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Jet beaver prostatitis treatment

“Beaver stream” is a popular name for the content (secret) of the beaver glands (not to be confused with the preanal glands), which it shoots to indicate territory and scare away enemies (hence the name “stream”). Officially, this substance is known as “castoreum” (from Latin castor - beaver). The active substance extracted from it is called "castocrine" (beaver musk). It has pronounced immunomodulating and antibacterial properties.. A beaver jet from prostatitis is used as an adjunct to basic therapy. The effectiveness of castocrine-based products is largely depends on the quality of raw materials.

Beaver Jet General Properties

Beaver glands are located under the skin in the lower part of the abdomen just behind the fat ones (which are closer to the anus). These are paired oblong bags filled with a granular mass of brown color (the consistency resembles wet sand), from which a pronounced smell of musk emanates. This is the beaver stream. After extraction, the bags are dried in a warm place for 2-3 months. The average mass of a pair of glands is 156 g.

Castoreum is not another “divorce” from “traditional healers”. Mention of the beaver stream as a remedy was found in the writings of ancient doctors: Hippocrates, Avicenna, Galen, Paracelsus. They used it at the royal court in Russia.

The properties of castoreum are due to the peculiarities of the nutrition of the beaver and its anatomy. The diet of this animal includes bark of trees, including willows and aspen, in the cork layer of which contain strong natural antibiotics. Also, a beaver eats more than 300 species of herbs, of which about 150 are medicinal. A significant proportion of bioactive substances and vitamins supplied with food is accumulated in the prepuce glands (in other vertebrates they are excreted in the urine), which serve as a beaver source of vitality and sexual activity, as well as a kind of “first-aid kit”.

The main components of castoreum:

  • Steroids of animal origin,
  • Boroneol
  • Acids
  • Essential oils,
  • Resins
  • Beaver gum
  • Micro and macro elements.

Castoreum has bacteriostatic (stops the growth and development of bacteria, fungi) bactericidal (kills pathogens) properties, promotes wound healing (studies are described in the journal Forestry and Hunting, No. 8, 2009). Oil extract is a powerful adaptogen, strengthens, tones, helps withstand stress. Effectively helps with male impotence and infertility.

The benefits of a beaver stream with prostatitis:

  1. Improving blood microcirculation, reducing its viscosity (relevant for congestive prostatitis).
  2. Relief of inflammatory processes by suppressing pathogenic microflora.
  3. Normalization of the hormonal background.
  4. Lowering cholesterol, strengthening blood vessels.
  5. Stimulation of tissue repair.
  6. Improving erectile function, increasing libido.

With prostatitis of any type, strengthening immunity is the key. The beaver stream effectively stimulates the body's defenses, and also eliminates associated diseases: urethritis and cystitis.

Where to buy, how to choose

Although the adaptogenic and antibacterial properties of castoreum are officially confirmed, some men respond negatively to drugs based on it. The reasons may be the following:

  1. Not that raw material. Some hunters confuse the glands or intentionally sell useless "wen" instead of the prepuce (they are darker).
  2. Improper prey (technique): the animal died in torment, the glands for a long time remained uncured. Such raw materials are sold by hunters using traps. There will be no sense from the glands obtained from the carcass of a beaver who died a natural death.
  3. Non-optimal production time. The best quality jet is produced in late autumn or winter.

A beaver stream in the form of bags (not in preparations) can be bought at pharmacies or from hunters. There are special farms where beavers are “milked” without crippling or killing. There you can buy castoreum in the form of tinctures.

Beaver stream in the form of bags

Signs of a quality beaver stream:

  • The color of the bags should not be tar-black. This is a sign that the glands were dried in the sun, which is unacceptable. Quality bags are dark brown or brown.
  • On the surface there should be no plaque, tears, cracks, oily film (sign of "wen").
  • The dried glands are pear-shaped, sometimes round, dense to the touch. Length - at least 4 cm, width (in the narrowest part) - at least 2.5 cm.
  • The smell is sharp, specific, should not give away rotten (a sign that the stream was cleaned poorly, there were particles of meat and fat).

The beaver stream in the form of alcohol tincture on the sites of hunters is in the region of 30 thousand rubles. for 3 l, in the form of dried bags - 100 rubles. for 1 g. You can store them no more than a year in a cool, dry place.

Beaver Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical preparations based on castoreum are significantly cheaper than raw materials. Examples of industrial products:

  1. "Castoreum" in gelatin capsules (1000 rubles for 60 pcs.).
  2. "Castoreol" - rectal suppositories (375 rubles for 10 pcs.).
  3. "Castoreum" in tablets (500 rubles for 30 pcs.).

  1. Alcohol tincture (800 rubles per 100 ml).
  2. Cedar resin with a beaver stream in capsules (480 rubles for 30 pcs.).
  3. Beaver stream with bee pollen in capsules (380 rubles for 30 pcs.).

Beaver spray products are best bought at licensed pharmacies. With prostate, they must be taken in accordance with the attached instructions.

Self-made recipes

According to reviews on men's forums, with prostatitis beaver tincture is most effectivemade independently from quality raw materials. Recipe: 200 g of dry gland pour 1 liter of vodka (you can 40% alcohol), insist a month in the dark. The tool must be shaken periodically. The more saturated the color of the tincture, the more useful it is. Take on an empty stomach a teaspoon three times a day an hour before meals. If the body weight is more than 80 kg, then the dosage is increased to a tablespoon. The tincture's smell and taste are rather unpleasant, so you can drink it with coffee or jam with honey.

In chronic prostatitis, the course of treatment is a month, then they take a break for 10 days. Reception of a beaver stream in this mode (10 through 10) continues throughout the year. The second option: 10 days after 10 for two months, then take a break for 2 months.

In acute infectious prostatitis, a beaver stream is taken in parallel with antibiotics, 6 drops 2 times a day. In order not to aggravate inflammation with alcohol, you can use a beaver jet powder - on the tip of a knife three times a day (it is better to mix with honey so that the powder does not stick to the mucous membranes of the mouth). For cooking, it is better to use a fine grater, as an unpleasant odor will remain in the coffee grinder for a long time.

