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What is the English style of men's clothing made up of?

The basis is a classic two-piece or three-piece suit. The English suit is distinguished by moderate slimness: it is no longer an American "bag", but also not an Italian "one-piece". Since weather conditions require clothes to be warm, different types of wool, most often tweed, usually serve as the material for making costumes.

A certain danger lies in the three-piece suit: yes, it is spectacular, but, by and large, it is already an archaic. The three-piece suit was relevant a hundred years ago, when there was no normal centralized heating and houses were mostly heated by fireplaces, which caused the room to warm up unevenly. If on the first floor you could be comfortable in a shirt and vest, then on the second it was much colder. Most likely, it was from this feature that the English layering in clothes appeared, which is now not entirely justified: in a modern normally heated room with a temperature of + 22-23 ° in a three-piece suit, it will be hot, and any element of the wardrobe should be comfortable first of all. But traditions often impede progress, so three-piece suits are still in trend, although now it already looks somewhat exotic.

2. What's under the jacket

Obviously a classic shirt, but without any gypsy. An option is suitable in a discreet cell, or monophonic, again in muted tones. Leave the noisy Milanese. T-shirts and polos are undesirable; this is already knocking out of a strict formal style. Such experiments are best left for a sports jacket and trousers. And it’s not superfluous to add a tie or bow tie to the shirt, preferably made of wool, so that they look harmonious with a tweed suit.

Instead of a jacket, you can wear a sweater, pullover or cardigan, but this is less formal clothing, which was initially indecent to appear in society: it was worn at home, on a hunt or for a short walk. The rules are the same: coat and muted, discreet tones.

3. What's on the jacket

The choice in outerwear is not great and rests on various types of coats. England is not the coldest country: the temperature there, even in winter, rarely drops below zero, so there is no need for fur coats and down jackets. The same can be said about the English coat as about the costume: tweed and characteristic drawings.

Although separately I need to say about duffle coat: a long, often almost to the knee coat with a hood and characteristic buttons-sticks. This model came from the British Navy.

4. What's on the head

Gone are the days when cylinders and bowlers were worn with a suit. Since that time, only various types of caps were left in the arsenal of English dudes: eight-blades, airfield caps and ducks. Traditionally, they are made of wool, although sometimes you can also find velor.

It is worth saying that caps are the most controversial part of the English wardrobe in relation to our Russian reality: for some reason in Russia they were fond of gopniks, sellers of watermelons and taxi drivers, and until recently, young intelligent people in eight-blades were not often found. But you should pay tribute to the series “Sharp Visors”: the series, in fact, revived the interest of young people in the English style and reintroduced the under-cut haircut, which everyone had forgotten. Now on the streets of cities more and more often you can see young people in caps, which recently only taxi drivers wore.

5. Shoes

The English style is of course shoes and boots, and their varieties are full.


The most formal shoes are characterized by closed lacing, i.e. the sides of the shoe are under the vamp. This is not the most understandable explanation. Just compare the oxfords with the derby - with slightly less formal shoes and different open lacing - the side parts are sewn over the front.

In fact, this is not even shoes, but a way of decoration. Brogering, i.e. perforation, can be applied to any classically slippers, whether it be oxfords or derby. As soon as characteristic “patterns with holes” appeared on them, these were brogues. Initially, shoe shredding was cross-cutting and was used by Irish herders to quickly dry their feet after walking sheep in swampy areas.

Much less formal shoes, more related to the English casual, but nevertheless fit into the image of a gentleman on vacation. As you can see, this model is distinguished by its open and short lacing - 2-3 eyelets - and the height to the ankle. Chukka was originally invented for English soldiers in India, who were hot in boots. As often happens, the army uniform set the trends in civilian clothes for many years to come.

Very similar to Chukka, but are made exclusively from suede and always have two eyelets for lacing. Again, Her Majesty’s army owes its origin, which needed light boots for service in the midst of Egyptian sands.

Perhaps the most rebellious representatives among the classic shoes: the lacing on them is completely absent, and instead of it one or two straps with buckles. The name comes from monastic shoes, which were on similar fasteners. Monks are much less formal than oxfords or derby, but more formal than chukka and deserts, so they can be worn with any suit without fear. Classic monks are made of smooth black or brown leather. Now you can meet both yellow and made of suede, and with brigging, but this is a filibuster of the highest level and has little to do with the real English style.

