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How to surprise a lady over fifty with a gift and what to give a woman 53 years of birthday?

When a woman steps over the line of 50 years, she just begins to live, so give her interesting, useful and feminine gifts. Children have grown up, a career has been established, the home nest is twisted, it's time to enjoy life! Therefore, a birthday present should be interesting, moderately useful and not boring! In order not to be mistaken with the choice, you can always ask the birthday girl what she would like to receive. However, if you want to make a surprise - you have to think for yourself. Let's determine together what to give a woman 51, 52, 53, 54 years, so that the present brings exclusively positive emotions.

Truly Women's Gifts

You do not know what to give a woman 51 years old? Also, as at 52, 53 or 20 - something truly ladies', relevant at any age! Gifts for beauty and style are always appropriate, so you won’t be mistaken if you choose:

  • Home spa kit. It will allow you to enjoy pleasant procedures in your own bathroom when you want. This is a present useful for body and soul, which the birthday girl will appreciate,
  • Massage bath for pedicure not only allows you to enjoy salon procedures at home, but also quickly relieves fatigue even after the most difficult day,
  • Perfumery. This is always a relevant and relevant gift. The main thing is not to miscalculate with the aroma, you can gently ask for preferences from the birthday girl or ask relatives. If you couldn’t find out the tastes, you can give a certificate of a good perfume shop,
  • Jewelry - classic women's gift. You can choose both expensive jewelry and more affordable jewelry made of natural stone,
  • Leather accessories. They perfectly complement the style of the modern lady. An excellent gift option for a woman will be an original purse, a stylish business card holder in a leather cover or a small classic clutch - always a topical thing,
  • Certificate for visage courses or hairdressing. Every woman dreams of doing perfect makeup and beautiful styling, a fifty-year milestone is the time to master this skill,
  • Bath set with aromatic salts, bath petals, foams and shower gels. Women are crazy about such things, but they themselves do not always have enough money and time to buy such funds. This is a great gift for a woman 54 years old, 53, 52 and 51,
  • Silk scarf. A bright element of style perfectly complements the birthday girl’s wardrobe, making it more expressive and interesting. There aren’t many such accessories, so donate

Flowers are an ideal and always relevant gift for a woman on her birthday. It can be a bouquet, an original composition or a basket of roses. It all depends on your financial capabilities, degree of acquaintance and preferences of the birthday girl. If the flowers act as the main gift, then there should be a lot of them. Classics of the genre for an unfamiliar lady - 7 or 9 roses.

Original gifts for a bright birthday girl

You are still wondering what can a woman give for 53 years, are you unsure of the correctness of your choice? Then soriginalichnite and definitely will not lose! You will not surprise anyone with banal gifts, but unusual things are always “in price”, especially among bright personalities. Here is a list of gifts that will surely turn out to be in place and in time:

  • A porcelain doll - A beautiful, collectible item that is appropriate in every home. To make the gift even more interesting, choose a porcelain copy of your favorite heroine of books or films for the birthday girl,
  • Family book - An unusual elegant present for a woman.Such a thing should be in every home and every family, maybe in time your gift will become a family heirloom,
  • Wall-mounted florarium. A modern and beautiful addition to the interior will delight every woman. Potted flowers are already in the past, now living plants are a beautiful wall panel. Not a single woman will remain indifferent,
  • Pattern with Swarovski crystals - a very unusual, stylish and effective gift for a woman,
  • Hourglass - an elegant thing that is appropriate in any interior. This is a very beautiful and symbolic gift idea for a woman, because it’s worth turning the clock, and time rushes forward again. Eternal motion for eternal life
  • Airdivan - This is a brilliant thing that can be placed on the balcony, in the country, to take with you on a picnic or on vacation. It inflates quickly, provides an ideal body position, contributing to a good rest,
  • Bath stand. On it you can place a book, a glass of wine or a mug of tea and relax, drowning in a thick, fragrant foam. The stand is incredibly comfortable and will appeal to all lovers to bask in the warm water,
  • Vacuum cleaner robot will make cleaning the apartment a real pleasure instead of the necessary and difficult process. Such a gift will definitely become the best at the holiday.

Do not give women medical devices. Even if you know that a tonometer would not hurt a lady, you don’t need to present it on your birthday. This will emphasize the age of the birthday girl, her health problems, but you do not want to spoil the woman's holiday?

Home Presents

52 years old woman - what can I give? If you are also asking this question, then think about what is the pride of a lady at that age? Children have grown up, work is slowly fading into the background, but the house, its coziness and comfort is of paramount importance. After 50, a woman increasingly wants to gather the whole family “under the wing”, and for this the house should be cozy and beautiful. Therefore, presentations for a home nest are always appropriate. Your friend, girlfriend, aunt or mother will have a birthday soon, then you can give her:

  • Kitchen appliances. A crock-pot, a convenient mariner, a toaster, a home grill, a waffle iron - all this will make homemade birthday feasts even more pleasant and tastier. If a woman likes to cook, then she will definitely like such a gift,
  • Bio fireplace - decoration and creator of comfort in every home. To look at such a fire is no less pleasant than to blaze logs, and with its appearance the house will acquire a special atmosphere,
  • Elegant vase - always a good choice for a woman. However, remember that you can’t give an empty vase, it must have flowers in it, then the gift will be doubly pleasant,
  • Set of soft plaids. Such things bring coziness and peace to the house, warm colors and soft texture will make them the favorites of all households,
  • Pillows with photo - A bright, modern gift option. Order for the birthday girl several pillows with family photos, they will not only decorate the interior, but will also remind loved ones when they are far away,
  • Set of scented candles. They will create a cozy atmosphere, decorate a holiday or a romantic evening. Pick up pleasant, unsharp smells and the birthday girl will surely be delighted with your gift,
  • Antique figurine or candlestick. Such noble things with history give the house charm, sophistication and women like it.

Not sure how to choose a present for a woman? Use a little trick - ask her what to present to a fictional colleague or girlfriend / relative. The future birthday girl will immediately voice all the options of what she would like to receive herself, the female logic is so arranged. Next, only a dozen good options are left to choose the most suitable.

Impression Gifts

The material world absorbs us, sometimes too much. So why not break out of this vicious circle and give the woman a bright and unforgettable adventure or impression? Here are some ideas:

  • Party Gift. Please the birthday girl with the opportunity to celebrate her own birthday without a headache and worries, organize everything for her and for her. Such a holiday will never be forgotten,
  • A trip to the sea, to the mountains, to your favorite suburban pension. Such a present can be made from the whole family / colleagues or friends. It will allow a woman to enjoy a well-deserved rest and return with a mass of bright new emotions, which could be better,
  • Certificate for swimming with dolphins. Health, a charge of positive emotions and colorful memories - such a gift will definitely receive the title of the best,
  • Tickets for a concert, exhibition or theater. Does a lady like social life? Then give her the opportunity to relax culturally. The main thing is to take an interest in the preferences of the birthday girl in advance so that the rest turns out to be interesting and entertaining.

An unusual gift can be an unusual congratulation. For example, a huge bunch of balls with wishes, a performance by some musical group, a billboard with wishes. Such a congratulation gives a lot of bright, positive emotions.

TOP-10 gifts for women 51, 52, 53, 54 years:

  1. Home spa kit,
  2. Perfumery,
  3. Leather accessories,
  4. Wall Florarium
  5. A porcelain doll,
  6. Kitchen appliances,
  7. Silk scarf,
  8. Vacation packages
  9. Certificate for swimming with dolphins,
  10. Antique figurine or candlestick.

When choosing a gift for a woman “slightly over 50”, do not forget that this is the age when a lady reveals new hobbies, talents and aspirations within herself; you should not classify her as “grandmothers”. Let your present emphasize that you see in her an attractive woman full of life and energy.

What to give a woman for 53 years?

She was not deprived of male attention, she knows a lot about gifts, she knows what she wants. It would seem that the universal option with a chic bouquet was supposed to solve the problem with the present.

But what about originality and the desire to surprise her for real? After all, 53 years is not age for a beautiful woman, life is just beginning. And for this it is necessary ...

    The car.

Does the birthday girl have a driver's license? Excellent.

Then choose her a suitable "assistant", a small, stylish, easy to manage.

IMPORTANT! If a woman does not have a driver’s license, you can pay her a driver’s course as an addition. But! Only if she herself wants it! If the hero of the occasion is panicky afraid to drive a car, it is better not to test her nerves and patience. Country house.

A small cozy house with a swing in the yard, a fireplace on the ground floor, fertile land.

There she will plant her favorite flowers and be able to take a break from the bustle of the city.

REFERENCE. At the age of 50 years, many women look favorably at such islands of silence. Jewelry.

There are not many of them, especially from a loved one.

In addition, it is you who knows what precious metal the birthday girl loves, whether she accepts stones and what will be more pleased: an exquisite brooch or neat earrings. Modern gadget. Good quality and stylish design: touchscreen phone, laptop, tablet or e-book. If possible, immediately solve the problem with a beautiful case / bag, other accessories and software.


