prostatitis will be most useful and suitable for men?

    When calculating productsincluded in the menu their harmonious combination with each other at each meal should be taken into account, try to balance the diet as much as possible. You should eat at least 3 times a day, and in the evening, before bedtime, you can drink a glass of kefir, ayran, natural bio-yogurt or fermented baked milk.

    The diet for prostatitis and during its treatment is largely similar to the diet for the treatment of prostate adenoma.

    An approximate weekly diet may be as follows:


    • Morning - oatmeal in milk, tea with honey and a boiled egg.
    • Lunch - hake and vinaigrette baked in foil, fruits.
    • Evening - boiled buckwheat without salt and salad with fresh vegetables seasoned with vegetable oil.


  • For breakfast - oatmeal porridge, fruits, coffee.
  • In the afternoon - a vegetable salad and pasta with steamed meatballs.
  • Dinner - boiled rice, steamed vegetables and an egg.
  • Wednesday:

    • In the morning - Ayran and milk rice porridge, fruits.
    • For lunch - vegetable soup in meat broth.
    • For dinner - scrambled eggs from a pair of eggs and boiled buckwheat.


    • For breakfast - oatmeal in milk with dried fruits.
    • In the afternoon - baked potatoes with chicken in the oven and vegetables.
    • Dinner - vegetable stew and boiled “bag” egg, fruits.


    • In the morning - porridge of your choice and scrambled eggs of 6 quail eggs.
    • For lunch - tender mashed potatoes and a salad of vegetables.
    • In the evening - soup with rice, 2 fruits.


    • For breakfast - buckwheat with milk, fruit salad.
    • At lunch - lean pilaf and steamed fish.
    • In the evening - steamed omelet, a salad of red-orange vegetables and cucumbers.


    • Breakfast - rice porridge with pumpkin and a glass of yogurt, fruits.
    • In the afternoon - soup with meatballs and vegetables.
    • For dinner - vegetable stew, steamed meat.

    In addition to the above, in the diet menu for prostatitis, nutrition can be varied with fruits, dairy products, vegetables as snacks.

    It is easy to adhere to such a diet, since the feeling of hunger does not occur, and the body receives everything necessary for its vital activity.

    Is it possible to do fasting

    Treatment of prostatitis with hunger is one of the recognized methods used along with other methods of healing.

    Thanks to this method, pain is significantly reduced, the disease is faster and easier, and the general condition of the patient improves.

    But, the patient should not starve without medical supervision - this can result in a worsening of the condition and aggravation of the disease.

    Dry fasting with prostatitis, it is also not forbidden to carry out if the attending physician does not express disagreement. According to those who have tried this technique, dry fasting is much more effective than wet fasting, because the body does not have to spend its resources not digesting food and structuring the water that gets into it.

    But it’s worth remembering that stick to a dry method should be less timethan carried out therapeutic fasting. This method will help to cope with pain, cleanse the body as soon as possible and helps to accelerate the process of healing from prostatitis.

    Prostatitis, like any disease, requires a certain treatment, which should be carried out under medical supervision. Properly composed nutrition, periodic therapeutic fasting and other folk methods are perfectly combined with medicinal and physiotherapeutic agents, so you should not neglect any of the methods approved by the doctor.

    What is starvation and how is it useful?

    Relief of prostate gland starvation began relatively recently, the technique is quite useful, it helps to eliminate uncomfortable sensations.

    What is starvation? This is a deliberate refusal to eat, which is necessary for treated purposes. Often fasting is practiced with all kinds of diseases of the digestive tract, but more and more often it has also been used for prostatitis.

    Subject to insufficient food intake, a qualitative cleansing of the body from the accumulation of toxins and toxins is noted. Cleansing favorably affects the functioning of the organs of the genitourinary system, and the prostate in particular.

    Thanks to starvation, a qualitative cleansing of the body of toxins and toxins is noted

    However, we must not forget that starvation can become a powerful stress for a person and at the same time:

    1. activates the body’s reserves to fight the disease,
    2. eliminates the root causes of prostatitis.

    Starvation additionally contributes to the rapid burning of body fat, and yet, as you know, it is overweight that is one of the prerequisites for prostatitis.

    A couple of years ago, large-scale studies were carried out, in their course it turned out that starvation has a good effect on the hormonal background, it becomes a catalyst for the production of growth hormone.

    This factor is a good reason to starve for a while, since growth hormone helps restore damaged prostate tissue. In addition, as a result of stabilization of the hormonal background, the risk of progression and worsening of prostatitis is reduced.

    Dry fasting with prostatitis

    Dry fasting treatment of prostatitis is another technique that is often used by professional athletes. This method is practiced before the competition to get rid of toxins, excess water and toxic substances.

    Bodybuilders for a long time adhere to dry starvation in order to emphasize the relief of muscles, to make muscle fibers “cut off”. With the inflammatory process in the prostate gland, doctors also advise dry fasting, sometimes it is simply impossible to do without it.

    Dry starvation should be understood as a conscious refusal to eat and drink water, but if there are serious health problems, the technique can be dangerous. According to reviews, before treatment, it does not hurt to conduct special training to strengthen the body.

    If a man has an inflamed prostate, the duration of dry fasting should not be more than 24 hours. Otherwise, problems from the side are inevitable:

    1. kidney
    2. digestive organs.

    It is dangerous to start dry fasting without the consent of your doctor. About a day before refusing food, it is recommended to drink as much water as possible, on average it should be from 3 to 5 liters.

    Also, one day before fasting, it is necessary to introduce fruit and vegetable juices into the diet for fiber enrichment. It is she who will help to abstain from food, to prevent the development of complications.

    An important point is the way out of the hunger strike, it should have been correct and smooth. On the next day after treatment, it is recommended to use exclusively low-calorie foods with a high content of proteins and fiber.

    The exit from the hunger strike should have been right and smooth!

    Another tip is to drink enough alkaline water, on the second day you can diversify the menu with foods rich in unsaturated fats. The ideal food during this period will be salmon, walnuts and pine nuts, mackerel. Dressing vegetable salads is shown with linseed and olive oil.

    Three-day and weekly fasting

    Therapeutic fasting with prostatitis can last more than a day, three-day and weekly abstinence from food is quite effective. If you periodically starve on the background of drug treatment, you can permanently get rid of prostatitis.

    Naturally, it may seem to many men that not eating food for a long time is extremely difficult, but in practice it is not. On the contrary, a three-day fasting stabilizes the work of the prostate gland, especially in such cases:

    • congestive prostatitis
    • bacterial prostatitis.

    If the doctor is allowed to starve, certain rules must be followed. First of all, the day before the procedure, arrange food in such a way that food with an increased amount of fiber, complex carbohydrates prevails. These nutrients can be found in fresh vegetables, fruits, and durum wheat pasta.

    Before a hunger strike, it is allowed to eat a small amount of sweets, it can be natural bee honey, marshmallows, pastille. During fasting, you can drink water, its volume should not be more than 3-4 liters, the water should be alkaline or simply purified.

    After starvation, it is harmful to overeat, otherwise the effectiveness of the treatment is in doubt. Two to three days after the procedure, eat:

    1. lean meat,
    2. skim dairy products,
    3. porridge on the water
    4. vegetable broths.

    If you don’t have the strength to endure hunger, you can drink alkaline water with honey

    Weekly fasting helps to reduce the size of the prostate, to stop the manifestations of the inflammatory process. The technique is more complex, provides for a responsible approach. Starvation with prostatitis (reviews have repeatedly confirmed this) have a beneficial effect on the state of the body, removes pain in the perineum.

    How to carry out weekly fasting? It is necessary to prepare a sufficient amount of clean water in advance, about 3-5 liters should be drunk per day. As before a three-day fasting, it is useful to consume cereals, pasta from durum wheat, a little natural honey, vegetable juices, lean meat per day.

    To maintain the body, you can drink a glass of clean water with honey, but they do this only with an intolerable feeling of hunger. The first three days after treatment, it is necessary to refrain from solid foods, eat only:

    • liquid cereals
    • Fresh Juice,
    • vegetable broths.

    A week after starvation, lean fish and poultry meat are added to the diet, and alkaline mineral water is not forgotten. After 10 days, you can slowly return to your usual menu.

    In order not to harm the body, a man the next time should adhere to fractional nutrition, eat in small portions, but often (5-6 times a day).