Rectal suppositories can also be prepared at home.. To do this, you need to purchase any anti-inflammatory suppositories on herbs in the pharmacy (you can use belladonna), melt them in a water bath, then pour a stream grated on a fine grater (the amount is taken from a match head for each candle). Pour the resulting mass into foil tins (or syringes), cool them in the refrigerator (not in the freezer). Paste at night for 10 days, then 10 days off, then another 10 days of treatment. To enhance the effect in the morning, it is recommended to take a tincture.

Symptoms of an overdose of beaver stream:

  • Nausea,
  • Loose stool
  • Increase in pressure.

With the above symptoms, you should take a break for a week.


The beaver stream has a pronounced tonic effect, therefore, funds based on it do not recommend taking with pathologies of the cardiovascular and nervous system. Men over 50 should be especially careful with the dosage of the beaver stream (according to reviews from the forums, there have been cases of cardiac arrest). During the course, it is important to monitor blood pressure and heart rate. Gastric and duodenal ulcers are also contraindications.

The course of treatment with castoreum-based agents begins with minimal dosages, since allergic reactions (rashes, itching), and individual intolerance are possible.


Sergey, 42 years old: “There is practically no beaver stream in industrial preparations; for me personally, there is no sense in them. But from the home tincture, the effect felt literally after a couple of weeks: the erection revived, the heaviness in the groin was gone, the discomfort during bowel movements too (tingling in the rectum). Take a stream from the hunters and insist on quality vodka yourself. ”

Vitaliy, 35 years old: “I’m drinking homemade beaver tincture. He is very invigorating, up to insomnia, but has not yet noticed any effect on the part of the prostate. ”

Yaroslav, 56 years old: “He underwent a course of treatment - 10 candles with a beaver stream. There is an effect: daytime urination returned to normal (often you don’t have to run), and at night, I still get up often. There is no pain, the erection is normal. ”

Causes of inflammation with prostatitis

The urological problem associated with men's health causes a lot of unpleasant predictions. Inflammation in the prostate gland appears as a result of various causes of an infectious and other nature. Moreover, there can be a lot of those and other reasons individually, but how to treat prostatitis with a beaver stream in certain situations there will be practically no difference, since the dose of the substance is designed to trigger a general defense reaction in the body.

Healthy tissues of the prostate gland and the inflammatory process in them

Depending on the severity of the process, the course of the disease can have a different manifestation power. To be able to get rid of the characteristic symptoms of the manifestation of the disease, there is a remedy that affects the improvement of the state of the genitourinary system as a whole, and how to take a beaver stream with prostatitis depends on the personality of the body, independent of the course of the disease.

Why take a beaver stream in prostate treatment

In this case, how to take a beaver stream from prostatitis depends on the purpose of the person’s body weight, based on the indicators of which the dosage of the substance is determined.

In each of the cases of the problem of the rise of the symptom-related manifestation or the gradual course, there will be discomfort and pain, and in some cases general weakness, due to the inflammatory process.

What is a beaver stream

The beaver stream is a special substance produced by the animal’s glands.

The beaver stream is produced by the glands of the animal. This is a special secret, which is of great value due to its unique composition.

Many mistakenly believe that the beaver stream is the urine of the animal. This is actually not the case. This substance is used by the body of the animal as a defense of its body from various diseases and attacks of pathogenic bacteria.

In the process of treating prostatitis, a beaver stream is used, since it has a lot of useful properties. It is actively used in the manufacturing process of drugs. In medicine, a natural remedy has been used for decades.

Often, the substance that is produced by the beaver glands is one of the main components in folk remedies. The jet relieves pain, relieves inflammation and improves the functioning of the genitourinary system. It is especially useful for patients who have been diagnosed with prostatitis.

Prostate Diseases: General Description

Prostatitis is a disease that causes men a lot of problems, and in the absence of timely treatment can be a threat to serious complications. During the course of the disease, the patient may suffer from pain, general discomfort and malaise. Due to sluggish inflammatory processes, it becomes difficult for a man to empty his bladder, as a result of which the urine stagnates in it, and this provokes the onset of chronic inflammation of the genitourinary system as a whole.

To summarize the above, we describe the main symptoms of the disease:

  • Pain in the scrotum and perineum
  • Urination disorders: frequent urge or enuresis,
  • Erectile dysfunction.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for the body to counteract destructive factors, and a reliable natural medicine - beaver stream for the treatment of prostatitis can help it in this. It will help to cope with unpleasant symptoms of the disease and strengthen the overall human immunity.

Causes of prostate adenoma

Before considering the treatment of a disease, it is important to find out the causes of its occurrence in order to take adequate treatment measures.

Most often they are as follows:

  • Poor blood circulation in the pelvic area. It can occur due to a sedentary lifestyle, vascular atherosclerosis, lack of intimate life and various surgical interventions of the small pelvis.
  • The defeat of infectious pathogens.

The jet can be taken not only for the purpose of complex treatment, but also for the prevention of prostate adenoma. However, in this case, it is important to determine the goals of taking beaver tinctures and calculate the required dosage.

The method of treatment of folk remedies

Many men who are faced with this problem and think how it can be cured with the help of a badger jet. Use the product orally. We have a beaver stream in the form of a ready-made tincture, there is also a dried one. The beaver stream is able to restore the health of the genitourinary system as quickly as possible. A large number of microelements helps to eliminate local inflammation, due to which nodules form in the prostate gland, and also have a detrimental effect on pathogens, if it has an infectious nature.

With regular use of the drug, the effect will be noticeable immediately: the intensity of pain will decrease, the inflammation will completely subside. The jet must be taken long enough and regularly to affect all pathogenic microorganisms, including those resistant to traditional antibacterial drugs. The drug helps to normalize urination and a local rush of blood to the pelvic organs is enhanced, thereby normalizing male strength.

The complex effect on pathogenic microorganisms, namely, their elimination and increase immunity, allows you to refrain from using antibiotics.