Also extravagant look of shoes. They are high boots made of smooth leather with rubber inserts on the sides. Initially, this shoe design was created for the Queen's riding. And in general, she came into men's fashion from women's. Apparently, therefore, this model nevertheless guesses some femininity. Chelsea became truly popular in the 20th century: they were worn by the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, and now these shoes can be found everywhere, despite such an ambiguous design. It is believed that chelsea can be worn with a suit and pants, but still before you put on these shoes, think again. It’s not for everyone, it’s not a conservative oxford.

6. Nice little things

Accessories make even the most conservative look interesting, and in our case, some dryness of the English style can be diluted with scarves, woolen butterflies and suspenders, which, to be meticulous, are required for an English costume. The whole image can be seasoned with a cane umbrella and a checkered scarf.

But is it not better to stand out with good clothes than be part of the crowd in bad?

English style in men's clothing

Each nationality has a mentality, which is reflected in the choice of clothing. What is recalled when mentioning the English style for men? Strictness, restraint and conservatism. A feature that distinguishes the British from representatives of other countries is their love for high boots in men. All over the world they are perceived as women's shoes, but not in England. Here, boots are very popular among gentlemen. This is due to their long-standing passion - hunting.

The British are skeptical about sportswear in everyday looks, including sneakers. The British are neat, pedantic and appreciate the classics. Therefore, in the wardrobe of the average man there are more than three pairs of shoes. Models are always classic: oxfords, brogues, chukka, deserts, monks or chelsea. The colors are restrained: black, chestnut, brown or shades of natural green.

Natural wool in men's clothing

Changeable climate and frequent dank weather do not allow British men to do without warm clothes in the wardrobe. In the UK, natural wool is used: coats, sweaters, cardigans, two-piece suits are sewn from it.

It is customary for English men to wear several layers of clothing. First of all, things worn on top of each other create heat. And besides this, layering looks stylish. Typically, an outfit consists of a shirt, sweater or jacket and jacket. Outerwear in harmony with trousers and shoes. And the accessories make an interesting image: handkerchiefs, ties and butterflies, as well as traditional suspenders - an indispensable attribute of the English style in clothing for men.

Natural colors in clothing for the British

Rainy England brings up restrained and stately gentlemen. This is reflected in their preferred fabric colors. The British wear muted and natural shades. Gamma characteristic of the English style in men's clothing: gray, beige, brown, black, blue, green.

Classic English style does not mean mixing it with the latest in fashion. Few people complement the classic outfit with a modern thing. The maximum that the Briton will allow himself are converses and shirts of pastel shades.

What is his English style?

There are certain features in men's clothing of the English style that distinguishes it from other styles. Not only does the clothing have a perfect fit, it perfectly emphasizes the character of a man.

For conservative English, this type of clothing is what you need. Everything is very modest in the image, there are no sticky accessories. All styles are very simple, cut straight. This style pursues only one goal, to help a man look elegant and aristocratic.

Coloring and print in the clothes of an English man

The British leave brightness and catchy ornaments to representatives of warmer countries. They themselves are inclined to choose monophonic things. The only acceptable print is a discreet color cage.

The classic costumes of conservative England compare favorably with others. They keep the optimal balance between tight and baggy options: they are sewn moderately fitted. This style worthily emphasizes the male figure. Costume fabric often has a pattern: a cage, Christmas tree, crow's feet, etc.

The English style of clothing for men is a true classic. He has not suffered significant changes over the past 200 years and to this day looks relevant.

Manifestation in materials

English masculine style originates in Albion. Since it is cold and damp, stylists recommend using such fabrics:

These fabrics are very practical and do not spoil the brand of the English style. They look quite restrained, but elegant. For this style, only natural and expensive materials are used, which makes it possible for a simple suit to look decent.

Preference is given to plain materials or fabrics with some patterns. Sometimes you can see patterns in a cage, similar to the Scottish colors. As for the decoration, then everything is very simple. The collar is made of a strict form with lapels, the buttons should be the same color as the suit, and the pockets are made separately in a frame or with flaps.