With you or you, depends on the habit of rest and the desire of the birthday girl for today.

You can even present tickets as a surprise or give your loved one a choice of a specific vacation spot.

  • Gift certificate to a leather and fur store. Preferably for an impressive amount. Since it is possible not to please with such products, but, on the other hand, to choose such things and not really look at the price tags is a pleasure.
  • Home greenhouse.

    Your woman has long dreamed of rare home plants and can not tear herself away from flower windows?

    Give her such happiness by acquiring several instances she wants.

    ATTENTION! When choosing a gift, carefully inspect it for diseases, various kinds of damage, ask for a store certificate. Do not forget about all kinds of supports, soil, fertilizers. Important will be the preparation of a place in the house for new "residents". And it’s better, of course, to carry out this entire operation, knowing for sure that the birthday girl will be happy. Appliances.

    If her washing machine has ordered a long life or the hero of the occasion has been dreaming of a food processor for several years, what is no reason to fulfill her dream? So what, what is commonplace? But the beloved will see that you heard her "sigh". Day off in the SPA salon. Surely she still works and dreams of a high-quality full rest.

    Record it for a relaxing massage and other services, paying in advance.

    It would be nice to meet the birthday girl at home, beautiful and rested, with a delicious dinner and favorite wine. And it’s better to take them to a restaurant in the evening, ordering a table the day before.

  • Basket of sweets. Will be appreciated by a real sweet tooth. And if you add your favorite drink, the mood of the birthday girl will definitely improve.
  • Original Gift Ideas

    Her first serious anniversary is already behind and every next birthday only makes you sad? With about the same emotions are material gifts accepted that are successfully sent to the closet? What to give a woman at 52 for her birthday?

    What to give a woman for 54 years, if she appreciates originality:

    1. Tickets for the concert of your favorite artist. Preferably in the forefront. IMPORTANT! If you want to book good places, you should worry about it from the first day of the concert announcement.
    2. Video greetings.

    From all relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors. The birthday girl will certainly appreciate the work done and will be glad to see / hear sincere words, wishes.

    Alternatively, you can also send a request for radio or television, so that later you can listen in a pleasant company.

  • Excursion. Where exactly - depends only on the hobbies of the birthday girl. After all, someone wants to visit a stud farm, someone is dumbfounded by chocolate products, and some have never seen how they blow / paint New Year's toys.
  • Balloon flight.

    From the same opera: a night walk on a yacht, a descent into the tunnel or an inspection of an ancient castle.

    IMPORTANT! You should not experiment with such gifts if the birthday girl’s state of health wants the best or she doesn’t part with certain medicines.

  • The parade of balloons. Who says it's fun for kids? And you inflate pieces of 100 and run the heroes of the day in front of the house.
  • What to categorically not give

    There is a certain category of things that are strictly forbidden to give on name days. These include goods that may hint to a person at his imperfection.

    For example, bath, soap accessories as a symbol of the fact that the birthday party should wash more often, anti-cellulite cream, weight-lifting underwear, creams, weight loss preparations will remind you of an imperfect figure, anti-wrinkle formulations - about age. The exception is cases when a woman is a very close friend and specifically asked to make just such a present.

    Given that the birthday is a personal holiday, it is recommended to avoid general gifts intended for the whole family, for example, a set of dishes from which everyone will eat. Many ladies will be offended by presentations hinting at their role as housekeepers, preferring perfumes, jewelry, things intended only for them. Although, again, if the birthday girl has been dreaming of such pans, household appliances, and dishes for a long time, feel free to buy!

    Based on popular beliefs, it is forbidden to present birthday

    • clock
    • towels
    • slippers
    • handkerchiefs as symbols of speedy separation
    • a scarf can provoke disputes, diseases
    • knives with forks - enmity.

    It is forbidden to present an empty wallet, caskets, other things that involve long-term storage of items.They should be presented with something inside, for example, to enclose a small bill.

    The Greeks believe that girls can not give pearls, a symbol of widows, as it is able to attract trouble, tears. Christians urge to refuse to present the cross, since fears, worries, nerves can be instilled, they bestow such decoration on a person exclusively on christening.

    Another bad gift is a mirror - a bridge between the world of the living and the spirits, such an act can bring troubles and problems to the house.

    Choosing a practical present

    She has not been touched by statuettes and other trinkets for a long time? No wonder how much can you?

    What to give a woman for a birthday of 52 years, if she prefers practical things:

      rocking chair.

    Or a set of wicker furniture. It is not useful in the house - it will give cosiness to the cottage of the birthday girl.

    As a nice addition, you can give a warm blanket, delicious tea / a good book,

  • tableware. What woman does not appreciate a chic set of plates, glasses or even cups? And also handmade trays, a painted samovar, high-quality pots, pans, seasoning organizers, original chopping stands,
  • textile.

    The idea is good, but a little dangerous.

    If you want to buy this woman new curtains, choose those that she herself has been staring at for a long time,

  • tea / coffee / seasoning set. Depending on the tastes and preferences of the birthday girl, replenish the reserves of her "little weakness",
  • gift Certificate. In the perfume department, a cosmetics store, clothes, bedding or household appliances.

    ATTENTION! The department selects only the one that is considered the most sought after and loved.

    How to choose a gift

    I advise you not to postpone the process of selecting a presentation for the last day, this is an important, complicated matter. Indeed, the location of the birthday girl both on the birthday itself and later depends on how successful you are. So be careful, choose wisely!

    First of all, it is worth starting from the nature, characteristics of the woman herself:

    • Household ladies will appreciate the new dishes, original baking dishes, appliances, kitchen appliances that facilitate the cooking process
    • Business ladies will be delighted with branded writing instruments, a good handbag, a briefcase, decorating a workplace, an office (for example, a beautiful picture, a luxurious stationery set on a desk)
    • Lovers of beauty will appreciate the original decor elements: paintings, figurines, vases, handmade rugs, pillows
    • Those who care about themselves will be delighted with jewelry, a certificate in a SPA salon or cosmetics store, and good cosmetics.

    10 gift ideas for women after 50

    Such a mature age of 50 years and older requires special treatment for birthdays from relatives and friends. This begs the logical question: what to give a birthday girl for 51 years, for 52 years and so on? We offer an exclusive selection of relevant, win-win and fresh ideas on how to please a woman aged 50+.

    Large bouquet of roses

    According to the well-known folk wisdom, women for a long time remember the flowers that were not presented to them. Do not find women in the world who do not like flowers. A universal and always win-win option - a luxurious bouquet of roses, which you respect and special respect for the birthday girl. Be sure to attach a signed card.


    An ideal gift for any woman will be a precious jewelry made of gold, silver, platinum and stones. Typically, such gifts make romantic ladies, presenting an engraved bracelet, ring or earrings, a vintage brooch or a luxurious necklace. If you have enough money, donate a whole set of products made in the same style. Such accessories will become a memory of the birthday and the person who handed them.

    Set of natural cosmetics.

    At the age of 50 years and over, women pay special attention to self-care.To do this, natural cosmetics, scrubs, creams, milk and shower gel, bath products and SPA are selected. The guest who can present the whole basket or box with her favorite cosmetic products will be able to please the birthday girl.

    A set of unusual dishes

    What every woman uses almost daily is utensils. If you want to present something necessary and relevant, find a coffee and tea set or tableware with appliances. And you can pick up something unusual that the birthday girl doesn’t have, for example, a set for fondue or sushi.

    Blanket with sleeves

    Looking for a fresh and un-banal idea for an original way to congratulate a birthday girl for 57 years or so? A blanket with sleeves will be the perfect solution, it is often called a plaid cape or plaid bathrobe. With it, a woman will be comfortable watching TV, reading or working at a computer in a cool time. In addition, such products can be ordered according to an individual sketch, it can be a beautiful holiday design or photo print with memorable pictures.

    Silk bedding

    Another actual category of gifts for the 50th anniversary and more is home textiles. Sheets will be another asset in her possession. And if you pick up a luxurious set of natural silk, this will become a source of tenderness, flowing fabric over the skin, which is conducive to sensuality and relaxation. Definitely, silk bedding will be a royal gift.


    An always appropriate and sought-after gift for any person is a gadget. This may be a new model of a smartphone with cool functions, a tablet with a bright large display for watching videos and virtual communication, a smart watch with a lot of useful options and features, a fitness bracelet if the birthday girl is engaged in sports and monitors nutrition.


    If you are not familiar enough with the birthday girl or simply don’t know her tastes, preferences, it’s better not to take risks with ridiculous and useless gifts. Collect a decent amount of money, and then beautifully beat the presentation and just hand in the money. You can take a stylish handmade piggy bank or purse, put banknotes there.