The effect of beaver musk on the prostate

Impaired prostate function is a serious blow to any man. It can manifest itself in the form of discomfort, pain, lack of an erection, premature ejaculation, problems with urination, general nervousness and sleep disturbance. The lack of treatment for adenoma can lead to the development of purulent diseases and even oncology. A beaver stream is used to prevent these conditions and acts on the gland as follows:

  1. During the disease, the walls of the bladder are in constant tension, and because of the inflammatory process in the prostate, the urine in it stagnates. Musk helps relax the walls of the bladder and helps facilitate urine output.
  2. Hormonal disorders contribute to the growth of the prostate, and musk normalizes the hormonal background, thereby preventing the process of organ hypertrophy.
  3. Musk contains a large amount of antioxidants that are detrimental to cancer cells. This helps prevent the development of cancer cells.
  4. The beaver stream improves erectile function and positively affects the quality and duration of sexual intercourse.
  5. Beaver stream with prostatitis: application algorithm

The type of disease determines the dosage of the badger jet:

  • In the chronic form of the disease, the trophism of the pelvic face is normalized, which prevents stagnation. The course of taking the jet lasts about 3 months, after which a break is needed, and then the drug is taken again to consolidate the positive result.
  • Acute prostatitis is characterized by pain and fever. In such cases, an abscess may develop, because of which an appeal to a specialist for help will be an adequate measure. If the doctor approves the treatment with a beaver stream, it is taken several times a day. It is not recommended to prescribe dosages for yourself. Please call.

Beaver stream with prostate adenoma

In the case of adenoma, it is important first of all to normalize the hormonal background and thereby prevent prostate hyperplasia.

Grind the dried stream and fill it with vodka. For 0.5 liters of vodka you need to prepare one hundred grams of a jet. Leave the liquid for three days. After this time, the substance will acquire a dark brown color. Dilute it with vodka to get a shade of cognac.

While taking tinctures, carefully monitor your health. For many centuries, the beaver stream has been actively used to treat diseases of the prostate due to its amazing composition. This natural medicine can relieve a man’s condition in a matter of days.

You can buy a beaver stream here at this link.

Why is a beaver stream useful?

The beaver stream (beaver musk, castoreum) is the musk-paracortical gland of beaver's internal secretion. Contrary to popular belief, such gland is present in both males and female animals. It looks like a dense mass of brown color, with a musky smell. It is widely used in folk and official medicine, as well as perfumes.

Due to the saturation of the musk gland with acids, guaiacol, acetophenone and other components, it has strong antiseptic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory properties. It helps with diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases and, in general, a beaver stream - an excellent tool for men. Also, a significant advantage in the healing properties of musk is the content of biologically active substances in it, which beaver stocks during nutrition. Even official medicine, despite a small study of this issue, recognizes the adaptogenic properties of the beaver stream. Adaptogens are substances that can cleanse the body and help it fight viruses, as well as adverse environmental factors. This explains the healing effect of taking a beaver jet immediately for many body systems.

Effective beaver spray products

The best products are made on the basis of a beaver jet, obtained in a modern humane way.. That is, without killing a beaver. In this case, pure extract of the highest quality, without impurities of dried glands, is added to the tincture. Alpha Musk is the only drug in the CIS that uses only pure beaver stream extract, without the addition of dried glands. To manufacture such a drug, the manufacturer has to rent part of the reserve on the territory of the Chernihiv region of Ukraine. They set up "traps" on which alien beaver musk is applied, which forces local animals to interrupt the smell of others by spraying a beaver stream into special receivers. Subsequently, the substance is collected, purified and complex processing is carried out. The effect of taking such a tool is much higher, since the manufacturer completely controls the quality and quantity of the working substance in its products. What is impossible to achieve by insisting on an ordinary dried gland, because the amount of musk in each gland may differ. The efficiency is also affected by the freshness of the beaver stream, which is especially important when using dried glands - if the beaver was killed a long time ago, decay products may be present in the tincture. And such a tool, of course, will not have a healing effect and its reception can be harmful.

There is only one drawback of this natural medicine for the treatment of prostatitis - the beaver stream has a rather specific strong smell and taste. However, even a clean beaver stream outperforms products made on the basis of dried glands: during the survey, 98% of men said that the smell and taste of the product on a clean beaver stream are much more tolerant.

You can buy a beaver stream obtained without a killer method on the official website, directly from the manufacturer here.

Beaver stream with chronic prostatitis will have the effect:

  1. reduce local swelling,
  2. in such a case, as a prostate adenoma, treatment with a beaver stream will have a positive effect on the state of the tissue of the prostate gland,
  3. in addition, the permeability of the walls of the vessels decreases.

For any of the reasons that contributed to the onset of inflammation, a person’s condition will improve as a whole due to the use of a unique composition of animal origin. This will happen due to the strengthening of the protective system.
The response of the body to the fight against the problem activates the immune forces in the general system. At the local level with an adenoma and prostate, the beaver stream has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, which is extremely necessary in this condition.

The reasons that provoke the initial factors of the development of the problem can be:

  1. Violation of blood circulation in the pelvis due to an inferior intimate life, a fixed (especially sedentary) lifestyle, injuries and surgical intervention.
  2. Pathogens of various kinds.

Regardless of the reason that served as the starting point for the onset of tissue inflammation, you can use a high-quality beaver stream in the treatment of the prostate. Its effect is that when it penetrates the body it has an anti-inflammatory effect, you should only clarify for what purpose to use the beaver stream for prostatitis and how to drink it for prevention.

Effective and fast effect

In traditional medicine, urological inflammation is treated comprehensively, and when using a beaver stream from prostate adenoma, the result just turns out so that not only the local reaction to reduce pain and inflammation is triggered, but the general work of the body, including the defenses, which is necessary for acute and chronic forms of the disease.
Of course, the presence of an acute form of the disease requires immediate medical advice in order to avoid deterioration of the general condition due to a sharp reaction of the body to irritants.

The beaver stream in the treatment of prostate adenoma is convenient and easy to use, as it can be used internally and locally.

Jet beaver treatment of prostatitis and related symptoms

Given that the problem disrupts the genitourinary system, and sometimes the kidneys can be involved in the inflammation process, this remedy obtained from the rodent glands will help restore the entire system. It has accumulated a large number of valuable compounds that will help reduce inflammation, while micro-pathogens are also destroyed.