Also, fashion designers can diversify the costume a bit, with a pattern on the fabric. Not only the Scottish cage is popular, but also the usual small cage, crow's feet and Christmas tree. Such patterns distinguish this style from other costumes.

In costumes

Costumes are the main clothing of this style. They come in different types, so you need to select specific models for different events. The English style of the costume can be worn not only at official meetings, it is appropriate for walking, meeting in a cafe, for dates or dinners. The main thing is to choose the cut that will go to the man's face and fit the occasion.

Of course, the basis of the English style can be called a suit of two or three. It is moderately fitted, which distinguishes it from free American models and highly fitted Italian. This suit perfectly emphasizes the figure of a man and hides his flaws.

For an informal style, English blazers were invented. They ideally replace the classic models of jackets for informal occasions. The feature of the blazer is that it has a slightly loose cut and on the elbows there are inserts made of leather or suede. This jacket should be worn with a shirt and suit pants. When wearing a plain shirt, wear a dark blazer. With patterned shirts, you can wear a light informal jacket.

Jeans can be worn under the blazer, but they must be straight cut and look like classic. If you choose other jeans, then you get not an English style, but a different image. It is also allowed to wear pullovers and cardigans. There is only one rule - this clothing should be made of wool and soft shades.

As a rule, tweed coats are worn as outerwear for a classic costume. For an informal English look, you can wear a duffle coat. It has several features. It is sewn with a hood, its length reaches the knees and it has unusual stylish buttons in the form of a wand.


Although English men's fashion is quite restrained, it does not prohibit decorating the image with accessories. Of course, she has her own views on this. Here a man can choose the jewelry that he likes among them:

Woolen butterflies and chest scarves can also decorate the image. These compositions help make the image of a man special. To emphasize your status, you can buy an expensive watch or purse. Glasses will also help create the image of an elegant and serious man.

As for the scarf, it is often used for an informal look. It is important to remember that it is not always necessary to wear a scarf for practical purposes, sometimes it can be a great accessory. Depending on the chosen style, a man needs to be able to tie it.

As for the pocket square, then it is better to put it in a jacket, having an official look. It can also be debugged in many ways. Therefore, get acquainted with all the options for folding the scarf.

Why is the color scheme so important in the English style?

The English style has its own characteristics, which distinguishes it from other styles. One of them is discreet and not bright clothes. All shades are very restrained.

Primary colors of this style:

In rare cases, you can find purple, peach and blue shades. In addition to restrained shades, this style loves a certain pattern - a cage.

Varieties of cut

The fashion industry has formed several silhouettes of clothing for men, incorporating the specifics of the national culture and mentality of residents of different countries. There are three main types of costumes:

Sewing specialists developed several costume silhouettes, creating additional patterns for the cut based on three classic options: German, French and European.

Briefly about the origin of the style

Fashion historians attribute the birth of style to the turn of the XV-XVI centuries. This period is considered the beginning of the formation of the English aristocracy. Representatives of the new estate had their own moral principles and household features. Men, along with women, paid a lot of attention to appearance, so they carefully considered the selection of their toilets. In suits, impeccability and elegance were especially appreciated. Therefore, clothing should in no case be lush and elaborate. The appearance is extremely simple and austere.

Such rules for creating images have become the basis of the English style for many years. The invariability of the main provisions and the moderate development of the fashion trend gives reason to classify the style as classic.

English cut

The English version perfectly sits on thin, fit men, giving them a strict and formal look. Single-breasted jackets are highly fitted and elongated. Fastened with two or three buttons. Detachable lapels are small in size. Two slots on the back are an essential element of the English style.Double-breasted models are equipped with wider lapels. Buttons are planted at a great distance from each other. And above the side beveled pocket with flap is a small pocket for small items. Double slots provide freedom of movement. Pants are designed for a high rise. Legs tightly fit the leg and do not have lapels at the bottom. Very large men should not choose a highly fitted silhouette, as it will hamper movement.

The main trends of the English fashion direction

The wardrobe of the modern Briton is very comfortable and functional. Fans of the old style strictly follow its principles, devoting a lot of time to create the perfect costume.