    The benefits of fasting

    Due to starvation, changes occur in the body, namely:

    • the intake of insufficient amounts of food in the body stimulates the elimination of toxins and toxins, which positively affects the condition of the prostate,
    • lack of food becomes a stress for the body, as a result, it activates its reserves and directs them to fight the infections that provoked the disease.

    In addition, therapeutic fasting with prostatitis allows you to get rid of excess weight, it is he who in combination with bad habits contributes to its formation.

    What harm can starvation bring?

    The danger of starvation lies in the fact that it can harm the whole body, including the tissues of the prostate gland. Therapeutic starvation with prostatitis can be the trigger for the formation of malignant neoplasms.

    Before starting treatment, you must consult a doctor and undergo a full examination.

    According to observations and studies, therapeutic fasting with prostatitis leads to the development of complications only in rare cases. Especially if the day before the patient was thoroughly examined by a specialist and received permission for such treatment.

    What is healing fasting and how does it work?

    Reducing food intake contributes to the overall strengthening of the whole body

    Chronic prostatitis is a consequence of a violation of trophic tissue and stagnation of the secretion of the prostate gland, to which an infectious agent often causes inflammation. Fasting with prostatitis is an effective way to enhance the result of drug treatment.

    Fasting is aimed at ridding the body of harmful compounds and so-called slagging. As a result of refusal of food, hidden reserves “turn on” in the body over time and are consumed instead of the nutrients normally supplied with food. This stimulates the immune system, has a positive effect on metabolic processes and allows you to accelerate the restoration of the prostate.

    It is also believed that during therapeutic fasting, pathogenic microorganisms do not receive the food necessary for their further reproduction, and gradually die, but this theory has not received official confirmation, although it has been tested more than once in practice.

    How does fasting work?

    Along with food, nutrients enter the body, which are absorbed immediately or stored “in reserve”. At the same time, the digestive tract organs work all the time, secreting enzymes that “parse” food into components.The lion's share of the body’s energy reserves goes to the provision and maintenance of digestion.

    When food ceases, self-cleaning mechanisms are triggered. In the early days, the kidneys and intestines are actively working, removing accumulated toxins and toxins from the body. After some time, the accumulated carbohydrate reserves go to consumption, and then, to maintain the body’s working capacity, the process of fat breakdown begins, called ketosis.

    At this time, the subcutaneous fat layer is reduced, the body is cleansed, the reserves of “bad” cholesterol are noticeably reduced. The result is increased metabolism, since ketosis is a very energy-intensive process.

    The benefits of fasting with prostatitis are due to:

    • body cleansing
    • stimulation of metabolic processes,
    • activation of immunity,
    • decrease in body weight.

    In addition to hidden processes, such as the acceleration of metabolism, a clear change, such as weight loss, constitutes a benefit for men's health. The fact is that overweight worsens the course of prostatitis, as the load on the lower extremities increases, which negatively affects blood circulation.

    Another definite plus is the absence of prostate irritation during bowel movements. Therapeutic fasting frees the intestines and allows for a long time to forget about constipation, which adversely affect the course of prostatitis and often cause an exacerbation of chronic inflammation.

    Contraindications and Precautions

    Heart problems preclude the use of this technique

    Having figured out how starvation and prostatitis are related, you should pay attention to contraindications and safety measures.

    Refusal of food is prohibited in the presence of the following diseases:

    • diabetes,
    • thyrotoxicosis,
    • anemia,
    • encephalopathy
    • heart ischemia
    • a recent heart attack or stroke,
    • tuberculosis,
    • malignant neoplasms.

    Before starting treatment for prostatitis by fasting, it is necessary to consult with three doctors - a therapist, a urologist and a nutritionist. The so-called “dry” fasting should not be practiced by people with kidney stones, urinary bladder or gall bladder. The fact is that often the rejection of water provokes the beginning of the movement of stones, which can lead to damage to organ tissues and internal bleeding.

    The wrong approach to refusing food can have negative consequences for the whole organism. Here are just a few of them:

    • deficiency of vitamins and minerals,
    • the formation of kidney stones,
    • stagnation of bile
    • exacerbations of chronic diseases,
    • anemia,
    • depression.

    Due to the lack of vitamins and microelements, the development of severe prostate dysfunction is possible, in this case starvation will not cure prostatitis, but will only aggravate its course.

    Light fasting according to Malovichko

    A lot of positive reviews received fasting according to the Malovichko method. He developed a special treatment regimen that allows you to overcome the pathology with the help of diet and fasting. Its use helps to eliminate toxic substances and toxins from the body cavity.

    All that is needed is to follow very simple rules, namely:

    • take food not on schedule, but at the first sensation of hunger,
    • it is recommended to minimize the use of heat treatment of food,
    • you need to limit the use of certain foods.

    The prohibition includes:

    • butter,
    • milk,
    • conservation
    • bakery and confectionery products,
    • spice.

    Water is allowed to drink only acidified with lemon juice. People suffering from overweight are advised to drink 4 glasses of water per day, adding half the lemon juice to each.

    In the absence of appetite, it is allowed to drink such water in unlimited quantities until a feeling of hunger appears.If you have problems with the intestines, it is recommended to perform an enema with water and lemon juice in a ratio of 500 ml: 1 tbsp. l or eat wheat bran.

    Types of therapeutic fasting

    Before choosing one or another method, you should definitely consult a doctor

    There are two main methods of treating prostatitis and other diseases with hunger - these are “dry” and “wet” fasting.

    Dry fasting means a complete rejection of water and food for a short time. Usually this practice is limited to 1-3 days, not more. In this case, you need to start starving properly, with preliminary preparation, otherwise dehydration can lead to dangerous consequences, up to death.

    “Wet” starvation implies only refusal of food. A person can drink water in any quantity, also some methods allow the use of decoctions of medicinal herbs or juices. Fasting on juices is the safest method of refusing food used for medicinal purposes.

    Also, treatment methods differ in the duration of refusal of food. Urologists recommend one-day or three-day fasting. Refusal of food for such a period will not have a negative impact on health if a person has no contraindications.

    Long-term fasting techniques can be practiced only under the supervision of a specialist.

    Broys technique

    For the treatment of inflammation of the prostate, the Broys method is suitable, which consists in refusing food for 32 days. This is a rather difficult practice for treating hunger, which requires special conditions. It is best to practice this method in a hospital with special dietetic clinics, or at medical resorts, since at some point a person may urgently need medical help.

    The essence of the methodology is refusal of food and replacing food with kidney collection, fresh juice of potatoes, carrots or beets. This methodology imposes severe restrictions on the use of permitted drinks.

    Who should not go hungry

    Like any other folk remedy, abstinence from food can have its contraindications. Often we are talking about such dangerous and severe pathologies as diabetes mellitus, chronic hepatitis, acute infectious processes in the body.

    Before applying the technique, it is necessary to consult with the attending physician, it must be remembered that even a temporary refusal to eat can harm the patient’s health and aggravate the condition.

    In general, the concepts of starvation and prostatitis are quite compatible, with a reasonable approach, it is possible to achieve positive dynamics of the disease, improve health.

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    What is the procedure useful for?

    For the treatment of prostatitis, many different methods are used. This is a medical treatment, and herbal medicine, massages and physical exercises. None of these methods is as effective as the others, but with their complex application, the results can be much better. Hunger strike acts as one of the most effective ways, especially in combination with other options.

    When using fasting, you can improve the condition of the whole organism, reduce the intensity of pain, the course of the disease can be significantly alleviated. But it should be understood that during hunger strikes, special rules must be observed until the body is completely cured.

    After the patient has started fasting, the pain may go away on the third or fourth day. The duration of the application of the method should be determined after the stage of the disease has been determined, focusing on the personal feelings in the process. But keep in mind that treatment should not be carried out for more than fourteen days. The exception is complex cases.Necessarily used in the complex and other means.

    This method of treatment is good for sexually transmitted infections. The course of syphilis, gonorrhea can be smoothed out, the likelihood of developing complications is reduced. The state of mind is significantly normalized, which in itself has a beneficial effect on the speed of healing. With the help of fasting, it is possible to reduce soreness in erections, which is not uncommon with gonorrhea and syphilis. Over time, you can completely get rid of the discomfort.

    What is the value of fasting

    The body from time to time feels the need for rest from constant loads of food. During such a rest, the body’s forces are preserved, which are usually aimed at digesting food that has entered the stomach. When overloaded with food, the body is not able to fully absorb all the nutrients that enter it. Therefore, in patients with acute infectious diseases and inflammations, the appetite can be very spoiled. In these cases, the condition may worsen, especially if you gorge on through force.