    What to give depending on proximity

    A birthday present (for 50, 53 years, and so on) should, as it were, correspond to the nature of the relationship between the giver and the recipient. If this is a spouse, he gives something romantic and valuable, children and grandchildren useful and caring, colleagues something universal and practical, and girlfriends original and memorable.

    Gift from husband

    If you are a spouse for the hero of the occasion, try to surprise her with the breadth of your gesture, the manifestation of romance and feelings through a gift. Find something special that she dreams about. We offer top romantic ideas from husband to wife for 50 years and older:

    • jewelry
    • high-quality jewelry, products from natural stones and gems,
    • expensive mantle or fur coat,
    • a novelty from the electronics category - smartphone, laptop, e-book, etc.,
    • voucher for the resort, a tour of the memorable places, tickets to the sanatorium,
    • flower bouquet, greeting card,
    • romantic date in a luxurious restaurant,
    • family photo shoot with a famous photographer,
    • underwear set,
    • household appliances, for example, a crock-pot, a robot vacuum cleaner, a coffee machine, etc.

    TOP 81 ideas What can a woman give for her 50th birthday

    The list of gifts that can be presented to the jubilee is quite extensive - the difficulty lies in choosing a specific presentation.

    Best ideas on what a 50 year old woman can give for her birthday:

    1. Exotic houseplant in a pot.
    2. A cookbook that contains recipes from the best chefs in the world.
    3. Manicure set in a beautiful leather case.
    4. Portable bio fireplace.
    5. Desktop digital weather station for measuring and predicting weather.
    6. Decanter for wine - a device that is needed in order to saturate the wine with oxygen before serving.
    7. Aroma lamp, a set of essential oils or scented candles for the home.
    8. Herb sachets.
    9. Original bag, wallet or clutch.
    10. Compact air conditioner, ionizer, humidifier or air purifier.
    11. Expensive and high-quality perfumes from your favorite birthday girl's store.
    12. Barbecue or grill set.
    13. Floor lamp or table lamp to give the interior sophistication.
    14. Electronic photo frame with family photos uploaded to it.
    15. A beautiful ladies' umbrella with bright illumination or made in an original form - for example, in the form of a heart.
    16. Tea basket with packages of quality tea of ​​different varieties.
    17. Bag cooler.
    18. Beautiful table fountain.
    19. Figurine for a desktop made of natural stones.
    20. Capsule coffee machine.
    21. A set of several varieties of natural honey in beautiful gift jars.
    22. Pleasant to the touch plaid with sleeves.
    23. Board game for adults ("Monopoly", "Mafia", as well as chess or checkers).
    24. Hydromassage foot bath.
    25. Elegant floor or table flower vase - ceramic, porcelain or clay.
    26. Wall key holder of an original form.
    27. Pedometer or fitness bracelet.
    28. A set for a picnic, including a basket, a blanket and dishes for outings.
    29. Figurine made of real Belgian chocolate in the form of a beloved animal birthday.
    30. An expensive fountain pen is a good present for a 50 year old female executive.
    31. Good wine in a gift box.
    32. Set of bright decorative pillows.
    33. Crystal candy cane with openwork legs.
    34. Charger for gadgets that runs on solar panels.
    35. Premium alcohol marmalade gift box.
    36. Bread maker, crepe maker, ice cream maker.
    37. Steam cooker or food processor.
    38. Modern juicer or multi-function blender.
    39. Casket for storing jewelry.
    40. Stylish organizer for cosmetics.
    41. Steel flip clock made in the form of the Eiffel Tower or other world landmarks.
    42. Bonsai (tree in miniature) with care instructions.
    43. Name teaspoon - silver, gilded, engraved, enamel or blackened.
    44. Beautiful brooch for clothes - precious or handmade jewelry.
    45. Fondue set.
    46. A warm bathrobe with a personalized engraving complete with terry slippers is a nice gift for a woman from a close relative.
    47. Orthopedic mattress or pillow.
    48. Scratch map of the world.
    49. Electric blanket or sheet.
    50. Home exercise machine.
    51. Interior 3D lamp.
    52. Stylish travel suitcase.
    53. Travel travel bag (sleeping mask, pillow under your head, ear plugs).
    54. Needlework kit (beadwork, decoupage, embroidery, scrapbooking).
    55. Wall clock original shape.
    56. Women's leather belt handmade.
    57. A table for the bathroom - you can put a glass of wine, a book or other objects on it.
    58. Safe piggy bank made in the form of an ATM or a book.
    59. Waterproof shower radio.
    60. A teapot or a French press.
    61. Tea or coffee pair made of Chinese porcelain.
    62. Thermo mug with heating function.
    63. Gift set of spices.
    64. Apparatus for making popcorn or hot dogs.
    65. Padded stool or padded chair.
    66. Massage or orthopedic chair.
    67. Beautiful wall plate for interior decoration.
    68. Salt lamp.
    69. Night sky of the starry sky.
    70. Electronic butterfly in the bank.
    71. Portable mini reading lamp.
    72. Aqua farm - an aquarium with a fish and a small plant that can exist without care (just feed the fish).
    73. Ecocub - a set for growing a tree yourself.
    74. Set of delicious gingerbread fortune cookies.
    75. Vacuum cleaner robot.
    76. Electric samovar.
    77. Thermal calendar - a device by touching which, the birthday girl will see the current date and interesting information about her.
    78. Desk or pocket mirror with backlight.
    79. Luminous LED alarm clock with a writing board.
    80. Decorative money tree.
    81. Compact coffee table or bar table.

    What to give a woman for 50 years cheap

    50 years is an important date in the life of every person. For such an anniversary, it is customary to give worthy gifts, but not everyone can afford to buy an expensive and chic present. However, this is not necessary - you can buy an inexpensive and at the same time a good gift. List of interesting ideas that you can give a woman for 50 years inexpensively:

    Magnetic board for notes. An inexpensive but practical gift that can be hung on a wall or refrigerator. Pick up a beautiful board with a classic square, round or original shape - for example, in the form of a fruit or a heart (if appropriate). Using the board, you can leave messages or keep a to-do list.

    Florarium. A popular item for home decoration. It is a container of glass, inside of which are different plants and flowers. Such a gift requires minimal care, it is durable, compact and fits perfectly into any interior. A wonderful surprise for a woman for 50 years who loves flowers and everything related to them.

    Holder for handbags. A device with which you can fix the handbag on a table in a cafe, at work or anywhere else. Using this accessory is easy - it is mounted under any surface and does not take up much space in the bag. You can pick up a precious option, as well as more budget, but no less beautiful and elegant.

    Original gifts to a woman for 50 years

    Traditional gifts are a win-win option, but sometimes you want to surprise the hero of the occasion and present an interesting and unusual present.

    What is original for 50 years old woman?

    Lightbox. If the birthday girl likes bright and unusual things, give her a lightbox - the original little thing to decorate the interior. It is a frame with glass, inside which the backlight is placed. You can choose a model with your chosen photo, abstract drawing or reproduction of a famous painting.

    Ecological alarm clock. A gift for those who find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning even with an alarm clock. This gadget will help you wake up comfortably - it gradually increases the level of lighting in the bedroom, simulates the dawn, plays the sounds of nature or turns on the specified radio station.

    Interactive print t-shirt. The peculiarity of such a T-shirt is as follows: when the birthday girl presses a special button, she will hear a cool sound or a congratulation you recorded. Funny and inexpensive gift to a woman for her 50th birthday.

    Other original gift ideas for a woman on her 50th birthday:

    • sushi set, teapot coasters and Japanese-style cups,
    • chocolate fountain.
    • unusual night light, for example, in the form of candles or a kerosene lamp.
    • a picture by voice, from threads or an image assembled from words (including from a photograph).
    • long pillow with photos from the life of the birthday girl.
    • modern music player.

    Some more birthday gift ideas for women

    What else can you give to your beloved wife, girlfriend or sister for your 50th birthday so that the birthday girl is satisfied and her mood is good throughout the day?

    Perhaps the following ideas will help you decide on a gift:

    Modern woman. A laptop, mouse or keyboard, smartphone, e-book or tablet is a gift for women who understand the latest in modern technology.

    Gifts for the business lady. For a 50-year-old colleague, a stylish business card holder, a leather-bound diary, or a collector's designer pen are a good gift. For a 50-year-old boss, you can give a picture (for example, a French tapestry) that will hang in the office of the birthday girl, decorating the interior and pleasing to the eye.

    Jewelry. Present for a romantic birthday girl. Beautiful earrings, a chain with a pendant, a pendant, a bracelet, precious hair accessories or a beautiful ring - a wonderful gift for your beloved wife for a golden anniversary.

    Devices for hair care. If you don’t know what to give to your girlfriend or sister for 50 years, you can buy a professional hair care device for her - a hair dryer with several modes, a curling iron, tongs or a styler.

    Set of natural body cosmetics (scrub, cleansing milk, soap, shower gel, foam or bath bombs). The idea of ​​giving a woman 50 years old is inexpensive. You can order a handmade cosmetic kit, the main thing is that it is made without the use of dyes and artificial flavors.