Any item of clothing is characterized by a straight cut, perfectly emphasizing the silhouette. The clothes are not allowed transparent fabrics, voluminous or shapeless things, the short length of women's skirts. It would be more correct to even say that minimalism is inherent in the English style. This applies to decorative options, selection of accessories and even the color scheme. Typical shades of an English-style costume are gray, brown, blue, green and a traditional black and white combination. All colors should be slightly muffled. The manifestation of bright colors and textured materials is not allowed.

The popularity of the English style in the light of today is explained by the perfect combination of sophistication with practicality. Such clothes are perfect for balanced and calm people who have received a decent upbringing and are distinguished by good manners. Too emotional and eccentric persons would never wish to put on a formal suit. For them, street casual or shocking grunge is much closer.

American cut

In America, men prefer more comfortable clothes, so a free straight silhouette is a classic American cut. The shoulder girdle is not formed by shoulder pads, and the armhole is made quite wide. Jackets reach the upper thigh, one slot on the back provides ease of movement. A 2-3 button fastener is always single breasted. The rigor and formality of double-breasted models in this style is not welcome. Trousers with pleats at the waist are quite spacious.

English style men's clothing

The basic model for the stronger sex is a three-piece suit, consisting of trousers, a vest and a jacket. Given the climatic characteristics of Britain, it was originally sewn from woolen or tweed fabric. Having dressed in strict clothes, a man immediately acquires a direct posture and a solid appearance. In such a suit, a person simply cannot have frivolous behavior.

The range of basic fabrics for a modern stylish suit has expanded somewhat. Only expensive materials of natural origin are listed: cotton, wool, denim, jersey of exceptionally high quality. For sewing choose plain fabrics or with a laconic graphic pattern. Often there are prints with Scottish motifs, made in the form of cells of different sizes and colors.

Decorative design is reduced to the presence of only the necessary elements of a functional property: buttons matching the suit, strict collars with lapels, pockets with flaps or trimmed in a frame. A good suit is successfully complemented by leather shoes, harmoniously combined with the main color of the ensemble.

This image is characterized by excessive rigor, sometimes bordering on Puritanism. Modern fashion is less demanding and gives little relief to fans of the English style. For example, suit pants can be replaced with high-quality straight-cut jeans. Instead of a vest with a jacket, the British often wear a thin sweater or pullover. It turns out very elegant and comfortable.

Of the necessary accessories, an expensive watch, a leather purse, and glasses in a thin elegant frame are used. The handkerchief looks spectacular, the tip of which is slightly visible from the breast pocket of the jacket. Wet and cool weather requires the presence of a cane umbrella and a straight short coat.

English style in women's clothing

Features of fashion trends make it possible to create true ladies, feminine and sophisticated, from ordinary ladies. This is facilitated by clothing in a semi-adjacent silhouette: fitted jackets, knee-length skirts, concise dresses.

The basis of the style for girls is a classic costume. For its creation, fashion fans should thank the legendary Coco Chanel. It was she who, almost a hundred years ago, introduced to the whole world the first women's set - a tight tight skirt and a strict jacket.

The idea of ​​creating a new kind of clothing was borrowed from a men's wardrobe. However, the women's costume was particularly elegant and sophisticated. Practical clothing appealed to most ladies and very quickly spread around the world.

A limited number of English-style accessories include leather gloves, a scarf and a tote bag (a comfortable roomy square or oval bag). To decorate the image helps expensive jewelry or real jewelry - a diamond brooch, pearl beads. All these items should not be artsy or catchy, modesty and restraint of performance are welcomed, because quality things do not need additional accents.

The logical conclusion of the created image is graceful pumps, matching the costume and handbag. A true lady should not forget about makeup. The minimum amount of cosmetic products helps to create the impression of grooming and accuracy.

Other fashion trend features

Despite the inviolability of the main trends, the modern English style in clothes is still enriched with various features. It was he who became the starting point for the development of new directions. The description of some of them will help to better understand the sustainable authority and great opportunities of British fashion.


The founder of non-trivial style possibilities was fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. She ventured to challenge the traditions, diversifying fashionable luggage with bright colors and unusual accessories. Her collections are imbued with the spirit of rebellion and protest by universally recognized rules. Vivienne Westwood was named queen of punk. Her clothes are decorated with numerous decorative elements - pins, embroidery, rivets. Fabrics often have the most unexpected patterns in the form of abstract images. In kits, incompatible colors are often combined.