    Hunger for several days will allow the patient to relax, reduces the stress experienced by the kidneys and heart. The pains decrease and then disappear. If you feel unwell, try an experiment - starve yourself for a while and check how your condition changes. Serious illnesses after such purification will no longer be threatened. Even animals do not eat during illness, instinctively feeling that this will help bring about a recovery. The same mechanism of recovery works in humans.

    With the help of fasting, it is possible to cure a chronic type of disease. The body also receives protection from more serious diseases - at the first stage of abstinence from food, unwanted substances, such as toxins and toxins, begin to be removed from the tissues.

    You can take decoctions and infusions from parsley - they help cleanse the blood, restore chemical balance in it, and establish blood circulation in the capillaries. The use of parsley infusions during fasting ensures the normalization of muscle tone and the removal of stones from the prostate. To prepare the infusion, you can do so. Take a tablespoon of raw materials and pour a couple of glasses of boiling water. Insist for ten hours, then throughout the day, drink the resulting drug in small sips. Eating fresh parsley is also beneficial.

    Starvation in the treatment of prostatitis, no doubt, has an excellent effect. But this method is not suitable for everyone - basically the psychological factor is to blame for this, when the patient does not want to take new methods for treatment. It should be remembered that this method has contraindications.

    For whom hunger strikes will be useful

    First of all, the procedure will be useful for those whose body is heavily slagged. One of the main reasons for inflammation of the prostate gland is stagnation in the body and the presence of a considerable amount of waste. When leading an unhealthy lifestyle, immobility, illegibility in food, the body regularly receives small doses of poisoning and needs a comprehensive deep cleansing. With excess weight, problems with the work of the stomach, intestines, it is simply necessary to unload the body from time to time.

    It is useful to give the body a break if a person likes to eat. Most modern products have chemical additives - the body does not recognize them and does not send them to the conclusion. As a result, they accumulate in the body, and then settle in the internal organs, including the prostate.

    Refraining from eating, a person spurs the conclusion of harmful deposits to the outside. This is especially effective with the simultaneous use of healing fluids, decoctions and infusions. This approach to treatment has a beneficial effect on the work of the prostate gland and the body as a whole.During a hunger strike, it is possible to normalize the intestines and eliminate constipation. They can cause serious harm to health - the rectum, when blocked, can squeeze the prostate and poison it with toxic substances.

    What periods of fasting can be considered good

    There are various terms for limiting oneself in food, as well as ways. They depend on the degree of the disease. At the initial stage, you can carry out the cleansing procedure in one or two days. Even this period is enough for you to feel lightness and remove pain. With fasting for 3-4 days, you can achieve great success. To then maintain the result, it is enough to then go on a hunger strike one day a week.

    With a protracted illness, more time will be required for cleaning. The period without food should be 9-15 days. It is not always possible to coordinate the period of body cleansing with the rhythm of life, especially with regular trips to work. You can stop on such a method of fasting as 3-4 days, then a break for the same period and again fasting. It should continue until the complete disposal of the disease.

    If the disease is severely neglected, one-time fasting is indispensable. After some time, it will still have to be repeated - the only way to get rid of the slags accumulated over a long time. When refusing food, drink plenty of fluids.

    Fasting with prostatitis is considered one of the methods of traditional medicine, which is practiced by treating a similar pathology. Prostatitis is considered one of the most unpleasant diseases that occur in men of middle and older years. It can occur as a result of hormonal disorders and be inherited. Prostatic hyperplasia develops quite suddenly and abruptly, as a result of which men are ready for anything in order to get rid of this disease faster.

    The main aspects of the hunger strike

    Probably, it will not be news to anyone that prostatitis can lead to infertility. And this becomes another reason enough to need treatment on time.

    As for such a method as therapeutic fasting, it is recommended for people who have excessive slagging of the body. After all, it is the presence of a large number of toxic deposits and congestion that is considered one of the main causes of prostate diseases. With a modern lifestyle (when a person does not move much), with improper nutrition and a tendency to bad habits, the body is poisoned both from the outside and from the inside. It is in this case that a hunger strike will be useful.

    It is necessary to analyze how much energy and strength the human body needs to digest food, and what kind of load the liver, stomach and kidneys get. During a hunger strike, new forces appear in the body that are aimed at combating uncharacteristic pathological processes.

    In addition, foods used in food (nowadays) contain a significant amount of chemical additives that settle in a variety of organs, including the prostate. When a person abstains from eating food, unnecessary deposits begin to be excreted, which leads to an improvement in the state of the prostate. As well as the liver, the state of which affects the functioning of the prostate and the body as a whole.

    Another positive side of fasting is the normalization of body weight (especially relevant for obesity), the improvement of the stomach and intestines.

    Can prostatitis and adenoma be cured by fasting?

    Initially, conscious refusal of food was used to treat diseases of the digestive organs, but now it is gaining more and more popularity in the treatment of prostatitis and BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). The general essence of the technique is a beneficial complex effect on the body.

    It is expressed in:

    • Purification from toxic substances and toxins, which positively affects the digestive and genitourinary systems,
    • Mobilization of additional body resources under the influence of stress from a hunger strike. Thus, the fight against pathogenic microorganisms that provoked inflammation is intensified,
    • Burning excess fat, which positively affects overall health, also eliminates one of the root causes of prostate diseases,
    • Stabilization of the hormonal background and acceleration of the synthesis of growth hormone, which contributes to the speedy regeneration of damaged prostate tissue and slows the progression of the disease.

    Starvation with prostatitis will be most effective in the presence of an increased amount of toxins in the body, which in turn can be caused by the following factors:

    • Smoking, addiction to alcohol and drugs,
    • Errors in the diet,
    • The use of cheap foods that contain a large percentage of chemical additives.

    For the treatment of an inflamed prostate gland, one of several technologies used for fasting is used. Prostate adenoma also lends itself well to a similar method of therapy. The benefits of fasting for benign prostatic hyperplasia are:

    • Intensive destruction of protein compounds that provoke the growth of glandular tissues,
    • Improving blood circulation,
    • The release of body reserves, which begin to intensively fight the disease.

    IMPORTANT: fasting (do not forget to consult a doctor before starting) is necessary as part of a comprehensive treatment, this kind of monotherapy is unlikely to bring a positive result.

    General characteristics of the disease

    The prostate gland (prostate) is the accessory gland in the male genital environment. In an adult man, she performs the following functions:

    • participation in the process of erection,
    • the establishment of obstacles to the entry of urine into the semen at the time of sexual arousal,
    • participation in the formation of orgasm,
    • ensuring rapid evacuation (ejection) of sperm from the urethra,
    • contributing to the production of prostaglandin, which contributes to a powerful blood supply to the penis before an erection occurs,
    • coupled with testicles promotes the production of the hormone testosterone,
    • sperm liquefaction
    • Contributing to the viability of sperm in the female genital tract.

    The nature of the lesion of the prostate gland:

    • disorder in the prostate gland in boys before puberty (in the undeveloped gland) is not an independent disease,
    • in the stage of acute inflammation, the disease most often occurs in men who have an active sex life,
    • atrophy of the gland occurs in men who have been subjected to chemical, physical or radiation castration,
    • in mature and elderly men, there are three types of prostatitis: in the form of chronic prostatitis, adenomas (benign hyperplasia) and adenocarcinomas (malignant hyperplasia).

    Any form of prostatitis is accompanied by pain. Blood and lymph in the vessels of the damaged prostate gland can provoke stagnation and edema of the organ, thereby exacerbating the pathology.

    How to starve?

    For a person who has never resorted to starvation, the method can be a serious test. For men, several methods have been developed, according to which it is recommended to fast from prostatitis. Everyone is free to choose for themselves the optimal and least debilitating.

    There are several options for fasting. The first is a daily dry hunger strike. It is divided into 3 stages:

    • Training. During the day, it is recommended to enrich the diet with fresh or baked vegetables and fruits, as well as actively consume mineral water without gas, fruit drinks and fresh juices,
    • The hunger strike. 24 hours to completely refrain from eating and drinking, including plain water,
    • Exit. On the first day of leaving the hunger strike, it is allowed to drink no more than 1 liter of liquid and use only purified or mineral water.Three days after it is better to eat lean broths, cereals, fruits, vegetables.