    Reading woman. To the question of which book to give a woman 50 years old. This may be a collector's edition of the novel of the beloved birthday girl writer or a copy signed by the author himself.

    DIY 50-year-old woman gift

    Women are very emotional, especially when it comes to holidays and gifts. To touch and surprise a birthday girl, think about giving a woman a gift made by her own for 50 years.

    List of Best Ideas:

    1. A card with appliqués or patterns is a wonderful present for your beloved grandmother for 50 years.
    2. Bedspreads and blankets made using the patchwork technique (a type of needlework from multi-colored rags of fabric).
    3. Stylish diary or glider made independently using scrapbooking technique.
    4. Do-it-yourself pedigree book into which you can collect everything related to the birthday girl's family - photographs, memoirs, newspaper clippings and documents.
    5. A mild soap made from remnants with the addition of essential oils and dye.
    6. Handmade candle.
    7. Flip-flop portrait - it is easy to do it yourself, it is enough to order a photo base and a special set in the workshop.
    8. An openwork tablecloth or a set of towels with personalized embroidery is a gift for 50 years to a mother from a loving daughter.
    9. Colorful panel from improvised materials: sea shells, artificial flowers, coffee beans, buttons.
    10. Topiary decorated with coffee beans.

    Tips: what gift to choose a woman for 50 years

    A gift to a woman should express your feelings, as well as show attention and care for the birthday girl.

    When choosing a gift for a woman 50 years old, some nuances should be taken into account.

    Gift Suggestions and Tips:

    • 50 years is the most important date in the life of every woman, and a gift must be selected accordingly. The presentation should be presentable, and it is necessary to present it with all my heart.
    • All people are different - someone will be delighted with a large bouquet of flowers, someone will want to receive a new TV set as a present for their anniversary, and someone will be happy with a hand-made thing. Gifts must be selected strictly individually, guided by the nature and interests of the birthday girl.
    • Be sure to consider the lifestyle of the birthday girl. For example, a woman who leads an active lifestyle and lives in the city will not be delighted with a set of wicker furniture. If the birthday girl spends almost all the time in the village, she is unlikely to like a new mobile phone, tablet or other modern gadget.
    • Another aspect that should be considered when choosing a gift is your relationship with the birthday girl. Gifts from friends, children and spouse are different from gifts from the team at work. In the first case, you can give something personal, in the second you should limit yourself to a business surprise.
    • Remember, perhaps a woman in an interview with you mentioned that she wants to receive as a gift. Perhaps she shared with you her deepest desires. 50 years anniversary - it's time to please the birthday girl and fulfill these desires.
    • As a complement to the gift, do not forget to give flowers - women adore them. What flowers to give a woman 50 years old? You can buy a beautiful bouquet of roses in a burgundy hue, chrysanthemum or aster, or you can show originality and give flowers in a vacuum or in ice.


    1. No heading 0%
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 4
    5. 5
    1. With the answer
    2. With watch mark

    Are you ready to give a beautiful or impressive, but useless gift?

    How much money are you willing to spend on a gift?

    • Up to 1000 rubles
    • From 1000 to 3000 rubles
    • Cost does not matter

    Are you practical when choosing a gift?

    What is unacceptable for you to give?

    • Money
    • Journey
    • Health Devices

    Dress, suit, blouse

    What to give a woman for her birthday? Well of course the dress. It can be both holiday and everyday options. Color and style, as well as the manufacturer can significantly affect the value of the gift. But in general, a gift can be found from 700 rubles. Take the opportunity to buy Ivanovo knitwear .

    Original photo lamp

    Do you want to surprise a woman for real and cause her UAU - effect. Then definitely you need to choose something unusual and original. BRIGHTBOX may be suitable as an original gift. This is a lamp on which a photograph is applied, a stylish portrait or a photo collage from a set of photographs of a loved one, in general there is no limit to creativity. Naturally, a brightbox is an expensive gift. The cost varies from 5500 to 8000 rubles, depending on what options you need.

    Perfume, powder, lipstick, shadows.

    In a word, cosmetics and perfumes can be a great gift. By your birthday, you can please yourself with a novelty or buy something that has long been familiar and necessary for you. The cost of this gift, depending on what you choose, can be from 200 rubles, and if you take advantage of the discounts that stores present periodically, for example, Letual, then the gift can become larger for the same money.

    A bag

    What to give a woman for her birthday? - a bag. What woman is not happy with the new bag, and now with the beginning of the new fashion season, when so many new products have appeared - this will be just a great gift. The cost of a good bag can be from 1000 - 1500 rubles, depending on the material, style and brand.

    What is better not to give a woman on her 50th birthday

    There are things that a woman should not give for her 50th birthday. You should immediately refuse to buy the following gifts - they will not cause joy, and in some cases they can ruin your birthday:

    1. Gifts that remind of age. Many ladies perceive the age of 50 as the beginning of old age. On this day, surround the woman with care and love, give her compliments, and in no case give gifts that will remind you of age - for example, anti-aging cosmetics.
    2. Medical equipment. Even if a woman has health problems at 50, don’t give her medicines and medical devices. Such things must be bought just like that, without much reason.
    3. Cheap presents. If the birthday girl is a sweet tooth, pick up a good set of quality sweets. You should not buy cheap sweets, this also applies to packages of tea and coffee. It’s better to pay more, but give a really good gift that will appeal to the hero of the day.
    4. Money. As a gift from family and friends, the birthday girl will be pleased to receive a more personal gift. Money should be given only if the hero of the occasion is experiencing serious financial difficulties. If you decide to give money, you can do it in an original way - for example, in the form of a money tree.
    5. Clothes and shoes. It is difficult to guess with the size of the clothes, unless you and the birthday girl are in a very close relationship. In addition, there is a risk of picking up a thing that does not suit the anniversary in color or style. Buy clothes or shoes only if you are sure of the woman’s tastes.

    SPA - salon

    What to give a woman for her birthday? A woman sometimes needs not only material gifts. A trip to the SPA - salon will help you feel more than ever easy and feminine. Relaxing masks, massages can bring physical comfort and relaxation, anti-aging procedures will increase self-esteem and mood, and cosmetic ones will help you to love yourself even more.Depending on the list of SPA-procedures, the cost can vary significantly, but in order to have time to relax and enjoy, and also feel the result, the cost will start from about 1,500 - 2,000 rubles.

    Rocking chair

    A rocking chair can be a great birthday present. Moreover, there are at least two options: home and street. At the same time, both options can fit into the interior of your balcony or terrace. Unless of course your birthday girl has them. As a rule, outdoor, garden options are made of wood, rattan and other materials resistant to moisture and temperature extremes. And they cost from 2000 rubles. If you choose the home option. That such a chair can be made of fabric, leather, eco-leather or other materials. And such options are much more expensive. In such an armchair you can comfortably sit down to read. Or, wrapped in a cozy blanket, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

    A great gift can be a watch: gold, silver, with funny bracelets, fitness watches, smart watches. Depending on your style, lifestyle, you yourself choose the option that suits you. The cost is from 2000 rubles.


    When thinking about what to give a woman 50 years old for her anniversary, do not forget that the main thing is the sincere words addressed to her, as well as the love and care with which you surround the birthday girl on her birthday.

    If with the help of a gift and warm congratulations you manage to cheer up the birthday girl, you will make this day special and memorable for her and the invited guests.

    Jewelry and bijouterie

    Always and at all times, women have loved and love jewelry made of gold, silver or other metal. Only when you pick up a new version of jewelry for yourself, do not forget to familiarize yourself with new trends and antitrends to get into the fashion cluster. The approximate cost of jewelry can be from 500 rubles, but, for example, gold jewelry from 3000 rubles.

    Gift for the adventurer

    Today, a woman is difficult to surprise with something. Therefore, you can give a vivid impression as a birthday present. It can be a ride on a limousine, dinner on the roof of the house, a night at the hotel. Of course, such a gift cannot be called practical, but it will definitely leave a lasting impression on the woman. Such a gift will cost at least 3000 rubles. But the burning look of the birthday girl and her admiration for the present are worth it.


    What to give a woman a birthday if you are an adventurer, adventurer or just a traveler? Journey. Moreover, it can be both a trip abroad, a trip within your own country, or just to a neighboring city. But the goal should be just entertaining: wander around, see the sights, visit museums, parks. Such a trip, depending on the direction you have chosen, can cost from 1000 rubles and more.


    Well, what woman is indifferent to beautiful underwear, which does not happen much. Birthday is just a reason to choose a new cozy set for yourself to please not only yourself, but also your man. Approximate cost from 700-800 rubles. It all depends on the brand whose kit you are going to purchase.

    Cafe Restaurant

    Sometimes quietly sitting in a restaurant in a pleasant company, or, conversely, meeting a holiday with a noisy company brings a boost of energy, comfort and a festive mood. Just take care of your reservation in advance. The approximate cost per person from 400 rubles, depending on the cafe and your appetite.