If you treat prostatitis with a beaver stream, you will notice that the effective effect occurs very quickly. After a few days, the pain decreases, and the manifestations of inflammation decrease.
As an additional measure, candles can be used.
Each of the forms of a drug with a therapeutic composition should be used for a long time to affect microorganisms, and for long-living, including, as well as to eliminate the characteristic symptoms of impaired and painful urination. At the same time, it is possible to restore sexual disorders and related problems of male confidence in bed.
A beaver jet treats chronic prostatitis in such a way that its antibacterial properties affect the viability of microorganisms, and they die in a short time. This makes it possible not to use antibiotics. Strengthening the protective forces in the system through the use of substances from the glands of beaver, allows you to refuse to take anti-inflammatory and immunocorrective drugs.

The composition is completely absorbed in the body and restores health to a sick person. Along with this, the sexual activity of a man returns.

What is it?

Beaver fluid (beaver musk) has another name - castoreum. This is an orange fluid secreted by the endocrine glands located in the lower abdomen of a rodent.

It is used by beavers in the most difficult situations: during the cold, illness or lack of food.

From a medical point of view, musk is a very valuable substance. As you know, these rodents eat a lot of different herbs. That is why it is useful for animals and humans.

Our ancestor hunters mined a beaver stream, killing a beaver. In this case, the gland was carefully separated from the blood and mucus, dried in a cool place, and then used. But now there are more humane ways to collect fluids. Approximately 10 grams of musk is obtained from one rodent. and the animal does not die. This is enough to create an effective therapeutic drug.


Scientists studied the composition of the beaver stream relatively recently. It turned out that it contains many valuable substances.

  • These are steroids
  • benzyl alcohol
  • three types of acid: benzoic, cinnamon and salicylic,
  • guaiacol
  • and acetophenone.

Properties and scope

The beaver stream incorporates a large number of various useful substances. All this thanks to the special diet of animals. The therapeutic substance contains the following components:

  • Acetophenone. Helps in healing the body,
  • Borneol. It is useful for the nervous system, helps to cope with infections and inflammations,
  • Salicylic acid. Helps reduce inflammation, cleanses the body of harmful substances,
  • Benzyl alcohol. Fighting pathogens
  • Macro and microelements. Solve the problem of deficiency of nutrients. The beaver stream contains potassium, calcium, sodium, zinc and phosphorus,
  • Guaiacol. Participates in the body's absorption of other compounds.

Regular use of a beaver stream contributes to an increase in testosterone in the body

Treatment of prostatitis with a beaver stream will have a positive effect at any stage of the disease. After its application, the patient can expect to receive such a result:

  1. Significant improvement in potency.
  2. Removal of inflammation and swelling.
  3. Getting rid of the pain syndrome.
  4. Strengthening immunity.
  5. Elimination of harmful microorganisms.
  6. Increased testosterone.
  7. Restoration of blood vessels.

Treatment with a beaver stream is used not only for prostatitis, but also for any other pathologies associated with the prostate gland. It is recommended as one of the treatment options for adenoma and prostate cancer.

A beaver stream with prostatitis will be extremely effective if applied as indicated by the treatment regimen. At the first signs of the development of the pathological process, it is necessary to immediately start taking medicines based on this substance. Thanks to this, the patient can count on the speedy elimination of painful symptoms.

The jet has the following effect on the prostate gland:

  • Normalizes the functions of the genitourinary system and contributes to the increased production of testosterone,
  • It stops inflammation and improves the regenerative properties of tissues,
  • Provides a diuretic effect, due to which harmful compounds are eliminated from the body,
  • It inhibits the development of cancer cells.

If the patient adheres to the basic recommendations for the use of musk, then he will be able to achieve relief of his painful condition in a short time. The most important thing in this matter is to observe the correct doses of the natural product produced by beavers. After several days of treatment, the patient will notice a positive result. Do not forget that the use of a beaver stream with inflammation is possible after consulting a doctor. Only he is able to correctly establish the diagnosis, prescribe a course of therapy and say what dosage is allowed in the treatment of a particular patient.

Effects on the body

It should be noted that the beaver stream is considered a universal remedy and affects the body as a whole:

  1. Strengthens protective properties and boosts immunity.
  2. Normalizes the work of the digestive tract (gastrointestinal tract).
  3. It cleanses the bronchi and lungs.
  4. Restores blood formulas, lymph.
  5. Restores blood supply to muscles.

The fluid cures prostate adenoma and impotence, relieves premature ejaculation, and struggles with pain during urination. Since the prostate is considered the second heart of a man, after 40 years she needs to be given attention. If you relate to the main role of the beaver stream in the treatment of prostatitis, then it consists in raising immunity and destroying the causative agents of the disease.

How to take a beaver stream from prostatitis

Before starting treatment for prostatitis, you need to learn how to take a beaver stream. Musk is most often used in the preparation of tinctures. Also, suppositories for rectal administration are made from it. The duration of the course of therapy for prostatitis with beaver secret should not exceed 30 days. If necessary, repeat the course must take a break for 10 days.

Treatment of chronic diseases can last up to 1 year. It is forbidden to change the dosage prescribed by a doctor.

Pros and cons

Given all of the above, we can conclude that castoreum has an excellent effect on the body, both for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

It affects almost all body systems, improving their activity. Musk can be used by both men and women.

It is effective even in small quantities, does not harm human health, but has contraindications and dictates its own intake rules.

There is one drawback to therapy. The liquid has too much repulsive taste and smell. To take this medicine, musk is often added to coffee, juice or another drink.

But you can’t skip taking it, in this case the effect of consumption will not happen.


The dosage of the drug is selected by the doctor, strictly individually

You can make beaver secretion powder at home. To do this, grind the dried stream with a coffee grinder or grater. Take the finished product 1-2 times a day. The daily dosage can be no more than 1 g. It is prescribed depending on the weight of the person.

The duration of the drug is no more than 2 months. At the end of therapy, a break is taken for 30 days. After that, it is allowed to undergo treatment with this remedy again.

What is this substance?

The second name for this remedy is beaver musk. This is an aromatic liquid of bright orange color, which is secreted by the endocrine glands of the beaver, namely specific undersea sacs. Animals use this liquid only in difficult situations, for example, when it is cold, there is no food, or you need to fight a serious illness.

