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Cap-hooligan (eight-blade) for men: photo, with what and how to wear

Headgear can correct imperfections in appearance, and also favorably emphasize the best facial features. Men use hats more from a practical point of view, and women - as a decoration and accessory. Today, designers offer many universal models of hats that can be worn by both sexes. A striking example of this is men's eight-blade caps.

The cap of an eight-blade is perceived today by many as a bully accessory, although stylists and designers consider the product an excellent option for a classic style. In addition, no matter how much time passes, whatever fashion trends change, the classics will always be in trend, respectively, and the eight-blade cap will never lose its relevance.

What is an eight-blade cap?

Initially, an eight-blade cap appeared in England around the second half of the 19th century. For most, the model of the eight-blade cap is associated with the image of Sherlock Holmes, who, based on books and in films, flashed in such a headdress. The peak of popularity of such a model falls on the 20th century, while the lazy one didn’t wear it. The eight-blade was worn by representative men, young men, athletes, politicians and ordinary workers.


To date, the eight-blade cap has gone through many interpretations and transformations due to fashion trends, so designers offer men several styles at once for all occasions. Namely:

  1. Classic model - the eight-blade that most resembles the original. It is made of 8 panels of fabric, its upper part is pulled over the visor.
  2. Vintage - This model was most often worn by representatives of the Russian proletariat. The product had a voluminous upper part, a wide visor, resembling more a hooligan cap.
  3. With ears - A reliable and warm model of an eight-blade that will cover the head and ears from wind and frost. If there is no need for such protection, the ears can be tucked in and hidden thereby. Most often, this type of equipment is used solely for practical purposes.
  4. Gavrosh - This cap model is often worn by the fair sex, although among men who appreciate retro-style clothing, a gavrosh cap is also relevant. The cap has a voluminous top, which is not pulled over the visor. This cap was previously worn by boys in England.

In addition, manufacturers of such hats separately offer many children's models for boys of preschool and school age. All of these styles are perfect for different styles of clothing, whether it be classic, retro style, sports or urban casual.

Appearance story

Caps for men of the “eight-blade” style have a history of one and a half centuries, which is not much for a headdress. It is believed that a model appeared at the end of the 19th century, gained recognition in different parts of the world and therefore has different names, depending on which country of the world it is.

The woolen and tweed men's caps of an eight-blade in the UK and Italy on the threshold of the 20th century began to be worn by young men engaged in the delivery of the press. The style was not only convenient, practical, but also imparted businesslike image to guys. The headdress was called newsboy cap, which literally translates as "the cap of a newspaperboy." Young athletes and students of higher educational institutions also quickly chose an unusual model, so it went to the masses.

In the 20s of the 20th century, the American writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald wrote his fateful novel The Great Gatsby, whose protagonist became a symbol of the era. The described headdress was then called the “Gatsby cap”. Gradually, he became an attribute of workers of various specialties, golfers and entrenched as a thing for everyday wear.

In Russia, the described headdress appeared in a crucial difficult era - the time of the Civil War. The eight-link then received the name "hooligan" - this was due to the fact that street children, hooligans and petty crooks wore such an accessory. Gray men's hooligan caps became one of the symbols of a dangerous and unpredictable life in the Soviet Union, and this is the first reason why a stylish accessory, so demanded in the West, did not take root in Russia for so long. The second reason for this rejection of things lies in the fact that the described cap was an attribute of clowns. Remember the brilliant Oleg Popov - he appears in his memory dressed in a permanent eight-blade. Associated with hooligans on the one hand and clowning on the other, the accessory has long gone into oblivion for the inhabitants of the Soviet Union, but over time it nevertheless returned to fashion.

Features and benefits of a hooligan cap

The men's cap of the eight-blade “bandit” or “hooligan”, the photo of which is presented below, has a number of features that distinguish it from other models.

Characteristic features of the model:

  • sewn from eight equal parts-wedges,
  • has a button in the center
  • equipped with a small hard visor.

The advantages of the described type of men's hats:

  • fits harmoniously into men's wardrobe of any style, combined with both business suits and sportswear,
  • suitable for men with almost any features and face shape, as it is represented by a variety of options: deep or not very fit, various materials and colors,
  • due to the special structure (volumetric head part), the eight-blade cap in the hot season provides the necessary ventilation, and in the cold - it retains heat,
  • adds to the image of masculinity and brutality.

What time of year to wear a bully cap

Initially, the men's eight-blade cap was conceived as a product for the off-season. Then the headdress was made of felt, tweed, wool, it had a thin lining.

To date, the lineup is represented by products for the demi-season, winter and even summer:

  • eight-blades for the cold season are equipped with a warm lining and are made of wool, tweed, suede, felt fiber,
  • demi-season caps do not have a warm lining, are sewn from leather, tweed, felt, drape,
  • summer eight-blades are represented by cotton, linen and even jeans.


Classic is always in fashion. The traditional men's eight-blade is represented by a voluminous mid-landing product with a small visor, a button in the middle and eight wedge triangles converging at one point. This cap does not have additional decor, is represented by a plain canvas or a discreet black and white print - a strip, a sharp wave, a cage.

It suits both a business suit - trousers, a jacket, a shirt, a tie, a coat, shoes, and a sports-style look, which implies the presence of jeans or loose semi-sports trousers, hoodies, pullovers, as well as sneakers as shoes.


