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Men's pants sizes - size chart

The fashion for joint purchases on the Internet has gradually supplanted real shopping trips, in connection with which many men are interested in how to determine their clothing size. Sportswear is the most common among the male half of society, as it is comfortable, practical, versatile. Pants alone are offered in dozens of styles, so you need a special dimensional grid of men's sports pants.

But before using her hints, a man needs to determine the methodology for calculating his parameters, correctly perform them and then compare them with the indicators of the table. Sweatpants today can be varied, in this regard, it is important to consider their style, cut and style, and only after that choose your optimal size.

Men's pants and nuances of choice depending on the style

In order for a man to learn the technique of how to find out the size of sweatpants without errors, it is important to first of all take into account their style and model. Today, designers offer several popular and fashionable styles, namely

  1. Wide sweatpants, thanks to which you can hide excess weight or thinness. Pants should be chosen so that they fit in the waist and hips, and then freely fell down.
  2. Tight models are perfect for men of strong physique, but without excess weight. It is important that the pants fit, but do not constrain movements, repeating the silhouette.
  3. Pants with cuffs or elastic bands at the bottom are practical and comfortable, it is important only when choosing a size to find a model that will be free in the hips and legs, but fit snugly in the gum area below.
  4. Pants with side pockets, multifunctional models in the grunge style and military, which should be spacious, but without excess, so as not to distort the figure and silhouette of a man.
  5. Pants are bananas. Above the pants should be free, not fitting the hips, and from the knees to the bottom gradually taper, culminating in ankles around the ankles.
  6. Pants with stripes, that is, vertical lines along the side seam of the trousers. Such trousers were originally military uniforms, so they are carried out in a straight cut, respectively, should not be tight and, on the contrary, are too loose.
  7. Straight classic sports pants that should slightly fit the man only in the waist and buttocks, and then go straight down and down freely. This style is universal, which means it suits absolutely all men.
  8. Breeches. The youth style of sweatpants, which should be free and even voluminous in the hips and to the very knees, starting from the knees to narrow sharply to the ankles. In this case, you need to find a size that will not be too close from below, but not too lush from above.
  9. Joggers are fashionable stylish options for sweatpants for young men, based on the prototype of underpants. Pants provide a straight, but slightly narrowed style, which from the bottom ends with cuffs or a wide elastic band. The correct size of the joggers should not constrain movements, and also will not pull the leg with an elastic band on the ankle.
  10. Compression pants that are designed to support muscles, ligaments and blood vessels during intense workouts. This effect is due to the pressure of tight tight pants, you can select the desired degree of compression under the guidance of a specialist.

In connection with such a wide variety of models of sweatpants, it is important to take into account their features, the individuality of the cut, in order to choose the optimal and most comfortable size for yourself. Pants with a straight cut should be within normal limits in terms of width, volumetric models can generally be chosen by eye, and pants with narrowed sections are selected according to the degree of their fit to the legs.

Determine the size of the eye

For sweatpants of Russian manufacture, a size range from 40 to 64 sizes is provided, the remaining sizes are beyond the norm, but many brands and brands separately offer large pants up to 70 sizes.

If a man does not know his size, and there is no time for calculations, you can pick up pants by eye, based on several selection criteria:

  • it’s easiest to choose wide models of sweatpants that should be spacious, the main thing is that they match the height of the man (while wearing such pants should not cover shoes and open socks),
  • straight cut pants are also easy to choose without trying on, based only on their length and men's growth rate, since this is a universal model suitable for any man,
  • narrowed models are more difficult to select, it is important that they do not fit snugly to the legs, but do not hang down like curtains from the cornice, and also end in the ankle area (it is important to know your volumes in the waist and hips),
  • model trousers with a voluminous top and a narrow bottom, such as a breeches, must be selected so that they fit in the waist and ankles, but do not hamper the movements of a man.

Size table

If a man by nature has a standard figure and a complete set, average height, does not suffer from thinness or excess weight, you can pick up pants only based on these tips and your height. Otherwise, you will need to take measurements, and then find out the size of the sweatpants in a special size grid and table. To do this, perform several calculations:

  • height of a man
  • waist and hips
  • the length at the seam of the pants.

These indicators can be calculated if you take an existing pair of sweatpants that are suitable for a man, as well as a measuring tape. It is important that the trousers are washed, since they tend to stretch as they are worn. Having straightened the pants on the floor, the man needs to calculate the width of the belt, hips and inner leg seam. After that, the obtained data is compared with the size table.

Sizes of men's sweatpants
The size Height (cm) Waist (cm) Length (cm)


The sizes of sports pants today are presented from many manufacturers, ranging from 40 to 70 sizes. When choosing your size, you should take into account the style of sweatpants, model and cut, manufacturing materials, season of the year. After this, the man needs to measure his height, volume in the waist and hips. These indicators are compared with a table in which the parameters of each size are indicated. Many stores and clothing manufacturers may have their own individual dimensional nets.

How to determine size

Alas, taking pants at random is useless, because things that are similar in parameters can sit on the figure in different ways. Therefore, the most accurate way to choose will always be fitting. But what if the man is not pulled into the store?

If we are talking about classic models, then you need to know three basic measures. Stock up with a centimeter tape. At least your man should agree to take measurements. You need to measure the volume of the waist and hips. The first parameter is measured horizontally at the level where the man wears a belt. Hips are measured around the buttocks, capturing the most convex part. Finally, you need to measure the length of the leg along the inner seam, that is, stretch the tape from the groin to the desired length.

If the size of the pants is needed for ordering via the Internet, then the length of the inner seam is sure to come in handy, otherwise there remains the risk of "flying" with a size.

How are measurements taken?

The size of men's pants can be determined simply by taking your man’s favorite trousers as a basis. Lay them out on a flat surface and take measurements. Measure the waist from edge to edge, moreover, the button should be buttoned. Multiply the resulting number by two.

If you need the size of men's sports trousers, then the result must be divided in half and added 6.

Selection Tips

If your man let you go shopping for him and even provided you with the necessary measurements, then be careful and choose a thing that will be "wearable" and practical. For a tall thin guy, you can choose models with cuffs. By the way, they will help visually reduce the length of the legs. And if there are interesting details on the belt, then the volume will be added to the silhouette. But for a chubby man, it is better to buy the most simple and concise models without arrows and even with a low waist.
And remember that in no case do you need to focus on the spaciousness of your pockets. The only thing you can put in your trouser pocket is a wallet.

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