At first, a beaver stream could only be obtained by killing the animal. But to date, a more humane method has been invented, in which the medicine is obtained without killing animals. One beaver can get 10 grams of musk.

The substance is so useful because beavers consume hundreds of different herbs, from which valuable fluid is produced.

How to take a beaver stream with prostatitis?

First, find out for the treatment of what type of prostatitis is suitable:

With the help of musk, both acute and chronic prostatitis can be cured. Liquid is considered an excellent helper for traditional drug treatment.

Starting to use a beaver stream, do not stop taking those drugs that the doctor prescribed.

If chronic non-infectious prostatitis occurs, musk is used for treatment for a long time: at least a year, observing breaks between courses of taking the drug.

Application History and Properties

People have been using the beaver stream since ancient times. Treatment with this tool was practiced in ancient Egypt. Even then, the rulers learned to use the medicine to improve potency. In combination with other substances, a beaver stream was used to eliminate headaches, convulsions, and insomnia.

In the Middle Ages, people realized that breathing in musk can stop epilepsy. It was also used for wound healing and as an antidote.

Since the 16th century, beaver-based products began to be used in traditional medicine. With their help, disorders of the genitourinary, cardiovascular and nervous systems are still being treated.

Despite the specific smell, the product is actively used in perfumes. The tart musky aroma has an exciting effect. Due to the positive effect on erectile function, the beaver stream is called natural viagra. Also, the substance has excellent antibacterial properties and can destroy the causative agents of many diseases.

The medicine is also effective in inflammatory processes:

  1. Reduces the permeability of the walls of blood vessels.
  2. Eliminates pain.
  3. Relieves swelling.

All these abilities make the beaver stream an excellent tool for getting rid of prostatitis. But before starting treatment it is necessary to consult a doctor.

A beaver stream is used in the treatment of many diseases. It acts in a complex way, exerting a positive effect on the entire body: strengthens, tones, rejuvenates.

How to take with prostatitis

Beaver spray treatment is very effective and safe, as it is a product of natural origin. But the remedy has its contraindications and admission rules.

It is a good helper for basic treatment. Therefore, starting to use a beaver stream, it is not necessary to stop treatment with drugs prescribed by a doctor. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, antibiotics can be replaced with a natural remedy. Such treatment will only have a positive effect and will not harm other organs. The composition of this product includes dozens of organic substances that are completely absorbed by the body and return health, energy, increase sexual activity.

With prostatitis, take the drug twice a day. 5-6 drops of medicine should be consumed per day. Within a month, you need to use up to one hundred grams of the substance, you can not exceed the dose. If the cause of the disease is bacteria or viruses, then in addition to the beaver stream, other drugs must be used. In chronic non-infectious prostatitis, treatment with musk can be extended for a long time. Usually, you need to take the drug for a year, but taking breaks. The month of treatment should be followed by a ten-day rest.

If impotence occurs with prostatitis, then before starting treatment, you need to check the level of testosterone. If it is low, then you need to take a beaver stream three times a day. This normalizes the hormonal background and returns the joy of an intimate life to a man. After treatment, you need to rest for two to three months and repeat the course for prevention.

Such therapy has only one minus - it is an unpleasant taste and aroma, so many take the medicine, adding to some drink.

Taking the drug

If prostatitis is non-infectious, then treatment with castoreum can last about a year. The treatment regimen is as follows:

  1. Twice a day, 4-5 drops of tincture for a month.
  2. A break of 10 days.
  3. Again, within one month, 4-5 drops.
  4. A break of 10 days.

This continues throughout the year. If impotence occurs before taking the drug, it is advised to check the level of testosterone in the body. With a lowered level, castoreum is taken three times a day.

This approach will help to tidy up the hormonal background, returning a full-fledged intimate life to a man. Then it is recommended to give the body a rest for 2-3 months, after which the course is repeated for preventive purposes (5-6 drops per day). The medicine is used on an empty stomach.

Six months after the start of the course, you can connect herbs to the castoreum that normalize the general function of the endocrine system and promote the regeneration of prostate cells.

This medicine is effectively combined with traditional medicine and will be appropriate for chemotherapy, laser therapy and other non-natural remedies. It is used along with other prostatitis medications prescribed by your doctor.

Beaver musk is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be used for prostatitis in several forms:

  • Powder. To obtain it, the iron is dried and ground on a fine grater. When you take a pinch of powder is added to tea or any other drink.
  • Tincture. 100 grams of powder is poured into 500 ml of vodka. The medicine is infused for several days. If the liquid has darkened and acquired the appearance of cognac, you can take it.
  • Candles Herbal candles are purchased at the pharmacy. They are melted in a water bath, a pinch of powder is added and a candle is formed, which must be put in the refrigerator for solidification. Better to put a candle at night. By the way, this method is also good for hemorrhoids.
  • Ways to use

    The tool is used for indoor and outdoor use.

    Treatment of prostatitis can be carried out using a beaver stream in the following form:

    1. Powder. To get the medicine in powder form, the gland is dried and rubbed on a fine grater. A tiny pinch of the product is added to tea, coffee or water.
    2. Tincture. In this case, the powder is poured with vodka or alcohol, with the calculation of half a liter of vodka per 100 grams of beaver stream. The medicine should stand for several days. You can use it when the tincture darkens and looks like brandy. If the powder has settled on the bottom, then the medicine has deteriorated and you can’t take it. Consume 1.h. l three times a day. If you drink more tinctures, constipation can occur, so it is better not to exceed the dosage.
    3. Candles To make suppositories with a beaver stream, you must first buy herbal candles in a pharmacy and melt in a water bath. To them you need to add a pinch of powder and form a candle. The finished product must be placed in the refrigerator.

    This option is very effective not only for prostatitis, but also for hemorrhoids. Better put a candle at night. In the form of an ointment, a beaver stream is used from bruises, bruises, and bruises. Compresses with this tool can cope with these problems many times faster than expensive pharmacy ointments.