    Trip out of town

    Outside the city, in any weather and any season, you can find an interesting seasonal activity, in summer boating, going to the beach, in the forest, horseback riding, in spring and autumn, such as barbecue, walking in the woods, sledding, skiing, ice skating in winter . This will help to escape from the bustle of the city, fill up with energy.Approximate cost: depending on the out-of-town vacation that you choose, it may be from 50-200 rubles and further on the cost of the road to the destination.

    Going to the cinema, theater, bowling, to a concert

    We have not yet found the answer to the question of what gift can be given for a birthday, then we will continue to select options. Going to the cinema, theater, bowling or concert can be a great gift that will help to unwind, cheer up and leave pleasant memories. Depending on your financial capabilities and preferences, the cost can be from 150 rubles, and more than enough impressions and emotions. Only event tickets are worth buying in advance.


    Here is a truly exclusively female gift, beloved by all women. No matter how practical a woman is, it is the flowers that give the greatest effect: they delight, and touch, and inspire. Moreover, flowers can be either cut in a bouquet or indoor in a pot, which are now available in a wide variety. The price may depend on the type of flowers, on their quantity and on the packaging in which they are packed. Sometimes a single rose is enough to impress and delight a woman, because the point is not what you give, but how. The approximate cost of one flower is from 100 rubles.

    The sweetest gift may be a cake as a gift. In the cake you can express your attitude to the birthday girl. The cake may look like a birthday girl, have her portrait, symbolize your attitude to her, be humorous. Reflect the internal state of both the giver and the recipient of the gift. A lot of offers of different types of cakes can be found on the Internet, in particular in social networks. The cake can take not only a different form, but also be dietary, low-calorie or high-calorie in composition. It all depends on your capabilities and the capabilities of the confectioner. The cost may vary at times, but it can start from 500 rubles.


    Today, bouquets can be not only from flowers. They can be made from sweets, toys, fruits, cosmetics and even underwear. Such a gift is unusual, creative, interesting and unique. Such gifts are sold at every step by March 8, at other times you can search in specialized gift shops or on the Internet. Therefore, if you need a creative bouquet, take care of it in advance. Approximate cost from 250 rubles.

    Set of sweets, wine, delicacies.

    If you are a foodie, versed in exquisite products, like to try and experiment, or just like to eat, then you may be pleased with a gift from exotic or expensive and unusual products. These are handmade candies, exclusive champagne or wine, caviar, lobsters, jamon or blue cheese. The approximate cost of such a tasty gift can cost from 500 rubles, depending on the capabilities, desires and preferences. Some delights may be worth more than 10,000 rubles.

    Soft toy

    This is perhaps the most impractical, but sweet and extremely touching gift. Which will not leave indifferent any woman from 0 to 50 years old. An older woman may be and will be surprised, but she is unlikely to use and be touched. The approximate cost of an average soft toy is from 500 rubles.

    Smartphone, tablet or other gadget

    Here is a gift that will be glad and a little lapul and an old granny. Gadgets are so firmly entrenched in our lives that it is simply impossible to do without them. For some, they are a means of communication, for others a convenient and mobile toy, for others a tool for shopping, for fourths a video and media player, and for fifths a portable camera. The value of this gift is determined by the age and status of the woman, which should not be ignored. And the cost can be 1500 and 45000 rubles.


    If a woman travels often, travels by train, or simply cannot imagine her life without romance novels or detective stories, then this is not the best gift to eat.To love reading today, you don’t need to have huge bookshelves at home, go to the library or store for another novelty. It is enough to have an e-book and the Internet, and the whole library world at your feet. And you can easily sort books by genres, authors and other parameters you need. After that, read anywhere, anytime and as much as you want. Easy, convenient and practical. Approximate cost from 2000 rubles.

    Tip: Do not save on vision, choose with a convenient screen size and preferably ink. Since it is considerate of your eyes. True, the cost of such a book will cost a little more.

    Hobby accessories

    For example, you play the flute professionally, skate, sing. An excellent gift can be a musical instrument itself or a cover for it, skates, a microphone, speakers. The approximate cost directly depends on what you are going to buy. So, skates can cost 1000-1500 rubles.


    It is also an accessory of a new format. Previously, everyone could do without aroma lamps, but now there are lovers to enjoy relaxing or, on the contrary, invigorating aromas. Approximate cost from 150 rubles.

    If a woman loves flowers and loves to receive them as a gift, then she simply cannot be indifferent to vases. Today, vases come in different materials, with different finishes. There are designer vases that are more expensive, but they are exclusive and most likely exist in a single copy. The approximate cost of a vase is from 500 rubles, depending on size, design and material.

    Attention is more expensive than money

    It is not always possible to afford an expensive car from the passenger compartment or a cozy summer cottage in the suburbs. Well then, do not give gifts?

    What to give a woman for 52 years, if the budget is limited:

      family dinner.

    In a narrow circle, with traditional dishes, viewing old photos,

  • a bouquet of favorite flowers. Yes, corny to disgrace. But how nice it is when a courier wakes you up in the morning and hands you a beautiful bouquet ...,
  • cake. Baked to order or personally. The main thing is that it’s delicious,
  • photo album / photo in a beautiful frame.

    And on it is a birthday girl or the whole family / grandchildren / children,

  • subscription to your favorite magazine / newspaper. You can even combine several publications if the interests of the hero of the occasion belong to several branches.
  • Now you know that giving a woman 54 years old is inexpensive, but tasteful.

    Complete such a gift with verses of your own composition and the lady will appreciate it.

    A gift for an intellectual, fashionista and creative person

    • Intellectuals. Perhaps this woman even has a degree or is a professor at a famous university.

    Will her trip to the bookstore surprise her? Nice to please.

    Will she enjoy another conference or exhibition?

    Maybe she was already tired of them. Alternatively, you can publish her work and present the first issue as an author. But are you ready to spend a lot of time and effort on such a gift? Not to mention the financial means ..., fashionistas. Gift certificate to a beauty salon, cosmetics, clothing department or just a shopping center.

    In any case, you will not lose out if the gift is associated with shopping. Especially unlimited.

    ATTENTION! Shopping is much nicer in a good company, you can try to make her birthday, creative personality.

    Sometimes, when career growth has reached its pinnacle or is already uninteresting, you can do something that once did not have enough time.

    Help the hero of the occasion take the first step by donating tools / material / organizer or, in this way, support her undertakings.

    Perhaps it seems that choosing the right gift is incredibly difficult. Especially if a woman has long had everything she needs. But each of us has secret desires, unfulfilled dreams. And after all, you just have to hint close to one of them ...

    TOP 30 best woman gift ideas for 51-54 years for a birthday

    The choice of a presentation should depend not only on your budget, but also on the degree of relationship and the relationships that connect you. However, there are options that will be appropriate in any situation. In addition, gifts from the following list, being universal, are pleasant to any person:

    1. Citrus tree in the tub. Before buying, you should make sure that there is enough light in the birthday girl's house to grow it.
    2. Cosmetic bag.

  • Mesoscooter. It is a drum with many needles, has a convenient handle. It is used to tighten the skin, smooth wrinkles, eliminate post-acne and stretch marks. Mesoscooters with needle lengths from 0.2 to 1.5 mm are suitable for home use.
  • Back massager.
  • Sports equipment: yoga mat, sneakers, dumbbells, etc. The present is suitable for an active person who goes in for sports.
  • Nordic walking sticks.
  • Jewelry. Do not give jewelry.
  • Set for embroidery.
  • Elite alcohol and sweets.
  • Cake made to order. It can be an addition to the main gift for a woman on her birthday 52-53 years.
  • Bag for shopping.
  • Set for soap making.
  • Tablet or laptop.

    Practicality above all - 20 useful gifts that are useful in everyday life

    Useful things in life that will definitely be used by the birthday girl and members of her family:

    1. Vacuum cleaner robot.
    2. Dishwasher. For the owner of a small kitchen, you can choose a miniature model.
    3. Bag cooler. It is indispensable for travel.
    4. Waffle iron or sandwich maker. Speed ​​up the process of making breakfast and snacks.
    5. Fog generator. Used to humidify the air in the house.
    6. Slow cooker.

  • Ham
  • Tray.
  • A set of wine glasses.
  • Plaid or blanket.

    Choosing what to give a woman for 53 years, one should take into account the sphere of her interests. However, if the present is made by employees or distant relatives, then you can buy a practical thing for the home.

    25 gifts to prolong youth and beauty

    If the cosmetic product is expensive, then it can be an independent gift. However, more often they make up a set of several items and pack it in a basket, box or bag of craft paper. The best means to prolong youth and beauty:

    1. Hydrogel patches for the eyes.
    2. Ampoules with hyaluronic acid. Helps the skin retain moisture. They are used in the form of masks or as an auxiliary agent for a mesoscooter.
    3. Anti-aging cream lifting.
    4. A set of anti-cellulite products: mask for hot wraps, oil, cream, massage brush.
    5. Oil for shine hair.
    6. A set of hydrolates.
    7. Heat protective spray for hair.
    8. Cream or face mask with snail mucus.