But if you look closely at the photo collections of a famous lady, you can note the main feature of her models. The motley variety of costumes is always based on the outline of traditional and national features. Avant-garde models can be considered the fantasy of some crazy city lady.


In modern images, based on fashion trends of the forties and fifties of the last century, romantic dresses in a small flower and a tulip skirt are noted. Women's suits are equipped with an elongated jacket or an elegant tuxedo. Pants preferably choose narrow, favorably emphasizing the slender silhouette of women's legs. Evening dresses are required with an open back and a long train.

Hairstyle, manicure and makeup - everything is very reserved and discreet. Accessories exclusively antique: cane, hat, scarf-boa, clutch bag, decorated with rhinestones or sequins.


The image of an English rural fashionista is distinguished by exquisite simplicity and practicality. The main elements of the style are a straw hat, shoes made of straps or perforated leather, simple jewelry made of leather, beads, stones. The rural image also includes wardrobe items inherent in hunters. It can be suspender pants, an unusual hat with a feather, leather boots with low heels.

Basic gentleman wardrobe:

Outerwear1 Coat / 2 Trench Coat / 3 Duffle Coat / 4 Jacket
Top9 Sports jacket / 12 Cardigan / 10 Vest / 11 Shirt / Polo shirt / Sweater / Cardigan / Turtleneck
Footwear14 Loafers / Brogues / 5 Boots
Headdress8 Fedor Hat / Trilby Hat / 7 Caps
Accessories6 Scarf / 15 Tie / Neckerchief / Pachet Pocket / 17 Strap or suspenders / 16 Gloves / 18 Clock / Umbrella

If you like the English style in clothes, then do not forget that choosing too conservative things can create the impression of an old-fashioned person. Therefore, dilute your wardrobe with things brighter and more modern.

The basic wardrobe of the English gentleman in the collection of Polo Ralph Lauren fall-winter 2012-2013:

Tradition LOOK English dandy from Tommy Hilfiger in the fall-winter 2012-2013 collection:

In the next article you will find out what kind of clothes an autumn-winter wardrobe for men of type Sport LOOK consists of.

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Classic Costume Details

Before you begin, I suggest looking at the main details of the suit (jacket in particular), which I will mention in the description.

To date, 3 types of classic costume have formed: English, Italian and American. Each reflects a certain national flavor and carries the peculiarities of the style and fashion of the country in which it is historically sewn.

English men's suit

The English-style jacket is characterized by small shoulder pads, a tapered fit and a high-set waist. There are single-breasted and double-breasted models with two or three buttons. Slots are made at the back of the jacket so that it is convenient to put your hands in your pocket without disturbing the harmony of the entire suit. Pants are set high at the waist, and lapels are rare. There are suits "three" and "two".

English classic costume

Ideal for slim men who prefer English classics in its real performance. When moving, the suit does not deform and maintains a strict style. Not at all suitable for obese people, as jacket in an English suit fitted.

Italian men's suit

The embodiment of minimalism and strict straight lines in Italian costumes can be seen with an unarmed look. The jacket models are mostly single-breasted, shoulders slightly raised. Double-breasted Italian jacket models have a straight vertical line of silhouette, have narrow shoulders and fasten with two. Jacket slots, as in English models, are absent. Trousers are evenly wide from the waist to the feet.

Italian classic costume

As a rule, Italian costumes are very sophisticated. They are sewn from the most expensive fabrics that can be found on the market, not to mention the eminent Italian designers who create reference models for the entire world industry. The Italian style is suitable for both slim and obese people. Due to the straight lines of the jacket and trousers, all the flaws of the figure are hidden and a sophisticated silhouette is formed.

American men's suit

Rounds out the top three American style classic men's suits. The main feature can stand out absolute comfort for the owner of the classics. The suit has a free cut, sometimes even compared with a bag based on the name "American Sack Suit". Sack in translation from English - a bag. There are no shoulder pads in such suits and the fabric repeats the natural shape of the shoulder and forearm. The jacket is loose in shape, fastens with two or three buttons with a single central slot. Trousers are spacious, and are gathered harmoniously closer to the waist. Probably, the forms of the American costume are dictated by a certain obesity of the local population.

American classic costume

Models for the most part are for people who are not tall and have fullness. The suit style is more likely for an informal setting, not quite suitable for business negotiations.