    Also, the tool helps well with radiculitis, osteochondrosis. It is enough to rub the sore spot once and the improvement of well-being will happen almost immediately. Experts say that the beaver stream will greatly help women aged to regain their desire, and for men it is an additional stimulating factor.


    It is recommended to treat prostatitis with rectal suppositories. It is best to give preference to suppositories that have a plant basis. You can buy such candles at any pharmacy.

    Healing candles can be done with your own hands. You will need to melt a portion of the wax in a water bath and add the beaver stream powder to it. The mixture needs to be mixed well and small suppositories should be formed from it. Each candle should contain no more than 1 g of powder. Enter them in the anus is necessary 1 time per day before bedtime.


    The most popular in the treatment of inflammation are tinctures from a beaver stream. The drug is prepared by mixing the powder with alcohol. To prepare it, you need 100 g of beaver musk, pour 500 ml of vodka and mix. Insist the finished product in a cool and dark room.

    It is necessary to drink tincture 3 times a day for 1-2 tsp 30 minutes before eating.

    The dosage of the drug depends on the body weight of the person. With a weight of more than 80 kg, you will need to take 2 tsp. It is necessary to start the use of tinctures in a minimum dose, namely with 5 ml. In the absence of side effects, it can be gradually increased.

    What is a beaver stream?

    A beaver stream (or castoreum) is called the acutely smelling secret of the animal's internal ductal glands. Despite its name, the substance is quite dense, and its structure is somewhat reminiscent of wet sand. The medicinal value of the secret is explained by the fact that it contains a high concentration of useful and nutrients. They are deposited by the body of the animal in case of illness, starvation or serious injury.

    After laboratory analysis of the chemical composition of the jet, it was found that it contains more than forty biologically active components: phenols, acids, natural steroids, trace elements. The vast majority of these substances are beavers obtained from medicinal plants that they eat.

    A bit of history

    The healing effect of the substance produced by beavers was known in ancient Egypt and China. With its help, many diseases of the internal organs were treated, used to improve the protective functions of the body, wound healing. The beaver stream was considered one of the most effective means to increase potency.

    Until today, written evidence of the use of the product by many famous rulers and generals from the time of ancient civilizations has been preserved.

    Where to buy

    The beaver stream is considered a popular method of treatment, but today you can buy this medicine in ordinary pharmacies or order through a specialized online store. In the second case, it is recommended to be extremely careful not to run into scammers selling fakes.

    The same can be said about communities in social networks and hunting forums that implement this drug.

    How does beaver musk work with prostatitis

    The use of castoreum helps relieve symptoms and quickly restore prostate function.

    Under the action of biologically active components of the agent in the prostate, the following changes occur:

    • the intensity of the inflammatory process in the tissues decreases,
    • swelling is eliminated and previously difficult urination is normalized,
    • the processes of restoration of damaged gland cells are activated,
    • there is a decrease and subsequent elimination of pain in the groin area,
    • sexual function returns to normal,
    • quality of seminal fluid improves.

    Beaver musk has antiseptic properties and is able to fight purulent infections and tubercle bacillus, which are not always amenable to medication. Due to its composition, the product is a good immunomodulator and is able to activate the body's immune system.


    Our distant ancestors left us a rich inheritance in the form of the ability to use the gifts of nature for medicinal purposes. It was they who gave us such an effective tool as castoreum. So do not be skeptical of old recipes. Nature is the best doctor who helps to maintain health and youth for many years.

    Dosage and duration of the course

    With non-infectious chronic prostatitis, a beaver stream can be taken as the main therapeutic agent. The duration of the course, depending on the neglect of the disease, can be from several months to a year with short breaks. The treatment regimen will be as follows: after 30 days of admission, they take a break for 10 days, and then the admission is resumed again until complete recovery. Drink the drug twice a day for 3-4 drops. The total amount of musk per course should not exceed 100 ml.

    With the infectious nature of the inflammatory process, the use of a beaver stream is combined with antibacterial and other necessary drugs. In this case, the same dosage is observed as with non-infectious prostatitis. Since the product does not have a very pleasant smell, its preliminary dilution in tea, coffee or other liquids is allowed.

    In cases where inflammation of the prostate has led to serious sexual dysfunction, it is recommended that the level of male sex hormones be determined before starting to use musk. With a reduced number of them, the product must be taken three times a day for 3-4 drops. After normalizing the hormonal background, it is worth taking a break for 2-3 months, and with subsequent courses, the dosage is reduced to 5-6 drops per day.

    Since biological substances in musk are contained in a sufficiently high concentration, it is very important to strictly observe the recommended dosage of the product used. The above are daily doses for men who have normal body weight. If you are overweight or underweight, the amount of musk taken daily must be adjusted.

    The effectiveness of musk with prostatitis

    A beaver stream has long been used to combat intimate problems. This product came to us from our ancestors, so it can be safely used in the fight against many diseases. Prostatitis is no exception. The main causes of its occurrence are infections that the immune system confronts. Therefore, it is so important to strengthen the body's defenses.

    The beaver stream, unlike tablets, not only relieves the symptoms of prostate inflammation, but also eliminates the cause of the development of the pathology. The beaver stream treats acute prostatitis and a chronic form of the disease.

    The substance obtained from the gland of beaver has a number of unique properties:

    • eliminates pathogens,
    • improves erectile ability,
    • relieves inflammation
    • removes swelling
    • It has an analgesic effect
    • strengthens the immune system
    • normalizes testosterone levels,
    • enhances male power
    • strengthens the vascular walls,
    • relieves pain during urination.

    Beaver musk can cure prostate adenoma and restore potency. In the treatment of viral or bacterial prostatitis, medicines and other folk remedies are used along with a beaver stream. The effect can be achieved if you do not skip taking medications, follow the rules exactly. In this case, you can not stop taking the medications prescribed by the attending doctor.

    Almost every man who has problems in the intimate sphere is interested in whether prostatitis can be treated with a beaver stream. It is impossible to guarantee a full recovery in this case, a lot depends on the patient’s health status, form and degree of the disease, as well as on the presence of concomitant diseases. In the initial stages of the disease, the jet is used as the main treatment, with the advanced form is only an additional measure. In any case, the product is not harmful to health, and getting rid of prostate inflammation with its help is quite possible.