    The second variant of fasting is three days. 2 subtypes stand out. The first involves absolute fasting for 72 hours. A less radical method allows the consumption of up to 500 ml of mineral water per day. Preparing and getting out of a hunger strike is similar to a one-day technique, except that the entrance lasts a week, and a day before the start it is important to keep honey, marshmallows and pastille on the menu.

    The third is weekly fasting. To achieve the result, all recommendations must be carefully observed. 7 days before the start, you should completely abandon fatty dishes, pastries, sweets, tea, alcohol and coffee. At the same time, you need to eat vegetarian soups, cereals, fruits and vegetables.

    Within 7 days of a direct hunger strike, it is permissible to drink 3 liters of water with the addition of a spoonful of honey. The solution requires a responsible approach and is divided into the following stages:

    • The first day to drink no more than 100 ml of water in fractional portions, a little juice and broth,
    • 2-3 days - add an insignificant quality of cereals or salads with a spoon of olive oil,
    • 3-5 days - additionally introduce non-fat soups and 100 g of fish meat and yogurt with zero fat content daily,
    • Starting from day 6, you should return to your usual diet, but eat fractionally - 5-6 times a day.

    It is permissible to resort to methods of complete rejection of food and water after consulting a doctor. This method of treatment causes side effects from various body systems. During fasting, it is recommended to take vitamin and mineral supplements. The choice should also be agreed with a medical professional.

    A gentle way to treat prostatitis and prostate adenoma is fasting according to the Malovichko system. The method is based on the removal of toxins and toxins. Features of the "diet":

    • You should not eat according to the regimen, but with the strongest feeling of hunger,
    • Forbidden to use: spices, milk, canned foods, bread and flour products, butter, food with a high level of protein compounds, fats, starch,
    • Drinking liquid is allowed in the form of juice squeezed from lemon. Men who are obese should drink no more than 4 glasses a day, for the rest there are no restrictions. Water should be consumed until the feeling of hunger becomes too sharp. Then you are allowed to eat.

    Is harm possible?

    It is possible to cure prostatitis by starvation (if the basic medical recommendations are followed), moreover, it has a general healing effect on the body, but it does not suit everyone.

    Unacceptable refusal of food to men suffering from:

    • Blood diseases
    • Tuberculosis
    • Diabetes mellitus and other endocrine system dysfunctions,
    • Cirrhosis
    • Vascular atherosclerosis,
    • Chronic hepatitis
    • Heart disease
    • Low blood pressure
    • Oncopathologies,
    • Renal and hepatic insufficiency.

    Also, fasting is prohibited for older and underweight men.

    Method Ohanyan

    The method involves daily enema procedures.

    This method is aimed at a comprehensive cleansing of the body and is designed for a two-week refusal of food. At this time, it is forbidden to drink clean water, all drinks are replaced by decoctions of herbs. Along with the oral intake of infusions, daily cleansing enemas with medicinal decoctions are necessary.

    Reviews of men

    On forums and communities devoted to male diseases, starvation as a treatment for prostatitis is actively discussed. In their reviews, men admit that it is difficult to sustain a head from a habit, so not everyone is ready to give feedback on the effectiveness of the method.

    Those who successfully resorted to dry fasting during the day or to a three-day refusal of food, report that their condition has improved, uncomfortable symptoms have decreased, pain and burning have decreased due to suppression of inflammatory processes.

    Prostate disease (prostatitis) is an andrological (male) urogenital pathology.

    Inflammation is acute or chronic. Half a century ago, doctors made this diagnosis to the age group of men after 45 years.

    Currently, this ailment is significantly younger and occurs at the age of 20 years.

    In addition, this disease is also very common among the male population. In addition to drug therapy, treatment of prostatitis by fasting is widely used. The feedback on this method is very impressive.

    Hunger strike

    As for the issue of duration of fasting, there are several ways that differ in timing. The use of a particular method will depend on the degree of manifestation of the disease.

    At the initial stages of the development of the pathological process, it will be enough to observe a hunger strike for two days. In this case, the ease and disappearance of pain will be immediately noticeable. Maximum efficiency - treatment for fasting with prostate adenoma will be three or four days. To maintain the result, it is recommended to adhere to this regimen for one day a week.

    If prostatitis is already in advanced stages of the course, it will take more time to clean the prostate and the body. The term should be from nine to fifteen days. This can be quite difficult, especially if the man is also working.

    Therefore, it is advised to use an alternative method, in which it is necessary:

    1. Starve for three to four days.
    2. Take a break for two days.
    3. Do not eat again for four days.

    Use such starvation is necessary until complete recovery.

    Please note that for the treatment of chronic prostatitis, one fasting cycle will not be enough, the body will not be able to cleanse itself so quickly. Therefore, treatment must be continued for a long time.

    As for the use of fluid, conducting such treatment, then you should not refuse it. After all, the so-called dry fasting with prostate adenoma can be quite difficult and even dangerous.

    Water helps to avoid dehydration, which thickens the prostate secret. It also has the ability to carry out cell regeneration and quickly restore the body after an illness.

    Common symptoms

    The very first and most significant symptom of prostatitis is frequent urination, which is especially noticeable at night.

    At first, the man does not pay attention to this, believing that he drank a lot of tea or water.

    But if at the same time there is also pain in the lower abdomen (pulling, crushing or bursting), usually in the evening, then you should already observe yourself. And the third symptom is an erection disorder and early ejaculation.

    Additional symptoms

    Additional symptoms of acute prostatitis bacterial type:

    1. increase in body temperature to 39 degrees, which lasts a long time,
    2. persistent chills
    3. bodily weakness, aches throughout the body, state of pain,
    4. persistent headache
    5. bouts of nausea, possibly with vomiting,
    6. sharp pain during ejaculation,
    7. severe pain in the perineum, which gives to the lower abdomen, lower back, and testicles. The pain intensifies with bowel movements. With bowel movements, there may be mucous discharge.

    Chronic form

    Chronic infectious prostatitis is characterized by the following symptoms:

    1. pain (pulling, dull, continuous), which is located in the lower abdomen, in the groin and scrotum. Strengthens in a sitting position, especially on a hard surface. And also with urination, bowel movements and ejaculation. Feeling of fullness and pain in the bladder,
    2. urination is impaired (it is impossible to completely empty the bladder, and during an exacerbation, a man is completely deprived of the ability to urinate),
    3. increased psycho-emotional disorder associated with the disease (depression, apathy, chronic fatigue, aggressiveness),
    4. prolonged erection during sleep.There may be blood impurities in the ejaculate,
    5. there are signs of general intoxication: constant fatigue, weakness, headaches, decreased immunity, refusal of food. The patient always wants to lie down.

    Chronic non-infectious prostatitis (or chronic pelvic pain syndrome) symptoms have the following:

    1. pain is constant or intermittent, monotonous, which increases with any physical exertion. It is localized in the prostate itself, perineum, in the coccyx, testicles, male genital area. During bowel movement, pain is concentrated in the anus and rectum,
    2. disturbed sexual desire, libido. Instability of an erection is observed, which disappears during intercourse, early ejaculation. With timely and competent treatment prescribed by the attending physician, the male’s sexual viability is fully restored,
    3. impaired urination, the stream of urine becomes thinner, the urge is frequent, but it is impossible to completely empty the bladder,
    4. psychological disorders: a state of depression, depression, lethargy, drowsiness, anger.

    Asymptomatic form

    This type of prostatitis is asymptomatic. The general condition of a man does not secretly reveal the current disease. A disease is detected by chance during a medical examination (for example: blood sampling for analysis when elevated white blood cells or bacteria are found in it).

    Causes of asymptomatic prostatitis:

    • uncontrolled drinking,
    • instability of sexual activity,
    • lack of physical activity, low mobility,
    • hypothermia
    • reduced immunity
    • the functionality and structural structure of the prostate gland is impaired,
    • stone formation
    • various diseases infectious and non-infectious, including those leading to impaired function of internal organs and other causes.

    Therapeutic treatment of prostatitis:

    • medications,
    • prostate massage
    • healing candles and microclysters,
    • paraprostatic block
    • instillation,
    • swab and application with healing mud,
    • laser treatment
    • physiotherapy.

    Treatment of prostatitis and adenomas with hunger

    Starvation with prostatitis reviews is, as we have said, quite high.

    Together with therapeutic treatment, it provides relief of the general condition of the patient and a decrease in pain after 3-4 days.