Italian cut

Italians understand a lot about beautiful life. For elegant twos and triples, they choose light expensive fabrics of unusual patterns, textures and colors. Single-breasted jackets with two slots and a high armhole neatly fit the chest. The enlarged, slightly raised shoulder pads draw a beautiful line of the figure. Double-breasted suits with a narrow shoulder are fastened as high as possible, which helps to visually stretch the figure. Trousers are straight along the entire length and not too wide.

Buy a classic suit or custom-made

A classic men's suit can be bought at the store ready-made or tailored to order from a tailor. Of course, the second option is much more expensive and requires time to take sizes, select the fabric, style and, ultimately, fit the figure of a particular person. A good suit made by a professional will hide most of the shortcomings of the customer’s figure and highlight the advantages that will immediately catch the eye.

We have prepared for you an infographic on how a classic suit should sit. We recommend that you look and compare the correct / incorrectly selected suit.

The quality of a custom-made suit is checked by the evenness and accuracy of the seams, the quality of the selected fabric, the ability to unfasten the buttons on the sleeves, and the presence of additional elements of the jacket. By the way, you can sew a classic suit, vest or coat from our partners Arthur Philips.

Sewing costumes and coats by Arthur Philips

The classic style dictates the impeccable quality of the fabric from which the costume is sewn. The absolute leader is 100% natural wool. The thickness and uniformity of the surface of the fabric determines the thickness of the yarn, as a rule it is 100 - 120 units. The figure shows attention, how many kilometers of thread is obtained from 1 kilogram of wool! The higher the number, the thinner and therefore more expensive the fabric from which the costume is made. 100 - 150 units woven from a thread considered universal. This suit has the perfect combination of wear resistance and comfort for its owner.

European costume

The silhouette was created in the 80s of the last century. Fashion designers in Italy and Germany decided to change and simplify the design. The shoulders of the jacket were slightly widened, the floor length was increased, and the trousers were made loose. The jackets of the European suit lost their slots, lost a fourth button on cuffs and valves on their pockets. The lapels rang out wide and demanded a more solid and voluminous tie. Fit visually increases the upper body, so it is not recommended for men of short stature.

French costume

It is no coincidence that France is called a trendsetter. Types of men's suits in France attract more than in Italy and England. Single-breasted models of small length have a rounded shoulder line. Double-breasted with wider lapels slender and add grace. The visual effect of stretching a figure is an ideal choice for slim and short men. They seem taller if they are dressed in French.


So, these are the main types of men's suits, however, honestly, one must admit that even a professional tailor being in a store will hardly select models and will probably determine whether a costume belongs to one or another style. Therefore, it is necessary to try on a suit, try different models and styles so that your suit is sitting, and not hanging on a hanger.

Single-breasted or double-breasted jacket

  • The double-breasted jacket is very close to a military uniform. Even in the modern relaxed version, you can see the similarity of a civil jacket with a military tunic. From this resemblance, a rule was born to fasten the model on all buttons. Two slots on the sides guarantee freedom of movement with tightly fastened floors. The model looks perfect on taut men of high stature, and a military bearing appears even in purely civilians.
  • Single-breasted jackets are universal, they go to almost all men, the main thing is to choose a suitable cut.

Men's "deuces" and "triples"

The simplest and most democratic option will be a two-piece suit, consisting of two items: trousers and a jacket. "Three" includes a vest, which is most often sewn from the same fabric.The presence of a vest gives the appearance of a man a more ceremonial and official look. By the way, you can take off your jacket if you have a vest without the permission of others. Etiquette rules consider a vest a temporary substitute for a jacket.

Stylish variety of suits for men

The official style is a formal suit with a light shirt, perfectly ironed trousers and shiny shoes. For especially solemn occasions, types of costumes in black colors are intended. For ordinary meetings, options in more neutral dark blue or gray colors are suitable. Accents are placed with the help of expensive accessories: belt, cufflinks, tie, watches. Options for special occasions, such as weddings, concert performances or prestigious receptions, need a butterfly. Tuxedos and tailcoats are a special kind of formal men's clothing, which is worn in exceptional cases.