    The only drawback of beaver musk is its specific smell. Therefore, it is customary to add the substance to juice or any other drink. Over time, smell and taste become familiar.

    Before using this tool, it is imperative to consult with a specialist.He must prescribe a comprehensive treatment, without which it will be difficult to get rid of prostatitis, especially the disease of a bacteriological form. The doctor will determine the correct treatment regimen and exact dosage in accordance with the individual characteristics of the patient.

    Other uses of musk

    Treatment of inflammation of the prostate can also be carried out independently by means of the gland. For general and local use, powder, infusion or suppositories for rectal administration are used. The powder is prepared from well-dried glands. To do this, they are rubbed on the smallest grater to the state of powder. The crushed substance is drunk three times a day in an amount not exceeding the size of the match head.

    For alcohol tinctures use the powder prepared in the manner described above, and vodka. For 500 ml of liquid, you need to take 100 g of crushed castoreum. The components are placed in a glass dish and left in a dark place for infusion. The temperature in the room should be in the range of 20-25 degrees. A few days are enough to prepare the tincture. The readiness of the product can be judged by its color: the liquid should darken, acquire a cognac hue and be completely transparent. If a cloudy precipitate appears at the bottom of the dishes, this indicates that the drug has deteriorated. It is strictly forbidden to use it inside.

    It is necessary to start the course of taking the finished tincture with 5 ml three times a day. In the absence of a negative reaction from the gastrointestinal tract, the dosage can be gradually increased to 10 ml.

    The use of rectal suppositories with musk gives a good effect on prostatitis. For their manufacture in the pharmacy should purchase any candles with an extract from medicinal plants. They are melted in a water bath and mixed with musky powder (matchstick powder is added to each candle). The mixture is thoroughly kneaded, divided into equal parts, form candles and placed in the refrigerator for solidification.

    Before the introduction of the suppository, it is recommended to empty the intestines naturally or with an enema. Until the active substances are completely absorbed (20-30 minutes), it is necessary to retain the substance inside the colon. Perform the procedure once a day, it is best to use candles before bedtime. In this case, the presence of hemorrhoids is not a contraindication. On the contrary, castoreum promotes resorption of hemorrhoids.

    How to use a beaver stream

    The medicine is used in the form of candles, powder and tincture. It is usually taken in courses: 1 month of therapy, then 10 days off. Chronic prostatitis is treated throughout the year in this way. Increasing the dose in order to recover more quickly is not possible. The product is quite highly effective, therefore, at standard doses it instantly has a beneficial effect.

    The chemical composition of the beaver stream

    The chemical composition of the beaver stream is represented by multiple beneficial substances (more than 40), which are formed inside the beaver's body during its life, namely, in the process of processing incoming food. The remains of herbs and vegetation used in food, namely their elements are mixed with organic substances produced by the animal body form:

    • salicylic acid, as well as cinnamic (anti-inflammatory enzymes),
    • borneol (anti-inflammatory),
    • benzyl alcohol (disinfecting effect, antibacterial),
    • acetophenone (soothing, relieving irritation and inflammation).

    Such a rich composition of the beaver stream with useful substances is ensured by the use of only fresh herbs and plants (nettle, chick, reed, water lilies, etc.) during the spring, summer, and early autumn. All of them are healing. Their use as a medicine is absolutely safe.

    Beaver stream with prostatitis, combination with other drugs

    Beaver Stream Extract

    The choice of methods for treating prostatitis by specialists depends on the stage of the disease and the degree of its neglect, as well as on additional disorders in the work of the male body. Usually these are antibiotics, as well as anti-inflammatory substances.

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    Natural beaver stream with prostatitis is used as the main drug only in the initial stages of the disease, which is not accompanied by complications. In other cases, treatment of prostatitis with a beaver stream is an additional measure, however, quite effective.

    When treating prostatitis with a beaver stream in the form of tinctures or drops, one should take into account the factor that they contain alcohol, and are incompatible with many medicines. Before taking a therapeutic beaver stream with prostatitis, a thorough examination of the body should be carried out to identify concomitant diseases, this will help determine the need for complex treatment. The use of a beaver stream on its own without consulting a doctor is not recommended in order to prevent deterioration of the patient's condition.

    Release Forms

    The beaver stream for the treatment of prostatitis is presented in several forms:

    • powder (finely ground dried bags)
    • alcohol tincture (made both at pharmaceutical enterprises and at home, based on powder),
    • candles (special form).

    The choice of the form of treatment for prostatitis with a beaver stream depends on many factors: individual intolerance to many components of the enzyme, the need for dosage control, lifestyle and work specifics.

    Treatment of prostatitis with a beaver stream, dosage, duration

    The dosage in the treatment of prostatitis with a beaver stream is regulated depending on the severity of the disease, as well as on the physiological characteristics of the man (weight and height). The calculation is as follows: the patient should receive 100 ml of beaver stream per month, with no more than 6 drops per day no more than two times. Independent or complex treatment with a natural beaver stream of prostatitis should be carried out under the supervision of a specialist.

    On average, the duration of the treatment of prostatitis with a beaver stream lasts about a year with intervals of up to 1 month between periods of taking the drug. The prescribed treatment regimen must be precisely observed. Each dose should be observed according to the timing of admission.

    The use of a beaver stream with prostatitis can be in the form of:

    • a powder purchased already in this condition or prepared independently,
    • tinctures purchased ready-made for alcohol or prepared independently on vodka (the process of brewing takes six months),
    • candles, which can also be bought ready-made, already contain musk (beaver stream) or buy candles in a pharmacy and melt them yourself, add musk and cool in special forms or in syringes.

    When treatment for prostatitis with a beaver stream, dosage is important!

    Dosage should not be increased at your own discretion. It should be in the amount of 5-6 drops and taken orally twice a day.