    But this does not mean that treatment of prostatitis with hunger and drug therapy should be stopped.

    If the disease is at the initial stage, then you can starve for 1-2 days and return treatment starvation with prostatitis if necessary. Fasting treatment must be carried out until complete healing. If the disease is started, then you need to starve for up to 15 days, for 3-4 days with interruptions of 3-4 days with additional treatment.

    Doctors noted that such starvation reduces complications and stabilizes the patient's psycho-emotional state. However, some patients get the opposite result from starvation. They have reduced immunity, which can lead to relapse and complications. Therefore, fasting treatment should be agreed with your doctor.

    A diet for prostatitis is a must. What can be used for the patient:

    • vegetables and fruits, preferably raw or thermally processed (steamed, boiled, baked in the oven in foil or in the "sleeve"),
    • dairy products and eggs,
    • non-alcoholic non-acidic and not very sweet drinks in large quantities. Simple water is best suited with the addition of stewed fruit, fruit drinks, juices, herbal teas and decoctions.

    Also, the attending physician can prescribe a diet number 5. With this diet, it is supposed to eat 5 times a day in small portions, the last meal 2 hours before bedtime:

    Soups are recommended from cereals, vegetables on vegetable broths. Dairy and fruit.

    Meat and fish dishes are prepared from lean meats: beef, veal, rabbit, poultry: chicken, turkey, fish: hake, zander, cod.

    Prepare dishes without skin.In a stew, boiled or baked form.

    Flour products are allowed in the form of white or rye bread of yesterday’s pastry, dry biscuits, pastry, pasta, crackers without butter and spices, pastries from pastry with meat, fish, cottage cheese, apples.


    To maintain men's health, it is necessary to adhere to several simple preventive actions:

    • systematically take walks using a wide step,
    • lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right,
    • don't get too cold
    • use male contraceptives,
    • undergo periodic medical examination by a urologist.

    One day hunger

    This technique is a fasting day, and not a full fast. Preparation lasts three days, during which a person gradually reduces the portion size and switches to soft food. Then during the day you should completely abandon food, replacing any solid food with mineral water. During the day, you should drink 1.5-2 liters of water. The day after fasting, you need to eat juices, and after that you can gradually return to a normal diet.

    How does therapeutic fasting affect the human body?

    The effect of fasting and dietary treatment is associated with training stress, because the body responds to starvation as stress. Refusal of food leads to an increase in the adaptive capacity of the human body.

    The main indicator of adaptation is considered the characteristics of lipid peroxidation and the antioxidant system. Any pathological process is accompanied by the activation of free radical peroxidation, which is neutralized by the antioxidant system (AOS). In case of imbalance or overload in the work of AOS, free radicals are not inactivated in full, continuing to damage cells and tissues, contributing to the progression of the disease.

    Medical fasting reloads the functioning of the antioxidant system of the human body, allowing it to fully neutralize free radical stress, inhibits inflammation and helps cleanse the body of a number of toxic substances.

    The mechanism of action of fasting in prostate diseases

    The cessation of food intake in the human body leads to the fact that the brain experiences a sharp glucose deficiency. In order for brain tissue to receive nutrition, glucose begins to form from proteins, carbohydrates and fats, which form the structure of organs and tissues. First, carbohydrates are destroyed: liver glycogen. Then free fatty acids enter the bloodstream from the adipose tissue cells, which are oxidized to ketone bodies and acetone - these substances are used by the nervous tissue to feed instead of glucose. Proteins break down last, forming a large amount of ammonia. In fact, a person exists due to endogenous nutrition.

    Ketone bodies and acetone acidify the body leading to an acid crisis, during which a peak in the patient's well-being is observed. Acidotic crisis occurs on the 7-10th day of treatment.

    Intensively degrading proteins alkalize the internal environment of the body due to ammonia, contributing to the normalization of the patient's condition and restoration of body functions. At this time, there is a mobilization of the reserve capabilities of the body and restoration of the functions of the prostate gland.

    Three days of hunger against prostatitis

    The procedure includes herbal decoctions

    In general, the technique is not much different from one-day hunger. It is necessary to increase the intake of fiber-rich foods three days before refusing food. Then for three days it is allowed to use only water. If the desire to eat becomes unbearable, you should drink a glass of alkaline mineral water. After three days of abstinence from food, only juices and herbal decoctions should be drunk on the first day, a little drinking yogurt or kefir is allowed, and then you can gradually switch to the usual diet.

    The link between hunger and prostate disease

    fasting should be prescribed by a doctor

    With prostate adenoma, there is an intensive growth and increase in the number of prostate cells due to the conversion of testosterone to its metabolite dihydrotestosterone under the influence of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, as well as under the influence of estrogens formed from testosterone. The source of estrogen is adipose tissue. Hormones and enzymes have a protein structure, so the process of intensive use of proteins during fasting also leads to their destruction. In addition, blood flow is disturbed in the gland affected by the tumor, which leads to inflammation. In the inflammatory process, acute phase proteins, pro-inflammatory cytokines, mediators, which also have a protein structure and are destroyed by starvation, take part.

    Stress caused by inflammation is accompanied by the release of glucocorticoids - hormones of the adrenal cortex, which inhibit leukocyte reactions in inflammation.

    Chronization of prostatitis in a man occurs as a result of the failure of the immune system, and the inability to suppress the acute inflammatory process in the gland. Increasing the body's reserve capacity during fasting due to the restoration of the antioxidant system leads to a decrease in inflammation in the prostate and a decrease in the frequency of relapses, as well as normalizes the composition of sperm that is disturbed during prostatitis.

    Therapeutic fasting with prostate adenoma leads to a slowdown in tumor growth, reducing the formation of dihydrotestosterone and the 5-alpha reductase enzyme involved in the conversion of testosterone, as well as by suppressing inflammation.

    Therapeutic fasting in case of complications of prostate adenoma such as chronic renal failure and expansion of the ureters with renal pelvis requires a special approach and attention. The kidneys do not adequately fulfill their filtering function, poisoning the body with metabolic products. Since many ketone bodies are formed during fasting treatment, the load on the kidneys increases significantly.

    Weekly fasting

    Before starvation begins, it is necessary to prepare the body for refusing food, the same as with a three-day hunger. Then during the week you can drink only water, sometimes adding a little sugar or a spoonful of honey. Seven days later, the way out of starvation begins - on the first day you can drink only low-fat broths. On the second day, freshly squeezed juices are added to the broths, on the third day - sour-milk products. After three days of drinking a diet, you can return to your normal diet.

    Stages of therapeutic fasting

    1. Unloading:
      - introduction
      - fasting,
      - acid (acidotic) crisis.
    2. Recovery.

    Introduction to hunger begins with a bowel cleansing. The patient takes a saline laxative, after which he completely stops eating.

    During the discharge treatment of prostatitis and BPH, cleansing enemas are performed with a weak solution of potassium permanganate every morning. After cleansing the intestine, the patient takes a bath for 15 minutes, with a water temperature of 36-37 degrees. Then massage of the cervical-collar zone and back is carried out. Next, the patient drinks a rosehip broth or water. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water daily. The total amount of fluid per day is not limited. The water may be simple or slightly alkaline mineral, in some cases, the doctor may prescribe distilled water.

    After taking the fluid, you need to rest for half an hour. Further, it is recommended to take a walk on the street and perform breathing exercises. Then follows an hour and a half sleep and a walk in the fresh air until 10 p.m. in the summer and 18 p.m. in the winter.

    Before going to bed, you need to drink water and gargle with a weak solution of potassium permanganate or soda.

    On 3-5 days of fasting, medication is completely stopped.If the patient has a concomitant severe pathology from other organs and systems, then a number of drugs are taken without restriction (cardiac drugs, painkillers, etc.)

    At the stage of restoring nutrition, viscous cereals, vegetarian soups, fruits and natural juices are gradually introduced into the diet. Drink plenty of alkaline mineral water. It is recommended to eat fractionally and often. The duration of the recovery period is equal to the duration of fasting.

    During the treatment of prostatitis and prostate adenoma by starvation, during the first 3-5 days, weight loss is 1 kg per day. After an acid crisis, the patient loses weight by 300-500 g per day.

    What does the patient feel during hunger?