Casual style

Everyday clothes are a little less pathetic and strict in choosing accessories. The casual suit is most often called a jacket pair, and the usual “two” is easily turned into a “three” with the help of a warm knitted vest of a suitable tone. Casual - style implies a certain freedom of movement, so English, Italian and French costumes are unlikely to be comfortable. Democratic American cut or spacious and slightly baggy German types of suits are ideal. Strict double-breasted jackets, resembling a military tunic, do not have freedom, so lovers of casual style love single-breasted models sewn from tweed or other high-quality, creasing fabric.

Casual style is not so strict with the selection of accessories. Shirts can be checkered, striped or with another decent "male" pattern. With a knitted vest, you can wear a knitted lace or knit a silk scarf. The color of the belt and boots may not exactly match the color of each other. In the style of smart casual, it is possible to completely abandon the shirt, and wear a thin pullover with a neckline or a high neck turtleneck sweater.

Sports style men's suit

Men's sports style suit is not sneakers with shorts or sweatshirts and a worn-out T-shirt. A suit is not a sports uniform, but an outfit for a dynamic, active and fit man. Sports style is designed for walking, relaxing or working in the office without a strict dress code. Sports style suits consist of trousers and a jacket, but differ from the classics in a more free attitude to details.

  • The pockets will be large and it’s quite possible that patch pockets, voluminous, with folds in the middle.
  • The shoulder width in the absence of shoulder pads is emphasized by soft shoulder straps on buttons or buttons.
  • A loose fit tracksuit should not restrict movement.
  • Pants will be straight or semi-fitted silhouette. Often with cuffs on the bottom of the legs.
  • To give a slim figure, jackets are often equipped with a belt imitation or a jacket is sewn like a jacket with a stitched belt at the bottom.
  • For a summer suit in a sports style, light light shades are chosen: beige, reddish, light gray, light khaki. In winter, they prefer natural natural tones: gray, brown, reddish.


  • Blue has almost replaced traditional black. For festive occasions, dark blue colors are suitable, in the summer they choose bright or delicate blue tones.
  • All shades of noble gray are still at the peak of demand. The neutral gray tone refreshes and ennobles bright accessories in blue or tan.
  • Unusual for men shades of greens and red wine - a trendy offer. Daredevils choosing these colors should be especially careful when choosing accessories.

Prints and vibrant details in a men's suit

Familiar geometric prints in the form of stripes and cells are enriched with abstractions of various calibers. Drawing "chicken foot", a pattern of rhombuses - a fresh and original proposal for men.

Some sports-style jackets feature suede elbow patches. Bright models migrated to a casual wardrobe. Finishing the patch patch material in harmony with the overall composition helps to trim the pockets, cuffs, or even the sides of the jacket with the same material.

A few tricks for men

A sense of style is developed in men from a young age. Not accustomed to the suit, the young man feels constrained, confused in the details that are important for the harmony of the image. All the rules for wearing a costume are associated with an exclusively utilitarian attitude to clothing.

  • The rules for buttons is connected with the fact that in a fully buttoned jacket it is banal inconvenient to sit down. There is a risk of just tearing the very last button with the meat. But to constantly unfasten - to fasten a jacket to men is simply laziness. So they came up with a simple rule to never use the bottom button of a single-breasted jacket for its intended purpose. In the double-breasted model, floors that go far against each other guarantee the integrity of the fastener, which is why it is worn constantly fastened.
  • The natural requirement that the sleeves of the shirt be slightly longer than the sleeves of the jacket is related to hygiene. A stained jacket is harder to tidy up than a thin shirt.
  • Three-piece suits look more solid and respectable because they are often worn by respectable and respectable men. The fact is that a vest with an adjustable backrest plays the role of a kind of corset, which tightens a not quite elegant sign of solidity. Young and slender men do not need to tighten their bellies, but the "troika" gently hints that life experience has already been accumulated and is safely hidden under the fabric of the vest.
  • Slots on fitted jackets allow you to actively move, use your pockets, sit down and get up. In the free silhouettes, they do not make a slot, because the spacious cut already provides ease of movement.

If you know what suits are, then you are more confident in choosing a model in size and your own taste. Wear classic men's clothing with pleasure, because it is in a suit that a man looks really elegant, representative and beautiful.