  • Shampoo deep cleaning and a means for laminating hair.
  • Activator serum for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.
  • Hair Removal Gel over the upper lip.
  • Wax or paste for shugaring. After using these products, irritation appears much less frequently than after shaving.
  • Foam mask with gold and collagen.
  • Set of fabric face masks with snail mucin.
  • Cream for scars, redness and age spots.
  • Mineral powder. It mattifies the skin and does not clog pores.
  • Sunscreen. For mature skin, it should be used not only before sunbathing, but also before each exit from the house in the summer.

  • Therapeutic toothpaste.
  • Hand care mask.
  • Body scrub with kelp extract.
  • Shampoo and handmade soap.
  • Cream for lightening the skin.
  • A set of different types of clay: white, black, blue, yellow and red. With it you can make face masks and body wraps for problem areas of the body.
  • Vitamin and mineral complex.
  • Essence for teeth whitening.
  • When choosing what to give a woman 52 years old from cosmetics, pay attention to the presence of 6 Free markings.This is the hallmark of preparations that do not contain the 6 most harmful components: artificial flavors and dyes, parabens, talc, animal ingredients and mineral oil.

    Long live the adventures - 15 gifts of emotions

    Often, chests of drawers and cabinets of people 51 years and older are clogged with unnecessary things that were received as a gift. Even if you consider the chosen present successful, it will not necessarily be appreciated by the birthday girl. Therefore, it is better to give emotions and impressions, for example:

    1. Hot air balloon trip.
    2. Ticket to 5D cinema.
    3. Ticket for the concert of your favorite artist.
    4. Weekend in another city.
    5. Master class of pottery.
    6. Self-help courses: for learning a foreign language, speed reading, composing horoscopes, etc. You can also give a ticket for psychological training. Sometimes such classes take place over several days, often in nature.
    7. Subscription to the spa.

  • The course of therapeutic massage. You can also record a birthday for self-massage courses.
  • Certificate in a beauty salon for a haircut, manicure, pedicure or wellness treatments for skin and hair.
  • Family picnic in the forest or by the river.
  • Excursion to another city.
  • A ticket to the theater or the philharmonic.
  • A candlelight dinner prepared by her husband.
  • Workshop on cooking sushi or Italian dishes.
  • Cruise on the ship.
  • Gift from children and grandchildren

    Children and grandchildren of a birthday girl strive to present a good and relevant gift. It can be any thing that shows special respect, respect and care. For instance:

    • a coffee or tea set with family photos as a design,
    • Dishwasher,
    • jewelry with commemorative engraving,
    • SPA ticket for relaxation
    • high-quality perfumes from a famous brand,
    • ticket to a good holiday home,
    • wall-mounted collage with family photos or a portrait of a woman,
    • needlework kit or any other hobby,
    • beautifully designed bedding,
    • original flower arrangement.

    Gift from colleagues

    If you are in a hurry to congratulate a woman her colleague, you need to give preference to stylish, but unpretentious things. For instance:

    • leather-bound diary for keeping notes,
    • stylish office accessories in a set,
    • office chair
    • thermo mug or thermos for making tea, coffee,
    • table lamp in original design,
    • desktop digital photo frame,
    • a rare ornamental plant in a pot,
    • stylish accessories - purses, watches, stoles, etc.,
    • personalized chocolate set
    • money.

    25 original gifts for mom

    The best thing you can give a woman for 54 years is a trip to another city or country, accompanied by a daughter or son. It is worthwhile to discuss the place and date of travel in advance. If it is not possible to present such a present or if there are doubts whether mom will appreciate it, then you should choose a gift that will positively affect her health, for example:

    1. Subscription to the pool.
    2. Stand for twisting the body.
    3. Massager for legs.
    4. Double boiler.
    5. Bread machine.
    6. Jars for vacuum massage.
    7. Serum for lifting facial skin.
    8. Ampoules with a remedy for hair loss.
    9. Applicator Kuznetsova.
    10. Bike.
    11. Water filter.
    12. Pedometer.

  • Tonometer.
  • Chest heart rate monitor.
  • Subscription to the solarium. Such a birthday gift for a woman is suitable if she does not yet have special age-related skin modifications.
  • Unedged manicure set: means for removing keratinized skin, orange sticks, cuticle softening oil.
  • Mattress with a memory effect.
  • The device for inhalation.
  • Pillow.
  • Infrared massager for back and body.
  • Clamp for the cervical spine. It will help if mom spends a lot of time in a sitting position (works in the office, behind a sewing machine, etc.).
  • Apparatus for a steam sauna for the face.
  • Parasol.
  • Apparatus for vacuum facial cleansing.
  • Sunglasses with glass lenses. They will help maintain visual acuity.
  • Gifts from girlfriends

    Girlfriends are always familiar with the tastes of the hero of the day, so picking up a good present is not difficult. Since long-term friendship connects them, you can present a humorous, cool, non-standard or useful gift, for example:

    • annual subscription to the fitness room,
    • smart watches with lots of features,
    • certificate to the beauty salon,
    • a set of cosmetics for personal care,
    • stylish handbag from a famous designer,
    • wall portrait of a birthday girl in a creative technique,
    • photo blanket with sleeves
    • orthopedic mattress for a comfortable sleep,
    • tickets to opera, theater, ballet, etc.,
    • a set of quality dishes.

    20 gift ideas for your beloved wife

    The wife should choose a present that only she, and not the whole family, will use. Even an intimate gift is appropriate from her husband. It is better to choose a purchase with your wife. Available for purchase:

    1. Cosmetics, including decorative.
    2. Beloved spirits of the wife.
    3. Ladies handbag.
    4. Wallet.
    5. Umbrella.
    6. A bracelet.
    7. Blouse or dress.
    8. Underwear.
    9. Peignoir.

  • Smartphone.
  • A book.
  • Manicure set.
  • Coat or fur coat.
  • Hat and gloves.
  • Set of gel polishes for nails.
  • Waist underwear.
  • Shoes.
  • Shampoo, conditioner and hair mask.
  • Leather boots.
  • Electric toothbrush.
  • We select a present for a colleague aged 51 to 54 years - 20 ideas

    Presentation to a female colleague largely depends on whether it is bought by the whole team or an individual employee. An important role is played by relations between colleagues. If the team has a warm relationship, then even a humorous gift would be appropriate. From the following list you can choose ideas for gifts of different price categories:

    1. Leather-bound diary.
    2. Parker pen.
    3. Ticket to the sanatorium.
    4. Wine and sweets.
    5. Alarm clock.
    6. Kettle for brewing tea.
    7. Name cup.
    8. Continuing education courses.
    9. Gym membership.

  • A set of tea or coffee of elite varieties.
  • Rocking chair.
  • Desktop organizer.
  • USB air conditioning.
  • Wall calendar.
  • Picture.
  • Small appliances: blender, mixer, microwave, slow cooker, etc.
  • Laptop cooling pad.
  • Thermo mug.
  • Suitcase or travel bag.
  • Photo album.
  • Best Gifts for a Girlfriend - 15 Ideas

    It is not recommended to come to a girlfriend's birthday party only with flowers and sweets or a cake. The birthday girl will be pleased if a loved one spends his time choosing her original present. Presented gifts to a friend for the fifty-second year of life from this list will bring only positive emotions:

    1. Annual subscription to your favorite magazine.
    2. Indoor plant.
    3. Sushi set.
    4. Floor mirror.
    5. Manual sewing machine.
    6. Ceramic electric kettle.
    7. Thermal underwear.

  • Aromalamp and essential oils to it.
  • Hammock.
  • Manual juicer for citrus fruits.
  • Food processor.
  • Coffee grinder.
  • Coffee maker.
  • Manual mill for pepper.
  • New book by a favorite author.
  • 20 non-standard and very original gifts

    When a person goes to a celebration, he wants his gift to be the most original and memorable. For such people, there is a universal list of what to give a woman a birthday for 54:

    1. Aquarium.
    2. Ball for decision making.
    3. Board game.
    4. Kitchen timer.
    5. Swing for the garden.
    6. Dresser for jewelry.
    7. Frameless chair.
    8. Salt lamp.
    9. Gramophone player.
    10. Candy store.

  • Stand for glasses.
  • Shoe dryer.
  • Fondue set.
  • Wooden stand for cosmetics.
  • Magnetic board with slate coating on the refrigerator. On it you can write recipes, to-do lists and necessary purchases, leave messages for family members.
  • Inflatable deck chair.
  • Embossed rolling pin. With it, you can decorate pies and cakes coated with marzipan.
  • Copper Turk.
  • TV with a large diagonal.
  • Biofireplace. The device does not leave a smell and does not smoke, so it can be installed even in the bedroom.
  • A woman's birthday present for 51-54 years should be chosen carefully, since at this age it is difficult for a person to surprise or please with a cheap souvenir. The birthday girl will immediately understand whether you carefully prepared for the holiday or bought the first thing that came across.