    In the early days, weakness, fatigue, rumbling in the abdomen, and salivation are noted. A strong feeling of hunger causes irritability. On day 3-5, there is a decrease or complete lack of appetite, but nausea, dry mouth and a desire to drink are added. This is due to the accumulation in the blood of acetone and ketone bodies, which acidify the internal environment of the body. During this period, you need to consume as much alkaline water as possible. There is also a smell of acetone from the mouth, a gray coating on the tongue.

    At about 7-10 days of hunger, the patient's well-being improves dramatically. Reserves of the body are mobilized, acidosis is neutralized. Appetite appears, bad breath disappears, the tongue is freed from plaque, urination improves, pain is stopped, and sperm composition is normalized.

    It is during this period that the completion of therapeutic fasting occurs.

    Examination before fasting

    • prostate biopsy to exclude cancer,
    • transrectal ultrasound examination of the prostate gland,
    • Ultrasound of the kidneys and urinary tract,
    • PSA blood test
    • detailed biochemical blood test,
    • general analysis of blood and urine,
    • fluorography,
    • ECG,
    • necessary studies for concomitant pathology (ultrasound of the heart, blood lipid spectrum, FGDS, colonoscopy, etc.)

    Fasting prostatitis treatment: reviews of dry and wet methods

    • Urologist andrologist of the 1st category Pyotr Viktorovich
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    • Update Date: June 2019

    There are many alternative therapeutic methods for inflammation of the prostate, and one of them is the treatment of prostatitis by fasting. The effectiveness of this method is due to the cleansing of the body from toxins and toxins. At the same time, experimenting with different treatment methods without consulting a doctor is not recommended.

    When is it necessary to starve for diseases of the prostate gland?

    Fasting as an alternative method of treating prostate adenoma and prostatitis is used in the following cases:

    • at the request of the patient and the recommendations of the doctor,
    • with the ineffectiveness of drug treatment and minimally invasive surgery,
    • obesity, because adipose tissue is a source of estrogens that stimulate prostatic hyperplasia,
    • obesity and upcoming abdominal surgery for prostate adenoma. In some cases, obesity may be a contraindication to an open adenomectomy, as the incidence of postoperative mortality increases.

    How long does fasting for prostate diseases last?

    Depending on the degree of enlargement of the prostate gland, stage of prostate adenoma and chronic prostatitis, concomitant pathology, the duration of the course can vary from 9 to 30 days:

    • at stage 1 prostate adenoma without pathology of other organs and systems, fasting lasts 20-30 days,
    • at stages 2-3 of BPH, they starve for 15-20 days,
    • in diseases of the cardiovascular system (IHD, arterial hypertension), bronchopulmonary system (asthma, chronic inflammatory lung diseases) in the stage of compensation and subcompensation accompanying prostate adenoma or prostatitis, treatment lasts up to 15 days,
    • with chronic prostatitis, an unloading diet lasts 20-30 days.

    Contraindications for therapeutic fasting

    therapeutic fasting in old age is contraindicated

    • chronic renal failure in the stage of decompensation,
    • tuberculosis,
    • diabetes,
    • thyrotoxicosis,
    • malignant tumors
    • cirrhosis of the liver,
    • arterial hypotension,
    • severe vascular atherosclerosis,
    • underweight
    • elderly age.

    If diseases of the prostate are accompanied by the above conditions, then the patient is recommended proper diet.

    How to eat with diseases of the prostate gland?

    The origin of prostate adenoma is largely due to estrogen. Female sex hormones are formed from testosterone after 40 years in large quantities, but their additional source is adipose tissue. Therefore, the essence of dietary nutrition for BPH is as follows:

    • reduction in daily calories due to easily digestible carbohydrates (exclude baking, chocolate, cookies, sweets),
    • preference is given to proteins of plant origin (legumes, soy, nuts),
    • include fatty varieties of fish (salmon, halibut, trout, mackerel) in the diet. Healthy fish fats increase immunity, improve sperm composition and are not stored in fat depots,
    • the last meal should be 4 hours before bedtime.

    Correction of prostatitis with diet is reduced to increasing the body's resistance to infections. You can normalize the state of the immune system using the following products:

    • blue-colored berries and vegetables (eggplant, blueberries, currants, blueberries, blackberries). They contain anthocyanins that increase immunity,
    • greens in large quantities (rich in vitamins and minerals),
    • fatty fish
    • seeds, nuts (improve sperm composition),
    • dairy products (cheese, cottage cheese) are rich in easily digestible protein,
    • exclude products that increase gas formation in the intestines (grapes, cabbage, brown bread, whole milk), because in a fermentation medium, the growth of pathogenic microflora occurs.

    Healthy nutrition, both dietary and temporary refusal of food, have a significant impact on the progression of prostatitis and BPH, their treatment and the formation of complications in the future.

    Prostatitis is perhaps the most unpleasant disease that befell a middle-aged and older man. More than half of the stronger sex in fifty suffer from her tight grip. Sometimes the pains become so strong that men are ready for a lot, if only to recover more quickly. So, it is time to try a proven folk method - therapeutic fasting.

    Prostatitis can cause infertility in men. At the age of 40 to 50 years, male infertility occurs 40% more often than from 30 to 40 years.

    A man suffering from prostatitis

    Who needs to go hungry?

    Starvation is useful primarily for those who have a strong slagging of the body.. The presence of waste and congestion is one of the main causes of prostate disease. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, do not think about the benefits of the food you take, have a craving for bad habits, live in an ecologically unfavorable zone - it means that your body is already poisoned from the outside and from the inside, and a comprehensive deep cleansing is necessary.

    If you are used to eating a lot and suffer, in addition to prostatitis, overweight, then it's time to unload a little. If you, in addition to everything, have problems with your stomach or intestines, then fasting can also help.

    Why is fasting useful?

    Fasting man

    Imagine how much energy the body spends on digesting food. What kind of load do the kidneys, liver, and stomach get? When fasting, additional forces are released, which immediately go to the restoration of the body and the treatment of disturbing foci.

    In addition, modern food products contain a variety of chemical additives that are not recognized by the body, are not broken down and excreted, but are deposited in various organs, including the prostate. During abstinence from eating, these deposits are released (especially when drinking water), which has a beneficial effect on the state of the prostate gland and the whole organism.

    During fasting, the liver is cleaned, and its condition is closely related to the health of the prostate.

    Regular constipation is harmful to health: the rectum squeezes the prostate and poisons it with toxins. And starvation is simply necessary to restore normal bowel function.

    How much to starve?

    There are several ways and timing of fasting. It all depends on the degree of development of the disease. In the initial stages, fasting for 1-2 days helps: the body immediately feels lightness, the pain goes away. Even greater success is achieved with 3-4-day fasting. To maintain the result, regular fasting is also used, one day once a week.

    If the disease has already dragged on, then it takes more time to clear itself. For this, the period without food should be from 9 to 15 days. Of course, it is quite difficult for a modern working person to live such a term without food. Therefore, a fasting method of 3-4 days may be suitable, then a break, then again 3-4 days. And so on until a complete cure.

    In general, with the advanced state of the prostate, one fasting cycle cannot get rid of. You will have to repeat it after a while again and again. The body is difficult to get rid of toxins that have accumulated over many years.

    Drinking Fluids During Fasting

    Man drinks water

    It’s quite difficult, and it’s dangerous to starve to dryness, also refusing water. In contrast, pure water in large quantities will enhance the therapeutic effect.. It prevents dehydration, which is one of the reasons for the thickening of the secretion of the prostate gland. Water helps cell regeneration and speedy recovery from illness.

    When not to starve

    Like every folk remedy, fasting has its contraindications. Most often, this is the presence of serious diseases such as diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis, chronic hepatitis and others. Read them carefully before choosing this treatment. However, remember that a short-term refusal to eat will significantly improve your condition and will not bring harm.

    Any doctor will offer you a number of ways to treat prostatitis, from trivial and ineffective to radical

    • You can regularly take therapy with pills and rectal massage, returning every six months,
    • you can trust folk remedies and believe in miracles,
    • to have surgery and forget about sex life ...

    Diet for prostatitis: is it necessary to observe what is the benefit of dry fasting and is it possible to treat the disease in men with hunger?

    Prostatitis is a common disease that can be acute or chronic.

    There are many reasons for the disease - middle and old age, infections, sedentary lifestyle.

    Improper nutrition can also provoke inflammation of the prostate. To get rid of the disease as soon as possible.

    It is important to follow a balanced diet for prostatitis in men, including healthy foods on the menu and avoiding foods that can trigger exacerbations and complications.