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4. Shirts

The main drawing in the English style is a cage, larger than on
classic shirts, and the line that forms the cage is wider.

Another option is striped shirts, again, larger and more noticeable than just classic ones.

On the day off, you can wear an even larger color cage - in the country style, but then the jacket and trousers should be plain and neutral colors.

And you will feel more relaxed on the weekend if you don’t wear it with
a jacket, and with a cardigan or pullover.

Another fashionable option is a denim shirt, it is necessary to have it in a wardrobe of any style now, it can be worn with any pants, not jeans (if you did not decide to play cowboy suddenly), it can be worn under a jacket, under a pullover, with a vest, under a suit, with a tie, on a T-shirt, like outerwear.

Choose a denim shirt of your color - light if you have light eyes, and dark under brown, blue, dark gray eyes.

7. Jacket

The jacket in the wardrobe of an English man is an indispensable thing. Quilted jacket
a classic cut can be worn on a jacket in rainy weather (just make sure that it covers the jacket) or with jeans and a sweater and boots that are rougher if you
going to go out of town or into the forest.

An option for a jacket with numerous pockets looks more athletic; this is an English relaxed country style.

Let's move on to accessories, as they are the ones who make the whole style of the English gentleman.

8. Shoes

Details on how to choose shoes can be found here. I only recall that shoes in the English style should always be expensive, natural leather or suede, a little worn, as if they were worn for many years.

Before the British, before going out into the light, they wore long shoes so that they acquired a look worthy in their opinion.

Brogues, oxfords, derby, loafers, monks, moccasins - choose depending on the occasion and weather, the main thing is that it reflects your style and emphasizes elegance.

10. Scarves, socks, ties, chest scarves, canes, braces

Every little thing matters. Be careful in these little things, be a pedant, making your wardrobe in the English style, because you are a gentleman, and therefore, a gentleman in everything and always - opening the door to the lady or putting on socks carefully chosen to match the costume.

Scarves in such images can be either monophonic, to the tone of any color in your image - a strip in a shirt, a check in a jacket, a rhombus on a vest or even socks, and a check. Let this cell consist of all the colors of your ensemble.

Socks They can also be monophonic - brown, gray-brown, gray, blue, with a pattern - with rhombuses, stripes, cages, the main thing is that they harmonize with your trousers and shoes. You can buy socks in exactly the same color as the pants, you can choose a color that contrasts and looks good with the color of the shoes.

Ties in the English style must necessarily match the texture with your suit and jacket, that is, if you have a wool suit or tweed jacket, then the tie should be woolen, fleecy or knitted, like a pullover or vest. Knitted ties are now in trend, and they are worn every day even with jeans and jumpers, it is not necessary to wait for a special occasion to wear them with a suit.

With ties the same story - they can be plain and with a pattern. If you are not a style guru yet, you do not have a personal stylist, and you do not know how to combine drawings, then choose plain ties when you put on a checkered jacket or shirt with a pattern - striped or checked. Choose a tie color based on the color of the cage in your jacket. If you are afraid to miss, choose a tie in the color of your jacket, trousers, shoes, any element of the wardrobe. This will emphasize the style of the image and tie your ensemble. And vice versa,
if your suit is plain, then you can choose a checkered tie or rhombus. Or go even further - emphasize the color of your tie with a pocket square of the same color.

Clock. How to choose the right watch, you can read in the article. I can only say that you should choose a watch, like shoes and a bag, with a bracelet made of genuine expensive leather and with a classic round dial.

Umbrella. As you already understood, the English gentleman is not just an umbrella, but a large umbrella cane - such that the whole family could fit there in the event of a downpour that would withstand any storm and not break, in general, an umbrella with character is reliable, practical like you! And what color the umbrella should be, you probably already understood from this article - plain gray, blue, brown, in a cage, strip, in a rhombus, with royal heraldry, flags, horses - in general, with any attributes of the English style.

Suspender. If of all of the above you have to buy only suspenders, consider it aerobatics! Well, yourself - an English dandy! Suspenders have a little secret: they must be worn without a belt - either suspenders or a belt. In addition, you need to know some subtleties - there are suspenders on the buttons (then you will need to sew additional ones on the pants), there are suspenders on the clips - they simply attach to the belt.

And finally, a tweed cap! What a gentleman without a cap ?!

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