    An excellent gift for every woman will be participating in a quest or any other intellectual game. The benefit is now a sea of ​​offers, even in small provincial cities. In this case, you can choose more or less calm options. Depending on the age and preferences of the woman you want to please. This gift will cost from 2000 rubles. But for this amount you can have fun with the birthday girl together.

    Subscription for dancing, photography lessons, English lessons, dancing, in a fitness center, driving school

    If you have long wanted, but it was a pity for money or time. In honor of the holiday, allow yourself to fulfill your desire, try yourself in a new quality. The approximate cost of a subscription is from 1000 rubles.

    Tip: There is a sea of ​​sites with coupons on the Internet where subscriptions can be purchased at a decent discount, sometimes up to 90%. One has only to search and select your locality, register and enjoy. By the way, there are also discounts in cafes, restaurants, beauty salons, cinema and much more. For example, Biglion, Coupon.

    Kitten or puppy

    A great birthday present will be the acquisition of a living friend. Who will sincerely love you, delight, touch, meet and will always be faithful. But it is worth remembering the other side: a huge responsibility and some inconvenience, if you are often on the road. The approximate cost depends on which friend you intend to acquire, thoroughbred or not. Not thoroughbred can be bought from 50 rubles. And the cost of a thoroughbred can be tens of thousands of rubles.


    Almost every woman dreams of having an aquarium so that her friend is unpretentious, silent, and does not require special expenses. If you approach the choice of this gift with understanding and do not purchase a huge aquarium that requires a lot of effort and time to care for it, then it will certainly be appreciated. It is enough to limit yourself to a small round aquarium with a goldfish. If only the birthday girl is not an avid aquarist and has not made you a reservation for a large-scale gift. A small aquarium with a fish will cost from 500 rubles.

    Watch the video: duration 3 minutes 40 seconds

    Further in the table you can see what kind of gift you can give for a birthday of the above, sorted by cost:

    What to give a woman for her birthday?

    Gift NameEstimated cost, of the amount
    Dress, suit, blouse
    Perfume, powder, lipstick, shadows.200
    A bag1000
    SPA salon1500
    Jewelry and bijouterie3000
    Cafe Restaurant400
    Trip out of town200
    Going to the cinema, theater, bowling, to a concert150
    Set of sweets, wine, delicacies.500
    Curling iron, hair dryer or manicure set1000
    Shoes, boots4000
    Soft toy500
    Smartphone, tablet or other gadget1500
    Selfie stick350
    Hobby accessories1000
    Photo Frame2000
    Subscription for dancing, photography lessons, English lessons, dancing, in the fitness center1000
    Sunglasses or car glasses700
    Kitten or puppy50
    Car covers
    Blanket, bedspread400
    Tea or coffee set5000
    Set of glasses2000
    Shampoos, Shower gels50
    Slow cooker1500
    Set of pots5000
    Chopper for garlic, mill, pizza knife and other kitchen know-how150
    Steam cleaner or steam mop1000
    Weather station1200
    In this table you can see the minimum cost of gifts, which depends on the quality, size and functionality, therefore it is approximate.

    You probably noticed that there are no particularly practical gifts in the list, I thought that they should be allocated in a separate list.

    What to give a woman a birthday from practical options

    I would like to start this list with a trip to a beauty salon. As a rule, by the time a woman had already visited this place. But if suddenly this is not so, then you can make yourself a haircut, manicure, highlighting, amber or something else.

    Next, read the list of practical gifts for super-practical women who are not scattered about money and who benefit from everything.

    Blanket, bedspread

    What to give a woman for her birthday so that she can keep warm on cold winter nights or in rainy weather? A cozy blanket in which you can wrap up and drink a cup of hot tea, cocoa or fruit drink. A gift in the form of a blanket or bedspread will be an excellent birthday present. Go to plaid choice seriously and then he will justify the hopes placed on him. The cost for a plaid can start from 400 rubles, depending on what you expect from it.


    How nice to open new bedding set and lay them your bed. Now there is such a variety of drawings, materials, performance techniques that changing sets you can plunge into different cultures, eras and moods. A great gift for a practical woman. Cost, of course, depends on the brand and quality. Do not save, take quality, and it will last you longer. For example, a set of one and a half satin sets will cost about 1000 rubles, and a euro of 1500 - 2000 rubles.

    Tea or coffee set

    Drinking drinks from large glasses with inscriptions at home is wonderful. And from small tea or coffee cups it is more pleasant and even tastier, although this may be just an suggestion. A great gift for women - a tea or coffee service will cost you about 5000 rubles if you do not want to buy a rare exclusive.

    Set of glasses

    You can certainly not bother with glasses, but drink wine, cognac, martini from glasses. But agree from the glasses somehow nicer. And from glasses donated from a dear person or chosen with all the scrupulousness itself, it is doubly more pleasant. The cost of glass goblets can cost from 500 rubles, crystal from 2000 rubles.

    Slow cooker

    What to give a practical woman a birthday if you do not like to spend hours in the kitchen constantly stirring something. At the same time, you want to simplify your life as much as possible by ensuring proper nutrition. An excellent solution in this case is a multicooker. The price of multicookers drops with the release of an updated copy, so an excellent proven option, but not a novelty, you can buy from 1500 rubles.

    Garlic chopper, mill, pizza knife and other kitchen know-how

    Today, for the kitchen and cooking, there are so many chips, both useful and useless, that it is very difficult to decide what really needs to be done, and without which you can live a hundred years. Buy and try all the money is not enough. But treat yourself with some one novelty in honor of the holiday, if you are racking your brains on what to give a woman for her birthday, perhaps you can. The cost can be from 150 rubles, and on Chinese sites it is even cheaper.

    Steam cleaner or steam mop

    What to give a woman for her birthday if she has a baby or pet at home. Of course a woman’s magical assistant is a steam cleaner. Eliminate odor, remove stain on fabric, remove limescale or rust. And also clean the stove, refresh the carpet. A steam cleaner or steam mop will help you solve all these problems. Approximate cost from 1000 rubles.

    Weather station

    What to give a woman for her birthday? For weather-dependent women, as well as for those who simply love to be in the know about all issues, including the weather, the weather station will be a great birthday present. The approximate cost of 1200 rubles.

    All of the above options will help you decide what to give a woman for her birthday or to herself, or toss an idea to her man. Also, these options can be used by a man. To choose a birthday present for his wife, girlfriend, mom, daughter, sister, colleague, boss.

    A gift may be needed not only for a loved one, but for example, for a gift to a woman boss. Watch the corresponding video lasting 3 minutes.

    List of interior gifts

    Ladies who respect the beauty and comfort of their own nest will certainly appreciate interior gifts, that is, things decorating their favorite apartment or private house. This may include:

    • original vase, if you add a bouquet of flowers to it, then the gift will be able to immediately "update"
    • paintings
    • figurines
    • various panels
    • photo frames, single or whole collages, electronic with automatic image flipping
    • sofa cushions
    • blankets, furniture covers
    • furniture elements (to a native person, for example, mom, sister, you can present a chair-bag that is fashionable now or hanging, depending on the interior)
    • unusual flower with a bright, original pot
    • plates for aromatic mixtures
    • vases for sweets.

    Before choosing such a gift, it is advisable to visit the birthday girl at home to evaluate the interior, style, and preferences of the owners, so as not to get into a mess.

    Gifts for beauty and health

    We women should always remain beautiful, tender, cheerful, full of strength. And we will appreciate gifts that allow you to take care of your body, face, and health. This group includes the following ideas:

    • a certificate for a SPA salon is a universal option, as a birthday girl for a certain amount will be able to choose exactly the procedures that are needed, she is personally interested
    • good cream, personal care products
    • branded perfumes (it is important to first learn the tastes of a woman, since it is difficult to rely on personal impressions)
    • jewelry, from gold, with precious stones, to fairly cheap silver or even jewelry
    • bath for water massage of the legs, which perfectly relieves fatigue after a hard day's work
    • manicure for lovers to take care of themselves on their own
    • a luxurious set of cosmetics so that the lady can look every day in a new way
    • curling iron, hair dryer, styler will help to make the styling process simple, interesting
    • humidifier, which will create a microclimate in the room
    • a subscription to the pool, gym will be appreciated by a lover of a healthy lifestyle.

    Such a gift will once again remind the birthday girl that she is a beautiful, desirable woman, and not a housekeeper, mother, mistress, hard worker.