    Diet for prostatitis: what products can not do without?

    The diet should include dishes that strengthen the immune system, improve digestion, provide the body with vitamins.

    The most necessary components of the daily diet menu for prostatitis in men include:

      Fresh vegetables. A source of fiber, vitamins, and valuable trace elements. Especially useful are green vegetables (green beans, kohlrabi, broccoli, a variety of salads), tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, eggplant, cauliflower, pumpkin.

    In off-season, you can use frozen vegetable mixtures, they make mashed soups, warm salads, side dishes.

  • Fruits and berries. Strengthen the immune system, provide the body with natural acids and antioxidants, reduce inflammation.
    • The menu should include apples, pears, watermelons, melons, peaches, apricots, red and black berries.
    • The fruits are used fresh, they prepare juices, mousses, mashed potatoes, casseroles.
    • Instead of sugar, a small amount of natural honey is used to enhance the taste.
  • Dairy products. Low-fat kefir, cottage cheese, homemade yogurt, pickled cheese are nutritious, provide the body with easily digestible protein. Low-fat dairy products improve digestion and promote weight loss.
  • Lean poultry and sea fish. Source of protein, vitamins of group B, E, valuable amino acids. Chicken and turkey fillets, lean fish varieties like hake, pollock, cod are especially useful. When cooking, do not use oil or breading, it is better to bake the products in their own juice.
  • Seafood. Source of zinc, iodine, selenium and other important components. The daily menu should include seaweed, mussels, squid, shrimp, scallops. Canned foods will not work, they have too much salt.
  • Whole grain cereals and wholemeal products. They nourish the body with B vitamins, supply valuable dietary fiber, relieve inflammation and improve digestion. An excellent substitute for muffin and yeast white bread, providing a feeling of fullness. It is worth trying oatmeal, wheat, buckwheat, brown and wild rice, bread from wheat, rye, oats.

    It is better to cook porridge on the water, adding nonfat milk only at the very end of the process.

  • Soya products. Tofu, soy milk and pastes with natural additives are low-calorie, have anti-inflammatory, soothing, regenerating effect. It goes well with meat, vegetables, fruits and can be used to prepare light and nutritious dishes.
  • How to organize a meal?

    Nutritionists recommend abandoning fast food and restaurants. It is better to cook food at home, preference is given to cooking, baking and stewing.

    For culinary experiments, an oven with a grill function, a microwave, a double boiler and a slow cooker are actively used. From frying (especially deep-fried) and cooking on an open fire must be discarded.

    • Dishes should not be too salty, the number of spices and sauces should also be reduced..
    • Instead of salt, it is worth using soy sauce in small quantities, spicy herbs (dried, frozen or fresh), flavored vegetable oil.
    • When heating dishes, they add a little water, this allows you to save the juiciness of food and reduce its calorie content.

    Weekly ration

    In order not to get off the diet, it is important to correctly compose the menu, making it as diverse as possible. It is advisable to divide the daily diet into 4 meals, the portions should be small.

    What is the best diet for prostatitis? This issue must be addressed individually. Below we present an approximate diet for a week.


    1. Breakfast: rice porridge with nonfat milk, green tea.
    2. Dinner: green salad, tomato puree soup, turkey fillet with wild rice, cranberry jelly.
    3. High tea: soy cheese.
    4. Dinner: eggplant stew, rosehip tea.


    1. Breakfast: buckwheat porridge, chicory drink with soy milk.
    2. Dinner: fresh cucumber salad, meatball soup, stuffed peppers, dried fruit compote.
    3. High tea: a glass of kefir.
    4. Dinner: cod baked with vegetables, fruit salad.


    1. Breakfast: syrniki with sour cream.
    2. Dinner: eggplant rolls, chicken broth with croutons, meatballs, lingonberry juice.
    3. High tea: dried fruits and nuts.
    4. Dinner: potato casserole with minced chicken, tea with mint.


    1. Breakfast: wheat porridge, herbal tea.
    2. Dinner: tomato salad, green pea soup puree, pink salmon with mashed potatoes, peach juice.
    3. High tea: baked apples with honey.
    4. Dinner: chicken with green beans, mint tea.


    1. Breakfast: omelet with cheese and herbs, chicory drink.
    2. Dinner: salad with goat cheese, green cabbage soup, steamed veal cutlets with steamed broccoli, milk jelly.
    3. High tea: half grapefruit.
    4. Dinner: spaghetti with seafood, berry jelly.


    1. Breakfast: cottage cheese with berries, green tea with milk.
    2. Dinner: green bean salad, fish soup, chicken zrazy, apple compote.
    3. High tea: a few tangerines.
    4. Dinner: squid stuffed with vegetables.


    1. Breakfast: poached eggs with bread croutons, chicory drink.
    2. Dinner: seaweed salad, zucchini soup puree, chicken with soy sauce, currant drink.
    3. High tea: yogurt with fresh berries.
    4. Dinner: quick cake with red fish, green tea.

    Harmful products

    So that food does not bring harm, dishes that provoke the inflammatory process are removed from the diet.

    The list of prohibited foods:

    • fatty varieties of red meat (especially lamb and pork),
    • hydrogenated vegetable fats,
    • hot sauces, spices,
    • pickles and pickles,
    • smoked meats
    • drinks containing caffeine (coffee, black tea, cocoa, chocolate),
    • alcohol.

    It is advisable not to eat foods that cause diarrhea, flatulence, bloating.

    For the period of exacerbations, it is worth abandoning legumes, white cabbage (both fresh and pickled), radishes, radishes, mushrooms, sorrel.

    Starvation for prostatitis: treatment, dry, fasting, therapy

    Prostatitis is a disease characterized by inflammation of the prostate gland. The provoking factors of its development is a violation of local blood circulation and the formation of congestion in the pelvic area.

    The disease brings men a lot of discomfort, which is why they go to great lengths to get rid of the disease. To combat pathology, many methods are used, including recipes from folk sources.

    In this article, we will try to understand as much as possible how the treatment of prostatitis is performed by fasting.

    General principles of nutrition for prostatitis in men

    Prostatitis is called inflammation of the prostate gland, which is involved in the process of spermatogenesis.

    Inflammatory phenomena developing in this anatomical formation lead to the fact that the gland increases in size, disrupts the usual outflow of urine, causes pain and discomfort.

    The goal of clinical nutrition in this regard is to eliminate inflammation and stagnation of the prostate. This will be a good basis for a speedy recovery and well-being.

    On what principles should the diet of men with prostatitis be based:

    • giving up alcohol - you will have to forget about alcohol not only for the period of treatment. It is assumed that the man will continue to lead an exceptionally healthy lifestyle,
    • nutritious breakfast - A sufficient amount of energy should enter the male body in the morning to give energy to an active working day,
    • light dinner - in the evening they consume low-calorie food, preferably vegetable, seasoned with herbs. Overnight, calories should not accumulate in the form of fats - this adversely affects the condition of the prostate gland,
    • only quality products - food of dubious origin, even from the list of allowed, will increase the frequency of attacks,
    • Replenishment of a deficiency of zinc, selenium and vitamin E - the most valuable components for men's health,
    • moderation - small portions are prepared, for one meal you need to plan so much food in order to only satisfy your hunger, but not to overeat,
    • drink - there should be enough liquid in the diet (about 1.5-2 liters of pure water), but you should not drink a lot at night so as not to burden the bladder,
    • proper cooking - it means cooking, stewing, baking, simmering, steaming,
    • diet - breakfast, lunch and dinner should be present every day without passes; it is advisable to plan your day so that each meal is at the same time every day,
    • diversity - the diet should not turn into a hunger strike and torment, the diet can and should be diluted with a variety of ingredients, occasionally allowing relaxation, but without abuse.

    With chronic prostatitis, the diet should become lifelong, even if the attacks subsided, and the disease does not make itself felt for a long time. Once diagnosed, it is already an occasion to completely reconsider your habits and lifestyle.

    Allowed Products

    Healthy food will become an integral component of a speedy recovery - these are 9 groups of products recommended for the treatment of prostatitis.