    Beaver stream treatment regimen for prostatitis

    • The monthly volume should not exceed 100gr of funds.
    • Treatment is carried out for two months, with a break of 10 days, in case of an infectious cause of the initial activation of the inflammation process.
    • Treatment of a chronic form that is not related to infection can last up to one year, but also with the addition of breaks.
    • To restore potency, after checking the level of hormones (testosterone), the drug is taken orally three times a day, 3-4 drops each. This normalizes the state of the hormonal system, which will return activity in the intimate sphere. Reception of funds lasts according to this scheme for 1 month.
    • In order to prevent violations of the urinary system, the drug is taken 2-3 drops once a day a month, after a 2-3 month break, the course is repeated.

    About the treatment of prostatitis with a beaver stream of reviews that exist from people, one can say there is one general effect of the restoration of the body and the improvement of the state of the urinary system.

    It is not a cure.
    You can buy a beaver stream in all cities of Russia:
    Alushta, Bakhchisaray, Belgorod, Veliky, Novgorod, Voronezh, Evpatoria, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Kerch, Krasnodar, Kursk, Lipetsk, Moscow, Oryol, Saki, St. Petersburg, Saratov, Sevastopol, Simferopol, Sochi, Sudak, Tambov, Tula , Theodosius, Yalta.

    Who said prostatitis cannot be cured?

    Do you PROSTATE? Have you tried a lot of tools and nothing helped? These symptoms are familiar to you firsthand:

    • persistent pain in the lower abdomen, scrotum,
    • difficulty urinating
    • sexual dysfunction.

    Prostatitis is a disease that requires a careful approach to treatment methods. To get rid of this ailment, sometimes a phased, long-term treatment with the use of a whole range of therapeutic agents is required. Often, to increase the effectiveness of medications, treatment is supplemented by the use of traditional medicine. A fairly popular remedy for the treatment of prostatitis is considered to be a beaver stream.

    What is this remedy?

    The beaver stream (castoreum) is the secret that accumulates in the animal's ductal glands. The name of this product does not quite correspond to its content, and in appearance resembles wet sand. The value of this secret as a therapeutic agent is that it contains, in high concentration, nutrients and nutrients. The animal accumulates them in its body for emergency cases: injury, illness or hunger.

    Studying this substance, scientists revealed in its composition many active components (more than 40): acids, phenols, trace elements, natural steroids and others. Since the main diet of a beaver is medicinal plants (reed, water lily, nettle, horse sorrel, sedge, and others), the accumulation of all useful substances from these herbs occurs in the animal’s glands. Therefore, the secretion of the glands has unique healing properties.

    Musk action

    Before starting treatment, a clear understanding of the fact that castoreum cannot be considered a magical remedy for all diseases is required. As an exception, it can be called - the prevention of impotence and increased libido. If there is a serious illness in the anamnesis, then it is highly not recommended to cancel the treatment prescribed by the doctor and switch to the beaver stream.

    The drug can be used as an additional tool to improve the condition and stimulate the body's defenses, coupled with medical treatment.

    The effect of castoreum on the body

    • It has a strong stimulating effect. The effect will immediately be noticeable in people with a breakdown, overwork and chronic fatigue.
    • due to its complex effect, it can be used to treat all systems and organs. Especially often, a beaver stream is used by men and women to improve sexual function.
    • Also, the product is considered indispensable in cosmetology, for the preparation of creams, masks, lotions that soften, cleanse and rejuvenate the skin. And in the fight against wrinkles - it takes first place.
    • The bactericidal action of musk has been proven to cope with many pyogenic infections, even when antibiotics do not help. But you cannot replace the use of antibiotics with the drug. It can be used as an adjunct treatment.
    • when using a beaver stream for the treatment of wounds, rapid tissue regeneration and rapid healing were observed, without suppuration.

    Where to get the product?

    You can buy a beaver stream in a pharmacy, in the form of tinctures, ointments or candles.

    You can also buy castoreum in its pure form (dried glands), for self-preparation of tinctures, on the Internet or from hunters.

    Cooking tincture

    There are several ways to prepare a tincture. It should be noted that only in Russian and Siberian beaver, musk is healing. In Canada, there is also a Canadian beaver, the jet of which does not have pronounced medicinal properties. Accordingly, its price is lower.

    • inspect the material, remove dust and wool from it with a cloth,
    • finely grate the drained stream, or cut into small pieces with a knife. It is recommended to wear rubber gloves. Otherwise, an unpleasant odor will remain on your hands, which can last for several days,
    • put the crushed iron in a glass vessel (jar),
    • pour the contents with medical alcohol or vodka. On average, per 100 grams of a substance, 0.5 l of medical (96 °) alcohol is taken.
    • the can is closed with a lid and put away in a dark place for 2 weeks. Shake the contents of the jar daily. The tincture will be ready after this period and should have a cognac or strong amber color. If the tincture is too dark, you can add a little alcohol. In case of obtaining a light solution, add dry matter to the gland.

    Note: there is no exact dosage to prepare the tincture. Basically, you should focus on color, depending on the quality of the material.

    If you are going to use 70-degree alcohol, then for 100 g of the crushed component, it will already need 600 ml. When insisted, precipitation is possible. Therefore, when you take the elixir, it is recommended to shake it before each use.

    When using 40-degree vodka for this recipe, the proportions are slightly different: for 100 g of powder, you will need to take 1 liter of vodka.

    In a tincture ready for use, the gland can be left indefinitely. This does not affect the quality of the elixir. It is believed that only after 3-4 months it becomes the most effective.

    Preparation of rectal suppositories

    Beaver stream with prostatitis can be used in rectal suppositories. In order to cook them at home, you will first need to purchase ordinary candles in the pharmacy with medicinal herbs, for example, belladonna extract.

    Now you should melt the candles in a water bath to get a homogeneous consistency. Find what to make molds for candles from and put in each piece of substance. Dose of castoreum, for one candle - a grain, the size of a match head. Fill it with the melted mass and cool. Candles are used in combination with tincture once a day, before bedtime.

    The beaver stream has proven itself very well for the treatment of many other diseases. In addition, the use of this remedy improves overall well-being, raises the mood, promotes the rejuvenation of the skin and the entire body as a whole.

    Any doctor will offer you a number of ways to treat prostatitis, from trivial and ineffective to radical

    • You can regularly take therapy with pills and rectal massage, returning every six months,
    • you can trust folk remedies and believe in miracles,
    • to have surgery and forget about sex life ...

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