    Gifts - impressions

    Impressive gifts, that is, not things, but a certain type of activity, are gradually gaining popularity. Of course, you can’t put such a present on the shelf, but the memories remain for many years. Interesting options are:

    • parachute jump, airplane flight around the airport for lovers of extreme sports, air, sky
    • SPA treatment with chocolate
    • anti-stress massage
    • extreme driving lesson for avtoledi
    • karting
    • family or individual photo shoot, capturing a birthday girl in all its glory
    • quest room walkthrough
    • riding lesson
    • off-road buggy ride
    • weekend with loved ones, and it can be both romantic - Paris, Venice, Florence, and a country sanatorium. The main thing is that the birthday girl is comfortable, interesting, pleasant
    • workshop on make-up, embroidery, cooking, modeling, decoupage, climbing, floristry
    • tasting of wine, cheese, sweets
    • kayaking on the river.

    The options are diverse, it is important to proceed from the interests of the woman herself. Various workshops are suitable for creative ladies, sports and factory ones - mastering a new kind of sport, working forever, taking care of themselves will like various cosmetic procedures. But to offer mom or another lady of considerable age a parachute jump is not worth it - God forbid, the heart can’t stand it!

    What to give a young woman

    For a young, even a young girl, inexpensive presentations are more suitable, especially if they are presented not by parents, but friends, girlfriends. Agree, a young man can’t afford to buy a beloved necklace with a diamond, and it looks inappropriate on a bell girl.

    But this age simply leaves unlimited scope for imagination;

    • jewelry box, where the lady will be able to put her "treasures"
    • modern gadgets from the external speaker in the form of a cute little animal, headphones, computer mouse, mouse pad to a modern tablet, smartphone
    • various decorations according to the taste of the lady
    • useful gizmos according to hobbies, hobbies
    • beautiful box of delicious sweets
    • flowers, they are always relevant.

    Gift Ideas for Women 30 Years Old

    This age is supposed to be more serious, meaningful presentations. A woman is quite mature, as a rule, she has already taken place as a wife, mother, has a profession, and it is worth starting from this. So, fit:

    • trifles for home, kitchen, a variety of dishes, interesting appliances, appliances (a robot vacuum cleaner, a crock-pot, a coffee maker, a food processor), decor elements
    • things that emphasize the status of a business woman (leather briefcases, handbags, company scarves, gloves, original flash drives, stationery of a famous company
    • the husband may well give a fur coat, almost every birthday girl dreams of it, even if such a wardrobe item already exists
    • good jewelry is relevant at any age, especially now that a woman has blossomed
    • spouse or closest ones can give a birthday girl a luxurious gift - a car
    • good gifts-impressions or presentations that allow you to relax, forget about daily worries (certificate for visiting the spa, scented candles, massager).

    If the woman is 40 - 50 years old: gift list

    By this age, most ladies have already organized their life, so getting rid of the banal “glasses, tablecloths, vases” is already difficult. But not everyone can afford to buy truly original, expensive gifts. Do not rush to be upset, I offer a list of extraordinary presents for a mature woman:

    • rich, elegant jewelry, scarves, gloves, shawls
    • good household trifles, which the lady does not have yet, because the dishes have the ability to beat, break equipment, wear textiles
    • things that allow you to take care of yourself, for example, a set of anti-aging creams (the main thing is that the birthday girl is not offended by the hint), body oils, manicure set, hair masks
    • the opportunity to relax, so, the husband or children can ask the woman in advance to forget about the hustle and bustle of the preparation of the festive table and give everything to herself, giving the birthday girl the opportunity to feel like an honored guest
    • to spend time together, especially if the children are already living separately, sometimes it’s enough to gather all the relatives in the father’s house or restaurant to please the birthday girl.

    Gift to an old woman

    Old age is not a reason to be sad for birthdays, because relatives, friends prepare luxurious, touching, thoughtful greetings. Such gifts are well suited here:

    • kitchen utensils, if the hero of the occasion loves to bake, cook, stew, feeding children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren
    • a warm blanket, a bathrobe, slippers, a heating pad to warm the “old bones”, because in older people metabolic processes slow down, they need warmth
    • turntable with a disc where the most beloved films of the birthday girl are lovingly recorded
    • for an advanced grandmother - a tablet with the Internet on which she can chat with friends, relatives on Skype, watch news, TV shows, recipes, tips, play, finally (as they say, retired life is just beginning, you need to develop!)
    • satellite dish with which a woman will not be bored for long evenings
    • goodies prepared by the loving hands of relatives (cake, cookies, original meat dish) - simple, but such a present carries so much attention, tenderness
    • do-it-yourself things, it can be a postcard glued together by a young grandson (great-grandson), or a hand-knitted sweater, a photo collage depicting the whole family, a notebook, a lamp, a handmade handmade mat
    • family communication, when all relatives come to the name day.

    Interesting birthday gifts for women

    The interest of even a sophisticated lady will cause such things:

    • certificate for a trial lesson in an original sport, a new hobby
    • portrait taken from a photograph of a lady
    • lover of Japanese cuisine - luxury sushi set
    • conquering world map, on which a woman will mark cities she has already visited
    • self written poems.

    Funny birthday presents

    A woman with a good sense of humor will appreciate comic presents, among them it is worth highlighting these:

    • figurine “the most charming and attractive”, “best wife”, “queen”
    • motorist set in pink
    • the pink beer helmet to be yours among the drinking male company
    • T-shirt, cup with a cool inscription, it can even be specially ordered
    • cat-shaped fur headphones
    • funny sneakers.

    I recommend watching the video - great gifts for your girlfriend.

    Original birthday gifts for a woman

    For lovers of originality I offer interesting ideas for presentations:

    • collage with the best photos of the birthday girl, her family
    • glossy magazine dedicated to the hero of the occasion (it can be ordered on special sites of gifts, souvenirs)
    • creation of a personal website for blogging, reflection, trade
    • a small but expensive gift enclosed in a kinder surprise (car keys, jewelry, watches). To do this, ready-made candy should be carefully unwrapped, halved, without breaking them, removed the toy from the plastic “yolk”, put a present in its place, and then fasten the chocolate back with a heated knife and wrapped it with the same foil - surprise of the birthday girl is guaranteed!
    • This gift will certainly surprise and please the older woman, who recalls Soviet times with a bright feeling. The newspaper Pravda, in which her photograph and article about life or some notes are posted.

    DIY gift

    In the absence of funds and the presence of bold imagination, I propose to make a DIY gift. Such a present will never be lost among the rest, carrying a piece of the gift-giving soul. Interesting options are:

    • bouquet of paper and sweets
    • poem, poem of my own composition
    • Self-made collage of your favorite photos of a woman with a beautiful frame (it’s best to do it yourself too)
    • hand-made sweets, sweets
    • personalized case for phone, tablet
    • handmade decorations
    • vases with decor.

    At first glance, this is very difficult, but just watch a few videos of the master classes and the task is quite feasible. Go for it!

    Birthday present to a colleague

    Female colleagues are also noteworthy, especially on their birthdays. Of course, it will be inappropriate to present truly expensive gifts here, but there is a whole group of things that will be pleasant, unexpected, useful, and at the same time quite inexpensive:

    • stationery, a business woman will not give up a good pen, a convenient stapler, writing set,
    • beautiful flash drive for data storage,
    • daily planner
    • business card holder
    • USB splitter
    • a box of good tea is an excellent basis for a festive tea party,
    • sweets,
    • umbrella,
    • scarf,
    • gloves, for example, for touch screens.

    What to give a woman to a leader

    Lady boss requires a more serious approach, you should show respect, but without too much toadiness. Fit:

    • little things for an office - a vase, a picture, a stationery stand
    • branded writing instruments
    • if the leader has a sense of humor, a comic plate, a figurine with the inscription "best boss" will do
    • living room flower
    • antique gizmos
    • expensive service
    • exclusive book
    • a moderately drinking lady will appreciate a bottle of good wine (cognac, liquor, depending on the personal taste of the woman).

    How to surprise a woman who has everything?

    And what to give a lady who, at first glance, has absolutely everything? Show your imagination by presenting an original handmade item or an impression gift. Any lover will surprise:

    • a flower or a whole bouquet with congratulations on the petals, the name of the girl or even her portrait
    • set of exclusive handmade sweets
    • photo album made using scrapbooking style
    • a song created, recorded at the studio especially for the birthday girl
    • video from photos, video from a woman’s personal archive.

    Cheap, memorable gifts

    Congratulation of a beloved woman can be inexpensive, because the main thing is attention, the right selection of a thing, and not its price. Good options for budget gifts are:

    • beautiful hairpin, they are not superfluous
    • towels, for beauty they can be curled figuratively
    • flowers can indoor
    • comic award (medal, figurine, order) “best wife”, “best mother”, “goddess”
    • beautifully decorated sweets.

    I hope this advice will help you choose the perfect, memorable birthday present for a woman. Well, take care of the beauty of the presentation process - a couple of warm words, a smile, a hug, a kiss will help make the holiday even better. I wish you good luck in your search, get new ideas on our blog!

    Watch the video: 8 Christmas Pranks! Mean Gift Wrapping Ideas and Funny Pranks (February 2020).

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