    1. Fresh greens. Parsley is recognized as the most healing, normalizing blood circulation in the pelvic organs and eliminating pathogenic bacteria. All parts of the plant are beneficial - decoctions are prepared from seeds, infusions from rhizomes, and leafy greens are added to salads, first and second courses. The diet should include leafy salads (iceberg, arugula, lollo rossu), dill, celery, cilantro, basil, green onions.
    2. Vegetables. Broccoli, tomatoes, pumpkin and beets are the favorites of the vegetable group. They are rich in antioxidants, block oxidative processes in cells, remove toxic compounds and reduce signs of the inflammatory process. Due to the abundance of fiber in vegetables, you can forget about constipation, which with prostatitis is especially dangerous.
    3. Fruits and berries. The leaders in this category of products were red currants, cranberries, lingonberries, sea buckthorn, dried apricots, apricots and citrus fruits. They enrich the cells of the prostate gland with vitamins, increase immunity and help to cleanse the bladder due to a light diuretic effect. It is better to choose not too sweet berries and fruits - an abundance of sugar harms both the figure and men's health.
    4. Nuts and butter. The most valuable ingredient is walnut. Vitamin E and zinc contained in the nuclei are exactly what you need to treat prostatitis and increase potency. Nuts are mixed with honey, added to desserts and salads. The same effect is exerted by pumpkin seeds and cold-pressed vegetable oils, in particular olive.
    5. Diet meat. This category includes chicken and rabbit - they have a lot of protein and low fat, which will contribute to effective saturation without gaining weight. The lack of easily digestible proteins in the diet makes it difficult to regenerate prostate tissue. Do not refuse on a diet and eggs - they are rich in trace elements selenium and also well absorbed.
    6. Sea fish and seafood. The recommended group included shrimp, cod, flounder, halibut, sea bass, mullet, tuna, sultanka. The most valuable in them are unsaturated omega-3,6,9 fatty acids, which contribute to the production of male sex hormones and increase local immunity.
    7. Sour-milk drinks. Fermented baked milk, kefir, ayran, yogurt, bifidok will help to maintain a drinking regime and support a healthy intestinal microflora. Natural yogurt without fillers, sour cream and granular cottage cheese have the same effect. When buying, pay attention to the fat content of the products - it should not be high.
    8. Porridge and cereals. There are practically no restrictions for these products. Millet, wheat, buckwheat, oat, pearl barley, corn porridge - all this can be prepared for breakfast and lunch. Cereals are added to soups, which are desirable to cook on lean secondary meat broth. Cereal bread with wheat sprouts and bran is allowed in moderation. Rye bread before use will have to be slightly dried.
    9. Beverages. Green tea is rich in antioxidants - this is the best option for drinks with prostatitis. Herbal infusions, compotes and fruit drinks are allowed.

    If we talk about the natural sources of zinc and selenium, then the menu should focus on:

    • sea ​​kale,
    • eggs
    • buckwheat
    • oats
    • rice
    • pistachios
    • herring,
    • sesame,
    • wheat bran
    • pumpkin seeds.

    Make sure that your daily diet is balanced - you should not eat all day only meat or exclusively cereals. Proteins, carbohydrates, and a small amount of fat should be supplied with food daily.

    Prohibited Products

    In chronic prostatitis, all foods that do not fall within the definition of “healthy” should be discarded.

    1. Spicy dishes. Foods seasoned with hot pepper, mustard and adjika irritate the tissues of the prostate gland, exacerbating the condition of the man.
    2. Coffee. It adversely affects the heart and blood vessels, increases blood pressure and speeds up the heartbeat. If you are not able to completely do without coffee, drink a cup of drink, but only weak, and be sure to in the morning.
    3. Fast food. Hamburgers, fried pies, pasties, french fries, semi-finished products, stew and canned goods do not bring any benefits to the body. They have too much fat, cholesterol and calories that contribute to weight gain.
    4. Smoked meats and sausages. Similar to fast food - it is not recommended to use them even for healthy people, and those suffering from gout - and even more so.
    5. Cocoa. Cocoa-containing products (chocolate, glaze, sweets) have an irritating effect on the receptors and tissues of the prostate, therefore, they should not be in the diet.

    With increased gas formation in the intestine, the prostate gland is most affected. Therefore, products that cause fermentation are excluded from the menu - beans, peas, white cabbage, whole milk.

    What else is included in the "black list":

    • spinach,
    • sorrel,
    • soda
    • offal,
    • seasonings
    • cheese,
    • fat meat,
    • animal fats
    • potatoes,
    • sweets,
    • jam,
    • bakery products,
    • roast,
    • radish
    • caviar.

    The above products contribute to the increase in attacks of prostatitis, provoke frequent and painful urination, worsen the quality of intimate life.

    Menu for the week

    The diet for inflammation of the prostate is quite simple, so making a diet for every day is not difficult. Of course, for many men, food will seem boring and inexpressive, because you can’t eat fried and spicy dishes, potatoes and spices. Below is a table with the correct, but quite varied menu for 7 days - take it as your basis and draw up your nutrition plan.

    Day of the week / MealBreakfastDinnerDinner
    • Hercules porridge with honey
    • soft-boiled egg with dill,
    • berry jelly
    • mushroom soup with green beans
    • steamed chicken zrazy
    • fresh tomato
    • natural yogurt
    • Baked Halibut
    • tomato salad,
    • chamomile tea
    • rice grandma with apples,
    • grated carrots with walnuts,
    • dried fruits compote
    • flounder ear with carrots and parsley,
    • buckwheat porridge with stewed mushrooms,
    • currant jelly
    • casserole with pumpkin and rice,
    • rosehip drink
    • vinaigrette in olive oil,
    • a piece of cereal bread with curd paste,
    • green tea
    • okroshka with kefir with cucumber, radish, boiled potatoes and chicken meat,
    • whole wheat bread,
    • Apple juice
    • stew with broccoli and carrots,
    • boiled egg
    • green tea
    • buckwheat porridge with tomatoes,
    • steamed cheesecakes,
    • cranberry juice
    • vegetable soup with herbs,
    • a serving of stewed rabbit
    • fermented baked milk
    • carrot cutlets,
    • a tomato,
    • green tea
    • steam omelet,
    • beetroot salad with prunes,
    • black tea with lemon
    • veggie borscht on vegetable broth,
    • chicken meatballs
    • carrot salad with olive oil,
    • Ayran
    • boiled veal,
    • vegetable salad,
    • prune compote
    • corn porridge with pumpkin,
    • biscuit green tea
    • buckwheat soup,
    • broccoli salad with corn
    • apricot compote
    • champignons stuffed with minced chicken fillet,
    • fresh cucumber,
    • kefir
    • Greek salad with cheese "Health",
    • steamed chicken cutlet,
    • kefir
    • beetroot soup with beetroot
    • shrimp cocktail
    • apple juice with cookies
    • eggplant rolls with parsley,
    • black tea with bran bread

    Ideally, the dishes should be unsalted, but it is allowed to add salt to the food so that it does not turn out tasteless. If basic meals are not enough to saturate, add a second breakfast or afternoon snack.

    At this time, you can have a snack with unsweetened curd mousse, bread, berries, fruits, fruit salads with honey, cookies such as biscuits or "Maria", sour-milk drinks, cereal fitness bars.

    In the absence of pathologies from the kidneys and blood vessels, it is allowed to drink 2.5 liters of water per day. Frequent drinking can deceive hunger and clear the urinary tract.

    What diet is suitable yet

    Treatment of prostatitis will also be effective if you lose weight. Therefore, men with body mass far from the norm will not hurt to "sit" on a fat-burning diet. It will allow you to get rid of the abdomen, reduce the load on the joints and organs of the small pelvis.

    The most popular diets are:

    • Kremlin - sweets, cereals, flour, cereal, that is, all foods high in carbohydrates, are limited to the maximum. The emphasis is on protein foods - fish, lean meat and eggs.
    • Short five-day - eat only fish and rice for 5 days. It is impossible to mix products in one meal, only alternate throughout the day.
    • Vegetarian - during the week they eat only fruits, berries and vegetables, preferably fresh.
    • Kefir - 1.5 liters of fresh kefir are drunk per day, nothing more. A diet is allowed no longer than 3 days in a row.

    It will not be possible to achieve a large plumb using these nutrition plans, but it is quite realistic to slightly adjust the body weight.

    You can arrange fasting days - in combination with the main diet for prostatitis, the results will be noticeable in the first month.

    The most important condition is not to go on a diet without the approval of a doctor, even if you are sure that you made the menu correctly. Each patient with a diagnosis of prostatitis needs an individual approach and a special treatment plan.

    Watch the video: Mayo Clinic Minute: Steam treatment for enlarged prostate (February 2020).

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