The vintage eight-blade brings us back to the style of the twenties of the XX century, it is distinguished by the material of manufacture - as a rule, this is tweed. The traditional colors of vintage caps are a very thin, small gray herringbone.

With ears

Men's eight-cap caps for the “winter” season are usually represented by models with ears, which helps protect against cold and wind.

“Ears”, like the hat itself, are insulated from the inside with fur, fleece or another dense warm fabric, often natural.


The men's cap of an eight-blade with a voluminous head part, which can be shifted to the side so that the product seemed asymmetrical, is called “gavrosh” by the name of the character from Victor Hugo’s novel “Les Miserables”.

The style is suitable for representatives of the strong half of humanity, distinguished by large facial features, pronounced cheekbones, a massive neck. They wear such caps in spring, autumn and winter.


The color scheme, in which trending men's eight-blades are presented today, does not differ in a variety of shades and includes tones traditional for representatives of the strong half of humanity:

Finding a product in the store that is trending in the new season of shades of deep burgundy or marsh is much more difficult, in different colors caps are practically not represented.

A black male hooligan cap is the most suitable option for winter and off-season; white models are found among summer models.


Eight-blades for the cold season are made of warm, dense natural materials. The most popular and common:

men's leather cap "bully" eight-blade. Practical, unpretentious in wear and care, well retains heat. Suitable for winter and cool autumn, fits into a classic strict men's wardrobe. Today, leather products are usually supplemented with volume scarves of various textures, not necessarily in tone with a cap,

suede eight-blade. It is often equipped with a leather or knitted visor, suitable for the winter and demi-season, harmoniously fits into the bow, the basis of which is a stylish men's sheepskin coat or a classic leather coat,

fur. Unusual for our perception, but fashionable in the West caps made of fur will be a spectacular addition to a leather jacket or double-breasted draped coat.


Men's eight-cap caps for spring and autumn are equipped with a thin lining, but made of dense textured materials:

male drape eight-blade. It will be a great addition to the spring or autumn look. Suitable for clothes of any style. Among the shortcomings, it is possible to distinguish that specks of dust, villi, etc.

tweed male "hooligans." Suitable for warm autumn and spring, complement the classic men's jacket and trousers, jeans. Unpretentious in wear and care, for which they are especially popular among men.


For summer, linen and cotton eight-blades are preferred, the main task of which is to protect the head from overheating and direct sunlight. Flax, cotton, thin jeans are good options for a summer men's headdress; these caps let air through, quickly absorb and evaporate moisture. They are combined with breeches, shorts, linen trousers.

A summer male hooligan cap, the photo of which is presented below, will effectively complement the image, which is based on light jeans and a T-shirt.

How to choose and who will suit

When choosing an eight-blade, you need to consider several nuances:

  1. The overall style of the wardrobe. The cap should fit into everyday images in terms of texture, color, style.
  2. Season socks. The material of the product and the lining depend on this.
  3. Features of appearance. A suitable style is determined by facial features (large features are balanced by a cap gavrosh, for smaller stylists recommend choosing less voluminous styles). The necessary color will determine the color type, which refers to the appearance of a man.

What to wear with an eight-blade cap for a man

The selection of clothes and accessories depends on the season and the overall style of the image.

The eight-blade men's demi-season cap harmoniously looks with classic jackets, Chesterfield coats, double-breasted coats, jackets from various materials. As shoes, you can pick up strict shoes or sneakers, casual shoes.

Winter models are combined with sheepskin coats, fur coats, insulated coats and even down jackets. The image will complement the scarf in contrast to the cap color.

In summer, men's eight-blades combine with linen trousers, denim breeches, cotton shorts, and light jeans. A polo shirt with a hooligan cap will make a harmonious effective combination.

What you can wear a male hooligan cap is shown in the photo below.

Spectacular images

Below are photos of men's caps of eight-blades in public, which allows us to assess the style of the trendy accessory and its relevance in different bows.


Men's eight-blade caps are back in fashion and have won recognition of a significant part of the strong half of humanity. The model combines style, beauty, convenience and comfort - these are all the qualities that a headpiece should possess. From the variety of “hooligans” presented by designers, any man can easily choose a product to his liking.

How to determine the size of a male headdress

Using a centimeter (tailor's centimeter), measure the circumference of your head as accurately as possible in its widest part.

Typically, the head circumference is measured at a distance of about 2 cm above the eyebrows, slightly above the ears and at that point on the back of the head (this is the longest circumference of the head). If you don’t have a tailor centimeter at hand, then use a normal thread. Measure the head circumference with a thread, then attach a piece of thread to the ruler and compare the data with the table.

Head circumference, cm5657585960616263
The size5657585960616263

When choosing a headdress (hats, caps, etc.), remember:

  • Headgear should not put pressure on the temples and forehead
  • The headgear should not be too loose, otherwise in a strong wind it will blow in your ears or completely blow out of your head

Lot Description

Fitting possible

Popular men's woolen cap Gavroche eight-blade LF black.

Texture: cloth (soft)

Sizes: 57, 58, 59.60, 61- (specify availability)

Tulia: unshaped, MAXIMUM VOLUME

Ear protection: ---

Colors: gray / blue, black * gray



Shipping and payment

  • Shipment at own expense - highway of Enthusiasts 31 p. 39
  • Russian Post (parcel) - from 266 p. (from 1 day) specify your city



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